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Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
An ad advertising a two-night "weekend quickie" dating site. 😮 I AIN'T NEVER GETTING MARRIED! 😲
Is it really a "quickie" if it takes all weekend? - Katy S
This fucking yolo generation, man. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Hah, two nights is a serious committment! ;) - Victor Ganata
Steven Perez
Steven Perez
I have been astonished by hearing individuals who inherited wealth in childhood warn against sharing resources because people needing help should work for money in order to appreciate its value. Inherited wealth and/or substantial material resources are rarely talked about in the mass media because those who receive it do not wish to validate the... -
Ken Morley
Fun Fact: Rule 110 is Turing complete -
Fun Fact: Rule 110 is Turing complete
"In mathematics and computability theory, an elementary cellular automaton is a one-dimensional cellular automaton where there are two possible states (labeled 0 and 1) and the rule to determine the state of a cell in the next generation depends only on the current state of the cell and its two immediate neighbors. As such it is one of the simplest possible models of computation. Nevertheless, there is an elementary cellular automaton which is capable of universal computation." - Ken Morley from Bookmarklet
"The Rule 110 cellular automaton is an elementary cellular automaton with interesting behavior on the boundary between stability and chaos. In this respect it is similar to Game of Life. Rule 110 is known to be Turing complete. This implies that, in principle, any calculation or computer program can be simulated using this automaton." - Ken Morley
"Rule 110 exhibits what Wolfram calls "Class 4 behavior", which is neither completely stable nor completely chaotic. Localized structures appear and interact in various complicated-looking ways." - Ken Morley
Ah, I must be reading the same book Todd read last year. - Ken Morley
What about rule 34? - Steve and 4 other people
Always wear a rule 34 tie with a rule 36 shirt. - Ken Morley
But rule 30 is much more interesting :) - Ken Morley
Andrew C (✔)
Twitter Andrew sounds like a bit of a chore to deal with sometimes tbh.
Jeff Atwood
RT @BCAppelbaum: That time Americans wouldn't buy 1/3 lb burger bc they thought quarter pounder had more beef.
Andrew C (✔)
RT @assholeofday: #AssholeOfTheDay Rick Perry sent the National Guard to the border for a photo-op, not to help MzRaqYbaaj
RT @assholeofday: #AssholeOfTheDay Rick Perry sent the National Guard to the border for a photo-op, not to help MzRaqYbaaj
Stephen Mack
"Sleep is a waste of time and unproductive." -- Kevin Fox
Words to live by. - Stephen Mack
ROFL You're awesome, Stephen. - Anika
I submit the following caption: "I was sent here to kick ass and create new social networks. And we don't need any more social networks." - Brian Johns
*snort* - Big Joe Silence
So LG didn't coin that? - Josh Haley
this could lead to a #myquote meme! - Abhishek
Josh, hmm, maybe it was Derrick who said it originally. (Or Johnny, as pictured.) - Stephen Mack from iPhone
"This is such a strange meme." -- Stephen Mack - Kevin Fox
Kevin, you forgot the picture. #FFtrollquote - Stephen Mack from iPhone
"sleep is a weapon" -robert ludlum - Peter Dawson
BTW, Brian, your alternate caption is awesome. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
No, I didn't. - Kevin Fox
And yes, BJohn's quote is awesome. Stephen should do a remix. I'd be proud of that one. - Kevin Fox
Oh, I get it now. - Josh Haley
Peculiar. - Paul Buchheit
So what we have here is a picture of Paul with a quote from Kevin that's actually Louis' catchphrase? #3fer #crossingstreams #mixingmemes - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
WoH: Oh dear, you're right. I messed up. I thought it was Spidra's quote attributed to Steven Perez with a picture of Mike Nayyar. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Thanks, Mark. The double eyebrow tweak is a very important touch. - Stephen Mack
Did Paul change his avatar to this pic (minus the text) just recently? - Stephen Mack
LOL. Now people let's continue this meme! - AJ Batac
Oh, now THAT is how to rock the meme. - Slippy: Potato Croquette
that's epic. - imabonehead
where is Louis Gray? - ThinkEzy
Sitting right next to me right now, playing poker. - Stephen Mack
YOU STOLE MY BIT. By the way, search for that phrase in Google. I own it. :) - Louis Gray
I think Stephen knew exactly what he was doing, which makes it all the more fun. And Louis? #SULGOMH - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
That's a squad suppression weapon. - Kozan Demircan
"Go ahead and +1 my day" - imabonehead
BUMP - AJ Batac
As good now as it's ever been... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
That DooM style face is perfect - Mo Kargas
"Say FriendFeed is dead. One. More. Time." - AJ Batac
This does the heart good of any true FriendFeeder. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
Bump. - Louis Gray
Still waiting for a remixed gif with my alternate caption. - Brian Johns
The peculiar history of cows in the OED | OxfordWords blog -
The peculiar history of cows in the OED | OxfordWords blog
"The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has hundreds of words that relate to cows. For most English speakers, the idea that anyone would need so many words for one specific animal probably seems absurd. Especially cows. Perhaps it’s their mysterious ubiquity throughout children’s books and TV shows or just the dull empty look in their eyes, but it’s easy to assume, as a casual observer, that there really isn’t much going on there." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"On a linguistic front, however, you’d be quite mistaken. Here is just a small taste of the strange and fascinating world of cow terminology:" - Maitani
Elaine is trying to write
RT @mulegirl: Your best content strategy may be to burn your warehouse to the ground and start over.
