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Sean McBride
Analysing Zionism: interview with Jacqueline Rose from 2005 | -
Analysing Zionism: interview with Jacqueline Rose from 2005 |
"The state of Israel was founded in 1948 when Zionist militias — with the connivance of British authorities — embarked on a brutal ethnic cleansing programme that drove over 750,000 Palestinians from their homes, an event known as the Naqba, or catastrophe." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
“But the strongest rage has been against the book’s use of psychoanalysis. This comes from people who are convinced that Zionism is completely rational, that it was the pursuit of a Jewish national homeland in the face of historic disaster—and that nothing else needs to be said. But there’s a lot more that needs to be said to understand why it won’t budge, why it defends itself with such fierce ideological and Biblical commitment.” - Sean McBride
"Reading the book it’s not hard to see why it sparked such a vociferous response from the Zionist right. Rose meticulously documents the way in which Zionism was from its earliest roots shot through with a “messianic” streak that celebrated cataclysmic redemption and militarised colonial violence." - Sean McBride
"As Sabby Sagall argued in a recent review of Rose’s book, “All the evidence indicates that Israel is immune to internal calls for radical change or movements from below. Change will, therefore, have to come from outside.”" - Sean McBride
Rose's was the first book I ever read on Zionist. - American
American, I believe I saw you once recommend this book on MW (Unless it was MRW who also recommends books...). So I ended up buying it and id not regret. Had lots of useful information for me. See? I listen... - Danaa
Yep I did recommend it, maybe MRW did too. I didn't read much about Zionism or Jews when I first got attached to the Isr issue, I was more into the politics of it on the US side in the beginning. When I started to comment on MW several years ago all the jewish centric and related discussions prompted me to read more about jewish history because I was picking up what seemed like clues to... more... - American
Sean McBride
How many people around the world will pro-Israel activists attack today?
it's unreal. check out this woman's twitter feed, yet she is a human rights scholar. [Anne Bayefsky is a human rights scholar and activist. She currently directs the Touro College Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust and is a barrister and solicitor of the Ontario Bar. Her areas of expertise include international human rights law, equality rights, and constitutional human rights law.] - Chu_
# set; Jewish attacks on * over Israel and Zionism 1. American politicians 2. American presidents 3. Andrew Sullivan 4. Barack Obama 5. Christians 6. Europeans 7. John Kerry 8. Muslims 9. non-Jews 10. Stephen Walt - Sean McBride
Once you start paying attention to this behavioral pattern it is quite amazing. - Sean McBride
Here is David Bernstein at the Washington Post attacking Bruce Shipman, an Epicopalian leader at Yale University - Sean McBride
This is mostly about them, not about the parties they are attacking. They define their group identity, and their personal identity, in terms of relentless conflict with group outsiders. They need these conflicts to grind away endlessly to keep from falling to pieces. - Sean McBride
They are first and foremost 'hostile tribalist' and second they are hypocrites because of being a hostile tribalist. There is nothing you can do with people like this except marginalize them socially and take away any financial or political power they have to act out their hostility on others. The Jewish Zionist brand of tribalism must be put into the same category by democratic governments as other brands of fanatical groups....radical Islam, communism, racist groups, etc.. - American
old video of Ayn Rand on Donahue. Same talking points that are used today. She even manages to criticize US foreign policy. - Chu_
This behavioral pattern seems to be driven more by irrational and neurotic psychological needs than by rational and pragmatic physical needs. No degree of prosperity and physical security will satisfy those needs. - Sean McBride
'No degree of ... physical security will satisfy those needs.' Which is why the US has to distance itself from Israel, or we'll be bailing them out for the next century to come. - Chu_
OT- article by Gilad Atzmon refers to MW: "Chased by a Klezmer " <<I believe that the Jewish Left is not merely a continuation of the problem, it is actually at the heart of the problem. Jewish power, as I see it, is the capacity to silence criticism of Jewish power. In that regard, AIPAC and the Jewish Lobby are not ‘Jewish power,’ they are symptoms of Jewish power. The institutional... more... - weareone
I had a front row seat regarding those events on Mondoweiss -- in fact, I was a leading participant in discussing the ideological background and roots of Zionism. I encountered some interesting resistance from a few progressives and anti-Zionists there who would very much like to strictly segregate Zionism from the overall arc of Jewish history and culture -- that of course makes no sense. - Sean McBride
Yes, I recalled that when I read this article. - weareone
Sean McBride
Ron Paul: Government Had Foreknowledge of 9/11 Terror Attacks | Washington Free Beacon -
"Former Rep. Ron Paul said he believes the U.S. government had prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and has kept this information hidden in a classified section of the 9/11 Commission report." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Release the 28 pages -- what's the problem? Let Americans come to their own conclusions. - Sean McBride
A innovative hasbara tool.....the Peacemaker Game
I haven't played it but done enough research on it to know that's its a bit of Isr hasbara. - American
The game is based on a completely false premise...the same old one we've heard for 65 years---that Isr and Palestine have to work our peace on their own. Every I.Q above 60 knows that wont happen. And the game does not include any outside powers that would be brought to bear. - American
Its being used by jewish pro I-groups on campuses and by jewish professors in college to promote that Isr and Palestine claims are 'equal' and that that is why it is so difficult to solve. You lose the game if you as the Isr or Palestine leaders drop below a certain approval rate by your people. You also cant win it with any one ruling or for instance not building new settlements---everything has to be stretched out over a period of years as baby steps. - American
It was created by a former IDF officer and two gaming guys. - American
It's a rigged game, with carefully restricted parameters. - Sean McBride
I wonder if they have an option where you can undermine the West Bank water supply and redirect it to Israel? Or erect apartheid walls as you advance. - Chu_
yea, rigged is a good way to describe it. - American
Sean McBride
The old Mondoweiss blew away the new Mondoweiss for features and functionality.
