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Sean McBride
UK Chief Rabbi Told: Israel Fuels Anti-Semitism - Global Agenda - News - Arutz Sheva -
Pro-Israel comment: "You goyim have a really tough time when we Jews stand up for ourselves. That's the root of your problem. /PARA You see Mr Boulton, you can only measure your security by the goy in the next country, but our backstop has ALWAYS been THE MAN upstairs. HE walks with us, every step of the way, anytime, anywhere. /PARA And it's tough, I know, being a goy in the neighborhood where Jews are the boss, and don't run scared when a goy walks in the room. /PARA The whole basis of Anti-Semitism is the latent insecurity of the goy (you) wanting to be the "Master Race" - Hitler (and others) tried, and failed, and will continue to fail. /PARA WE are the Chosen, and there's nothing you can do about it. So just accept it, and get on with your life. /PARA Tough, tough, tough. /PARA I'll see you again after the next war, and we'll compare notes." - Sean McBride
In digging into the root causes of antisemitism, the attitude expressed in comments like this one should be taken into consideration. - Sean McBride
Attributes: racist, bellicose, belligerent, confrontational, bullying, abusive, etc. And this comment is hardly an outlier or anomaly -- one can find thousands of similar comments on the Internet. - Sean McBride
The source of this belief system? -- a particular reading of the Torah -- a particular stream of Judaism and religious Zionism. - Sean McBride
Many religious Zionists are aggressively and proactively provoking antisemitism. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
UN: Israel demolished homes of 1,177 Palestinians in Jerusalem and West Bank in 2014 - Diplomacy and Defense - Israel News | Haaretz -
What other modern Western democratic nations are demolishing the homes of ethnic outsiders to make way for an ethnocentric and theocentric state? - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
An Israeli Insult to America (Melvin A. Goodman)
"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s acceptance of an invitation to address a joint session of the U.S. Congress in March is an unacceptable interference in our domestic political arena and must be challenged. It is simply not enough for the White House to indicate that there will be no meeting between President Barack Obama and the Israeli Prime Minister. At the very least, the United States must take the next opportunity at the UN’s Security Council to forswear a veto on a resolution critical of Israel as well as signal a significant change in U.S. military assistance to the Israelis. The Israelis must be made to understand that the United States, the only ally that Israel has in the global community, will not tolerate its anti-American behavior." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The hidden US message to Israel behind the leaked reports of the Mughniyeh assassination - Middle East - Jerusalem Post (Yossi Melman) -
The hidden US message to Israel behind the leaked reports of the Mughniyeh assassination - Middle East - Jerusalem Post (Yossi Melman)
"The impression given from the leaked details is that someone wanted the US to take the lion’s share of the credit for the Mughniyeh assassination. According to the media reports, in the joint operation that killed Hezbollah’s “defense minister,” the Mossad played second fiddle to the CIA who was the senior more central partner. It’s possible that this is a great exaggeration, the truth was entirely different and in fact the Mossad was the dominant player in the operation." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
As Netanyahu rampages, Israel's interests are but collateral damage - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz -
As Netanyahu rampages, Israel's interests are but collateral damage - Opinion - Israel News | Haaretz
"The prime minister has become a ticking cluster bomb, discharging its lethal load at timed intervals and destroying the remains of Israel’s standing in the world." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"There is no coincidence in the three centers of fire set by Netanyahu, each representing a different aspect of the same propaganda: On the Golan Heights, Netanyahu sought to demonstrate his military leadership; in Congress, his ability to stand up to a president he views as hostile to Israel and in expanding the settlements, his determination to meet the right’s demands. Netanyahu is... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Israel ranked 5th in Bloomberg innovation index - Israel News - Jerusalem Post -
Israel ranked 5th in Bloomberg innovation index - Israel News - Jerusalem Post
"South Korea topped the list, followed by Japan, Germany and Finland ahead of Israel, while the US was just behind it at number six." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The index was comprised based on rankings in six sub-fields: Research in development, in which Israel ranked #2, manufacturing (#21), high-tech companies (#11), post-secondary education (#4) research personnel (#4) and patents (#31)." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Leading Evangelical Movement Calls on Christian Zionists to Repent for Supporting Israel - Israel News -
Leading Evangelical Movement Calls on Christian Zionists to Repent for Supporting Israel - Israel News