Andrew C (✔)
[REVIEW] TwoDots - High Score Reviews -
[REVIEW] TwoDots - High Score Reviews
"And so we come to the sequel. They had a number of ways in which they could have built on the success of the initial game, but sadly they chose the very worst option: they went full Candy Crush Saga." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
"The bottom line is that in a game like this the developers have a direct financial incentive to make sure you regularly fail to complete a level. Let me just say that again: the developers have a *direct financial incentive* to make you *fail* at their game. In the light of that I find it near-impossible to see annoyingly difficult levels as a genuine game balance issue, it’s unlikely... more... - Andrew C (✔)
I would add that the lives mechanic in this game ensures that you play and have fun _until you get frustrated_. Unless you have great willpower, most of the time you're going to come away from the game annoyed, because the game stops you because you're bad at it / it's being deliberately unfair. - Andrew C (✔)
"Pay to win" is the worst. - Victor Ganata
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @washingtonpost: Jar Jar Binks is apparently polling higher than Congress
RT @washingtonpost: Jar Jar Binks is apparently polling higher than Congress
Obama rating is higher than Jar Jar! - Joe
And Emperor Palpatine has a higher rating than Paul Ryan. - John (bird whisperer)
This might be the best thing I've seen all day. - joey
"Hillary Clinton currently has the highest net favorability of any 2016 White House contender. But to put her 19 percent favorable rating in context, she's tied with Boba Fett, the bounty hunter who froze Harrison Ford in carbonite." - Steve C
Tonga May Have Been a Vast Seafaring Empire -
The seafaring empire of Tonga, an archipelago of about 160 Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific Ocean, once spanned more than a thousand miles, serving as the hub through which distant settlements exchanged artifacts and ideas, researchers say.
The New York Times
Why do Americans stink at math?
That A&W anecdote. Not surprising but still, WTF. - rönin
Scott Beale
‘The Songs That Time Forgot’, A Pair of Graphs Demonstrating the Obscurity of Hit Songs From Years Past -
The Dipsy Doodle? A favorite of mine. Jeepers Creepers? Lovely to Look At? I'd count at least 7 of these as songs I know, all of them pre-1970. I credit old movies for this. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Phil Plait
A newly found planet is an ice giant. Thor seen reaching for his hammer.
I question the life choices of those who conduct business over the phone while using the bathroom.
Oops. RT @saladinahmed: GO HOME, CAPITALISM, YOU'RE DRUNK! ht @LisaMcIntire @SubMedina
Oops. RT @saladinahmed: GO HOME, CAPITALISM, YOU'RE DRUNK! ht @LisaMcIntire @SubMedina
Brad DeLong
RT @LemieuxLGM: Conservatives Find Typo In Obamacare, Try To Kill People With It via @mtomasky
BREAKING: Politicans actually read something they were voting on. - Johnny from iPhone
Except, they're not politicians. They're judges. At least, there used to be a distinction. Separation of powers? LOL. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Eric - Back to the Grill
I just read pensions as penises. Board favors cuts in penises was the headline in my brain.
Lorena......... - Janet
Andrew C (✔)
RT @ESPNNBA: LeBron's greatest gift - and curse - is his fast-twitch, incessantly churning brain, writes @WindhorstESPN.
"Another huddle now, earlier in the season, and the Heat are having troubling dealing with pick-and-roll coverage. A candid discussion has broken out among players and coaches about what changes to make in the middle of the game. "Let's do it this way," James tells his teammates, "like we did in Game 3 against Dallas." The change is made. Later, Spoelstra will find himself reviewing the moment, searching his memories, and he'll realize the Heat did indeed play that way against Dallas. "I was like, c'mon, that was from a game three years ago," Spoelstra says, before raising his fingers and making a crisp snap. "And he recalled it just like that."" - Andrew C (✔)
"It's the middle of February now, in a game against the Golden State Warriors, and James is walking the ball down the floor with the seconds running out. The Heat are down two points and he's dribbling the final nine seconds off the clock with ace defender Andre Iguodala guarding him. James fakes a drive, then steps back and to his left in time to fire in a game-winning 3-pointer over... more... - Andrew C (✔)
""Look, we're all professional basketball players, so when LeBron remembers something from a basketball game, even if it's from a few years ago, it doesn't exactly blow me away," Bosh says. "But it's when he remembers other stuff, like stuff he shouldn't even know, where you're like, 'What?!' We'll be watching a football game and he'll be like, 'Yeah, that cornerback was taken in the... more... - Andrew C (✔)
Dave Winer
The Lakers should try to hire Mike D'Antoni. Jeremy Lin is the kind of point guard he likes.
