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Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space: April 12, 2009 -
Robert Scoble
20 things about friendfeed
hor d'oeuvres? where? - Michael VanDervort
I'm watching your video right now - sofarsoShawn
Robert, I am unable to watch your video (never been) in with GNU/Linux and Flash 10. Although I have no problems in any other video platform. - Ricardo Galli
It is the first service to bring all our content into one place - paul mooney
Watching your video. Definitely learning a lot. Much to take in. - Marty McPadden
This is a great tuturial Robert, I am learning about all kinds of features I never knew about. Too bad Friendfeed doesn't have a video/visual tutorial like this for all the newcomers (albeit more concise for them). - Brian
Yes - and screencasted, not video of screen. - Hal
Have they ever come up with a good way to sync my twitter follows as imaginary friends without having to add each individually? - Hal
Was it just blurry for me or is it blurry for everyone? I think I could have learned way more from it if I could see what you were was doing. Looked like you were doing some cool stuff. - MarkCarras
awesome job Robert - watching it right now. It's great you're not over the top in describing it's usefulness...rather a sensible overview of it's benefits. - Zee.
That's great info, Robert. Thank you. Lots of stuff I didn't know. - Drew
Thank you for taking the time to put this together. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Love it Robert, thanks, I learned a lot. - Ginger Kenney
Great vid. Really showed off some awesome capabilities. - Joe Brinkman
Chris: my computer is messed up. :-) - Robert Scoble
I love FF and have been using it for a few months (though not exclusively), but I still picked up a few powerful tips that I didn't know or understand before. Thanks, Robert! - Helen Hoefele
Robert did you make this video for Arrington? I hope so, that way he'll start participating more...same goes for Guy Kawasaki too. :) - Susan Beebe
Nah, just trying to explain the features. - Robert Scoble
This friendfeed thing confuses me to no end. Maybe I'm just dense, but I've never been able to figure out how to organize things here so that the cool stuff perks to the top, then there's keeping track of things I like or whatever. I hope your vid is damn good cuz it's downloading now over a dialup line. yup, they still haven't fixed my highspeed yet. :-) Edited to put a smiley after that last statement, hehe. - Eddy Cole
It's a really good introduction to both basic and advanced FriendFeed use. Perhaps more interestingly, helps explain how Robert manages his massive inbound data flow. - Michael Krigsman
Ross the Friendfeed intern did some tutorials a while back, but FF sure failed to keep up with creating new ones as the feature set (and interface) evolved. Ross's videos here: - Mitch
I think that if I knew that I could see all of my twitter activity from within friendfeed, then I would use it in leui of a twitter client - but I don't feel like taking the time to add imaginary friends. - Hal
What we really need is a "Friendfeed Tour" room which is added by default to ever single new account. It could be moderated by the FF crew and include links to a whole bunch of goodies for new friendfeeders. - Mitch
Next installment: 20 ways to being a bigger FriendFeed monster than Robert Scoble? =) - deepikaur
Comprehensive. Needs a screencast treatment instead of pointing vid cam at the screen. - Tom Landini
This should go on the ff homepage - Michael Fidler
2009 is the year I start really drinking the FF Koolaid. I started a week early, technically, but then the good resolutions are the ones worth getting ahead of right away. This video was helpful for understanding how to make the most of the service, Robert. I'll be sharing it with others, especially if I slip into the social media rabbit hole that this service can be for many users. As always, thank you for sharing your experience. - Alex Howard
I find that friendfeed has a lot of passive users. Their activity comes from the aggregation of other media, not from any attention on friendfeed itself. Robert is very active on FF and so gets a lot of immediate conversation going, but many have it set on auto-pilot. I find this is less the case with twitter. Perhaps it will change. - Marcel LeBrun
Robert, I love the down to earth presentation on this. Very approachable method of video, and informative. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
I've been waiting for this video. Good stuff. - Andrew
Thanks for this - its great to have a practical 'how to' guide. - Graham Hills
Nice! Didn't really get Friendfeed until now. It would be phenomenal if I could manage and write to everyone of my aggregations via friendfeed. Hate to have 3+ Backends for my Blogs etc - Sebastian
Robert, I've been using FriendFeed for a while now. Thanks! This was superb. - Pilgrim Five
"Hide" feature!? I have no "Hide" link under my entries - how did you get one of those?! I want one! I have "Comment", "Like" and "More". - Isha (Marysia)