"One of the world’s leading Christian Evangelical movements is targeting Christian support for the State of Israel in what it calls a sinful practice. The Lausanne Movement has decried Christian Zionism in the past and its newest anti-Israel campaign is not new. “For over 60 years, many Evangelicals have clung to a very narrow theological narrative that weds Christian theology with a political ideology known as Zionism,” wrote Steve Haas, vice presidents of World Vision US, in the latest issue of Lausanne Global Analysis. Haas compared Christian Zionists to Spanish inquisitors, Crusaders, supporters of apartheid South Africa, and other historical atrocities." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Pap and Seder: Epstein Child Sex Scandal Only Beginning | Ring of Fire -
Pap and Seder: Epstein Child Sex Scandal Only Beginning | Ring of Fire
The mainstream media hyped Monicagate to the max; they are working hard to suppress and bury the Epstein/Dershowitz story. So what's up? What are the factors that motivated their radically different treatment of the two stories? Who were they trying to harm or protect and why? - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
The U.S. Should Support Israel Because God Does (Bryan Fischer) -
The U.S. Should Support Israel Because God Does (Bryan Fischer)
"But beyond all these quite sound reasons to stand unapologetically with Israel against its adversaries, there is one additional, overriding reason. We should stand with Israel because God does. God made a profound promise to the father of the Jewish people, a promise which he has never revoked and which is still in effect today. “I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse” (Genesis 12:3). God here declares one simple, abiding truth: he will deal with the nations of the world as they deal with Israel. A nation which stands with Israel will receive a blessing from God. A nation which stands against the Jewish people (Nazi Germany comes to mind) will rest under a curse." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"So if someone is looking for a reason for America’s security and success, he needs look no further: God has blessed America because America has blessed the sons of Abraham." - Sean McBride
Among all the brain-damaged brainwashing propaganda memes ever to come down the pike, this one takes the cake. Who dares to argue with God? Case closed. - Sean McBride
I would argue with God in fact I have spent my whole life preparing my argument just in case. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Actually, arguing with God is a theme that features prominently in the Old Testament itself. Another key theme: Jewish possession of "the Land of Israel" is conditional on good behavior -- failure to live up to God's standards leads to harsh punishments -- even to the fate of being "vomited up" from the land. This line of thinking is a two-edged sword. But Bryan Fischer is too unsophisticated in his understanding of biblical theology to grasp the complexities and pitfalls. - Sean McBride
Most things are. I suspect I would never actually win an argument anyway. Should I actually get a pop quiz I will have an argument, but will be entirely dependent on God's grace and mirth. - Eric Logan
What is really going on here: there is a certain type of human being who claims to speak for God -- and who demands absolute deference to his or her presumed authority from all other human beings. This is an appalling psychological syndrome -- one might call it a mental disorder -- one which breeds the worst kind of ignorant tyrants and despots. - Sean McBride
Sounds suspiciously like a different argument. Just insert Gaia for God. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
Trying to think rationally and scientifically about environmental issues doesn't constitute worship of any god or goddess -- or a blind commitment to any dogma. - Sean McBride
The historical track record for either subset as prophets of doom are fairly equivalent. I would even proffer that the motivations for the prognostications are similar. It's ultimately about control and money. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
I don't see the editors of and contributors to Scientific American, Nature, Science, New Scientist, National Geographic, etc. as being equivalent in any way to Christian Zionists. Nor do I think their concerns about environmental issues are motivated by money or the appetite for political power. They are simply trying to follow the scientific facts about the world wherever they lead. - Sean McBride
Should the Chinese government be concerned about the air quality in Beijing? Are there any environmental issues that you consider to be of importance for humanity? - Sean McBride
Yes every pollutant that you can think of. CO2 is not a pollutant it is plant food. In 1967. Syukuro Manabe and Richard Wetherald published a paper that said that a doubling of CO2 would result in a 2C temperature rise back then few scientists actually believed CO2 could cause warming.. In 1960 Keeling measured CO2 with the system we still use at 315 PPM. Today it is 399 PPM. The best... more... - Eric Logan
Recent article in one of your preferred publications. What Do Farmers Think about Climate Change? - Eric Logan
Is Netanyahu Also Responsible for Global Warming? - Eric Logan
Check out the pro-Israel comment at Israel National News: "Global Warming is yet another lie, like the 'Palestinians'! Global Warming is a lie being cast by Leftists who want to destroy the west. The 'Palestinians' are a lie started by the KGB who want to destroy Israel. The connection as always is the Left." The conspiracy wacko here is a climate change denialist and pro-Israel militant -- two policy positions which strongly correlate. - Sean McBride
Israeli Scientists like Nir Shaviv are prominent skeptics. I don't know how that relates to any correlation between pro Israel militants and skepticism. Plus 70% of the worlds theists believe in the God of Abraham. ;) - Eric Logan from FFHound!
