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Amit Patel
The Siberian crater saga is more widespread — and scarier — than anyone thought - The Washington Post -
The Siberian crater saga is more widespread — and scarier — than anyone thought - The Washington Post
Parts of Siberia are randomly bursting into flames? - Amit Patel from Bookmarklet
Is that snow colored white, or is it blue-ish? - Joe
Why are the aliens doing this? - Todd Hoff
Louis Gray
Bret on the current state of FriendFeed.
Screenshot 2015-02-25 at 10.03.08 AM.png
keep friendfeed alive! - mentegatto
It's so sad :( - Pea Bukowski
Oy - lris
we'll always have ello? - MoTO Boychick Devil
beğenmiyorsan bize ver götelek! - yuvarlakkafa
enter benevolent patron to adopt the orphaned site - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
he forgot about the italian militia - stark
and the librarians - ellbeecee
Hey, the Italian FFanbase is alive and kicking, too! - Appleseed
italyanlar kıskanmış quorada bret'e sadece türkler yok biz de kullanıyoruz demişler. - yuvarlakkafa
Set the code free. - Smeerch
Please release the code!!! - GePs
Legalize Friendfeed Weed! - elrocco from Android
vay arkadaş, olm terketmeyin façe'yi, ne güzel site façe, mayışınız yerinde işiniz yerinde, götünüz denk ulan - Alfonker Tapir
iki üç arkadaş arasında toplarız mayışı eksikse, sigortanız filan mı yok nedir v_v - Alfonker Tapir
I'm afraid the code belongs to Facebook, and part of it has been used in FB itself (comment by email, live updates...). It will hardly become free. The web server Tornado, on the other hand, was actually open sourced long ago. - L'Andre from iPhone
italian militia \m/ - Storvandre White&Gold
I'm afraid there will be also italian people yelling on twitter :) please, keep ff alive! - Tricia McMillan
keep the dream alive - gerri
:-( - LilaLaMarea from Android
:-(( - ebru from Flucso
ADAM OLUN BURAYI ACIK TUTUN AYIK OLUN - yormayinbeni from Android
We are all united as a whole big ff family. Now +1 on me ASAP - yormayinbeni from Android
:( - Alix May
The source code will be facebook property, at he least incorporated into facebook's codebase. Best option to keep it alive is to create your own clone. - Mo Kargas
i'll be pleased if it lives another 4 years or so. 14 would be nicer. - Big Joe Silence
i'll be pleased if it lives another 4 years or so. 14 would be nicer. - Big Joe Silence - yuvarlakkafa from Android
venduto per 45 milioni di dollari, passerà alla storia per la più elevata resa per iscritto - Maurizio
i'll be pleased if it lives another 4 years or so. 14 would be nicer. - Big Joe Silence - yuvarlakkafa - Big Joe Silence
a horde of turkish people, perhaps, but don't forget italians - thomas morton ☢
And a small, far-flung gaggle of Canadians! - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Ama adam bizi seviyor! Kafasına biz ekşiyoruz! - yuvarlakkafa from Android
Please keep granting us (Italians, too) our daily fix! - Slow
FriendfFeed. Bringing different cultures separately together. - Todd Hoff
! - Kevin Fox from iPhone
don't you dare, Mark. - bakelite from FreshFeed
Petition to Zuckerberg to keep friendfeed on! - GePs
@senape, this post here could be a perfect place to spam your new social network. I'll do it for you: is even better that friendfeed. refer to for more informations. - effemmeffe
Lets start a campaign for ff - yormayinbeni from Android
The idea of building a decentralized OpenFF needs to be revived and acted upon. - April Russo
italaians and turkish people <3 friendfeed 4ever :) - John Carter
<3 Friendfeeders - frasens
فکر کنم وقتشه که باید به فکر جایگزین برای فرفر بود - پیروز
BFFF - L'Andre
*.* - LilaLaMarea from Android
It's 2015 and this post has more than 200 likes. Friendfeed forever! - Louis Gray from Android
Ok, but tell Bret to stop fiddling with the network cable now! - Xabaras (G.O.)
