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Sean McBride
On ISIS, neocons and liberal hawks have a 'boy who cried wolf' problem - The Week -
On ISIS, neocons and liberal hawks have a 'boy who cried wolf' problem - The Week
"For decades, they've argued in favor of almost every politically possible war. And America is sick of it." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Cuomo: Israel is a New York issue | Capital New York -
Cuomo: Israel is a New York issue | Capital New York
"The governor said the group had a “very interesting meeting” about the trip and highlighted the importance of showing solidarity with Israel, with which he said the state and its residents have an important connection. The meeting was held at the Jewish Museum in Manhattan and closed to reporters. There are 1.7 million Jewish New Yorkers, more than any place outside of Israel, and voicing regular support for Israel is standard political practice for both Republicans and Democrats in New York." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Why are so many of these meetings concerning Israel "closed to reporters"? What are they trying to hide? - Sean McBride
"On other issues, Cuomo said he does not consider political debates an essential part of the democratic process. Adopting the typical position of the front-runner in a lopsided contest, he has repeatedly refused challenges from Teachout to engage in a series of debates before next week's primary." - Sean McBride
OF COURSE Andrew Cuomo doesn't believe that political debates are an essential part of the democratic process -- he's a Zionist. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Google to build quantum computing processors | PCWorld -
Google to build quantum computing processors | PCWorld
"Google has partnered with scientists at the University of California, Santa Barbara to build new processors for use in quantum computing systems. Quantum computers aim to use properties of subatomic particles to perform calculations millions of times faster than conventional computers, although there are lots of obstacles to overcome for that to happen. Google’s Quantum Artificial Intelligence team will work with researchers at UC Santa Barbara to build new quantum information processors to help make quantum computers a reality." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Under slavery in the US, there were northerners who decided to move South and practice it in a humane way. It turned out to just be the basic story all over again though. I wonder if left nationalists like Chomsky and Sarah Silverman were the only political group there would it be different.
Chomsky says that when the 1948 war happened, his Pro-peace kibbutz felt it "had to" expel the neighboring friendly village. - WJones
If we were in 1947, perhaps we could have a positive discussion with liberal nationalists about what state system should be practiced- just like many of them promote today in theory. We could say that democracy is best and more important than having a state for one group only. They would prefer a 2SS even then though- two states for two groups. - WJones
The first problem would be that the natives would resist being ruled as second class citizens in their native towns like Haifa and Jaffa. If the state is for one religious group only, the implication is that the other groups are not given equal status. I can be OK with that as a solution because I know that territories have been divided before between nationalities, but when the natives don't agree to that arrangement, then unfortunately the natives' position is more correct. - WJones
What about Greece vs Macedonia? They have competing claims to land, and each is a state for its own ethnic group. There have been cases of persecution against Macedonians. The international community would have to fix the best line and people would have to follow that. Unfortunately, it is hard for the international community to say which group has the "rightful" claim to Palestine,... more... - WJones
Unfortunately, conflict is inherent. Macedonians and Greeks can comparably valid land claims, and so can Israelis and Palestinians. The Israelis and Greeks argue from antiquity, while Palestinians and Macedonians argue where people have been living for the preceding centuries already. It would be very hard for the UN to enforce its 1947 decision- it would have to police the state to... more... - WJones
So even though left wing nationalists' position is a democratic 2SS, the problem is that it has been extremely hard to realize that. The majority in the Israeli state would naturally make laws favoring its own group, and the international community is not strong enough to put a check on that. - WJones
The problem is what the Supreme Court sad about Separate but Equal- the reality is that it isn't equal. Having a state for one group where there are two leads to discriminatory laws and tensions. - WJones
There is a famous photo of a water fountain in the South - one for whites and one for blacks- and they were next to eachother and not equal. - WJones
Haven't we already established that liberal Zionism (leftist Jewish nationalism) is a con game? Would you take leftist white nationalism seriously? - Sean McBride
Nationalist movements can be left wing when they are trying to get freedom from an oppressor- Algerian, Palestinian, Indian, and Irish nationalism were left wing. However, once the nationality is in control over another group and not being oppressed, it doesn't seem left wing. I don't know of many places where whites are exploited economically as a lower class than blacks. Based on... more... - WJones
Indian nationalist parties were progressive before independence. But I am not sure that they are at this point. They might be reactionary in regards to Muslim minorities. - WJones
WJones -- what makes Jewish nationalism quite exceptional is that it views itself as being in conflict with all other nations in the world -- not just a single oppressor nation -- and that those views are grounded in religion. One sees these views being expressed every day in hundreds of comments in Israeli and pro-Israel media. - Sean McBride
OK, I think I got why a 2SS is not realistic from a Liberal Zionist perspective: from the perspective of even left Zionists, Palestine is their right, while Palestinians' numerosity is an inconvenience - a demographic "problem" for which the 2SS is the most rational "solution". But since Palestinians are weak, it is not a problem that the nationalists must solve immediately for their main goal. - WJones
<<- what makes Jewish nationalism quite exceptional is that it views itself as being in conflict with all other nations in the world>> Not necessarily - Herzl saw his nation state as an ally of Europe - a bastion of Europe. He did see the immigrants as being persecuted in Europe, but he thought the conflict would be solved when it had a state like Europeans do. There is tension between... more... - WJones
