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Sean McBride
Obama, GOP won't Tell Americans that Iran Sanctions drive Gas Prices | Informed Comment -
"US politicians won’t say it. But Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, has made it clear that the Israeli-US campaign against Iran, into which they have dragooned Europe, could put up petroleum prices by as much as 30% and endanger the world economic recovery. Likewise, India has lashed out at the US Israel lobbies for what it sees as a smear campaign and unrealistic pressure on Delhi to cut off imports of petroleum from Iran. Back in the US, you can’t mention the elephant in the room or else the Neocons will accuse you of foaming at the mouth (they are the ones who are actually frothing)." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"That we’re paying a premium for the conflict in Iran is being dishonestly ignored. Obama needs to explain this fact to the people, or he is putting his second term in jeopardy." - Sean McBride
Who's playing the futures on this? - MRW
Sean McBride
Peter Beinart calls on U.S. Jews, government to boycott settlements -
Peter Beinart calls on U.S. Jews, government to boycott settlements
"In an op-ed in the New York Times, Jewish author and journalist Peter Beinart calls on American Jews to boycott the settlements, while at the same time, rejects the Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) campaign. According to Beinart, this is the only way to save the two-state solution. By expanding settlements, he says, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pursuing a non-democratic version of a one-state solution – while BDS is pursuing a non-Jewish one. Beinart rejects both:" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
Beinart: "The Israeli government and the BDS movement are promoting radically different one-state visions, but together, they are sweeping the two-state solution into history’s dustbin. It’s time for a counteroffensive — a campaign to fortify the boundary that keeps alive the hope of a Jewish democratic state alongside a Palestinian one. And that counteroffensive must begin with language." - Sean McBride
Actually, I don't think this effort will get anywhere. I think we are witnessing the last gasp of liberal Zionism. Peter Beinart will probably end up as an anti-Zionist. - Sean McBride
Liberal Zionists like Shimon Peres, Dennis Ross, Thomas Friedman, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and now Peter Beinart have helped to provide a distraction and a cover for relentless pro-Greater Israel policies that have faced no meaningful opposition within Israel or from the Israel lobby. Liberal Zionists have lost all credibility -- all pretty words, no effective deeds. - Sean McBride
"One of the important points Beinart makes in his Times op-ed addresses the financial support the U.S. government is giving the settlements through various tax breaks: BEGIN QUOTE We should lobby to exclude settler-produced goods from America’s free-trade deal with Israel. We should push to end Internal Revenue Service policies that allow Americans to make tax-deductible gifts to... more... - Sean McBride
"Finally, it is worth mentioning that had Beinart published his piece in Israel, he – and the paper that run it – would have risked being sued by anyone who saw himself financially hurt by this call. Under Israel’s new Boycott Law, they could be forced to pay up to 30,000 NIS (8,000 USD) without the plaintiff having to prove damages. The boycott law is an attack on freedom of speech and... more... - Sean McBride
Hostage's response was best: - MRW
Hostage BEGIN QUOTE (I like this, Sean) So we are going to have two BDS movements with different objectives regarding equal rights for Palestinians and refugees from Israel? Beinart is still deliberately whitewashing illegal forms of segregation, discrimination, and population displacement inside the Green Line (i.e. Israel and East Jerusalem). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:... more... - MRW
Beinart is as transparent as glass. Anyone who can't see the holes in his reasoning/motives needs some further education. - American
Hostage is arguably the most impressive commenter on Mondoweiss, don't you think? A total straight shooter, always civil, and in command of an amazing array of facts. - Sean McBride
Add Beinart's publishing house and PR company. Name on non-Jewish author who has had his way paved for him like that. Shades of pre-1933 Germany and Austria. - MRW
Hostage is US Military, a retired USAF officer, and argues consistently from an American values POV, as does Blankfort. I think, but don't hold me to it, I think that Hostage was JAG as well. That's where his prodigious knowledge of international law comes from. - MRW
I have quit even reading the so called liberal zionist, it's an insult to my intelligence and everyone elses. I just skim the rebuttals. Only thing I see left out of debunking is the fact that some countries already 'try to" boycott settler goods and I say 'try to" because everything shipped out of Israel is 'shipped out of Israel and 'labeled" by think these incurable liars and greed mongers don't mislabel settler goods for export? Sure they do. - American
I heard an interview with Lawrence (Laurence?) Wilkerson on The Real News. He was Colin Powell's right hand man. He said that 92% of all US military officers pre-2000 have Masters degrees and above. It was required for promotion. He also said the rules have relaxed since then; Rumsfeld's doing. I hope they reverse that. Forbes Magazine in reporting the best schools in the country put... more... - MRW
American, combine that with Grant Smith's excellent, excellent presentation on the Israel Free Trade Agreement of 1985 and you get a potent picture of what is being done. - MRW
I am a big fan of Lawrence Wilkerson -- he is in the same intellectual (and ethical) class as Hostage. - Sean McBride
I don't know how Hostage has the patience to hang in there in the face of so much ignorance and trollism...can't admire him and his determined intelligence enough. - American
He gave a hint two weeks ago. He loves the fight. - MRW
I wanted to send Hostage a case of scotch or beer when I read that his family, and he, despise Ari Fleischer. - MRW
Hostage on Ari Fleischer: BEGIN QUOTE. ROTFLMAO! Let's keep in mind that we are talking about Ari Fleischer, the propaganda apparatchik who thinks a true copy of an infant's birth certificate should have the baby's signature on it somewhere. END QUOTE. - MRW
Hostage on Ari Fleischer: BEGIN QUOTE. "Israeli citizen" is way too kind. Around my house we usually call Ari Fleischer and his neocon bosses "no good", "liars", and "sons-a-bitches". That's how the Bush White House team deserves to be remembered in the history books. FYI, Sourcewatch and a host of other sources still indicate the widespread belief that Fleischer is a dual US-Israel citizen. link to END QUOTE. - MRW
Check out this disgusting comment by Ronn Torossian: "Beinart is a shame to the Jewish community – a self-hating Jew. Beinart doesn’t represent the Jewish community any more than a black member of the KKK would represent African-Americans." - Sean McBride
A few points: 1. The Israel lobby (and the worldwide organized Jewish establishment) will probably take the same line as Ronn Torossian. 2. Torossian is claiming to speak not only for the Jewish establishment but for the Jewish COMMUNITY ("the Jews"). 3. I don't think there is the slightest chance to save Israel -- all the key demographic, ideological and political trends are pointing to a catastrophe as the climax of the Zionist narrative. - Sean McBride
Ari Fleischer is a member of Chabad-Lubavitch as I recall -- and Chabad-Lubavitch is saturated in racist ideas. During his tenure at the White House I always had the impression that Fleischer (and his cronies) were putting words in Bush's mind and mouth -- not the other way around. Bush was a puppet of the neocons -- they fed him his script. - Sean McBride
I don't trust Peter Beinart. This is good cop - bad cop for purposes of nothing more than stalling so Israel can steal. Where was he during the 8 year reign of Bill Clinton with the shell-game-without-a-pea peace talks for all 8 years and a doubling of Jewish settlers on the West Bank. - Berthe
I so don't care what various Jews, hawks or doves, pro or con have to say that I have given up reading them entirely. The only opinions I am interested in these days are objective American and other detached world opinions and in watching what the I-firster are "actually doing.". Every opinon of a Jew on Israel turns into being all about Jews and how either wonderful it is he says... more... - American
American -- I understand your exhaustion with obsessive ethnocentric dialogue about Mideast politics and Israel without regard to the interests and concerns of anyone outside the ethnic commune -- there is nothing remotely antisemitic about venting that frustration and weariness. But isn't it important for Jews and non-Jews to build as many solid alliances as possible in organizing against the titanic power of the Israel lobby? To focus on their shared values? - Sean McBride
Berthe -- good cop/bad cop -- yeah. We can now see in retrospect that this has been the game all along -- and Beinart is just trying to string the game along for a few more years while Israel continues to build racist Greater Israel. - Sean McBride
I will add this---I am far, far more suspicious of the One State Jewish advocates....some may be plain stupid or stupidly idealistic..but no doubt some probably most know that in One State all control and resources of Palestine would devolve to Israeli rule and control. And who would 'legally' create this One State, not likley the UN would and even if the UN did would Israel follow any... more... - American
Sean -- this went out the window when they banned Blankfort; it's a fools game to believe otherwise. Besides, alliances will be formed as they are needed. They're not needed now because as the present MW discourse shows, non-Jewish opinions are derided, definitely not-needed. "But isn't it important for Jews and non-Jews to build as many solid alliances as possible in organizing against... more... - MRW
I mean, who the hell is Beinart to tell the world that it doesn't need BDS. It's not his movement, and the Palestinians asked the world for its help in 2005. This was one of Atzmon's objections: that the British Jewish supposedly pro-Palestinian groups were dictating to the Palestinians what they could and could not say. - MRW
MRW -- 1. I feel like I have always been treated fairly and respectfully on Mondoweiss and I am obviously not Jewish -- nor have I been shy in expressing my opinions about Israel and Zionism. 2. Poor James Baker: that sector of the American power elite has continued to decline in power in recent decades -- AIPAC treats it with contempt and can easily steamroller it. - Sean McBride
Sean, a lot of time and energy will be wasted doing that and the fact is it hasn't achieved anything but some kind of 'isn't it sweet we are in this together." I see value in supporting some Jewish groups like Code Pink and JVP and I have supported them with donations.. But building some kind of coalition won't work. First, do you see any Jews asking non Jewish Americans to join them in... more... - American
SEAN -- I, too, have been treated fairly at MW. But I laughed whenever a Jewish homepage writer was lionized as brilliant! a genius! for something I had pointed out months before in the comments. Happened way more than once, let me tell you. I was on that board from Phil's NY Observer days, which makes it over eight years, and I have a long memory. - MRW
Sean, listen *very* carefully to Danaa when she writes about Jewish attitudes towards non-Jews. She's telling the goddam truth. (It's in another recent thread here.) I mean what does it take for us not to take her words at face value. She's right. And BTW, I noticed that the comment sections were closed in those two threads whenever Danaa went poking in there with her Americanized outrage. it was Danaa getting too close to the bone that appeared to do it, IMHO. - MRW
MRW, thanks for all the credit for getting that board closed, but surely I don't deserve that much! I think that what may have happened with the Atzmon thread (funny it always happens on threads where Atzmon is mentioned), is that Sean was blowing people out of the water pointing out that they failed to back up their assertions with a single quote(!) and then Hostage piped in, having... more... - Danaa
DANAA - It was your replies to Shmuel in the first instance that made it happen as well, as I recall. I don't have my comments PDF with me right now. I'm rolling around with my extra laptop. But I noticed the times of the last posts before it went down--and I have the time record because I saved in Mac OS as a .webarchive before it did go down (the thread was called Lull something). I... more... - MRW
yes, I know MRW - that last sentence of mine - behold the Great Battles of the Jews, as the Palestinians continue to get their teeth kicked in, and non-Jewish Americans keep being shunted to the little boys (and girls) corner, for having dared to speak "out of turn". Well, all I can say for myself is that if I didn't get a few kicks in here and there (and trust me, not just on line) I'd... more... - Danaa
