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Robert Scoble
Here's my thoughts on CES and MacWorld and bloggers:
Not only are companies cutting their tradeshow budgets, travel budgets for people to ATTEND shows are going to be cut in 2009. A bad economy is bad news for the tradeshows all around. - Melissa Chang
Mladen Srdić
Anybody interested in sharing via Google reader? Add me : - Hao Chen
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Thank you all for such a great response! If anybody notices that something is wrong (no invitation received and such), write it here. - Mladen Srdić
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Where do I add people on Google Reader? Anyone is welcome to add me: kolint @ gmail - Kol Tregaskes
Kol, There's a link on the left called "Sharing settings", right under your friends' shared items. - Michael Hocter
I see and so just send out invites. - Kol Tregaskes
Feel free to add me as well. - Mike Fruchter
Likewise: martin.starfighterpilot [at] gmail com - Martin Bryant
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Melissa Chang
The Elephant Pump: fast, cheap and local technology for development -
It is so exciting to see creative and locally sustainable ideas being brought to third world countries to help solve their biggest crisis, such as clean drinking water. - Melissa Chang
Melissa Chang
At the grocery store self-checkout line the cashier tore up little pieces of paper and stuck them in the coupon slot to fix a tech problem.
classic -on hands expertise to solving tech issues !! - Peter Dawson
The funniest thing was that she turned to me and said "don't tell anyone about this, OK?" And I was thinking, "I'm going to Twitter about this IMMEDIATELY!" - Melissa Chang
Melissa Chang
Types of online advertising -
Sometimes the most useful things that I write are in email messages. This time I tried to translate an email message to a blog post (which I don't think was entirely successful). but I thought it was worth a try. - Melissa Chang
Melissa Chang
Wondering about humane ways to catch a mouse - specifically the one that's eating all the bread products from the pantry.
we've got that problem. you can make a simple trap with a bucket-like thing and something to lead mice into it. a ruler etc - Craig Childs
Thanks for the tip - that actually sounds like a good way to handle it. I think that I'll forward the suggestion to my husband, who I am going to make handle this! - Melissa Chang
Dave Winer
Losing followers on Twitter? -
IMHO twitter works well when you are following fewer people. Best if you know all these people really well, or at least to a degree that you have interacted with them on a personal level outside the blogosphere. The whole thing about having a conversation is a fallacy. It isn't happening in twitter. Often times I felt like being in a party where other people talks and I just watch. - Ranjith Antony
Your Followers are still following - paul mooney
I would have to disagree with Ranjith. I think it is a case where Twitter works well for a variety of different purposes, and that those different purposes involve different patterns of use. What works for Ranjith is probably the best for most folk to start, but would not work for me. - Patricia F. Anderson
I'm not sure why it's happening, but both of my Twitter accounts (i have 2) lost followers AND people that I'm following. One of my accounts lost ALL my followers and ALL my people I'm following. Not sure if it's based on time? The newer account is the one that lost everything... - Melissa Chang
final count seems i've lost about 200 followers, perhaps they were spam. but also lost 50 folks i've been following as that's a number i manage. No way to rebuild except over time - Michael Gartenberg
non-deterministic social networks are good. i for one welcome our new whale overlords. - Edward Vielmetti
Robert Scoble
Re: Losing followers on Twitter? (Scripting News) -
"Twitter says they've fixed the problem but I'm still down 2,200 followers. Interesting. Over on FriendFeed I'm seeing tons of people complaining about losing not just followers, but people they used to follow. Also, many users have now reached some sort of cap on # of people they can follow." - Robert Scoble
I am down to following 10 people.......from I have no idea how many, I just know it was many more than 10 - Frank Valletutti
I was one of the lucky ones - only lost about a hundred followers. - Patricia F. Anderson
I am just catching up to this issue, but I see that my Twitter accounts have lost followers and people I'm following. One of my accounts - the newer one - has lost everything. Still not restored. - Melissa Chang
What concerns me is that when you visit people's pages they are no longer showing as following and vice versa. That seems to be beyond a count issues. It appears people have really been dropped from following. - Dayngr
I only lost a 100 or so people but then weirdly, I had 50 odd requests to follow, including some people who were previously subscribed to me and were still showing me in their pics of followers. The whole thing seems fubar. - Sally Church
it actually looks like they purged some users that were spammers. i had un-followed a spammer and the account would not leave my follower list. gone now. i think there was some cleanup along those lines that was part of this. - Jeff DiStanlo
"Update We just received an update on the situation from Biz Stone, over at Twitter. He writes, "Some users lost followers as a result of an error during a database upgrade. We replaced followers last night and will be replacing followers today. This is not related to the spam initiative we blogged about the other day." At least Twitter is hard at work trying to remedy the situation." - per - Susan Beebe
Crazy. @offbeatguides was TOTALLY permission based - I personally added people who were beta users of the site, announced @offbeatguides in a variety of places, and was building up followers - again permission-based. This morning, even I was unsubscribed from @offbeatguides! Whaaa? Feeling screwed by Twitter. - David Sifry from twhirl
David, I wouldn't assume, at least not yet, that you were targeted as a spammer. I had a tiny amount of Twitter subscriptions, but I see some still trickling back in. I wouldn't cry foul until they have said "it's fixed, you should be at least back where you were yesterday!" and you're not... - Robert Seidman
Melissa Chang
Chris just got up and sang - no PERFORMED - sexual healing in front of the whole bar. We were not at karaoke.