WJones -- try reviewing the last few decades of JTA and flag all the articles which describe conflict between Israel and a wide variety of nations and groups all around the world. The profile is really quite remarkable -- unlike that of any other nation or nationalist movement. - Sean McBride
# set; JTA articles on Israeli conflicts with * 1. African-Americans 2. Americans 3. Arabs 4. Britain 5. Christians 6. Europe 7. France 8. Germany 9. Iran 10. Iraq 11. Ireland 12. Jews 13. Latin America 14. Lebanon 15. Libya 16. Muslims 17. Norway 18. Palestinians 19. Protestants 20. Russia 21. Saudi Arabia 22. Spain 23. Sweden 24. Syria 25. the Vatican 26. Turkey 27. United Nations - Sean McBride
America has had lots of conflicts with countries - first it was the Indians, then it was the Monroe Doctrine, now it is over the world. - WJones
I think the Israeli state is more conflict prone than the US though. - WJones
There is something in the mindset and psychology of Zionism, especially religious Zionism, that seems to seek out, provoke and feed on these conflicts -- Zionism is energized by these conflicts -- they are the reason for its existence. - Sean McBride
BTW, you asked a cool question earlier of where you would want to live: in an Arab state or in the Israeli State. If there were no safety issues, I would certainly like Lebanon and Malta more as far as culture, since they are significantly Christian. I would also prefer to live in Tunisia, Jordan, or Morocco. But I wouldn't prefer to live in Saudi Arabia because it practically bans Christian worship. How about you? - WJones
I would probably prefer to live in Tel Aviv than in any Arab city because it has a contemporary American look and feel and because I am an American by culture and temperament. I would prefer to live in quite a few American and European cities than in any Mideast cities for the same reason (London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and Rome over Tel Aviv certainly). I respect all these cultures,... more... - Sean McBride
Anthony Bourdain has a great gig. - Sean McBride
I am a Westerner through and through -- I wouldn't try to pretend otherwise. I am steeped in that culture and for the most part love it. I don't claim that it is better than or superior to any other culture -- it is simply the culture with which I feel most comfortable. - Sean McBride
<<I would probably prefer to live in Tel Aviv than in any Arab city because it has a contemporary American look and feel and because I am an American by culture and temperament. . I would prefer to live in quite a few American and European cities than in any Mideast cities for the same reason (London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and Rome over Tel Aviv certainly).>> Malta must have an... more... - WJones
"Thoroughly modern Malta: Historic land is a financial centre with a rich blend of properties" English is the second language in Malta. Can you say the same for Tel-A? - WJones
<<Malta is now a major centre for online gaming and financial services. There has been an influx of young families from Scandinavia, South Africa and Britain,’ says Ian Casolani, president of Malta’s Federation of Real Estate Agents. ‘The island is popular for its climate, low crime rate and accessibility — English is the national language.’ But what is Malta like as a place to live?... more... - WJones
Malta sounds like an amazing place to visit and to live in. As I mentioned before, when my father sailed across the Mediterranean a few years ago, he found Malta to be his favorite spot along the journey. Certainly it is competitive with Tel Aviv -- perhaps even superior along some dimensions. - Sean McBride
I tend to be attracted to high-energy urban centers that are brewing world revolutions in science, technology, medicine, music, art, culture, scholarship, etc. -- dense with vanguard minds -- and which are close to spectacular nature vistas and resources -- it's an unbeatable combination -- if you are into that kind of thing -- intense mental stimulation and nature. - Sean McBride
Smart City Malta: <<SmartCity is a technology park under development in Kalkara, Malta. The plan is to transform the Ricasoli Industrial Estate into a state-of-the-art information technology and media city on the models of Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City. >> - WJones
<<Tech luminaries, IT executives, entrepreneurs, international journalists, venture capitalists and seed funders are gathering in Malta for the Red Herring 100 Europe Conference today and tomorrow, which will discuss the latest IT products and technology.>> - WJones
<<Computer Society Malta>> - WJones
I know what you mean about advanced technology and cosmopolitan cultural centers. And the Israeli State prides itself on being technological. However, I question whether that forte would really make one happy. Let's give another analogy. The slavery era South had cosmopolitan centers with high society, like New Orleans, Charleston, Richmond, and Baltimore. Yet due to the practice of... more... - WJones
Thanks for bringing this information to my attention -- I will be paying closer to Malta. And do you know what is also cool about Malta? -- it is not at war with nearly the entire damned world. There is no oppressive Malta lobby in American politics badgering Americans to go to war against Malta's enemies. We are not bogged down in endless ugly arguments about Malta and Maltaism. Malta... more... - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
British pol is beaten by man in Israeli army t-shirt, and the chattering classes are silent -
British M.P. George Galloway was set upon in a London street on Friday August 29th by a man wearing an Israeli army t-shirt, and badly beaten. If a pro-Israel politician had been set upon by a Palestinian there would be a national outcry. Crickets from the chattering classes
Mr Gill said that Masterson told the police: "I didn't want him to think I'm scared, Galloway is Anti-semitic and I am Jewish." " - Chu_
# set; pro-Neil Masterson * 1. Facebook posts 2. Facebook users 3. Google+ posts 4. Google+ users 5. Haaretz commenters 6. Haaretz comments 7. Internet posters 8. Internet posts 9. Israellycool commenters 10. Israellycool comments 11. Jerusalem Post commenters 12. Jerusalem Post comments 13. LinkedIn users 14. social media posts 15. social media users 16. Times of Israel commenters 17. Times of Israel comments 18. tweets 19. Twitter users 20. Ynet News commenters 21. Ynet News comments - Sean McBride
All the news Headlines are not saying that he is Jewish. Instead it titles like - 'Anti-Israel MP George Galloway Assaulted in London' - Chu_
BEGIN COMMENT (on Mondoweiss) - Sean McBride
The big story here is the outpouring of support by pro-Israel activists and militants all across the Internet, in posts, comments and tweets, for Neil Masterson's violent physical assault on George Galloway -- sometimes accompanied by the wish that the attack had been more violent than it was. - Sean McBride
Many more assaults like this may be in the works against public figures in the United States and Europe who express disagreements with the Israeli government and the Israel lobby. - Sean McBride