Thanks for posting. I never knew that Friendfeed could be so useful. I didn't even know there was a like feature till you pointed it out. I just thought it was another one of those lifestreaming aggregators. - Thao Ly
Marysia: "Hide" is only available on entries if you are in the home screen. So click on "Home" and now you should see Hide. - Robert Scoble
"Hide" is available in any list at the top level. For instance, if I create a list called "Tech Bloggers" and add six people to it, "Hide" is visible if I click the Tech Bloggers list on the left side. If I open the reveal triangle and click on one individual's ID, then "Hide" is not available. - Will King
Thankfully this was a tutorial. I still expect Robert to use a computer nearly as fast as Commander Data. - Kevykev
Great video Robert. Really enjoyed checking out all the features on FriendFeed. You seem to have it set up really well. I wondered why you didn't use a screencast recording program so we could watch what you were doing on your screen a bit more easily. I don't want that to sound like a criticism though because I really appreciate the effort you went to, recording the vid. - Paul Richards
I'm bumping this post, because this video is so good. Just sent it to a friend who just signed up to help explain the experience along with the FFundercats Episode 25 podcast. These are great resources. - Eric - Final Countdown
andy brudtkuhl
Dramatic Shift in Marketing Reality - Video -
that video is nicely done. - Marcel LeBrun
yea it is... apparently it took 5 weeks to do the animations - andy brudtkuhl
Marshall Sponder
Creating a Sweet High Value Keyword List in 5 Minutes : SEO -
While this looks cool - in reality - it's not; it's missing the Social Media component that keyword tools simply don't catch. Rather, I think you can start with the Google tool, get the keyword phases and then put them into Radian6 or SM2, get places where the phase appeared but with conversation around it - and pick up that conversation. - Marshall Sponder
Mike Fruchter
Five Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Social Media Marketing -
The number of people I coach who tell me they are not getting traffic and that the site is looking a bit tired. I advise most clients to start a blog in preference to web site. it is so dynamic and by its very nature the client is forced to keep the content fresh. (comment via Disqus by PaulHarvey) - Mike Fruchter
You're right, the barrier to entry is low. So you pay a monthly hosting fee, big deal. That's nothing compared to the hundreds of dollars spent on other forms of print media. Then factor in all of the free social networking tools that help spread your message/service offering. There is of course the time investment that goes into it all, but all in all, it's cost-effective marketing. Something that every business can benefit from moving into 2009! (comment via Disqus by Ricardo Bueno) - Mike Fruchter
Chris Brogan
newsweek declares twitter dumbest innovation... -
Why is this making me laugh and laugh again? - Martha
Hahaha, they don't care what we think? Fine. Ill keep blogging/tweeting/FFing and the like while they go bankrupt running about with hair alight. - Alex Wilhelm
Apparently the author doesn't understand Twitter or the value it provides. Not surprising. I often get a similar negative response from others when describing Twitter. It seems some people can't get past the initial question "What are you doing?". I often wonder what change there would be in adoption and use of Twitter if they changed that question to "What are you thinking?" After all what your thinking about is driven by what you're reading, viewing, sharing, contemplating, etc. All r discussion starters - Jim Goldstein
Whatever you say, newsweek, whatever you say. You're just 'effin jealous because Twitter has effectively captured the Attention Economy and you've been left out in the subzero cold without a ride. - J. D. Ebberly
It is what it is. Except when it isn't. Innovation isn't what Newsweek decides it is - it's what PEOPLE believe it is. - Dan Keldsen from twhirl
If it's so dumb, why do they feature Twitter messages on their homepage? It's called Newstweet: - Mack D. Male
poor twitter, nobody gets it! LOL I love twitter! - Susan Beebe
While I'm certainly not convinced of Twitter's value, there's no question that is has been a significant application and to write it off like this just proves what "new-media" types say about "old- media". - Kenton
They're absolutely right! Now, print news magazines -- there's a medium with a bright future! - Mitch Wagner
@Alex, If I could 'like' a comment I would like yours, but instead I just liked the entry - Tyler (Chacha)
I wondered who still reads Newsweek! - Jack Humphrey
Um, no. FAIL - Roberto Bonini
The popularity of something isn't a testament to its intelligence or its innovativeness. - Eric P
At least when I Twitter I don't destroy an entire forest in the process. - Jack Humphrey
I'm waiting for twitter to return the favor! - Joe Buhler
Shashi Bellamkonda
The Power of Micromessaging from the creator of Utterz/Utterli, Simeon Margolis -
Bryan Person
The Use of the Internet by America’s Largest Newspapers (2008 Edition) -
Sean Moffitt
Top 10 virals in the Star today - brings up the questions - who will be 2009's Rick Astley?