wow. why? how was it received? - edythe
at a bar. DJ. with a laptop and speaker. and mic. That was the problem...he started passing the mic everyone...including Chris! And so he just felt free to standup and start singing and dancing. I have to say - it was VERY well received. The DJ gave him a gift card for the restaurant/bar and invited us back for next week. Yikes. I don't think I'll be going...but Chris might! :) - Melissa Chang
David Ambrose
8 Useful Tips To Manage And Avoid RSS Overload -
This is key: "Make a ' Primary ' or ' Everyday ' Folder You may have different folders in your feed reader, but I strongly suggest you to create a folder named 'Primary' or 'Everyday', which will house all those blogs which are your favorites and you have to read them everyday or have to read them first." - David Ambrose
my folder is called "must read." adding that folder was a huge productivity help for me. - Melissa Chang
susan mernit
susanmernit's bookmarks on -
"Creating an application that can be used time and again is the ultimate goal for killer Facebook app development. One way you can test for this is to ask people you know to use the app. See if they mention the word “addiction.”" - susan mernit
I have to admit that it's hard to read that quote without singing the last line. - Melissa Chang
Leslie Poston
Social Media Still Facing Stigma In Business -
I keep seeing all these studies that say that social media is going to be the area of biggest growth (in spending) for companies in 2009 and I have no idea how they are going to spend their money - because, like you say in this article, so many businesses don't have a clue about social media. - Melissa Chang
And so many get it wrong actually. IMHO social media is about users AND interests. Users left alone are like teens left alone in an orgy, or babies alone in a kindergarten, and content alone is just a monologue. - directeur
How true! - Charlie Anzman
@directeur nice metaphors! true, too! - Zach Landes
Thanks Zachary! :) - directeur
Thanks guys. I keep seeing businesses missing the boat and it has been really bothering me. Letting fear hold you back is so damaging to the psyche AND the wallet. - Leslie Poston
Melissa Chang
“You should write about this on your blog” -
This article is for anyone who is an entrepreneur and who (often) has people make suggestions about what they should write about on their blog... - Melissa Chang
Melissa Chang
My cousin writes romance novels. Her books sell in walmart for $6 per copy. I got mine signed. Read it tonight in one sitting.
Were you able to spot the charachter based on you? - RAPatton
@RAPatton not sure that there was a character based on me, but when she started quizzing me on my husband's job for the character development in the book she is currently working on, I got VERY nervous about her next novel... - Melissa Chang
Melissa Chang
New way to measure blog ROI -
This is a beautiful post about work and life....I highly recommend it - and if you have ever followed Penelope Trunk at all, DEFINITELY give it a read. It's one of her best ever. - Melissa Chang
Hutch Carpenter
Friggin' Unbelieveable - My Blog Just Hit Technorati Authority 100 -
Friggin' Unbelieveable - My Blog Just Hit Technorati Authority 100
Much, much more than I would have ever expected. Thanks so much to Louis Gray for putting me on the map, and to so many wonderful folks who've actually read the damn thing! - Hutch Carpenter
You're welcome. More to come, of course. - Louis Gray
congrats Hutch - Dobromir Hadzhiev from twhirl
Congrats! - Shey
congratulations! - felix
Fantastic! - Mitchell Tsai
Congrats, Hutch! - Mark Dykeman
Awesome! Congrats Hutch! - David Ambrose
Congrats and well deserved Hutch! - Mike Fruchter
Very sweet, Hutch! - Phil Glockner
very kool. congrats! love the blog - (jeff)isageek
Excellent - congrats - keep up the great work! - Noah Carter
Great guy, great blog... Nice going Hutch! - Vince DeGeorge
Nobody more deserving. Congrats! - Bwana ☠
congrats - Duncan Riley
Great writing...congrats! - Chris Rossini
Congrats! I am not all that surprised, it's very well-deserved!! :) - MiaD
As it should be :) - Charlie Anzman
Congratulations Hutch! way to go!! keep up the good work~! - Susan Beebe
Great stuff Hutch :) - Colin Walker
Louis Gray rules! - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Congratulations!! - Melissa Chang
laura "@pistachio" fitton
Listening to: Counting Crows - Mr. Jones (Best song ever? or is it just me?