Shut up about Israel or else. Find a new hobby. They are no longer playing by the rules of democratic societies or bothering to debate Israeli issues. - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The Jewish Press » » British Jew Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ to Assaulting MP George Galloway -
The Jewish Press » » British Jew Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ to Assaulting MP George Galloway
"British Jew Neil Masterson allegedly punched anti-Semitic MP George Galloway in the face." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
The Jewish Press claims that Masterson is Jewish -- so did Masterson lie about being Roman Catholic, and, if so, why? - Sean McBride
wait for the trolls to call this a 'dreyfus' moment. 'We have to rally', they'll say. 'Free Masterson' - Chu_
Fund to help Masterson: "Thanks for your donations!!! I am amazed at the mitzvot being done by you all! ..." - Chu_
Sean McBride
BREAKING: George Galloway Suspect Named by Brian Of London | Israellycool -
BREAKING: George Galloway Suspect Named by Brian Of London | Israellycool
The overwhelming majority of pro-Israel commenters on Israellycool are supporting the violent physical assault on Galloway. Some of them wish that much greater violence had been used. - Sean McBride
If Galloway doesn't "learn his lesson", he will actual appear more tough and bold, when he keeps speaking out on the topic. - WJones
The abusers in this case actually make themselves look bad - savage - by doing this. - WJones
He's he will double down on the Zionist. - American
Neil Masterson will now have no reasonable objection to being similarly attacked. Apparently this is how he (and many of his pro-Israel supporters) think politics should be conducted. - Sean McBride
set; remarks by pro-Israel activists in support of Neil Masterson's assault on George Galloway - Sean McBride
See pic of Masterson and David Cameron. is this photo manipulated? - Chu_ See his facebook organizations he lists. He has more pro Jewish organizations than most Jewish people. He's like a goyish attack dog. Surely if MP's aren't condemning this, this will encourage more people like Masterson. see list: ---------- Conservatives, David Cameron, Better Together, MiG-29 Fulcrum, United with Jerusalem, With Israel.... more... - Chu_
Galloway surprised at silence of Westminster (2:16m video) [first comment] "The latest is that Masterson lied and is in fact a Jew. More than that he is an ex BBC manager no less and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is ex IDF. New chairwoman of BBC Trust, Rona Fairhead is also a Jew. What a frigging surprise!The BBC is now an official hasbara outlet for the illegitimate Judaic State.George Galloway, a real Brit patriot." - Chu_
How many Roman Catholic and Christian organizations are listed among Masterson's Facebook friends? It will be interesting to learn if he was lying about being a Roman Catholic -- that question is still unresolved. - Sean McBride
The Daily Rupert: Why haven't London's Jewish leaders condemned the religiously motivated assault on MP @GeorgeGalloway by Neil Masterson? - Sean McBride
The outpouring of support among pro-Israel activists for the violent physical assault on George Galloway, combined with the lack of condemnation of the assault by Jewish and British leaders, means that all public figures in Europe and the United States who disagree with the Israeli government may be subject to similar assaults in the future -- or worse. - Sean McBride
Will Roger Waters or Russell Brand be next? Barack Obama or John Kerry? Brand reported that he has received death threats. - Sean McBride
[Twitter: Neil Masterson: real-time] - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss still hasn't covered the George Galloway story -- and the comment section is dead in the water. - Sean McBride
MW should have corrected the '100 recent comments' feature at this point. They seem to want to 'ice' the comments section. - Chu_
For years, pro-Israel activists and militants have pressured Mondoweiss to rein in the comment section. It looks like they have succeeded in achieving their goal. - Sean McBride
How the comment section has been gutted: 1. 100 recent comments page gone 2. no more comments on the front page 3. no more comment updates by email 4. threads closed quickly 5. many comments not approved or approved slowly 6. the ability to edit comments gone 7. blockquotes in comments no longer highlighted 8. copying and pasting material for comments nearly impossible - Sean McBride
pro-Israel activists - Like MJ Rosenberg. Biggest complainer of the comments section to date. - Chu_
The new Mondoweiss has greatly reduced the ability of readers and commenters to comprehend and process Mondoweiss as an integrated and interactive informational and cognitive space. With the old Mondoweiss, one could easily grasp the flow of conversation across all articles. (I don't think Crowd Favorite would have a clue as to what I am talking about.) - Sean McBride
A sign that the comments is being shut down, is a sign that it was a threat to Jewish power. MJ still is a power broker who led the charge. - Chu_
A. Horowitz claimed the features will return. - WJones
Did you consider that Crowd Favorite might have intentionally downgraded the website? - WJones
That is a possibility -- it is easy to manipulate social spaces with clever user interface design. - Sean McBride
<< Alex King, Founder A veteran of the Silicon Valley boom days, Alex relocated to Denver in 2004. He has been developing for the web since 1996 and has designed and developed enterprise web applications and websites for Fortune 500 customers.>> - WJones
If this takes more than two months to correct in the way A. Horowitz said it would, there is a big problem. - WJones
A. Horowitz can just list the features he wants and they can put those features on. They should be able to do it if they do websites for big companies. - WJones
Alex King's name doesn't come up as a Palestine Solidarity activist. - WJones
I don't see his name associated with any political point of view. - Sean McBride
The guy who attacked Galloway was Jewish not Catholic------>''Prosecuting, Tom Gill, said: "He said he carried out the attack because he felt the victim was enemy of Judaism." Mr Gill said that Masterson told the police: "I didn't want him to think I'm scared, Galloway is Anti-semitic and I am Jewish''....... - American
Why did Masterson say he was Roman Catholic on his Facebook page? So far the information on this issue is contradictory. The matter would be incredibly simple for any major media outlet to clear up -- perhaps many of them don't want to mention this incident at all. - Sean McBride
Roman Catholic on his Facebook page? - Probably to hide among the rank & file Brits- a possible good example of mimicry. What Roman Catholic wears an IDF T-Shirt and all his facebook likes are Pro-Israel organizations? I would say he's probably - Chu_
Sean McBride
MJ (Mike) Rosenberg: George Galloway is a Jew-hater. Period.
