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Sean McBride
"Rand Paul's noninterventionist foreign policy views aren't currying him any favor with conservative pundits, who have recently attacked the Kentucky senator and possible 2016 presidential candidate as naive and immature." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Most of the attacks on Paul are coming from the same neocons who pushed Americans into the multi-trillion dollar disaster in Iraq -- they will only succeed in boosting his prospects. - Sean McBride
OK he's non-intervention but he's still a stone cold neo-confederate so NO NO NO but hey fun to watch the Rightists implode - WarLord
At this point in American history, neoconservatives and neoliberals often appear to be much more dangerous and destructive than neo-Confederates -- and that is why Rand Paul may go quite far in the coming race for the nomination and election. Democrats don't seem to be able to admit that they have a neoliberal problem -- and Hillary Clinton is part of that problem -- as has been Barack Obama, to a somewhat lesser degree. - Sean McBride
The potential candidate I feel the strongest instinctive support for is Elizabeth Warren. She is certainly much more interesting, fresh and appealing than Hillary Cliinton. - Sean McBride
That thrown shoe incident -- Hillary should take that as an omen not to run. The vibes are all wrong. - Sean McBride
Do you think the Ukraine-Russia issue helps Paul? I've heard several people of my own acquaintance say, "Thank God John McCain isn't President." How does Hillary Clinton answer, "What would you do about Putin?" The insanity of any kind of military action or arming the Ukrainians against Russia --- I think it would make Americans very angry that any US presidential candidate would... more... - Berthe
Hillary compared Putin to Hitler in that neocon blatting tone she so often adopts. That is one of several problems that will undo any plans she has for winning the presidency in 2016. (She is no Bill Clinton -- Bill has a relatively nuanced mind and style of communication.) - Sean McBride
Elizabeth Warren and drum beat of inequality is going to move Hillary leftward. She is also going to confront a war weary isolationism by the middle and lower class who are bearing brunt of war fighting. Hillary was smart and slick enough to overcome carpetbagger label and win Senate seat in NY. She is certainly capable of successful campaign for President. And she is perfectly able to jettison Israel and embrace isolationism (and a $15 minimum wage) if that's the playbook for 2016 - WarLord
I doubt it -- she wasn't smart enough to adjust to Barack Obama's anti-establishment message in 2008 -- and she is probably less fleet and mentally flexible now than she was then. - Sean McBride
Warren is a fresh face and a fresh voice with considerable energy. A Warren/Paul matchup would be interesting. - Sean McBride
She was never going to beat Obama but she can win in 2016. It's her turn ;) plus really who have the legitimate rape party got on the bench to beat her? Nope Hilary lurches left to win primaries and caucuses and wraps up election by 10pm poll closing in Cali... Better luck next time Job and Chris - WarLord
Clinton/Warren 2016 - WarLord
You may not recall, but Obama's overtaking of Clinton was quite a surprise for most people in 2008 -- they didn't see it coming (but I did). There was something too stodgy about her then and that is even a greater problem now as she heads into her sunset years. I am betting against Clinton. We shall see. I would not be shocked if she chooses not to run at all -- there are credible rumors of health problems. - Sean McBride
Christie would have been a very strong candidate, but we know what happened there. All the potential Republican candidates except Paul are jokes right out of the box. Wait: Ben Carson may have some potential. I need to learn more about him. But Cruz? Rubio? Jeb Bush? No way. - Sean McBride
Christie at this point will probably never escape the Tony Soprano bullying image -- that's locked in. - Sean McBride
Ben Carson is Herman Cain with a medical degree. Honestly, I don't think Christie could ever have won the nomination. He couldn't do the pleasant schmoozing that seems to be necessary in Iowa and NH. Someone I know was at a town hall where Christie called a perfectly nice middle aged man an "idiot." I don't think you can behave like that in the presidential primaries. Hillary Clinton... more... - Berthe
It's interesting that Ben Carson opposed both the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. - Sean McBride
“I actually wrote President Bush a letter before the war started and I said, you know, what I would do is I would use the bully pulpit at this moment of great national unity and, very much in a Kennedy-esque type fashion, say within 10 years we’re going to become petroleum independent,” Carson told TheDC. - Sean McBride
“And that would’ve been much more effective than going to war because, first of all, the moderate Arab states would’ve been terrified. And they would’ve handed over Osama Bin Laden and anybody else we wanted on a silver platter to keep us from doing that.” - Sean McBride
"Carson says he believes in socio-economic affirmative action — what he calls “compassionate action” — not affirmative action “attached to any ethnicity.” “You know we’ve always pulled for the underdog, but I don’t think the underdog has a particular ethnicity attached to it,” he said." - Sean McBride
Well. Is there any reason to think Ben Carson knows much about "the moderate Arab states?" My take on Ben Carson is much influenced by seeing him on one of the Fox shows during the Zimmerman trial/imbroglio. He didn't bother himself to know any of the facts of the case. For me, that said a lot about him. I think he'd go along with whatever was to his own advantage. Not a thinker and not... more... - Berthe
2016 is going to be very different election perhaps epochal - gay marriage, legal weed and ACA will be assumed if not complete. Inequality and war on women will be huge issues. Isolationist will be very much in vogue. Republicans absolutist, authoritarian wing will be badly out of touch with mainstream and Republican outreach to women and minorities will still be mostly a punchline.... more... - WarLord
That's interesting, WarLord. I don't have any take on what the issues will be for 2016. I voted for Obama in 2008 solely because the alternatives - Hillary and McCain - were so bad. I voted third party (the Libertarian, for no particular reason) in 2012. Its a real hoot that the party of Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton talks about a "war on women" or "income inequality." I don't know what... more... - Berthe