On the correlation between pro-Israel militancy and militant climate change denialism see, for instance, American Thinker. - Sean McBride
On the correlation between pro-Israel militancy and militant climate change denialism -- a few key Google searches: - Sean McBride
# g; global warming site:* 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. - Sean McBride
The right wing, left wing dichotomy is actually easy to explain on this topic as well. There are two primary separate systems of belief in one rich people have political power in the other people with political power get rich. - Eric Logan from FFHound!
The traditional right-wing/left-wing and conservative/liberal dichotomy has largely broken down in American politics. It's now all about Zionists (neoconservatives, neoliberals, Likud Zionists, liberal Zionists, Christian Zionists, etc.) vs. everyone else -- nearly the whole damned world. Zionists have no fixed principles other than blind emotional support for Israel and Jewish... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
# sort US Congress members by *
1. number of anti-Iran remarks 2. number of anti-Muslim remarks 3. number of pro-Iraq War remarks 4. number of pro-Israel advisers 5. number of pro-Israel funders 6. number of pro-Israel remarks 7. number of pro-mass surveillance remarks 8. number of pro-torture remarks 9. number of trips to Israel 10. total donations from the Israel lobby - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Wasserman Schultz Blames Islamic Fundamentalists for Terror Attacks - Breitbart -
Wasserman Schultz Blames Islamic Fundamentalists for Terror Attacks - Breitbart
"Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) recently spoke to a group of Jewish Americans in South Florida, joking about how one of the reasons she actually joined them… was to “meet” people, as well expressing her concerns about the “global war on terror,” and her disbelief that MSNBC and CNN would irresponsibly conduct biased reporting. Wasserman Schultz correctly points out that Islamists hate Jews because “of who we are.”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Unfortunately what happens particularly with the global war on terror and the Islamic fundamentalists that are combating and leading it, we (Jews) are the crux of the reason that they are engaged in that fight." -- Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
CIA and Mossad killed senior Hezbollah figure in car bombing - The Washington Post -
"On Feb. 12, 2008, Imad Mughniyah, Hezbollah’s international operations chief, walked on a quiet nighttime street in Damascus after dinner at a nearby restaurant. Not far away, a team of CIA spotters in the Syrian capital was tracking his movements. As Mughniyah approached a parked SUV, a bomb planted in a spare tire on the back of the vehicle exploded, sending a burst of shrapnel across a tight radius. He was killed instantly. The device was triggered remotely from Tel Aviv by agents with Mossad, the Israeli foreign intelligence service, who were in communication with the operatives on the ground in Damascus. “The way it was set up, the U.S. could object and call it off, but it could not execute,” said a former U.S. intelligence official." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The United States helped build the bomb, the former official said, and tested it repeatedly at a CIA facility in North Carolina to ensure the potential blast area was contained and would not result in collateral damage." - Sean McBride
"U.S. involvement in the killing, which was confirmed by five former U.S. intelligence officials, also pushed American legal boundaries. Mughniyah was targeted in a country where the United States was not at war. Moreover, he was killed in a car bombing, a technique that some legal scholars see as a violation of international laws that proscribe “killing by perfidy” — using treacherous... more... - Sean McBride
"The authority to kill Mughniyah required a presidential finding by President George W. Bush. The attorney general, the director of national intelligence, the national security adviser and the Office of Legal Counsel at the Justice Department all signed off on the operation, one former intelligence official said." - Sean McBride
"The operation in Damascus highlighted a philosophical evolution within the American intelligence services that followed the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Before then, the U.S. government often took a dim view of Israeli assassination operations, highlighted by the American condemnation of Israel’s botched attempt in 1997 to poison the leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshal, in Amman, Jordan. The... more... - Sean McBride
"The CIA and Mossad worked together to monitor Mughniyah in Damascus for months prior to the killing and to determine where the bomb should be planted, according to the former officials." - Sean McBride
