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See and download the full gallery on posterous ... - nan braun
nan braun
A Dear friend found a copy of an old newspaper I just had to scan in..... Yep that is actually a newspaper from 1885!!!  I got some old adds and some other clips as well to use in the new website we ... - nan braun
nan braun
Anyone.bought and love or.hate the new ipod touch??
we like ours. just like an iphone; only no phone. - Anna Croft
yes I have one and I love it to bits!! it is indeed very much like the iPhone without the annoying feature of haivng to receive phone calls on it ;-) The cameras are very low quality (less than 1 M Pixel) but good enough for quick snaps. However, the video is great. Using friendfeed on it is really easy, there is a lovely interface for it from a web page: more... - Dr Jo Badge
thanks for the ipod touch feedback. would you consider the camera and new display sufficient for an upgrade to the current ipod touch? consideration especially for a/r application exploration. Agreed- i really love the touch/mifi combination. debating on just holding out a little bit longer for an android tablet... - nan braun from email
nan braun
RT @y0mbo: The Last Airbenderwas so bad I feel like part of my childhood was been destroyed, and I wasn't even a child when the show was on TV.
I know, makes me want to weep over lost potential greatness - nan braun from email
nan braun
JBoss Application Server 4.2.2 -
This book is a guide to the administration and configuration of the JBoss Application Server. - nan braun
nan braun
JBoss Application Server 4.2.2 -
This book is a guide to the administration and configuration of the JBoss Application Server. - nan braun
nan braun
Build Extend your experience – -
Free extras built by the community to extend your experience. - nan braun
nan braun
Build Extend your experience – -
Free extras built by the community to extend your experience. - nan braun
nan braun
My Neighbor Totoro (Two-Disc Special Edition) -
My Neighbor Totoro (Two-Disc Special Edition)
One of my favorite Miyazaki movies and I love pretty much all of them - Deepak Singh
this was a beloved movie in our household, but on VHS. We loaned it to someone and never got it back.. thinking I want to replace it... - nan braun
nan braun
nan braun
Wortschatz - International Portal -
NL processing - nan braun
nan braun
Wortschatz - International Portal -
NL processing - nan braun
nan braun
nan braun
nan braun
nan braun
We love MOO cards. About to order some new business cards . Never tried? use F3RHXY for a one time 10% discount!!
Yay for MOO! - Anna Croft
i spent lunchtime designing a new set. Can not wait to get them in my hands.. so excited. - nan braun
nan braun
Java theory and practice: Thread pools and work queues -
One of the most common questions posted on our Multithreaded Java programming discussion forum is some version of how to create a thread pool. In nearly every server application, the question of thread pools and work queues comes up. In this article, Brian Goetz explores the motivations for thread pools, some basic implementation and tuning techniques, and some common hazards to avoid. - nan braun
nan braun - Weird straight hairness - Weird straight hairness
That is a very different look. - Deepak Singh is scary. Now all the people who insisted I try straight hair can bit me and I go back to normal me tomorrow :) - nan braun from email
In that case I'll actually recognize you at SC09 :) - Deepak Singh
nan braun
Seriously? The happening?? One of the suckiest movies ever. I will never have that time back
I am really nervous about The Last Airbender. Shyamalan has not made a half decent movie in a long time - Deepak Singh
I am nervous as well. I started thinking last night and I can not think of ONE shyamalan movie that I actually liked. We swore off of them before I remembered he did Airbender.. sigh... sounds like a wait for DVD moment.. sad... - nan braun from email
nan braun
I can now say out loud in public that I gave my 2 weeks notice at Delphi today. Moving to a really cool new opportunity full time Sept 1.
Congratulations and good luck!! Does that mean we won't see you at SC09? - Deepak Singh
More reason to be there with the new job. SC09 was hobby before.. had little to do with my job. Now I will actually be designing systems that have HPC components.... - nan braun
Oooh ... cool :). Can't wait to hear all they gory details - Deepak Singh
Jeremiah Owyang
What's wrong with Twitter?
