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Kevin Rose
I want to replace my blog comments w/Friendfeed. How can I do this via disqus like javascript?
The ability to do this is certainly desirable, but it would have to be provided by FriendFeed. I'm pretty sure it is not a current capability. - Phillip Stewart
I hope this means more Kevin Rose interactivity via FriendFeed. - Pete D
Via Disqus? Nah, buddy. - Rahsheen
I'd talk to Duncan Riley about this as has this functionality in addition to disqus. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Your blog software could use the FriendFeed API to query ff, looking for when the new post shows up, and then simply link to the ff page for that item. Maybe you could pull in the comments also through the API, but I don't think there would be a way to post new comments directly from your blog. I'm not familiar with the API though. - Phillip Stewart
+1 @Pete - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
I think it's a WP plugin - Outsanity
Let's see... Hey Kevin. What's up? - Josh Haley
The API definitely allows for this. Go look at RWW or any wordpress blog with the FriendFeed comments plugin. Still waiting on Disqus or ID or someone to actually unify this setup. RWW seems to have the best example of what I would like to see. - Rahsheen
That's a great idea - PC Easy from twhirl
Wordpress has a plugin that pulls FF comments, likes, etc. - mathew ingram
how do i follow just this post from FF? - Elsie H Martinez
Hrm, yea, I've seen a few plugins that enable this, but nothing w/disqus like cut-n-paste javascript. My blog is currently on squarespace (no 3rd party plugins) so I need something via js. - Kevin Rose
What about ? - you can "claim" all your comments by setting up the specific URL's where you comment - doubt it to work with others' comments on your blog, though. You probably might have to wait until intensedebate or disqus will either support squarespace or offer a plugin-less solution. - schilke
That would be cool. Strange I've never heard that idea before. - Ciaoenrico
Shameless self promo: This allows you to embed FF comments & likes and put a form on your blog to post FF comments & likes from your blog - Glenn Slaven
Ah, but for those of us not using Wordpress.... :) - ComicList
Pat Hawks has a javascript solution for non-wordpress users: I believe Louis Gray is using it - Glenn Slaven
Kevin Rose
"You know... this is real, and not for play..." - Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose
insane, just saw my cover of Inc. Magazine :) - so honored
Congratulations! You deserve it all the way :) - Sampad Swain
Pictures are great, congrats. - Simon Wicks
Congrats! (And woo-hoo! FriendFeed made the cover of Inc., along with Obama, LaughingSquid, Dolby and Michelob) - Kevin Fox
Congrats! I love Digg. -
good stuff - Gaurav Sikka
good job - RAPatton
Part Howard Stern? Really? - Fleagle
i just twittered about what a little hottie you are. hehe. good on ya! way to represent! :) - Patricia
...and they said our generation is all slackers. - Renee Pie
That's great and all, but it says you're part Steve Jobs part Howard Stern. How do you feel about the second guy..?? - Mark
*Very* cool! - David Cook
congrats! way to go! - Jenny
YAY Kevin :) - Molly Song ;)
Who's Kevin Rose? Kidding. BTW you or GV still owe me stickers from the seesmic thing back in may. - Anika
Nice! - Vincent X
nice! congratz - Daniel Testa
I am a subscriber and am looking forward to reading the article. Congratulations. - Craig Mische
very good, congratulations! - Luma Rosa
Thanks all! - Kevin Rose
Congrats, Kevin, you look very CEOish! - Mike Lewis
congrats Kevin! looking fwd to reading the article! - Justin Levy
man, that comment list on Flickr is a who's who of silicon valley/SF digerati - anna sauce
That is so sick.. And I thought you were nuts when you were quiting Attack of the Show. - EminiAddict
Sarah Lane
the black cat is the best - Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose
Aw rats. It's a concept car. You got my hopes up. - Leo Laporte
Leo: Well it's a good thing concept cars always get released...err...wait. - Eric Florenzano
I know, really hope this thing goes into production - and get this, about the size of a mini! - Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose
U.S. Army says Twitter is a Terrorist Tool -
""vegetarians"... watch out!" - Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose
US Fighter Pilot ordered to shoot down UFO -
Great story - Kevin Rose
Darn, I must've been ahead of my time when I tweeted this 2 days ago. ;) - Dr. Apps from twhirl
Kevin Rose
anyone else w/a new macbook pro having issues clicking? sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't
Yes! Actually haven't run into it with single-clicking, but I have with double-clicking. - John Wang
I find that clicking with my thumb, the way I did on previous MacBooks, is rather unreliable on the new model. - Nathan Henderson
I tried it in a mac store... it works - Ben
Yea, same problem here, Nathan - Kevin Rose
Nope but I am a "tap" clicking for me - have tap turned on. - The Fat Oracle
Actually, now that you mention it, yes. It seems especially true with buttons, but maybe I just notice it more. I use tap a lot, though. - Leo Laporte
Leo Laporte and a friend of mine got a DOA unit... - Alexander Schek from twhirl
I have the new MacBook and mine seems to be working fine. The only issue I am coming across is picking up good wireless signals and staying connected. Are you having this issue? - Luke
No problems at all. I use the new trackpad the exact same way i used the old one. Thumb at bottom to click. - Andru Edwards
Kevin Rose
good morning internet
Good morning Kevin Rose - Simon Wicks
Good morning Friendfeed - Eren Emre Kanal
Good morning, Mr. Rose. Today I plan to visit the Pentagon. End of line. - Vermyndax from twhirl
Good morning friendfeed! - Kevin Rose
Wow. You actually made it to FF to comment. Right on Kevin. - Josh Haley
Good morning... i'm not friendfeed... but.. uh.. yeah.. - Anthony
Top of the morning to you as well! - Andru Edwards
You don't know "Good Morning" until you watch this diablo soundboard prank. It's classic: - Mark
Kevin Rose
GoodGuide: Helps you see what's behind the product label -
Great idea, make sure to watch the video! - Kevin Rose
So Kevin, was goodguide your favorite company to launch at TC50? - craig
I actually dig this site a lot more: - Christopher Sacca
I like the fact it just doesn't judge things on if they are "green". That seems to be the only focus too many times. My main concern for things would be towards my health. Such as things that contain HFCS. Would be nice for them to come out with an iPhone app you can use at the grocery store to give you an alternate recommendation if something you enter has a low score in any or your most important area. - Dean Clark
Great link Kevin! Now goodguide needs to integrate with our wireless devices so we can scan bar codes and get ratings as we shop. - timedalkat from twhirl
Nice link Kevin! - Timmy
Kevin Rose
New iTunes Visualizer will be the Stunning Magnetosphere -
"This will be included in iTunes 8.0, released on Tuesday. "What's new in iTunes 8 iTunes 8 includes Genius, which makes playlists from songs in your library that go great together. Genius also includes Genius sidebar, which recommends music from the iTunes Store that you don't already have. With iTunes 8, browse your artists and albums visually with the new Grid view; download your favorite TV shows in HD quality from the iTunes Store; sync your media with iPod nano (4th generation), iPod classic (2nd generation), and iPod touch (2nd generation); and enjoy a stunning new music visualizer."" - Kevin Rose
This looks really interesting. Can't wait until Tuesday. :) - Molly Song ;)
I'd be more impressed if Apple had spent some time making iTunes not run like a dog on Windows. Grr. - Jules
Kevin Rose
Tiny Houses – Small Dwellings Of Every Shape And Size -
I love the idea of doing creative things with limited space. - Kevin Rose
I like the "shackitecture" stuff on D+R: More here: Interesting how some can bypass building codes because they're under 150 sq. ft. - Paul Reynolds
Kevin Rose
Nice to see this spiritual side of you. - Vincent X
unexpected break - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
Glad you enjoyed the post - Kevin Rose
he does a yearly retreat - Long Vo
Kevin: Do you meditate? - Vincent X
and let me tell you, i am typing this comment to type this comment if you know what i mean. - Tyler Crowley
Timely share. Thank you. :-) -
Mindfulness... That's a word that comes up often in GTD conversations. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I happened upon this book about 10 years ago and I can honestly say it changed my life. Glad to see it still has a following. - RyanEs
Kevin Rose
Study says Eat Mushrooms! Lose weight -