"The Bush administration regarded Hezbollah — Mughniyah, in particular — as a threat to the United States. In 2008, several months after he was killed, Michael Chertoff, then secretary of homeland security, said Hezbollah was a threat to national security. “To be honest, they make al-Qaeda look like a minor league team,” he said." - Sean McBride
"A former U.S. official described a secret meeting in Israel in 2002 involving senior JSOC officers and the chief of the Israeli military intelligence service. Amid a broader discussion of counterterrorism issues, the JSOC visitors raised the prospect of killing Mughniyah in such an offhanded fashion that their Israeli hosts were stunned." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Pro-Israel Groups Target Dem Senators On Iran - Breitbart -
Pro-Israel Groups Target Dem Senators On Iran - Breitbart
"A group of 12 Democratic Senators are the subject of a new full-page ad in the New York Times from pro-Israel groups pushing them to back new sanctions on Iran, increasing the pressure on them to fellow Democratic President Barack Obama. “Last year, these Democratic Senators courageously supported sanctions on Iran,” the ad says, referencing their cosponsorship of a sanctions bill, “We urge them to continue to stand firm and put principle before politics.”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The ad includes a line-up of photographs of the senators, which include Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Cory Booker (D-NJ). The Zionist Organization of America, StandWithUs, This World: The Values Network and “America’s Rabbbi” Rabbi Shmuley organized and paid for the ad." - Sean McBride
"In an interview, Shmuley said advocates for a new sanctions bill need to all the political pressure they can muster in the face of Obama’s vehement opposition to new sanctions, which he said will imperil negotiations with the Iranian regime." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Slams MSNBC | The Daily Caller -
Debbie Wasserman Schultz Slams MSNBC | The Daily Caller
"Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz offered a series of candid remarks at a recent event in Florida, slamming MSNBC over what she claims is its anti-Israel bias, breaking with the Obama administration by identifying recent terrorists as Islamic, and questioning intermarriage and assimilation for Jewish people." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The Florida congresswoman’s eye-opening comments came at a breakfast event held earlier this month at a south Florida branch of the Jewish Federation." - Sean McBride
"“We have the problem of assimilation. We have the problem of intermarriage,” Wasserman Schultz said after mentioning her husband, who she seemingly met through the Jewish Federation." - Sean McBride
"The DNC chair, whose leadership has been considered rocky at times, identified “Islamic fundamentalists” as responsible for the Paris attack and others, thus breaking with the Obama administration which has all but avoided mentioning Islam in reference to any of the attacks. “Unfortunately what happens, particularly with the global war on terror and the Islamic fundamentalists who are... more... - Sean McBride
"She then launched into a pointed critique of the mainstream media’s coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, while singling out MSNBC, a network on which she frequently appears." - Sean McBride
File under Israeli control of the Democratic Party. - Sean McBride
For DWS, it's all about narrow ethnic self-interest, ethnic nationalism and the Israeli interest -- that's how she defines "liberalism" and "Americanism" -- they are synonymous with Zionism in her mind -- with Jewish nationalism. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
A Strained Alliance: Obama-Netanyahu Rift Grew Over Years - (Peter Baker and Jodi Rudoren) -
A Strained Alliance: Obama-Netanyahu Rift Grew Over Years - (Peter Baker and Jodi Rudoren)
"For six years, the pattern has been the same. A dispute between American and Israeli leaders spills out into the open. Analysts declare the relationship in crisis. Then the two sides try to tamp down emotions and argue that the rupture is not as dire as it looks. In the latest falling-out between President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the first part of the pattern has certainly held — but not the second. This time, senior officials in both Washington and Jerusalem are making little effort to paper over the seriousness of the rift and even less, it seems, to try to repair it." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Rather than defuse the latest explosion, each side has chosen to escalate. The Obama administration made it clear this week that it no longer has any use for Mr. Netanyahu’s ambassador in Washington. Israeli officials defied American opposition on Friday to announce 450 new settlement units in the West Bank and privately whispered to their media that Mr. Obama had given Iran 80 percent... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
