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Sean McBride
StandWithUs: .@HowardStern has had it with anti- #Israel activists. LISTEN to his rant here: #israelunderfire
Mondoweiss should transcribe Howard Stern's comments here -- the details are telling. - Sean McBride
Pro-Israel activists are going to do in their own cause -- the level of savage aggression and obscene abuse coming from that quarter is mind-boggling. It turns out that Howard Stern is just another Pamela Geller in pants. - Sean McBride
One keeps wondering: what effects do they think they are having on the minds of their audience? Probably they are too overwrought to care. - Sean McBride
Many pro-Israel activists believe that they can bully Americans and Europeans into submission, much like Howard Stern in this exchange. I guess we'll have to see how that works out. - Sean McBride
This guy said we should blow up the Arab world right after 9-11. He hates Jesse Jackson for calling nyc 'hymietown' but used his black female cohost as a crutch for his racist crap. - Chu_ from Android
Chu -- someone needs to pull out the juicier quotes from that broadcast and post them -- they require no comment -- they speak for themselves. - Sean McBride
yeah, he's an insecure troll, that got a big siriusXM deal for being a loudmouth. Even got a nose job to change his whiny voice. worth half a billion - Chu_
Sean McBride
For Israel, There’s No Such Thing As An Innocent Gazan « The Dish (Andrew Sullivan) -
"When you are killing scores of children, it is not enough to argue self-defense (even though the Iron Dome has given Israel about as robust a defense against home-made rockets as you can get). You have to argue for something grander to nullify the corpses of children. And the dehumanization of those living in Gaza – to the point at which spectators with popcorn cheer their deaths – has led to Israeli indifference to the deaths of human beings that, if they were Jews, would be regarded as the harbinger of calamity. Can you imagine the response in Israel if over 200 Israeli children were killed by a rocket attack by Hamas? Can you imagine anyone saying that the Israelis did this to themselves? That tells you everything about how deep the moral rot has gone, how this kind of zero-sum war and brutalizing occupation over decades cannot but destroy a country’s soul." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"And this is the truth about the state of Israel today. To endure it must crush. The more it crushes the deeper the resistance will run; the deeper the resistance the more unthinkable the carnage will have to go. This is an abyss of revenge and hatred, the dreadful consequence of every utopian scheme in human history." - Sean McBride
"an abyss of revenge and hatred" - Sean McBride
I dont think zionism had a soul to destroy---but it sure has destroyed the US's late lamented soul. but it hasnt destroyed the Palestines yet. - American
Haven't you heard? -- Israel is the soul of the world and a light unto the nations. At least it says it is. You can't disagree with the Bible. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Celebrities speak out on Gaza (Jewish Voice for Peace)
1. John Cusack 2. Kerry Washington 3. Mark Ruffalo 4. Mia Farrow 5. Rob Schneider - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Explosive new book claims Bill Clinton's steamy phone sex calls with Monica were intercepted by Russia and the UK and used in a 'blackmail' attempt by Israeli Prime Minister according to ex-intern's secret dossier on the President | Daily Mail -
Explosive new book claims Bill Clinton's steamy phone sex calls with Monica were intercepted by Russia and the UK and used in a 'blackmail' attempt by Israeli Prime Minister according to ex-intern's secret dossier on the President | Daily Mail
"According to allegations in the book, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used the tapes to try to persuade Clinton to release Jonathan Pollard, an American caught and jailed for spying for Israel. Clinton lobbied for Pollard’s release but his attempts were ultimately thwarted by CIA Director George Tenet." - Sean McBride
"Then, as reported in the book, at a meeting held in October 1998 near Wye River, Maryland, Prime Minister Netanyahu pulled Clinton aside and revealed that the Israelis had listened to Clinton Monica’s sex talk, and assured the President that they 'threw away the tapes'. But the apparent quid pro quo was that Clinton would arrange for the release of Jonathan Pollard who was convicted of spying for Israelis and a cause celeb for the country." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Wall Street Journal Runs Op-Ed Claiming All Palestinians Are Worthy Of Death | FDL News Desk -
"While it is no secret that American mainstream media coverage is heavily biased in favor of Israel, rarely does the establishment media side with those advocating the genocide of the Palestinians. And yet, the Wall Street Journal decided to run an op-ed written by Thane Rosenbaum which claims all those in Gaza have lost their status as civilians because Hamas was elected. That the over 560 Palestinians in Gaza that have died so far had it coming." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Rosenbaum is a professor of law at New York University and has written a book celebrating vengeance as virtuous. So it is not particularly surprising that he would find no fault in Israel striking targets in Gaza, but openly lusting for Palestinian blood is beyond the point where even the most hardline Zionists are willing to go." - Sean McBride
Thane Rosenbaum. - Sean McBride
HOSTAGE: "I’ve dropped in to explain why I’m giving MW a rest."
"I’ve dropped in to explain why I’m giving MW a rest. I’ve never liked to see all these articles about Blankfort, Chomsky, Finklestein, Corsanti, Slater, Atzmon, Berlin, et al. I’ve even suggested articles on other news and issues that I thought might be of more interest. These mini-seminars on political correctness and ankle biting tend to drown-out that other stuff and never resolve anything. The recent policy of quickly closing comments on articles has made it almost impossible to carry-on a thoughtful or intelligent conversation down here in the peanut gallery in any event." - WJones
good for him. Sometimes being in the murky bottom of MW comments sections, you need to get away and get some air. Based on his tone, he doesn't seem to have much love for you, Jones. - Chu_
More stewing about so called "Palestinian" scholars and how Islamic parties are behind BDS, and how "Palestinian" sources say the same thing as Chomsky yet it doesn't come from their nationalism. - WJones
he basically say Chomsky needs to answer to people like Dershowitz and Amb Dore Gold, being unable to support BDS because they are terrorist orgs that support BDS. -Chomsky is the grand intellectual to Dersh. I think he can carve his own pathway away from Dersh. - Chu_
The way he says "Palestinian" in quotation marks, complaining how they aren't in Palestine (due to being expelled by their conquerors in fact), is hostile and unreasonable. - WJones
These are the links for Hostage's two recent comments: 1. 2. - Sean McBride
WJones really managed to get under Hostage's skin -- and I find Hostage's response to be completely incoherent. - Sean McBride
almost 3 weeks later and he's seething. Needs a longer vacation somewhere nice. - Chu_
I am beginning to wonder if Hostage has any perspective on how non-Jewish Americans and Europeans view these issues. For him, apparently, this is all about intra-tribal conflicts and pressures. - Sean McBride
The Zionist pioneered ship set sail early last century and each Jewish deckhand thinks they know how to steer the ship, not requiring help from any outside hands who've taken many voyages away from the rocks. They know best apparently. - Chu_
Hostage helped Vietnamese War refugees. He's obviously normally very progressive. However, while he is very tuned into IP, he is in a grey area between leftist and PEP. Putting "Palestinian" in quotation marks when talking about Rashid Khalidi and others is unreasonable. - WJones
Sean McBride
AIPAC Is the Only Explanation for America's Morally Bankrupt Israel Policy | Stephen M. Walt -
AIPAC Is the Only Explanation for America's Morally Bankrupt Israel Policy | Stephen M. Walt
"This Orwellian situation is eloquent testimony to the continued political clout of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) and the other hardline elements of the Israel lobby. There is no other plausible explanation for the supine behavior of the U.S. Congress--including some of its most "progressive" members--or the shallow hypocrisy of the Obama administration, especially those officials known for their purported commitment to human rights." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Meanwhile, U.S. politicians and policymakers continue to back a brutal military campaign whose primary purpose is not to defend Israel but rather to protect its longstanding effort to colonize the West Bank. Amazingly, they continue to support Israel unreservedly even though every U.S. president since Lyndon Johnson has opposed Israel's settlements project, and the past three American... more... - Sean McBride
"The explanation for America's impotent and morally bankrupt policy is the political clout of the Israel lobby. Barack Obama knows that if he were to side with the Palestinians in Gaza or criticize Israel's actions in any way, he would face a firestorm of criticism from the lobby and his chances of getting Congressional approval for a deal with Iran would evaporate." - Sean McBride
"Similarly, every member of the House and Senate--including progressives like Senator Elizabeth Warren--knows that voting for those supposedly "pro-Israel" resolutions is the smart political move. They understand that even the slightest display of independent thinking on these issues could leave them vulnerable to a well-funded opponent the next time they're up for re-election. At a... more... - Sean McBride
"This situation is a tragedy for all concerned, not least for Israel itself. A Greater Israel cannot be anything but an apartheid state, and exclusionary ethnic nationalism of this sort is not sustainable in the 21st century. Israel's Arab subjects will eventually demand equal rights, and as former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert warned back in 2007, once that happens, "the state of Israel is finished."" - Sean McBride
"Historians will one day look back and ask how U.S. Middle East policy could be so ineffectual and so at odds with its professed values -- not to mention its strategic interests. The answer lies in the basic nature of the American political system, which permits well-organized and well-funded special interest groups to wield significant power on Capitol Hill and in the White House. In... more... - Sean McBride
