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Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @eyemadequiet: Happy Saturday! You should read this piece by @zeynep on the real reasons we should be panicking about Ebola:
RT @eyemadequiet: Happy Saturday! You should read this piece by @zeynep on the real reasons we should be panicking about Ebola:
Monique Judge
You only get two eyes. It's why although I am a perfect candidate for it (blind as an 80-year-old bat), I don't want to get vision surgery
Stephen Mack
My impressions of Ello so far
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1. It's a stretch to call it "beta" -- seems more alpha level in terms of stability or feature set. - Stephen Mack
2. It's completely illegible to me on my mobile device. Like, I literally cannot read the light gray text on either the white background or the black background at the font size being used. - Stephen Mack
3. Zero privacy controls, and that's by design. That's causing some consternation: - Stephen Mack
4. When the site is working, and when viewed on a desktop/laptop, the design feels responsive, elegant, and is very generous in terms of displaying artwork. As an example, try looking at this guy's feed: (I think that should work for anyone, even if you're not signed up). - Stephen Mack
They should probably warn people that it wasn't designed for IE. I'll have to wait until I get home to see if all the issues I'm having are browser-specific or the site overall. For now it's just clunky as hell - very alpha more than beta. - Hookuh Tinypants
Hookuh, ah, I hadn't tried IE. Sorry to hear. I've been using Chrome mostly. - Stephen Mack
Yeah, the privacy stuff (and inability to block) is too sketchy for me. I could wish Tumblr were better in this regard, but even some rudimentary controls are better than none. - Jennifer Dittrich
A friend on FB called Ello "Tumblr for adults". - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew, that's apt. A random person commenting on a friend's FB post about Ello called it, "It's similar to twitter but not a clusterfezzik of communication going every which way. Also its design is very minimalistic and it feels like being in a really expensive and trendy Soma restaurant where it's dark and the menu is in 10pt Courier font and the portoins are really small." - Stephen Mack
Looks good but clunky to navigate. And this posting/commenting thing is confusing to me. ETA: Ahh, it's just automagically prepping me to post on someone's feed. I get it now. - Corinne L
Well, it's no Facebook... *runs* - MoTO: Team Marina
The search is a bit slow, but I imagine their systems are a little busy. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Yeah, the whole thing is a bit slow. - Stephen Mack
So it's just like FriendFeed except for no privacy, no private groups/rooms, no DMs, no auto-import of feeds/RSS, no IM/Alerts (not that it works here anymore), no friend-of-friend discovery, no bumping of posts up to the top, no bookmarklet, no support for #hashtags, no real-time or pause, no custom lists of friends (everyone's either "Friend" or "Noise", no My Discussions link, no... more... - Stephen Mack
But it's going to be so much better once they have "Fluid grid Noise view" - Meg VMeg
Logged in, got my account, logged out. That was fun! - Josh Haley
"Everything You Need To Know About Ello" - - Andrew C (✔)
^^ :-) - bentley
RT @carolynmichelle: Yes to all of this. In fact I've basically said all of this myself. Games ain't toasters.
RT @carolynmichelle: Yes to all of this. In fact I've basically said all of this myself. Games ain't toasters.
Steve C Team Marina
Dr.Oz-endorsed diet pill study was bogus, researchers admit - CBS News -
A diet study about the supposed benefits of green coffee bean extract, which got national attention after Dr. Oz promoted it on his TV show, has been retracted. The science watchdog website Retraction Watch reports that the two researchers who were paid to write the study admitted they could not verify the data. "The sponsors of the study cannot assure the validity of the data so we, Joe Vinson and Bryan Burnham, are retracting the paper," the researchers said in a statement. The study was originally published in the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity: Targets and Therapy in 2012. In their work, the researchers claimed that that green coffee bean extract could help people lose weight without diet or exercise. However, federal regulators later discovered that key data, including the participants' weight measurements, appeared to have been altered. Dr. Oz touted the product on his show in May 2012 -- publicity that helped the manufacturer sell half a million bottles of the pills. - Steve C Team Marina from Bookmarklet
Meg VMeg
"Officials Seek People Exposed to Him" Sounds...dirty.
