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Kol Tregaskes
If you click on Edit you can add yourself too. Original created by Mark Krynsky: #whatsyoururl - Kol Tregaskes
I can not edit? :( - Matt Ruiz
I see ThenWang:) - K.D.
Matt, do you have a Edit button at the top-left of the page? - Kol Tregaskes
Very Cool! Just added myself! - TheHenry
i add myself too. - Semih Masat™
If you don't see an "Edit" button, you have to log in and add it to your own maps first. - John (bird whisperer)
To add your picture instead the default blue marker, you have to click on the blue marker at the top-right, click on "add an icon" link and type the url of your avatar - Roberto
I thought there were a lot more FFers in LA than is shown on that map. - Spidra Webster
FYI.. your picture can be: - Tim Hoeck
Thanks for that, Roberto. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I see I'm not the only one accidentally editing the title. Today I learned how to make a custom icon for Google Maps :) - Nick B.
I did that as well, I think :) - Tim Hoeck
Nick, I've edited the title and description, don't touch. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
done - RAPatton
i can't do it....every time I try, I edit the title... - laetSgo
Yay! Scott and I are on it now. :-) - Ordinarybug Heather
Cool! - Kol Tregaskes
D'oh! It wasn't showing me, so I kept adding. I ended up with three markers after I logged out and back in! - LB needs a hero!
Oops. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
This is pretty cool.. We need more scandinavian FFeeders though :) - Anton
Anton, perhaps post something here: and copy in: - Kol Tregaskes
I'm on! (and sadly, the only one in Calgary - nice to see a few in Red Deer, though) - Nathalie
I added it, but the photo looks rather large. Just used the url of my profile pic. Very cool! thanks for setting this up! SF, CA - Liza + = ?
K, I'm on there. - David Cook
Added myself. :) - Jonathan Hardesty
Adding myself now. - Evan Travers
Added! :) - AJ Batac
Finish & Finito - Something Like that Just Added my Name to the List - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa
hmm, it works - A. T.
Nice job... Way to go Kol! - Mitchell Tsai
Just added myself, nice idea. - ialla
Probably being a bit thick here. Can add placemark, but how do I get it to appear in the list at the side with a link to it? - Son of Groucho
if you've added a placemark, then it is on the list - at the bottom of the last page. - Joel from IM
I find the UI horribly confusing. No idea how to add. - Stephen Mack
added :) - Mert Alemdar
Okay, surely I'm not the only one from Hawaii? - Ryan - @magicofpi
Cool! - mingqing
This is a cool service! Search Feature is too gud. - eva
Thanks for adding yourselves. Mitchell, it's actually Mark Krynsky's map: - Kol Tregaskes
Note everyone, we can add this as a layer for Google Latitude/Maps on our mobiles. - Kol Tregaskes
Why my changes are lost after saving and refreshing the map? I just click edit, saved and done: where's my mistake? - Roberto
added - Thomas Power
added myself =) - Seyhan
Roberto, so you click on Edit, add your marker, hit Save then Done? - Kol Tregaskes
Just added myself to the map. The Google placemark positioning tool sucks, too. - Tyson Key
@Kol Yes, my name appear in the list, but the marker is missing in the map (tried with and without the avatar). - Roberto from fftogo
anyone finding difficulty to add yourselves on the map? on the map-this will bring you to google map site have to sign in your google account to get the edit button on the map 3.then click on the edit button and add yourselves on the map. cheers. - Hamid Mat sain MD
Added. Antananarivo, Madagascar - Thierry R. Andriamirado
hey, i'm feeling alone i my north of quebec ;) - BotchChiKii
Added myself with little icon. I am so proud! - Son of Groucho
added my self also - Demetrios the Traveller
Cool! - Kol Tregaskes
Here be I, woo. - Tsali - A dude man
Thanks, Patrick! - Roberto
Added - Michael Fidler
Done - M F
Excellent Presentation! - Naseem Ahmed
I'm in! :D - CannonGod
just added myself - Bill Rawlinson
Added :) - Sergey Juchkov
wow - Ahmet Soyata
Whoa, great job reviving this project Kol. Awesome to see all the new users! - Mark Krynsky
No worries, Mark. Thanks for the map. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Quite surprising how many of the US states are empty. The word has yet to spread inland. - Nick B.