warren sukernek
Social Media Marketing Books List | Online Marketing Blog -
Todd Defren
"The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good." - Samuel Johnson
Robert Scoble
Open Letter to CEOs: Don't Cut SM Staff. -
I think the CEOs are tone deaf to what is happening on the street. If they weren't tone deaf, they wouldn't have taken their planes to Washington DC. Social Media can save them from some of that tone deafness, but only if they are willing to listen and engage. Problem is, how many CEOs in old-school business can even turn on their own computers? Most rely on staffs to do that. Translation: they won't even see Shel's post. The ones who do will already be clued in and don't need to see it. Sigh. - Robert Scoble
It's like the old joke about the Japanese rowing team - with 12 rowers, beating the American rowing team with 2 rowers and 10 managers. - Lorraine Ball
To be honest, social media to me is going to become more of a PR function. It should be mixed directly in with PR budgets and staff. - Patricia
When I first saw this, I thought, Robert you had written a post and were referring to an external post written by Shel. That's what I get for multi-tasking tonight.;) I think this is a much larger subject than what even Shel has written. It's an important post that cuts across the job market and into the heart of the very framework of how we use human capital in the world. There are some who would choose metaphor of a Mozart symphony and the consistent attitude demonstrated by employers who believe... - Melanie Reed
..there are "too many notes" in it and just "cut a few and it will be perfect". I make reference to Peter Schaffer's great dialogue in "Amadeus". Robert, I extend your musical language with the point: when are the hiring practices and recognizing talent (which may not be apparent), ie, dynamism, going to change? We lose because of the standard cookie cutter practices that have survived into job market scenario that never really benefited from them. - Melanie Reed
Chris, you must educate me on your Bogart reference, please. :) - Melanie Reed
A good friend of mine just lost her job at Palm. She worked in the Analytics department. Looks like Palm will cut 10% of their 1,050 workers. If CEOs are cutting Analytics, Social Media has no chance. - Julio F ~ @SocialJulio
I'm sorry for your friend's loss, Julio. I will keep her in my prayers. I will also pray that CEOs remember their responsibility to those whom they hired when they look at their own salaries. I'm sure some are and I applaud their willingness to share in the fortunes of their employees. - Melanie Reed
Most CEOs don't have SM staff or know what SM is... (and Patricia is right) - Louis Gray
odds are likely that unless they are showing a direct money value, they are gone too. - Dan owns
Ken Kaplan
Nissan Stealthily on Track for Electric Car World Domination -
Jeremiah Owyang
@mediaphyter has an article on social media measurement, see graphs on page 2
Good article. ROI will be the theme of the conversation about social media for 2009, I believe. - Marcel LeBrun
Wanted to comment on the blog post but had to fill out a form and give real or fake personal information. Pain in the butt just to leave a comment. I don't remember the last time I actually read ZDnet to be honest. ROI needs to be measured for all sales and marketing activities not just social media. A good real world example of MROI. What's missing is how many deals were closed though. Leads mean nothing if they don't close. - B2B Specialist
btw, Jeremiah - I think it was written by @KyleFlaherty has a guest editorial - posted by Jennifer @mediaphyter - Marcel LeBrun
Thanks Marcel - Jeremiah Owyang
Dell Customer Advocates -
Dell Customer Advocates
very cool, Lionel. Shows more of Dell's personality. Good stuff. - Marcel LeBrun
Jim Long
I've seen more than a couple of posts wondering why the same groundswell isnt devoted to fighting homelessness, Lehman exec payouts
Good point, Jim. Imagine what we could accomplish. - Marcel LeBrun
Radian6 announce 6Consulting as Authorised Solution Partner for UK Market:
Jeremiah Owyang
Dell discusses their "Listening" objective One of the services they're using is Radian6 (Video)
Thanks, Jeremiah. I appreciate you tweeting this news. - Marcel LeBrun
Jeremiah Owyang
PR Squared: Why Hire a PR Firm? -
For an industry that is focused on helping others communicate and present well, it surprises me they suffer from their own disease they aim to cure (perhaps that makes them good at it?). I like how Todd uses customer references to tell his own story. Physician, heal thyself! - Jeremiah Owyang from Bookmarklet
Todd (Shift Communications) is definitely one of the leaders who gets social media right. - Marcel LeBrun
Jeremiah Owyang
Most bloggers don't realize how much of the PR job is listening, filtering, and refining. I never really understood PR till I had this role
Interesting comment. Can you elaborate? How has your current role helped you better understand PR re: listening, filtering, etc.? - Marcel LeBrun
Marcel, because I'm dealing with PR folks daily, they feed me with the news in the space I cover. The smart ones are already listening to my preferences, state that in the pitch (cleverly or not) and help to try to deliver what I want, as well as meet their clients needs. To that end, it's not spoon fed, I almost always have to read between the lines to find out what the real truth is --it's never at face value - Jeremiah Owyang
So with that, I've found that savvy PR folks do a good job of listening to what I'm focused on, reframe it to make sense to me, then pitch. Done correctly, this helps them to rise above the clutter. - Jeremiah Owyang
Jeremiah, you are actually referring to "good" PR. The rants that are going around right now seem to be focused on those types that send a form email to people about their new great product and how they want a review. - Rob Diana
Chris Brogan
Jeremiah Owyang
Janet from Exxon @exxonmobilcorp is joining the community here in Twitter. What do you think about this bold step? (read her tweets)
Thanks for sharing that! @exxonmobilcorp, I lived in Richmond, CA by the Chevron refineries. Interested to hear your perspective! - Clay Newton
I commented on the Twitter site as well. I guess it's kind of progressive for one of our leading oil companies to become involved in social media. - James
Brian Solis
The Art of Conversation - It's About Listening Not Marketing -
Brian Solis takes a step back to remind new media marketers that listeners make the best strategists and conversationalists. He states that conversational and social media marketing isn't really marketing at all. - Brian Solis
My fav. quote from the post: "Everything starts with listening and observation and as always, actions speak louder than words." - Marcel LeBrun
Brian Oberkirch
You say 'twebinar'. I say 'Jumping Jesus on toast, this looks like the right moment to hock this Mac and start that sunflower farm.'
Social Media Club
Twebinar: June 26th with Radian6 and Chris Brogan -
Chris Brogan
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