Justice Seeker
LOL Here's Danny http://www.nydailynews.com/news... Look's like they added a little extra brow hair. First pic Summer Shack character & "Danny" then 2nd pic "Danny" & Warren Chang from Borderfree http://friendfeed.com/rebelre...
Here's Danny.png
Here's Danny 2.png
Not a doubt; the teeth in the last two pics nailed it. Even blurry in the last pic and clear view with the 4th pic, I can see the top front (your right) teeth set back. The cheek cut is a perfect match, and so are the lips. Hair parts on different sides but the cut around the ear is the same. Chin structure 1st and last pic is 100% same; when I tilt my computer and change the lighting I can see every exact curve and third pic confirms the chin with just enough visible, although faint, line demarcation (your left). Nose a dead ringer. - Justice Seeker
The (your left) cheek cut is most clear pic 2, 4, 5 but also 1- not so much 3. - Justice Seeker
sounds suspiciously like "war and change" #WarrenChang warren chang http://friendfeed.com/0p6dbfw... #0p6dbfwarrenchang - p01yN0Nym0u5
war and change it does..!! and Dave Abel running mate Juli Windsor.....connecting to Royal Family UK with the *Windsor*...and no E on Julie? E for England..taking out tEngland ? - cath unwin
"Danny" interview w/ video Boston Globe http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro... - Justice Seeker