Ted Kennedy Really!!! Ted fucking Kennedy wow this is why Republicans are doomed! I bet there isn't a millennial in this country that gets that reference but hey whatever floats your boat dude. Not caring about the issues is the Right wing game. No issues they just repeal shit and pass laws about transvaginal ultrasound probes. And that's why they are doomed to be the regional arty of the modern CSA until that last you' all dies - WarLord
Hey, WarLord! I don't care about the Republican Party! I'm not trying to craft a message for the Republican Party. Most of the time, I'm so disgusted by election day that I vote third party for president. Ted Kennedy was reprehensible. He should have resigned after he killed that woman - yeah, he did kill her, not saying it was a murder but if he didn't kill her, who did? He was... more... - Berthe
Sean McBride
The army’s employment agency - National Israel News | Haaretz -
"The success of graduates of the IDF's Intelligence Unit 8200 is staggering. Are they simply so talented or is it all connections? And why do most of them come from the center of the country?" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Congressmen Jones & Lynch Increase the Pressure on Obama to Release the 28 Pages on Saudis and 9/11 Terrorism -
"In an April 10 letter to President Barack Obama, Reps. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) and Stephen Lynch (D-Mass) called on Obama to declassify and release the 28 redacted pages from the Joint Congressional Inquiry into the 9/11 attacks—which are widely reported elsewhere, to deal with the role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 terrorist attacks." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The information contained in the redacted pages is critical to U.S. foreign policy moving forward and should thus be available to the American people," said Jones in an April 14 press release announcing the letter. "Furthermore, the survivors of the 9/11 attacks and families of the victims have waited 12 years to learn all the facts concerning that tragic day. It is my hope that... more... - Sean McBride
Prismatic turned up this story -- I am not endorsing the source -- just the facts. - Sean McBride
Did you ever try talking to a nice everyday liberal Zionist? My guess is that they will agree that the Israeli State is committing abuses, but that the conversation is not going to make more progress, other than to agree that the U.S. should tell the Israelis to stop the abuses. What do you think?
One eventually figures out that engaging in conversations with liberal Zionists is a waste of time. - Sean McBride
I think this is not always the case. Look at Peter Beinart, for example. Previously, he did not agree with boycotting, now he is in favor of boycotting settlements. Chomsky talked with enthusiasm about how he could move to Israel, now he says it has "changed" so much he would not. Granted, Beinart does not favor BDS and Chomsky is an anarchist Zionist who has slandered BDS, but I don't want to write people off. - WJones
The only useful type of conversation with liberal Zionists is the type that bears down relentlessly on their absurd and indefensible self-contradictions. - Sean McBride
I find Likud Zionists to be more palatable than liberal Zionists -- they are more intellectually honest and coherent. (Although they still engage in all kinds of deceptive rhetorical manipulation.) - Sean McBride
My hardcore nationalist PEP aquaintance can be a pathological liar when he tries to support brutal policies while being left wing, however I would not call him a liberal Zionist. He supports Settlements even though he doesn't agree with their land claims, because he wants them to hurt Palestinians. For all I know, he is a shill, but I think there really are people who talk that way. Some Americans I expect talk that way about Iraqis and Afghanis. - WJones
People who are very active with JStreet though are a bit like people who follow Democratic Party politics ALOT. If Clinton bombs Serbia, for example, then the default idea is that it must be good. Or if Obama makes Obamacare, it must be good, even if in reality it is a program to force people to buy private corporate healthcare they would not normally. The Democrats' are inclined to... more... - WJones
The liberal Zionists are more often blaming the 'right wing' Israeli government. It's the far right politics of the world which they seem to blame (as if Livni were the PM, the settlements would stop and all would be good.). Always the circle jerk of finger pointing while they settlements forever grow. Who knows what will be said this week over the Passover Seder table? There needs to... more... - Chu_
There's a collective mentality. It's like how some Democrats will announce a policy and then other democrats will follow along, even if they would be good and not make that same policy themselves. So if Bush invades Iraq, some Americans will feel a need to defend that action, even if they would not have chosen to do that themselves. Granted, you can find alot of Americans who don't... more... - WJones
Eric Logan
If you thought the NSA was bad, Russia's FSB will be worse | Digital Trends -
If you thought the NSA was bad, Russia's FSB will be worse | Digital Trends
Silly Americans. You thought the NSA was bad? Meet the System of Operative-Investigative Measures (SORM), from Russia. As athletes, spectators and journalists descend on Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympics this week, the Russian government and their Federal Security Service (FSB) want to know exactly what everyone is saying. If you’re making fun of Putin’s hair, they want to read the text. And “SORM boxes” make it possible. According to a group of Russian journalists that have been monitoring the events leading up to the spectacle, the FSB has required communication companies in Russia to install SORM boxes that intercept all data passing through the network – and give the FSB access to that data. Here’s the bizarre part: While the FSB needs a warrant to access the boxes, no one except FSB administrators of FSB ever have to see it. Theoretically, no one but the FSB knows what warrants have been obtained in connection to wire taps that have been executed. This contrasts what happens in... more... - Eric Logan from Bookmarklet
cluster; Russia, FSB (Federal Security Service), SORM (System of Operative-Investigative Measures), SORM boxes, surveillance - Sean McBride