Bill de Blasio's in for a rough few weeks, I'm guessing. - Meg VMeg
Huh, it was a bowling alley in Williamsburg. I was curious because there's one near my house, and there are only 4 in Brooklyn. - Meg VMeg
Ebola tv is very similar to hurricane tv. - Meg VMeg
de Blasio is probably wishing for the halcyon days when people just made fun of him for using a fork to eat pizza. - Mark Trapp
Andrew C (✔)
I put "go to the ATM" on my phone task list as just "get cash". Then I briefly forgot what I meant by it and thought it was a life goal.
I've been using FF for about 6 years now, and I just discovered something. You can click on the time since the post to go to just that individual post. I've been going to share to see the link to just that individual post. DUH me.
well crap. if i knew that i forget it. i've been doing what you're saying - Sir Shuping is just sir
On the bright side, think how much more you'll enjoy the next 6 years. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Click on it in the individual post, then, and it will give you a whole new window/tab. :). I learned that back in the glory days of FFundercats. - LB put a spell on you. from Android
Wha? I had no idea. - Marie
that's the same for Twitter right? Facebook too I think but I don't like Facebook that much, - aaron from BuddyFeed
Good old Affordances: -- skip to Kevin's thoughts at the end - Stephen Mack
Ways Men In Tech Are Unintentionally Sexist | this is not a pattern -
Eric - It's My Thing
No Album Has Gone Platinum In 2014 -
No Album Has Gone Platinum In 2014
"Was A$AP Yams onto something? No seriously? After he went on his infamous rant concerning the state of music in 2014 and labeling this year as the worst in rap history, many people dubbed him insane. Yams touched on a sensitive topic, which in reality, has a plethora of artists in the game shaking in their boots. According to Billboard, there hasn’t been a single artist to go platinum thus far this year. Let that just marinate. That’s right. No albums have went platinum this year. While Rick Ross’ Mastermind and Young Jeezy’s Seen It All tallied in strong week one numbers, they haven’t even touched gold this year. In addition, albums like Wiz Khalifa’s Blacc Hollywood, Iggy Azalea’s The New Classic are also having difficulty tittering over 400,000." - Eric - It's My Thing from Bookmarklet
Maybe if they were making actual music and not just that noise I keep hearing the kids these days play, then they'd sell more albums. #howsthatforold? - Brian Johns
Pretty old, but kinda true. - Eric - It's My Thing
Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
It'll be interesting to see how Canada reacts to these recent terror attacks. And compare and contrast to the civil-liberty destroying U.S. approach.
I hope Canada doesn't make the same mistakes we have. Cos it's possible. - Big Joe Silence from Android
We've got Stephen Harper at the helm. It's very possible. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Andrew C (✔)
RT @dreegs: "I like the ad but I feel it’s missing a giant wistful orangutan" #imaginethemeeting
RT @dreegs: "I like the ad but I feel it’s missing a giant wistful orangutan" #imaginethemeeting
Andrew C (✔)
RT @lolgop: We laugh at James O'Keefe but no one else could have proven that James O'Keefe is trying to commit serial voter fraud.
Iain Baker
Stat of the day; more Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died of Ebola.
Andrew C (✔)
RT @sensanders: The Republican idea of democracy is voter suppression, gerrymandering and allowing billionaires to buy elections.
Mary Carmen
"He tossed my salad like his name Romain" is gonna be cracking me up for days and days and days.
Started using Twitter like Tumblr, using Tumblr like Twitter, and using Facebook like a restraining order. Life makes more sense now.
I'm worried this seems to be making sense..... #confused - WarLord
It's a bit of hyperbole. Truth is I mostly use friendfeed. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
So glad we live in a post-snarky America.