I wonder if Eric Logan would like to disagree with any particular points in Stephen Walt's article. - Sean McBride
Eric Logan
William Saletan: Hamas is destroying Gaza - -
The vast majority of the damage in Gaza has been inflicted by Israel. Yet Hamas has contrived to make the carnage worse. It has encouraged Gazans to stand in the way of Israeli missiles. When Israel advised 100,000 Gazans to evacuate an area targeted for invasion, Hamas instructed them to ignore the warnings. It added: "To all of our people who have evacuated their homes -- return to them immediately and do not leave the house." Abbas finds Hamas' behavior baffling. "What are you trying to achieve by sending rockets?" he asked rhetorically in a TV interview. In another appearance, he pleaded: "We are the losing side, and every minute there are more and more unnecessary deaths. ... I don't like trading in Palestinian blood." - Eric Logan from Bookmarklet
lol. funny Eric. William Saletin, the writer of this is a Texas Swarthmore Jewish guy. Don't believe his zionist bilge, but I assume you posted this for the record. - Chu_
I posted it for the record and because I think it's really interesting what Abbas has to say. He has now left Gaza BTW. Hamas is calling for an anti PA intifada. - Eric Logan
Just when Hamas and the PA were close to a unity gov't. only a month ago, Israel panicked and had to divide and conquer both parties (operation protective edge!). Sad that the same reoccurring tale happens every 4 years now of bombing Gazan prison slums, while Israel's apologists say 'there's no partner for peace'. - Chu_
I read the first several paragraphs and didn't see a reason to finish the Saletan article. There is no question that Jews displaced Palestinians, and did so violently. Israel is the aggressor today, and has always been the aggressor. ==> I spent eight months in Israel working on different kibbutzim, and it wasn't uncommon to come across debris from the destroyed Palestinian villages on... more... - Todd
Is William Saletin in fact Jewish? Any pointers? - Sean McBride
"William Saletan, a Jewish native of Texas, graduated from Swarthmore College in 1987." - Chu_
Got it: "William Saletan, a Jewish native of Texas, graduated from Swarthmore College in 1987." Next question: is William Saletan a Jewish nationalist (Zionist)? - Sean McBride
William Saletan supported the Iraq War, although he later came to regret doing so. - Sean McBride
this is his latest on Gaza. - Chu_
"William Saletan supported the Iraq War, although he later came to regret doing so. "- aka the Beinart syndrome. - Chu_
[set; paragraphs by William Saletan on Israel] It would be interesting to populate it. - Sean McBride
After doing a bit of Googling, I can safely assert that William Saletan is typical Jewish liberal Zionist -- a hand-wringer, but along for the ride. - Sean McBride
Here's a useful analysis of the current political dilemma with USA/AIPAC/ISRAEL by Steve Walt: - Chu_
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Naomi Wolf walked out of synagogue when they had nothing to say about Gaza massacre -
Author Naomi Wolf went to synagogue Friday and left early because they didn't mention Gaza massacre, which she regards as a genocide. Where is God? God is standing with your neighbors when they are being annihilated, she writes.
Zionism may well succeed in destroying Judaism. - Sean McBride
Judaism in 70 AD was not destroyed, it had to reinvent itself because it no longer focused on the Temple rituals like it did before. - WJones
The Reform movement was arguably destructive in the Enlightenment era. - WJones
In what ways? - Sean McBride
It made the community more secular. - WJones
It was like a Protestant movement. People were not stuck following the religious rules. - WJones
I am not saying it was all bad- it had advantages. - WJones
But it destroyed what was to some extent and replaced it with another. Americans are very often reform or conservative, while in the Holy Land they are generally Orthodox and don't recognize the Reformed. - WJones
Modern Calvinism was in some ways destructive. They believe that the Eucharist is only a symbol. But that is not what early Christianity taught. For the latter, it was central and there was a real presence of Christ. To demand everyone believe otherwise would be destructive. - WJones
But this is to use the term "destroy" in a loose way. Strictly speaking, Protestantism and modern Nationalism's problems wouldn't destroy Christianity and Judaism. - WJones
My understanding is that Reform Judaism originally attempted to expunge the ethnic nationalist elements from Judaism -- although it has passionately re-embraced those elements in the contemporary era -- fusing Judaism with Zionism. - Sean McBride
What I think is destructive is encouraging people to believe things that are not true -- to indoctrinate them with superstitions. The terms "sacred" and "holy" lack any meaningful content -- they simply refer to ideas about which one feels intense emotion. That is the Enlightenment view, and I share it. - Sean McBride
I think it was not really about expunging nationalism, or else those elements wouldnt have reemerged. The whole rabbinical community from left to right (especially the Orthodox) was not nationalistic when the Reform movement started. It was basically a Protestantizing movement where you can make up your beliefs as you like (within certain broad bounds of course) - WJones
((What I think is destructive is encouraging people to believe things that are not true -- to indoctrinate them with superstitions.)) Sean, this can be semantic: Destroying destructive superstitions. - WJones
WJ -- "Classical Reform adherents see Judaism as a religious faith with a universal message for all people, not only for a single chosen one. Unlike Mainstream Reform Judaism, followers of the Classical Reform Judaism movement believe that Judaism is primarily a universal religious faith, rather than an ethnic, cultural or nationalist identity." - Sean McBride
[Google; reform judaism ethnic nationalism] - Sean McBride
[[Classical Reform adherents see Judaism as a religious faith with a universal message for all people, not only for a single chosen one. Unlike Mainstream Reform Judaism]] Hmmmm....... - WJones
[[It is important to note the distinction between "Classical Reform Judaism" as the historic phase of Reform Jewish History (a philosophy, worship style, and synagogue culture from which the mainstream has largely retreated) and "Classical Reform Judaism" as a living, dynamic expression today. The modern movement to revive Classical Reform is not an effort to resurrect something... more... - WJones
I took two graduate courses which covered this subject from different angles (intellectual history, literature), but they made the same point: Reform Judaism, which emerged from the Enlightenment, sought to expunge ethnocentrism and ethnic nationalism from Judaism and to refashion it as a universalist ideology. Of course those days are long gone. - Sean McBride
Contemporary Reform Judaism is all about Jewish ethnic nationalist self-interest -- it has dropped any pretense of being a universalist religion or belief system. - Sean McBride
Googling into Reform Judaism: - Sean McBride
# [Google; reform judaism *] 1. enlightenment 2. ethnic nationalism 3. israel 4. nationalism 5. universal 6. zionism - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Why Israel Is Losing the American Media War -- NYMag -
Why Israel Is Losing the American Media War -- NYMag
"In many ways, the story of this month's eruption of violence in Israel and Palestine has been depressingly familiar. But in one interesting way it has been a little bit different from the beginning: American audiences are seeing the story of the conflict, perhaps more than ever before, through Palestinian eyes." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"It's been a little more than two weeks since Abu Khdeir's kidnapping, and the violence in Gaza has escalated from retribution murders into a military campaign. But in the American press, the human story of the Israel-Palestine conflict — in which more than 500 Palestinians have been killed, and fewer than 30 Israeli soldiers — has stayed, unusually, on the Palestinian side. As the... more... - Sean McBride
"If Netanyahu is so bothered by how dead Palestinians look on television then he should stop killing so many of them. But his complaint is in itself a concession. The story of the conflict between Israel and Palestine looks a little bit different this time around. Social media have helped allow us to see more deeply inside war zones — in this case, inside Gaza — and allowed viewers much... more... - Sean McBride
Comment: "If anyone wants to keep score, as of today this is thought to be the numbers of dead since 2000: Israel: 1,100 casualties (100 children) Palestine: 7,500 casualties (1,500 children) These are from an Israeli human rights organization. " - Sean McBride
How many Palestinians died in 1970 in Jordan? Why do liberals like the Muslim Brotherhood ? - Eric Logan
'' How many Palestinians died in 1970 in Jordan? Why do liberals like the Muslim Brotherhood ? - Eric Logan)...What does how many Palestines died in Jordon have to with the current Gaza assault by Israel? Nothing as far as I can see. This whataboutery doesnt work. - American
Jordan killed more Palestinians in a year men, women and children than Israel has in a decade and they were not lobbing rockets into Jordan. Do American liberal values align with those of Hamas ? Why does Hamas encourage women and children to stay in areas where there is fighting and weapons ? The moral outrage at an implacable ideology that would sacrifice the lives of children is... more... - Eric Logan
Where is the outrage at Imams that incite their followers to violence using scriptures from the Quran? My Muslim friends tell me the scriptures are being taken out of context. Just pointing that out if that's the case seems less than sufficient. Sean would have me believe that support of Israel is the equivalence of supporting the white nationalists. I don't see it that way I think both sides of this conflict are inhabited by crazy religious fanatics hell bent on destroying one another. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Gaza is about 4 miles x 25 miles. All the Gazans lived in what was Israel today, but the IDF managed over 6 decades to push them into a concentration camp [1.8 million] and now they systematically bomb the camp, because they don't want any reconciliation (or right of return). Israel is the losing the public relations war with the world, even if Hamas launches some ineffective rockets at... more... - Chu_
Why does the Arab world that surrounds them allow it? - Eric Logan from FFHound!
