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#pollution Inside Beijing's airpocalypse – a city made 'almost uninhabitable' by pollution
SURFACE - airpocalype.png
"... The day I arrive in Beijing, the AQI hits 460, just 40 points away from maximum doom. It’s the kind of air that seems to have a thickness to it, like the dense fug in an airport smokers’ cubicle. It sticks in the back of your throat, and if you blow your nose at the end of the day, it comes out black. Pedalling around the city (I am one of the only cyclists mad enough to be on the road) is an eerie experience – not just for the desolation, but for the strange neon glow coming from signs at the top of invisible buildings, like a supernatural, carcinogenic version of the northern lights. The midday sun hangs in the sky looking more like the moon, its glare filtered out by the haze. ..." - WarLord
Todd Hoff
Philip K. Dick would have been 86 today: Some thoughts on his legacy - LA Times -
Philip K. Dick would have been 86 today: Some thoughts on his legacy - LA Times
"Dick’s work is full of androids, simulacra, existential questions, alternate realities, characters who cannot know themselves. “The Man in the High Castle,” which takes place in an America divided between Germany and Japan after the Axis Powers won World War II, revolves in part around a character who has written a novel imagining an Allied victory; his 1977 novel “A Scanner Darkly” involves an undercover cop whose consciousness has been so severed by a psychotropic drug called Substance D that he has begun spying on himself. The point, of course, is that reality is nothing but a construct, a mass hallucination, consensual or otherwise. If that no longer seems a particularly radical notion, we have Dick to thank for that — “our own homegrown Borges,” in Ursula K. Le Guin’s phrase, for whom existence remains elusive, if apprehensible at all." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
I've loved everything I've read by him. - Jenny H. from Android
He was amazing. - Todd Hoff
Fave Dick moment: Goes to a convention in Canada and tells everyone he feels that we are living in a matrix. In the 70's. 'Nuff said. - Harold Cabezas from Android
Todd Hoff
Ocean Acidification Harming Shellfish | The Scientist Magazine® -
Ocean Acidification Harming Shellfish | The Scientist Magazine®
"Climate change is bad for commercial oyster and mussel growers. But until recently, researchers weren’t sure exactly how rising CO2 levels and the resultant ocean acidification—reduced pH—harmed the farmed bivalves. This week (December 15), researchers proposed an answer: it’s all about saturation state. In a paper published in Nature Climate Change, scientists from Oregon State University and state agencies reported that the larvae of Pacific oysters and Mediterranean mussels have a hard time forming their calcium carbonate shells as the surrounding seawater’s saturation state falls. Saturation state is a measure of how corrosive the seawater is to the shells that the larvae make as they grow, and as CO2 increases in the atmosphere, saturation state drops. A lower saturation state means more corrosive water. “Biological oceanographers have speculated that early life stages of marine organisms might be particularly sensitive to ocean acidification, but the underlying mechanisms... more... - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Yep. A very troubling harbinger. :( - Jenny H. from Android
The oysters in this study are imported from Japan not native to the Pacific North West. The average PH of the ocean water they come from is naturally more alkaline "8.5 PH" than the waters off the coast of Oregon "8.1 PH." The larval die off which occurred is actually due to up welling. Oregon's natural oysters indigenous to the area are thriving. The aquaculture farms that have... more... - Eric Logan
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Obama hired Clinton as sec’y of state by reaching out to Israel supporter Hoenlein — NYT -
Obama hired Clinton as sec'y of state in 2009 because he "needed someone to lend him credibility with the Israeli government and its American defenders,' and reached out to Malcolm Hoenlein to make the hire, NYT reveals, openly acknowledging power of Israel lobby in presidential politics
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Tablet Magazine: “Hip, Hawkish” and the Darling of Pro-Israel Philanthropy -
This is the first of a two-post series that will appear today and tomorrow. Tablet Magazine is, according to the PR blurb its editor Alana Newhouse sent me, in answer to questions I posed to her: …A site devoted to coverage of Jewish life, identity and culture in all of its forms and expressions.  As frustrating […]
Fill in the blanks: [# o; Tablet Magazine; *; * 1. category 2. dislike 3. funder 4. like 5. writer] - Sean McBride
c; Israeli op; Tablet Magazine - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Memo to Sen. Warren: More young Dems want US to side with Palestine than Israel -
In recent days, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has offered herself as the great progressive hope of the Democratic Party but remains silence on the Israeli occupation. Well, here's some encouragement to Warren to move left on the question. Shibley Telhami reports Democratic Party politicians are out of touch with their grass roots on Israel/Palestine. Women, African-Americans, Hispanics and young Dems all want the U.S. to show less favoritism to Israel than it does now.