Danaa- truth be known, I have a couple of Israeli friends who are a treasured antidote to US PC-ness. I am extremely comfortable with their bluntness because in our cases, it's a two-way street. If anyone ever heard our conversations they would lock us up for hate crimes, after they recoiled from all the swearing. Meantime, we're howling, and I think we do it to clear the pipes so that... more... - MRW
Another interesting thread with conversations that exceed anything on MW, particularly since Adam H came aboard. Not surprising to see his name on the statement by Jews and Judeophiles sending Atzmon to purgatory. Atzmon, despite some occasional errors in judgment, put a name to the problems that I have encountered since I started doing Palestinian work at the beginning of the 70s:... more... - Jeff Blankfort
One did not need the letters denouncing Atzmon to see what had happened. To this day, even in these difficult economic times, there has yet to be a nationwide campaign calling for an end to all forms of aid to Israel which even if it did not succeed, would contain a powerful educational component. The insidious role of the Jewish establishment is still largely off the table for the... more... - Jeff Blankfort
Jeff, I hope you use these notes you've written here as the basis for an article entitled, "What's Really Going On In the I/P Movement." You have just got to write this up formally and publish it. The 1988 history of the New Jewish Agenda was unknown to most of us--I'd say all--until you mentioned it in another thread here. This is valuable stuff. - MRW
Jeff, it's classic Leninism, isn't it: Be the Opposition. - MRW
Reading what you had to put up with Jeff makes me think you went through an Americanized version of the Boer War all by yourself. (Not sure who the Boers were fighting, so if wrong, take it as alliteration only.) ;-) - MRW
Danaa, translate a couple of the Israeli exchanges, just for shits and grins, as they say. - MRW
The best way to control the opposition is to create, fund and lead it. - Sean McBride
Jews involved, liberal or not, are not going to change anything about US-Isr subservience--which has to be changed 'first' to change I/P. (99%) of Jews attracted to and involved in this issue are still involved "for Israel" although a slightly different Israel. This is elementary. You're going to have to have American (first) voices in opposition to ever end Isr'merica. Period. - American
Nearly the entire Israeli and pro-Israel left has turned out to be a farce and a fraud -- a con game run by the Zionist establishment to try to cover up its racist Greater Israel policies with a fig leaf of well-intentioned enlightened liberalism. But there is absolutely nothing liberal or democratic about ethno-religious nationalist ideologies and movements. Ethno-religious... more... - Sean McBride
The main mission of the pro-Israel left has been to try to keep the civilized world off the back of Israel while it gets on with its racist and messianic program of ethnic cleansing in the cause of building biblical Greater Israel. And the scam has been remarkably successful: the pro-Israel left has been able to drag out the bogus Mideast "peace process" (actually a settlement-building... more... - Sean McBride
Read Kolko's article. I linked to it on MW Friendfeed. He is one of the smartest 20th C historians on war in the 20th C, and he was around when Israel was created. I mean physically there. He says Zionism is in deep trouble, ditto Israel. Kolko is retired now, but he has an enormous sweep of history: he lived it. - MRW
Please, Sean, you are talking about the new hero of 99% of the Jewish "antizionists" who is now being dragged over the coals by his fellow tribalists in a game that is designed to grab our attention. It is not precisely a carefully crafted stage show but it serves to maintain the delusion that the I-P issue as it involves the US is primarily a Jewish issue and that Jews have a... more... - Jeff Blankfort
Here is how the scam works: pro-Israel leftists acknowledge that the Israeli government is behaving very badly but counter with exclamations of their own good intentions. Supposedly their ineffectual and entirely useless good intentions are supposed to compensate somehow for the actual bad (and even criminal) behavior of the Israeli government. Is anyone taken in by this good cop/bad cop routine any longer? It's a crudely fraudulent operation. - Sean McBride
Jeff -- you need to collect all your writings and get them mounted on your own dedicated website -- they provide valuable analysis of what has been really going on with Mideast and Israeli politics. - Sean McBride
With regard to Chomsky -- would I be surprised to learn that he enjoys high status within Mossad -- perhaps even an official rank? Not at all. Often he appears to be part of the controlled opposition. Remember: the best way to control the opposition is to lead it and steer it in whatever direction you like. - Sean McBride
Jeff, I totally second Sean's suggestion. I have to look in five different files for the collection I have of your works. Would love to have it all in one place. As for the article on NJA, do you think MW will give it some front page space (just kidding...or, maybe not). Well, I am sure lots of publications will be interested. And I personally would love to have it somewhere so I can cite for a piece I am writing now. - Danaa
I agree with you both. Listening to Jeff over the years at MW has made me realize the Pro-Israel left's shell game. His wisdom, crushes the faux reality that the Pro Israel left wants to sell. - Chu
Danaa, my email is Phil is not about to publish anything of mine at this point, I suspect, even though my name appears among MWs authors from time to time to maintain the illusion that I am still part of MW. I'm not. Gotta dash now. - Jeff Blankfort
Who's Junior? Beinart? "Junior, El Finko and Bennis" - MRW
Beinart's like a junior senator for Big Media - full of b/s and just like the rest of the political phonies. - Chu
Junior is El Finko, who was on the way to the same cult status as Chumsky but shot himself in the foot in the video. Knowing the game plan, we can be sure it will heal and all will be forgiven. Is he not after all. the "American Radical?" Keep your barf bag supply handy. - Jeff Blankfort
Sean McBride
Rupert Murdoch is using Fox News to try to destroy an American president (Barack Obama) on behalf of the Israeli government.
And News Corp. appears to be a criminal enterprise from top to bottom. - Sean McBride
Mossad connections? Probably more than you can count. - Sean McBride
Seems I remember reading in Vanity Fair that Murdoch had a falling out with one of his sons over Israel and left the Murdoch empire. My impression is Murdoch is a man who likes 'to destroy' and wallow in sleeze ..maybe out of some deep seated inferitory or revenge complex of his own. Whatever, he's a perfect fit with the zionist. - American
How long ago, American? - MRW
I honestly don't remember MRW... Not 100% sure it was Vanity Fair but think it was...the sort of bio article of the kind VF does on controversial figures. It was before the Murdoch news UK scandal if that helps. - American
I read about it in the guardian, and I believe it was the ceo of news of the world, who took the fall for the scandal.... The good son who empathized with palestinians, may be the only one demolished from the scandal.... Hmmmm. How convienent. - anonymouscomments from Android
Read the para about a dinner on downing street... - anonymouscomments from Android
Sean McBride
Permission to examine "Jewishness" - deLiberation -
"Imagine my astonishment when, many years later, in 2006, I read about Swedish peace-worker Tove Johansson’s experience. She was escorting Palestinian school-children past crowds of hostile Jewish settlers in Hebron, when the settlers began chanting “We killed Jesus, we’ll kill you, too.” They smashed a bottle over her face, causing severe injuries. There are also various other accounts of Jewish settlers proudly taking responsibility for the murder of Jesus, something that I had always assumed was a false accusation, leading me to investigate. I found in the writing of Jewish-Israeli scholar Israel Shahak that there is actually a Talmudic mandate for this claim. I also found that while it seems that relatively few Jews are aware of Shahak’s writing, many of those who are hate him passionately, although none have ever presented me with an actual argument confronting his claims." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Back in the 80’s in an interview on the American television show 60 Minutes, Mike Wallace confronted Meir Kahane, the infamous Brooklyn rabbi, now deceased, who became an Israeli Knesset member and an advocate for the expulsion of all Arabs from all of historic Palestine (both “Israeli Arabs” and Arabs living in the occupied territories), about a law he proposed. BEGIN QUOTE Wallace:... more... - Sean McBride
Ever hear about Gloria Jean D'Argenio? Kahane's goy mistress. - chu
Chu, thanks for that NYT link. Fascinating. The author's description of Kahane sounds like the complaints that Douglas Reed made in his 1939 chapter, 'How Odd of have Chosen the Jews'. Reed, who was a celebrated London Times reporter, author, and foreign correspondent, was subsequently silenced because of his reporting on Zionism and Jews, even though he was one of the first... more... - MRW
MRW...what prompted the revision of Auschwitz figures? Was there some new evidence or records produced? - American
American -- After the fall of the USSR in the 1989-1990 timeframe, Russia released the Auschwitz records and files (17 million pieces of paper) that General Zhukov, who liberated Auschwitz, took back with him to Moscow in 1945. They didn't want them to remain in German hands. Russia enjoyed watching Germany get it for WWII--don't have a link for this, but I believe its in Harper... more... - MRW
American -- it took me forever to find a copy of the plaque that said four million. here's one site that has it. It USED TO BE ON THE AUSCHWITZ MUSEUM SITE. Here's the Jewish Virtual Library asserting that the lowered figures are correct but it tries to whitewash that people claiming four million dead at Auschwitz before 1992 were always considered mistaken. - MRW
American -- more: Yehuda Bauer, "Fighting the Distortions," Jerusalem Post (Israel), Sept. 22, 1989; "Auschwitz Deaths Reduced to a Million," Daily Telegraph (London), July 17, 1990; "Poland Reduces Auschwitz Death Toll Estimate to 1 Million," The Washington Times, July 17, 1990. - MRW
Looks like you two will probably be next on SM's list. ;) Good luck guys. - mark e
mark e, this linked info. - MRW
MRW...thanks for link had never seen that but Jesus, gruesome site! ugh...brutal,brutal,brutal. If the records now show that 1 million instead of 4 died there that means 3 million have to be subtracted from the 6 million total. So why is the denying that 6 million died still one of the holocaust denial stipulations? It really doesn't matter in terms of sheer eviliness whether it was 3... more... - American
Who knows, American. Maybe because people would mention the number of dead in Vietnam or the Congo or something as exceeding that, which is true if the number is reduced to three million. Anyway, that's what Douglas Reed said and he was defamed as an anti-Semite for it after the war. - MRW
American, Yehuda Bauer was first out the door correcting some of these distortions as he called them in his JPost article. I have the link for it on my other computer. I don't know if you can find it now. Maybe you can. - MRW
The article on Permisison to Examine Jewishness is excellent. I think I am seeing what the intent of Gilad and others like him is to demolish the 'myths" Jews hold on to. He makes more and more sense to me because there are some myths that need debunking, we all know that. I don't get the sense he is doing it to either save the Jews or to hurt the Jews. I think he's a guy... more... - American
I think Gilad has a voracious appetite for uncovering the truth about the world. And, ironically (in this particular situation), that can be a very Jewish trait, although not exclusively a Jewish trait, of course. In a sense, he is on a noble Jewish path. - Sean McBride
mark e -- I am familiar with the details of these issues about Auschwitz that American and MRW are discussing in a reasonable way and which are based on historical facts -- there is nothing to object to here -- this is an important topic. The only list of mine that they would get on is my list of favorite contributors to discussions on Mideast politics on the Internet. I very occasionally disagree just a bit with their tone, but the substance of their comments is always rock solid and illuminating. - Sean McBride
Doesn't Atzmon have a philosophy degree? I thought I read that somewhere. - MRW
"Who knows, American. Maybe because people would mention the number of dead in Vietnam or the Congo or something as exceeding that, which is true if the number is reduced to three million." I once saw a documentary that claimed that one million Germans died at the hands of the Nazis for political reasons. I don't know if that number is exaggerated, but in a population of somewhere... more... - Todd
Eisenhower killed 1.2 million Germans after the war by starving them to death. I'll try to find the link. - MRW
I think an important number to keep in mind is that as many as 100 million innocent civilians may have been murdered by Marxist-Leninists in the 20th century (see The Black Book of Communism) -- and 20 million or more of them were murdered *before* the Holocaust, in the early phases of the Soviet Union. In some ways the Nazis modeled their criminal behavior after the Soviets. - Sean McBride