See the comments on Twitter. - Sean McBride
Many pro-Israel militants would like to beat up and silence Mike Rosenberg on the grounds that he is a "self-hating Jew" and a traitor. - Sean McBride
Mike Rosenberg leaves the impression in this tweet that he thinks that George Galloway got what was coming to him -- and that violent physical assaults are a legitimate form of political debate in democratic societies. - Sean McBride
looks like someone followed your link from here. - WJones
MJ may profess his disgust with Israel now but his real problem never changes. His core hang up is that he insists/believes that Jews should be treated more 'specially' ..i.e...with more respect, deference, etc. than other people or groups because of their special suffering and goodness. Anyone like Galloway or me for instance who speaks bluntly, and by that I mean doesn't candy coat... more... - American
Sean, this kinda proves my point about him. He is not a worthy person to have on your side. Another churlish new york Zionist. Do you get what I was saying, even though you said better late than never? - Chu_
Effective propaganda and political action is all about exploiting every available resource and opportunity in the moment, not by declaring this or that party a permanent friend or enemy. The political landscape is shifting all the time in complex ways. - Sean McBride
If you disagree with someone 80% of the time, use the other 20% for all it's worth. - Sean McBride
Point taken. He's already proved he is at best inconsistent and shaky on his positions, but this statement is really crass [Galloway is a Jew Hater. Period] - Chu_
MJ Rosenberg [11:29 AM - 2 Sep 2014]: ISIS is the cancer on humanity brought to us by the stolen election of 2000. Thanks Supreme Court! Thanks Ralph Nader! (huh?) - Chu_
Ralph Nader is responsible for ISIS/ISIL? :) Try John McCain and Hillary Clinton. - Sean McBride
seriously - another eric alterman loony theory. Blame Nader. - Chu_
Sean McBride
Did LA pro-Israel group conceal right-wing identity from Hollywood celebs and media? | Adalah-NY -
"On August 23, the Los Angeles group Creative Community for Peace (CCFP) released a widely reported on statement in Billboard Magazine - “200 Hollywood Heavyweights Support Israel.” What was not reported is that CCFP is a “creative” front group for the right-wing, pro Israeli settler nonprofit StandWithUs, that has a close relationship with the Israeli government. Though CCFP carefully avoids explaining this on their website and materials, CCFP is the same legally-registered nonprofit as StandWithUs (SWU), and, as of October 2013, operated from within SWU’s LA office." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Felice Gelman from Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel commented, “We wonder if CCFP explained to the Hollywood luminaries who signed its statement, like Ziggy Marley and Sarah Silverman, that its apolitical message of ‘art building bridges for peace’ is actually a sanitizing front for the right-wing, pro-settler organization StandWithUs, that has deep ties to the Israeli government? We are also concerned that US media covering the statement did not report on who CCFP really is.”" - Sean McBride
"Exposing CCFP’s similarity to SWU, The Forward reported in October 2013 that CCFP “takes positions that appear to be held by only a narrow spectrum among Jews who support Israel,” disputing that Israeli settlements are a primary obstacle to peace, and that Israel holds Palestinians under military occupation. The Forward article showed that CCFP is in lockstep with Israel’s right-wing... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Israel Foreign Min.: PM Netanyahu: We're fighting not just Israel's war, but a common battle against enemies of mankind
"enemies of mankind" -- Amalek -- which often morphs into "the nations" in the overheated messianic rhetoric of religious Zionists. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Nathan Guttman on AIPAC: A Waning Superpower? -
Nathan Guttman on AIPAC: A Waning Superpower?
"By interweaving keen political analysis with anecdotes about AIPAC’s back-door meetings with politicians, the New Yorker story gives an eye-opening look at the lobbying process, says Nathan Guttman, the current Washington correspondent for the Jewish Daily Forward who has been covering Jewish politics and AIPAC for 15 years. “It really gives a vivid sense of how AIPAC works, and that’s what makes it worth reading,” Guttman tells Moment. “I think many people have this image that it’s all about donors and money and bigwigs, whereas a lot of it is just very successful grassroots organizing. AIPAC can launch an email campaign; it can threaten with holding donations or cancelling fundraisers. It works on all levels.”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Guttman points to AIPAC’s recent clash with the Obama administration over Iranian sanctions. In October, the administration entered into talks with other world powers to convince Iran to scale back on its nuclear capabilities. To ease negotiations, President Obama began pushing Congress to lift some of the tough sanctions that had crippled Iran’s economy—a move AIPAC strongly opposed.... more... - Sean McBride