I love that song....makes me happy. - Melissa Chang
Louis Gray
An Impromptu FriendFeed Experiment (*includes narcissism) -
I have noticed this past week a number of "shout outs" like these - from people who are using FriendFeed and having received the type of feedback/input that they are hoping. But then, after posting, the feedback seems to come... - Melissa Chang
This same phenomenon happens in Twitter, Pownce, and other microblogging tools. Writing in these tools for attention is rarely useful unless you do have a large following (and even then, attention may not be forthcoming). Shoutouts work for a time, but unless you have the content to warrant continued interest, it will wane. - Dawn M. Armfield
If you post it, they will come. (sorry) - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
susan mernit
"One of the exhilarating things about coming back to Cambridge every spring is walking through the streets at dusk, when you can see into the houses. When you walk through Palo Alto in the evening, you see nothing but the blue glow of TVs. In Cambridge yo - susan mernit
having just moved to Cambridge from New York, i am able to identify with the ambitions which are pointed out, specifically because of the quality of eavesdropping which i am able to experience sky rocketed! - Nathan Eckenrode
@susan my husband calls that stalking, but I 100% agree with you! - Melissa Chang
Hutch Carpenter
FriendFeed ‘Likes’ Compatibility Index -
Is liking an article about likes wrong? - Louis Gray
Louis. I liked it too, but then I'm really just stalking you! - Robert Scoble
I could pick worse people to stalk me. You'll do. - Louis Gray
If you like something, it's OK to like it. Gonna stalk Hutch - Charlie Anzman
Mikey likes it. - Mike Fruchter
I wonder if Robert and Louis should get married or something like it. Then they could "like" each other in public ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
Louis isn't my type. :-) - Robert Scoble
I could automate this... - Yuvi
I just gotta "like" this. :) - Morton Fox
...if they fixed this bug: - Yuvi
I'm also noticed not many women on FriendFeed compared to Twitter, so don't feel too bad. ;-) What's the female ratio in my networks? Tribe 26/44 (60%) Facebook 82/240 (35%) Twitterers Following Me 33/148 (35%) LinkedIn 67/248 (27%) Twitterers I'm Following 17/132 (21%) FriendFeeders I'm Following 19/128 (15%) FriendFeeders Following Me 10/102 (10%) --- The Twitter 21%/35% and FriendFeed 15%/10% ratios are opposite, so I guess the women on Twitter like me more than the ones on FriendFeed... :-) - Mitchell Tsai
I'm going to have to do this when I get home - seems a great way to find new people to subscribe to. - Colin Walker from fftogo
Love the idea of discovering more people through Friend Feed. Especially if they are just a little outside the main stream. - Patrick
That is actually an interesting "discovery" metric. I wonder if the FF folks have looked into "share" recommendations yet. If they have friend recommendations, shares seems like a logical extension. - Rob Diana
@Rob That would be great since it's another way to cut down on the "noise" - Shey
When I get some time later, I'll have to look my own stats. Sounds like a great feature for FF to implement. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Thanks for the Toluu mention. We are currently working through some enhancements to our recommendation algorithms now that we have much more real world data in the system, which we think will make matches more relevant and interesting. - Caleb Elston
Yes, number 9! Take that, Charlie Anzman! - Mark Trapp
Yuvi, does that bug exist when doing queries against the API? - Phil Glockner
This could be completely off-base, but in my experience, there aren't a ton of women ON FriendFeed yet. Now my experience might be biased b/c I follow a lot of the tech news/geeky stuff (not a high concentration of women in that yet), but even if you look at the comment thread of this post, you won't see many women (I actually think none but me, but names can be deceiving!) I would actually be interested in knowing the breakdown of men/women on FF. - Melissa Chang
For me, 15.1% of my followers on Twitter are women, and 15.3% on Friendfeed are. If I had to guesstimate activity usage by women on my Friendfeed feed vs. my Twitter stream, it's much, much higher on Friendfeed than it is on Twitter. Everyone's FF experience is a little different, I guess. - Mark Trapp
@Phil - Yes, it exists in the API too. - Yuvi
@Yuvi - Does the limit of going back beyond page 11 risk the script failing? Or does it limit the data collected? - Hutch Carpenter