And what about China? - Sean McBride
# sort FSB officials by * 1. importance 2. importance for * 3. IQ 4. number of mentions of * 5. oldest 6. power 7. wealth 8. youngest - Sean McBride
Never fear, Snowden's on the case. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Will we ever see a Russian or Chinese Snowden? Not likely. They would deal with him ruthlessly and with maximum force the instant he raised his head. - Sean McBride
What a crock: "This contrasts what happens in the United States, where, under the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA), agencies have to show their warrant to the communication company and ask for certain data from them." - MRW_8
"Will we ever see a Russian or Chinese Snowden?" You obviously didn't bother to read the articles here or the source. The Russian journalists who revealed these operations were using open source documents. QUOTE. The journalists, Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, who are experts on the Russian security services, collated dozens of open source technical documents published on the... more... - MRW_8
I need to look more deeply into this when I get the chance, but I didn't get the impression that this information goes into the same detail as Snowden's. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
"Rand Paul will face massive opposition from the establishment, pro-military complex wing of the Republican Party in his presumed bid for the White House. People with big check books are ready to fund Paul’s opposition. The neocons don’t think Paul is “strong enough” on Israel. They want to make sure the $3 billion currently flowing to the country from US taxpayers keeps flowing. Much of the political class in Tel Aviv counts on this infusion in one way or another. Anyone (Paul possibly) who would even consider reducing the annual gift is considered an existential threat." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"What’s particularly interesting to me is how concerned many of the neocons are with the junior Senator from Kentucky. I think they sense that he is a new kind of candidate who will appeal to coalitions and voters who are not traditionally aligned with the GOP. In other words – that he could win. If Paul were to win the nomination and the presidency this screws up the playbooks big time... more... - Sean McBride
$3 billion a year and we have to bribe them with releasing Pollard to keep them involved in a sham "peace process" that's for their benefit. Of course, they don't dare make an issue of that. The issues will be a lot of other baloney stuff like his father's newsletters and civil rights and abortion in cases of rape and support for gay marriage. All the stuff that distracts people so... more... - Berthe
"With a few hundred million in donations to anti-Paul super PAC, perhaps Sheldon Adelson could make those dreams come true. But it’s worth noting that Pat Buchanan’s opposition to the Persian Gulf War was a far less popular position among Republicans than any foreign-policy stand Paul has taken, and Buchanan still was the leading conservative in the 1996 primaries. Paul is currently polling closer to the front of the pack than Buchanan ever did, and neither Christie nor Bush currently looks like Bob Dole." - Berthe
They will only succeed in giving Paul's candidacy a shot in the arm -- Americans have been disgusted and revolted by the failed and bankrupting Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Much of the GOP leadership still doesn't get it. - Sean McBride
And the current foreign policy issue is Russia and Americans are totally unsupportive of anything military regarding Russia. Per that article, only 5% of Republicans are supportive. Its tricky but the Russia angle should be a boost to Paul, the candidate who looks most unlikely to "stand up" to Putin. Thank God the crazies didn't succeed in getting Ukraine into NATO and NATO should drop Estonia, Latvia, etc. etc. etc. They are not worth war with Russia. If Russia wants them, let Russia have them. - Berthe
Sean McBride
Interview with Stephen Walt - Features Israel News | Haaretz -
Interview with Stephen Walt - Features Israel News | Haaretz
"In a no-holds barred conversation, Haaretz’s Chemi Shalev talks at length with Prof. Stephen Walt, coauthor of the notorious 'Israel Lobby,' about accusations of anti-Semitism and U.S. foreign policy." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"“Excuse me,” Walt says, raising his voice, “Don’t accuse me of being anti-Israel, because I’m not. We don’t use those terms. Our point was to try and explain why the U.S. and Israel have this very unusual relationship, with enormous amounts of support, that no American politician will criticize in public. One way to explain it is to say that this is domestic politics, and maybe it’s... more... - Sean McBride
"Walt says that one should not overstate Israel’s strategic importance to the United States, “which is not to say that Israel isn’t occasionally useful, but the idea that it is this island of stability that helps us in all sorts of ways is overstated.” He also claims that the support of the American public doesn’t explain the “special relationship,” because that support is “very soft.” Most Americans, he says, don’t really care one way or another." - Sean McBride
"The timing of the publication of both the article and the book also played a major role in both the publicity and the notoriety that it achieved. In the summer of 2007, the American public had already realized that it had been misled by the Bush administration over the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The cost of that deception, intentional or not, was 4,000 American... more... - Sean McBride
Yes, Americans tend to think the Israeli State is a good democracy that happens to be in a conflict in the Middle East. Americans don't want to be in a war in the Mideast, but they don't like Muslim terrorists attacking us either. That about sums it up for most Americans. It's kind of like: Israel? That's nice. Let's move on. - WJones
Chemi Shalev in this interview comes across as obnoxious, far out of Stephen Walt's intellectual league and, of course, utterly obsessed with his narrow ethnic nationalist interests. I think increasingly that American and European thought leaders are going to abandon all efforts to communicate with neoconservative and liberal Zionists -- the two groups inhabit entirely different mental, emotional and cultural spheres. - Sean McBride
Todd Hoff
Just a thought, that you disagree with something doesn't make it a troll.