The Lobby will stay strong because it has good economic resources. - WJones
Sean McBride
# a few names that don't appear on that CCFP (Creative Community for Peace) petition: http://www.creativecommunityfo...
1. Al Pacino 2. Amy Adams 3. Ang Lee 4. Angelina Jolie 5. Ben Affleck 6. Ben Kingsley 7. Bill Murray 8. Billy Bob Thornton 9. Brad Pitt 10. Bradley Cooper 11. Bruce Willis 12. Cate Blanchett 13. Charlie Sheen 14. Christian Bale 15. Christopher Nolan 16. Clint Eastwood 17. Daniel Craig 18. Daniel Day-Lewis 19. Danny Boyle 20. Denzel Washington 21. Dwayne Johnson 22. Edward Norton 23. Ethan Coen 24. Forest Whitaker 25. Gary Oldman 26. George Clooney 27. Glenn Close 28. Gwyneth Paltrow 29. Harrison Ford 30. Hugh Jackman 31. Ian McKellen 32. James Cameron 33. James Franco 34. Jamie Foxx 35. Jeff Bridges 36. Jennifer Lawrence 37. Jim Carrey 38. Joel Coen 39. John Travolta 40. Johnny Depp 41. Jonathan Demme 42. Jude Law 43. Kate Winslet 44. Keanu Reeves 45. Kevin Costner 46. Larry David 47. Leonardo DiCaprio 48. Lucy Liu 49. Mark Wahlberg 50. Martin Scorsese 51. Matt Damon 52. Matthew McConaughey 53. Meryl Streep 54. Morgan Freeman 55. Nicole Kidman 56. Quentin Tarantino 57. Reese... more... - Sean McBride
# and a few names that do: - Sean McBride
1. Aaron Sorkin 2. Arnold Schwarzenegger 3. Bill Maher 4. Bob Weinstein 5. David Zucker 6. Haim Saban 7. Harvey Weinstein 8. Ivan Reitman 9. Jon Lovitz 10. Lawrence Bender 11. Lee Eisenberg 12. Minnie Driver 13. Roseanne Barr 14. Sarah Silverman 15. Seth Rogen 16. Sherry Lansing 17. Steve Tisch 18. Sylvester Stallone 19. Tom Arnold 20. William Friedkin - Sean McBride
This petition may not have been a good idea from a public relations and hasbara standpoint. Hollywood is not flocking to sign it -- and the supporters are exposed and isolated. - Sean McBride
Non-signers updated above. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence: When Machines Know (Gideon Rosenblatt) -
Knowledge and Artificial Intelligence: When Machines Know (Gideon Rosenblatt)
Comment: "What happens when the sensor explosion meets deep learning algorithms?" - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Cognitive computing can take the semantic Web to the next level | Big Data - InfoWorld (James Kobielus) -
"As big data analytics pushes deeper into cognitive computing, it needs to bring the semantic Web into the heart of this new age" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Cognitive computing can't achieve its potential without a strong semantic-processing substrate that executes across diverse content sources. It's good to see that the above-cited article's author, Nova Spivack, references IBM Watson in this regard. The cloud service's DeepQA technology incorporates semantic approaches into its very core, balancing the use of strict and shallow semantics and leveraging many loosely formed ontologies to deliver precise answers to natural-language queries." - Sean McBride
"In my recent big data predictions for 2014, I state that cognitive computing -- much of which will move into the cloud -- incorporates and extends the innovations pioneered by the semantic Web community. Here's what I said: "In 2014, more big data, advanced analytics, and business intelligence platforms will adopt cognitive-computing capabilities to automate sense-finding, natural... more... - Sean McBride
"You could view cognition in the cloud, per Spivack's discussion, as the next evolutionary plateau for the semantic Web. But this demands we have a shared understanding of the relationship between the concepts of "cognitive computing" and "semantic computing." The affinity is clear cut. Cognitive computing refers to the ability of automated systems to handle conscious, critical,... more... - Sean McBride
"Semantic computing is what natural-language processing, the heart of cognitive computing, is doing. Data scientists use cognitive-computing tools -- natural-language processing, pattern recognition, and machine learning -- to extract the implicit semantics from unstructured content sources. The extracted entities, relationships, facts, sentiments, and other artifacts are used to... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
"Why did our government ignore the slaughter in Gaza, and continue to sell arms to Israel? The answer lies in two of Britain's influential pressure groups" - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Elizabeth Warren and Israel » CounterPunch -
"If Senator Warren really believes the Israeli military has the right to murder and maim thousands of innocents caught between warring parties, she lacks basic compassion. And if she is just reciting the party line to assuage AIPAC and preempt her critics, she lacks basic integrity. In either case, she becomes just another calloused presidential hopeful unworthy of progressive support. If instead she wants to rally disillusioned voters on the left and set the table for transformative discussion, she should distinguish herself from Washington’s blind sycophancy toward Israel." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Senator Warren need not side with the far left to condemn Israel’s atrocities; she need only side with fundamental international and human rights law. If she can’t do that much, even circumspectly, there’s nothing new or refreshing about her." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
# pro-Israel terrorists
1. Anders Breivik 2. Ariel Sharon 3. Avraham Stern 4. Baruch Goldstein 5. Earl Krugel 6. Irv Rubin 7. Meir Kahane 8. Menachem Begin 9. Neil Masterson 10. Robert Manning 11. Yigal Amir 12. Yitzhak Shamir 13. Ze'ev Jabotinsky - Sean McBride
Yes, Neil Masterson qualifies -- small-time, but still a terrorist. - Sean McBride 1st comment: "Masterson lied and is in fact a Jew. More than that he is an ex BBC manager..." the ex BBC manager would explain the David Cameron photo. - Chu_
Sean McBride
Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Jewish Terror In our Midst -
Gilad Atzmon - Writings - Jewish Terror In our Midst
"The Daily Telegraph reported today that Neil Masterson, who was charged with a religiously aggravated assault on George Galloway, is a Jewish carer and not a ‘Catholic’ as the Jewish media insisted in the last few days. Former BBC manager Neil Masterson, 39, is alleged to have shouted about the holocaust as Mr Galloway posed for pictures with members of the public in Golborne Road, Notting Hill." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The court heard yesterday that Masterson attacked the MP because he felt that George Galloway was an enemy to Judaism. Prosecuting, Tom Gill said: "He said he carried out the attack because he felt the victim was enemy of Judaism." Mr Gill said that Masterson told the police: "I didn't want him to think I'm scared, Galloway is Anti-semitic and I am Jewish."" - Sean McBride