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Yes, Virginia, there is a liberal Zionist -
Allan Brownfeld explains that Liberal Zionism has never existed, because Zionism was always based on an illiberal idea, denying the Palestinian presence and removing indigenous people from the land
What liberal Zionists do to others in the name of ethnic nationalism can be done to them -- and no doubt will be done. - Sean McBride
"Run don’t walk to read this article in the Washington Report for Middle East Affairs: “Lamenting the Decline of ‘Liberal Zionism’ Is Futile—Since It Never Really Existed.” In which Allan Brownfeld of the American Council for Judaism explains that the crisis liberal Zionists are experiencing today over anti-democratic trends in Israel is actually the collapse of their own illusions: these liberal Zionists should have recognized long ago that the ideology they embraced was illiberal at its core." - Sean McBride
"Those who believe that Israel is now in the process of abandoning its founding philosophy of “liberal Zionism” are engaged in a futile enterprise, for that “liberal” Zionism never existed—it is simply a convenient myth. They have not confronted a contrary thesis—one supported by history—that Zionism was flawed from the beginning, not only by ignoring the existing indigenous Palestinian population, but by rejecting the dominant spiritual history and essence of Judaism." - Sean McBride
c; Moshe Sharett quote; "We have come to conquer a country from a people inhabiting it…the land must be ours alone." - Sean McBride
"Those who look at Israel’s current policies, such as continued construction and settlement of the occupied territories, are wrong to blame the country’s right wing. Labor and Likud Israeli governments alike have advanced the occupation. Both right- and left-wing Israelis, apparently, are comfortable with the status quo. Those who lament what they think is the decline—or end—of “liberal... more... - Sean McBride
Allan Brownfeld wrote: <blockquote> 1. ... by rejecting the dominant spiritual history and essence of Judaism ... 2. ... turned its back on the Jewish universal spiritual tradition ... </blockquote> - Sean McBride
Could Allan Brownfeld, or anyone here, provide the names of some key Jewish religious authors and works, outside of Enlightenment non-nationalist Reform Judaism (which has turned out to be a small historical blip in the big scheme of things), that give voice to "the Jewish universal spiritual tradition" and "the dominant spiritual history and essence of Judaism"? Some key quotes? The Torah is an intensely tribalist and nationalist ideological document -- one fully consistent with contemporary Zionism. - Sean McBride
Any good quotes? - Sean McBride
How does Brownfeld's interpretation of Judaism jibe with that of Israel Shahak or Yehoshafat Harkabi? - Sean McBride
Where is the "universalism," for instance, in Maimonides? - Sean McBride
There are deeply grounded cultural and ideological reasons for why the Jewish religious establishment has embraced Zionism with such enthusiasm -- and why it continues to double down on Zionism decade after decade, crisis after crisis. Until that complex of ideas is fully investigated, untangled and understood, it is going to be difficult to change a critical mass of Jewish minds about the rightness and righteousness of Zionism. - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
Once again, Phil himself has introduced the subject of Judaism on Mondoweiss -- and is promoting the familiar theme that Zionism is an anomalous and illegitimate deviation from Judaism. I don't think that is an argument that can withstand a fair intellectual challenge based on reading aright the foundational documents of Judaism for the past few millennia. - Sean McBride
One can untangle and bring clarity to this subject by assembling two collections of quotes: - Sean McBride
1. universalist quotes by leading Jewish religious thinkers - Sean McBride
2. anti-universalist, ethnocentric, nationalist, racist, tribalist and xenophobic quotes by leading Jewish religious thinkers - Sean McBride
Which stream of thinking has exerted the greatest influence on Judaism as a whole over the last few millennia -- and especially during the last half century? - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
I would be interested in pursuing this discussion with Phil Weiss and Allan Brownfeld -- not Mooser or Annie Robbins. - Sean McBride
