I've gone down 2 sizes because of this miracle fruit! http://www.womenshealth.com-apr-22.us/miracle...
Win a trip to New York and get tattooed by Megan Massacre https://www.facebook.com/tattood...
Velositey - a simple website building extension with tools for Photoshop. #velositey http://dandkagency.com/velosit...
RT @NataliePinkham: Now that has got to chafe...#notsohotpants http://twitter.com/Natalie...
Right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers, says controversial study - and conservative politics can ... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/science...
Anyone know any domain brokers? Somebody want to buy one of mine and I don't know what it's worth?
RT @jolieodell: Really, how can you fight something you can't even spell? (re: Teabonics: http://www.flickr.com/photos... )
@MoragIrving Same here. Can't into personal banking at all!
@MrsEJC lol. I'm not sure I can cope with answering you in two places. It's a bit too twitzophrenic for me.
Had to fix the boiler this morning. That's after no sleep and having to get a job out at 7am. Great start to the day :-(
@ekmurphy LOL, Just watched it for the millionth time here :-). Bad Santa and Scrooged my other annual festive 'must sees'.
Finally Photoshop for iPhone in the UK appstore and now after all that wait I'm a little underwhelmed :-(
Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and suddenly I can do screen grabs again. Yipee!
@mcflyjasminek thought you where just being abusive but think this is in response to very old Twitter about Cursebird. Am I right?
Freelance designer? You'll love this! So true http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Freelance designer? You'll love this! So true http://bit.ly/11LJb5
@shanesandell Then you won't need the green resize button ;-)
@odonnellsteve ALT click does it
@shanesandell Just found that clicking with Option (alt) does it
Watched folder added to itunes 9 http://m.lifehacker.com/site...
@holtaway @rokku @leoniedu thanks for solution. Looks like everyones doing it and getting 3.1. Server busy. Will try later. Cheers.
No genius mix in iTunes 9 :-( maybe it's US only. Loving being able to rearrange my iPhone though.
@tekkie Cheers Ain, keyboard commands work fine as before, but it's not creating any files! Nothing on desktop or anywhere else!
#snowleopard Screen grabbing saves no files now (looked everywhere) and I can't record my screen through Quicktime :-(
#snowleopard I like that illustrator files now have a preview icon in the finder
#snowleopard Have to run Safari in 32bit for Evernote clipping to work :-(
#snowleopard I have to re-install all my printer drivers :-(
#SnowLeopard Had to get latest Little Snitch and deactivate NVDAResman.kext again, otherwise looking good.
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