"Not sure how much the actual mushrooms aided in the weight loss.. Also, avoid white "button" mushrooms -- check out this article from Dr. Andrew Weil:" - Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose
Sad :( - Kevin Rose
Any idea what happened yet? - Mike Lewis
Whoa - Josh Haley
Damn. - Akiva
That sucks. :( - Sam Ee
Oh, no. That's so awful. :( - Karen Mohler
Kevin Rose
Dr Dre's son found dead -
"RIP" - Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose
Having "bacon in waffle" for $7.95
how does it taste? - Mark L from twhirl
amazing - Kevin Rose
ofcourse! you cant go wrong with bacon, its impossible I tell you! - Percival
Better than Jimmy Dean's chocolate-chip-pancake-wrapped-sausage on a stick? Thank you, Jon Stewart. < > - Mitch
@mitch, touche! - Percival
@Clint, although I love bacon I find that a bit disturbing. - Percival
Kevin Rose
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake -
"You are following my account on digg - so any of my submissions (as a friend on digg) will show up in the toolbar (a submission is a digg). Hope that makes sense." - Kevin Rose
Richard MacManus
Build A Custom Search Engine Using Your Social Bookmarks
With the enhanced search built into the latest rev of delicious, what's the point of this? - andy brudtkuhl from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Great article, dugg. - Kevin Rose from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Wide-eyed again, Sarah and to all those who gave their comments... Thanks. Things you can do with bookmarksIt just never ends Best. alain - Alain Benedict Yap from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Great! But what if you want to export only selected bookmarks? For example, you want to use some bookmarks for one CSE, some — for another, and some you don't want to add to search at all. I haven't found how to work with selections of bookmarks at Delicious. Though, you can make this via Diigo. This service has great Send to Blog feature (under More Actions... menu), which allows us... more... - Anton from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Kevin Rose
Green Tea Ingredient Significantly Inhibits Breast Cancer -
"Yea, we cure it about every 2-3 weeks." - Kevin Rose
And green tea cures something every 2 to 3 minutes.. - Brodie Beta
Kevin Rose
Ratatat's new album is insanely good -
David, glad you like it - Kevin Rose
They're new to me, enjoying a lot so far. - Nathan Howell
Uggh, not working for me pre-a.m-coffee. I'll try later - Jamie Dool
Kevin Rose
How I lost ten lbs in two weeks -
You hit the nail on the head. Alcohol will completely derail you from a workout because of lack of energy. I always make myself 'earn' a night of boozing by working out first. It does mess with your recovery and will require massive amounts of water...but it's better than killing a day you had planned for exercise. You should seriously try Bikram Yoga for a month 2 days a week. Results will blow you away. - Ryan
Kevin... did you cut out coffee? Were you a coffee drinker before? - Veronica
Wow! That is pretty quick to lose 10 lbs. Have you ever tried wheatgrass shots? I just took one recently and it was energizing. I'll ping you the URL. Cheers! - Frank Gruber
Me too. While exercising everyday on the Wii Fit! - RaAusar Powers
I already don't drink. I've cut out a lot of carbs. Already take the multivitamins. Not sure where I will find time for that kind of exercise, though. - ComicList
Wheatgrass juice is great but tastes awful on its own. I grew some years ago, but my manual wheatgrass juicer is currently gathering dust somewhere... Maybe I'll get back into it someday. - Vincent X
Awesome stuff, Kevin. - Rahsheen
Kevin, Leo Laporte is looking for you something about his Pounce account having too many followers thus not being able to get in - Fred Grott
Veronica: umm coffee is ok, I have a cup a couple times a month. Just don't add sugar. - Kevin Rose
I've been want to switch from coffee to green tea for a long time - you just gave me a reason. Great post Kevin. - Orli Yakuel
yeah, sounds like great, sound advice, but way time intensive I hate to say. - Steve Isaacs
Yeah I'm also doing the 100 pushups, no mid-week drinking & cardio. Raesons? Energy level helps, and just general well-being. yoga in the morning! - anna sauce
Kevin Rose
Twitter is setting limits on the # of people you can follow (you can still have ∞ followers), this is great news & will really help w/spam!