It, or you. That's why I like it here. - Steel Penguin Slippy
Why are you trolling us? - Sean McBride
I am that I am. - Todd Hoff
Sean McBride
‘Search until you find a passion and go all out to excel in its expression’ | Harvard Gazette -
‘Search until you find a passion and go all out to excel in its expression’ | Harvard Gazette
For E.O. Wilson, wonders never cease - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
University of Haifa » University of Haifa’s ‘Cyber Warriors’ will help fight the delegitimization of Israel using new media -
University of Haifa » University of Haifa’s ‘Cyber Warriors’ will help fight the delegitimization of Israel using new media
"For the first time in academia, the University of Haifa has launched an academic course to combat the delegitimization of Israel on the Internet. The ‘Ambassadors Online’ Program, offered by the University’s Department of Multi-Disciplinary Studies as a four credit course, prepares students to be unofficial “ambassadors” for Israel on the Internet. “This program aims at training students, who are interested in investigating, studying and asking what it is that motivates the new anti-Semitism and de-legitimization of Israel, as can be seen among other things in the Apartheid Week, which is an expression of pure anti-Semitism. The ambassadors who will study in the program will fight this phenomenon and learn how to investigate it”, said Prof. Eli Avraram, the program’s academic instructor and the head of The Comper Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism and Racism." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The ‘Ambassadors Online’ Program was launched two and a half years ago, as a diploma program offered by the Extension Studies Division, and focused on confronting the delegitimization of Israel through the use of the World Wide Web in and through social networks in particular. Now that the program has been upgraded, the students will be required not only to confront the phenomenon, but to analyze and investigate it by researching old and new anti-Semitism, propaganda strategies, branding and other topics." - Sean McBride
"propaganda strategies" - Sean McBride
"During its two and a half years of activity the program’s students reached many achievements: they established an operation room that propagated the reality in Israel during the military operation Pillar of Defense; initiated propaganda delegations abroad; created quite a few viral memes, some of which you may have seen supporting Scarlett Johansson’s decision‏ to advertise Sodastream;... more... - Sean McBride
"propaganda delegations"; Scarlett Johansson - Sean McBride
Yeah, who talks that way? "propaganda"? "Apartheid Week, which is an expression of pure anti-Semitism". It sounds like we are entering North Korea. Man, I will slightly miss it when North Korea is gone. - WJones
The aroma of crude hasbara wafting from these kinds of operations can usually be detected from miles away -- they are worse than a waste of time. Most people don't like to be propagandized. They like to keep it real. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
KC rampage suspect told UMass grad: ‘I hate all Jews’ | Boston Herald -
KC rampage suspect told UMass grad: ‘I hate all Jews’ | Boston Herald
"“I hate all Jews. Of course, I hate you. You’ve earned my hate,” Miller, 73, who also goes by the last name of Cross, told David Pakman, 30, a Jewish graduate of Bentley University and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The tense April 2010 exchange is on YouTube." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"“Everybody’s afraid to step over the line called ‘political correctness,’ and the Jewish media has established what that line is,” Miller said. “You don’t criticize the Jews for one thing.” When Pakman asked how it is he has no power, Miller called him a “Jew liar.” “You’re not powerless, you’ve got your own damn radio show,” Miller spat. “I truly believe he saw it the way he told me,” Pakman recalled, “that he put me in my place, that he was intellectually superior and right about everything.”" - Sean McBride
The Kansas City Star reported that he joined the Witness Protection program around 1990, got a new name that he still sometimes uses, testified unsuccessfully against 14 racists, and then slowly rejoined the Supremacist movement. - WJones
The bio is peculiar -- this story needs much more exploration. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The United States and Israel: What Now for the Honest Broker? : The New Yorker (John Cassidy) -
The United States and Israel: What Now for the Honest Broker? : The New Yorker (John Cassidy)
"Even before Kerry could get the two sides to sit down and negotiate, the Israeli government gave him the bum’s rush, approving a new wave of settlement construction and delaying a release of Palestinian prisoners. The Palestinians reacted by applying for membership to various international organizations, and that was that. Not even dangling the possible release of Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy, could rescue things for Kerry. And when he pointed out the simple truth that the failure to release the prisoners and the announcement about the settlements had precipitated the collapse in the peace process, he faced accusations from prominent Israelis, not for the first time, of being biased, and possibly even anti-Semitic." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"As Friedman points out, Israel has become a much more religious and stridently ethnocentric country over the years, and it’s got to the stage where, he notes, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who originally came to power on a platform of rejecting concessions to the Palestinians, is regarded as a moderate conservative. The settler movement is central. At the time of the Camp... more... - Sean McBride
"The simple truth is that Israel wouldn’t be able to survive for very long without American support. Since 1949, America’s economic aid to Israel amounts to a staggering $118 billion and America continues to subsidize the Jewish state to the tune of $3 billion annually. America is also Israel’s main arms supplier and the official guarantor of its “quantitative military edge” over all its Arab neighbors.…" - Sean McBride
"In the diplomatic arena, Israel relies on America to shield it from the consequences of its habitual violations of international law.… America poses as an honest broker, but everywhere it is perceived as Israel’s lawyer. The American-sponsored “peace process” since 1991 has been a charade: all process and no peace while providing Israel with just the cover it needs to pursue its illegal and aggressive colonial project on the West Bank." - Sean McBride
"It’s been clear for years that the one thing that might—and only might—change the Israeli government’s thinking is a credible threat by the United States of pulling away, cutting back its military aid, and joining an international effort to isolate the Jewish state. If the United States were to remove the universal presumption that, ultimately, it will always take Israel’s side, it could actually play the role of honest broker. But what are the chances of that happening?" - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Give Kerry a B for Effort | The American Conservative (Scott McConnell) - http://www.theamericanconserva...