Here's the link to Eisenhower's Dirty Little Secret. This is the text version. I'll find the link to the images one. - MRW
Sean, read this: "Stalin's Jews -- We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish" - MRW
MRW -- it's a historical fact. Even the Israeli newspaper Ynet News will concede that. Truth is truth. - Sean McBride
From Ynet News: "We cannot know with certainty the number of deaths Cheka was responsible for in its various manifestations, but the number is surely at least 20 million, including victims of the forced collectivization, the hunger, large purges, expulsions, banishments, executions, and mass death at Gulags. Whole population strata were eliminated: Independent farmers, ethnic... more... - Sean McBride
Here is the Scribd scanned version of the Eisenhower article. You can see the pictures: - MRW
More: "Lenin, Stalin, and their successors could not have carried out their deeds without wide-scale cooperation of disciplined "terror officials," cruel interrogators, snitches, executioners, guards, judges, perverts, and many bleeding hearts who were members of the progressive Western Left and were deceived by the Soviet regime of horror and even provided it with a kosher certificate." - Sean McBride
More: "And us, the Jews? An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name "Genrikh Yagoda," the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU's deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin's collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies... more... - Sean McBride
What Eisenhower did was despicable. can you image looking at some of those pictures and seeing your own father in them? - MRW
The first comment on the article: "YNET WENT TOO FAR !!!! WE WILL REMEMBER" (Check out all the comments -- fascinating, in terms of documenting the denial syndrome.) - Sean McBride
Denial is becoming so utterly tedious. We don't have time to hide the truth because someone's offended or wants their myths maintained. I just watched a great seven-minute segment with Wilkerson on The Real News from last December. He goes into this denial of reality business and gets frosted about it. - MRW
MRW, ...the real guy behind the plan to starve Germans and "break Germany into 30 small pastoral states' was Harry Morgenthau, Sec. of State The man who inspired Truman to later remark that Jews could be as vicious as the Nazis. Morgenthau was as evil and vicious as any Nazi you will ever come across, he just did his dirty work from a position in US government. Morgenthau formulated the... more... - American
BTW, Morganthau later resigned and became a financial advisor for Israel. - American
Speaking of Russia...this is where I was able to read the translated version of "200 Years Together" by Solzhenitsyn........ they have now disabled the translated chapters because some one is evidently trying to get it published in the US. However they do say that if you are a student or serious scholar they will make... more... - American
true enough...Morgenthau practicing talmudic vengeance. The simultaneous triumphs of Bolshevism in Moscow and Zionism in London in THE SAME WEEK of 1917. Reed had a handle on it and here is the story.... - flyod
I haven't looked at the links yet, but it must be Morgenthau II. Morgenthau I was US Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire in 1916. His letters home are in the London Times archives, and are fascinating about the cruelty of the Young Turks towards the Armenians, whom he accused in a letter to President Wilson (LT archives) of studying medieval methods of torture. Morgenthau III was the US... more... - MRW
morgenthau jr - flyod
flyod=Landon/Solon? - Sean McBride
Is Noontide Press a white nationalist and antisemitic operation? - Sean McBride
not landon/salon. and yes noontide is labeled publisher of antisemetic hard to find works. still reeds magnum opus is important and much is historically verified. where he speculates he lets you know.. you don't have to agree with all of it but i believe reed was not antsemetic ,nor am i - flyod
Ok. I agree that the Reed work is of great historical importance. It is not automatically discredited because Noontide Press published it. - Sean McBride
plus the firebombings -- "For five years during the second world war, the Allies launched a bombing campaign against Germany's historical city landscape. . .Civilian dwellings were struck by 'wmd', causing a total of 600,000 casualties, including 70,000 children." -"The Fire," Jorg Friedrich. - godot
Yesterday one of Ike's grandchildren complained that a monument to Ike that is being planned does not properly represent him. We need to call in to talk shows and let it be known that Ike does not need a monument -- he should have been tried for crimes against humanity. - godot
Sam Untermyer worked with Jabotinsky and Bibi Netanyahu's father around 1932-33 to drum up hatred of Germans among Americans. Sheldon Richman has commented on MW; in this radio bit he said anti-Iran propaganda is being used to cause hatred of Iranians to enable Americans to feel ok about killing them. Untermyer, Jabotinsky, & Netanyahu Sr carried out the same program against Germans in 1933. - godot
Sean McBride
Waiting for the Messiah: Netanyahu addresses Evangelical Christian gathering in Jerusalem - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News -
Waiting for the Messiah: Netanyahu addresses Evangelical Christian gathering in Jerusalem - Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News
"Head of Christians United for Israel, largest pro-Israel lobby in U.S., compares PM to Moses and King David." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"American Evangelical pastor John Hagee - who heads the largest pro-Israel lobby group in the United States - half jokingly compared Benjamin Netanyahu to the Messiah on Sunday night, as he waited for the delayed prime minister to arrive at a Jerusalem hotel to address the crowd. "There's a saying in Judaism about the Messiah - I know that even if he tarries, he'll come," Hagee told... more... - Sean McBride
"Netanyahu's speech was the high point of the conference of Christians United for Israel, which recently reached one million members. The conference in Jerusalem drew hundreds of people, primarily Americans, mostly on the older side, with some of the men wearing cowboy hats. Before Netanyahu's arrival, as singer Dudu Fischer got on stage to sing "Am Yisrael Hai" to a techno beat, the... more... - Sean McBride
CUFI (Christians United for Israel) now has one *million* members. Imagine how enraged they will become once they realize that they've been taken in by a con game. - Sean McBride
Hagee brags he has 70 million members. - MRW
For sheer quivering gullibility and duncitude, Hagee is unmatched -- easy prey for sharp operators. The entire movement he leads reeks of infantile tomfoolery. But they are capable of inflicting enormous damage on the United States and the world at large and may well succeed in accomplishing their assigned mission. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
StratforLeaks: Google Ideas Director Involved in ‘Regime Change’ | Al Akhbar English -
StratforLeaks: Google Ideas Director Involved in ‘Regime Change’ | Al Akhbar English
"Top Google execs, including the company’s CEO and one of Barack Obama’s major presidential campaign donors Eric Schmidt, informed the intelligence agency Stratfor about Google’s activities and internal communication regarding “regime change” in the Middle East, according to Stratfor emails released by WikiLeaks and obtained by Al-Akhbar. The other source cited was Google’s director for security and safety Marty Lev. The briefings mainly focused on the movements of Jared Cohen, currently the director of Google Ideas, a “think/do-tank” billed as a vehicle for spreading American-style liberal democracy. Cohen was also a former member of US Secretary of State’s Policy Planning Staff and former advisor to Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Email exchanges, starting February 2011, suggest that Google execs were suspicious that Cohen was coordinating his moves with the White House and cut Cohen’s mission short at times for fear he was taking too many risks. Stratfor’s vice-president of counter-terrorism Fred Burton, who seemed opposed to Google’s alleged covert role in “foaming” uprisings, describes Cohen as a “loose Cannon” whose killing or kidnapping “might be the best thing to happen” to expose Google." - Sean McBride
"The following day, Burton forwarded a message to the secure email list from “a very good Google source” who claimed that Cohen “[was] off to Gaza next week”. Burton added, “Cohen, a Jew, is bound to get himself whacked….Google is not clear if Cohen is operating [with a] State Dept [or] WH [White House] license, or [is] a hippie activist.” Korena Zucha, another senior analyst on the... more... - Sean McBride
"On 11 February, Burton wrote to the secure email list that Cohen was still planning to head to Gaza. He added, “The dude is a loose can[n]on. GOOGLE is trying to stop his entry into Gaza now because the dude is like scorched earth. It’s unclear to GOOGLE if he’s driving without a license, but GOOGLE believes he’s on a specific mission of “regime change” on the part of leftist fools inside the WH who are using him for their agendas.” (doc-id 1113596)" - Sean McBride
"Burton responded, “GOOGLE is getting WH [White House] and State Dept. support and air cover. In reality, they are doing things the CIA cannot do. But, I agree with you. He’s going to get himself kidnapped or killed. Might be the best thing to happen to expose GOOGLE’s covert role in foaming up-risings, to be blunt. The US Gov’t can then disavow knowledge and GOOGLE is left holding the shit bag.” (doc-id 1121800)" - Sean McBride
"Google Ideas: Politicizing Technology: Google Ideas, which Cohen directs, is a new animal. According to a report by the Financial Times published last July, Google Ideas seems to bond idealistic activist sensibilities with Google’s pursuit for continued global expansion - blurring the lines between business and political action. Schmidt and Cohen dub Google Ideas as a “think/do-tank” that aims to tackle political and diplomatic matters through the use of technology." - Sean McBride
"The first public event for the think/do-tank, in partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations and the Tribeca Film Festival, was held last June in Dublin. It gathered around 80 ‘former’ extremists, including former Muslim radicals, neo-Nazis, US gang members, and others, in a “Summit Against Violent Extremism”. The announcement by Google declared that the summit’s aim is “to... more... - Sean McBride
"One spin off was the creation of the Against Violent Extremism group, apparently a network for those who attended the Dublin Summit. Beyond merely networking, the group also advertises certain projects that are in need of funding. Notably, much of the projects pertain to the Middle East, including an “Al-Awlaki Counter-Campaign” - Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen of Yemeni origin, was assassinated in September of last year by the US for his alleged al-Qaeda connections." - Sean McBride
Wow. It's so complicated I can't even tell if I should be for or against this think/do-tank. - Private Sanjeev
Private Sanjeev -- I know what you mean! I am trying to sort it all out. Whatever this is all about, it's big. - Sean McBride
This is what some people may be worrying about: if companies like Google and Facebook began to enter into unaccountable secret projects with government agencies, they might eventually provide access to their entire datasets -- the whole store -- to those agencies, and to the private special interest political players who control those agencies. The potential for abuse would be extraordinary. Dystopian scenarios would be easy to imagine. - Sean McBride
By my reckoning, Google is now the most powerful company on the planet -- with Facebook a close second. They may be on the verge of reversing positions. - Sean McBride
A caution abut relying on Stratfor emails....Stratfor is amateur little boys "playing spooks" shop, I would be surprised if you can believe 10% of what their unqualified so called operators or analyst put out, it's 90% guesses and things they picked up from James Bond movies. See Col Langs site for the run down on Strafor...seriously they are joke. - American
I imagine that Eric Schmidt and Marty Lev know what is going on inside Google -- they are reliable sources on that subject. - Sean McBride
I am sure they do but don't rely on anthing that comes out out of internal Strafor emails about them to be's crap for the most part. Strafor is considered a joke by intelligence agencies. - American
Dr. Brenner on "Stratfor" Regarding google, they do engage in spying on their users, or allowing the Israeli and American intelligence services to use them to spy on their users. The same applies to facebook. Both employ "backdoors". - mark e
Cites for that claim? What is it based on? - Sean McBride
That's well known, Sean. If you want to avoid being tapped this way, go to It is trailless search using Ixquick and Google. There are instructions there to replace the embedded google search on most computers with startpage. You get waaaay better hits. And there is no data mining of your searches, which just got draconian on March 1 of this year. - MRW