and what dick. - Nervo
hadi arkidişler bir el atıverin hele adam layk istiyor, qapaq yapcekmiş. bu yazdığımı da google translate den nah çevirtir - Aram
No kidding, we are italian, people that invented MAFIA. Keep FF alive. We knows where your children go to school. - Pepper Mind
Noluyo lan burda? - negro
pepper la tocca piano - naltro
give me your adress Pepper Mind, if you are a MAN... (Turkish idiom) :))))))))))))) - Aram
Fossi in Pepper inizierei ad aver paura - Dyoniso
Somebody ( IS already developing a FriendFeed clone: - miki
Italyanlar turkmus - doper
Somebody HAS developed a FF clone, - Claudio Cicali
Please, we have kittens and cookies, don't forget us - Tricia McMillan from Android
give friendfeed a chance - plus1gmt
dreams never end - cogitabondo
Italian Turkish one race one face <3 - Il Maestro from FFHound!
And there is one more thing. I consider that the flag of United States not only a flag of a country, but is a universal message of freedom and democracy. - Fabrizio Casu
noS only - naltro
Release the FF code with GPL licence and no one gets hurt. - Minciaroni™
<3 (a cockheart to you all), please let us ancYents go on with our kYttens, our FF-speak and our lovely hate!!11!!!ELEVEN!!! - Fabs
lol Casu, luv u (ormai siamo alla fine dei ff-giorni, basta col bruttoperzonismo) - Sabrina Briganti from Flucso
We are FriendFeeders, we came in peace (self-cit) - Luca Perencin (No_CQRT)
:( - MarioMiX
I subscribed to the OpenFF group until all the admins left - Greg GuitarBuster
Briganti ti amo. - Fabrizio Casu
Spoiler! - Magenta
are you pepperoni smelling cheezalians still alive? - Arkancelo
Guardate l'aereo lassù in alto - PICCHU
speak english avradini siktigim. - Arkancelo
@senape, open source? ;) - zidagar ▶ ▷
pizzalians crying over friendfeed server crash = seals/sea lions crying over tumblr server crash. - Arkancelo
God I missed Arkancelo - oddbody from fftogo
oh, prima di buttar giù tutto fatemi scrinsciottare Casu ♡ - Sabrina Briganti from Flucso
si si mussoooo-leeniii venet-zeeeyaaa maaarrrrgare-ti sii - Arkancelo
Nobody puts FF in a corner. - Unkcoso Praise The Sun
oddbody wadab niga? - Arkancelo
io tutte le volte che provo a rientrare in non ci riesco ORCOZIO - A. Morloi Grazioli
I thought FF was an international site. Why does everyone speak in an ancient language which sounds like it's been eradicated in the last century? - Arkancelo
and most important of all, who the fuck is bret taylor? he looks like a frat faggot to me. he would be the last one I'll take serious regarding the FF servers. - Arkancelo
breeeet plisssss, we love you! - gcate
Hakan number one ! - Arkancelo
obbodi conosci questo sfigato? - Antonio
"frat faggott" pretty much sums up how I envision everyone who works at facebook - oddbody from fftogo
Arkancelo, Bret Taylor was the former CEO of Friendfeed. LOL - NOT THE CRICKET
al iste ammmmmmina koyim yani ben boyle isin. yukarda sanki bascavusun esegi osuruyor da gelip hala daha ispanyolca mi latince mi ne yazip duruyorlar. - Arkancelo
this Arkangelo seems a promising idiot, a pity we discover him so late. - µtna
oddy, pls take your words back; as my ex-girlfriend worked in the PR department of Facebooks. - Arkancelo
utna, I bet your penis is micro sized too thats why you call me promising. I promised nobody nothing. stop slendering. - Arkancelo
Arkancelo, you're an idiotic troll. - NOT THE CRICKET
It's PR, I was talking about actual work - oddbody from fftogo
Who the fuck is Juventus? - NOT THE CRICKET
sorry dear hebephrenic, I'm taking leave from my friends, no time to nurture you. - µtna
no though seriously, even though I envy him much, he is a fellow ashkenazi too, that's why I can't hate him :/ - Arkancelo
WOW what an ignorant fuck you are cricket. You are indeed a cricket. How can you not know Juve? - Arkancelo
are you a Fissore from turkey? - Unkcoso Praise The Sun
No, I'm His Evil Highness Arkancelo Hazretleri (P.b.u.h) from the 9th layer of hell. - Arkancelo
BRB, I remembered an old italian thread, I have to find it. - Arkancelo
I still have that Besiktas jersey - oddbody from fftogo
and I still got the blouse. - Arkancelo