"an enemy of Judaism" -- implying that Judaism=Zionism. - Sean McBride
"British Government, the Metropolitan Police and the MI5 must immediately take the necessary measures and step up their operation within the Jewish community. The fact that we are yet to hear a single British Jewish authority denouncing the attack on a British MP is there to suggest that we are dealing with a severe collective disrespect towards British democracy and the notion of freedom of speech." - Sean McBride
Before deciding whether Neil Masterson is Roman Catholic or Jewish, journalists should interview his family members, friends, coworkers, etc. GCHQ, MI6 and MI5 already know the truth. - Sean McBride
Brian Ulsterman: PLEASE RETWEET. I salute Neil Masterson, the man who silenced the vile offensive galloway maggot. #IStandWithIsrael #ISrandWithNeilMasterson - Sean McBride
Fred: #NeilMasterson said he'd cut @georgegalloway's throat morning before the attack.Was this extremist attempting murder? - Sean McBride
Correlated Risk: #GeorgeGalloway's alleged attacker on Facebook: "I'd cut his throat myself if I'd dare stoop to the required level." - Sean McBride
Anyone know if his pic with David Cameron is real? - Chu_
Masterson rantings seem to associate the IRA and HAMAS. saying Galloway supports both. This man is a loose cannon, and it's surprising no MP's have denouced it. - Chu_
"Galloway was denied entry to Canada in 2009 on "security grounds" due to his work with Palestinian charities." - Chu_
Sean McBride
Howard Stern RIPS Anti-Israel Celebs Again, Debates Callers - 08/11/14
Howard Stern is completely out of the closet on his politics. - Sean McBride
Pro-Israel activism -- check out the language. - Sean McBride
Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Samantha Power are basically on the same page with Howard Stern. - Sean McBride
So this is Judaism? - Sean McBride
Stern is a deviant. ..sick guy. - American
Listen to the language in this video -- I am no prude, but Howard Stern's mental space is a sewer. Many Israelis sound like Howard Stern these days. They are undermining their own cause. - Sean McBride
Try to envision Jewish celebrities during earlier eras of American history and popular culture promoting Jewish issues and interests this way -- it is unthinkable. This is what Zionism has wrought. - Sean McBride
Intellectually, Stern is a complete zero -- but everyone already knew that. - Sean McBride
Bitch slapping, bullying, sadism, vandalism, spitting, urinating, defecating -- it all comes as a bundle of maniacal aggression and utter contempt for others. It verges on the demonic. The behavior seems compulsive and completely out of control. It's not funny. It's grotesque. - Sean McBride
Basic decency does matter in human affairs. - Sean McBride
Around 23:00 a normal-headed caller comes on, as opposed to the jesters that are on earlier. - WJones
It would be nice to think that Howard Stern is a jester on Israel and Jewish nationalism, someone who is mocking all the crazy ranting on the subject from all sides (including his own), but I think he is a fanatic when it comes to what he perceives as his ethnic self-interest -- just like Bill Maher, Jackie Mason, Joan Rivers, Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen. How much of their humor is a form of malicious and bullying aggression against ethnic outsiders which they try to pass off as innocent good fun? - Sean McBride
Stern, Maher, Silverman and that small circle are probably wondering why so few leading Hollywood talents have signed their pro-Israel petition -- most big names are keeping their distance. - Sean McBride
Here's a list of the signers of pro-Israel petition: http://www.creativecommunityfo... - james
Pro-Peace, Pro-Victory, Pro-Stopping Hamas - WJones
Stern has two weak points- he started talking about Hamas trying to use people as human shields, or trying to get the Israelis to attack people and wanting it. He kind of mumbled it and it was pretty brief. He is straight-forward in his talk a lot, and I'd like to think that he was sincere. Maybe some of the talking points are tough for their supporters. The other weak point was when he... more... - WJones
He is spouting the same arguments as Hophmi or any other variety troll. His two million moronic followers may believe him. and Robin is an uncle Tom for Jewish interests. What a dynamic duo of geniuses putting down Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. (Stern 'God bless Jon Voight'). - Chu_
Howard stern uses Sarah Palin to buttress his pathetic arguments. - Chu_
Howard Stern to Jewish caller: 'when they come for you, the only place you'll have in this world is Israel' [minute 23] -(tells caller he can make his piont, but when he starts, Stern cuts him off the phone) - Chu_
Howard Stern - article "Stern’s parents, both staunch liberals, refused to move on philosophical grounds (Roosevelt, Long Island), and soon found themselves among the few white families remaining in Roosevelt.Growing up in what became a primarily African-American community, ...An annual summer gig as a [camp counselor] became a much sought after escape, and Stern often mentions it as his only happy childhood memory." - Chu_
[camp counselor] "It was founded in 1935 by a Jewish philanthropic organization. The name stood for “Welfare Metropolitan.” Radio personality Howard Stern is among the now-famous people who went to Camp Wel-Met as a kid. After various mergers and organization changes, Camp Wel-Met doused its last campfire in 1997." - Chu_
Sean McBride
The Military Diminishment of Judaism | Informed Comment (Shalom Goldman) -
"In our time, Judaism, in all of its magnificent complexity and subtlety, has been reduced to supporting “team Israel” — whatever its policies or methods." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"In that response and elsewhere I contrasted the current “Israel-centered” American Judaism of the 2000s with the more theologically and socially engaged forms of Judaism of the mid-20th century. From a religion rooted in a great textual tradition and fully engaged with issues of revelation, law, and ethics, American Judaism was transformed, by design, into a cheering squad for Israel, and particularly for the Israeli Army." - Sean McBride