Danaa -- once again check out Mooser's behavior on Mondoweiss -- he is initiating discussion with me -- I am not initiating discussion with him. And his comment to me is entirely without substance. Clearly any criticism of Judaism gets under his skin -- but he is unable to explain precisely why. - Sean McBride
Another question for Allan Brownfeld: - Sean McBride
Within Judaism, the Ultra-Orthodox, Satmar and Neturei Karta represent the main (and perhaps) only anti-Zionist streams. In what way are they universalists? - Sean McBride
END COMMENT - Sean McBride
Interesting -- Mondoweiss deleted my first comment above -- which struck me as being perfectly reasonable and civil. Why? But it approved the second comment. Mondoweiss appears to be highly conflicted and inconsistent about this subject. - Sean McBride
TIf Mooser is initiating something you don't need to respond. Do you respond to every commenter on this or any other subject? why do you care so much what Mooser says? do you take on Hophmi all the time? or every comment Annie makes? I must say that your comments come across to me as needling. however much you read on the subject you are not a religious jew so it is not your faith or... more... - Danaa
just be glad I am not putting up this comment on MW. that would really bring "them" (whoever they are) out of the wood works. - Danaa
Danaa -- what is important to me are the destructive effects that this ideology is having on my country -- the United States. Asking reasonable questions about the ideology in question is not "needling" -- it's an attempt to get at the bottom of what is driving this ideology and political movement. Phil posted an article citing Allan Brownfeld which, once again, addressed the... more... - Sean McBride
Danaa -- you seem to be arguing that one has to be a religious Jew to ask questions about Judaism and religious Zionism. By that reasoning, it would be improper for Jews to raise questions about Christianity, Islam or any other non-Jewish religion. And in any case, the focus of the discussion here is about *politics* -- not religion -- about the ways in which religious believers are... more... - Sean McBride
Whatever you would like Brownfeld to do he is not going to do it and there's no way you can force it. just because you want someone to come out and debate you or explain their position, they will only if they want to. My suggestion would be to find him on his own blog or whatever perch he is on and have him take it up there - if he wants to. The emphasis here is on "want". - Danaa
what i don't understand is why you insist they (whoever0 debate an issue with YOU. For whatever reason they don't want to have that discussion specifically with you. The more you insist, the less likely they are to take up your question. May be you could get someone else to raise it? or perhaps accept that everyone basically agrees there's a problem in the Judaism/zionism department and somehow those who care about judaism (which is not you and is certainly not me) need to resolve it for themselves. - Danaa
Sure what jews do affects others. But you want to argue something that that they don't want to argue WITH YOU about. I keep telling you they ain't gonna pick up the glove as much as you want to duel it out. If I were you I would take it personally, and make decisions accordingly. Perhaps there is a legal instrument you could use to force them to come out and debate/discuss/explain whatever. - Danaa
Now look what you did Sean - you brought out pepsi! now we can all have fun together, can't we? - Danaa
Well, the logjam seems to have broken -- the debate is proceeding on MW. :) - Sean McBride
I looked at the comments. I've said this before----I rarely see any Jews who actually have a true and factual understanding of Jewish history and I think it is because they rely on Jewish writers who write 'only' about Jews. Therefore they get only a Jewish interpretation' of world history, events, the Jews place in it and etc.. They should read some 'straight' world history books by... more... - American
What is most frustrating in trying to discuss the tribe, Jews, zionism or anything related with them is they do not understand how a person (or critics) can hold two views at the same time. There is nothing contradictory about treating or regarding Jews as 'individuals' and at the same time recognizing that Jews often act as a tribe or 'collective'. - American
I can easily agree with what you say American regarding views of history. In Israel in particular we got strictly a jewish viewpoint of history's larger events. For example, we really studied only history of places and countries where jews were at one point or another, and only those periods when they actually lived in the land. examples are Poland and Russia. We got very little Russian... more... - Danaa