Louis, Robert - get a Room! - Hutch Carpenter
Melissa, Mitchell, Mark Trapp - interesting to hear your perspectives on any sort of gender divide there is. Divide between FriendFeed and Twitter, or maybe just Web vs. Social Media. - Hutch Carpenter
I did a bit of number crunching on my own account, and came up with some more data about the (possible) gender gap. You might find it interesting: - Mark Trapp
@Mark Trapp - Good stuff! I do wonder if there's some sort of gender divide. This post ( from ReadWriteWeb says that 50.4% of Internet users are women. But the numbers are very heavily skewed toward men on FriendFeed. - Hutch Carpenter
Louis and Scoble's Index: Conclusion: No, Scoble is NOT stalking Louis ;) - Yuvi
It'd be nice if accounts specified gender, then Yuvi could create a nice script to provide tons of data about this gender divide question. I guess you could always hook up into a names database and guess. - Mark Trapp
@Mark: Well, I'd have to "Guess"! And, I suck at guessing genders (many people do, I guess) Besides, they need to get rid of that only-last-300-entries bug if I am to do any useful data collection.. - Yuvi
I just created a little javascript to go and grab the last 30 likes of anyone and do a basic calculation. Have a couple more features I want to add, but no more time today - what do y'all think? - felix
@Louis Gray - but it feels so right. ;) - Yolanda
See the whole stats discussion/obsession which Hutch started As of May 31, Felix - the programming god (with help from the amazing Yuvi) - added 2-D charts to his "Like Compatibility Calculator", a great supplement to FriendFeed's regular stats. - Mitchell Tsai
Louis Gray
Google Gets Fancy With Google I/O TShirts. Too Fancy -
This is so incredibly geeky...both the initial t-shirt concept and the mistake. But hilarious. - Melissa Chang
i'm with melissa! but i like it- hence the like - Nathan Eckenrode
Best and the brightest, eh? - Cyndy
Shannon Clark
Testing out friendfeed so far I don't yet see why people like it, I never get any comments or feedback here (or if I have, I've missed it). I've launched a new blog in the past week, SlowBrand would love feedback and post ideas. -
What do you mean you've never gotten any comments? - Thomas Hawk
Well.... you have now - Bwana ☠
I use FriendFeed to join in the conversation, not have the conversation join me ;-) - Stephen B from Alert Thingy
It might be related to the fact that you've never left any comments here either (at least when I posted this your count is 0)... Got to give some to get some! - Lindsay
Shannon, looking at your stream here: it's almost 100% twitter. Many people block twitter. So you'll need to add new services to get more visible to more people who will then comment and get this more active. - Louis Gray
How big is your network? You've got Thomas, so that's a great start. We're seeing the things he Likes or Comments via the friend-of-friend feature. Welcome to FriendFeed! - Hutch Carpenter
the best way to interact is the FF raw message share. most of the long comment threads i've seen were started with this type of message - Tyler Gillies
lurking and occaisional posting is not an effective strategy - Nathan Eckenrode
Here's another comment for you - I have to agree with Louis, I don't see much that you've posted to comment on, although I'm glad that has now changed. - Melissa Chang
What could also be a factor is that you aren't engaged enough for people to notice -- you have only 1 comment. Just like on Twitter, folks aren't going to follow you back if you aren't actively participating. - Shey
Thanks for the comments but I still don't see how I would have known about them (or for that matter how to hide anything twitter included). Perhaps there are some aspects of FriendFeed I simply don't get but I'm still not getting what people are liking about it so far. At present it is mostly random noise from my friends (and when I'm moved to comment I've often already either replied via twitter, shared the post via Google Reader, or left a comment directly on their blog (or written about it on my own blog - Shannon Clark
Comments? You look at your page and you'll see the comments. - Robert Scoble
hamster poptart meatloaf - adolfo foronda
Shannon, you'd have known about the comments by coming here to the site. Clicking on the "me" tab will show you all the comments you've left. My advice is to try hanging out here for 48 hours and you might start to get it. You have to give to get though. Participation is key. You can use the "hide" feature to hide individual items or types of items. Read this blog post here for more on hide: - Thomas Hawk