"Linked to the nurturing of this cheering squad mentality was a deeply cynical exploitation of the Holocaust. In this mindset, Israeli military power is the only appropriate response to that tragedy, and any criticism of that power is tantamount to “Holocaust denial.” For decades, concern about this exploitation of the Holocaust and the nationalization of Judaism have been expressed by thinkers of all stripes, most forcefully by Israelis themselves." - Sean McBride
“Of course,” Harkabi wrote, “we are not wholly responsible for the worsening of our political-military situation. But self-criticism is essential if we are to overcome a tendency to self-righteousness, a tendency which results from Jewish approaches to history, from our historical experience, and from the ‘ethos’ of self-righteousness as promoted by Prime Minister Begin. In my opinion,... more... - Sean McBride
Shalom Goldman is Professor of Religion and Middle Eastern Studies at Duke University. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
No, You Can't Claim Arctic Ice is "Recovering" -
No, You Can't Claim Arctic Ice is "Recovering"
"The Daily Mail and Mail Online are to scientific accuracy what a sledgehammer is to an egg. Especially when it comes to global warming." - Sean McBride
"David Rose is oftentimes the wielder of that sledgehammer. He’s written error-laden climate articles in the past, like saying that global warming has stopped (no, it hasn’t), that the world is cooling (no, it really really isn’t), and the IPCC had to hold a crisis meeting because Rose’s articles have caused such a fuss (that meeting never happened, which Rose had been told several times, but still made the claim). Other examples abound." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
No more pause: Warming will be non-stop from now on - environment - 31 August 2014 - New Scientist -
No more pause: Warming will be non-stop from now on - environment - 31 August 2014 - New Scientist
"Enjoy the pause in global warming while it lasts, because it's probably the last one we will get this century. Once temperatures start rising again, it looks like they will keep going up without a break for the rest of the century, unless we cut our greenhouse gas emissions." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The slowdown in global warming since 1997 seems to be driven by unusually powerful winds over the Pacific Ocean, which are burying heat in the water. But even if that happens again, or a volcanic eruption spews cooling particles into the air, we are unlikely to see a similar hiatus, according to two independent studies." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson, the friend who witnessed his shooting
Sort the nearly 700 comments by Most Liked and browse. Wow. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Why the silence over the assault on George Galloway? – Telegraph Blogs (Peter Osborne) -
"Last Friday evening a British MP suffered a vicious assault on a London street. George Galloway, a 61-year-old, six-times-elected politician was beaten up for three minutes by a brutal and determined assailant in broad daylight, and was admitted to hospital as a result. There are grounds for assuming that the motive was political, and the assault occurred due to Galloway’s criticism of Israeli actions in the Middle East. The assailant was reportedly shouting comparing Galloway to Hitler, and shouting about the Holocaust." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"I know that Mr Galloway is a very controversial figure and that many people, for honourable reasons, disagree very strongly with his views. Yet that is irrelevant. The attack on Mr Galloway is beyond doubt an attack on British democracy itself." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
University’s Reaction to Twitter Posts Prompts an Outcry (Illinois Revoked Job Offer After Professor Criticized Israel)
"Several weeks ago, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign abruptly revoked a job offer to Steven G. Salaita in the wake of controversial Twitter posts by Mr. Salaita, a former professor of English at Virginia Tech, about Israel. Now, two scholars have signaled their protest by pulling out of speaking engagements at the campus, while a program that was set to host a national gathering there has called its conference off. Meanwhile, the American Indian studies program, which Mr. Salaita had been set to join, is scrambling to make up for his absence." - Sean McBride
"The decision, which raised questions about contractual loopholes and academic freedom, almost immediately drew pushback from the academic community. Thousands of scholars in a variety of disciplines signed petitions pledging to avoid the campus unless it reversed its decision to rescind the job offer. A number of prominent academic associations also urged the university to reconsider." - Sean McBride
By bending to the will of its powerful pro-Israel donors, the University of Illinois has created a tremendous mess for itself and damaged its reputation. - Sean McBride
No comments permitted on the article. - Sean McBride
Sarah Silverman
DAILY MAIL ARTICLE: <<Daughter #1 is a rabbi,' Mr Silverman writes. 'Her hubby, three times nominated for a nobel peace prize was listed by the Jerusalem Post as the 49th most influential jew in the world built the worlds largest solar field in Israel. 'By the way, Sarah was also on the list. Oldest granddaughter is serving in the Israel Defense Forces. >> He uses her niece's Israeli army service to respond to an Orthodox rabbi criticizing her family values. - WJones
Reform Rabbi Sister of Comic Sarah Silverman Makes Pro-Obama Video<<“I was really frustrated with the misinformation out there about Barack Obama and Israel. Frankly it was disgusting to me,” said Rabbi Susan Silverman. “The assumptions of his not being good for Israel, really, at its core, are fear-based. It’s the same craziness that fuels the ‘birther’ movement in the US. It was... more... - WJones
SARAH tweets to Israelis to vote for the left wing Meretz and Green Movement parties: Their politics would be better if they followed her advice. - WJones
<<When some audience members booed a question about Obama's attitude towards Israel, Silverman said that she understood that some people in Israel don't support Obama and that such feelings were legitimate.>> http://israel-lightontonations... - WJones