ChasMark -- interesting essay on Machiavelli. You should post it on GFTG or your personal feed. - Sean McBride
Fwd: Ten 'Italian' dishes that don't exist in Italy (via
Todd Hoff
Climate Change Takes A Village - As The Planet Warms, A Remote Alaskan Town Shows Just How Unprepared We Are -
Climate Change Takes A Village - As The Planet Warms, A Remote Alaskan Town Shows Just How Unprepared We Are
Climate Change Takes A Village - As The Planet Warms, A Remote Alaskan Town Shows Just How Unprepared We Are
"he island has dealt with erosion issues since at least the 1950s. But now climate change is exacerbating the problem considerably. Average temperatures are increasing faster in Alaska than they are in the rest of the United States, warming 3.4 degrees Fahrenheit in the last 50 years. The higher temperatures are causing the subsurface layer of permanently frozen soil typically found in the Arctic to thaw in some areas. This weaker permafrost is more vulnerable to storms and tidal activity, fueling the loss of Shishmaref's shores." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Israeli extremists charged in arson of Jewish-Arab school wanted to ‘raise intermarriage issue to top of agenda’ -
Lehava is a rightwing Israeli group that opposes intermarriage of Jews and Arabs. Three young followers of the movement, including two settlers, are said to have confessed to the arson of a bilingual Hebrew-Arabic school in Jerusalem.
"Gabai had also been arrested in May on suspicion of incitement to racism and corruption of land after he put up signs denouncing Christianity during the Pope Francis’ visit to Israel. The signs read, “The cursed Christian religion is a partner in the murder of millions of Jews and various deaths… they dream of annihilating the Jewish nation. Impure pope, leave our holy nation.”" - Sean McBride
Study the faces carefully. There is a certain iconic grin that keeps appearing again and again among pro-Israel militants that is a signifier of a particular psychological and personality type. The ideology here is an expression of a fundamental psychological predisposition. What does the grin communicate? -- all cult outsiders are sh*t. We are not simply representatives of God -- we ARE God. The first term that comes to mind is megalomania. - Sean McBride
"His father expressed contempt for the interfaith marriage of Mahmoud Mansour, an Arab Muslim from Jaffa, and Morel Malcha, a Jewish Israeli woman who converted to Islam. “There is confusion in Israel. Would you let your daughter marry an Arab?” Gabai’s father posited." - Sean McBride
Note well: "Arab" is an ethnic or racial category, not a religious category. - Sean McBride
"While she shook off accusations of harassment of Arabs, the suspect’s mother expressed revulsion at the fact that Jews and Arabs were studying together in the same school. “It’s disgusting that Jews and Arabs learn side by side,” she told Ynet. “If we didn’t have a country governed by law, I would have done the same,” she said.”" - Sean McBride
set; photos of grinning pro-Israel activists and militants - Sean McBride
The phrase "demonic euphoria" comes to mind. The facial expression is probably typical of violent ethnic and religious extremists of all types. (Also "demented euphoria.") Yigal Amir (the assassin of Yitzak Rabin) was also notable for his grin. - Sean McBride
With Alan Dershowitz, David Horowitz and Ben Shapiro, "the grin" typically morphs into a feral sneer -- it's simply who they are. - Sean McBride
A bit of fun: [Google; "feral sneer"] - Sean McBride
Crazy eyes, demented euphoria, demonic euphoria, evil automatons, feral sneers, psychopathic grins -- messianism run amok, gone wrong -- comic book villains. - Sean McBride
The strangest and least strange French words according to n-grams - Antoine Amarilli's blog -
"The (multi)set of (character-level) n-grams of a word consists of its sequences of n consecutive characters. For instance, the 2-grams of "gram" are "gr", "ra", and "am". Duplicates are counted, e.g., for "toto" the 2-grams are "to", "ot", "to". Given the dictionary of all words in a language, we can compute the multiset of all n-grams." - Maitani from Bookmarklet
"It turns out that this multiset is quite characteristic of the language. For instance, to identify the language of a piece of text, it is often enough to compute its n-grams, normalize it as a frequency distribution, and compare it to the distribution of known languages: usually the closest distribution is that of the language in which the text is written." - Maitani