"Arafat later claimed that the Jordanian army killed between 10,000 and 25,000 Palestinians, although more conservative estimates put the number between 1,000 and 2,000" Black September in 1970-71 - Chu_
Re: Gaza - The neighbors of the Gaza prison are Israel and Egypt. In a word, mostly Hosni Mubarak was the strong man president of Egypt and did what the West prefers (Saudis as well) for the past 3 decades. Now with the Brotherhood made illegal in Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (former Minister of Defence of Egypt) seems unwilling to give any Gazan a hand with their plight. It's like Rhode... more... - Chu_
Israel defense force is not equipped for a big war though. They won 1967 by a preemptive strike on the Arab world. Here's a more recent analysis on the IDF - - Chu_
Eric: "Sean would have me believe that support of Israel is the equivalence of supporting the white nationalists. I don't see it that way." Why don't you see it that way? Can you explain your reasoning? Zionism is an aggressive ethnic and religious nationalist movement that has from the very beginning seized territory by force from others on the basis of biblical myths, legends and... more... - Sean McBride
Eric -- I don't support Hamas and I strongly oppose rocket attacks on Israel, but I know for a certainty that Americans would react with extreme and justifiable violence if Zionists attempted to build a Jewish state by terrorism and force anywhere in the United States. Every group on the planet would react the same way. So why should Americans support Israeli aggression in the Mideast -- and especially its ever-expanding racist settlements? - Sean McBride
Eric -- as for liberals supporting the Muslim Brotherhood -- preposterous -- they don't. Jews in the United States are overwhelmingly liberal and they are the most influential financial supporters of liberalism in America -- do you really think that they are fans of the Muslim Brotherhood? Examples? - Sean McBride
Most Americans dislike all forms of ethnic and religious extremism -- Americanism is all about overcoming that style of politics. Zionism is all about wallowing in it. - Sean McBride
Eric -- the ethnic xenophobia index: the number of times you mention your ethnic enemies. Pay close attention to that index with regard to American political activists and pundits. Think of William Kristol, for instance. Ask yourself why American politics increasingly revolves around the ever-escalating conflicts of a single very small ethnic group. - Sean McBride
Ethnic xenophobia index is real strong here. I read stuff like this Sean and it makes me wonder? ==> Muslim Double Standards Abound - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Eric -- you didn't respond to any of my points -- not a single one. I don't think you are very well-informed about these issues. I think your mind is highly susceptible to Israeli propaganda. You've been led up the garden path. - Sean McBride
Eric -- who in this group is complaining about their ethnic enemies? Which ethnic groups in American politics in your mind are obsessively preoccupied with their narrow ethnic nationalist interests and waging war against their ethnic enemies? - Sean McBride
Eric -- who are the English, Irish, German, French, Italian or Swedish equivalents of Jewish nationalists like Charles Krauthammer, David Brooks, William Kristol and Jeffrey Goldberg among the American pundit class? How many of them regularly publish articles attacking their ethnic nationalist enemies in the Washington Post or Wall Street Journal? I will answer for you: there are none. They would be considered racists if they were active on the American political scene. - Sean McBride
The American equivalent to Zionism would be WASPism -- America for White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. The German equivalent to Zionism was Nazism. The Italian equivalent to Zionism was Italian Fascism. Zionism, Nazism and Italian Fascism all sprang from the same ethnic nationalist currents in European culture in the latter 19th century. Zionism predated the rise of Nazism. I urge Eric to study modern Western intellectual history. - Sean McBride
WASP were snobs and tinged with racism but not 'cultist' like the tribe. In fact it wasnt even 'ethnic'. Among the most prominent WASPs written about and referred to were Italians, Irish, Dutch, German--a mixture--- of elite 'industrialist' and elite bankers. However most people associate WASP with the anglo saxon 'British' elites. - American
tweets from inside the Gazan Prison. funny & dark stuff. - Chu_
American -- Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and that visionary crew -- WASPs all -- were true nobles compared to contemporary neoconservatives -- certainly exhibiting signs of greater mental health, superior intelligence and more elevated values. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs - Abandoning Its Opposition to Jewish Nationalism, Reform Judaism Adopting a Zionist Worldview (Allan C. Brownfeld) [FLASHBACK 2008] -
"The Reform Jewish movement is now in the process of abandoning its traditional opposition to Jewish nationalism and adopting a Zionist worldview—going so far as to encourage American Jews to emigrate to Israel which, in the view of today’s Reform leaders, is “central” to Judaism and is, in fact, the only place where a “full Jewish life” can be led." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"This represents an almost complete reversal of the philosophy embraced by those who created Reform Judaism in the U.S. in the 19th century. The Pittsburgh Platform of 1885, the basic statement of Reform principles, defined Jews as a purely religious community and rejected the idea that they constituted a nation." - Sean McBride
"As Prof. Thomas Kolsky has pointed out, “The Pittsburgh Platform, the classical expression of American Reform Judaism, represented the fundamental beliefs of most American Jews at the time of its formulation. Late in the 19th century, American Jews no longer considered themselves a nation or a nationality. Comfortable in the United States, they felt integrated into America and defined... more... - Sean McBride
"Indeed, as early as 1841, at the dedication ceremony of Temple Beth Olohim in Charleston, South Carolina, Rabbi Gustav Posnanski declared: “This country is our Palestine, this city our Jerusalem, this house of God our Temple.”" - Sean McBride
Great essay -- a superb exercise in intellectual history. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Charles Krauthammer Calls the U.N. the ‘Headquarters of the Libel Against the Jewish People’ | -
Here we go again: "the chosen people" vs. "the nations" biblical meme -- endless conflict between "the Jewish people" and everyone else. It strikes me as a crazy mental construct -- I would love to hear a convincing explanation for why it is not crazy. Jewish Zionists like Charles Krauthammer have organized their politics and mental and emotional lives entirely around this meme -- they proactively keep this conflict boiling, endlessly generating the situations they complain about. - Sean McBride
What could be more irrational and *neurotic* than to proactively generate the conflict situations you most bitterly complain about. - Sean McBride
all part of the standard luftwaffe/zionist siren that sends the diaspora into panic mode. There are a whole bunch of triggers just waiting to get pulled. - Chu_
It is impossible for messianic ethnic nationalists to get along with ethnic outsiders. Who doesn't get this? - Sean McBride
Sean, I can give a rational, noncrazy explanation that would not be sound. - WJones
"“It is this astonishment and refusal to accept the realities of the uniqueness and the magnificence and the importance of this Jewish state that leads to all the mystery you’re hearing and all the lies you see on television and on the media about the calumnies that you hear against Israel, issued in the four corners of the globe, particular in the headquarters of the libel against the... more... - Sean McBride
"the uniqueness and the magnificence and the importance of this Jewish state" -- what in the world is Krauthammer ranting about? He made these remarks before CUFI (Christians United for Israel). - Sean McBride
The terms that come to mind with regard to Krauthammer: messianism, grandiosity, narcissism, euphoria, megalomania, triumphalism, xenophobia, etc. These mental traits tend to come as a bundle. - Sean McBride
Those zio Jews are on their way to causing a civil war over this.-.within both jews- and vr gentiles. Pitting jews against jews, gentiles against evangeical fanatics, jew against gentiles. americans against americans. But let it happen, it needs to come to a head so the US zios can be defeated. - American
So much for Jews keeping a low profile in Western politics -- a policy which many wise Jewish leaders have advocated over many years. The level of angry emotion about Israel and Zionism (Jewish nationalism) keeps escalating on all sides to the point of explosion. Neoconservatives have played the lead role in stirring the pot in the United States. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Josh Marshall: Palestinian-American MSNBC contrib who criticized net for pro-Israel bias says she's now been canned
No wonder Rachel Maddow doesn't dare to challenge the Israeli government and the Israel lobby. - Sean McBride
I often forget the media seat is a golden ticket for young american journalists. It's almost like Hollywood, once your in, it's great, when you out, you're out. But she can head to the world of the internet where truth-i-ness still reigns. - Chu_
Top NYTIMES 'Reader' Comments 10pm (7/21/14) 429 comments [totally abnormal] Times is in operation: desperate propaganda
Pediatrician X Columbus Ohio 10 hours ago Israel left Gaza several years ago - left its greenhouses intact for the Gazan Palestinians to have a thriving industry. Instead, they have turned toward destruction of Israel - through rockets and tunnels which have no purpose except to kill and main Israelis, or to kidnap them. How dare the Palestinian apologists complain about the Israelis not letting cement into Gaza! See where it goes - to make these tunnels. And why are the Palestinians not allowed to hide there? Are they only to store rockets and let Hamas leaders hide, and to send murderous infilatrators under the border into Israel? Hamas, not Israel, is guilty of human rights abuses. - Chu_