<<I’m not Jewish by religion. I don’t, I’m not religious. I mean, the only times I’m religious are when I’m very, very sick, and, like, on the bathroom floor, like in sweat, I will definitely find God, or in incredible amounts of turbulence. I don’t think I’m an atheist. I’m not an atheist. I just, I’m just agnostic. I don’t know the answers. But, ethnically, in the ways that I cannot... more... - WJones
What does this mean exactly? "But, ethnically, in the ways that I cannot control, I’m Jewish. It comes out of my pores. It’s beyond my control." - Sean McBride
<<The irreverent US comedian's brother-in-law Yosef Abramowitz, himself no stranger to controversy, has announced his candidacy for the election on 10 June.>> - WJones
10 women with prayer shawls arrested at Western Wall << US and Canadian citizens among detainees, including Reform rabbi sister of comedienne Sarah Silverman>> The Times of Israel - WJones
Sarah Silverman sports cross necklace <<Comedienne hasn’t indicated she’s converting to Christianity>> - WJones
<< Donald Silverman wrote. "Sarah told me to tell Nana she's still a Jew. It came from something she wore on a movie set." Susan Silverman added, "I'm her rabbi sister and called her and asked WTF? She got it, like our dad said, on a recent movie set and she just liked that it pointed to her boobs.">> There are certain lines even Sarah Silverman apparently is not allowed to cross. - WJones
Sarah Silverman Interview with Israeli Comedy Central: 'You don't see smiles on Arabs until after a bombing or something". - WJones
SEAN: Can you please explain the black eye shadow to me? - WJones
I would actually put her to the right of J Street, because she hardly talks about Palestinians' suffering. - WJones
This is how Sarah Silverman's mind works: - Sean McBride
"I really love my life and I'll also tell you what / If I find a stick I'll put it in your momma's butt / And pull it out and stick the doody in her eye / And pull it out and stick the doody in her eye" - Sean McBride
She's an artist, you know, like Rilke, Yeats or Dickinson -- who is susceptible to gusts of demented and obscene sadism that she can't control. - Sean McBride
It can be considered cute, juvenile humor. - WJones
Like Adam Sandler's They're all Gonna Laugh at You: - WJones
It can also be considered drivel, that will look utterly worthless in a few years. As a humorist, she's no Mark Twain. - Sean McBride
I've lost track now of how many really bad movies Adam Sandler has made -- they just keep getting worse and worse. - Sean McBride
Twain had a weird side too. - WJones
Sandler's movies are getting worse Yes. - WJones
There are some Hollywood actors who make many repeat BAD movies. Nicholas Cage is probably par or sub-par in a lot of his movies. - WJones
Twain had a brilliant mind, one of the sharpest wits in world history -- that is why he is so quotable many decades after his death. Stern, Silverman and Sandler are not remotely in that class. - Sean McBride
Stern is good at what he does. So is Silverman. - WJones
I dont know about Sandler. - WJones
I dont think Sandler is good in most of hs stuff - WJones
Twain grew up in slavery era Missouri. He was influenced by it in his thinking about child abuse, which features in his adventure novels. He even wrote one or two mini adventure novels about child abuse that, understandably, are not commonly read today. It was like it was part of the fun of his stories. - WJones
Dickens was one of my favorites. He showed how abuse is wrong without saying it directly. - WJones
Comedians who rely on ever-escalating obscenity and shock tactics to get attention are really not very talented -- and I think that entire school of comedy will be quickly forgotten. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Don’t do it, Hillary! Joining forces with neocons could doom Democrats - -
Don’t do it, Hillary! Joining forces with neocons could doom Democrats -
"Clinton's Iraq vote kept her from the presidency in 2008. Staying hawkish could harm the party for decades. Ask LBJ" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
LBJ said that signing the Civil Rights laws was the best thing to do. Later he probably OKD MLK's end. - WJones
Sean McBride
Top NSA Whistleblower: We Need a New 9/11 Investigation Into the Destruction of the World Trade Center | Global Research -
"Bill Binney is the NSA’s former senior technical director, 32-year NSA veteran widely regarded as a “legend” within the agency, one of the world’s top crypto-mathematicians, who managed thousands of employees at the agency. Binney was the original NSA whistleblower, and one of two NSA veterans whose example inspired Edward Snowden." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Two days ago, Binney said in an interview that speaking with physicists and controlled demolition experts convinced him that the investigations to date have – at best - been incompetent, and failed to address the observable facts:" - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
A strange drama is unfolding here: [Twitter: JIDF]
It strikes me as important and laudable that JIDF has strongly condemned the violent physical assault on George Galloway by Neil Masterson. - Sean McBride
Which comment? - WJones
JIDF: Blocking anyone telling us they support physical attack on @georgegalloway b/c of his disgusting views—You’re inviting such attacks on Jews! - Sean McBride
JIDF: Unbelievably sad and ridiculous that any Jews or Israel supporters would celebrate an illegal criminal assault and violent attack on anyone. - Sean McBride
JIDF: This Jewish pro-Israel org strongly condemns violent physical attack on @georgegalloway & all who celebrate it (despite his abhorrent views) - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger face blowback for pro-Israel statement -
Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger face blowback for pro-Israel statement
Check out the responses to CCFP on Twitter. - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
THIS SECTION OF THE PETITION HAS BEEN DELETED: "We may not all share the same politics or the same opinion on the best path to peace in the Middle East,” the statement says. “But we do agree that singling out Israel, the only democracy in the region, as a target of cultural boycotts while ignoring the now-recognized human rights issues of her neighbors will not further peace." - WJones
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