Bluesun 2600
"Hulu offers free streaming on Android over the holidays" via Engadget RSS Feed
"Hulu offers free streaming on Android over the holidays" via Engadget RSS Feed
Spidra Webster
7 Ways to Memorize a Language and Understand It | Language News -
7 Ways to Memorize a Language and Understand It | Language News
7 Ways to Memorize a Language and Understand It | Language News
"We published a SlideShare earlier this month discussing “8 Mistakes that Haunt Language Learners”. One of these mistakes is worth a deeper look—the concept of memorizing what needs to be understood. It’s a big problem for anyone who wants to learn a language quickly, but more importantly sustain it over time and use it fluidly. So what, exactly, is the problem with memorizing versus understanding? When it comes to learning a language, there’s quite a bit of memorization to be done. The problem arises when learners try to memorize too much. Mindless drilling only helps us gather information in the short-term—like cramming exhaustively the day before a test, only to forget everything immediately after we put our pencil down. Image by Deb Stgo on Image by Deb Stgo on Learning a language presents a similar struggle. You can memorize hundreds of words, but that won’t help you form logical sentences, understand slang and expressions, or apply grammar rules. So, what... more... - Spidra Webster from Bookmarklet
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Why Israel’s Jewish nationality bill is a big deal -
Israel's new proposed Basic Law to define the country as the nation state of the Jews would provide legal cover for a system that privileges Jews over all others in all aspects of life, says Roland Nikles
The Speech That Could Make Elizabeth Warren the Next President of the United States @huffpostblog via @HuffPostPol
Guess who hates Google This Is Hollywood's Global Anti-Piracy Strategy
Todd Hoff
Ropeless Elevator Can Move Up, Down, And Sideways | Co.Design | business + design -
Ropeless Elevator Can Move Up, Down, And Sideways | Co.Design | business + design
"ThyssenKrupp proposes a new kind of elevator system, one controlled by a system of magnets, which could run multiple elevator cars within the same shaft and move both vertically and horizontally. The company estimates that this system, which requires less space for elevator shafts than traditional systems, reduces the space elevators take up in a building by as much as 50%. It also promises that MULTI's cable-less technology will do away with the height challenges presented by conventional elevators. Supertall skyscrapers can only rise as high as the elevators that move people through them—by one estimate, cable hoist elevators can only reach about 1,500 feet. An electromagnetic system could reach even higher." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Doesn't Willy Wonka have the patent on this? - Todd Hoff
Wokavator! - Jennifer Dittrich
Who wouldn't want one of those? - Todd Hoff
RT @the_intercept: The Inside Story of How British Spies Hacked Belgium’s Largest Telco: New Snowden docs:
RT @the_intercept: The Inside Story of How British Spies Hacked Belgium’s Largest Telco: New Snowden docs:
Todd Hoff
Paper: A better way to find communities in networks | Santa Fe Institute -
Paper: A better way to find communities in networks | Santa Fe Institute
"That suggests “you don’t want the ‘best’ community structure,” Moore says. “Instead, you want to understand what all the good community structures have in common with each other. The consensus of many good solutions is better than the ‘best’ single one.” To find that consensus, the pair turned to the notion of free energy, which in statistical physics takes into account the twin pressures of lowering a system’s energy and increasing its entropy -- the number of different configurations a system has at a given energy. In community detection, that translates into finding many structures with high modularity while at the same time ensuring that each individual structure is fairly similar to the next." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Pink Floyd - Echoes (2001 / Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd)
Echoes [by] Pink Floyd.jpg
Todd Hoff
Warmer Pacific Ocean could release millions of tons of seafloor methane | UW Today -
Warmer Pacific Ocean could release millions of tons of seafloor methane | UW Today