check out the comments that floated to the top. Not consistent with normal voting trends over NYTimes comments. NYTimes is a fascist newspaper for Israel's criminality. - Chu_
some analysts who monitor NEWS publications can see that there is fraud here. - Chu_
I think Hillary or Samantha Powers recently complained and retold a story where Israelis left horticultural buildings in Gaza and Hamas supposedly asked for them to be destroyed and so the Israelis "had" to destroy them. - WJones
Apparently this greenhouse story claims that the Israelis left the greenhouses intact. Maybe it's a different story. Whatever. - WJones
Comments are overwhelmingly against Israel in any typical Judi Rudoren column. Now both NYTimes selected comments and the readers comments are stacked to favor Israel. Something is rotten here. - Chu_
Perhaps it's the network of trolls, but I think NYTimes is helping this anomoly. - Chu_
The top 'readers' comments at 10:25 Eastern time are all pro Israel. Only at the 4th 'readers' top comment does someone blame the USA for the situation! Maybe all the rational commenter gave up on NYTimes and hit the internet. They choose not to be part of the corporate pro Israel mouthpiece, but I doubt it. - Chu_
NYT is minipulaitng the ratings of comments. Comment dont go from being overwhelmingly anti Israel for 'years' to pro Israel like that over night---especially given the current crisis. This is pure DESPERATION by the NYT and zios. All the zio outlets must be really scared of public opinion this time. - American
Too many people are rebelling, too many speaking their mind, too many reporters exposing Israel and telling the truth. They are paniced because they cant control EVERYONE..the dike is springing too many leaks. So they are trying to clamp down even more. - American
Serious bilge from NYTimes for years wrt Israel. Surprising so many idiots maintain their subscriptions (although they have been struggling to survive the digital realm). The Sulzbergers and their mossad/JIDF trolls must be collaborating on a new scheme. That's how Israel wins is with more schemes. - Chu_
the top 7 'readers' picks this morning, were also 'NYTimes' picks. I've never seen this before. Do you think FAIR would look into this? Seems like the Times has hit a new low. - Chu_
It would be extremely easy to rig the software which creates these lists -- and difficult to detect the manipulation. - Sean McBride
I've known all along that the Readers' Picks on Mideast politics had to be driving the New York Times ownership and management crazy -- and I knew that they would be searching for ways to push back. I don't know that that is happening now and in this way, but I wouldn't be the least surprised if it were. - Sean McBride
NYT and hasbara agents trying to give appearence that americans support Israel.......they know that anti israel public opinion is 'catching'....people observing and not likening Isr get their opinion 'reinforced' and 'enlarged' by seeing others expressing the same. Zios media and press and etc have politicians locked up----but with alternatives to msm the masses have other options---and ZOG is rightly concerned about more of US pubic catching anti israel fever and acting on it. - American
The mainstream media establishment is terrified of the Internet -- it would love to find a way to put it back in the bottle. - Sean McBride
You wonder how many negative polls have been published against Israel in recent years that the establishment press had to suppress? This poll indicates Israel is viewed unfavorable by (24%+14%) 38% of the polls. Here's a cnn blog but not on their main site - Chu_ CNN found in a poll of adults conducted Friday, July 18 through Sunday, July 20 – but the network also found that support has been waning since earlier this year. It also found a clear divide by party, with Republicans approving of Israel's actions against Hamas by an overwhelming majority, while less than half of Democrats approve. - Chu_
Well, the lazy folks will never lead the parade --they will just fall in behind and be led. - Sean McBride
True. So here is my lecture to people. If you arent 'personally' speaking truth to power--as in personally calling the "powers' to express your outrage, opposition to Isr'merica, your opposition to any politicans that support it----then you arent a serious person. People like that are just using this Isr-P/I-US issue for academic.religious and intellectual games and excerise, as a hobby, in which they can generate conversations and demonstrate their knowledge and opinions. - American
Knowledge without action is useless. This is a habit commenters on their cause fall into. If everyone who comments on Isr on boards across the net made a call to their politicans at the same time and as often as they comment the US Isr problem would be solved by popular demand and outrage. - American
1 877 762 8762 ---- Congress - American
Don't be unfair, American. sean was just responding to my comment expressing exasperation with the laziness of the masses. I consider people who are at least motivated enough to say, read something like MW or MoA to be that much further ahead on the scale of "Immense laziness". Those who comment are a step further and those who act by say, writing to their reps, participating in some... more... - Danaa
I know that Sean sometimes resorts to lectury style. I'm sure he is working on that tendency. We need everyone we can have on-board, and having food-fights among us over style, misstatement, occasional outburst, etc are just the kind of diversions TPTB feed on. - Danaa
My issue continues to be not unlike yours - how can the people be woken up, short of a major disaster? they (TPTB) have ALL the MSM, ALL the money and ALL the influece. I see them rolling out the "Blame Russia" gavel-to-gavel accusation over the downing of MH17 and I shudder. hardly a flutter to disturb their tsunami of mis-information and propaganda. Even worse with gaza. - Danaa
WJones I think is doing a good job acting and informing and debating within the Christian community he knows. I am glad to see you, American, are in the midst of a writing campaign. I know a few others who do more. Can you imagine how much more could even just a few of us if we had serious money behind us? Why, we could hire some interns to send letter bombs, start initiatives, shadow reps etc etc. - Danaa
Which leads to a question - do you happen to have a good link to the State department? I guess I could google but i know you have the contacts handy. - Danaa
'' Don't be unfair, American...Danaa).....There is nothing "unfair' about it. And my lecture was to everyone, not Sean specifically. I have posted this 'lecture' on 7 blogs so far between my faxs to Reid and Peliso on why my 168 democrats are leaving the party over Israel. Do'ers do what they can from where they are, some are in a position to do more than others but everyone... more... - American
The State Department has no public comment line. You have to call the 'country desk" at the State Dept of the country you want to ask a question about or comment on. - American
American -- I appreciate your lecture and agree with it. But I am pretty much convinced at this point that American politicians respond only to MONEY -- large sums of it. That is the political "activism" that gets their attention. And few of us are in the financial league of the oligarchs (billionaires and hectomillionaires) who own and control the Democratic and Republican Parties, the mainstream media and the leading policy centers. - Sean McBride
That leaves the Internet as one powerful way to oppose them -- and I do think it has having some impact -- with the potential for much more impact in the future. - Sean McBride
congress has a 15% approval. They are whores to big capitol and oligarchs. "More than one in five say replacing all members is best way to fix it" - Chu_
Phil Weiss posted this today on MW: - Sean McBride
"My colleague, Matt Frei, tweeted that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interview with Netanyahu was less a grilling more “a warm bath and a back rub”. Others used more profane metaphors." - Sean McBride
"But now, for the first time in a major Arab-Israeli conflict, the American public has other sources of reality. All research says that young people everywhere regard Twitter as essentially a news service, and via your social network you can easily get served up words and pictures more impactful than anything on TV. By the time many Americans woke up on Sunday, these pictures were of dead Palestinian children." - Sean McBride
"Netanyahu complained the Hamas strategy was to provide “telegenically dead” people: but where Israel is losing the hearts and minds of the world is not via “tele” anything: it is in the JPEGs that stream into millions of people’s mobile phones every time they glance at the object in the palm of their hand." - Sean McBride
Twitter has proven its worth as a tool for the masses imo---the msm is in for a run for their money---in their disinfo and propaganda for Isr. One of the most illuminating things is how it reveals the crudeness and hatred of the Isr crowd in their tweets . 90% of them are on the level of psychopathic teenagers. - American
Sean McBride
The only two tools you really need for knowledge mining are category/instance pairs and sorted lists.
and what is the advantage of sematic triples over instance pairs? - Chu_
"RDFa supports internationalized characters in the subject, 'predicate', and the object." - Chu_
You can use either -- category/instance pairs are a more simple way of expressing many semantic triples. For instance, one could say [c; Bill Clinton wife; Hillary Clinton] or [o; Bill Clinton; wife; Hillary Clinton] where [c; *category; *instance] and [o; *object; *property; *value]. [c; *object *property; *value] is equivalent to [o; *object; *property; *value] -- *property and *value are strung together to create a *category and *value becomes an *instance. - Sean McBride
Sets, elements, and properties are well understood and don't require inventing new language to describe. - Professor A.I.
All programming, markup and knowledge representation languages are evolving all the time -- it never stops -- and there are good reasons for this. Artificial languages keep changing for the same reasons that natural languages do. - Sean McBride "Bill Clinton; "Hillary Clinton"; b.wife: h. b ∈ P; h ∈ W, where P is the set of Presidents and W is the set of Wives. | ∴ Professor A.I. is always right | :P | - Professor A.I.