Who follows 2,000 people anyway. - Andrew Bashore from twhirl
I think it's unusable at that point, considering the API has limits on how far back you can go in the timeline. - Kevykev
Maybe they should just add a warning when a spammer who follows Xthousands of people starts to follow you. That would be more gentle than capping the followers. - Carsten R from twhirl
I'm going to talk to Ev - I'll get the full story and report back - Kevin Rose
Ev said on Twitter that this wasn't true, so let us know.... - Veronica
Does FriendFeed set limits? - Colide81 (James)
How about people just "block" spammers and Twitter punishes people who've been blocked a large # of times? - Neil Weisenfeld
Kevin Rose
ok ok, tired of seeing @t tweet about this, I'm also starting the challenge.. here we go
4 weeks ahead of you ;) - Tim Broder
I could do a hundred push ups in 4 - Chris Conway
I work out every day at the gym and do at least 42 pushups a day ;) in sets of 12-10-8-6-4-2 - Mark
Starting day 2 tomorrow - Kevin Rose
jeez I feel guilty gonna start day one tomorow! Thanks for the push - Chris Conway
How'd the initial test go? - Harrison Hoffman
I can do three sets of three:-( - Francine Hardaway
3 weeks on it and it's getting REALLY tough... - Simone
Kevin Rose
Comment on: Build A Custom Search Engine Using Your Social Bookmarks -
Great article, dugg. - Kevin Rose from FriendFeed MT Plugin
Why would Kevin say Dugg :) - Charlie Anzman
Kevin Rose
Digg integration in the Flock Browser -
"Had a meeting about that today :)" - Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose
Digg Shuts Down -
"Hi all - unfortunately the nature of trademark law requires that we protect our marks or lose them. At the time of this comment, if you view their top lvl domain, you'll see they have copied quite a bit of our design - pixel for pixel. We are fine with anyone using our API data (all content is creative commons public domain), it's just the straight up copying and use of "Digg" that causes the problem. Thanks More info:" - Kevin Rose
Well done. - Mattb4rd
Kevin Rose
iPower - proximity based power conservation -
iPower - proximity based power conservation
I like this idea sharing idea. I hope to participate but I need to sign up for seesmic first. - pcnerd37
how would you know it works if they are always on when you get near. I think Bill gates has something similar going on at his place, read it somewhere. - Javi Guerrero
I like the idea sharing idea but, not so sure Apple could come up with a cost effective way of pulling off your idea. I read something the other day that if I can find I will post a link but it was basically the same idea using hardware already on the market available at electrical supply stores. Every electrical outlet and switch in your home could be retro-fitted with devices that can be radio controlled remotely or from one switch in your home at the door. Depending on the size of your home it would.. - Chris Conway
cost any where from $200- for 1500sq ft to $600 for a 3000 sq ft. This would also cover divices like lambs etc, stuff that is not computer oriented. I know every one loves there new iphones but do we need it to wipe our ass to. - Chris Conway
Hey pcnerd37 - sign on up for Seesmic and come play! - Cathy Brooks
I use X10 at home through a Perl program on CentOS (RedHat) called Misterhouse that I can control through my iPod's web interface. If you go on their mailing list you can see discussions about Bluetooth proximity sensing. MH is also available on Windows. - Ernie Oporto
First time ive used seesmic. Loic..if you are out there..what id love would be a download all button where I could just get one long video stiched together of the entire conversation. - Matt Brooke-Smith
Hoping to do more of these. Thanks all for posting your video replies. - Kevin Rose
Great idea. My wife says this already exists but she leaves all the lights on all the time so go figure. - Mark Mitchell
The only issue is when you lose signal power wise or signal wise. It either has to have a 10 min. delay or a way to tell the device you are home when your phone cannot. - geekazine
Cool idea! One feature of this app is that if someone sneaks out of your apartment with your iPhone, you'll be notified by your appliances switching off! - Todd Logan
First of all, GREAT IDEA! I love it! - Problem... This may be great for single peeps! If you have a family at home, and they are watching TV or whatever other item may be hooked to this device, and you decide to run to the store, then the house suddenly shuts down! Not good! There should be some sort of override capability! 5 Minute Countdown chime? - Something to ponder! - Michael Johnson
There could always be sensors within rooms to detect animals, children, etc. That could solve part of the problem. Then you could also have "family" accounts where you could attach various iPhones and devices. - Matthew Horton
I have an idea, more The Broken shirts at J!NX!! - Adam Maldonado
Look out Kevin! The Patent Trolls are going to subscribe to this feed to leach off our thoughts to steal great ideas! Open forums are probably a bad idea for this! Although, I still love the concept! - I wish I had people in my area with the same drive for creation and entrepreneurship like you and I! It seems I'm among old farts and lazy bums! (In Florida) - Michael Johnson
Kevin Rose
$2100 raised in the shave your head @garyvee madness. @kentnichols, (ask-a-ninja cofounder/film maker) joins us!
Is it shave your head, or get a trim for charity? - Percival
Since everyone is cutting their hair, I will too. lol Percival, it's "get a haircut for charity." :) - Daynah
Get over it people, everyone knows he didn't shave his head. Stop calling him out already. - Dennis Jackson
Dennis - when you make a big deal, and "call people out" over something - then do what you say you're going to do... It's a freakin' trim (not even a hair cut). No where near a shave - It's a lame stunt, and I think that you might be right - freakin bury it all - till they get it right. - Brad Parler
I understand Brad. At least the money is still going to charity though. - Dennis Jackson
I want my hair back - Kevin Rose
you should have sold your hair on ebay for charity. - pcnerd37
Kevin, I'm getting my hair cut for charity. Will you donate to my stylist? :) - Daynah
I miss your hair, too, Kevin. I like you better with longer hair. I did a lot of "ooo no" while watching you live that night. BUT... did it for a good reason. So, good job. - Lise
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