"Off the West Coast of the United States, methane gas is trapped in frozen layers below the seafloor. New research from the University of Washington shows that water at intermediate depths is warming enough to cause these carbon deposits to melt, releasing methane into the sediments and surrounding water. Researchers found that water off the coast of Washington is gradually warming at a depth of 500 meters, about a third of a mile down. That is the same depth where methane transforms from a solid to a gas. The research suggests that ocean warming could be triggering the release of a powerful greenhouse gas." - Todd Hoff from Bookmarklet
Louis Gray
Ingress: The Incredible & Addictive Covert Game Being Played All Around You -
Ingress: The Incredible & Addictive Covert Game Being Played All Around You
Show all
"A little over two years ago, a small team within Google called Niantic Labs introduced Ingress, a game that adds a virtual reality layer on top of the entire world, which you can claim, defend or destroy for your cause - depending on which side you've chosen. And while I tested early versions of the game while it was developing at Google, and dabbled with it just after launch, I put it aside before jumping back in with both feet two months ago, when a pair of colleagues on my new team couldn't stop talking about it. And now I won't stop talking about it either. Simply put, in my view, it's the most well-designed, intelligently deployed concept I've ever seen for an immersive experience on mobile, which encourages you to get off your butt, explore the world around you, and find new people to help you achieve goals together. Every facet of the application, even while it seems mysterious, is designed to help you get out of house, to explore new crannies of your neighborhood (and beyond)... more... - Louis Gray from Bookmarklet
I have to say I find it totally impenetrable. The UI confuses me no end, and I'm just completely flummoxed by it. - Stephen Mack
I'm paranoid enough as it is. - Meg VMeg
Maybe this is what happens when you don't waste time sleeping? - Walt Crawford
@Stephen come with me some time, and I can teach you! - Louis Gray
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Are pro-Israel groups afraid of the US public? -
Arieh King wants Jerusalem for the Jews but when he comes to NY, the public can't attend his speech. You have to apply for admission. Desperate times in the Israel lobby
Terrified. - Sean McBride
Taboo Topics and Jewish Lobby talk by Henry Herskovitz and Greg Felton:
"Henry Herskovitz addressed the Mideast Conflict Forum on September 20, 2014. After several visits to Palestine, Henry attempted to impart the harsh realities observed about Israel-Palestine to his Ann Arbor Jewish Community." - weareone
"Henry's unintended story, due to years of stonewalling, developed into one about Jewish Power. Henry shares his core discovery viz. Runaway Jewish Power - not Occupation or Zionism - vexes the globe. Henry Herskovitz urges everyone to expose Jewish Power in order to diminish it! Ann Arbor typifies dug-in DENIAL pervading Jewish Communities across America." - weareone
"Greg Felton spoke next at the Mideast Conflict Forum. Greg authored "The Host and the Parasite" and speaks on Israel-Palestine." - weareone
"Greg warned that LANGUAGE can be taken hostage and with it our thinking. He further ripped away religion from the troubles besetting the Mideast. It is Fascism coated with Chauvinism that accompanied Jewish émigrés to Palestine." - weareone
"Greg summarizes that shared values little exist with Israel. He analogizes a "master-slave" existing relationship. We can only escape if we "opt out" of any Zionist mindset. Our attention he directs to barcode 729 that identifies products of Israel. [ now changed to 871] Boycott he urges!" - weareone
From the video: "Zionism is the symptom, Jewish power is the disease." - weareone
Comment: "The highest form of freedom carries with it the greatest measure of discipline and humility. Freedom that comes from discipline and humility cannot be denied; unbridled licence is a sign of vulgarity, injurious alike to self and one's neighbors." Gandhi - weareone
Excellent video-about 30 min. - weareone
'' "Greg warned that LANGUAGE can be taken hostage')......Yep it has been. ...''liberal, colonialism , self determination, etc.'' ....all these red herring labels and descriptions within Zionism and Jewishness and Israel.....are just covers for what it really is----a Fascist like, Mafia like Cult of ethnic domination over others. That's all it is. A lot of 'Stepford- like minds will fall into the trap of discussing it under those red herring labels and explanations. - American