Added. Hope to see more North Carolina markers added. Surely I'm not the only one? - cdogzilla | downgraded
added myself too... :o) - Rob Sellen :o)
The map! I'm on there! :-) - Absentee
it starts to load and i can see an edit button, but before even clicking it another old custom map of mine comes up instead o_O - Mike Chelen
Added my pin :) - Simon Wicks
I forgot I was on this! - Martin Bryant
Somehow I managed to not be on this, fixed now! - Glenn Slaven
I added myself, plus I got to learn how to make a custom icon for Google Maps. - DGentry
Cool. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I'm in! - metalerik
Cool! - Kol Tregaskes
Any more for the map? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
anyone can find me from now on right ;) - Burçak Çubukçu
Cool! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I had temporarily, accidentally "hijacked" the's fixed now... - Ciro Villa
Added! - Simon Curran
Can't believe I'm the only one in Belgium ... - Morgaine LeFaye
Wow, this still works. Why not add yourself. - Kol Tregaskes
"Hey we're taking a photo here.." (in NY accent)
Picture 10.png
Isn't that just typical!!!! - Kevin J Hatton
One in a million. I love it. - Adam Reyher from Alert Thingy
That's insanely lucky. - James Rishabh Mishra
seriously this is not photoshopped? oh this is too funny, it's like that annoying kid that always jumps in front of the camera. - R. Ferguson
LoL. This is a true once in a life time shot. - Bluesun 2600
precious! - Tammy Hoeck
LOL! Adorable! - Kevin Winn
Quelle jolie photo!! Très originale, j'adore;-) - Orangeade
Cool - Bob Lyr
uhuh, just excellent - TiTi
I think that must be the 'mini-wanker' the lake is named after. - Ken Morley
I love how the camera focuses on the squirrel rather than the people - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
This shot is hilarious!! This is a totally gorgeous spot. been there once. - Nathalie
Begging to be captioned ~ :3 - CannonGod
That's one photogenic little critter. <3 - Sung W. Lim
haha @ Jake Fudge. spot on! - stefan
It's so cute! It almost doesn't look real. Loving it!!! - Jennifer Medlin
So awesome - Mitch
love how its head lines up exactly with the horizon line. *So* much better than it would have been. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Unbelievable. - Ramene Anthony
See more about this story in CBC news - Carloe Stamp
I laugh ever time I see this. It is so great. - Jim Williams
^^)b - YungSang from FriendFooV2
lol ( in NY accent :) ) - Pinkpackrat
Isn't there a website where you can submit pictures of photo-stealers? This should totally be submitted. || Edit: Found it. - Miss Elle
excelent - Rui was only after Chipper received his prints from the local PhotoMat that he realized two humans had snuck into the background of his lakeview self-portrait. - .LAG liked that
haha picture? lol just kidding =] - Marissa
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Still funny! :) - Ken Morley
Nice Photo really ! - Michael Stuart
GOOD - hongyanself
Louis Gray
Double cute! - sergiooo
Great pic's! - Dan Boggs
Is it just me, or are all baby clothes in either FriendFeed or Twitter colors? I was noticing in my baby boy's clothes today that I had half of web 2.0 in his wardrobe. - Jesse Stay
:) - mhmazidi
yeah it is all nice and happy now - give it 12 months and the inner demon comes out... Nice time though, when they are small and cute :) Enjoy it. - Dave Gray
The best part at this age is when they fall asleep on your chest. - Russellreno
Looks like Sarah is trying to push Matt away... saying "Hey dude! We are so out of the womb! Shove over!!" - Yolanda
I wuv babies! - Shey
that is really quite lovely, louis. those early days with you daughter will be with you two for the all your lives. - ryan from fftogo
awwww how adorable! - Jessica
I think the baby sleeping on my chest thing was one of my favorite moments when we had small babies in our family. Thanks for sharing. - Jeremy Kunz
Sweet pics. - John McCrea
how adorable..your little ones are soooo cute.. thanks for sharing! - MiaD
sooo cute! - Sarah Perez
Bump. - Louis Gray