Not even a contest. - Sean McBride
Adam said they are going to add the last 100 comments and said they haven't got to it yet. - Chu_
funny that's it says 'howdy' when you log in to the new site. :D - Chu_
Sean McBride
# profiling personal patterns
1. banking patterns 2. career patterns 3. communications patterns 4. financial patterns 5. Internet patterns 6. Internet posting patterns 7. Internet search patterns 8. language patterns 9. login patterns 10. spending patterns 11. travel patterns 12. Web browsing patterns - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Keith's NO EMPIRE Blog: MONDOWEISS- "Our New Look" -
My impression is that Friendfeed offers much more powerful tools for group discussions than Blogspot. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
ISIS, the Neocons, and Obama’s Choices | The American Conservative (Scott McConnell) - http://www.theamericanconserva...
ISIS, the Neocons, and Obama’s Choices | The American Conservative (Scott McConnell)
"It shouldn’t be forgotten that America’s destruction of the Iraqi state in 2003 created the opportunity for ISIS to grow and thrive, as America’s Sunni allies, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, gave ISIS financial backing." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Then as now, an influential group of neoconservatives, tightly allied with Israel, had a very specific idea of what they wanted the United States to do. The neocons then—and still do—aspired for an almost endless series of American wars and invasions across the entire Middle East. Because in 2001 we were already engaged in a sort of shadow war with Saddam Hussein—Iraq was under a... more... - Sean McBride
"That an American war with Iran was an Israeli priority does not mean Israel opposed the Iraq war: polls at the time indicated that Israel was the only country in the world where large popular majorities were enthusiastic about George W. Bush’s Iraq invasion, and Israeli politicians were regularly invited to appear as guests American news talk shows in order to beat the Iraq invasion... more... - Sean McBride
"It would seem logical that if ISIS really is a threat—a metastasizing terrorist entity and enemy of America and all civilization—then the United States should patch up its relations with Syria and Iran to deal with it." - Sean McBride
"So the neocons will argue against any policy which contemplates detente with Iran or a lessening of tension with Syria, because they recognize that if the United States comes to view Iran as an ally in the fight against ISIS or other Sunni extremists, their goal of an American war with Iran is gone, probably forever." - Sean McBride
"A final point: over the past two generations thousands of articles have been written proclaiming that Israel is a “vital strategic ally” of the United States, our best and only friend in the “volatile” Middle East. The claim is a commonplace among serving and aspiring Congressmen. I may have missed it, but has anyone seen a hint that our vital regional ally could be of any assistance... more... - Sean McBride
I would say that US support of Israel has damaged the US more than any of its other actions---Because it doesn't even have a 'fig leaf' of any pretense to spreading democracy or protecting civilizations....iow, the US cant even 'pretend' to have any morals or to be protecting the 'US national security' when it comes to Israel. - American
Sean McBride
Facebook users self-censor on controversial topics -
There are a lot of things I'm willing to say in person that I'm not willing to say online. - Brian Johns
Online remarks can be forever, globally. - Sean McBride
From what I've seen on my feed, some users don't self-censor or if they do, we are in hella trouble. - Greg GuitarBuster
Sean McBride
[# Google; fake video * 1. 9/11 2. adam gadahn 3. beheading 4. islam 5. james foley 6. nick berg 7. osama bin laden]
There may be a pattern of deception there. - Sean McBride
If the video seems too cartoonish, too staged, too scripted, too melodramatic, too opportunistic, it may well be fake. - Sean McBride
Hollywood whiz kids can fake anything these days. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Adam Horowitz posted an important comment in [Our new look] yesterday, but unfortunately there is now no way to link to it.