Give Kerry a B for Effort | The American Conservative (Scott McConnell)
"There was a good reason why the peace process was American-sponsored. While the actual number of Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs residing in historic Palestine has been roughly equal for some time, the balance of power between the two sides—in terms of wealth and weaponry—may have been 100 to 1 in Israel’s favor. One reason for the imbalance is that Israel was sponsored by the United States, provided with American weapons and money and diplomatic support to a degree that literally has no parallel in the history of statecraft. The theory was that this support gave the United States “leverage.” which it could use to persuade Israel to embrace a two state solution which the Palestinians, as the much weaker party, couldn’t manage by themselves. The solution would lie along parameters which everyone knows and has known for nearly two generations. (They are succinctly summarized in Tuesday’s New York Times editorial, which calls for Kerry to finally “move on” to other pressing... more... - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"So the peace process was left to cajoling. It is difficult not to respect John Kerry’s efforts and the doggedness of his pursuit. He understood the issues well, and was willing to raise rhetorical points about the costs to Israel of continued occupation to the extent that the Israeli Right came seriously to hate him. But he never had the real power of the American state behind him: he... more... - Sean McBride
Peter Beinart: "You cannot permanently hold people without a passport, without the right to vote for the government that controls their lives, and the right to live under the same legal system as their neighbors who are of a different religion or ethnic group. Israel either solves that problem, by giving Palestinians a state of their own which you and I both want or– or– Israel will... more... - Sean McBride
Comment: "In the case of Iran, what does Israel have to offer the U.S. Given that the U.S. military has stated clearly it has zero desire for war against Iran, is Congress really going to stand in the way of a deal between the U.S. & Iran? Israel fears normalization between the U.S. and Iran as much as they fear any Iranian nukes. After all, Iran is a far greater strategic prize than... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
I interviewed the accused Kansas gunman 33 years ago. He was hateful then, too. (Robert Satloff, The Washington Post)
"Robert Satloff is executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy." - Sean McBride
"I am Jewish. But buoyed by the bravado of youth, I decided to lie and agreed to Miller’s condition. To be safe, I got a crew cut, put a cross around my neck, arranged for a fake press pass in the name of Robert Statler Jr. and asked our crack photographer-reporter Shep Moyle — a tall, blond, good-looking guy — to go with me." - Sean McBride
"Cole claims that he has been called a liar and a fraud. I have never seen in print or heard anyone call Cole a liar or a fraud. I know Dr. Piper was very displeased with Cole's video, but not because of anything Piper said. It was that Cole pretended to be something he was not, including wearing a yarmulke. In the video he says he wore it so no one would think he was a revisionist. Call me old fashioned, but where I come from that is called lying." Michael Shermer on David Cole/Stein - JustTheFactsPlease
So the lesson here is that deception is good and fine as long as it is used for the right cause - JustTheFactsPlease
Sean McBride
Rand Paul scares her to death. - Sean McBride
Top comment: "the NeoCon wing of the GOP is in full meltdown mode. How dare anyone. much less the GOP frontrunner, question the profit/loss statements of Halliburton? Paul criticizing war profiteers has all the war profiteers and their cheerleaders like Jenghazi literally frothing at the mouth." - Sean McBride
Comment: "Oh, oh, oh, Thank you Ms. Rubin for adding the phrase “of the Obama administration” to the sentence concerning trifecta’s of foreign policy failures. Thank you, thank you. All this time I naively assumed it was Bush’s trifecta of missing 9/11, warring in Iraq, and warring in Afghanistan. My mistake." - Sean McBride
Comment: "Sounds to me like Paul - a kook in his own right in many other ways - has pretty much nailed it as far as most Americans' thoughts about the neocons - Jenny and all of her boys. We do think they are the dangerous ones, all too willing and eager to send the children of "lesser" Americans off to fight another endless war in some God forsaken place so they: 1) can turn a profit... more... - Sean McBride
Why does the Washington Post continue to post neocon drivel that clearly alienates its own readers? - Sean McBride
Jennifer Rubin cares about only one issue: Israel and Likud Zionism. That's her entire repertoire. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
"It must be Bash Rand Paul Day because Bret Stephens in the Wall Street Journal and Jennifer Rubin and Richard Cohen in the Washington Post all have pieces lambasting Sen. Paul for a variety of sins and apostasies. Our resident Rand Paul supporter, Arthur Gilroy, would say that the Bipartisan Establishment is trying to disappear him, which is in some sense true. Moreover, at least when reading Richard Cohen's critique, Rand becomes more sympathetic with every passing paragraph." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Paul is accumulating many of the right enemies. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
CollapseNet's Founder, Michael C. Ruppert, Has Committed Suicide - UPDATE 04-16-2014: MCR's Suicidal Tendecies and the Note He Left | CollapseNet -
Ruppert was a key leader of the 9/11 Truth movement. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Mayor wonders if Jewish center suspect wanted to 'go out with a bang' - -
"He had a lot of hate built up inside of him," Clevenger said. "And every time he'd come down here, he'd go on about different races -- mainly Jews." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Haaretz joins Rush Limbaugh and company in trying to link Max Blumenthal to KC shooter suspect -
Before journalist and author Max Blumenthal turned his eye towards Israel/Palestine, he was a dogged investigator of the seedy world of neo-Nazism and white supremacism in the U.S. But now, liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz has joined right-leaning Israel advocates in trying to turn the tables on him by linking the journalist to Frazier Glenn Miller, the suspect in Sunday's deadly shooting at two Jewish centers in Kansas City.
I am posting on this controversy on Mondoweiss. - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Alterman says BDS is helping Netanyahu -
Eric Alterman outshines the New York Times laying the blame for the failure of peace talks at Netanyahu's door. Then he lashes out at BDS, saying it's helped the occupation. A bizarre and absurd claim.
Is there any information on the Solution that the Israeli right has for Palestinians? In surveys they don't want Palestinians to have a state, but nor do they want Palestinians to outvote them in a democratic society. Do they have an answer to the "demographic problem" that they expressed openly? - WJones
It's clear that their plans for Palestinians living within Greater Israel are covert and secretive -- not to be discussed openly. One possibility is that they are planning to expel them under the cover of a generalized world war between "the West" and Islam which they have been working so hard to instigate for decades. - Sean McBride
What do you mean? Where do you see anything leaking this plan out? If they are just 25% it shouldnt be a major problem. Herzl envisioned some Arabs in the Jewish State. - WJones
Herzl wasn't a Likud Zionist or a religious Zionist. It's easy to read the thinking and intentions of messianic Greater Israelists between the lines -- particularly when they discuss the demographic threat to the Jewishness of Israel. - Sean McBride
WJones: try Googling various combinations of the following terms: 1. Arabs 2. demographics 3. deportations 4. ethnic cleansing 5. Eretz Israel 6. expulsions 7. Greater Israel 8. Israel 9. Jews 10. Palestinians 11. transfer 12. Zionism - Sean McBride
"We shall have to spirit the penniless population across the border … while denying it any employment in our country.” — Theodore Herzl - WJones
Exactly -- even Herzl, who was a relatively moderate Zionist, was harboring these thoughts. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The very definition of a goyishe kop: an antisemite who attacks the Jews by shooting two Methodists and a Roman Catholic.