Official Google Phone Coming in January 2010, Testing Now - Mac Forums -
Official Google Phone Coming in January 2010, Testing Now - Mac Forums
LOL... MacRumors Forum users' reaction to news of Google Phone - Adrian from Bookmarklet
interesting... very happy with my android now!! :D - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
Which one do you have? - Adrian
I just bought the HTC Hero - I'm on Sprint. At first I didn't like it that much because it seems slow (i still don't know why but I think it had to do with me putting it on wifi and doing background data sync). Anyway, I'm using the mobile network now and it's all good. I also own the ipod touch and liked it - but now that i own both platforms I can definitely see the pros and cons on each of them. - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
e.g. there are some nice features on the touchscreen keyboard on the Android that's missing on the iphone / ipod touch (I have the latest equivalent to 3GS - 64GB edition) - but the minor interactions like application pop to view, etc, 'feels' better on the ipod touch. Also I don't like the way the icon / wallpaper (again UI stuff) as much on the android but those I guess I can try to tweak over time - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
But one thing super sweet is that I have like 5000 contacts on my Gmail, and when I bought my phone - tada my entire list is on the phone - all the more reason to put everything on it - the contacts app on my android has built-in integration to link facebook + flickr accounts and automatically pull people's photos from them. A lot of these open + portable feature makes it much more desirable than being on a closed and locked platform like the iphone - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
I'm still G1 bound on T-Mobile until next Oct. The Google Phone will be an unlocked GSM phone if the rumors are to be believed (and they are pretty ubiquitous by now) so depending on how much it will cost, I may spring for it if it pans out. It seems to have all the specs and features I've been waiting for... namely a 1Ghz Snapdragon CPU, 3.7" OLED screen and [hopefully] a good camera with HD video capability. Android is quickly evolving... - Adrian
But one thing I would definitely say is that if I use the Android at any places populated with 'shallow' non-geeks, people with iphones no doubt pulls out theirs then give me a high-brow to 'dismiss' me which is annoying at times but ah well - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
Yes the CPU definitely sounds like. I would definitely recommend getting a fast CPU - as it matters. I tested out the Motorola droid at a store and it feels slow. - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
Droid has the same CPU as Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS, however Android still has some issues with sluggishness. Droid will probably be able to run glass smooth after a couple of updates or a hacked ROM. - Adrian
I use Gmail for work myself, so I very much appreciated the G1's tacit synchronicity from day 1 as well. - Adrian
G1 here too. Looking forward for an upgrade to a Snapdragon or better. - imabonehead from Android
Looks pretty good .. but thinner than iPhone ? That can mean only one thing - no physical keyboard. Not my cup of tea. - Andrew Perry
Good comment on MacRumors by @saturniphone too: "In the end it's a phone. It is not your identity. I have requirements and desires for what I would like a phone to do to enhance my life and if the gPhone meets more of them than the iPhone, I'm in. You are not your mobile phone, people." - Andrew Perry
Luis Benitez
From my brother: What does a hi-tech turkey say? .... - - - - "Google Google Google" (via @rawn)
ADC2 Winners Announcement Coming Monday (Nov 30th)! -
Looks like we were right: Google has officially announced the end of public judging for ADC2. I’m glad we were wrong about one thing… we thought it would take awhile to produce/present the winners but Eric Chu from the Android Team says that they’ll make the announcement on Monday, November 30th! Thanks to tens of [...]