Unkle, the 9th, frozen one. - Arkancelo
Arkancelo, WHERE IS MY KEBAB? I've ordered 15 min ago... stop blabbing around and move your lazy ass. - Pepper Mind
PEPPER Mind (I don't think I should even continue using a stereotype after typing your nick name, should I)? - Arkancelo
I once kicked a teen chick out of bed because her tits were small and nipples were dark. that looked like a fucking pepperoni on top. Italian women? Not even once. - Arkancelo
omg arkancelo u so funny. - Antonio
welcome back arkancelo - mentegatto
OMG tnx man, see faggots, there is one of you in the whole country who can appreciate good humour like mine. TAKE THAT! - Arkancelo
sup mente? you too. - Arkancelo
unfortunately mentegatto is abroad and we're not even sure he isn't a 74-year-old nun from an italian-speaking enclave in the Philippines - oddbody from fftogo
i'd love to be in the philippines. - mentegatto
doesn't have news value. I never remember mente satying in his motherland. it's like he is a jew with a bad IRS record running away all the time. - Arkancelo
I love 74-year-old nuns <3 - Pepper Mind
LAst time I stole a buddy's gf, shit really hit the fan. I mean we had a fight so big, he woke up three days later. literally. so I stay away from someone else's potential wife. nuns = no go. - Arkancelo
dev'essere un mix tra angelo fissore e yeridiani, versione turca - Antonio
no antonio, your kinsmen come up with the same argument over and over again and I am tired of telling them that your fissore guy is actually a copy of mine. - Arkancelo
Plus that fag uses a Mac, how can someone with a mind compare me, a tough guy to someone who uses a Mac as a computer? - Arkancelo
ahahah mente. just a moment. I'll top that blasphemy. - Arkancelo
there you go. a religion, beneath my soles. - Arkancelo
speaking of which, how is the christianity thing going? most people say the new pope is a deggial, the ender of the religion? - Arkancelo
comunque riuscite a flammare anche al crepuscolo - gcate
gnocchi, I didn't understand what you've written above but you are absolutely right. - Arkancelo
oh, I'm sorry, almost every italian on ff is an atheist. The ones who believe in something worship kittens and Valentina Nappi (which would make a great Pope indeed) - oddbody from fftogo
fuck then, for no reason I filled my search history with shemale porn. If something bad happens to me, please, delete my C:\ completely. teamviewer user: 3462234 pass: lolwtfis345 - Arkancelo
shemale porn :S - mentegatto
but tell your kinsmen to be clever anyway. knights templar (your countrymen, illuminati, italia, rome, vatican stuff) were killed because they worshipped cats. - Arkancelo
egyptian pricks worshipped cats and look where they are now. MUSA'M (my leader moses) eradicated them with 10 plagues. everybody should be clever. - Arkancelo
oddbody, mi stai facendo sganasciare tra un service affanculo e l'altro - gcate
@mente çk<rebgkabfşıuWEGFŞIUWegrfşıwGVahahahaaHAHAAH HSHSHAHAHAHAHAHAH - Arkancelo
Hi, in the name of allah, please accept my kitten as a bridal present. in the first day of our marriage, we will be drowning infidels in the holy sea of nutella. - Arkancelo
I can only accept bridal presents from nuns, but younger than 74 - mentegatto
what if she had plastic surgeries? (yes down there too, the labia majora is still intact, not flailing on the knee cap). - Arkancelo
If Facebook ever wants to release Friendfeed from its Data Centers and those that know how to keep it going willing to help transfer it, I'd be willing to help setup hosting and keep the servers running. With other volunteers it could stay up and running well into its twilight years. Doubt it will happen though. - Me
FUCK, some italian hacked my account. I swear even though it states Me, I didn't write that. I don't even know how to code let alone carrying sites over. pls believe me. - Arkancelo
where are bezdo, ubiki and jason? - Arkancelo
I attack Kamchatka with three armies. - Fabrizio Casu
Fabrizio, how about norway? - Arkancelo
