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FBI coming on scene is a LIE; photo deceptively has a time stamp of 3:40 PM. The agent in the forefront is the same man at the mailbox in the blast 2 raw video. He is also seen in the video that initiates 1 minute before the blast. After the blast, he walks carrying his jacket toward the Forum .
fbi walking toward forum.png
FBI maybe with prop.png
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The agent above with yellow FBI on his vest appears to be the man in the video clapping towels together. The properties of this picture do not indicate copyright! - Justice Seeker
Did Chris Kyle go undercover? - NadePaulKuciGravMcKi
Don't forget to click the blue dot >> so you can bring up all the pictures!! - Justice Seeker
Turns out that FBI agents have their relatives trolling Twitter. The Agent that filed the criminal complaint has his brother in Minnesota spreading disinformation and promoting the "official" lies. https://twitter.com/rebelre... - Justice Seeker
See all these fools ID'd with press photos http://friendfeed.com/0p6dfbi... - Justice Seeker