Kol Tregaskes
Ma tiene un bueno de rebaja? o es un gasto"social"? - Alessandro Marocchini
So cute - it's like he knows where the loot is! Is that a bag of chips he's carrying? - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Amazing!! Hahahahaha. - Zu from AOD
The thieving seagull is back. I remember that story :) - Eivind
And the snopes verification: - Eivind
Hehe, cheeky bird. - Kol Tregaskes
excellent , altering Darwinism is always a pleasure..... - Ilias Marmaras
Kol -eh I mean- Krazy ;) I have a feeling you are about to create a meme or something along those lines... :) - Holger Eilhard
Hehe, Holger. - Kol Tregaskes
girerken sakin çıakrken nasıl hızlı :D - Sinan İŞLER
Wow, Snopes verification wins! GG Eivind - Zu from AOD
Wow, this is great. - j1m
canı patates cipsi istemiş :) - Çiğdem Zeytin
Yasık ona herkes simit veriyor limse cips yer mi demiyor :D canı istemiş aşırmış. başka yol bulaşamamış :))) - Çiğdem Zeytin
Hehe this was on tv, it's in Scotland. The local people pay for his crisps so he's not technically a thief anymore: - Amy
lol - Elenucci
fantastico - Emiliano Sanguigni
hihihhihihihihi fichissimo!!! grazie :D - sh3
Bumping some old good posts. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
This never gets old! :D - rowlikeagirl
hihihi - Naz
haha don't these videos help give thieves all the New ideas and tricks to steal? - Sardar Mohkim Khan
süper ya ne tatlı bişey o öyle helal eğitmenine yaa:D - SU MİSALİ
Mine.... mine.... MINE MINE MINE! - Shawn Whitmire
LOL! - Kol Tregaskes
this always makes me smile. - kendrak
Derek van Vliet
scott anderson
Brin: Two Google Operating Systems May Become One -
Translation: Android will absorb Chrome. That's the only sensible option - LANjackal
The alternative would be support for Android plug-ins within Chrome ... the reincarnation of the Java applet. - scott anderson
Chrome OS is suited for the desktop only via its UI. Everything else makes it worthless for anything other than the cheapest tablet you can find - LANjackal
scott anderson
Smartphone Showdown: iPhone 3GS vs Motorola Droid Round 2 -
Smartphone Showdown: iPhone 3GS vs Motorola Droid Round 2
Joe Bonner
Common questions and answers for the Android beginner | Google Android Blog -
Common questions and answers for the Android beginner | Google Android Blog
"There’s an Android phone in your hand and a desire in your heart to push that phone to the limit. The enticing Google Android operating system was too much for you to ignore, so let’s get to work answering those many questions racing through your mind" - Joe Bonner from Bookmarklet
Joe Bonner
Fever Pitch: It’s Droid Day, Enjoy The Moment. -
Fever Pitch: It’s Droid Day, Enjoy The Moment.
Fever Pitch: It’s Droid Day, Enjoy The Moment.
Fever Pitch: It’s Droid Day, Enjoy The Moment.
"Launch day of a new cool gadget is the closest thing to being a kid again on Christmas day (or whatever your winter solstice holiday of choice). You’ve anticipated the day. You’ve called in sick to work. And you are standing out in the freezing cold at 7 in the morning, hoping your place in line assures you a device before the carefully-planned sell out occurs. You’ve worked yourself into…a Fever Pitch" - Joe Bonner from Bookmarklet
wow, Arrington: " my humble opinion, the Droid is the coolest mobile phone to exist to date." - Mitchell McKenna
Motorola's Droid review: It's the best phone on Verizon - Los Angeles Times -
Seattle Post Intelligencer Motorola's Droid review: It's the best phone on Verizon Los Angeles Times Competing Android phones use a scroll ball -- you know, that little nub that makes the Blackberry so good for e-mail. Instead, the Droid opts for a four-way ... Verizon's Droid Launch: Your Complete GuidePC World Verizon Wireless launches new Android, Chocolate, and ruggedized phonesBetaNews Why the Droid Eris Is Not Running Android 2.0Washington Post ChannelWeb -CNET News -Reuters all 1,038 news articles »
Ecco.. Per il Droid lascerei l'iPhone.. l'ho detto :) -
Ecco.. Per il Droid lascerei l'iPhone.. l'ho detto :)
from Engadget - CantorJF from Bookmarklet
io ho l'hero e mi trovo benissimo :D - stacciaburatta
Tim Hoeck
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Officially Announced | Android Phone Fans -
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Officially Announced | Android Phone Fans
Show all
Motorola DROID first hands-on! (update: video, impressions, more pics) -
Motorola DROID first hands-on! (update: video, impressions, more pics)
scott anderson
Android to grab No. 2 spot by 2012, says Gartner -
"While the Google-backed Android mobile operating system currently runs on less than 2% of all smartphones, Gartner Inc. predicts it will surge to 14% of the global smartphone market in 2012 -- ahead of the iPhone, as well as Windows Mobile and BlackBerry smartphones." - arjo from Bookmarklet
Tim Hoeck
ADC2 Entry: Relativia - Puzzle meets RPG
Show all
This is a fun little game :) - Tim Hoeck
Chris McLean
T-Mobile just dropped the MyTouch price by $50!