The reason I lose patience with the whole can of worms is this----->The ENTIRE operating platform of the tribe and zionism is built on one thing---the Jews as innocent victims. That the world of others has since the beginning of time always been wrong about and evil toward Jews and Jews since the beginning of time have always been totally innocent and benign toward the others world and... more... - American
To paint one's divinely chosen group as an eternally maligned victim in eternal conflict with "unchosen" peoples would arguably not be entirely sane. So from what sources might that belief arise? And why has that belief exerted such a powerful hold on the minds of so many people for so many centuries? - Sean McBride
The sources are definitely psychological, in my opinion -- we are looking at a strange phenomenon based on group psychology. Most people who hold these beliefs are unconscious of their own psychology -- they assume that they are grounded in reality. Ideology is not primary here -- ideology flows from psychology. And what is the source of persistent psychological archetypes? - Sean McBride
People who are unconscious of the psychological forces that are driving them are "underwater" -- in my lingo -- not fully conscious or self-aware. Their behavior is mechanical and robotic -- they are automatons. - Sean McBride
American -- where we are not fully in sync on these issues -- I have a high degree of tolerance for certain kinds of neurotic behavior -- they are often linked to and entangled with creative energy -- to civilization building. We are indeed a peculiar species. But some types of neurotic behavior could lead to the destruction of the human race. This stuff is complicated -- I don't see these issues in black and white terms. - Sean McBride
'' American -- where we are not fully in sync on these issues -- I have a high degree of tolerance for certain kinds of neurotic behavior -- they are often linked to and entangled with creative energy -- to civilization building.'''sean)........Its not complicated. The neurotic destructive behavior based on chosen and enemies by uber Jews is bad. The neurotic (obsessive- creative) behavior in pursuit of something like a Steve Jobs for instance is good or benign. - American
Good point -- group neuroticism -- channeled into warmaking against outgroups -- tends to be much more destructive than individual neuroticism channeled into creating great works. Steve Jobs was indeed a very different person than, say, Benjamin Netanyahu -- a much more valuable human being in the opinion of most of us. - Sean McBride
"Neuroticism is a long-term tendency to be in a negative emotional state. People with neuroticism tend to have more depressed moods - they suffer from feelings of guilt, envy, anger and anxiety, more frequently and more severely than other individuals. Neuroticism is the state of being neurotic." - Sean McBride
'' So from what sources might that belief arise? And why has that belief exerted such a powerful hold on the minds of so many people for so many centuries?''...sean )....They arose as I described. As Aztmon has described the same way , as Avigail has described as predating the holocaust and always within the tribe. And it has been passed down from generation to generation of Jews thru out the centuries. - American
What I am trying to figure out: is it primarily a cultural phenomenon or a biological (genetic) phenomenon? One often gets the vibe from messianic ethnic nationalists and xenophobes that they are suffering from a deep-rooted mental condition or disorder -- one possibly associated with genetic factors. If the condition is genetic, eventually we will be able to identify the genetic markers in a precise way. - Sean McBride
The topic of genetics and human behavior makes many people uncomfortable (in the past, ideological racists have exploited this domain) -- but the truth is, scientists are continuing to uncover a genetic basis for many important personality and psychological traits. This field is still in the process of being sorted out. - Sean McBride
'' is it primarily a cultural phenomenon or a biological (genetic) phenomenon? One often gets the vibe from messianic ethnic nationalists and xenophobes that they are suffering from a deep-rooted mental condition or disorder -- one possibly associated with genetic factors. If the condition is genetic, ''...sean)........It could be both. It is first cultural, thats how it begins. And as... more... - American