bezdomnietc. was last seen filming his own horror movie, in which a very few users cling to a dying social network while their souls are eaten away by an invisible monster made of recurrent jokes and private messages with pictures of dicks - oddbody from fftogo
I'll even let someone to pull the plug of my mother's life support than friendfeed servers' plug. (that person has to make my mother sign a special document though). - Arkancelo
I mean, why post dick pictures in private. Every male has a dick and we are all products of sex. From this moment on, no male shall post a picture of his ferret incognito or private. - Arkancelo
annnd, the ghostwriter? - Arkancelo
almost 200 comments, almost 300 likes and nobody answers me. I won't stay in a place where I'm not wanted or liked. Arrvederchi frenfi. I'll delete my account in 10 minutes. - Arkancelo
Good. Could you make it in 2. - Greg GuitarBuster
8 minutes remaining. - Arkancelo
1 minute remaining - Antonio
Bye! Teach the angels to do kebab. - Fabrizio Casu
4 8 15 16 23 42 - cristinabi
7 minutes 50 seconds remaining. - Arkancelo
It was 1 minute 3 minutes ago. - Fabrizio Casu
I'm afraid your slimy, hair gel infested black hair is preventing you from seeing your panerai watch AAAYYYYY? - Arkancelo
7 minutes 40 seconds remaining. - Arkancelo
0 minutes 03 seconds, 02, 01, BYE. - Antonio
6 minutes 59 seconds 211 miliseconds remaining. - Arkancelo
7.049360363302 x 10^45 Planck time remaining. - Arkancelo
BRET answer me on Twitter (-and I tell him that Italians >>>>>>turkish in FF) - frasens
Bret please save us! if you turn ff off we have to go back to work. - ratavolòira
(By The way, Solero likes are always more than this 'international' post) - frasens
So my comment on open sourcing FF was deleted? Classy. - Todd Hoff
moar drama - thomas morton ☢
francesca your hot - Arkancelo
Üşenmedim okudum, yarıldım amk aşdlkkaşdkalşsk - ☝Selocu Mitrazz
best of #offensivearkan aksjdhaskjd - Cafo
Dasdddsddfggv - Fayır from Android
bret seni baret diye kafama takarım - Çipetpet
how true - Massimo Morelli
It's just the beginning of a porn: then the plumbers get the princess and drain her pipes (although I think that a porn with a plot is an abomination, a sign of these troubled times) - oddbody from iPhone
chi è sto fesso? uno vecchio presumo. - Non sono Bob from Flucso
Todd Hoff
Climatology versus Pseudoscience book tests whose predictions have been right | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment | The Guardian -
Climatology versus Pseudoscience book tests whose predictions have been right | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment | The Guardian
"On the flip side of the coin, climate contrarians have predicted anything from minimal warming to rapid global cooling. Their predictions have generally been terribly inaccurate, and yet the same people who have made these wrong predictions are still treated as credible experts by certain segments of the media. It seems as though their history of inaccurate predictions has no effect on their credibility. When scientists with a history of inaccurate predictions are treated with the same credibility as those who have made accurate predictions, that’s a problem." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Guess funds Dana Nuccitelli ? - Eric Logan
I personally think arguing over what the climate is or is not doing because we have such a little ability to change it is like a crust of bread fallen on a stove arguing with another crust whether the stove is getting hotter or colder. What to me the real issue we can do something about is responsible living on earth. - RetiredTeacherD
When it is financially viable which may be sooner than many expected if oil prices continue to slide. We will transition to something other than fossil fuels because it will be a real economic imperative. All the hand wringing and warning won't change anything globally because the majority of the world is energy impoverished. - Eric Logan
Todd Hoff
Up Market Permaculture -
Up Market Permaculture
Just an amazing garden. Wish I could do that sort of thing here, but our trees have already matured. - Todd Hoff
did anyone get to the actual High End Permaculture video? all I get is 15 min sales pitch for his online course! - Maхx Tee