Nenad Nikolic
AndroidGuys » ADC 2 Follow Up -
Blog readers are also posting links to apps submitted to ADC 2. - Nenad Nikolic from Bookmarklet
Tim Hoeck
A sneak peek at the new Android Market -
A sneak peek at the new Android Market
A sneak peek at the new Android Market
Looks pretty good - and desperately needed considering how primitive the current Market app is ! - Andrew Perry
FxCamera Application on Android Market - Test of Toy Camera, Polaroid, Monochrome and Fisheye Lens Effects with G1
Show all
I tried out this application I downloaded last night and was pleasantly surprised by the results. I didn't get to try out all the effects and settings but in general it's pretty nifty. Not sure I like the Fisheye effect (I know Ilia did not like the pics of her taken with it), but the others seen here are rather nice lo-fi effects. The application is free, fast and hasn't force closed yet. Recomended! - Adrian
Gotta try it out..downloading now. - imabonehead
Here's the rest of the photos I shot to test: - Adrian
I tried it out. Not bad. I'm gonna do some test shots tomorrow when there's some sun :) - imabonehead
BTW, I checked the settings, and it defaults to 720x480 resolution. The highest resolution it does is 960x640. That's kinda small but ok for web posting I suppose. Lo-fi is the operative term here. I meant to take it outside and point it at the smokey skyline here in LA or some flowers but it was just one of those stay inside all day kinda days. :) - Adrian
I like how the picture of our neighborhood looks like an old postcard. - Anika
It is pretty neat. Next time I will get up off my office chair to take the photos, lol. *Maybe* go outside. - Adrian
Well, the tape on the window makes it look like a postcard stitched back together. In fact, if our car wasn't there, it would almost look like the 70s. - Anika
... and the SUV - Adrian
I'm equating the SUVs to the 70s land boats. It works in my head. Shush. - Anika
Did they have bouncy-bouncers and giant inflatable slides in the 70's in America? - Adrian
Well, at least the MINI could almost pass for a 70's vehicle at a cursory glance. - Adrian
Your kids make great subjects. - MoTO Boychick Devil
These are beautiful, Adrian! Normally I wouldn't be able to get past your gorgeous kids, but the 70s postcard photo (yeah, Anika, I got your back!!!) and the portrait of you are especially good. - Ayşe E.
David Schmidt
"Listen from Google Labs brings podcasts and web audio to your Android-powered device. It lets you search, subscribe, download and stream. By subscribing to programs and search terms it will create a personalized audio-magazine loaded with fresh shows and news stories whenever you listen. In this release Listen is indexing thousands of popular English-only audio sources." - David Schmidt from Bookmarklet
Still not available to me in DE. - David Schmidt
Interesting way to approach podcasting... by subscribing to search terms. Not sure that will work out so well. - Daniel Sims
nice! Daniel, I think it is a great idea, I have a hard time finding podcasts, but it would make it easier for me to use search terms. - Tim Hoeck
just downloaded it. searched for NPR and started playing right away. Pretty cool. - Randy Ksar
This is a fantastic app. I'm already thinking of ditching BeyondPod and using Listen for everything. Listen has such a great seamless UI. It's a pleasure to use. - Steve and 4 other people
Can someone upload APK file somewhere? Many people would cheer to that I'm sure. :-) - Nenad Nikolic
Want to Learn How to Handle the Real Time Web? Stop Drinking Directly from the Plumbing! - The SiliconANGLE -
Want to Learn How to Handle the Real Time Web? Stop Drinking Directly from the Plumbing! - The SiliconANGLE
“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” -Albert Einstein - Corvida from Bookmarklet
Did you ever think your avatar is not scary enough! :) - Erfun
Trust me... it pays to click thru - Johnny
I am watching it. How did you make it? - Erfun
I have just been told it is resolution Dependant,,, i sec - Johnny
SCARY! - Toby Graham
There should be a competition for the best custom themes, Johnny you'd certainly win Most Scary! lol - Toby Graham