That sounds like a promising line of investigation and research -- something like that is probably in play. - Sean McBride
# some useful Google searches related to this topic: [Google; genetics *] 1. addiction 2. aggression 3. alcoholism 4. aptitude 5. arabs 6. aspergers 7. autism 8. character 9. crime 10. culture 11. disease 12. empathy 13. ethnicity 14. europeans 15. genius 16. intelligence 17. iq 18. irish 19. jews 20. mental disorders 21. personality 22. politics 23. prodigies 24. psychology 25. religion 26. schizophrenia 27. talent 28. talent math 29. talent music 30. temperament 31. tourette 32. violence 33. war - Sean McBride
Man is not different from animals in most regards. You can take a puppy or kitten away from its mother before it has even had a chance to be trained by its mother or observe her and it will still exhibit the traits of it parents. That is why horse and dog breeders often chose sires and dams with certain "temperamental traits". if a breeder wants a horse with a gentle or easy going... more... - American
Right -- clearly there is a strong genetic basis for traits of personality and temperament among many animal breeds. There are deviations within breeds -- but there is a strong overall pattern or trend. I love Ragdoll cats and Golden Retriever dogs -- mainly for their personality traits and temperament -- calm, kind, intelligent, empathetic. - Sean McBride
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
Promoting regime change in Iraq paved the way to regime change at the New Republic -
Eric Alterman broke the story of Marty Peretz's racism at the New Republic in 2007. Everyone is catching up, including folks who were silent about racism and Arab-bashing in the event
Fwd: 2. Too many people confuse insults, threats, slander, intimidation and harassment with "freedom of speech". (via
Mondoweiss on Friendfeed
In major shift, one third of Americans want US to push for one-state outcome in Israel/Palestine -
The number of Americans who want the government to push for one state in Israel and Palestine jumped 40 percent in the last year, to more than a third of respondents in a new poll. That group rivals the number who want the government to push for two states
I am leery of most polls except the World Opinion Poll by the Kennedy Center at the Univ of Maryland. It is regarded as the gold standard of polling. But what is interesting about this poll is how close it is, almost exact, to the World Opinion Poll on US public attitude toward Israel-US-I/P. The World Opinion Poll of the US on the Israel question showed 71% of the US public did not want the US to take sides in I/P and wanted the US to be 'even handed' in its policy. - American
This 71% has been constant in the WO Poll thru out the years even before the latest Gaza Israel assault on Gaza. What it reflects is that most people have a basic belief in 'fairness' in any situtation. This is why I have said repeatedly that if the real facts of Israel were ever able to break thru the media and press --as has happened on the net---Israel, instead of not being of much... more... - American
Most Americans pay little attention to Mideast politics (in my experience) and their support for Israel is exceedingly thin -- it could dissolve entirely or flip into strident hostility under the slightest pressure. Many pro-Israel activists have convinced themselves that Americans are as fanatical in their weepy devotion to Israel and Jewish nationalism as Lindsey Graham or Robert Menendez -- but it's just not the case. - Sean McBride
My impression is that many Americans resent being forced to expend so much public attention and political energy on Israel, day in, day out -- and Israel's neurotic neediness and relentless demands for special care keep escalating. This volatile situation is ripe to explode. - Sean McBride
set; polls of American opinion on Israel - Sean McBride
How did Orion withstand temperatures twice the melting point of steel? Meet Molly White, the engineer who helped make it possible
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СЕКСИЗМ!!1 - Edge of the Morrow
^ это ты про что? что орайон, влетающий в атмосферу земли, немного напоминает сперматозоид? - ⓒⓔⓐ
^ СЕКСИЗМ! - Edge of the Morrow
Before She Was Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jeane Baker Took A Selfie -
Before She Was Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jeane Baker Took A Selfie
Before She Was Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jeane Baker Took A Selfie
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