Open the page and search for "read deeper meaning" in your browser. - Sean McBride
Thats plausible what he says but he could have said that a year ago - that he was limiting the deadline because of moderation capacity. Instead the only thing we got from them about restricting comments in terms of an explanation was that some comments were against Judaism. ("pillarying it") and were not going to be tolerated. - WJones
So Mondoweiss commenters who feel hampered by Mondoweiss's moderation policies should build their own social networks. Nothing could be more simple. - Sean McBride
Or they could have asked more people they trust to help moderate. Moderation shoulddnt be that hard- you just need to take out the mindless trolling. I am not sure whether they keep out Hasbara. At least some of the nasty, mindless Hasbara they probably do (eg. cursing). - WJones
There is a simple solution to this problem: moderate only unproven and untrusted commenters (new commenters) -- don't moderate proven and trusted commenters, unless particular problems arise. There should be two levels of commenters -- one moderated, the other unmoderated. - Sean McBride
But I much prefer the Friendfeed communications protocol -- self-organizing systems, self-moderation, bottom-up social communications, etc. - Sean McBride
"There is a simple solution to this problem: moderate only unproven and untrusted commenters (new commenters) -- don't moderate proven and trusted commenters, unless particular problems arise. There should be two levels of commenters -- one moderated, the other unmoderated." Good point. But maybe they don't trust many people? They have needlessly censored a very few of mine. - WJones
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Elizabeth Warren finally speaks on Israel/Gaza, sounds like Netanyahu -
### Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) at a hearing in the Senate on November 12, 2013 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) The last time Elizabeth Warren was asked about her views on the Israeli attack on Gaza – on July 17 – she, as Rania Khalek put it, “literally ran away” without answering. But last week, the liberal Senator appeared for one of her regularly scheduled “office hours” with her Massachusetts constituents, this one in Hyannis, Read more The post Elizabeth Warren finally speaks on Israel/Gaza, sounds like Netanyahu appeared first on The Intercept.
So Elizabeth Warren is another Zionist war hawk (we won't say war harpy) like Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Victoria Nuland, etc.? - Sean McBride
How does Elizabeth Warren square extreme right-wing ethno-religious nationalism with progressive and liberal values? With basic American and modern Western democratic values? With feminist values? - Sean McBride
Another Israeli wh**e. there is no one running so far I will vote for. - American
All of these American politicians who have groveled before the Israeli government and the Israel lobby have made fools of themselves -- most of them will come to regret it. Some of them will react by radically reversing their positions on Israeli issues in an effort to acquire credibility and authenticity. - Sean McBride
It would be refreshing to hear a politician say 'If I criticize Israel in the slightest degree, The pro-Israel glass ceiling will magically appear and my chances for higher office would be near impossible." - Chu_
Sean McBride
Liberal Zionism Is Dying. The Two-State Solution Shouldn’t Go With It. | The Nation -
Liberal Zionism Is Dying. The Two-State Solution Shouldn’t Go With It. | The Nation
"In 1948, Hannah Arendt published an essay in the magazine Commentary—at the time still a liberal magazine—titled “To Save the Jewish Homeland.” She lamented the increasingly militaristic, chauvinistic direction of Zionism, the virtual unanimity among Jews in both the United States and Palestine that “Arab and Jewish claims are irreconcilable and only a military decision can settle the issue; the Arabs, all Arabs, are our enemies and we accept this fact; only outmoded liberals believe in compromises, only philistines believe in justice, and only shlemiels prefer truth and negotiation to propaganda and machine guns…and we will consider anybody who stands in our way a traitor and anything done to hinder us a stab in the back.”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"This nationalist strain of Zionism, she predicted, might succeed in establishing a state, but it would be a modern-day Sparta, “absorbed with physical self-defense to a degree that would submerge all other interests and activities.” It would negate the very humanistic Jewish values that originally fed the Zionist dream. “Palestine Jewry would eventually separate itself from the larger... more... - Sean McBride
"It’s difficult to avoid the conclusion, sixty-six years later, that she was right." - Sean McBride
'' It would negate the very humanistic Jewish values that originally fed the Zionist dream.'''....There were no very humanistic values that fed the Zionist dream---that's another lie they tell themselves. - American
American, those "humanistic jewish values" are basically enlightenment values that jewish writers did much to appropriate as something "sort of" jewish. Of course, Talmudic text has some good passages, and there was humanism in the words attributed, in particular, to Hillel. Alas, the "good stuff" and/or "wise stuff' is buried in the Talmudic exhortations and deliberations around how to... more... - Danaa
The Talmud is like the Koran in many ways - you read into it what you want and pick out of it what you want. As for the rest of the "Jewish values" I think they mean family values and emphasis on education. In other words, Chinese values. OK< with one exception - argumentation - there's a great jewish value for you. Wanna have it? it's for sale, you know.... - Danaa
