DUM DA DUM DUM... ....oil spill...
Digesting a bagel baby. Mmmm...
Women who don't know how to walk in high heels crack me up. It ain't that hard, lady.
I'd forgotten how much I like brötchen. Also, I'm the only person in this bakery who knows how to pronounce it.
First pedicure of the season. I am jelloid. Also, my pedicurist complimented me on my calf muscles. That's a first! Thanks, bike.
All of downtown Lawrence smells like an old dirty diaper. I was thinking about getting a bagel, but NOW... :X
Bummed that I couldn't make it to #BigOmaha this year, but Adam and I will be in town tomorrow to hit the Henry Doorly Zoo and have dinner.
Looks like whatever was up last night has gone away, for the most part. Aside from a slight twinge every now and again, I'm right as rain.
At Adam's house for the night, trying to decide whether my acute onset nausea and abdominal pain is appendicitis or not.
I just found out about "Jerseylicous." And I died a little inside.
Knew we were due for rain, but accidentally walked out of the house sans umbrella anyway. Why'd I even buy the thing? <sigh>
Heading to the #AMCTheaters Studio 30 in Olathe this morning to see Iron Man 2 with Adam. Anyone seen it aready? What did you think?
Holy balls.
Weirdly high booze tolerance, can eyeball measurements with surprising accuracy, and can emit air from my tearducts. #thesearemysuperpowers
"I'm fisting the universe!" - @nashoba
Oh. Hey, Failwhale. It's been awhile. How you been? How's the lady and the calves? Tried any good krill lately?
I did not plan adequately for such a chilly morning. <shiver>
Someone needs to come out with microwaveable #vegan breakfast sandwiches. I would eat the heck out of one of those right now.
@rahulgupta That looks really good! Thank you so much for the suggestion. :)
@jpgardner Any idea yet when you'll be screening #WWMYWA? I'm anxious to see what you've created. The stills have me all intrigued.
I have a whopper of a headache. This is why I'm constantly caffeinated. If I'm not, it hurts.
Nebraska Twitter peeps: Planning a day trip to Omaha with Adam soon. What's good to eat in the area that will be vegan-friendly?
jpgardner How many cookies would I need to bake for Iron Man passes? ;) Are you on any IM platforms? I feel like we never talk anymore.
@cassiehasatowel Dinah is the ultimate creeper. Adam and I call her Vulture Cat because she perches up high, all hunched over and staring.
At the bus stop with no jacket on. Wooooo, spring!
Ugh, I forgot we were having a film crew in surgery today. This'll get annoying in a hurry.
The flag at the clinic next to VSEC is at half-mast. Anyone know why?
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