A moron supreme, as well as a moral monster. - Sean McBride
Frazier Glenn Miller/Cross would feel right at home on Goose for the Gander. - Sean McBride
"American" went out of his way to speak out against Frazier's crime on Mondoweiss. - WJones
The main problem I have is with some peoples' discussions is their talking in generalizations. Is it fair, Sean, to say that "the Americans" fought in Vietnam, or "the Germans" invaded Russia in 1941? How about "the Greeks" fought "the Persians"? The Bible does this, but I find generalizations uncomfortable. - WJones
I haven't been able to turn up any statements by Miller/Cross that haven't been made many times in Good for the Goose, and with the same level of obsession and rage. My bet is that Miller's posts would have been welcome in GG until he murdered three Christians in his harebrained and bungled efforts to inflict a blow on "the Jews." - Sean McBride
What do you think about my question about making generalizations? I intend it also to be a separate question, because it comes up. - WJones
I have alot of skepticism about what went down with Mr. Miller, as he was an ex-con who turned state's evidence against other racists. There are allegations and oddities that you can find on the web like there are with other controversial incidents. - WJones
I am allergic to generalizations and avoid making them myself. I'm into nuance and fine discriminations that reflect the complexity of the real world. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride -- please note: ChasMark has unsubscribed from your FF. - ChasMark
So the number of my subscribers has shrunk from 1,078 to 1,077. Oh dear. - Sean McBride
It would be enlightening for GG members like pepsi and Just the Facts Please to specify which anti-Jewish statements Frazier Glenn Miller made before the murders that they condemn. Miller gave signs that he was going to go postal in advance of the shootings. I can think of others who exhibit the same symptoms. - Sean McBride
sean, pretend you have a bit of character and rise above the cheap shots. Work on a list or something less embarrassing to yourself. You know none of us support the shootings. There are smarter ways to draw attention to yourself. Try to think of some. - pepsi
We are not talking about the shootings -- we are talking about the hate-filled beliefs and attitudes that motivated the shootings -- and the fanaticism with which those ideas were embraced and expressed. - Sean McBride
"So the number of my subscribers has shrunk from 1,078 to 1,077. Oh dear. - Sean McBride" "Mondoweiss on Friendfeed 360 subscribers" " Sean McBride - Politics 157 subscribers" [15 Apr 14] " Beware of the world's true truth-seekers.... - Sean McBride" - ChasMark
sean, tell us again about the universalist strains of jewish ideology. I want to observe your religious behavior. Tell me about the magical, mystical strains of Jews, where they dwelled, how many were there, and what did they ever do that was not in their perceived self-interest. Danaa told you a year ago there was no such thing, but you cling to it religiously and trot it out all the time, here and at the mondo operation. Do it again, tell us about the strains, i want to watch you strain to do so. - pepsi
I am also happy to report that I can still find useful engagement on Mondoweiss when I choose to post there. Some the current MW comments and conversations are quite interesting. - Sean McBride
sean, tell us again about the universalist strains of jewish ideology. I want to observe your religious behavior. Tell me about the magical, mystical strains of Jews, where they dwelled, how many were there, and what did they ever do that was not in their perceived self-interest. Danaa told you a year ago there was no such thing, but you cling to it religiously and trot it out all the time, here and at the mondo operation. Do it again, tell us about the strains, i want to watch you strain to do so. - pepsi
pepsi -- do you have any idea how incoherent most of your comments are (like this last one)? You provide no basis for a rational and informed conversation -- you are just venting your rage at "the Jews" -- in the same style as Frazier Glenn Miller. - Sean McBride
Stephen Greenblatt is one example among many Jews who are important representatives of the universalist and secular humanist strain in Jewish culture. You should try reading his biography of Shakespeare (Will in the World) and The Swerve: How the World Became Modern. Fine work. [Wikipedia; Stephen Greenblatt] - Sean McBride
Are you saying that what makes Greenblatt's work "fine" is that he is ethno-racially Jewish? - ChasMark
No -- I am saying that Jewish culture has produced many minds of his high quality. - Sean McBride
sean, if you had real morals you would give a shit how people treat others. It's all a statistical soulless spreadsheet. How many awards, what SAT scores, how many mentions in the news. When rare tribes of goyim exhibit the same traits as Weiss family values, you call it what it is. - pepsi
The last 14 comments are probably needless. Looks like I just added one more. :/ - WJones
What is it about Stephen Greenblatt's work on Shakespeare that indicates he is "universalist & secular humanistic," and that those qualities, to the extent they are qualities, are specifically influenced by Jewishness? Most authors attempt to gain credibility for their work by stating the academic areas they have mastered, the mentors they have learned from, the institutions that have inspired/supported/nurtured them. Is Dante's work extraordinary because he was Roman Catholic? - ChasMark
Sean, I think the big problem is when people generalize about a religious or ethnic community. The tough thing unfortunately is when in some areas some community will have a near total opinion on something. Let's say 95% of Americans support their involvement in WWII. Would it be fair to say that "the Americans" fought WWII? If not, would that statement be seen as stereotyping... more... - WJones
WJones -- I strongly oppose generalizing about or stereotyping ethnic or religious communities -- I take people one by one as they come along. One can make judgments or come to conclusions about ideologies or belief systems and their followers, however -- that is a different matter. - Sean McBride
Greenblatt doesn't make an issue of his Jewishness -- many Jews don't -- and many of them are thought leaders in universalist domains. That is my only point. - Sean McBride
there's zero jewish debate about ww2, 9/11, and historical responsibility for any of their 100+ expulsions by the goyim tribe. - pepsi
I don't think so many of their expulsions were their fault. Shahak pointed out that Rome would let a Jewish ghetto exist, but no other religion could have a ghetto in Rome. That tells me that when expulsions occurred, it might not have been mainly because of bad things Jews did, but because the expellers themselves were intolerant- regardless of whatever the Jewish community did. That is, tolerance of Jews may have been an exception to a general rule of intolerance toward all religious minorities. - WJones