Anyways, you are right about it being high time to start calling out this "Jewish values" shtick. I would however assume the writer was just as careless as most. Time for some serious deconstruction! - Danaa
The interesting project will be to separate out those Jewish values that revolve around Jewish ethnic nationalist self-interest from those that don't. Mainstream Judaism has already been completely swallowed and absorbed by Zionism (Jewish ethnic nationalism). - Sean McBride
If life is mostly about the pursuit of one's ethnic nationalist self-interest -- which is the aggressive and relentless message of Zionism -- then we will be in a real mess. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Updates of new comments on selected articles by email is not working for me on Mondoweiss
Any other reports? - Sean McBride
Without email notifications, there is no way that I am going to see new comments in open and ongoing conversations -- including replies to my own comments. - Sean McBride
I never used that feature anyway and always checked my profile for replies. - WJones
Email notifications for comments are much more efficient than using your profile to check for them -- in fact, I wouldn't bother reading comments or engaging in conversations without the email feature. - Sean McBride
Addendum: but you really to need to understand how to fully exploit Gmail to make this work. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The Mondoweiss homepage currently reports that there are 0 comments on [Our new look], which is wrong -- last I looked, there were 135 comments.
Which means that I can't rely on comment counters on the homepage to notice when new comments have been added to an article. - Sean McBride
The Mondoweiss interface has become so opaque and hookless, that I think I will set it aside for the time being until all these issues are fixed. I don't have the time and energy to blindly try to click through to the main points of interest. - Sean McBride
Ok -- fixed -- now reporting 163 comments. But none of the new comments have arrived in email. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Ron Paul’s Challenge: Call for 9/11 Transparency with new #Declassify Campaign | Ben Swann Truth In Media -
"Former Texas Republican Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul has announced a campaign to raise support for House Resolution 428 which seeks to declassify 28 pages of the Senate report on the attacks of September 11, 2001. Paul stated that he was calling on those concerned with getting the full story of September 11 to record a short video message saying: “I deserve to know the truth hidden in the 28 classified pages of the 9/11 report.”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
If those 28 pages are released, the entire official story on 9/11 will probably unravel and collapse. - Sean McBride
"When the final report was released it amounted to over 800 pages. Despite the lengthy report critics immediately pointed towards 28 pages that had been classified. Since the report was first released in late 2002 family members and lawmakers have fought to release the classified pages. In December 2013, Congressmen Walter Jones (R-NC) and Stephen Lynch (D-MA) introduced Resolution 428, calling on President Obama to make the pages public. The resolution has received bi-partisan support." - Sean McBride
"Representative Jones has said the 28 pages will be an embarrassment to the administration, while Thomas Massie (R-KY) said while reading the documents he “had to stop every couple of pages and absorb and try to rearrange my understanding of history for the past 13 years and the years leading up to that. It challenges you to rethink everything,” he said at a press conference discussing... more... - Sean McBride
"Former Senator Bob Graham of Florida, co-chair of the joint Senate-House investigation, recently told VICE News that the redactions are a “cover up.” Graham stated, “It’s become more and more inexplicable as to why two administrations have denied the American people information that would help them better understand what happened on 9/11.” Graham has also made statements alluding to Saudi government involvement in the financing of the accused terrorists." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
First impressions of the new Mondoweiss
A step backwards. The 100 most recent comments is still not working. Mark and copy is gone. The edit button for comments is gone. - Sean McBride
Too much emphasis on cosmetic changes -- not enough attention to upgrading basic communications protocols to 2014 standards. Apparently the designers of the new system aren't familiar with the revolution in social media platforms -- they are far behind the curve. - Sean McBride
Thank God I can filter Mondoweiss through Friendfeed -- to add the important features that are missing. - Sean McBride
100 recent comments gone. Was this intentional. A way to limit the skirmishes between comments. - Chu_
However -- we still need to give Mondoweiss some time to fix the inevitable bugs which accompany major changes like this. - Sean McBride
What is Mark and copy? - WJones
"The edit button for comments is gone." A slow death. I wonder if they will actually ban comments altogether. - WJones
When you mark/select, copy and paste text, you need to be able to see what you are marking/selecting through a color contrast. - Sean McBride
The elimination of the 100 recent comments is probably gone deliberately, as has the side bar showing comments on threads (a common feature in many platforms). I doubt it'll return. The idea is to hide, not highlight comments. This little party is over, and the sooner commenters on MW realize it the better. Too bad but perhaps the loss might wake up enough people to the fact that if... more... - Danaa
