As requested, here's another picture of Hammie with his foster babies! -
As requested, here's another picture of Hammie with his foster babies!
Re: Panasonic GF7 at Focus Numerique -
"thanks for catching it! GF/GX confusion! It is now corrected!" - 1001 noisy cameras
"doing this blog is a thankless job. I can't be in front of the computer 24x7 every single fucking day checking everything about everything everywhere all the time. New releases are messy like this. If this does not meet your level of expectations, then by all means, do not visit this blog :)" - 1001 noisy cameras
"Unfortunately I do not have magic powers nor infinite resources. I go by what the websites say. When you look at the product page and when you add it to the shopping cart, it shows that it is in-stock. I can't buy a new camera every 5 minutes to test whether it is in-stock and I can't call the customer service of every retailer asking about every camera all the time. Unfortunately new releases are messy like this." - 1001 noisy cameras
Re: Panasonic GH3 stock status -
"what do you mean? I can't read your mind :)" - 1001 noisy cameras
"thanks for catching it and thanks for the alert! It is now corrected!" - 1001 noisy cameras
Re: Sony NEX-F3 at Optyczone -
"thanks for the comment!  Yes, I know. With the way I type, it is faster to type "zone" than "zne", even though it is more letters." - 1001 noisy cameras
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Re: Nikon D800 and D800E pre-orders -
"thanks for the update! new releases of hard to find cameras are unfortunately still chaos and disorder in 2012!" - 1001 noisy cameras
Here's a neat trick to determine your dominant eye (the eye you should probably use to look through the viewfinder) -
Re: Nikon D800 and D800E pre-orders -
"that is great news! And lots of photographic fun coming up!" - 1001 noisy cameras
"Thanks! I just reproduced it. I will contact the involved parties to see what can be done. Thanks for bringing it up!" - 1001 noisy cameras
"thanks for the updates! I will also reproduce with my own Firefoxes. I am guessing all it takes is one misbehaving webmaster to use the Adspeed service for nefarious reasons, and the Blocking services may block the whole service instead of the offending website(s). I will let the Adspeed people know so they can contact the Adblock people and try to sort it out. I need to sort out the template of this blog at some point. Currently it's just the default WP template. The E-M5 is listed alphabetically in the "Frequently Updated" list at the top right corner, and also at the nearly invisible menu bar at the top of the page." - 1001 noisy cameras
"I think your other comment on Javascript is probably pointing to the issue. The problem with trying to remotely figure out the issue, I do not know if the other person is an internet super-guru or they just got their first computer, so I have to start at a general level and then try to narrow it down. If you don't want to use another browser, I think there is a workaround: the Firefox Profiles with the Profile Manager feature may be helpful in this if you don't want to use other browsers. I have been running it for a few months and so far I haven't had any issues or cross-talk between the different Firefox profiles. It is one running instance of Firefox but they seem to be well separated." - 1001 noisy cameras
"Then this is perhaps the reason. The Javascript that shows the table is hosted at, which is a cloud hosted ad/banner-rotation service. Adspeed itself is not an ad-network, just the infrastructure for webmasters to display ads. In this case, it is a cut-and-paste of the previous stock status table into an Adspeed ad. The Adspeed service allows to post this at multiple places on the various blogs while only updating the actual table at a single point, and past, present and future posts will be updated automatically. So if this is blanket-blocking ad-related items or if some webmasters misused the service in the past, and put it in a block list, then this should be it. So the next step, I will try to reproduce it. Is this through specific Firefox settings or a Firefox add-on?" - 1001 noisy cameras
"I do not have magic powers, fortunately or unfortunately. So the first steps in a situation like this are: 1) workaround 2) try to narrow it down If it works with other browsers on the same computer, or works on different computers, then you have a workaround and also narrow down the problem to potentially a specific issue. If it doesn't work on other browsers and/or computers, then it might be a bigger problem. This has worked on every combination I tried, but there are thousands of possible configurations, and obviously I cannot test them all. This is not a forum megapixel argument, not sure where you are getting with "you're the one's who's right". I am trying to figure out what the problem might be. This is problem-solving 101. It is not a question of who's right." - 1001 noisy cameras
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