You don't need backdoors into computer systems if you have comrades, friends and associates with direct control of and access to those systems. If you have constructed a covert international social network of such comrades, friends and associates with access to most of the most sensitive computer systems in the world, you're golden. You can get your hands on almost anything instantly and connect data from widely disparate sources. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride - I meant "backdoor" in the broadest of senses. - mark e
Perhaps situations in which owners or high officials of companies or agencies illegally and enthusiastically hand over sensitive private data to outside parties for reasons of ideology or loyalty should be described as frontdoor ops -- no need for data thieves to sneak in through a backdoor -- they have friendly inside collaborators. - Sean McBride
What is needed is access to the networks that bring Google and Facebook their data, and that they've had for a very long time. What they haven't had is a mechanism that drove people to voluntarily give up so much private information so easily. That problem is now solved too. - Todd Hoff
Right -- much more simple and direct. Cuts through all the rigamarole. - Sean McBride
Here is another angle on the issue, however: true believers, collaborators, agents, etc. within organizations working with outside interests have the power to install special software within their information systems for a wide variety of nefarious purposes. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
Israel's Shimon Peres reflects on Hollywood's global influence - -
Israel's Shimon Peres reflects on Hollywood's global influence -
"Israeli President Shimon Peres told a movie and television industry audience at the DreamWorks Animation studio lot in Glendale on Friday that Hollywood often wields more influence across the globe than world leaders do. "The children believe the actors more than politicians," Peres said to a crowd that included Billy Crystal, Barbra Streisand, Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks Animation Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, Walt Disney Studios Chairman Rich Ross, CBS chief Les Moonves and Sony Pictures Chief Executive Michael Lynton, among other Hollywood executives. After Katzenberg introduced the Israeli leader as "a real hero," Peres spoke for less than 10 minutes, urging "close cooperation between Hollywood and Israel" and reminding the audience that "among the founders of Hollywood there were many Jewish people."" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
There is so much wrong with this picture. - Sean McBride
Another avenue of subversion and mindbending of Americans. Will we accept the US being a Jewish State? - American
Peres is out to lunch. My Latino friend who lives in Fly-By-Country and who loves NPR--make that loved NPR--is now fed up with it. He's in town, we were driving two days ago, listening to a cloying half-hour NPR story about some Israeli rock star wannabe who could sing Adele's hit in Hebrew. It sounded like a club recording on an iPhone. My friend turned to me and said, "Isn't this... more... - MRW
I've have not listened to NPR for years. I think the last time was driving with a co-worker, who was a fan of it, and they had on one of their "news" interview programs. I don't remember what it was about, but I got annoyed enough I started lecturing the radio about the questions they were not asking and correcting the lies. My co-worker, who was a liberal libertarian type, was kind of... more... - mark e
Whether it sound like a conspiracy or not the fact is there is no main stream or public source, other than the net, that I know of, that has not been turned into, or at minium guarded by a Israel centric or Israel first interest. If one goes back to the 1963 Fulbright senate investigations and hearings on zionist activites in US press and media--fast foward it and mutpliy it by 1000 force --you will understand how we got in this mess. - American
NPR is insidious...practically every time you turn it on you hear the careful propagation...and the tone, too...Chris Hedges: "the happy talk of NPR" if all the nice liberals have to do is huddle around their radios and everything will be OK - chauncey
"Peres said to a crowd that included Billy Crystal, Barbra Streisand, Steven Spielberg, DreamWorks Animation Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg, Walt Disney Studios Chairman Rich Ross, CBS chief Les Moonves and Sony Pictures Chief Executive Michael Lynton, among other Hollywood executives." One wonders if there was anybody there who wasn't a full fledged parasite? - mark e
"One wonders if there was anybody there who wasn't a full fledged parasite?" Whoa! Could you please explain what you mean. by "full fledged parasite"? Why are these people parasites? Parasites on whom? This is very disturbing language you are using and I would like you to clarify it, please. - GuiltyFeat
The language is only disturbing to you, GF. No one here owes you an explanation; we know what it means. As a non-American, you don't count. Not in this discussion. - MRW
Is that really how everyone feels? Sean? - GuiltyFeat
mark e, MRW and GuiltyFeat -- just catching up here. Regarding "parasites" -- my reaction was, what? (Actually, WTF to be honest.) That is classical inciting anti-Semitic rhetoric. How are they "parasites"? Most of them are highly talented American success stories. So: please explain the use of the term in a way that makes any sense. The term isn't always Judeophobic in this kind of context but it usually is. - Sean McBride
What bothered me about this story was that Shimon Peres seems to be trying to turn Hollywood, Google and Facebook into political and propaganda arms of the Israeli government and the Israel lobby -- a big mistake from the standpoint of the best interests of those American institutions. Also, Peres, whom I once admired for his eloquent efforts to try to achieve a Mideast peace agreement,... more... - Sean McBride
GuiltyFeat -- feel relaxed and comfortable about posting here. We should all be interested in the views of Israelis -- Israel is the heart of most of the controversies under discussion. And: mark e and MRW -- sorry, but I've got to call them the way I see them. - Sean McBride
Old school secular progressive Zionists like Peres no longer wield any significant influence over Israeli politics. He's a dinosaur and his pretty words are inconsequential. Netanyahu, Lieberman and the religious settlers, along with Christian extremists like Rick Santorum and John Hagee, are the true face of contemporary Zionism, not Peres. - Sean McBride
How I define anti-Semitism: hostility towards all Jews in general and towards "Jewishness." I know it when I see it -- it's not difficult to spot. Islamophobia: hostility toward all Muslims in general and towards Islam. Anti-Roman Catholic bigotry: hostility towards all Roman Catholics in general and towards Roman Catholicism. Anti-black bigotry: hostility towards all blacks in general and towards black culture. And so on. How do you define anti-Semitism? - Sean McBride
I think you pretty much nailed it. I think there are additional layers for each but you version stands as a working definition. An example of layers would be that I think there is a kind of anti-Arabism that exists in addition to and separate from Islamophobia. I think there are people who would excuse their own Arabophobia (is there a better or even an actual word?) by saying that they... more... - GuiltyFeat
GuiltyFeat -- right -- anti-Arabism or Arabophobia is another major pattern of bigotry. Here is the problem I have with bigotry in general: it tends to burn a whole in the skull of the bigot. The personality of the bigot becomes completely consumed by obsessive hatred for a single group. Bigotry is life-denying and mind-closing. Consider, for instance, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer,... more... - Sean McBride
Now, with regard to the "parasites" language: I understand that some people are justifiably angry at the Israeli government and the Israel lobby -- *very* angry in some cases (I know I am extremely angry at the campaign by some pro-Israel activists to drive Americans into a war against Iran). But if that anger begins to spill over to Jews in general, then we are getting into disturbing... more... - Sean McBride
Sean - I find it equally disturbing when you bring out the "classical inciting anti-Semitic rhetoric" line. There's nothing that can truly be said about Israel that some apologist can't twist into an example of "classical inciting anti-Semitic rhetoric". I think the only real question here should be - Is the term "parasites" in this context true and meaningful or false and slanderous. - potsherd
potsherd -- the term "parasites" has often been used by anti-Semites over many decades (or centuries) to describe Jews in general -- it's a loaded word. One has to be careful about using it when discussing Jewish political issues. I am still not sure what mark e intended when he used the word in the above comment to describe that collection of individuals. I look forward to his explanation. - Sean McBride
How is Billy Crystal a "parasite"? You may not like his sense of humor (fine), but I often find him to be funny and personable. He's a legitimate American success story. I don't know what his views are on Mideast politics. The fact that he was present (as a member of a crowd) at a talk given by Shimon Peres tells me nothing about Billy Crystal's views on anything. - Sean McBride
Potsherd read the comments thread above. Mark e, listed a bunch of American attendees at a talk by the Israeli president and then wondered if "if there was anybody there who wasn't a full fledged parasite?" I asked for clarification of who he thought was a parasite and why and MRW told me that as a non-American, I don't count. Mark e was not saying anything about Israel that I or Sean... more... - GuiltyFeat
I find it absurd when any comment criticizing Israel is dismissed as anti-Semitic. But the counterpoint to that is the MW way of never being allowed to identify any comment as anti-Semitic even when it is clearly motivated by race-hatred rather than political disagreement. - GuiltyFeat
I think what mark e was thinking of was 'nepotism" in some Jewish dominated fields, which is widly known and accepted about the film industry and publishing and our media. Capote and a host of other well known American writers referred to the publishing world as the Jewish mafia because their books would be edited and or rejected for any mention of Jews or phrases that weren't... more... - American
It's a nice effort, American and it's good to see what a real apologist looks like, but your explanation doesn't really make sense in the context of Mark e's comment. He describes the attendees as "full fledged parasites" and, other than Nobel prize winner Shimon Peres, there wasn't another Israeli in the list. Out of interest, why did you feel the need to try and explain it so benignly... more... - GuiltyFeat
American -- ok. It's reasonable to point out that there is some pro-Israel and pro-Jewish bias in the American mainstream media (maybe more than some). Specific cases can be raised and substantively discussed -- Mearsheimer/Walt and Solzhenitsyn, for instance. But how do we get from there to Crystal, Streisand, Spielberg and others being "parasites"? I don't follow the logic. - Sean McBride
Just out of interest, do you believe that nepotism in the fields you describe as "Jewish dominated" is something specific to Jews? Is there any nepotism in fields which are not "Jewish dominated"? Do you believe there is something different about the the way Jews behave compared to non-Jews? Is a Jew 10% more likely to perpetrate an act of nepotism than a non-Jew? 20%? 50%? Your best estimate will do. - GuiltyFeat
American -- ethnic nepotism -- a fascinating topic, worthy of discussion. All ethnic groups practice ethnic nepotism to some degree -- that is human nature. Jews do it, Irish do it, Anglos do it, Italians do it, etc. But really: the success of Crystal, Streisand and Spielberg is due to ethnic nepotism? How about raw talent? Forget about whether you personally appreciate their work -- many people do. - Sean McBride
Sean - There is no logic, mark e just used the wrong phrase for what he meant I believe. No one who suceeds lilke Streisand gets there without talent and hard work. At the same time would a aspiring Jewish actor or writer find doors open more easily in a field dominated by Jewish executives in general. Maybe sometimes, but they do have to have some talent at least and work for it so parasite doesn't describe them.. - American
American, I'm so pleased you brought up Capote. I'm a big fan. In his Playboy interview in 1968, he specifically said that the "Jewish Mafia" was a state of mind rather than something that divided along racial lines. What do you think of Mark e's reductive use of the same idea into a way of vilifying Jews rather than criticizing the homogenization of American culture by Jews and non-Jews alike as Capote claimed he intended. - GuiltyFeat
So American, your opinion now is that Mark e misspoke? We're still waiting to hear from him, but I guess if he is willing to state that "parasites" was the wrong word to use and that he doesn't believe Billy Crystal, Barbra Streisand, Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Rich Ross, Les Moonves and Michael Lynton are "parasites" then we can write the whole episode off as an unfortunate... more... - GuiltyFeat