If you want those from among the majority of commenters on MW who are jewish (and I maintain - without proof, of course) that they are, whether people like it or not, the forum or the FF thread has to be started and run by someone jewish. That's just the way it is. otherwise they won't come. - Danaa
Which thread is the one where most complaints about the new MW are lodged? any in particular? - Danaa
WJones, a slow death indeed. They are trying to strangle the comments, reducing them to a trickle. I believe this is deliberate. - Danaa
If many other commentors had a serious urge to talk more than what is offered, some of them they would have come to FF. We have advertised it enough. Danaa and Sean: put the MW FF URL in your MW Profile, like I did, in case you haven't already. That's how WeAreOne found us. - WJones
I don't know of many other forums about the IP Issue besides MW on FF and the MW Comment Section. I PMed Sean and Chu about one Section that I've frequented on a Christan Forum that has discussed it. - WJones
((WJones, a slow death indeed. They are trying to strangle the comments, reducing them to a trickle. I believe this is deliberate.)) Seafoid likes the Comments Section. His writings are fun often. - WJones
I thought Hostage was complaining about the Comments Section because I was discussing Chomsky so much with him. But then he said that the killing of the Comments Section was actually a main factor in him wanting to leave. - WJones
I know there are liberals who complain about the Comments Section, but I think that they probably feel this way not just about the Comments, but about much of the site too. After all, L.Proyect thought that Annie was being antisemitic in the comments , and yet that Phil allows the Comments section to continue to be so. Yet Annie herself is a regular writer on MW, so it's not really just the Comment Section that must bother them. - WJones
One weird phenomenon is how some people like MJR can be so outspoken on the issue and yet claim that Ali A. is racist just because Ali A uses the word "Zionists" in his criticisms of them. - WJones
The most likely explanation is that Phil wants open discussion about many sides of the issue, but the site is under strong emotional and verbal pressure from Israeli nationalists. So a few of the other editors are taking steps to gradually wind down the comments section. The main question is whether they will end it altogether. There is not much more they can do to kill it. It seems... more... - WJones
I do not like the new format doesnt 'pop' any headlines and its too much trouble to go to the different sections for articles. I think maybe Jones is right and they are winding down the comments. I liked the ascending list of was more timely and you could see what was new .....and I liked the recent comments appearing in the right hand column because there are some... more... - American
WJones, American, Sean, check my comment under the "New Comments" thread - in an answer to keith. I was trying to put it out there, in case more people were interested in finding an alternative forum. The comment did not sit in moderation too long, BTW. My suspicion is that most commenters may simply not want to take the trouble looking elsewhere, or coming here. Yet, people who comment... more... - Danaa
I also think that people may simply be afraid of becoming too involved or bogged down in forums. On MW one can cut and run as one wishes. But if one were involved in bringing out some other medium, there's implied responsibility to stay involved. So people worry - what am I getting myself into, and all that. - Danaa
To close, and to entertain, here is my idea of the three elements that underle all human action or lack thereof: everything is an interplay between inertia, fear and intention. Intention correlates with ambition, greed etc - ie all that moves one forward (cf hooray for change!), fear is what holds one back and/or causes the human to retreat in the face of challenges/obstacles/walls (Ie,... more... - Danaa
Ok, so my idea of all causes for human action (and Sean, I'm sure will appraise me of just how unoriginal I am....) needs to be modified slightly to add another dimension - a fourth axis. For lack of a better word I'll call it charity. That is the impetus to act in ways that are in the interest of the larger collective, sometimes even to the detriment of one's own interests. We know... more... - Danaa
<<Feed-back please (assuming the thread doesn’t freeze)?>> That thread is going to freeze like an apple in an ice box. - WJones
<< the highlight is just a weak, urine yellow>>~ Marc B. ______________ Maybe Marc is using a Mac or some other computer settings, but I am seeing nothing even with my face inches away from my screen. - WJones
Guess what - the thread is still open to replies. Is it my imagination or are the threads open longer? I just posted a reply on something that's already 4 days old. Shhh.....don't tell anyone... - Danaa
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
‘New Yorker’ limits its expose of Israel lobby to AIPAC -
Connie Bruck has a big piece on AIPAC in the New Yorker that includes some good Capitol Hill reporting on AIPAC’s corrupting influence over the Congress. Friends are passing the piece along to me as an expose, and several are thrilled by it. The article is titled, “Are American Jews Turning Against AIPAC?” and suggests that AIPAC