Was working earlier this morning. Not now though. - Hutch Carpenter
What do you mean? - Thor
a serious lack of intellect coupled with an egregious amount of over pimping yourself - Braden Douglass
Twittter is down - Jeremiah Owyang
Scoble unfollowed everyone and broke it. - Steven Melfi
It's down HARD - API and web site for about an hour - Jon DiPietro
braden, is that limited to twitter? ;) - Jeremiah Owyang
when you find out, let me know... :( - Sydney Owen
It's not working here in MN... must be down; API doesn't work, either so no tweets for us - Tim Elliott
Lots of folks at Dell are noticing it's down too. - LionelatDell
site and API is totally down (nit just failwhaling). odd. - Sam Harrelson from BuddyFeed
Loaded question, Jer ;) - Brett Kelly
Not even a fail whale on this end. - Ed Moltzen
I was using pingdom to track when it was back online. - Rob Paller
huge Twitter fail right now - Kevin Norman
It's down? How is that even possible? - Justin Whitaker
Been down for at least 45mins... - Penthouse Magazine
Twitter was a figment of our imagination ;) - Valeria Maltoni
Yeah -- I haven't seen a fail whale in a while. And i just noticed that Penthouse Magazine commented on your post, Jeremiah. - Daniel B. Honigman
Does Facebook or Friendfeed pick up the real time web slack when Twitter goes down? What is your first instinct on where to turn? - Joe Magennis from iPhone
Is this todo with the injunction? Twitter Sued for Patent Infringement - and it doesn’t look good - - ImJustCreative from twhirl
"We are determining the cause and will provide an update shortly" 5 mins ago on the status blog - jjprojects
Joe - Interesting how that happens, eh? Let's just move over here full time. - Sam Harrelson from IM
facebook is messed up too - (jeff)isageek
Major Fail Whale - huge - Drew Lucas from iPhone
so huge a fail, we're not even getting the whale :) FriendFeed must be rubbing their hands with glee - Robert McIntosh
I guess that's one way to get me to venture over to FriendFeed. - Ryan Stephens
@Ryan, this is a great time for me to figure out how FF works. - Sydney Owen
Kind of annoying, but interested to see where everyone will flock to in its absence... - Christian
So is this a coordinated attack on Twitter and Facebook? - Sam Harrelson from IM
Identica picks up a lot of the overflow - ImJustCreative
@Hutch I can't work, because a lot of my morning is on Twitter. Seriously. I'm just at a standstill, kinda. - Sydney Owen
LOL, I'm not the only one who is checking out Friendfeed a bit more right now :P - Selene M. Bowlby
Friendfeed was defeinitely the first place I came, then Facebook, but FB seems to be really lagging - Crispin Heath
Facebook was giving errors when commenting... - Gabe Diaz
man, I think I have the shakes - Kevin Norman
Oh, look at all the fresh updates here! (Including mine) Is this the social media equivalent of a booty call? - Justin Whitaker
and the funniest part is when your first reaction is to tweet and find out what is going on. oops. Nothing on the blog, I checked. - nan braun
Can't access Twitter in NL either. Over to Friendfeed! - Samuel Driessen
I'm having login issues with Facebook as well (and so are a number of my friends in different parts of the countries). FriendFeed FTW - Sam Harrelson from IM
@Sydney I rather like FriendFeed, there's just more people on Twitter for me, it drives WAY more traffic, and it's RARE good discussions evolve here from anyone other than POWER users. - Ryan Stephens
love how we all pop over here when twitter is down ;) - Kate
What's up with twitter? Nothing. :-) - Panayotis Vryonis
Johnny: I have more discussions b/c my friends engage more there...of course harder to follow and usually include only 2-4 people. I LOVE the threaded comments here, provided a group of intelligent people were chatting, but how often does that happen? Sometimes with people like Scoble, Owyang and Louis Gray? (that's been my experience anyway.) - Ryan Stephens
I was not fully awake trying to bring up the Twitter page. Good to know it wasn't just me. - RuthNH
Sam .. They are like alternate universes. Didn't expect anything in my Facebook feed, but knew it would be hopping here. Love this! This is going to be a Trending Topic I suspect .... - Joe Magennis from iPhone
@johnny I'd love to see that list, I'm going to sit down with friendfeed this weekend and figure it out - Sydney Owen
Well, you mean in general or just the current outage? ;) - Mads Kristiansen
.. Scoble must have run his script again, I guess.. ;) - Mads Kristiansen
Johnny: That's completely fair. I've lurked a lot & have read a lot of Louis Gray's, Scoble's and Valeria Maltoni's insights with respect to FriendFeed. You're right, maybe I'm not following the right people. And I didn't necessarily mean to imply there was a lack of intelligent conversation. It's just rare that I've seen these discussions develop from anyone's comments aside from a few power users. I'd be grateful for a list of users. - Ryan Stephens