I'm a big fan of Capote, too, and know about the controversy over that remark. Capote was a very complex person with many self-contradictory impulses -- but a simpleminded Judeophobe he was not. He was too smart to be a bigot of any kind -- much too curious about human nature in general. - Sean McBride
Sean --- Did I say the "success" of Crystal and other was "due to" nepotism? No I didn't. I said that nepotismin Jewish dominated fields "may" open more doors for aspiring actors or writers. I have explained it. Nepotism exist, but the people you mention also have talent and work hard --- nothing contridictory about those two things. I think you could consider the case of Adam Creasily... more... - American
American -- nicely said in your last comment. And I agree that aspiring Jewish actors and artists might have an initial edge in the entertainment industry because Jews are a major presence in that world at the highest levels. But in the end, it's all about talent -- choosing the best talent is a smart business decision and the entertainment industry is interested in the bottom line. Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and George Clooney are all doing quite well, thank you, and they are hardly Jewish. - Sean McBride
Guilty Feat, Did MW provide a reason as to why they banned you? - Chu
Did you mean Adam Creasy? Do you have a link? - Sean McBride
Chu, no. I received no communication from them whatsoever. I just logged in one day to find that my comments were no longer accepted or even submitted to moderation. - GuiltyFeat
I recall you saying you were sick of the comments section and were deciding to quit. But I then saw in the comments that they booted you. - Chu
American, I'm also looking for some record of an "Adam Creasily". Also, are you suggesting that if this person (whoever he is) got a job at CNN or NBC he was specifically hired by Jews? Why? - GuiltyFeat
Chu I took some time off when patm was stalking me and trying to follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter etc. It was a little unnerving. But after about a month I was commenting as usual until there was some agitation to have me banned because I expressed the opinion that someone who wrote that Jews control Hollywood was a low-grade anti-Semite. I can only assume that they were successful in... more... - GuiltyFeat
GuiltyFeat: on the subject of Jewish influence in Hollywood, Shimon Peres seems to have raised it himself: "After Katzenberg introduced the Israeli leader as "a real hero," Peres spoke for less than 10 minutes, urging "close cooperation between Hollywood and Israel" and reminding the audience that "among the founders of Hollywood there were many Jewish people."" Peres is doing a bit of... more... - Sean McBride
I have no problem with pointing out there are some Jews who run Hollywood studios. I have a problem with the racist assumption that as Jews they will always place their allegiance to other Jews and to Israel ahead of their fiscal responsibility to their employees and shareholders. - GuiltyFeat
Ok -- but Shimon Peres is helping to raise questions about the degree to which Jews in Hollywood are emotionally involved with the Israeli interest -- in contradistinction to the American interest. He is appealing to their ethnic and/or religious loyalties to drum up support for a government that is controlled by the most right-wing extremists in the history of Israel and which is pursuing policies that could gravely harm the American interest. - Sean McBride
Sean....sorry didn't save the links and going to be busy for about 30 minutes then will have more to say on this ----but I did mispell the name, it's Adam Ciralsky and he's a producer now for CBS. You can google and find the info on him......if I remember correctly what nailed him was his contacts with AIPAC. Then there was some further interest or speculation about him in his posiiton... more... - American
GF and Sean - I agree that the "parasites" comment was questionable and I'd also like to know what he meant by it. Go ahead and criticize it as offensive, but NOT with the "classic antisemitic incitement" line. If a statement is offensive, it's offensive. Antisemites accused Jews for centuries of a "blood libel" too, so does that mean no one can use the word "blood" if it's aimed... more... - potsherd
Peres was telling Hollywood to create more movies that promote Israel. "The children believe the actors more than politicians." "close cooperation between Hollywood and Israel." Implied in that, from my POV, is a request to make more movies that place Israel in a shining light, and more anti-Islamic movies. Employees and shareholders are well-protected under US laws to have their... more... - MRW
Says Joel Stein in the Los Angeles Times: "Jews totally run Hollywood." (Interesting article, MRW.) - Sean McBride
If Peres really cared about Israel, he would be urging Hollywood to boycott Israel immediately and help save it from itself. - Sean McBride were banned at MW for the same thing you are doing here----which is turning every topic under discussion away from the actual subject and 'into' one of anti semitism and accusing people of anti semitism. As in this thread where the subject was Israeli use of Jewish dominated fields to propagandize and gain support for Israel and zionism. Your passive aggressive approach to... more... - American
Hollywood has another charter: meet the customers' needs. Everyone I know, and I mean 99.99% of them are fed up with Holocaust movies, both here in the US and Canada. It's like enough already. We've had over a quarter of a century of them flogging WWII from that POV. And no amount of PR saves these movies outside of the NYC-DC corridor: they go straight to video or online. - MRW
Analogy: lipstick:pig; Peres:Israel under Likud/Netanyahu. - Sean McBride
Hmmmm, my throwaway comment of parasites started a tempest in a tea cup. Did a hasbara troll arrive? Ah, yes, super settler (ss, for short) got it started. :) Anyway, parasite wasn't supposed to be about those people being Jewish since I don't know if they all are, beyond the obvious famous ones. I could care less if they were Jewish. It's a condemnation of the showbiz industry, which... more... - mark e
I get just as pissed at US WWII propaganda movies that have caused the majority of Americans to have a totally warped idea of our own history. We got the Tea Party movement as soon as Obama was elected because people believed the movies they saw as a kid about the American Revolution being ignited by the Boston Tea Party, when that was a complete fallacy. (The truth? It was the British... more... - MRW
mark e -- who are your favorite directors? - Sean McBride
Ernst Lubitsch. ;-) - MRW
I had to look him up. :) - mark e
mark e -- this is the propaganda strain you stumbled into: Google [jews parasites] See this for instance: German Propaganda Archive - Sean McBride
"Peres spoke for less than 10 minutes, urging "close cooperation between Hollywood and Israel" I've yet to see any film critical of Israel come out of hollywood. I've also yet to see any film from those bigoted turds which portrayed Arabs and Muslims as human beings. What does the sweet talking nazi peres want? "Rambo" as an Israeli settler, running amok about Gaza with a machine gun... more... - mark e
Sean McBride - "mark e -- who are your favorite directors?" The person who directed this, who ever they are, is one. :) - mark e
What's even worse are the distribution companies, who will not allow foreign fare that is critical of Israel to get wide distribution in the US. THAT is where the problem lies. Guess who owns the distribution companies? - MRW
Beware becoming more MW than MW where it concerns anti semitism. My interest in discussion of US-Isr-I/P-ME issue is just those elements. I am not interested in raising anti semitism toward Jews. I am also not interested in protecting Jews from anti semitism induced by Israel and zionism. Those two entities are the responsibility of the general Jewish collective and they can fall or... more... - American
" were banned at MW for the same thing you are doing here----which is turning every topic under discussion away from the actual subject and 'into' one of anti semitism and accusing people of anti semitism." Your evidence for this? - GuiltyFeat
"Everyone I know, and I mean 99.99% of them are fed up with Holocaust movies, both here in the US and Canada. It's like enough already." Interesting. There are conservatively 150 movies released every year into cinemas. Could you please, off the top of your head name three Holocaust movies in the past 10 years (say since 2002) that have contributed to the overwhelming "enough already"... more... - GuiltyFeat
"I am also not interested in protecting Jews from anti semitism induced by Israel and zionism." You reveal yourself here, American, to be a very American kind of bigot. Anti-Semitism is no more caused by Israel and Zionism than Islamophobia is caused by Syria, Al Qaida and the Taliban. The Ku Klux Klan don't hate black people because they form a disproportionately high volume of the US... more... - GuiltyFeat
"What's even worse are the distribution companies, who will not allow foreign fare that is critical of Israel to get wide distribution in the US." MRW, please give an example of a foreign movie, critical of Israel where the makers have claimed that they were denied distribution in America because of the contents of the movie. I call bullshit on this statement of yours and would like to... more... - GuiltyFeat
I see three of my last four comments are all asking for evidence and clarification on wild statements that have been made here. I hope you will all hold me to the same standard if I make a claim about something being more than just one man's opinion. I know a lot of shit gets bandied about here as if it were fact, but I like there to be a healthy distinction between opinion and truth. - GuiltyFeat
"However I do not consider it anti semitism to criticize 'group traits or general attitudes" of Jews when there is sufficient reason and evidence to do so" I get that, American, except that's kind of the very definition of bigotry. You are willing to decide that all Jews (of all ages, genders, nationalities, and political beliefs) share some group traits and general attitudes based on... more... - GuiltyFeat
GF - do your own homework. It's easy enough with a good search engine. You can start with Valley of the Wolves and go from there. - MRW
"You are willing to decide that all Jews (of all ages, genders, nationalities, and political beliefs) share some group traits and general attitudes based on rules that you have determined." That's Israel's definition of a Jew WORLDWIDE for automatic entry into the Jewish State. - MRW
I am not the least bit concerned with being a bigot by your definition. The issue of Jews as group supporting Israel "Politically" makes them a "political player", as such they will be criticized like any other political group with a belief or agenda. If their religion makes them a zionist or Israel supporter in the way some Christians are conservative supporters or in the way some... more... - American
The main purpose of hasbara trolls like gf on forums like this one is not to sway people into becoming pro-zionist, they spam this kind of site to disrupt it and get everyone arguing about irrelevant stuff, sow dissension and get people hostile to each other. Divide and conquer. The usual tactic is to claim that someone is an antisemite, since practically anything can be twisted to look... more... - mark e
Take a conversation about nazis and what they have done. Along comes a poster claiming one of the others (or all of them) is being anti-German, for whatever bs reason. The conversation then gets turned into everyone trying to justify their criticism of nazis, and prove they are not anti-German to the satisfaction of the troll. And he keeps coming up with new ways to "prove" they are... more... - mark e
mark e....Agreed. Ignore. GF not even a good zionist troll, just wants 'personal gratification" by game playing about Jews, not issues. - American
I didn't realize that's what I was doing and that FriendFeed was a "perceived anti Zionist forum". Live and learn I guess. But mark I think you're misinformed about which one of us is the troll and which one of us is prepared to engage in intelligent debate. Let's ask Sean. Sean if I was to say that I can't be bothered to deal with a moron like mark e. anymore but that I would like to... more... - GuiltyFeat from iPhone
GuiltyFeat -- you asked for some concrete evidence to back up several assertions that were made in this thread -- seems like a reasonable request to me. And it's reasonable for others here to request that you back up any assertions you make with concrete evidence. Let the best evidence declare itself in any of these disagreements. - Sean McBride
mark e -- Nine of my favorite movie directors of all time: 1. Alfred Hitchcock 2. Chrisopher Nolan 3. Francis Ford Coppola 4. Joel and Ethan Coen 5. Martin Scorsese 6. Orson Welles 7. Quentin Tarantino 8. Stanley Kubrick 9. Woody Allen. Four of them are Jewish: the two Coens, Kubrick and Allen. Make of that what you will. :) - Sean McBride