The part of the discussion with GFTG that I find tough is because they sometimes talks in generalities, like "the Jews did X". Now this can be a challenge, because a very high number of Jews may do X, but still I don't like generalizing about people like you do not, Sean. - WJones
Add onto that this is a sensitive topic, even one that may be "monitored" and there are reasons why someone may want to avoid getting into those kinds of conversations. - WJones
I don't co-sign what Frazier Glenn Cross did/is accused of doing. - JustTheFactsPlease
ooooh, plain vanilla Americans may not talk about a disproportion of Jewish influence in US politics, finance, Hollywood & media because it is "sensitive." By all means, let us limit our discourse to football scores and leave the "intelligent" "universalist" discourse to Jews. They are so much better at it. Not in general, mind you, but in a carefully nuanced, true truth-telling kind of... more... - ChasMark
Sean McBride
The//Intercept: Passover Greetings from the Editor (John Cook)
"I will try to make myself available today in the comments on this post to answer questions about what we are doing and what we intend to do. I’ll be here until 3 p.m. EDT, when I’m off to seder. Chag sameach." - Sean McBride
Something is definitely feeling peculiar and off about this venture. What have become of Glenn Greenwald and Jeremy Scahill? - Sean McBride
Read the comments - fascinating. - Sean McBride
John Cook's Passover reference may have been ironic: - Sean McBride
I think John Cook is probably an Enlightenment dude. I am willing to give Intercept more time to get its act together. - Sean McBride
I keep commenting about the mysterious "disappearance" of Jeremy Scahill - who wrote so much before sinking into a publication black hole, just as soon as he joined this venture. - Danaa
The saying "if it looks too good to be true..." appears more relevant by the day. - Danaa
the way the venture collected some of the most independent - and productive - journalists and bloggers around, only to become a moribound sink of information is truly puzzling. How long does it take to start publishing something anyways? The Intercept is up and about, but has anyone seen anything significant or earth shaking on it lately? and Glenn Greenwald returns to the US to accept a prize and all is quiet on the western front. Way too quiet, one would think. - Danaa
That piece about Omidyar being one side of the funding of USAID in Ukraine, Soros being another (among more "liberal" interventionist fundies) really rankled. Indeed, Greenwald's silence on what's going on in the Ukraine - and the almost complete, wall-to-wall media anti-Russia propagandizing speaks quite loudly. - Danaa
Given the number of highly significant - and disturbing - events to have happened in the months since the First Look venture was announced, something that seemed strangely not-covered by serious bloggers like Scahill, taibbi, jay Rosen, Froomkin and Greenwald, can one be blamed for wondering whether the entire venture was a concerted "Op" to effectively "remove" some of the more influencial voices out in the alternative media? - Danaa
Suggested starter list for significant events since Greenwald was "absorbed" into "First" Look: 1. Ukraine Coup 2. Media attack on Sochi Olympics 3. Collapse of kerry's I/P talk 4. Sy Hersh's definitive unraveling of the Syria CW attack as false flag 5. venezuela "riots" 6. Disappearance of MH370 - Danaa
Danaa -- if First Look Media turns out to be a nefarious op, don't you think that Greenwald, Scahill, Taibbi and all those stubborn and independent minds will divulge all the gory details down the line? Unless they are quietly incarcerated at Guantanamo. - Sean McBride
By the way, you are breaking out your thoughts and paragraphs into nice bite-size comment chunks, where they are easily digested. :) This interface is manageable, I think. - Sean McBride
Oh, I think they may well all peeter (sp?) out in time, if our smidgen of suspicion turns out to be correct. I did not for a second imagine the goal was to shut them up forever - but just for a time. A very critical time in the larger corporatocracy's game book. Obviously, I can't know for sure, but can't get over this noisy little bird trying to whisper something in my ear. - Danaa
Why the suspicion? simple (at least for my part): I've been trying to imagine what the PTB might try to assert some control over alternative media. Obviously, scare tactics don't work on everyone, especially for some who feel they have nothing to lose (cf. their chances at a regular MSM perch are all but gone) and don't have enough of a greedy bone. That leaves "co-opting" as a tactic.... more... - Danaa
Last longer comment was for you Sean, to prove that you cannot co-opt me into the friendFeed Borg. That's what you get for compliments! - Danaa
No wonder my very own quite commendable parents kind of gave up on me when I was, like 6 yrs old. They - along with everyone else - just assumed that "bundle of joy" was a gift left behind by the werewolves or something. The only thing that changed over the [many] years since is that I've learnt to disguise the moon-wailing (but, last night was just too tempting - blood moon and all... more... - Danaa
That is a perfectly plausible scenario -- First Look Media could be a gimmick for coopting the most influential voices on the Internet and bringing them under control. We'll see how this plays out in the coming weeks and months. Shutting up those personalities for more than a few months strikes me as not a viable project -- talk about a scheme born to backfire (if that is what it has been). - Sean McBride
I imagine you have been quite a handful since day one. :) I share some of those traits myself. :) Beware of the world's true truth-seekers.... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Brain Computer Interfacing Introduction | Artificial intelligence and natural language processing | Cambridge University Press -
Brain Computer Interfacing Introduction | Artificial intelligence and natural language processing | Cambridge University Press
"The idea of interfacing minds with machines has long captured the human imagination. Recent advances in neuroscience and engineering are making this a reality, opening the door to restoring and potentially augmenting human physical and mental capabilities. Medical applications such as cochlear implants for the deaf and deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease are becoming increasingly commonplace. Brain- computer interfaces (BCIs) (also known as brain- machine interfaces or BMIs) are now being explored in applications as diverse as security, lie detection, alertness monitoring, telepresence, gaming, education, art, and human augmentation. This introduction to the field is designed as a textbook for upper- level undergraduate and first year graduate courses in neural engineering or brain- computer interfacing for students from a wide range of disciplines. It can also be used for self- study and as a reference by neuroscientists, computer scientists, engineers, and medical... more... - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