The rain in Bahrain falls mainly on Dar Kulaib, which doesn't quite rhyme with Bahrain, which is why we went with Spain instead.
But the Planet Donut & Bakery in Dar Kulaib has good reviews. - Zamms
I was in Bahrain a bunch but mostly in Manama. I don't recall particularly good or bad donuts. - Christina Pikas
I don't think I could visit Manama. I'd just have that Muppet Show song stuck in my head the entire time: - Zamms
Do do do do do! - bentley
Andrew C (✔)
Get some business done in person at the bank if you need to practice pretending to be patient.
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
There are people who survived Ebola, right? Can we turn their antibodies (or whatever it's called) into a vaccine? #realquestion
Yes, "passive vaccine". - miki from Flucso
At least one of the nurses in Dallas has received a transfusion from a survivor: - MoTO: Team Marina
From what I understand, a vaccine is still a ways away. - MoTO: Team Marina
you can ask him, he works in us and he can answer! - fewdayslate
I think a number of Ebola patients have been treated that way. - John (bird whisperer)
The blood of these survivors, either thru transfusion or research, just may wind up saving thousands. That would be beautiful. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
^That's what I'm saying! :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
It's tricky because while antibodies have some protective effect against viruses, the part of the immune system that usually takes care viruses is cell-mediated immunity, and that's not really transfusable. I think it's still unclear just how protective anti-Ebola antibodies are. - Victor Ganata
I think I seriously didn't understand how immunity against viruses worked. Thanks, Victor! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Federal Agents Raid Los Angeles Garment Businesses Allegedly Linked to Drug Cartels - WSJ -
Federal Agents Raid Los Angeles Garment Businesses Allegedly Linked to Drug Cartels - WSJ
"LOS ANGELES—Nearly 1,000 federal and local law-enforcement agents swept into the Fashion District here on Wednesday morning as part of a long-running investigation into alleged money laundering for Mexican drug cartels. Nine people were arrested and $65 million was seized in the raid, part of a probe called Operation Fashion Police, federal officials said. According to court documents unsealed Wednesday, garment businesses allegedly aided the cartels in getting proceeds from drug sales in the U.S. back into Mexico. In one case, owners of a business allegedly laundered money as ransom payment for a cocaine-dealing relative who was held hostage and tortured at a ranch in Mexico by the Sinaloa cartel." - Me from Bookmarklet
That explains all the federal cars we saw yesterday. - Anika
I just heard about this yesterday! - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew C (✔)
RT @lolgop: So what a woman who was born during Jim Crow can't vote? It's not tragic like someone being paid to bake a gay wedding cake.
Monique Judge
"I sent that bitch a smiley face. Bitches love smiley faces."
Mexican drug cartels are worse than ISIL | Al Jazeera America -
Mexican drug cartels are worse than ISIL | Al Jazeera America
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Andrew C (✔)
RT @kumailn: The saddest part of it all is realizing that Adam Baldwin is like Jayne but without the heart of gold.
Not sure Jayne had a heart of gold, either. - Spidra Webster
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @stuntbox: Safari 8 > Preferences > Advanced > Show full website address CHECKED SO HARD
I need someone who speaks Chinese to ask me about the Colts vs. Bengals game so I can say it was "馬馬虎虎", but I feel like that is not going to happen. :-( #chinesepunfail
I don't know what that says, but it looks like floaty squid aliens chasing Flintstones-type people (with the multiple feet). - bentley
LOL Close! It's a Chinese phrase meaning "it was okay", which literally translates as "horses and tigers". - Jessie
Karina is fascinated by dropping things behind the couch. I am less so.
Big Joe Silence
OH: "Lips like hookers! Hooker kisses!"
Echo and the Bunnymen songs can do sooo much long-term damage. - Big Joe Silence
I was kissed by a hooker once. She felt compelled to tell me beforehand that she was doing so because she liked me and wanted to. The only awkward part for me was that she was also the step-sister of a friend. - Big Joe Silence from Android
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