They seem to be redirecting to their class now. - Todd Hoff
I managed to get to it eventually. I think you may have to play the course video first. Try fast-forwarding to near the end of the video. - Ken Morley
Now I see it (and about 2 dozen other videos), looks like course promo is over. :) - Maхx Tee
But I am left puzzled, what is considered "high end" about the garden showed? - Maхx Tee
It was created for a very expensive house that previously had more traditional landscaping. It's also high end in a design sense. Creating lux relaxation spaces from a unique pallet of plants and design principles also gives a very high end feel. It's not strictly for production, it's not strictly utilitarian, it's obviously and capably designed to be enjoyed and give the owner a sense of themselves. - Todd Hoff
RE: 2 dozen other videos - I particularly enjoyed "5 Acre Abundance on a Budget" where he maps out his thought process on transforming one of his early, smaller properties. "Permaculture in Paradise" is also very inspiring. :) - Ken Morley
I took a permaculture class from him and he's an inspiring guy. These videos are really high quality, I like the direction he's taking in trying to preach outside the choir. - Todd Hoff
My wife has been talking up permaculture to me for the last year -- I should probably start paying attention. - Sean McBride
Laura Norvig
RT @wef: 3 ways the technological revolution is unlike any other in history, by Prof. Klaus Schwab
RT @wef: 3 ways the technological revolution is unlike any other in history, by Prof. Klaus Schwab
Todd Hoff
Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog : Second Warmest January on Record Globally | Weather Underground -
Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog : Second Warmest January on Record Globally | Weather Underground
"January 2015 was the second warmest January since record keeping began in 1880, said NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) on Thursday. NASA also rated January 2015 as the 2nd warmest January on record, behind January 2007, which had the warmest departure from average of any month in recorded history. January 2015's near-record warmth continues a trend of very warm months for the planet--December 2014 was the warmest December on record, and 2014 was Earth's warmest calendar year on record. Global ocean temperatures during January 2015 were the 3rd warmest on record, and global land temperatures were the 2nd warmest on record. Global satellite-measured temperatures in January 2015 for the lowest 8 km of the atmosphere were the 7th or 5th warmest in the 37-year record, according to Remote Sensing Systems and the University of Alabama Huntsville (UAH), respectively." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Todd Hoff
Drones and satellites spot lost civilizations in unlikely places | Science/AAAS | News -
Drones and satellites spot lost civilizations in unlikely places | Science/AAAS | News
"SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA—What do the Sahara desert and the Amazon rainforest have in common? Until recently, archaeologists would have told you they were both inhospitable environments devoid of large-scale human settlements. But they were wrong. Here today at the annual meeting of the AAAS (which publishes Science), two researchers explained how remote sensing technology, including satellite imaging and drone flights, is revealing the traces of past civilizations that have been hiding in plain sight." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Scientists have known for a while that Sahara is a fairly new desert, though. And the Garamantes have been known since they were out there doing the damn thing. - Eivind
Researchers from the US and Israel have identified the first-ever example of a creature capable of editing its own genetic makeup in order to blend into its surroundings – the squid. -
Researchers from the US and Israel have identified the first-ever example of a creature capable of editing its own genetic makeup in order to blend into its surroundings – the squid.