Sean McBride - "Four of them are Jewish: the two Coens, Kubrick and Allen. Make of that what you will." OK, why is it important enough to you that you know their religion, at least the religion of the Jewish directors? BTW, do you know which religion the others practiced? No cheating looking it up on the web, now. ;) I don't know what religion my favorite directors practice (for example... more... - mark e
It's not that important for me to know the religion and ethnicity of my favorite directors, but I know because one simply knows these things if one is strongly interested in film, literature, music or some other branch of the arts. I guess my main point is that their success is the product of their talent -- not of ethnic nepotism or tribalism. - Sean McBride
Fascinating facts: Religious Affiliation of the Directors of the American Film Institute's 100 Years ... 100 Movies List, The 100 Greatest American Movies - Sean McBride
Sean McBride - I've seen or read several interviews with Kubrick, yet I never remembered or retained the info about him being Jewish, if it was even mentioned. Your list of religious affiliations is something I never would think of looking up to find out. It's not even something I would think even existed. :) I'll look up people at to find out what they have worked on,... more... - mark e
GF- "Anti-Semitism is no more caused by Israel and Zionism than Islamophobia is caused by Syria, Al Qaida and the Taliban. The Ku Klux Klan don't hate black people because they form a disproportionately high volume of the US prison population. You, I'm afraid, have everything arse-backwards. There was racism before all these convenient excuses arose to make bigots feel good about... more... - anonymouscomments
After cast lead she said to me "I used to think the Jews and Israel were special, but now I don't know....". Clearly she was already a bit of a "racialist" with little nuance to her understanding of the world. I tried to set her straight regarding Jews being neither here nor there.... just a complex and varied group with some intense things going on in the past and present. But I think her view was forever changed, and she is now likely a little antisemitic. Score one point for Israel. - anonymouscomments
Now let me bring up 2 other very salient Israeli issues when it comes to fostering antisemitism. The USS liberty undoubtably drives some service members (who find out about it), to harbor animosity towards Israel. The fact that American Jews likely created the political environment where such an act could be attempted, let alone covered up by the elected officials, can very... more... - anonymouscomments
Then we have the isolation of the US from the entire WORLD when it comes to Israel, a situation of grave global importance. There is no rational US-centric explanation for *much* of the US position on Israel for a great many years. You can even look back into how the CIA and state dept viewed partition itself. Jewish influence in US domestic politics played a key role in creating this... more... - anonymouscomments
Yet another prominent event would be the Iraq war, which is likely going to be a defining moment in the decline in America. Why did we invade Iraq? Well, MIC profits mattered, some right wing "geostrategy".... but also.... people who looked out for Israel's interests, or foolishly considered US and Israeli interests as one and the same (their very political ideology allowed to flourish... more... - anonymouscomments
And just to really lay it out there..... 9/11 was undeniably, upon my analysis, and inside job. Again, this is not a "Jewish" event.... Cheney and all the Iran-Contra nutters and so many others were involved. But it is likely that Israel-firsters played a supporting role, if not a key supporting role, despite the variable elements that "profited". In fact, the Mossad very likely did... more... - anonymouscomments
GF- Also, you act like islamophobia would exist in its present form without 9/11 or the *various* players trying to foster it, many right wing Zionists right out in front. Forget the role the media has played in fostering islamophobia, especially FOX "news". Sorry GF... but there is a right wing Zionist attempt to increase islamophobia, even if 9/11 was nothing but lucky Saudis with box... more... - anonymouscomments
Anonymous, your comments are first class and I have no issue with them except that the racism existed before Israel and it will continue to exist regardless of how Israel treats the Palestinians. Your Korean friend was and remains the same racist using absurd reference points to extrapolate the behavior of 14 million people whether her conclusion is we're all smart, we're all good with... more... - GuiltyFeat from iPhone
In closing... any form of generalized bigotry often has a "kernel of truth". When the "kernel" actually represents something that is problematic, perpetuates or foments injustice, and represents undue influence and subversion, this "kernel" should be digested by said community, out of their own self-interest. Many American Jews see the writing on the wall, and realize there ARE issues... more... - anonymouscomments
[And I agree regarding my Korean coworker... Jewish fetishization is the opposite side of the antisemitism coin, and ethnic/religious worldview paradigms can be flipped... her worldview is inherently flawed, but so many exhibit her same flawed conception of "groups"/religions/identity.... and Israeli actions can and do cause this "flip". In fact, some Christians are starting to react to... more... - anonymouscomments
I once read a quote by a prominent Zionist, Abba Eban I believe, that stated that Israel should always court world powers for support, and gave switching from GB to France and the U.S. as needed as an example. That's the very definition of parasitic, and if Israeli politicians are advising Jews in Hollywood to propagandize American audiences for the sake of Israel, well, that may not be... more... - Todd
I don't think I have ever met a person who didn't hold some bigoted thoughts, so I take anti-bigots with a grain of salt. And to find Jewishness annoying is mainly a matter of taste. Really, antisemitism doesn't mean much as long as a person isn't actively harming innocent Jews for being Jews. For the most part, the charge of antisemitism is aimed at those who wish to bring guilty Jews... more... - Todd
Please define what you mean by annoying Jewishness. - GuiltyFeat
It's such a dull cliche to claim that the accusation of anti-Semitism is only used to beat up people who criticize Israel. I have never used it like that. I use it only to highlight the irrational prejudices some people have against people they have never met whose parents were Jewish. American displays these prejudices, mark e is an out and out Jew-hater and Landon is a bloody white... more... - GuiltyFeat
Then, leave. - MRW
I said I would if Sean tells me he prefers to hear from mark e than from me. Your opinion, on the other hand, is of significantly less concern. - GuiltyFeat
GF. Now I recall why you were banned from MW. It's all coming back now how you thread jack. Why dont you start a thread for discussion instead of policing the discussion. Post something about Israel for discussion. - Chu from iPhone
Really Chu? Is that why I was banned? Your evidence, please? I love how people throw around the accusation of thread-jacking as a way of avoid answering hard questions. So, Chu, in the context of this thread, Todd wrote about people who find Jewishness annoying. What do you think he meant? I think he's a bit of a racist. I'm betting you'll refuse to comment. - GuiltyFeat
GuiltyFeat -- I can't conduct all your arguments for you. :) You saw how I addressed this issue above in earlier comments in this thread. If you have a beef with Todd, take it up with him -- debate him on whatever facts you think he got wrong. Regarding "my community" -- I'm a community of one. I think for myself and don't try to tell others how to think. - Sean McBride
I'll tell you what I find annoying these days -- too much ethnic or religious militancy and self-obsession among *any* groups -- and I am particularly put off by messianic and xenophobic ethnic and/or religious nationalism. "Annoyed" doesn't begin to cover it. This is no way to live -- bogged down in ethnic and religious conflicts. - Sean McBride
GuiltyFeat -- Likud Zionists, religious Zionists, fanatical settlers, price tag attacks, AIPAC, neoconservatives, etc. represent a much greater threat to Diaspora Jews than traditional antisemites. You need to start addressing that issue -- you aren't focused on the most serious threat to your own interests as (apparently) you define them. - Sean McBride
Could you explain that please? In what way do religious Zionists represent a greater threat to diaspora Jews than traditional anti-Semites. As a Jew growing up in London I was only ever spat on and punched by traditional anti-Semites. I was not aware of the threat that the Likud posed to me. - GuiltyFeat
GF: you are not thinking strategically. Religious Zionists, both Jewish and Christian, 1. are pursuing an aggressive and messianic Greater Israel ideology 2. have destroyed the peace process 3. are driving Americans into a series of self-destructive Mideast wars that could collapse the US and global economy 4. have loudly presented themselves to the world as the official spokespersons... more... - Sean McBride
GF -- regarding religious Zionism, see here: - Sean McBride
GF "I'm betting you'll refuse to comment". I read where you said you were punched in London, I believe facilitating your aliyah. (You said that before on Mondoweiss as well). Did they hit you because you were Jewish? - Chu
That minor incident did not facilitate my Aliyah. I made aliyah when I was 26 and married with a kid. I was punched in the face outside the cinema when I was 15 after seeing Gremlins. I believe it was a racially motivated punch, yes, but I didn't stop and ask for details. - GuiltyFeat
"I believe it was a racially motivated punch, yes, but I didn't stop and ask for details." How were identified as a Jew? What year was this? - MRW
I am surprised GF agreed with my comments above. So I guess the mystery is solved.... GF is hypersensitive to antisemitism, but admits it is also (unclear X% of the time) connected to Israeli and collective Jewish actions, but likes to focus on borderline comments by people here on FF or MW. He should be screaming about the violent colonization of the West Bank, among other things, but instead he attacks people when they might (possibly) harbor a general dislike of Jews, in the general sense. - anonymouscomments
MRW: It was December 1984. I was wearing a kippah. - GuiltyFeat
Anonymous. You misunderstand me. I am screaming about the colonization of the West Bank. I think the settlers are lunatics putting everyone in danger and there should be an immediate withdrawal to 67 borders. I have learned so much from visiting MW, but I can't get my head round the fact that many commenters use their righteous indignation at Israel as a smokescreen for prejudice. It... more... - GuiltyFeat
"If you weeded out the loonies and pushed spokespeople like Annie and Phil and Sean to the forefront, your arguments would gain traction faster." This is wishful thinking. Who says that saying it politely is going to make the Israeli gov't listen more? Your Gov't believes might makes right after all. I think you are hypersensitive, and that’s fine, but Todd is not going to hunt you down... more... - Chu
GF- "... but it's freakjobs like Todd that keep the moderates from voting him out." man, get over the AS (which is real, but not ANYTHING like what we have seen historically.... anti-gay, anti-arab, and anti-black crimes/discrimination are orders of magnitude higher.... and jews now *are* the establishment in the US, you can't say the truth about israel, let alone broadcast actual... more... - anonymouscomments
BTW- i think 9/11 has NO place in the debate for palestinian rights. that is a geopolitical issue, of grave importance to humanity, and the trajectory of the US. if i was a face of the movement, i wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. i think the MW rule is smart. but this is FF, and we all share info and speak our minds here. i think 9/11 was an inside job, i think it likely mossad... more... - anonymouscomments
GF- sorry for all the CAPS, but i did get a little upset. this is not to indicate i take AS lightly, but i do not feel compelled to police it with a *hypersensitive* eye, leveling the serious charge even if i lack solid evidence. and i do NOT blame political realities on the fact that there are ASs out there. to see how thin your skin is, and how absurd you sound, IMAGINE if you where... more... - anonymouscomments
GF -- yes, I've been obnoxious and told you you haven't read enough books (I am trying to provoke you to display the erudition you may be hiding or have overlooked), but I agree with most of your statements in the comment above. I think a very sharp line needs to be drawn between legitimate criticism of Israel and expressions of raw (or even latent) antisemitism -- otherwise all efforts... more... - Sean McBride
Sean- I largely agree with you, and I appreciate the way you tenderly nudge any anti-Semites that pop up. But I have a question for GF- does he spend much time policing Israelis themselves for anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry? Or does he just realize it's so pervasive it's a nonstarter? Also, does he understand that too aggressive enforcing of what *might* suggest someone is an... more... - anonymouscomments
