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Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @arclight: I love software. Imagine clipping your toenails suddenly causes your head to start on fire despite not working with fire or your head.
Siakja Muni
RT @arclight: I love software. Imagine clipping your toenails suddenly causes your head to start on fire despite not working with fire or your head.
RT @bjnovak: If someone says "you were in my dream last night!" and doesn't proceed to tell you something insanely fucked up, they are lying by omission
Mona Nomura
Wow - this is random. Coolio's New Music Video to Premiere on Pornhub ht @jasonskim
agreed. It's very weird, very sad and just so NOT California weather @LorrieArias @drparkave
RT @johntolva: Just pulled my hamstring racing my almost-13-year-old down the block. Beat him. Limping now. Worth it.
Elaine is trying to write
RT @eads: Why "Word Crimes" is a little off-base by @stancarey. I <3 this article: language changes and language belongs to us.
Siakja Muni
RT @phillygirl64: “@_youhadonejob: How do you accidentally do that?” and can you do it for me? ;-D
"The building has had problems over its life. It leaked severely enough after a heavy storm in 1970 that the Finance Department had to stretch a tarpaulin across the ceiling.[1] Today many of its 87 roofs leak[2] and it has also become expensive to heat." - fuck starchitects. - Andrew C (✔)
Andrew C (✔)
You can compliment someone's cheekbones or jawline, but apparently it's "creepy" to just compliment their entire skull.
Granted, I could also see you getting slapped for complimenting someone on their zygomatic processes or their impressive mastoids. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Sarah G.
RT @waldojaquith: Instead of meeting for coffee or beer, I wish that the default was to meet for milkshakes.
See ya at the malt shop! - Brent Schaus from FFHound!
Or just ice cream. Imagine business deals made over a giant banana split. :) - April Russo
Brent's comment reminded me of this song: - Corinne L
Marie B
RT @JZdziarski: @violetblue getting your research from a guy on reddit named 420weed. How journalist of you.
The average American man has a waist of 39.7 inches. The top-selling pant/trouser size in the U.S. is a 34.
Is this a mean/median discrepancy? - John (bird whisperer)
If it works like women's clothing, they may just not manufacture/carry as many units in the higher sizes. - Jennifer Dittrich
Maybe people with smaller waist sizes buy more clothes... - Bren from iPhone
I'm just thinking that if significantly overweight men outnumber significantly underweight men, then the mean waist size would be larger than the median waist size, even without any effect from clothing choices. IOW, if "average" means "mean," then the most common pant size would be smaller than the average waist size. - John (bird whisperer)
I'm a size 34. Stop buying my pants y'all. - SAM
I think it's also a disparity between nominal size and real size. "For one, "vanity sizing" — where the actual size of a garment is bigger than advertised in an effort to flatter you — is not just for women anymore. Gribbin says the waist measurement in a man's pant is generally 1.5 to 2 inches larger than the stated size. (Or up to 5 inches, if you're shopping at Old Navy.)" - Andrew C (✔)
Also, "Secondly, guys with a waist bigger than 35 to 36 inches tend to have a prominent belly, Gribbin says. The more it sticks out, the lower men wear their pants. "They can wear a smaller size, and though the belly hanging over is not the most attractive sight, most men don't care," Gribbin says." - Andrew C (✔)
Good points Andrew - Todd Hoff
The hubby wears 30's, which means I can usually find pretty good deals, unless all those people with fat kids hit the store, first. (he's a short guy, so he needs the shortest length I can find, and I usually have to hem them for him.) - April Russo
Andrew C (✔)
Take care when you ironically mimic monsters lest you also start using "idk" sincerely.
He who trolls trolls, and all that…. :D - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Andrew C (✔)
Why do rugs creep in one direction? Most of the time they get an equal amount of foot traffic in opposite directions, I'd imagine.
The same reason for all asymmetry in the universe. Whichever direction it starts off in is random but self-reinforcing. - Victor Ganata
Also, the nap. :) - Ken Morley
Ken Morley
At Dawn... We Ride!
We are the Knights who say Zucchini - Pete
The Knights who say Cucumber blow our noses at the Knights who say Zucchini. Go and boil your bottoms, you sons of a silly person! :) - Ken Morley
This is why I fail at gardens ;) - Pete
It's an English cucumber, so you have no excuse. :) - Ken Morley
Pfft - Pete
BBC News - The most important battle you've probably never heard of -
BBC News - The most important battle you've probably never heard of
BBC News - The most important battle you've probably never heard of
"Exactly 800 years ago on Sunday, in a field next to what is now the airport of Lille, a battle was fought which determined the history of England." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"Today few people in the UK have heard of Bouvines. It has none of the ring of an Agincourt or a Crecy. Probably that is because England lost it. But the battle of 27 July, 1214, was just as significant as England's later victories over the French. Maybe more so." - Maitani
Bouvines and Muret- two 'obscure' battles with huge impace. Imperial loss at Bouvines as crucial as English; northern French victory at Muret also key in shaping France and thus Europe - Pete
It's right. I had never heard of it. But it sounds like it's one of those rare times when a defeat was probably the best outcome. - Mark H
I dunno. John being defeated was probably good, but the French winning- not so much ;) - Pete
Hah, weren't Maldon and Hastings also defeats? - Victor Ganata
Maldon led to an EPIC poem though ;) - Pete
Hasting to the Norman Yoke and thus, by winding roads, Lord of the Rings ;) - Pete
"This is a blog about the origins of speech, but what began? How can we tell it when we see it? Parents usually say their children have started talking when they have a couple of words. Linguists tend to look for some hint of grammar. Some experts look for a favorite generative procedure. So there is room for argument even before we come up with a single fact about the beginnings." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"...But there is a long list of "design features" that characterize human language. In the 1950s and 60s the linguist Charles Hockett worked out a list of properties that, taken as a whole, were supposedly unique to language, and the list has become one of the commonsense tests of language origins. If your theory ends up with something that includes Hockett's properties, you may be onto... more... - Maitani
The way Tweetdeck crops photos in the timelines, I basically have Gal Gadot's legs all over the place. So many legs! Legs everywhere!
Andrew C (✔)
RT @EatingAsia: .@nicolatwilley tells what Chinese dumplings have to do with climate change ht @naomiduguid #globalwarming
I feel like the meme "nuke the fridge" needs to be repurposed somehow to become topical. - Victor Ganata
I knew we were running up against the laws of thermodynamics when it comes to CPUs, but this is pretty crazy. #EntropyWinsInTheEnd - Victor Ganata
Brad DeLong
RT @jbarro: Natural law is the right's version of critical theory.
Stop talking about the economy making it seem like the weather. It's a result of rules we create & choices we make.
Hugh MacLeod
RT @rorysutherland: Daughters asked me "what's a sex tape?" It took me a while to realise that what was confusing them was the word "tape".
RT @RichDuszak: "Practical reality is that [CMS], despite heroic efforts, cannot accurately measure any physician's overall value."
Not content management system. - Joe
CNN Breaking News
Putin “certainly indirectly bears responsibility” for MH17 shootdown, Hillary Clinton tells CNN’s @FareedZakaria.
Jeff Atwood
RT @AdrienneLaF: Complaints @nytimes had about the telegraph in 1858: "superficial, sudden, unsifted, too fast for the truth..."
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