Reporting in a recent edition of the journal eLife, Dr. Eli Eisenberg of the Tel Aviv University Department of Physics and Sagol School of Neuroscience and his colleagues explained that the Doryteuthis pealieii squid can alter most of its own proteins on an as-needed basis. - Halil from Bookmarklet
:o - Halil
I wonder if this will help understand and potentially help create treatment for prion based diseases? - Halil
Huh. That would be pretty amazing - I admit, I find prion diseases to be some of the most frightening. - Jennifer Dittrich
Prions are the stuff of nightmares, they are scary and rightly so! - Halil
ah ha: "This species (ie the squid in this study) is a model organism in neuroscience and was used by Andrew Huxley and Alan Hodgkin in their studies on axons." I've met Andrew Huxley, he was an interesting guy, very nice bloke. - Halil
New Islamic State Publication Touts Progress in Clash of Civilizations -
In the new issue of its magazine Dabiq, the Islamic State boasts of the progress it's made in polarizing the world into two sharply opposing camps. The post New Islamic State Publication Touts Progress in Clash of Civilizations appeared first on The Intercept.
Louis Gray
Ingress: The Incredible & Addictive Covert Game Being Played All Around You -
Ingress: The Incredible & Addictive Covert Game Being Played All Around You
Show all
"A little over two years ago, a small team within Google called Niantic Labs introduced Ingress, a game that adds a virtual reality layer on top of the entire world, which you can claim, defend or destroy for your cause - depending on which side you've chosen. And while I tested early versions of the game while it was developing at Google, and dabbled with it just after launch, I put it aside before jumping back in with both feet two months ago, when a pair of colleagues on my new team couldn't stop talking about it. And now I won't stop talking about it either. Simply put, in my view, it's the most well-designed, intelligently deployed concept I've ever seen for an immersive experience on mobile, which encourages you to get off your butt, explore the world around you, and find new people to help you achieve goals together. Every facet of the application, even while it seems mysterious, is designed to help you get out of house, to explore new crannies of your neighborhood (and beyond)... more... - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
I have to say I find it totally impenetrable. The UI confuses me no end, and I'm just completely flummoxed by it. - Stephen Mack
I'm paranoid enough as it is. - Meg VMeg
Maybe this is what happens when you don't waste time sleeping? - Walt Crawford
@Stephen come with me some time, and I can teach you! - Louis Gray
OK - I am ingressing. I'm not sure I'm doing it right. - Brian Johns
Is there an Ingress room on FriendFeed? - Brian Johns
I hope you picked the right team, Sparky. Smurf or frog? - Stephen Mack
I'm afraid to say. Like my first credit card, I chose the one with the free t-shirt and the attractive booth babe. - Brian Johns
No problem. Depending on which one you chose, you're eitherpart of the team or someone to shun. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Welcome to Ingress, Sparky! - Louis Gray
I'm with Meg. - Jenny H. from Android
Warren supporters can’t talk about Palestine -
Hilarious moment at a NY party urging Elizabeth Warren to run: someone asks her position on Palestine and the organizers decide there has been enough dialogue and turn up the music
40 brilliant idioms that simply can’t be translated literally | TED Blog -
40 brilliant idioms that simply can’t be translated literally | TED Blog
"It’s a piece of cake. You can’t put lipstick on a pig. Why add fuel to the fire? Idioms are those phrases that mean more than the sum of their words. As our Open Translation Project volunteers translate TED Talks into 105 languages, they’re often challenged to translate English idioms into their language. Which made us wonder: what are their favorite idioms in their own tongue?" - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"Below, we asked translators to share their favorite idioms and how they would translate literally. The results are laugh-out-loud funny." - Maitani
Does "Die Katze im Sack kaufen" also imply that you've been tricked and didn't get what you thought you bought (which is the Norwegian meaning), or is it just any "blind" purchase? - Eivind
In italian we say "saltare di palo in frasca", similar to the french "Sauter du coq à l’âne" (from pole to leaf), we also have "costare un occhio nella testa" exactly as in spanish “me costó un ojo de la cara” and of course many others. The one I like the most is "sono andato nel pallone", literally "I went into the ball" or "into the big ball". It's up to you to guess the meaning. :-) - miki
Todd Hoff
Why climate scientists are right about how hot the planet is going to get - The Washington Post -
Why climate scientists are right about how hot the planet is going to get - The Washington Post