"Senator Wants to Use Trade Policy to Undermine Palestinian Solidarity Movement in Europe"
"Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) said this week that he wants to use trade negotiations as a means of undermining nonviolent Palestinian solidarity movements in Europe. Cardin asked US Trade Representative Michael Froman on Tuesday whether the Obama administration is using negotiations over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) as a cudgel against peaceful attempts, through the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), to actively oppose the occupation of Palestine." - Sean McBride
“There’s a growing concern with our European partners that they are sympathetic to BDS legislation,” he told Froman. “I’d be interested in those discussions whether we have been raising the issues that such action by our European trading partners would be considered against our overall trading objectives and whether we are using TTIP as an opportunity to protect against such legislation.” - Sean McBride
"Any attempts to oppose BDS with state power, however, would almost certainly infringe upon freedom of speech and assembly. When news broke that the often-militaristic American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) was pushing the trade tactic brought up by Cardin, Program Director at the Foundation for Middle East Peace Mitchell Plitnick pointed out that “no government is running... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
UC Davis passes divestment resolution, five other campaigns launched across US | The Electronic Intifada -
"Last night, the student government at the University of California at Davis voted in favor of a resolution to divest from corporations profiting from Israel’s occupation. In a landslide vote — eight voting yes, two against and two abstaining — the student government at UC Davis recommended that the University of California system’s governing body divest from Caterpillar, G4S, Veolia Environment and Raytheon." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The divestment victory comes just months after the UC Davis administration appeared to be receptive to efforts by the Anti-Defamation League — a leading Israel lobby group — to treat boycott, divestment and sanctions efforts as “hostile events” that the university should deem security threats." - Sean McBride
"Seven out of nine undergraduate campuses within the University of California system have now voted in favor of divestment. (One campus, UC Santa Cruz, passed divestment last year but it is being put up to a re-vote due to possible interference by the student union chair who claimed that the vote failed.) “Over 550 UC Davis students, staff and faculty members attended the senate meeting,” reported UC Davis campus newspaper The California Aggie." - Sean McBride
"“Vigilante censorship” -- Though they have amassed wide support on campus, Geary told The Electronic Intifada that divestment campaigners have been subjected to “vigilante censorship” of Palestine activism as flyers and materials have been torn down or destroyed. Some Israel-aligned students, she said, have also been creating fake Twitter accounts “that are tweeting anti-Semitic... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Zionism now throughly dominates American politics, all across the political spectrum
# Some of the key elements of this new regime 1. condition of permanent hysteria about terrorism (with the associated development of a police state culture) 2. contempt for the US Constitution and Bill of Rights 3. cult-like worship of Torah-based Jewish nationalism 4. endless bankrupting American wars for Israel 5. erosion of free speech 6. mass surveillance 7. radical wealth inequality 8. relentless incitement of American hatred against Israel's critics and adversaries worldwide (most of the human race) 9. torture 10. total corruption of the US Congress by a small clique of billionaires - Sean McBride
Zionism has devoured traditional Americanism from the inside -- completely gutted it. Mainstream conservatives, liberals, Christians, foreign policy realists, etc. have been marginalized to the point of extinction by Israel-centric neoconservatives, neoliberals and Christian Zionists in both the Republican and Democratic Parties. - Sean McBride
Israelis intend to continue building an ethnocentric and theocentric Jewish state within the biblical borders of Greater Israel by draining American financial and military resources to the breaking point. - Sean McBride
Sinclair Lewis: "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross." Lewis failed to foresee that it would be wrapped in the Israeli flag and symbolized by the Star of David -- literally so -- many Christian Zionists in American politics put more emphasis on the Israeli than the American flag. - Sean McBride