Extracting computable facts from this article: - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; AIPAC critic - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; J Street supporter - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; liberal Zionist - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; Mel Levine wife - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; New Yorker writer - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; pro-Israel activist - Sean McBride
c; Connie Bruck category; Zionist - Sean McBride
Once again, a clean plain text table -- and one can do many things with that data in combination with other data. - Sean McBride
Extracting more computable facts from this article: - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Ari Shavit - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Connie Bruck - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Dennis Ross - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Eric Alterman - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Jeffrey Goldberg - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Lester Crown - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Mel Levine - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist; Thomas Kaplan - Sean McBride
More: - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; Aspen Institute - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; Israel Policy Forum - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; J Street - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; New Yorker - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; PBS News Hour - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; UANI (United Against Nuclear Iran) - Sean McBride
c; liberal Zionist organization; WINEP (Washington Institute for Near East Policy) - Sean McBride
All of these facts were embedded in Phil's article. - Sean McBride
This is the same article that I posted yesterday which was picked up by "Global Research." Politics within the Jewish community aside (liberal Zionist vs right wing Zionist; J Street vs JVP vs AIPAC), the significant thing to me is, assuming that Bruck's and Gallup poll numbers are correct, that<< only thirty-eight per cent of American Jews believe that the Israeli government is... more... - weareone
Thanks for the above info, Sean. I also appreciate your comments on the use of Twitter the other day. - weareone
weareone: those stats you cite certainly strike me as being huge -- I don't think you are missing anything. - Sean McBride
weareone: if and when you collect some Twitter feeds to follow, be sure to share. Once again, this is who I follow: [Twitter: Sean McBride: following] I love browsing these lists and can learn a great deal from them. - Sean McBride
Sean, much appreciated. I'll take some time later to look them over. I'm sure I'll learn quite a bit also. - weareone
Buck's article is bs. Zionist trying to' regroup' the Jews since some of them were offended by the Gaza slaughter. - American
American, you don't think those numbers are significant? - weareone
This is what we were talking about on another thread. If this article is analyzed from a Jewish perspective, one may see only intra-Jewish issues and the larger, and imo, most important point may be missed or ignored... which is that 75% of Americans under the age of 30 think Israel is "unjustified." Of course, many of these are voters and they are saying no to genocide,... more... - weareone
What these numbers suggest to me, is that what the" tribe" says or does, at this point, is almost irrelevant. They cannot stop the tidal wave of change that's coming from the outside. - weareone
'They cannot stop the tidal wave of change that's coming from the outside' - I hope this is the case. And I think it's inevitable, but the American Zionists will cling to each other & their narrative [lies] until the bitter end - or so it seems. That may be 6 years or it may be 18. Their power bubble is waning, but how long before it crashes to earth? I don't have a problem with Jews... more... - Chu_
Yes,how long we don't know but at least there seems to be some cause for optimism. - weareone from iPhone
Sean McBride
Young Americans take a dim view of Israel’s actions - The Washington Post -
"A new Pew Research Center poll is the second in the past week to show a huge generational split on the current conflict in Gaza. While all age groups north of 30 years old clearly blame Hamas more than Israel for the current violence, young adults buck the trend in a big way. Among 18 to 29-year olds, 29 percent blame Israel more for the current wave of violence, while 21 percent blame Hamas." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The National Journal's Ron Fournier had this take on the demographic split: "'s a warning that Israel's decades-old public relations and political dominance is coming to an end unless the nation's leaders change the narrative and reset their strategic position with moderate Palestinians."" - Sean McBride
This is worth breaking out into a separate post. - Sean McBride
I wonder what caused the split? I know the internet is a big difference. Maybe the older generations spent decades getting their pro-Israeli news from the MSM, while younger generations were not as imbued with it and are better able to research critically? - WJones
I am surprised by such a big generational divide in the US. - WJones
<<And finally, there's the fact that, even as young Americans question Israel in this instance, they are still much more pro-Israel than pro-Palestinian. A Gallup poll from 2011 showed young Americans (this time those aged 18 to 34) generally sided with Israel over the Palestinians, 58-19. The oldest Americans were only nominally more pro-Israel, at 67-14. IsraelYoung3 Similarly, a Pew... more... - WJones
Sean McBride
MJ (Mike) Rosenberg: New Mondoweiss design is terrible BUT at least it hides ugly comments section.