I think GF is coming 'round but he needs to not feel disgusted by the sense of antisemitism that may or may not lie beneath the surface. Tough talk about Israel is going to exist as long as they continue to act as a pariah. - Chu from iPhone
That's what I meant earlier. These Israeli trolls take over the forum and turn every conversation to be about their own slander, slurs, lies, personal failings, what have you. Anything that distracts from the subject at hand will do. As long as the subject isn't Muslim demonizing or deferential zionist worshiping and propaganda dispension. - mark e
i hear you. they need to focus on the bigger problems, namely the 4 decades occupation. - Chu
I hear u both. I'm done with laying out the reasons why antisemitism is often linked to Israeli actions and Jewish politics, and laying out why *unsupported* charges of antisemitsm are unhelpful and way beside the point. Maybe GF will alter what he focuses on, as we have focused on this enough already. Sean is good at picking up and outing any real anti-Semites or antisemitic lines of though anyways. - anonymouscomments
I think it is just precious that someone who ADMITS that he moved to Palestine to live with his own Jewish people, and supports Israel, calls me a racist or a bigot. That's just priceless! I honestly don't give one kosher damn about his sensitivities. And matzo balls can pour from the skies before I shudder at the accusation of antisemitism. I don't really know what the term even means... more... - Todd
It simply means, Todd, that you are prejudiced about someone who calls themselves a Jew before you have met or heard what they have to say. You're a bigot and a racist and a bit of a pratt. I want to thank everyone for the advice. I have now blocked Todd so I won't see his comments and he won't see mine. I abhor censorship (such as MW banning me from commenting), but I simply don't have time in the day to deal with his petty unacknowledged bigotry. - GuiltyFeat
Wow, that hurt! I hope he enjoys his ethno-state. - Todd
Sean McBride
"As Turley knows, a "chilling effect" is exacty what is desired by Dershowitz. Dershowitz seems to believe that freedon as a good thing so long as one believes and does things that he likes. In part of this blog post by Turley one sees the technique used by "Israel-firsters" to make US media, academia and government as free of critics of Israeli policy in the ME as possible. Government officials are threatened with the animosity of the "Israel-first" crowd. Sponsors and media executives are threatened with loss of revenue and access. This is a high;y successful technique. Look at the people on television as guests or staff. They are those who have been classified by the "Israel-firsters" as sheep rather than goats. Particularly noteworthy is the willingness of the "Israel-first" crowd to attack Jewish Americans who do not bow down. The radical Muslims who attack other Muslims for their lack of acceptance of debatable points of Sharia are called "takfiri" because they call other Muslims "heathen." Hmm..." - Sean McBride
Not all pro-Israel activists are "Israel Firsters," but some are and it's fair to describe them as such. An Israel Firster is someone who is more preoccupied with Israeli issues than with any other issue, who is *obsessed* with Israel's problems, conflicts and enemies in a way that is highly conspicuous. - Sean McBride
A fair question to ask of anyone who seems to be an Israel Firster: which political issues do you care about more than Israel? Have you written about those issues more than you've written about Israel? Are you more emotional about those issues than you are about Israel? Pay close attention and see if they struggle to come up with a persuasive response. - Sean McBride
"Pro-Israel militant" and "Israel Firster" strike one as roughly synonymous expressions -- I can't think of any pro-Israel militants who aren't also Israel Firsters. - Sean McBride
Pro-Israel militants like Alan Dershowitz are always trying to dictate to other Americans, usually with abrasive, abusive and bullying tactics, what they should think, say and do. They've done enormous damage to the public image and good relations of Israel in the United States and all around the world. Most human beings deeply resent being harassed and abused by fanatical ethnic... more... - Sean McBride
If I noticed members of my own ethnic group injecting an aggressive and overbearing ethnic and foreign nationalism into American politics with the same lacerating ferocity as Alan Dershowitz, I would assume that they had lost their minds. I would take them aside and have a private chat with them with the aim of restoring them to their senses. - Sean McBride
Any well read theist would be familiar with scripture relating to the nation of Israel and prophecies concerning its past, present and future. Being Pro-Israel a theist and a humanitarian does not make you an Israel-firster. Israel-firster is just the newest in a long line of epithet's. Skinhead ;-D - Eric Logan
Eric -- you're not addressing the main point: an Israel Firster is someone who is more preoccupied with the interests, problems, conflicts and enemies of Israel than with the American interest or any other political issue. Jonathan Pollard was an Israel Firster. Sheldon Adelson is an Israel Firster. Haim Saban is an Israel Firster. Many neoconservatives and Christian Zionists are Israel... more... - Sean McBride
Regarding biblical prophecies about Israel -- it's a collection of confused mumbo jumbo, subject to literally hundreds of conflicting interpretations. Catnip for weak minds. - Sean McBride
Most Americans are also Pro Israel. I disagree about it being cat-nip for weak minds, I would agree that it has been used on the weak minded for nefarious purposes and religion is in fact a control mechanism. - Eric Logan
A chilling effect is also desired by those of us who use the term "Israel-firster." It's a pushback tactic, a way to take the offensive and put the I-Fs on the defensive. They can no longer assume that they will go unchallenged. - potsherd
Eric -- most Americans do NOT put the interests of Israel above the interests of America -- they put the interests of America well above the interests of Israel. Most Americans are also pro-Ireland, pro-Britain, pro-Europe, etc., but they do not much preoccupy themselves with Irish, British or European politics -- their minds are on American problems, issues and interests. - Sean McBride
One distinction between an Israel-firster and a "pro-Israel militant" or whatever term is suggested as a substitute is that an Israel-firster is by definition not Israeli. It's right and proper for an Israeli to put Israel first, and some of these are very militant about it. But an Israel-firster is necessarily a non-Israeli, an American or Canadian or Brit who puts Israel's interests above those of America or Canada of Britain. - potsherd
Eric -- I can't think of any strong minds who attempt to interpret contemporary politics in terms of biblical prophecies concerning Israel -- in fact they dismiss that field of discourse as nonsense and claptrap, the domain of charlatans like Hal Lindsey, John Hagee and Mike Evans. Catnip for weak minds. - Sean McBride
All great points, but we actually do preoccupy ourselves quite often with whatever the media is focused on right now that's primarily the M.E. and Gas prices. If you don't like the focus, wait a few days it will change. - Eric Logan
Eric -- most Americans are preoccupied with Middle East politics and gas prices from the standpoint of the *American* interest, not the Israeli interest. Americans should indeed be worried about some Mideast political issues from the perspective of how they impact the well-being of Americans. An Iran War, for instance, could easily collapse the American, European and global economies. - Sean McBride
If we where truly worried about America's best interests we need to get out of our own way and use all the domestic energy resources at our disposal. Israel is more energy Independent and a lot more pro active than we are and we have a lot more resources then they do. - Eric Logan
Eric -- we also need to develop and cultivate friendly relations with oil-producing nations all around the world and in the Mideast -- our domestic energy resources don't begin to cover our energy needs. As for Israel's prosperity: it has been largely dependent on American generosity and good will. Even now, some members of the US Congress, like Eric Cantor, are more preoccupied with the economic problems of Israelis than of Americans -- Cantor is a classical Israel Firster. - Sean McBride
"Any well read theist would be familiar with scripture relating to the nation of Israel." Any well-read theist would know that there was no such thing in the Bible as the 'nation of Israel'. Israel was a man and head of a tribe. - MRW
Sean McBride
"McCaffery's PPT is presumably proprietary in nature since he briefed NBC as a consultant. That means it is copyrighted. Therefor, I will not quote it. McCaffery judges that Israel may use nuclear weapons against Iran. The military logic behind his..." - Sean McBride
One way to get Jews despised around the world . . . . - MRW
But Jews around the world aren't collectively responsible for the policies of the Israeli government. - Sean McBride
The use of atomic weapons has been a brght line that none have crossed since 1945. I cannot imagine even the most crazed leader who would be first to cross that rubicon - WarLord
An exercise in thinking the unthinkable: would elements in the Israeli government be capable of contemplating the use of false flag ops to goad and trick the United States into using nuclear weapons against Israel's enemies? The relentless drumbeat of inciting Clash of Civilizations rhetoric originating from neoconservative circles suggests a script with an apocalyptic climax. - Sean McBride
I think McCaffery is shilling for the Israelis on this. Pushing the fear of what Israel might do if the US doesn't bomb Iran for them. Typical Israeli blackmail in other words. - American
The fascinating factoid in this article, first time I can remember when Israel or USA acknowledged that Israel has "The Bomb" Bibi must be going oot of his mind trying to get America on board. I'm guessing Mossad IDF shitting bricks that Israels 200 A-bombs is in play - WarLord
Warlord - there have been a few times Israel's nukes have been mentioned in the American mass media in the last couple of years, I believe American government officials have even mentioned them in that time frame. Both directly and obliquely. There might have been a couple articles at Mondoweiss about this IIRC. I agree that even the most far out loon isn't likely to attack another... more... - mark e
I worry about a false flag terrorist attack by Israel, or one of its puppet governments under zionist instruction, which is then blamed on Iran (and probably on Venezuela, China, Russia and everyone else the Israeli empire of proxies is working to take down). These people are fully capable of doing this, and they have the media experienced in the "big lie" who would make sure the public... more... - mark e
I’d like to see them try that with Putin. The progressive left hates Putin but I like him. He’s one smart take-no-prisoners mofo. And he understands the game. Israel cannot false flag Russia. It would be devastated, like Georgia was. [Of course, I enjoy all the drama when me and my country are not involved, which is a selfish pov.] - MRW
Interesting FAS some time ago I saw a nuclear war game result that said Russia would the only modern country that could recover from a all out nuclear attack. Has a lot to do with their land mass. - American
That's interesting, MRW, I just read an article today which claims Putin thinks somebody may murder an opposition figure in Russia right after the elections there, which are in a few days, and blame it on the Russian government. A false flag assassination. See: "Using street slang, he said his... more... - mark e
He’s a smart mofo. He wrote this recently: “Today, Iran is the focus of international attention. Needless to say, Russia is worried about the growing threat of a military strike against Iran. If this happens, the consequences will be disastrous. It is impossible to imagine the true scope of this turn of events. I am convinced that this issue must be settled exclusively by peaceful... more... - MRW
That’s an interesing Reuters catch, mark e. - MRW
I was surprised to see the article on their front page. Putin is one of the "bad guys", so unless they can invent something diabolically evil about something he said, they never quote him. I was also surprised Putin said anything about these plots. I don't remember the Russian government letting on beforehand that they know something is up. There was another plot discovered a couple of... more... - mark e
What a turn of events. Our only hope against the true evildoers is Vladimir Putin. Seriously. - Berthe has an article "Silencing the critics" with some interesting observations. "If the Soviet Union were still extant, Washington’s designs on Tartus would be suicidal. However, Russia is politically and militarily weaker than the Soviet Union. Washington has infiltrated Russia with NGOs that work against Russia’s interests and will disrupt the upcoming elections.... more... - Berthe
Sean McBride
Santorum Calls for ‘Long War’ to ‘Eradicate’ Islam « Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place (Recent Flashback) -