What is to be done? It's difficult to say. The Israel lobby possesses the power to destroy its opposition with overwhelming force -- any voices in American culture that begin to achieve influence in challenging that power are quickly cut down. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Benjamin Netanyahu's Aspergery chutzpah squared
Going behind the back of a sitting American president to bully his way onto the floor of the US Congress is one thing. Defiantly refusing to back down on his planned speech after meeting a buzz saw of outrage from many influential quarters in American politics is quite another thing -- much more extraordinary for sheer audacity. - Sean McBride
Netanyahu has basically given the White House the finger twice -- the second time is more insulting than the first. He has made it clear that he holds Obama in utter contempt and intends to damage him by whatever means are available. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
US, UK condemn latest Israeli plan for settler housing as 'illegal, illegitimate' - Israel News - Jerusalem Post -
US, UK condemn latest Israeli plan for settler housing as 'illegal, illegitimate' - Israel News - Jerusalem Post
"The United States and the United Kingdom on Friday both condemned the Israeli government’s plan to issue new tenders for housing units in the West Bank." - Sean McBride
""We believe that settlements are illegitimate and counterproductive to achieving a two-state outcome. We have deep concerns about these highly contentious construction announcements," said State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki. "They will have detrimental effects on the ground, inflame already-heightened tensions with the Palestinians and further isolate Israel internationally," she told reporters." - Sean McBride
""After embarrassing the Obama administration with the invitation to the Congress, Netanyahu adds another slam in the face of the Americans, showing no respect to Israel's closest ally," Peace Now said." - Sean McBride
It's clear that Israel views the rest of the world as chumps, pushovers, morons and assholes -- including the United States and European nations. And why should it think otherwise? -- Americans especially are easy to manipulate any which way. Netanyahu will bulldoze through these feeble complaints with the greatest of ease. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Battling Jewish Titans Alan Dershowitz and Ronn Torossian Make Up | Observer -
Battling Jewish Titans Alan Dershowitz and Ronn Torossian Make Up | Observer
Battling Jewish Titans Alan Dershowitz and Ronn Torossian Make Up | Observer
"That’s where things stood—two angry Jews who love to argue and are good at it, irreconcilable. Until today. This morning, the Observer received a joint statement from both men. Like a country duet, first a solo line from each and then in harmony. Alan Dershowitz: “I responded in anger to what I believed were inappropriate comments by Ronn Torossian and I withdraw any comments that were hurtful.” Ronn Torossian: “Alan Dershowitz has worked his entire life for Jewish interests and his deep love for Jews and Israel is clear.” And then together, “While we have political differences, we agree that both of us have legitimate points of view and demonization is inappropriate,” said Alan Dershowitz and Ronn Torossian." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Asked how this truce was brokered, Mr. Torossian credited his longtime spiritual mentor. He told the Observer, “Rabbi Avi Weiss is a close friend of both of ours and mediated private discussions which resulted in the joint public statement.”" - Sean McBride
"The founder of Chassidism, Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov, lost his father, Rabbi Eliezer, at the age of five. The last thing Rabbi Eliezer said before he died was, “Yisrolik, fear nothing but G-d alone. Love every single Jew, without exception, with the full depth of your heart and with the fire of your soul, no matter who he is or how he behaves.”" - Sean McBride
Basing ethics on unqualified tribal self-love could be problematic. - Sean McBride
watch this, phil weiss calls Dershowitz (and Epstein's other flight buddy Larry Summers) "family" Maybe that "family" connection and the Harvard link helped get Weiss assigned to write a puff piece about Epstein in 2007. The Fantasist By Philip Weiss - pepsi
Weiss' first impression when meeting Epstein for exclusive interview: "He was sparkling and ingenuous, apologizing for the half-hour lateness with a charming line—“I never realized how many one-way streets and no-right-turns there are in midtown. I finally got out and walked”" - pepsi
Weiss: "I told Epstein and Rubenstein the sort of story New York wanted to do, and Epstein seemed to find ironic delight in every word. “A secretive genius,” I’d said. “Not secretive, private,” he corrected in his warm Brooklyn accent." - pepsi