"Right now, humans are well on pace to at least double carbon dioxide concentrations from preindustrial levels by the middle of the century. But given how complex the climate system is, how do we know that the IPCC’s sensitivity estimate holds true? There’s a lot at stake — if the scientists are overestimating the climate sensitivity then global warming might be less worrying. No wonder that climate “skeptics” have often cast doubt on the matter." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Fwd: RT @sathnam: Love how Zuckerberg talks about books as if they are funky new app he has discovered. From @thetimes (via
Fwd: RT @sathnam: Love how Zuckerberg talks about books as if they are funky new app he has discovered. From @thetimes (via
چند سالشه زاکربرگ ؟ واقعا در مورد کتاب ها تا الان چی فکر می کرده پس که تازه به این نتیجه رسیده؟ حالا یه لطف بکنه و فیس بوک رو تعطیل کنه به خاطر همین نتیجه گیریش.نه نمیکنه که.آدمی زاده و منافع اش.حالا هزاران تا کتاب هم خونده باشه - Primavera from Android
Web Content Extractor
Do you know what is PDF Data Extractor? PDF Data Extractor is a simple utility that batch extract certain text information within the PDF to XLS, CSV or XML file format. It provides a visual PDF data extraction rule editor to verify and define what data fields to be gathered conveniently and automatically. #Dataextractiononline #PDFDataExtractor
Social networks in primates: smart and tolerant species have more efficient networks | Nature
"Network optimality has been described in genes, proteins and human communicative networks. In the latter, optimality leads to the efficient transmission of information with a minimum number of connections. Whilst studies show that differences in centrality exist in animal networks with central individuals having higher fitness, network efficiency has never been studied in animal groups. Here we studied 78 groups of primates (24 species). We found that group size and neocortex ratio were correlated with network efficiency. Centralisation (whether several individuals are central in the group) and modularity (how a group is clustered) had opposing effects on network efficiency, showing that tolerant species have more efficient networks. Such network properties affecting individual fitness could be shaped by natural selection. Our results are in accordance with the social brain and cultural intelligence hypotheses, which suggest that the importance of network efficiency and information flow through social learning relates to cognitive abilities." (...) - Amira
"Species with frequent opportunities for information transmission and social learning should more readily respond to selection for managing social relationships. As for cultural complexity, species with more efficient networks should show higher cognitive abilities55, 60. Future work that manipulates social network efficiency (by modifying individual centralities, information or disease... more... - Amira
I misremember Iraq -
Scott Long comments on the Brian Williams scandal that he lied about his experience in Iraq, but he doesn't understand why this is an issue. Williams made up a story, but he was in the middle of the most fantastic made-up story in American history. The Iraq war was a gigantic fiction: the reasons were fake, the goals were fake, the triumph was fake. Rather than Williams' tall tales, the real scandal is journalism’s complete submission, as the “war on terror” raged, to the fantasies of patriotic allegiance.
More Recklessness from the Washington Post Editorial Page -
by Paul R. Pillar James Carden and Jacob Heilbrunn provided in the current issue of The National Interest an extensively documented review of how the ever-more-neocon editorial page of the Washington Post “responds to dangerous and complex problems with simplistic prescriptions.” The Post‘s most recent editorial about the nuclear negotiations with Iran is firmly in that
Spidra Webster
10 Things People Once Complained Would Ruin The English Language -
10 Things People Once Complained Would Ruin The English Language
"You've probably heard that English is being ruined — by the Internet, by texting, by Americans, by young people who have no respect for proper grammar. But it turns out that people have always worried over English, and over the centuries, have accused all sorts of things of "ruining" the language. Is the Innanet RUINING teh English Language??? ¯\(°_o)/¯ There exists a certain paranoia that the web will somehow destroy the English language as we all… Read more gizmodo. com Top image made with the Historic tale construction kit at 1. The Norman Conquest Let's start with one thing that actually did put English at genuine risk. In 1066, William the Conqueror occupied England and claimed the English throne. Being the Duke of Normandy, William did not speak English, but Norman French, and French became the language of government and business. But for centuries, English held on at the fringes, the language of the occupied people, even as king and queen after king and... more... - Spidra Webster from Bookmarklet
Funny that so many of the people who use Early Modern English to make a joke don't know how to conjugate it correctly.... (see Bayeux meme). - Spidra Webster
ahah cizim iyiymis. - seyif
Learning with all the senses: Movement, images facilitate vocabulary learning -- ScienceDaily -
Learning with all the senses: Movement, images facilitate vocabulary learning -- ScienceDaily
