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2010-01 Apple Event Live

2010-01 Apple Event Live

Live analysis of the January 27th, 2010 Apple Event - "come see our latest creation" - by leading iPhone bloggers. Expecting Apple Tablet and iPhone OS 4.
for gaming I think it will be a nice to have, and won't be as much as a big deal for gaming as the current iPod Touch and iPhone.
Rob LeFebvre
I love that I got a nook on Saturday. Really love it.
Way to brag. Sheesh. Some of us don't have one yet. ;) - Melody
well YOU do. - Rob LeFebvre from email
Patrick Jordan
Did they specify the OS it is running?
iPhone OS 3.2 - 148Apps
Hmmm. Was that stated during the event? - Patrick Jordan
Apologies -- Friendfeed had lots of problems today. We'll try to find a better place for the next event.
Ok -- so pending the possible "One More Thing" that's it for the iPad -- what are your thoughts?
we're hoping, but not holding our breath - Rob LeFebvre
Like it, want it. One of the larger ones, probably with lower data plan (can get by with WiFi mostly) - Patrick Jordan
Really? I can't even imagine how much AT&T will charge if you go over... unlimited is definitely worth it. - Chris H
Oh, also just heard Leo say WiFi only device will be out a month earlier than 3G ones. - Patrick Jordan
What does the higher res apps mean for iPhone users? Will devs be creating a single version of apps that have both the high and low res versions, or will there be two sep apps. If it's a single release, then apps will now take up unnecessarily more space on people's iPhones further taxing the 10MB limit for 3GS users.
iPad only I think.. though most devs will no doubt only offer the lower res ones, making you upscale on iPad - TouchGen
So that's it... To be honest that's what I thought it would be... and it's what I want as much for my full time job as a designer, as for gaming...
Yep. We're gonna call it evolutionary, not revolutionary. It's nice, but not a "must" have....yet - Rob LeFebvre
I still wanna know how hot that thing will get!
Probably not that hot -- he said it was a single chip device. Lots of area to disperse that heat. - 148Apps
Hey, it's magical. It won't even use electricity, but fairy dust. - Rob LeFebvre
fairy dust that Steve manufactures, of course. - Rob LeFebvre
Rob LeFebvre
nice little folding lap case here:
Keyboard dock announced.. nice
I want that to work with my iPhone - Marbru
iPad 32GB = $599, 64GB = $699 - 3G is an extra $130 for any of the 3 models. Available in 60 days - 90 for 3G
iPad Pricing: starts at $499
Most likely for the 16GB version - 148Apps
shipping in 60 days (worldwide for wifi models)
Rob LeFebvre
And the Pricing is now : $499.00
thoughts? - Rob LeFebvre
Patrick Jordan
What does it cost / when can we get it? Any guesses now, before Steve tells us?
My guess: base price of 5 hundy, April. - Lyndon Perry
But thankfully FF will allow me to edit that comment, so my guess may change. - Lyndon Perry
$29 for unlimited data!!! - Chris H
Nice Lyndon! No witnesses to your guess either! ;) - Melody
Price is: not $999... it's $499
Big question now -- pricing. We now know there are multiple models from 16GB - 64GB. Probably at least 3 models. Will they be subsidized by cell phone carriers - I do not see a cell carrier logo at the top of the screen in the screen shots.
Corrected -- iPad will also be available with 3G - 148Apps
2 Plans for 3G data -- 250MB/ month = $15 - 148Apps
Unlimited 3G data = $30 with -- ick - AT&T - 148Apps
No contract is the good news -- buy right on the iPad -- no contract, month to month - 148Apps
Yup, $499.. I'm buying one. - Chris H
Rob LeFebvre
Data plan pricing...Drum roll
omg 250 mb is nothing - it's another $30 a month. - Rob LeFebvre
OOOH: "all models are unlocked and use GSM micro-SIMS" - Rob LeFebvre
So, as we thought.. it's all about the Apps/Games. Hardware-wise there are no huge surprises.. no natal like motion controls!
disappointed cuz i thought some sort of proximity sensor would be far...underwhelming - brainno722 (Peter)
Proximity sensors are for the 2nd gen. - Marbru
Besides, the motion control patients are all wrapped up with Sony, Nintendo and M$, at least for stuff thats shipping - Marbru
iWork coming to the iPad!
Pages, Keynote, and Numbers - 148Apps
I wonder how iWork for the iPad will be priced? Included with the device? - 148Apps
$9.99 for each of the 3 iWork apps - 148Apps
1 hour into the presentation, and Apple stock is down 1.5%
iBooks includes a book store -- iBooks store. Buy / download books on your iPad.
Wow -- that bookshelf look familiar. Is this based on Classics? - 148Apps
Looks a helluva lot like it - Patrick Jordan
Certainly does look like 'Classics' for iPhone. Agreed. - Lyndon Perry
Looks like Delicious Library to me. - Rob LeFebvre
what about PDF support, Steve? epub is nice, and what kindle/nook uses. WHAT ABOUT PDF!?!?!? CBR? Come ON! - Rob LeFebvre
Prices are are rumored a little more than Kindle -- $14.99 not $9.99 - 148Apps
Just got confirmation -- iBooks not based on Classics app -- just a blatant rip off of their design in many ways. - 148Apps
PDF was mentioned earlier -- not sure if it will work in iBooks or not though - 148Apps
Rob LeFebvre
Now we get to some of the missing meat: what this can do that a laptop can do. iPhone can't run iWork.
Or WoW. I want to run Molten Core on the iPad - Marbru
Rob LeFebvre
Hello, starving comic book artist? Come buy one of these babies.
CRE anyone? - Melody
Rob LeFebvre
Killer Gaming App - World Of Warcraft. Come on, Blizzard!
Don't mess with me. Is it the actual game? Or another armory app? - Melody
here comes the Kindle killing App!
It's called iBooks... so I was almost right - TouchGen
That's it for the app demos. They all looked decent, but very safe and not really something we've never seen. Now Apple showing their ebook reader. App called iBooks.
EA showing Need for Speed
Need for Speed Shift, BTW. Looks very good. Question is, what will the controls be like. Will they be touch or tilt? The iPad has accelerometer built in. - 148Apps
I'd still rather see Real Racing - 148Apps
Now showing MLB for the iPad -- looks like a killer app for the baseball fan. Stats and live video. Box score, etc. A good use for the extra screen space.
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