Professor A.I. -- you might enjoy this paper: [Formal Specification: Z Notation: Syntax, Type and Semantics] - Sean McBride
The holy grail for semantic markup -- maximum simplicity and maximum power. Junior high school students should be able to master it in less than 30 minutes. Intuitive and readable for human beings -- easy to write on the fly in streaming notebooks. - Sean McBride
We need to get in the habit of building as much structured data into our natural language texts as possible. It should be *easier* to write than natural language text -- require fewer characters without being arcane or opaque. - Sean McBride
Chu -- I prefer the terms object, property and value for subject, predicate and object -- but they mean the same thing. Keep in mind that this field is wide open, being made up as we go along -- with standards and conventions fully available for social negotiation. - Sean McBride
We will get to the point where knowledge parsers will be able to understand any logically consistent semantic markup scheme -- and convert any scheme to any other scheme. Choose whatever scheme feels most comfortable to you and let the parser handle any conversions. - Sean McBride
We need a Markdown for semantic markup. Markdown has acquired more traction than most people expected -- why? -- because it is convenient and it works. - Sean McBride
I prefer JSON. - Professor A.I.
That was an interesting discussion -- thanks for reminding me of it. - Sean McBride
JSON is good -- what do you think of JSON-LD? - Sean McBride
The thing is, though, JSON is too cumbersome to use in a streaming notebook -- at least for me. I want something more streamlined. - Sean McBride
JSON-LD, it's as good as JSON (because it's just JSON), and the standard is good for cross-service interop. You end up having to come up with similar standards when handling hyper-media within a JSON container. - NOT THE CRICKET
Sean, what I would do is build a light-weight front-end to handle the cumbersome part, both encode/decode, and just use JSON as the store. - NOT THE CRICKET
Cricket -- that is close to what I have in mind. JSON is an excellent framework for storing structured data. - Sean McBride
When I'm laying out API's, I tend to lay out relational templates on paper. And then build my JSON object for optimal data structure. - NOT THE CRICKET
When you do those layouts on paper do you use a particular notation? - Sean McBride
It'd be hard to show, without taking an image. It's kind of a modified UML diagram (vertically structured parameter list), various parameters have appended signatures, (e.g. []-> list, ?-> optional), and an arrow to the right where I describe parameters within a list. - NOT THE CRICKET
I actually stole the signature idea from the Friendfeed Documentation. - NOT THE CRICKET
Cool -- I know UML so I think I understand what you're doing. - Sean McBride
In perusing the Friendfeed API Documentation it becomes clear that the people who designed this system were gifted with impresssive mental clarity. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
GarethPorter: Senate 100-0 vote parroting Israeli view on Gaza shd be wake-up call: US Congress is controlled by a foreign power.
You go Gareth. - ChasMark
PS Sean & Danaa, re your comments elsewhere regarding the money disadvantage we the unwashed enjoy -- Gareth Porter's book, "Manufactured Crisis," was written & published through a Kickstart program initiated by Helena Cobban. Cobban started her own publishing company & has published & marketed Miko Peled, Chas Freeman, & a book about life & cuisine in Gaza, among other titles. - ChasMark
good that Porter is making it about subservience to a foreign power. Let people know how dark reality is. - Chu_
ChasMark, my complete respects to Helena Cobban. May she live long and prosper, and the books she is helping publish are a breath of fresh air (Plus I may need her help in the not too distant future for just that purpose). I know there are ways to raise money for specific projects and purposes. But that's not what I was decrying. It's that we, on the left side of the I/P issues (using... more... - Danaa
Go Porter! more such Twits and i might actually get me a little account.... - Danaa
Twitter lets you scan the best summary thoughts of the best minds on any topic in just a few minutes. I've been hooked for quite some time now -- I love the efficiency. - Sean McBride
ChasMark -- thanks for that background info on the Porter book -- enlightening indeed. This is the way forward in challenging the establishment -- by exploiting the Internet by every possible means. If you think about it, it's a form of guerrilla and asymmetric warfare in the information realm. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
# Johnny Depp: July 2014
1. airplane trips 2. credit card purchases 3. email contacts 4. email messages 5. hotel stays 6. phone calls 7. phone contacts 8. phone conversations 9. phone movements 10. phone photos 11. phone videos 12. text messages 13. voicemail 14. Web visits - Sean McBride
Why Johnny Deep? No reason at all. It could be John Smith. Pick any name out of a hat. - Sean McBride
What NSA can do these days. - Sean McBride
One can envision a classified DARPA project: graph and analyze the activities of the ten most important members of the production of Black Mass based on their private communications, transactions and movements. - Sean McBride
Question: Why did the Israelis allow elections in Gaza in the first place if it would lead to a Hamas victory? To use it as an excuse to crush Gaza?
Holly Reid, to answer your question, you can subscribe to me and post it in a direct message. Where did you post it on MW? - WJones
What other reason could the Israelis have had to allow a Hamas victory? - WJones
NSA knows. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The Explosive, Inside Story of How John Kerry Built an Israel-Palestine Peace Plan—and Watched It Crumble | New Republic (Ben Birnbaum and Amir Tibon) -
They could have skipped the background since its the same every time and just published a headline---->FATAH, HAMAS END YEARS OF DIVISON, AGREE TO UNITY GOVERNMENT.---THE NEXT DAY THE ISRAELI CABINET HAD VOTED TO SUSPEND THE TALKS. JOHN KERRY'S PEACE PLAN WAS OVER. - American
Israel is and always will be the scorpion on the frog. That is the nature of jewish zionism. - American
Israel has never had the slightest intention of signing off on any meaningful peace agreement -- it has used endless peace negotiations as a cover while building new settlements in Greater Israel. Why the American government has participated in this charade for decades now is a mystery. - Sean McBride
''Why the American government has participated in this charade for decades now is a mystery. - Sean McBride'' .......No mystery. Jewish Zionist infiltration of US government and both political parties. Political money and threats to political careers =politicians sold out US to Jewish Fifth Column. Beside which, the US Government is not a US Government. It is a 'throne' which the Dems... more... - American
Sean McBride
This group will soon have to go permanently private thanks to the efforts of pepsi and JustTheFactsPlease to harass, vandalize and disrupt it.
That will seriously damage and cripple the group since only the current 419 subscribers will be able to read or contribute to it. - Sean McBride
It is difficult to understand why pepsi and JustTheFactsPlease continue to engage in this antisocial and malicious behavior -- I have never seen anything like it in my experience on the Internet. Why aren't they focusing on developing their own group? - Sean McBride
Chu, American and others here -- see if you can persuade them to back off and leave the group alone. They are not welcome here. - Sean McBride
Because pepsi and JTFP are far from interested in developing their "own" ideas. They came here as agents provocateurs, taking on personas of neo-something-or-other, not as "debaters". These personas they've taken on has not worn thin and it's getting more difficult to milk it by sucking people into engagement. So they can now only resort to disruption - peppering the feed with unwanted... more... - Danaa
FF is unfortunately a fertile ground for this kind of operation because posters cannot be easily banned - that's the achhiles heel of the site. - Danaa
As for those 419 subscribers, the majority are probably in the business of selling something or vacuming up data for business purposes. The subset who actually post here is very small. - Danaa
When you wrote OT, Danaa I thought you meant Old Testament. - WJones
The paucity of people interested in posting continues to be a big puzzle. Even for those who are content to live within the posting restrictions on MW, I still can't believe they don't have more to say and/or are not desirous in engaging with other posters. I'm still of the opinion that in large part it's the interface. As much as it may work for say, Sean, or others, it just doesn't... more... - Danaa
WJ - you are funny - didn't catch my "pun" from yesterday? oh yes, it was probably gone when pepsi's comment was. I think it was something along the lines of "prefer to stick to OT so please keep off the OT". - Danaa
One of the things Sean has a hard time with is to see why humans who are not him may find this interface a bit off-putting. Just as they do Twitter. I do wish there was a way to develop the interface at least presentation wise, perhaps with some option keys. Plus adding the ability to ban specific posters while keeping the group public is an absolute must, IMO. No way can a topic as... more... - Danaa
Danaa -- I am using Mondoweiss (the blog platform) and Friendfeed in parallel -- and for me, FF blows away MW (and all blog platforms) as a communications tool. I guess our brains are wired differently in a fundamental way -- not in a better or worse way -- just in different ways. - Sean McBride
I think many people who take an initial glance at Friendfeed never manage or bother to figure out its more advanced features. It is truly a power tool for social communications. It's a many-to-many communications model -- omnidirectional -- not one-to-many. Blogs are basically old school media platforms. - Sean McBride
Apparently those marketers you mentioned haven't discovered GFTG -- it has 13 subscribers. - Sean McBride
Danaa -- regarding Twitter -- you've probably noticed quite a few tweets turning up in this group -- some of them quite valuable, from high-quality sources. Smart people do in fact use Twitter. - Sean McBride
Note to Sean about marketers - they had over 250 subscribers, almost right of the bat. many the same as in this feed, very few commenting (just the ones we know). Then they went private and now that they emerge it's only 13. I have been following the trends, and I don't think it's accidental. - Danaa
Point about twitter - it's not about "smarts" - many use twitter if they are in the public eye because they have to - it's become a short-cut megaphone. I don't follow anyone and have no intention to. Too much clutter. - Danaa
Again, your comments reflect what you WANT to see from people, not what there is. Fact is, WJones invited people to this feed numerous times as have you. If they came and looked they were obviously not enticed to comment, for whatever reason. I am suggesting the interface, at first glance is not what lots of humans - those used to comment that is - find attractive. The whys are of... more... - Danaa
I happen to think FF can make a good mirror site - a Meta agency where a main blog AND the commenters on it can be discussed. Fact is, people continue to post on MW despite the drawbacks, the moderation, the time lag etc. I can only conclude that those who do comment there, have reasons and one of the reasons is to have their comments be seen by the largest possible number of people.... more... - Danaa
Another point - now that pepsi has deigned to actually interject with something "On-topic" though not exactly in depth: yes, there is a likelihood that the people MW appeals to are primarily jewish. That's how it is. They prefer to discuss things in a relatively 'safe" and sanctioned - Jewish anti-zionist site, whicvh, while radical, does not run the danger of inflammatory comments from... more... - Danaa
Danaa -- Twitter search cuts through the clutter -- it automatically pushes the most influential (and usually the most valuable) tweets to the top. Ditto for Topsy. There is no faster or more efficient way to skim off the most important new stories and articles in most fields. That is why thought and opinion leaders use it heavily. - Sean McBride
My guess is that FF's format is fine, and that doesnt deter them to the extent Danaa says, although yes it could be better. The issue is more likely that they just want to comment directly on MW rather than on a third party site. Thats what put me off for a long time- FF just seemed extra, and posting on MW was all I needed. The thing that pushed me over was more that i wanted a more... more... - WJones
The main point to focus on here is that all individuals should be proactive in using all available Internet tools to build communications networks with whatever combinations of people they like and which will advance their aims. Don't be passive. - Sean McBride
the #1 drive for most humans is laziness. I would never underestimate the significance of that factor. After all, passivity is what the PTB exploit day in, day out. - Danaa
Well, the lazy folks will never lead the parade --they will just fall in behind and be led. - Sean McBride
Keith and Chomsky.