IPCC report: How to fight global warming while saving money - -
"While containing global warming will require substantial investment in cleaner sources of energy, much can be accomplished through energy efficiency, a new United Nations report says. More efficient cars, buildings, and appliances will play a crucial role in curbing the effects of global warming, the report found." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Semantic Technologies for Historical Research: A Survey | -
"During the nineties of the last century, historians and computer scientists created together a research agenda around the life cycle of historical information. It comprised the tasks of creation, design, enrichment, editing, retrieval, analysis and presentation of historical information with help of information technology. They also identified a number of problems and challenges in this field, some of them closely related to semantics and meaning. In this survey paper we revisit the joint work of historians and computer scientists in the use of Semantic Web methods and technologies in historical research. We analyse to what extent newly emerging web technologies help in solving open problems on the agenda of historians, and we describe open challenges and possible lines of research pushing further a still young, but promising, historical Semantic Web." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
On Eve of Pope's visit to Israel, Radical Israeli Settlers attack Christian Village | Informed Comment -
"Just weeks before Pope Francis’ first official visit to the Holy Land, a number of Christian holy sites in Israel and Palestine have been targeted in ‘price tag’ attacks by the radical Israeli settler movement. These attacks have been increasing since 2008." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Just weeks before Pope Francis’ first official visit to the Holy Land – the first Papal visit in 50 years – a number of Christian holy sites in Israel and Palestine have been targeted in ‘price tag’ attacks by the radical Israeli settler movement. The most recent attack occurred at the Our Lady at Deir Rafat Monastery located on the site of the depopulated former Arab village of the... more... - Sean McBride
"Although the majority of these attacks have occurred in the West Bank, Christians in Jerusalem and throughout Israeli have also come under attack. As a series of 2012 Haaretz articles pointed out, Christian clergy who dress in ‘priestly garb’ are frequently spat on as they walk through Jerusalem’s Old City; as one priest commented ‘it’s almost impossible to pass through Jaffa Gate... more... - Sean McBride
"However, the Deir Rafat attack also highlights the contempt that the settler movement and radical right hold for the peace process. Other areas of the Monastery at Deir Rafat were tagged with the slogans, ‘America is Nazi Germany’ and ‘the price to pay for the peace agreement’, which suggests that the settler movement in some way associates attacks on Christian sites with revenge... more... - Sean McBride
# quotes 1. Jesus is an ape. 2. Mary is a cow. 3. America is Nazi Germany. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Rand Paul On Edward Snowden: 'We Can't Have An Intelligence Community That Can Do Whatever The Hell They Want' | Business Insider -
Rand Paul On Edward Snowden: 'We Can't Have An Intelligence Community That Can Do Whatever The Hell They Want' | Business Insider
"Paul’s libertarian views and his stance as a prominent critic of the NSA have put him at odds with many Republican Party leaders, who consider Snowden a “traitor.” Paul was careful to say that not every government contractor should be free to disclose what he sees fit. But he was sympathetic to Snowden’s intentions, noting he was doubtful any of the information would have come to light without Snowden’s disclosures. “We can’t have a government that has no oversight. We can’t have an intelligence community that can do whatever the hell they want,” Paul told reporters Saturday at the Freedom Summit, a gathering of grassroots conservatives hosted by the groups Citizens United and Americans for Prosperity." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"One of Paul’s favourite crowd-pleasing lines over the past two days in New Hampshire has been positing that if anyone in the crowd has a cell phone, it is likely they would be under surveillance. That line is followed the proclamation that it’s none of the federal government’s “damn business” what you do on your cell phone. Paul said Friday he thinks this issue will be a problem for... more... - Sean McBride
I guess Paul has latched on to this NSA thing hoping that it gets him name recognition. He hasn't convinced me that he's thoughtful, that he's given matters a lot of thought. I don't know what to make of the NSA issue given that they weren't following up on the Tsarnaevs and they've allowed all those Somalis into the country. Probably still taking in more despite what happened in that... more... - Berthe
I think Rand Paul, like many other Americans, takes civil liberties and privacy rights with great seriousness -- they are the bedrock of all our freedoms. - Sean McBride
Paul has positioned himself as an establishment outsider, renegade, speaker of truth to power, etc. -- just as Barack Obama did in 2008. He may be able to cut through Hillary Clinton like a knife through warm butter -- she is a tired, old, stale establishment politico through and through. No spark whatever. - Sean McBride
Eric Logan
One recent study (Nature 496, 347-350) estimates that transpiration (water vapour derived from plants) produces 80–90% of the atmospheric moisture derived from continents. This figure substantially surpasses previous estimates (20–65%). If the share of atmospheric moisture derived from vegetation is so much larger than previously recognised, then changes in vegetation may also have greater impacts. Until the processes underlying vegetation control of the water cycle are resolved, the potential impact of land-cover change on the regional and global temperature regimes cannot be estimated with confidence. - Eric Logan from Bookmarklet
Fiddling while Rome burns. Woolgathering. - Sean McBride
Rome, Ga and here we have freeze warnings tonight on April 15th I realize that's weather not climate, but it is quite contrary to prior published alarmists prognostications. You still have a major problem with the models, plants, forests other land use changes and natural variability might deserve further study. - Eric Logan
I pay little attention to local weather variations -- just the key indicators regarding long-term global climate. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
One can use Twitter search to identify which parties have been using the Kansas City shootings to attack Max Blumenthal:
[Twitter; Blumenthal ] - Sean McBride
1. Alana Goodman 2. Buber Zionist 3. Daniel Greenfield 4. Eli Lake 5. Frontpage Magazine 6. Gateway Pundit 7. Josh Block 8. M.J. Rosenberg 9. Pamela Geller 10. Robert Stacy McCain - Sean McBride
See a pattern? - Sean McBride
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