LOL. - Victor Ganata
Andrew C (✔)
Cops React to the Death of Eric Garner -- NYMag -
"In internet communities for law enforcement, like, "the One resource for Law Enforcement online," and Thee Rant, an NYPD message board, the Garner story has stirred up racial, political, and professional tensions, most of them quite ugly. While all of the comments below are anonymous, and therefore not verifiable, both sites do require registration for membership ("No ID card, No Approval!" says Thee Rant). By no means a comprehensive view of law-enforcement feelings about the incident, the postings do provide a different — if beyond upsetting — perspective." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
"Do the chickens have large talons?" --Napoleon
Well hello, wall of beer.
Spent way too long thinking about what the wall of beer's voice would sound like when it said hello back. - Meg VMeg
Wall of beer is a great band name, and the voice sounds like - Joe
Does one worship at it? - Steve C
*loses consciousness* - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
All hail the Wall of Beer. - Victor Ganata
Andy Carvin
RT @NoahSneider: US intel returns to #MH17 theory most realistic from the start: an unfathomable mistake by poorly commanded rebels:
Star Trek’s John Cho breaks barriers as romantic lead: 'I would call this revolutionary' | Toronto Star -
Star Trek’s John Cho breaks barriers as romantic lead: 'I would call this revolutionary' | Toronto Star
"John Cho in a romantic lead? It’s hard to remember the last time an Asian male played a romantic character in a television series. Unless you count the time George Takei as Sulu in Star Trek groped Uhura. But that’s because he was momentarily insane. Asians are among the most under-represented minority group on TV and Asian males in romantic leads are practically unheard of. But Cho now finds himself starring in a modern remake of Pygmalion and the colour-blind casting of himself as “Henry” with co-star Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) as Eliza Dooley in ABC’s Selfie for the fall TV season. “I would call this revolutionary. It’s certainly a personal revolution for me,” said the 42-year old actor who says he normally never gets offered such roles. Fans may best know the actor as the current Sulu in the rebooted Star Trek, or as stoner Harold Lee of Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
My Twitter TL yesterday was abuzz with this news. In kdramaland, girls and women are excited that this will open doors for their favorite oppa to segue (back) into the American market. - Anika
Yeah one of my former UCLA classmates posted it to FB. - Jessie
he's 42?? i would have never thought that. also i'm looking forward to seeing that now - Sir Shuping is just sir
Yeah, I was surprised by that, too. I thought he was much younger than me. - Spidra Webster
I saw the trailer for this when it was released a few months back. It was pretty incredibly offensive, honestly. - Soup in a TARDIS
That's not surprising to me. I find ALL of Shaw's plays are offensive. I like My Fair Lady, but it's sexist and classist as hell. - Anika
Rep. Michael Burgess Has a Horrible Plan for Dealing With Child Immigrants | Dallas Observer -
Rep. Michael Burgess Has a Horrible Plan for Dealing With Child Immigrants | Dallas Observer
"Burgess has introduced legislation that would slash $15,000 from U.S. aid to El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala or Mexico each time an undocumented child from one of the countries was found to have entered the U.S. "That's quite a policy," says Glen Biglaiser, a UNT political science professor and expert in U.S.-Latin American relations. "[Burgess] assumes that Central American countries can control their own borders. It seems a bit ironic that we would want to impose that policy when we are not so great at controlling our own borders."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
So, basically, worsen the conditions that drove them to come to the United States in the first place. These guys really don't understand cause-and-effect, huh? - Victor Ganata
Or math: "Between October 2013 and May 2014, more than 13,000 Honduran children have been apprehended after crossing the border, according to the Pew Research Center. If Burgess' bill were law, the U.S. would be expected to deduct around $195,000,000 from its aid to Honduras because of those kids. According to the U.S. plans to give Honduras $54.5 million in aid in... more... - Jessie
Sarah G.
Have terrible cold still. Looking for book on kindle to read on plane. Pick "The Stand." Sarah Glassmeyer, Girl Genius.
Now I'm really freaked out about the CDC finding out their avian flu samples were all screwy. - Victor Ganata
Whatever was bopping around San Antonio last week is tough - Sarah G.
Speaking of the con crud, you heard one of our mutual friends got a positive test for whooping cough right? Freaked me the hell out, but my doc confirmed that I *just* have bronchitis. - Elizabeth
OH SHIT. - Sarah G. from iPhone
Eeeek, I thought you had heard, sorry! Steph posted it on FB this weekend. - Elizabeth
oy! - lris
I knew I shouldn't have let any one hug me!!! ;) - Sarah G. from iPhone
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