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Satanic Books Handed to US Children at Florida Schools - Teaching Satanism in schools sounds like the stuff of hor...
One change that has hurt our society over the decades - Not everyone is going to agree with this blog, yet I am wi...
The Warren Report 50 Years Later: A Critical Examination - September 26-28 2014 Washington
While The World Awakens US Leaders Fall Deeper Into Their Illogical Perpetual War Trance
Syrian children's deaths 'caused by vaccine mix-up', UN confuses muscle relaxant with measles vaccine
'There are intentional provocateurs' - Malik Shabazz responds to a recent flare up in Ferguson, suggesting 'provoc...
RT @dankellar: good vid on police in #montreal - #ftp L'étau (film complet, 21 min.) may other good vids on author's @Vimeo page
Huffington Post Reporter Can’t Tell the Difference Between Earplugs and Rubber Bullets
RT @jncatron: Why Activists Are Blocking an Israeli Ship From Docking on the West Coast #BlockTheBoat
RT @NBTWT: Our Towns Don’t Need Tanks
Open Letter by 50 Israeli Army Reservists on Why They Refuse to Fight in Gaza
Ebola drug derived from GM tobacco could cause cancer, elephantiasis and other serious side effects
Feinstein demands Obama sign executive order banning import of assault weapons.
Exposed! George Soros Is Funding The Bioweapons Lab At The Focus of Ebola Outbreak!
BUSTED! Ferguson Chief, Communists and New Black Panthers 'Hijack' Peaceful Protest!
RT @ChrisHayesTV: Protestor in #Ferguson yelling, "They want to go to war tonight. That's why they took off the curfew."
Assata Shakur, "most wanted terrorist", talking about COINTELPRO and her frame-up by the FBI
Vladimir Putin Traitor to the New World Order says Jacob Rothschild
RT @YouSeemFine: dear #BlockTheBoat comrades, next shift at Port of #Oakland begins at 6pm. cargo still on board. autonomous actions CAN continue blockade.
Report: #BlockTheBoat Protesters shut down port AGAIN as Zionist owned ZIM Ship docks in port - Workers sent home
What Exactly Is Going On Here? From Ferguson To San Jose! Update 1!
#Ferguson cops to media: GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE - Get the fuck out of here or you're getting shot with this �...
"Tin soldiers and Nixon coming" -- Gov. signs an executive order Missouri National Guard to #Ferguson
VIDEO: Video of Ferguson Cop to live-streamer "Get the fuck out of here.. or you're getting shot" http://nwo-patriot-link-news.b...
Tear Gas and Flares: Ferguson Erupts Again as Night Falls
Emmy Awards 2014 - Spoilers!! Leaked Clip for Best Psychopath!!
WATCH LIVE: #Ferguson Continues to Protest #MikeBrown Shooting … MANY CAMS!
RT @AmaterasuSolar: ➨ ➨ My Book: Now available in PDF ➨ ➨ ➨ Solution to poverty & war. ➨ #NWO #Solution #UselessEliters
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