it can be absolutely maddening at first, but you start getting the kick' soon - bvs from twhirl
comments++ - Morton Fox
ive never hid anything. i luvs information ;) - Tyler Gillies
Melissa Chang
How to be a good manager: Be generous -
This is one of those articles that I WANT to send to all the bad managers that I know, but instead sent to the good ones. That is the problem with management posts - it's hard to get them in the hands of the people who need to read them! - Melissa Chang
susan mernit
Startup! In Boulder for 3 months, at TechStars -
Congratulations! And good luck! - Melissa Chang
agreed congrat's & good luck - mike "glemak" dunn
Good luck, indeed - Marnie Webb
Congrats Susan....looking forward to following your adventure(s) - Adam Kazwell
Melissa Chang
Need to get to work on this article. One more call for Facebook applications that you like but that aren't necessarily super popular. (yet)
Sorry you've having a hard time coming up with answers here. I would certainly help if I could. I have a FB account only due to peer pressure but I really dislike spending any time there. Can someone step up and help Melissa with this? - Erik Dafforn
Thanks Erik. I think that it's pretty telling, actually, that this has been difficult to get answers to. No one on Twitter or FriendFeed seems to have a favorite Facebook app. Hmmm...I should probably check on Facebook! (thanks again for your help!) - Melissa Chang
Igor Poltavskiy
My Twitter: Twitter is over capacity.:(
I was digging the bloated whale image this morning! - David Ambrose
At least the fail graphics are cute. (that's not saying much, I know!) - Melissa Chang
@Michael Correct! - David Ambrose
Louis Gray
PC World says Twitter, Digg amongTop 100 Best Products in 2008: FriendFeed, Google Reader don't make the cut.
don't care. pc world is king of pc world? absolutely no! i only seldom use twitter and digg. - huixing
pcworld is lamezaur - Tyler Gillies
PC Who? - Yuvi
they even listed YouTube and Craigslist. They're confusing the word best with common - Duncan Riley
What's a PC? - Chris Nixon
Chris, PC is what the "rest of us" use. - Yuvi
I'm only kidding. I mostly use PCs too. - Chris Nixon
I think they don't even know about Friendfeed. And as for Google Reader: They RSS feeds have content summaries, so I don't think they've really understood the idea behind feed readers yet. - Meryn Stol
"I'm only kidding" - Me too! ;) - Yuvi
I think Duncan's comment is right on - acedanger
I just realized I don't have PC World in my GReader feeds. What does that mean? - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
eh, Dvorak probably bitched until they removed twitter from the list - Brett Kelly
Yeah, OK - but have you ever used Newsgator (also not on the list), it kicks GReader's ass in every conceivable way. - Christina Warren
I've worked at multiple IT trade pubs...and I would honestly be shocked if the people who wrote the article *use* Twitter or FriendFeed or Google Reader...typically, they have so much technology to follow that's in their beat, and so many stories to write, it's hard to find time to "play" with new and emerging stuff. - Melissa Chang
I just think that Friendfeed/Google Reader is a power user tool. Not so much mainstream. That's like saying that National Geographic is not a popular channel. - Mike Lewis
One more nail in the PC World coffin. Wait... did I just say that? Yes, I think I did. They are way too old-media and behind the curve. - Cyndy
Louis Gray
TheStatBot Analyzes Top Tweeters, TechCrunch, Makes Techmeme -
I love that this is a 17-year-old and that he's planning to use his experience to help himself get into college/get a job/etc. I'm hiring! - Melissa Chang
Louis Gray
Friendfeed is leveling the playing field -
Good article. What I have been thinking about lately is how things are moving so fast at the moment that there is a continual opportunity to be an early adopter with whatever new technology has captured the hearts and minds of the "tech elite." When there are only a few people using a service, you stand out (just based on numbers). So there is the constant ability to be a thought-leading long as you keep your eyes open. - Melissa Chang
Micah Elliott
4-year-old son Alex just wrote in his journal. Trying to get him to tweet.
OK, if he does start using twitter, please tell me.I would love to see what a 4-year old says on Twitter! - Melissa Chang
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