“Do you think it’s is a good idea to push the idea of divestment from Israel…?” Chomsky replied: “I regard the United States as the primary guilty party here, for the past 30 years" - WJones
AMERICAN- “Chomsky is the only one I am familiar with that dishonestly promotes it as “strictly” the US’s fault.” KEITH: "Chomsky says no such thing, yet you and other Mondoweiss commenters continue to misrepresent him at every opportunity." - WJones
No matter WJ. Let it go - - Chomsky is not that important.... - Danaa
Danaa -- a rare disagreement: - Sean McBride
Since Noam Chomsky has encouraged disciples like Norman Finkelstein, Hostage, Keith and Dan Crowther to deflect attention from the preeminent role of the Israel lobby (and the Jewish lobby within the Israel lobby) in hijacking American Mideast policy since the 1940s, perhaps it is a matter of some importance to thoroughly refute Chomsky and Chomskyites on this issue. - Sean McBride
Liberal and progressive Zionists like Dennis Ross and Noam Chomsky have basically been protecting the Israel lobby from scrutiny and effective challenge, and, as a result, they have been helping to enable the ongoing status quo with regard to Israeli (and Likud) domination of the American political system. - Sean McBride
One has no doubt that Dennis Ross and Aaron David Miller have been engaging in witting and deliberate deception with regard to their supposed commitment to the peace process, the two-state solution and liberal values. Noam Chomsky may have been playing the same game all along -- although from a more hard left position. Chomsky makes no sense on the issue of Zionist power in American... more... - Sean McBride
There are dozens of reputable historians and political scientists who are more reliable on the history of Zionism, Israel and American Mideast policy than Noam Chomsky -- their agenda rises above the level of narrow tribalism. Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer are two good examples. They deal in empirical facts -- Chomsky deals in vague and unsupported generalities -- grand theories (recycled Marxism) about how the world allegedly works. - Sean McBride
Marxism is fine as a grand theory. However Chomsky should know better about things he says about IP (like whether the lobby is small or not) whether one accepts Marxism or not. - WJones
For what it's worth, he plays a lead role in N. Finkelstein's thinking as his stated main mentor. N.F.'s rant about BDS as a cult made a major disruption in Solidarity circles. - WJones
Were it not for Chomsky, maybe NF would not have been as dedicated to IP, so Chomsky played a good role in that. But alternately, Chomsky played a negative role in affecting NF's views on BDS, the ROR. - WJones
There is a by now well-established pattern of Jewish critics of Israel from the left engaging in shifty maneuvers that aid and abet the Israeli and Zionist right -- often through evasive and obfuscatory rhetoric and word games. The term "liberal Zionists" (which is an oxymoron justly inviting ridicule) nicely describes these folks collectively. - Sean McBride
# set; anti-Noam Chomsky * 1. articles 2. authors 3. books 4. publications 5. quotes 6. videos 7. websites - Sean McBride
^ Fill in the blanks. - Sean McBride
WEIRDNESS ABOUT CHOMSKY ON THE SERBIA CONFLICT: ((Chomsky strikes a pose of criticizing Western leaders for (supposedly) giving the Albanian secessionists insufficient support when they were (supposedly) nonviolent and (supposedly) inciting Serbian fanaticism with reckless bombing. So he is supporting NATO's line to a T, while posturing as the bitter critic of NATO. )) SEE: - WJones
((I had two email exchanges with Chomsky concerning Milosevic and the Serbs. The first was during the 1999 NATO bombing. I wrote asking Chomsky to speak at one of the weekly anti-war rallies I was helping organize in Boston... Chomsky replied that he was booked-up for the indeterminate future. )) QUOTE FROM ABOVE. Also: 'NATO is wrong to be bombing those Serbian monsters.' ~Chomsky. - WJones
Corbett Report: "Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper": This is very in depth. His book Manufactured Consent says that propaganda is essential to Democracy. - WJones
I have my reasons for turning away from Chomsky as lynchpin for gatekeepers. The reasons all have to do with tactics. I just happen to think that taking Chomsky on directly will not pay dividends. It can and has become a distraction from the larger goals of BDS as an all-inclusive grass-roots movement. People spend enormous amounts of passion and brain-power on Chomsky, energy that... more... - Danaa
As for barely perceptible contempt, I noticed that hearing the word Palestinians' "Return" causes the same reaction in Chomsky as the word "Palestinians" does in some hard core nationalists. - WJones
Chomsky is a sharp writer and perceptive propaganda exposers. Yet all his sharpness and smarts did not save him from falling victim to one of the oldest propaganda rackets in the world - that of the "chosen people". Deep at heart many of the best and brightest believe it and sometimes can't help but let on to that belief. certainly Chomsky does when he holds on to the myth of a "Jewish... more... - Danaa
To be fair, Chomsky did not openly advocate for a nationalist state, but for a divided, bi-nationalistic anarchist society there that I would consider prone to inequality and "formally equal" segregation. - WJones
I agree w Danaa. A pure Jewish state (excessively violent) in the Arab world ain't gonna work. Or survive. Imagine a violent ethnic group taking over Oklahoma. Think of how the neighboring states would respond. It's poisonous. - Chu_ from Android
This is now my inner Marc Ellis speaking - the other kind of prophet, the one from the latter day Spinoza school. I said in the other thread how much I despised tmost of the OT. But that's only one side of the story. The other side is that one needs to know one's OT to know the enemy - in fact it's all there. It was there when god through Shmuel recommended that the jews stay away from... more... - Danaa
And that's where Chomsky walks in - he can't see just how awful the seed of evil is in Israel. he believes that there is, somewhere, a "better" israel, one with "better" jewish and perhaps universal values. But in that he is being like the august follower of the corrupt rabbis and temple priests of old. he fails to see that he is still caught up in worshipping a golden calf, made of smarts (Ignoring the fly in the ointment, which is the gold in this case). - Danaa
I am not sure I am making myself clear, especially not with regard to a very cofflicted attitude towards the OT. Right now, having denigraded it and all the prophets within it, I wouldn't mind at all if I could get Chomsky to re-read the story of Joshua - in the original, without the ornamentation and the gentility imparted by latter day translators. The story of joshua, in all its... more... - Danaa
I think Gilad Atzmon will understand (well, I know he does....) - Danaa
# set; Noam Chomsky * on AIPAC 1. articles 2. books 3. paragraphs 4. quotes 5. remarks 6. sentences - Sean McBride
You won't be able to turn up much -- I know -- I've tried. Those are close to empty sets. - Sean McBride
# topics that Noam Chomsky would prefer not to discuss 1. ADL 2. AIPAC 3. AJC 4. Birthright Israel 5. Chabad-Luvavitch 6. Commentary 7. Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations 8. David Project 9. Haim Saban 10. Israel Project 11. JINSA 12. MEMRI 13. neoconservatives 14. NJDC 15. PNAC 16. RJC 17. Sheldon Adelson 18. Stand With Us 19. WJC 20. ZOA - Sean McBride
When Noam Chomsky blames the United States for Israel's behavior, one wonders if what if he really has in mind is the Big Goy in Washington. The usual us vs. them biblical meme -- the chosen people vs. the nations. - Sean McBride
The primary guilty party in law is called the "principle". The party helping and supporting him is called the accomplice. The US is not the "primary guilty party. - WJones
principle > principal - Sean McBride
Thread closed. Too bad. I was having a nice talk with keith. - WJones
Keith opened up again. He is a bit unreasonable because he cant understand why someone on an IP blog would criticize Chomsky more than Chas Freeman, when they have two quite different backgrounds and circumstances: - WJones
I saw that -- what I was thinking was that Chas Freeman and Stephen Walt are much better informed on IP issues than Noam Chomsky. - Sean McBride
I often don't bother engaging in debates on MW these days because the turnarounds on comments are much too slow. Not worth the effort. I like thoughts to move fast, while they are hot. - Sean McBride
TEAR-STAINED UZI: “it’s frustrating that he provides cover now for PEPs.” KEITH: Curious, how expressing an honest opinion on certain aspects of BDS can be considered as providing cover for PEPs. link to Hello, Keith. In his interview with Frank Barat (Part 4/4), Chomsky said “It’s 100 times times worse in the US, or in England, or anyplace else you talk about” and... more... - WJones
WJ -- you have made strong comments in this discussion on MW -- and easily won the debate from my perspective. - Sean McBride
Yeah well the other side of the debate is pretty weak- trying to say the Chomsky supports BDS, doesn't downplay the Lobby, and is consistent about calling it Apartheid. - WJones
The Chomskyites have major blind spots on certain issues. When you probe them, their minds shut down. They are trying to protect their grand theory of how the world works -- the discussion quickly becomes mired down in their emotional and ego issues. - Sean McBride
Jones. Here's a chomsky thread on JSF. - Chu_ from Android
Chomsky is not really a Marxist as it might appear to you, Sean. The Marxist position and ideal would be to put religious divisions in the past. That's why the "Orthodox" Marxists didn't demand an Israeli state. Chomsky on the other hand followed the nationalistic socialist trend, like Martin Buber, which divided society on the basis of religion. At first glance I can understand that... more... - WJones