Santorum Calls for ‘Long War’ to ‘Eradicate’ Islam « Tikun Olam-תיקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place (Recent Flashback)
"Max Blumenthal has dug up a speech (transcript) delivered by Rick Santorum at David Horowitz’s invitation in 2007, in which he stated that Islam was a religion that had to be “eradicated” in a “long war:”" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
And here’s the kicker: “What must we do to win [against Islam]? We must educate, engage, evangelize and ERADICATE.” - Sean McBride
"Americans need to ask themselves if they want a president, or even a presidential candidate who’s talked dead-seriously about engaging in a holy war with an entire religion consisting of hundreds of millions of adherents. Is this really what they want? Endless war against Islam? And for what? Republicans who like what they’re hearing from Santorum these days because he’s a family values guy should think whether these are the sort of family values they want their president to espouse." - Sean McBride
Bet there are a lot of faux leftists and progressives really pissed off at Santorum. Look what he's done. He's spilled the beans completely. Now every time one of these hasbaralites claims these wars are about oil, not Israel, zionist hegemony and Jewish bigotry, one just has to point to what Israel's most obvious lap dog just proposed - genocidal war against Muslims till they are all... more... - mark e
mark e -- Chomskyites want to blame zealots like Rick Santorum on the vague conceptual construct of American capitalism and imperialism. But he is clearly a religious extremist who is driven by a crackbrained ideology. Many Zionists are ethnic and/or religious ideologues and extremists -- not remotely on the same page with most Fortune 500 CEOs, who are pragmatic rationalists. Often one... more... - Sean McBride
Sean - I think a lot of that fanatical religious stuff that comes from the Santorums and the various evangelical blowhards is all show. They are running a con. While this fanaticism has existed in the USA for a long time, it was the Israelis and their Jewish homeboys in the USA who got this crap going in the 70's. It was dying out before then, much like neonazism and white supremacy... more... - mark e
Continuing. Chomsky cant address this control because it would undermine his covering for the zionists. He has to keep his criticism to a "faceless" rich class who have no loyalty to anything but themselves and their own greed. If he starts getting into their groupings and divisions, he'd have to admit some were zionists who acted together to further their own power over the rest of the... more... - mark e
Parenti - "A structural analysis, as I understand it, maintains that events are determined by the larger configurations of power and interest and not by the whims of happenstance or the connivance of a few incidental political actors. There is no denying that larger structural trends impose limits on policy and exert strong pressures on leaders. But this does not mean that all important... more... - mark e
Continuing. Because Chomsky uses this structuralist approach, he discounts the influence and role of individual actors in the power play and claims its "the system". So in Chomsky's work, you don't see much continuity in documenting history. He'll quote individuals to make a point, but he doesn't follow their specific roles much beyond a few simple quotes. He concentrates on the role of... more... - mark e
Has Noam Chomsky dealt with the founding of Israel at all? Whether the indigenous people should not have had the right to self determination over their lives and land, including controlling immigration? Its interesting that Jewish commentators don't feel the least bit hesitant to appear as though their motivations are ethnic nationalist, including the self-styled goodie goodies like Peter Beinart. - Berthe
Re Santorum --- would be interesting to see a poll on what percentage of Americans see him as "evil." - Berthe
mark e -- great comment -- I agree with all your points. 1. Christian Zionism is largely a Likud/neocon op, which has been engineered and stage managed by Commentary neocons like Irving Kristol, William Kristol, Elliott Abrams, etc. in combination with Israeli prime ministers and Mossad heads like Menachem Begin, Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu, Isser Harel, etc. 2. I find myself... more... - Sean McBride
mark e -- smart of you to break up your post into individual comments instead of posting a huge wall of unreadable text. I hope everyone follows your example -- usually a comment per paragraph works well. (I should have divided my previous comment into two comments. :)) - Sean McBride
Berthe - "Has Noam Chomsky dealt with the founding of Israel at all?" I don't know. I cant remember seeing anything by him that goes into any detail on Israel or Palestine. - mark e
See "The Fateful Triangle." - Sean McBride
Sean - thanks. I agree about Chomsky and his fan club. Their avoidance of the elephant in the room leads to some very silly looking intellectual yoga positions. I don't understand how they can tolerate the cramps these must generate. :) - mark e
Classical signs of cult psychology -- seriously. - Sean McBride
Berthe - "Santorum --- would be interesting to see a poll on what percentage of Americans see him as "evil." I don't know about "evil", but this article shows some of the ways he is considered extreme even among American extremists: "How Rick Santorum's views compare to the rest of America's on birth control, working women, gays in military"... more... - mark e
The Republicans seem intent on following Santorum's brand of rightist purity into regional obscurity. Soon to be a majority party only in the old confederacy and Utah... And israel of course - WarLord
Santorum is a classifiable asshole and ignoramus. - MRW
Maybe people are voting him in so that the choice between Obama and Santorum is stark. Nah. Americans couldn’t be that smart. - MRW
Sean McBride
Zuckerberg to help Peres launch Facebook page - Israel News, Ynetnews -
"President joins world of social networking, launches Israeli, international Facebook pages with help of Mark Zuckerberg" - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"The president of the State of Israel is joining Facebook and is set to receive a near-royal welcome. Shimon Peres is planning on taking advantage of the social network to call on citizens of the world to ask him questions through his official page on the site and even to suggest ideas that could promote peace in the Middle East. Peres' page in its Israeli version will be launched on... more... - Sean McBride
How engrossed are Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook in Israeli issues? What is Facebook doing with its huge collection of sensitive private data? Who has access? - Sean McBride
Ok, this I like, if it's for real: "The initiative is part of a new project to promote peace. Its main goal is to create communication with citizens of countries that Israel does not necessarily have diplomatic relations with, with an emphasis on younger citizens from Arab countries. The plan aims to enable them to propose ideas on possible methods of bringing people, rather than just countries, closer." - Sean McBride
"The president is expected to set out for a visit to the US during which, on March 6, he will visit the Facebook headquarters in the Silicone Valley where he will meet with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Peres will also give an interview which will be transmitted live on Facebook Live. Facebook members from around the world will get the opportunity to ask the president personal questions." - Sean McBride
Here is the problem: I no longer believe that Shimon Peres has a sincere interest in achieving a Mideast peace agreement. One wonders if he has been playing games all along with the issue, much like (and even in concert with) Dennis Ross and other "liberal Zionists." - Sean McBride
"Yet Peres' cyber campaign doesn't stop there. The President's Residence noted that they are preparing to launch the project "Peres 360" which will see him becoming "available" 24 hours a day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the President's Residence." More manipulative and dishonest hasbara of the kind we have come to know so well? - Sean McBride
Peres and Netanyahu are just playing the good cop -bad cop routine. Israel will be interested in peace when pigs fly. - American
I think you are right: Peres has been a good cop all along. I once believed in him. - Sean McBride
"The plan aims to enable them to propose ideas on possible methods of bringing people, rather than just countries, closer".....Well you know this is just more propaganda to bullshit people into supporting Israel like JINSA and AIPAC trips to Israel for Blacks, Hispanics, the niches and uninformed. - American
Same game plan exactly. We know the drill. - Sean McBride
Ah, one of those "how can we better adjust our propaganda to suit what you would like to hear, please advise us" type things. Another marketing survey from the Israeli hasbara corps. Peres is a the same thing as Netanyahu, just packaged in a different wrapper. - mark e
About as credible as Jason Alexander's (George Costanza) peace efforts last year. - Berthe
One more reason to stay away from Facebook. The GOI will no doubt ask for the info/metadata on the people commenting on his page. Any Arab kid (as planned) that engages Peres is asking for trouble, insane, and Arab loaders should warn them. No wonder Israel was able to get Zuckerburg to shut down Palestinian pages they didn't like; Z's in the tank. Who's going to be writing all this stuff for Peres? I thought he said he doesn't even use email. - MRW
Interesting fact: for a long time Mark Zuckerberg, Randi Zuckerberg and Facebook were under relentless attack by the JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force). - Sean McBride
JIDF, which is a Kahanist organization, has more than 50,000 followers on Twitter:!/JIDF Mondoweiss has under 10,000 followers:!... - Sean McBride
Has Facebook offered any other nation in the world this kind of special treatment -- essentially made itself a propaganda arm of that nation? - Sean McBride
JIDF is populated by madmen. They have no ethics, morals, or restraint. They are devoid of any understanding of consequences for what they advocate. Natch their only issue is a Spartan Israel and damn everyone else. They are online terrorists. Period. - MRW
They are running black ops against critics of Israel and the Israel lobby on the Internet. - Sean McBride
"Has Facebook offered any other nation in the world this kind of special treatment -- essentially made itself a propaganda arm of that nation?" No. Not even his own. Why Moglen's software+box can't come soon enough. - MRW
What other favors might Facebook do for the Israeli government? For Mossad? Inquiring minds are curious. - Sean McBride
Getting a VPN like Witopia is a good idea. - MRW
hand over access to their database. - MRW
The safe bet is that Mossad has easy access to all of Facebook's and Google's private data. Think about what you could do with that data if you were running black ops. - Sean McBride
Sean, do you use a Mac or Win? - MRW
Both. - Sean McBride
Then check out DEVONagent Pro as a browser for the Mac. The searches do not leave a trail. They let you use the trial for 60 days I think...or 30 days, then you can request longer. Also, install Ghostify (FREE) but you will need to toy around with the data mining sites that you need to leave on to watch video on sites like HuffPo. - MRW
Thanks for the pointers -- but most people will never master these tools -- their private data will always be easy pickings for data mining and malicious exploitation by you know who. - Sean McBride
One wonders if Mark Zuckerberg was Goldstoned by the JIDF or Mossad. (Some JIDF members claim to be working with Mossad.) - Sean McBride
"Goldstoned" -- to be harassed, pressured or threatened into abject submission by the Israel lobby. - Sean McBride
well, Witopia is a no-brainer. It's fee-based, but there are others that are free. - MRW
But people -- especially in online social networks -- tend to gravitate around and agglomerate in huge herds, like cattle -- consider Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. Some intel agencies have probably already managed to collect enough private data from these services to get a bead on the personal essentials of hundreds of millions of people for decades to come, even if they lose access to new private data streams in the near future, which they probably won't. - Sean McBride
Private data on Internet social media services is a resource-rich environment for intel services to develop detailed personal profiles: 1. blackmail opportunities 2. dirt on family members 3. dirt on loved ones 4. dirt on you 5. entrapment opportunities 6. financial transactions 7. health issues 8. hot buttons for psychological manipulation 9. physical vulnerabilities 10. points of... more... - Sean McBride
"Facebook May Have Read Your Phone’s Text Messages" "Let's take a healthy sodium-dose here, but London's Sunday Times is alleging that Facebook has admitted to reading users' text messages. They supposedly read the private SMS messages of users who downloaded the Facebook app on their smartphones." - Sean McBride
So Facebook is data mining software full stop. Understood. :) - mark e
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