And jon s concurs that this is a good thing. - Sean McBride
Also: the dates for comments used to be live links -- one could reference specific comments with URLs. Has that feature disappeared? - Sean McBride
In reading the comments on the new Mondoweiss, one gets the impression that the blind are leading the blind. Few of the commenters comprehend that the Internet provides them with the ability to proactively create their own social networks in relation to Mondoweiss or any other topic. They are baby birds waiting to be fed by their mommy and daddy birds. - Sean McBride
MJ and jon s would prefer a world in which no one can talk back to them and challenge them. That mindset is traditionally described as "authoritarian." - Sean McBride
Overall, the Israel lobby has been traumatized by the rise of the Internet and universal free speech -- it prefers rigid top-down systems for controlling public discourse, under the thumb of a self-appointed priesthood. It doesn't want to be in the position of defending or debating its ideas and policies -- it has no confidence that it can do so. - Sean McBride
Developing the baby bird analogy: Mondoweiss commenters need to learn how to fly and feed themselves -- to behave autonomously. - Sean McBride
Much of the Comments section probably reflects what Phil and Annie are actually thinking. - WJones
Sean McBride
I would not have chosen Crowd Favorite to do the Mondoweiss remake.
It appears to be a company that specializes in shallow cosmetics -- not deep interface issues. - Sean McBride
Crowd Favorite has succeeded in seriously degrading the Mondoweiss interface. Interface is about much more than pretty fonts -- it's mainly about the optimal management of information and content. Crowd Favorite doesn't think on that level. - Sean McBride
Compare the amount of information one can easily browse and absorb on this single page compared to any single page on Mondoweiss. This is an example of a deep interface issue. - Sean McBride
How much can you learn about current Mideast political issues by scrolling down this single page? -- quite a bit. Try it -- from the top to the bottom. The display is clean and readable, and one can instantly comment on any post or comment, with the ability to edit one's comments at any time in the future. - Sean McBride
Smart interfaces reduce to the maximum degree possible the number of clicks one requires to navigate an information space. - Sean McBride
What's happening with ISIS? Simply use CTRL-F in one's browser to search this page for "isis." - Sean McBride
Wait -- are the comments on [Our new look] already closed? :) - Sean McBride
Most of the hooks that drew me into Mondoweiss content are now gone. - Sean McBride
More issues with the new Mondoweiss: - Sean McBride
Automatically including a link when copying text can often feel more like a bug than a feature -- one is often forced to delete the link/clutter. That is a feature that one should be able to turn off. - Sean McBride
Also: I just tried to use CTRL-A to select and delete the text of the comment I was composing and replace it with new text -- no go. That feature no longer works. - Sean McBride
More people from MW would come to this site if you could format with paragraphs, bold, italics. I think FF would get new life it these were incorporated. - Chu_
also, I don't believe you can search for people by there names in the search area - Chu_
<<: I just tried to use CTRL-A to select and delete the text of the comment I was composing and replace it with new text -- no go. That feature no longer works.>> Actually it does work, you just don't realize it because the highlighting is almost white colored. - WJones
Sean McBride
Exclusive–Rand Paul: Hillary's 'War Hawk' Policies Led to Benghazi Attack, Rise of ISIS -
Exclusive–Rand Paul: Hillary's 'War Hawk' Policies Led to Benghazi Attack, Rise of ISIS
"Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) certainly has a knack for boldness. On Sunday's Meet the Press, he dubbed U.S. military engagement in Libya “Hillary’s war” and stated the rise of the Islamic State (ISIS) is not a result of President Obama's inaction in the Middle East but the unintended consequence of the U.S. military engagement in Libya." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Many progressive publications and sites on the left are making the very same point -- because it is obviously true. - Sean McBride
Neoconservatives and neoliberals knocked over Arab regimes that were a bulwark against Muslim extremists like ISIS/ISIL. Brilliant, if the object of the game is to drive the West and Islam into an apocalyptic confrontation -- to radicalize both sides against one another. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Who Dat? « Another Word For It -
"The high level goal of the dat project is to build a streaming interface between every database and file storage backend in the world. By building tools to build and share data pipelines we aim to bring to data a style of collaboration similar to what git brings to source code." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Eric Logan
The Myth of Republican Racism
The Myth of Republican Racism
I responded emotionally to the title of this post, in a negative way, but when I read the article I found that I couldn't rebut the facts Charen presents. Perhaps other people can. - Sean McBride
One could, of course, compile a collection of racist remarks made by Republicans during the last few decades. Perhaps someone has. - Sean McBride
I live in Georgia. I talk to racists everyday, but they are not smart and articulate people and they are doing themselves a disservice more than they are oppressing anyone from my vantage point. We are NEVER going to eliminate racism we can minimize people who feel victimized by empowering them with rich habits and the welfare state is not empowering to anyone. It's a trap in my... more... - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Sean McBride
A point that Mondoweiss should keep in mind: the comments on articles at publications like the New York Times and Washington Post are often more interesting than the articles on which they comment.