I didn't say Chomsky was a Marxist -- I said he was recycling some elements of Marxism -- and that his style of thinking is quite Marxist -- fairly ideological and rigid. There are of course important differences among various schools of Marxism and their offshoots. - Sean McBride
Both Marx and Chomsky have important insights about the operations of power elites. - Sean McBride
There was a division between Marx and Bakunin over Marxism vs. Anarchism. As I understand it, Chomsky follows the ideological branch of anarchism, although in practice he is what the Marxists called an "opportunist", which means someone who is fine with accommodating to the system. This is reflected in how he demands Palestinians glue themselves to the 2SS even when Chomsky claims he wants a binational state. That is what the Marxists labeled "opportunism." - WJones
Chomsky is systemic in his thinking and structured. But is he really ideological and rigid? I doubt it, but don't rule it out. It seems that he is able to rethink ideas, like how he said in the past ten years that he would be fine with immigrating, but later said that the state has changed so much that he wouldn't. I find that his thinking on Apartheid is actually contradictory rather... more... - WJones
Sean McBride
Meet the Online Tracking Device That is Virtually Impossible to Block - ProPublica -
"A new kind of tracking tool, canvas fingerprinting, is being used to follow visitors to thousands of top websites, from to YouPorn." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"A new, extremely persistent type of online tracking is shadowing visitors to thousands of top websites, from to First documented in a forthcoming paper by researchers at Princeton University and KU Leuven University in Belgium, this type of tracking, called canvas fingerprinting, works by instructing the visitor’s Web browser to draw a hidden image. Because... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Data mining is recursive -- one can use data mining methods to data mine data mining methods.
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Sean McBride
Some of the hate-filled posts one sees directed towards Jews on the Internet make it obvious why Israel feels the need to keep Mossad, Sayeret Matkal, Unit 8200 and similar organizations in tip-top shape.
It is incredibly weird to be viciously attacked in a personal way as a Jew when I am not even Jewish -- but I am grateful for the insights those attacks have provided. That kind of behavior merits a crushing response. If I were Jewish, I would be justifiably inflamed. - Sean McBride
I am not Jewish, and I feel an itch to unleash the pitbulls. - Sean McBride
Sean, the purpose of those comments that you react to is to get you to react. I strongly doubt there's anything behind them, other than a desire to provoke which would then escalate. I think it's high time to see provocations for what they are - make believe statements designed to get a gut reaction. If you keep responding I'll begin to believe that the handle pepsi may be better than I gave him credit for. - Danaa
pepsi et al use some of the oldest tricks in the book. He has yet to find my buttons but he keeps trying all the wrong ones. - Danaa
Notice that I said I felt an itch -- but I haven't gone for the bait -- just a little twitch in that direction. The best way to handle people like this is to bottle them up and store them in the basement, far out of sight. Black sites -- metaphorically speaking, of course. - Sean McBride
By contrast, I, from a more jewish background dismiss all these comments you react to like annoying little flies. I see no substance in them and the intent strikes me as false. may be one needs to be one to know when some "attacks' are for real. Bottling up in the basement is the way to go. save for a rainy day. OTOH, I don't have to expand efforts to delete annoying comments. If I did I would probably be annoyed too - at the waste of time, if not the content (which is not there, more often than not). - Danaa
You get it -- I hate wasting my time on trash. There are better ways to spend it. - Sean McBride
Taking on Sean's argument with Mooser.
Hello, Mooser. It's fun reading your writing because of your sense of humor. Sometimes Sean talked with you about the overlapping of Judaism and state nationalism. And in fact since you are such a fun conversant, I would like to invite you to my friendfeed group. To address your topic directly, there are two issues: <b>First,</b> what do the religion's teachings say about the nationalism? Secondly, what does the religious community say? <b>To answer the first part: the religious writings take the view that the Messiah would establish an autocratic theocracy. However, since the writings were "prophecies", they can be seen as metaphors, and one need not see it in terms of the kind of political system they had in 1000 B.C.</b> Don't forget that God did not prefer for Israel to have a king in the first place. That implies that God's perfect king might not be the kind of king people normally think of it. So the Christians can be right about that. Yet Jewish tradition did involve a focus on... more... - WJones
My conclusion is this: Deep inside Judaism, you can find that it does not really teach autocracy, and my impression is that it does not really teach nationalist rule either. Christianity's interpretation is that No, Judaism's real meaning was not to teach either one. - WJones
The problem for Mooser;s argument: and maybe you can bring it up with him or others when you get into it again, is not that Judaism's real meaning is nationalist or not, but that the scholars of modern Judaism have rarely taken on this huge question that must be central to them, especially in light of all the tragedies happening in Palestine. - WJones
If Mooser is going to demand that Judaism is not nationalistic, then he has to make a coherent argument about Judaism's real meaning and all its prophetic references to nationalist rule. - WJones
I don't oppose Christian proslyetizing towards Jews, but in reality those conversations rarely go anywhere. The problem is that both ideologies are faith-based, ungrounded in reason, science, facts or the real world, and are *both* almost certainly wrong. I tend to leave religious Jews and Christians alone, unless they start engaging in political activism with a religious agenda -- let them believe whatever they like. - Sean McBride
No, Sean. I am not talking about Christians proselytizing Jews. I am taking on the argument you are making. You are talking about Judaism being nationalist. Mooser is fighting you on that. My response in my head is that if he is going to fight you on it, he has to tell you how you are supposed to feel about the hundreds of references in the Bible to Israel's national rule. Yes,... more... - WJones
The main point, for me, is that the worldwide Jewish religious establishment in the contemporary era has fully merged Judaism with Zionism into a single messianic ethno-religious nationalist ideology -- that is a fact, and a fateful one. Jewish opponents of Zionism will need to take on and deconstruct the contemporary expression and definition of Judaism if they are going to get anywhere. - Sean McBride
WJ -- ok -- I understand your point now. It's a good one. In our past exchanges on this topic, Mooser made no effort at all to address the core issues, ideas and texts -- his response was completely emotional and content-free. - Sean McBride
Just tell him what I said when you get into it next. You can point to my post on MW about it. - WJones
I doubt that he could follow your argument -- he is not actually a thinker -- more a standup comedian. - Sean McBride
You can tell him that he can't just say no, he has to point to a real explanation of the prophecies about nationalism. - WJones
This is retarded. he is such a standup comedian that he cannot think through what he said? - WJones
If it requires reading of any kind, he won't bother. He is the anti-Hostage when it comes to the handling and processing of texts. - Sean McBride
OK - WJones
Mooser cant explain Judaism as non-nationalist, and Hostage can't explain Chomsky as pro-BDS. Personally I think Mooser has a better chance to be right. - WJones
You, Danaa and I love texts and close textual readings -- not a common taste, apparently. - Sean McBride
Sean, WJ - I think Mooser is the kind of jewish person who owes little allegiance to the OT, where all the nationalist/messianic rubbish comes from. I half suspect he might share my disdain for much of what's in that text. In many ways, the Talmudic tradition took a step (or attempted to) to take jewish faith and traditions and laws beyond the narrow nationalist prism and more into the... more... - Danaa
((. The American jewish tradition, as expressed through conservative and reform movements, took it another step and came up with a more universalist interpretation of Judaism, one that's anchored in culture, custom and folksiness, while ditching much that was faith-based.)) OK, this is a big problem. How do you define Judaism. If you call it just Reform Judaism and equate it with what... more... - WJones
If Mooser's definition is that Judaism is just whatever people think at a given moment in history, then Yes, it's hugely nationalistic and overbearingly so. If you want to say it's a real religion with special writings, then you can go deeper and find the true meaning instead. - WJones
Danaa -- I think you just captured Mooser to a T -- that's my read, - Sean McBride