""Atesi" - what sounds like a word from the Elven language of Lord of the Rings is actually a Vimmish word meaning "thought". Scientists have used Vimmish, an artificial language specifically developed for scientific research, to study how people can best memorize foreign-language terms. According to the researchers, it is easier to learn vocabulary if the brain can link a given word with different sensory perceptions. The motor system in the brain appears to be especially important: When someone not only hears vocabulary in a foreign language, but expresses it using gestures, they will be more likely to remember it. Also helpful, although to a slightly lesser extent, is learning with images that correspond to the word. Learning methods that involve several senses, and in particular those that use gestures, are therefore superior to those based only on listening or reading." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"Thus, we learn with all our senses. Taste and smell also have a role in learning, and feelings play an important part too. But does multisensory learning work according to the principle: the more senses, the better? "That could well be so," says von Kriegstein, "but we don't know how much the learning outcomes improve with the addition of more senses. Ideally, however, the individual... more... - Maitani
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Todd Hoff
Joseph Campbell...
"This bringing together of Joyce’s esthetic theory with the māyā idea was a wonderful illumination for me. I just woke up this morning and said, ”My god, I have finally got it after eighty years.” I have known the implications of esthetic arrest, but I’d never linked it up to the māyā idea. It is your mental attitude that determines whether you experience the projecting or the revealing power. The world is there in both modes. It is not that the world changes, it’s your consciousness." - Todd Hoff
The idea esthetic arrest as defining art is too pragmatic for me. It means something is art if it stops a viewer and transports them beyond categories. It doesn't leave room for an artist producing something by their process, but because of how it's received it's not therefor art. Intent matters as well. But neither results or intent are ever enough. - Todd Hoff
Todd Hoff
You know the super bowl commercial I liked, surprisingly, was the princess cruise one reading about our human relationship with the sea. I'm easily moved by little puppies, little kiddies, and little ponies, but not cruise lines, but I was quite moved by this one.
Annual Review of Linguistics - Table Of Contents - Volume 1, 2015 -
Annual Review of Linguistics - Table Of Contents - Volume 1, 2015
"Annual Reviews is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide the worldwide scientific community with a useful and intelligent synthesis of the primary research literature for a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines. Annual Reviews publications are among the most highly cited in scientific literature as indexed by the Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports® (JCR)." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"The Annual Review of Linguistics, publishing in 2015, will cover significant developments in the field of linguistics, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and their interfaces. Reviews will synthesize advances in linguistic theory, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, language change, biology and evolution of language, typology, as well as applications of linguistics in many domains." - Maitani
How three small credit card transactions could reveal your identity
How three small credit card transactions could reveal your identity
“The fundamental scientific question is one of our human behavior,” de Montjoye said. “It’s really how our behavior compares with that of others and eventually makes us unique and identifiable.” - Stephan from iPhone
Angela Merkel's government wants to bring 1 million battery-powered vehicles onto the roads of Germany by the end of the decade, expands the network of charging stations. -
Angela Merkel's government wants to bring 1 million battery-powered vehicles onto the roads of Germany by the end of the decade, expands the network of charging stations.
Todd Hoff
25,000 Transcribed Texts From 1473-1700 Published Online | MetaFilter -
"The University of Michigan Library, the University of Oxford's Bodleian Libraries and ProQuest have made public more than 25,000 manually transcribed texts from 1473-1700 — the first 200 years of the printed book. Full text access. Multiple format downloads, including ePUB. Or just download the entire corpus. The texts represent a significant portion of the estimated total output of English-language work published during the first two centuries of printing in England. The release via Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication marks the completion of the first phase in the Early English Books Online-Text Creation Partnership (EEBO-TCP). An anticipated 40,000 additional texts are planned for release into the public domain by the end of the decade." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
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