A social networking coup? - Melissa Pierce
I heard from someone that Twitter doesn't even know why it's down. - Paul Chaney
Yep, Twitter is still not working out here on the east coast @ 10:07am. - Dion Hinchcliffe
Facebook and Twitter are getting slammed. But indicates the Internet is humming along. - Ed Moltzen
Some Graphic Design FriendFeed user names here : - ImJustCreative
Thank God for Friendfeed and other such Microblogging streams. - PurpleZoe
Nothing on the twitter blog, which is still up: - Dion Hinchcliffe
I'm blaming Jeff Elder for breaking the Twitterz in the Charlotte area, because he wrote a column about how it was good for listening for businesses. - Andria Krewson from iPhone
Johnny: But how often does it start from someone's message that's not a 'power user' ? How often does someone following 100, have a 100 followers end up with conversations like this off of one of there comments? - Ryan Stephens
Are you asking for a list on how it can be improved, or are you referring to it being down at present? :) - Alasdair Munn
Failed Whale :-( - Gee Ekachai
Twitter works via SMS from your phone... - Tim Elliott
@johnny: if you have it wired to FF then here ;-) - Tim Elliott
I really being able to be online with FF.. Twitter still down - Kathy Mackey
Worse yet -- what's wrong with Posterous? - Daniel B. Honigman
Daniel : Yeah, cant log on to Posterous either - ImJustCreative
Looks like they're dealing with a DOS attack. - Michael Chin
More details from Jeff Elder, essentially pointing to Mashable for details. - Andria Krewson from iPhone
Twitter now says they're defending against a denial of service attack: - Dion Hinchcliffe
our coverage: Twitter, Facebook, and LiveJournal Down at the Same Time! Update: Twitter Experiencing DDOS Attack - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Posterous is acting a little wacky as well. - Steven Melfi
a lot of things - andy brudtkuhl
FB down too? - Alex Hayes
No Twitter? No FB? Yikes! I may actually get some WORK done this morning... :) - Alex Hayes
i've had problems with Facebook too. as i've been saying, i think friendfeed is the obvious choice for backup scenarios. - DanielthePoet
Thanks for the recommendation, Johnny. Sydney if you are interested in the list, let me know here: - Kol Tregaskes
nan braun
via and for some, there are no limits to the ingenuity to solve a problem.... ... - nan braun
nan braun Your Amazon Ad Contest -
via There is still 2 weeks left to enter Amazon's Video Ad contest.. contemplating it here... ... - nan braun
nan braun
BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Giving up my iPod for a Walkman -
I'm relieved that the majority of technological advancement happened before I was born, as I can't imagine having to use such basic equipment every day. via A humorous look ... - nan braun
nan braun
Cool Animated Infographic: Growing Up -
via Wish I had stumbled across this video around graduation time, but it is still great advice for all the kids ( and adults) in our life to think about. ... - nan braun
nan braun
Ageing in the rich world: The end of retirement | The Economist -
Although the idea that “we are all getting older” is a truism, few governments, employers or individuals have yet come to terms with where longer retirement is heading: the end of the whole ... - nan braun
nan braun
Adobe shuts down for a week - San Jose Mercury News -
Adobe Systems has shut its North American operations for the week as part of a cost-cutting effort that the company said it will repeat at least once more this year. via L ... - nan braun
Blog Indiana 2009
If we manage to get #BlogIndiana to trend, first person to email me an authentic screenshot of it wins a free ticket (
doing this on a followfriday day , much trickier... - nan braun
nan braun
Pumpkin Recipes With Pictures - -
A tempting array of pumpkin desserts; pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin breads, pumpkin scones, pumpkin muffins, and even pumpkin whoopie pies. - nan braun
nan braun
SUN! I am so excited. Going to spend my lunch hour planting bulbs...
Sun as in the yellow shiny kind, or a now acquired company :)? - Deepak Singh
I know people love MySQL but I'm not sure it's much use in getting bulbs to flower...maybe it depends on the bulbs? - Cameron Neylon
shiny yellow kind.. .I have not decided on the appropriate response to the newly aquired company yet. Puts Oracle in a crazy and slightly scary position for turnkey solutions - nan braun
@cameron hmm..since SUN also covers Java... maybe planting coffee beans would make more sense?? ;-) - nan braun
mmmm ... coffee (heads to the kitchen) - Deepak Singh
it's the afternoon here, already badly over caffeinated. @nan your garden must be....interesting... - Cameron Neylon
@cameron gardens here are absolutely interesting... although not warm enough for coffee, unfortunately.. - nan braun
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