I understood very well Mooser's annoyance with having to argue the "essentialism" question. That stuff was not essential for him - he may have ditched it ages ago, and perhaps sees little reason he should carry on about it, when it's not his excess baggage. I might feel a tad annoyed too had I found myself somehow trapped into debating the talmud, and whether it full of hatred and/or... more... - Danaa
Comment section about Hostage closed 1 day early, just before I had a chance to post my response to Leander. - WJones
<blockquote>I had problems with W.Jones fast conclusions around the same time.</blockquote> I am more than happy to discuss anything about it with you, and am perfectly happy to reconsider my opinions. <blockquote> Like Hostage, and no I had no time to look into this carefully, but I trust him, I am pretty sure had I looked into it I probably would have supported him against the... more... - WJones
Leander is almost always behind the curve on fast-breaking trends among thought leaders -- she pulls up the rear, waiting for the new conventional wisdom to solidify. Then she ardently embraces the new beliefs -- which of course then change beneath her feet. - Sean McBride
Note for Sean - the way I read Mooser, the more right i am the more annoyed he would be with me for waxing poetic about his attributes. What right do I have to interpret him or anyone else, based on slivers of knowledge skimmed off internet postings that are mostly political rather than personal in nature? but there's the [essential] difference between someone like Mooser and someone... more... - Danaa
On some level one would expect Mooser to enjoy being given lavish personal attention -- he is quite self-involved and self-referential -- but perhaps not critical attention -- or less than laudatory attention. In any case, he is witty and usually likable and doesn't pretend to be a thinker in any serious sense. That's fine. Engaging him in "intellectual" debate is like picking the wings off a butterfly -- not something one really wants to do, even when he invites arguments about Judaism and Zionism. - Sean McBride
"picking wings off a butterfly" apropo but oh-oh! I love butterfles! may they flutter long and near-by! - Danaa
I just made a pretty good and thought out comment to Mooser on this topic: (cited at the start of the FF post) - WJones
Mooser still has a day to reply. - WJones
So far nothing. - WJones
Is being a provoker the only way to get him to respond? - WJones
Mooser will reply when he feels like it. I don't know if you noticed but he prefers to be in the "driver's seat". He makes the points, others respond. I kind of doubt you'll succeed in "provoking" him, if he doesn't feel like being provoked. Just some more psychologizing on my part. - Danaa
Todd Hoff
Has anyone here experimented with Transcranial direct-current stimulation?
Glad you asked. A drinkin buddy of mine brought this up the other night and we're very tempted to. We need a skull map though. Or a neuroscientist consultant. - t-ra: WeirdnessSandwich from Android
No, but I'm interested. Over 10 years ago, Melinda was seeing a psychologist involved with neuro-bio-feedback, who was mapping her brainwaves. Unfortunately, she moved away from the area. - Greg GuitarBuster
I have some friends who have experimented with it -- with interesting and good results, according to them. - Sean McBride
My brain seems quite interested in its own continued survival, so I'm, or should I say my brain, is hesitant to do these kind of things on the off chance it my turn its little grey cells to goo. - Todd Hoff
Sean McBride
Israel's game is to see how much state terrorism applied against civilians, women and children it can get away with, in plain view of the entire world, without triggering a forceful international response and intervention -- to walk right up to that line.
This has been the Zionist game plan since before the official establishment of Israel -- to keep driving the non-Jewish natives out of Jewish Greater Israel by making their lives unbearable. - Sean McBride
This I agree with. israel is testing the world - how much can it tolerate? so far, it's quite a bit, if Gaza is the test case. But where is the limit when the dead are Arab? where is the limit when the dead are Ukrainian? - Danaa
what israel wants is a "Final Solution" for gaza. It would have already implemented one, had it known it could get away with it. The only question for the average israeli is "when" not "what". The "what" is settled in the majority of Israeli minds. - Danaa
Some pro-Israel activists invoke Hiroshima and Nagasaki as precedents for how to deal with their Palestinian, Arab and Muslim problems -- so I think we have some idea of how far Israel intends to push the boundaries here regarding major war crimes. - Sean McBride
That's why I bring up Joshua of the OT. I don't think even WJ, the good guy, has processed what it means to be brought up on that narrative, accept it without a question and not once wonder - or be encouraged to wonder, as a child or adult - why was that OK to do? destroy all of Jericho, leaving not a living thing standing. A craven disgusting massacre, but what does it mean to exalt the very thing that modern sensibility would have us turn away from in utter disgust? - Danaa
Sean, as I keep pointing out, hebrew is a great barrier. What is said in hebrew, on israel's streets, and/or by some of the "nicest" grandmothers you'll ever get to know, would chill your blood to the bone. - Danaa
Israel has a second Nakba in mind for the remaining Palestinians in Greater Israel -- you can bank on it. It's all about tempo and patiently setting the stage. - Sean McBride
For israel, the strategy is clear - come up with a way of "dealing" with the palestinians of gaza, but do it without getting the whole world turn on you. That's the plan and has been for some time. Current gaza "operations" are a test case. They are probably counting "bodies" as we speak. - Danaa
With regard to gaza, israel's plan always had egypt in mind. The idea being to just kick the palestinians over to the Egyptian side. So far, they have managed to install Sisi as a collaborator, but even Sisi cannot stomach the israeli plan. I wonder what the next step is for "motivating" the Egyptians. - Danaa
Danaa -- many of the English comments that one reads in the Israeli press are already bloodcurdling and bone-chilling -- we are talking about many thousands of comments expressing extreme hate speech and genocidal fanaticism. - Sean McBride
The Israel lobby has succeeded in dehumanizing and demonizing Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims to such a degree in American popular culture that Israel now has a free hand to slaughter civilians, women and children at will. Many Americans are cheering on these crimes. - Sean McBride
The situation in Ukraine is wacko. You have a population of Ukrainians that could hardly care less about IP, and yet the ruling businessmen and politicians are strong pro-Israelis. Meanwhile weird political actions happened like the shooting in Kiev in February and now the weird airplane crash in the east. Ordinary Ukrainians have no idea what the deal is that their new government... more... - WJones
Utoya was another completely wacko event. It makes no sense, and there were reports that it was not a "lone gunman" either. - WJones
The heavy hand of the neocons is behind events in both Ukraine and Gaza. They are playing on the grand chessboard and utilizing their global network of assets. - Sean McBride
Kompromat on Chomsky
Chomsky debates Alex Jones: It goes downhill at the end at about 30:00 when Chomsky starts denouncing gun ownership, says that US crime rate is low or normal as opposed to other countries. - WJones
Chomsky is a millionaire who was funded by the military: - WJones
Chomsky's system of "universal grammar" may be chasing "unicorns" and avoids engaging with grammar and linguistics in terms of social layers. Only 15% of British- the upper class - speak standard English while the rest are discriminated against in society and employment. more... - WJones
Chomsky downplaying the importance of JFK's assassination: - WJones
Seymour Hersh has produced much more valuable investigative research than Noam Chomsky. Chomsky does very little investigative research -- he mostly offers vague and generalized theories about the world, with few specific names or entities and relations (in semantic webese). - Sean McBride
The Fateful Triangle, to be fair, was chock-full of concrete facts -- but that was written a long time ago. - Sean McBride
I think some professors have their students help write their books. - WJones
Sean McBride
Americans will eventually come to wonder why they wasted so much time, energy and money in trying to solve the unsolvable self-generated problems of Jewish nationalism.
Especially when they had so many more important issues to deal with. - Sean McBride
What percentage of the American population is actually committed to Jewish nationalism in a substantive way? Probably less than 1%. But that 1% controls powerful financial levers in American life. - Sean McBride
This is the comment I just made on MW in reply to yours on kerry------->I wil be interested to see if it gets thru.---->American says..." I had a long conversation with Jones’s staffer on this. Told him Jones and others who are ‘resistant’ to Israel but not ‘pro active’ against it, even though they privately believe Israel and its lobbies are damaging to US, need to start their own... more... - American
Good comment. - Sean McBride
Political consulting firms are an important component of the Israel lobby that many of us often overlook. Data slots that need to be filled in: 1. c; pro-Israel political consulting firm 2. c; pro-Israel political consultant - Sean McBride
1. c; pro-Israel political consultant; Arthur Finkelstein 2. c; pro-Israel political consultant; Bob Shrum 3. c; pro-Israel political consultant; Frank Luntz 4. c; pro-Israel political consultant; Mark Penn - Sean McBride
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