As Dersh quoted in your link: "Love every single Jew, without exception, with the full depth of your heart and with the fire of your soul, no matter who he is or how he behaves.” - pepsi
Sean McBride
This study obliterates the myth that Muslims are more violent - Vox -
"Predominantly, Muslim countries average 2.4 murders per annum per 100,000 people, compared to 7.5 in non-Muslim countries. The percentage of the society that is made up of Muslims is an extraordinarily good predictor of a country's murder rate. More authoritarianism in Muslim countries does not account for the difference. I have found that controlling for political regime in statistical analysis does not change the findings. More Muslims, less homicide." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Fish further fleshed out these findings, for example by re-running the numbers to exclude non-Muslim-majority states with extraordinarily high murder rates (Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Lesotho, South Africa, and Venezuela). Countries with lots of Muslims were still less murder prone by a pretty large margin. You can read more details on Fish's findings in his book, titled Are Muslims Distinctive?" - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
AJC, Hartman Institute host Christian symposium on Judaism and Israel — -
AJC, Hartman Institute host Christian symposium on Judaism and Israel —
"The second Christian Leadership Initiative (CLI) Alumni Study Symposium is taking place in Tampa, Fla., from Jan. 30-Feb. 1 on the theme of “Land and Jewish Identity in Israel and North America.” Renowned Christian leaders and scholars will be attending, along with CLI alumni of various Christian denominations and congregations." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The CLI fellowship, co-sponsored by the Shalom Hartman Institute and the American Jewish Committee (AJC), introduces prominent American Christian leaders to modern Judaism’s ideologies, theology, and practices, as well as the importance of Israel to the global Jewish community. This is accomplished through a 13-month educational program that ends with 10-day seminars at the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem." - Sean McBride
"“CLI gathers a unique core group of now 60 Christian scholars and introduces them to classical Jewish text study in the context of modern Israel,” said Rabbi Noam Marans, AJC’s director of interreligious and intergroup relations. “The Alumni Study Symposium is another step toward realizing our dream of a multi-cohort CLI community that will have an indelible positive impact on Christian-Jewish relations," he said." - Sean McBride
Developments (and propaganda ops) on the Judaism/Zionism and Judeo-Christianity front. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Former Sex Slave Accuses Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew -
Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins: Former Sex Slave Accuses Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew
"In a federal civil suit, Virginia Roberts states she was recruited as a sex slave at age 15 by billionaire and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein; Roberts says Epstein forced her to have sex with former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz and Britain’s Prince Andrew—both deny the allegations. Based on Epstein’s “black book” and his pilot’s logs, Nick Bryant reports that Dershowitz’s strenuous denials are contradicted by these records, and indicate that former president Bill Clinton shared more than a dozen flights on Epstein’s jets with a woman federal prosecutors believe procured underage girls to sexually service Epstein and his friends; and that Clinton flew to Africa in 2002 on an anti-AIDS mission with a group that included porn actress Chauntae Davis." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
Britons loathe Israel more than Iran, survey finds | The Times of Israel -
Britons loathe Israel more than Iran, survey finds | The Times of Israel
"Only North Korea is regarded more ‘especially unfavorably’, study shows; compilers note poll was taken in August, at height of war with Hamas" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The survey — taken in August and published Thursday by Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs — showed a massive surge in negative attitudes toward Israel since the previous such study, two years earlier. Thirty-five percent of Britons said they “feel especially unfavorable towards” Israel in the 2014 survey, compared to 17% in 2012. That figure meant that Israel... more... - Sean McBride
Pro-Israel comment: "Britain you dirty rats you went to falkand islands and killed people like it was world war 3.shut up. You're next on the terrorist list for bragging." - Sean McBride
Calling them "dirty rats" will no doubt improve the attitudes of Brits towards Israel. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
How Americans really feel about Netanyahu and why it matters - The Washington Post (Shibley Telhami) -
