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Audio compared in the videos below puts a group of undercover federal agents present at blast site 2 at the time of the blast; they posed as civilian rescue, bloodied victims & worked as moulage artist. The video with the fed agents initiated 2:37 minutes after the blast.
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http://www.youtube.com/watch... Boston Bomb Video 30 Yards Left of Second Bomb - Justice Seeker
http://www.youtube.com/watch... 100% PROOF THE BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING WAS REAL! A MUST WATCH! 2nd explosion raw video, All money made by this video will be donated to the Boston One Fund - Justice Seeker
See the House Homeland Security Bill that was drafted on April 12, 2013 which appears to be a pre planned premise regarding the failure to avert which was Federal Agency Information Sharing with the State and Local authorities. Congress still, now 2/5/2014, claims the FBI is stonewalling & they can't get answers! http://www.govtrack.us/congres... - Justice Seeker