They add tremendous value to those publications and help engage readers. - Sean McBride
A key measure of success and vitality for any publication: intensity and quality of engagement from readers. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The Intercept: Why Israel's bombardment of Gaza neighborhood left US officers 'stunned':
"“Holy bejeezus,” exclaimed retired Lt. Gen. Robert Gard when told the numbers of artillery pieces and rounds fired during the July 21 action. “That rate of fire over that period of time is astonishing. If the figures are even half right, Israel’s response was absolutely disproportionate.” A West Point graduate who is a veteran of two wars and is the chairman of the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation in Washington, D.C., he added that even if Israeli artillery units fired guided munitions, it would have made little difference." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
UN Panel: Global Warming Human-Caused, Dangerous - ABC News -
"Global warming is here, human-caused and probably already dangerous — and it's increasingly likely that the heating trend could be irreversible, a draft of a new international science report says." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on Monday sent governments a final draft of its synthesis report, which combines three earlier, gigantic documents by the Nobel Prize-winning group. There is little in the report that wasn't in the other more-detailed versions, but the language is more stark and the report attempts to connect the different scientific disciplines studying problems caused by the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil and gas." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Two competing narratives on the Michael Brown shooting
1. Michael Brown, a gentle giant, was gunned down in cold blood by a white racist cop, Darren Wilson, for jaywalking and because he was black. - Sean McBride
2. Darren Wilson, an honorable cop, shot Michael Brown, a strong-arm robber and thug, in justifiable self-defense after Brown assaulted him and tried to grab his gun. - Sean McBride
Some people, with political agendas, believed that one or the other narrative was true without waiting for all the facts and evidence to come together. Most of us are still waiting for that to happen, regardless of our political agendas. - Sean McBride
The star witness for the first narrative is Dorian Johnson: His claim that Wilson shot Brown in the back has already been proven false by the autopsy report. - Sean McBride
Might the first narrative be the true story? -- of course. But not necessarily at this point. That is why a grand jury investigation is underway -- to look at all the evidence. - Sean McBride
If this is the wrong way to frame this controversy, what is the right way? I am frankly curious. Should we skip the grand jury proceedings and immediately arrest Wilson? - Sean McBride
Regarding the relative importance of news stories: should this story be receiving more attention than the James Foley execution by ISIS -- an incident that could trigger another major American war in the Mideast? - Sean McBride
A current summary of the contrasting narratives: [What happened when Michael Brown met Officer Darren Wilson] - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Looking to the Future of Data Science - -
"The Association for Computing Machinery, a leading professional association in computer science, is holding its annual conference this week, focusing on what we’re now calling data science — though the ACM still clings to the label adopted when the yearly gatherings began in 1998, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. Of course, the field is booming, so the four-day conclave of talks, technical papers and human networking in New York has attracted an estimated 2,200 attendees, double last year’s headcount." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"But in his keynote speech on Monday, Oren Etzioni, a prominent computer scientist and chief executive of the recently created Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, delivered a call to arms to the assembled data mavens. Don’t be overly influenced, Mr. Etzioni warned, by the “big data tidal wave,” with its emphasis on mining large data sets for correlations, inferences and... more... - Sean McBride
"At the Allen Institute, financed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Mr. Etzioni is leading a growing team of 30 researchers that is working on systems that move from data to knowledge to theories, and then can reason. The test, he said, is: “Does it combine things it knows to draw conclusions?” This is the step from correlation, probabilities and prediction to a computer system that... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The U.S.-Israel Relationship Arrives at a Moment of Reckoning (David Rothkopf) -
The U.S.-Israel Relationship Arrives at a Moment of Reckoning (David Rothkopf)
"An exclusive talk with former U.S. Special Envoy Martin Indyk on Israel’s new allies, the Gaza blowup, and why Washington shrugged when the peace process collapsed." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
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