How Americans really feel about Netanyahu and why it matters - The Washington Post (Shibley Telhami)
"On the surface, Americans seem to view Israel’s prime minister just like they view other Western leaders, more favorably than unfavorably. But probing deeper, my survey reveals that Americans are much more divided about him, particularly across party lines, while younger Americans view him more unfavorably. These divides, coupled with significant and expanding party divides about policy toward Israel, mean that Netanyahu’s planned speech to Congress could force congressional Democrats to become more responsive to their grass roots constituents who are far more critical of Israeli policies – just as potential presidential candidates will be gearing up for primaries." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"But this result betrays a more problematic reality for Netanyahu, especially across party lines and among younger Americans. To begin with, more Americans express unfavorable views of Netanyahu than of Merkel and Cameron. And, probing more deeply, it is obvious that, as on matters of Israel broadly, there is an increasing party divide that cannot be found in American public attitudes... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Investigation launched by Church for Sizer's '9-11/Israel did it' post - Jewish News -
Investigation launched by Church for Sizer's '9-11/Israel did it' post - Jewish News
"The Church of England has launched an investigation after the Jewish News revealed that a Guildford vicar removed a Facebook post which linked to an article entitled ‘9-11/Israel did it’ – but asked Jewish News to show him articles refuting such claims." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Despite having removed the post, Sizer seemed to defend his actions in an email to the Jewish News, saying: “I would welcome articles you can recommend refuting the allegations.” Noting that many Americans feel 9/11 was “an inside job,” Sizer added: “It is essential the public become convinced of what happened before and after 9/11. Inevitably the truth will upset many people if it is... more... - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Letter circulated to House Dems urges postponing Netanyahu speech | The Times of Israel -
Letter circulated to House Dems urges postponing Netanyahu speech | The Times of Israel
"A letter urging Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio), the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, to postpone a planned March 3 speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is circulating among Democrats." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The letter, initiated by Reps. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) and Keith Ellison(D-Minn.) notes that Boehner’s invitation to Netanyahu was issued without coordination with the White House, comes two weeks before elections in Israel and is intended by Boehner to rebut President Barack Obama’s opposition to new Iran sanctions legislation while nuclear talks with Iran are underway." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Persado Persuasion Automation: End the Guesswork of Copywriting -
"1. Persado maps the marketing language that applies to your brand, parsing words and phrases into emotional, descriptive and formatting values." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"2. Persado creates millions of variations of a marketing message, considering all combinations of emotions, features, and format options." - Sean McBride
"3. Persado discovers the most persuasive emotions, and generates language that will drive the greatest response." - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Sundance Film Review: ‘Censored Voices’ | Variety -
Sundance Film Review: ‘Censored Voices’ | Variety
"Mor Loushy's documentary is built around censored audio tapes from the 1967 Six-Day War." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Recordings made by Israeli soldiers just after the 1967 Six-Day War form the crux of “Censored Voices,” a documentary built around purportedly unheard audio tapes censored by the Israeli military. Politically charged and intermittently cutting, if slightly dry and repetitive, the doc may be more specialized than the Oscar-nominated “The Gatekeepers,” a similar look at Israel’s Shin Bet... more... - Sean McBride
"The sentiment that the former soldiers overwhelmingly express is ambivalence. Although the film gives a rundown of IDs at the end, for the most part the men are treated as interchangeable. Cards indicate the kibbutz where each testimony was taken and the number of days it had been since the end of the war. The voices speak of regrets about civilian casualties and about uprooting Arabs from villages; one recalls stumbling across a photo of a dead man’s children and realizing he had killed a father." - Sean McBride
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