wooooow - adrina
Peekaboo......!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Roberto Bonini
Yeah, it's resolution dependent. Can't see it on mine. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
So - how did he do it, folks? :) - Dean "Karnatos" Michaud
I see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Roberto Bonini
No idea why my resolution was so low. Just fixed itACK! WTF! - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Geezus, I wish I knew how to do cool stuff like that! - Brad Williamson
Is it just an animated GIF in the background, or is there something more spiffy going on here? - Dean "Karnatos" Michaud
Best views at 1280 resolution I have been told :) - Johnny
Was about 4ft to the left on my screen, but i made the browser smaller to see its real effect :) - Simon Wicks
Nicely done Johnny! - Martin Bryant
So completely perfect. My Ho Bro does it again! - Josh Haley
OMG, scary but cool. I would like to know how did you do that ? - Jacque
AAAAAAAAA!!!! I LOVE IT! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Best theme ever. E-V-E-R! - Rob Schieber
geniale - Miketrevis
with my widescreen your head isn't hidden... but the slide effect is pretty cool - Chris Heath
Very cool. Do you have a template for our animated gif's??? - Roberto Bonini from iPhone
Outstanding. - Louis Gray
Looks scary. Might even scare away some of those new girls Demi Moore brought over... ;) - Dennis Jernberg
eek! :) - metalerik
Now, SEE, this is the perfect example of why we need that nice little extra option to center our backgrounds!!! - Lindsay
perfect ! - fatihkoleoglu
lol, okay, that's pretty funny. It'd be scary as heck if, every so often, its eyes moved, or it made a 'raawr' noise. - Will Higgins™
lol awesome - Logan Lindquist
:) - Johnny from IM
还可以动,你太搞了:)))) - K.D.
Tim Hoeck
How to root a T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G Android phone | Android and Me -
How to root a T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G Android phone | Android and Me
How to root a T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G Android phone | Android and Me
I want "rootsh" command and just replacing "su" application. For some people, replacing whole ROM system is bit harder to do. - Nock Forager
Paul Buchheit
Tweeting :)
Funny! - Robert Scoble
too true - James Miao
Hey, I can tell those Mark Zuckerberg prongs haven't started working yet. ;-) - Robert Scoble
A good reminder that it could have been a lot worse. - Christopher Galtenberg
Hey! I resemble that remark! - Chris Messina
funny and true :) - Ali
LOL - Steve Chou from fftogo
apparently you can trade some symbols and numbers for letters and it's FFing - Katy Barrilleaux
I love that!! :D - Susan Beebe from iPhone
ReTweet what the middle one said 4/5 WooHoos - Steve Ram
LOL :D - zsafwan 
That is *exactly* why FF will become more mainstream than twitter.. try explaining how to tweet to your parents (who are finally comfortable with email)! - Chris Myles
Go Chris! - Charlie Anzman
Haha! I have this on my facebook :) - Joe Dawson from iPhone
Awesome! - Ordinarybug Heather
Haha! - muratt
ahahha! brilliant - Jacque
That's about right. - Josh Haley
thats funny lol.. where did u find it - Nicholas Skinner
that's *agent_x* cartoonist from sunny queensland, aus ~ :) - Peter Renshaw
I just noticed you posted my comic. Thanks. I keep them all here if you are interested - - agent x
agent x, I like you. Bookmarked. - Dennis Jernberg
Mike Cassidy
T-Mobile G1 owners: Don’t expect any future Android updates | Android and Me -
Not wonderful news if accurate. Your G1 had a nice 10 month life span. I wonder how people will feel about potentially missing out on any new android features in future versions. - Mike Cassidy from Bookmarklet
T-Mobile responded denying this: They plan to continue support for the G1 with updates. - DMKrow from Android
From T-Mobile Corporate to the Forum moderator: We plan to continue working with Google to introduce future software updates to the T-Mobile G1. Reports to the contrary are inaccurate. - DMKrow
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