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What is your FF Comments/Likes Ratio? (Comments divided by Likes to 2nd decimal place - as of now) -
What is your FF Comments/Likes Ratio? (Comments divided by Likes to 2nd decimal place - as of now)
1.05 (670/633) - Micah from Bookmarklet
Can you remind me again where to find those stats? - Brian Johns
Brian, go to "Me" link ( which defaults to the Feed tab. Look at the sidebar on the right, below Discussion. - Micah
0.75 (926/1226) - still relatively new here - mikepk
I only see my stats for the last week (17/14 = 1.21) Please tell me your 670 number is for more than just a week! - Brian Johns
1.44 (566/391) for brianjohns (after week tally you should see a comma then 'all time' count - I can see it on your page) - Micah
OK, sorry. I'm a total dumbass. I stopped reading after the weekly totals... - Brian Johns
3.74, which seems way off of everybody else's. I wonder what that says. I comment a lot more than I like. - Cyrus Lendvay
FFers use FF with their own strategy or simply default tendencies. The ratio is an interesting snapshot of behaviour. Thanks for joining in everyone, hope more keep flowing in. - Micah from twhirl
0.79 - Brian Roy
0.77 - Shey
0.76 - FFing Enigma
1.39. - Rochelle
1.61 - I only 'like' when I want to throw my support behind a topic but don't have anything constructive to add. - Bjorn Stromberg
1.12 - Tinfoil 2.0
5.08 (3181/626) ! - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
0.66 - I tend to 'like' things without needing to comment further, I guess, and I notice I usually like the things upon which I comment. Well, frequently. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
.39 (2457/6242) I guess I don't comment much. I do 'like' a lot of things, it would seem. - Bren
0.62 then again i have over 11,000 comments - Cee Bee
1.23 (5287/4229) - I am put to shame by Cee Bee's participation, good grief! - Lindsay
@Cee Bee I think you meant 0.62 - ◄ani625Ξ ಠ_ಠ
1.27 (902/705) - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
yes, thanks for the correction. lindsay, you're making me feel bad. lol - Cee Bee
0.8576, I only like mostly when I'm going to comment - Molly Song ;)
1.55 endlessly repeating. This Like/Comment included. - Dana D
before this comment: .69 I kid you not. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
So far: Average: 1.27 | Median: 0.81 ... (if you average 1 comment per like, you'd be 1.0 ... if you're 0.xx you might herd content more than discuss ... if you're whole numbers above 1 you may not 'like' much or discuss plenty or both) - Micah
CSV_A: 1.05,0.75,1.44,0.81,3.74,0.79,0.77,0.67,0.77,0.76,1.39,1.8,1.61,1.12,0.141,5.08,2.41,0.66,.39,0.62,.62,1.27,0.8576,1.551,0.69 - Micah
1.83 - Grant Bierman
I tend to like allot of photos which really don't need comments. - InPerpetualMotion(Gina k)
InPerpetualMotion(Gina k), I really liked this 'Like' of yours (in a series of pics, so I flickr fav'd it): and commented. Thanks! - Micah
.37 1002/2708 - Michael Fidler
this is what scobes walls would like if he didnt have FF - sean percival
I haven't seen Marc Canter's fabled fence (just heard about it), but I imagine this but on wood pickets :) - Micah
This week: 2.48 (1162:467) but this is not the norm, my likes usually match or are higher than comments, overall: 0.95 (14228:14846). - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks Michael, Kol! I'll recalculate average/median when we build up some more data points here. - Micah
1.03 748/723 - Keith - @tsudo
.68 6986/10194 Someone wrote a great article on the comment-like ratio a few months ago. Search on FriendFeed is crashing on me... I'll try to get the link. - Mitchell Tsai
Thanks Mitchell (btw, search crashing on me too - lots) - Micah
1316 comments/20221 likes (0.06), according to Windows Calculator, although I probably screwed up. - Tyson Key
*bump* - Micah
Thanks, Mark! - Micah
Thanks Spidra! - Micah
0.95 (1520/1604) - it's 2+ months later, and my ratio flipped (more Likes by .05) - Micah
.7 (1204/1724) - before this comment at least. - Rachel Lea Fox
Thanks, Rachel! - Micah
3.46 (3665/1057) before this comment and like. - Kevin Fox
Thanks, Kevin. 3+ is quite the comment on your commenting activities :) - Micah
I've got stuff to say. - Kevin Fox
3.98 (900/226) - Richard Lawler
1.02 (3538/3484) for sofarsofarshaun - Micah
.34 (600/1747, not counting this comment) - Michael Hocter
Thank you, Siavash and Michael - Micah
.52 overall, but .68 this week. - Rebecca Lasley
Nice, thanks Rebecca. - Micah
1.31 - Rahsheen
0.56 - imabonehead
Rah and imabonehead - rock on! (Richard too!) - Micah
0.16 - Anne Bouey
4.62 (287/62) -- Yikes! I'm chatty. - Ted Roden
Thank you kindly, Anne, jcunwired and Ted. - Micah
2.63 - Bryce Roney
Thanks for joining in, Bryce. - Micah
.15 all time, .13 this week. - Alix May
Thank you, Alix and David! (and Alix, you're tied with Siavash for the Highest Like ratio. Wow). - Micah
2.94 - j1m
Thank you, j1m. Ok, I'm gonna roll this up into a csv and call it a night. - Micah
CSV_B: 0.95,0.7,3.46,3.98,1.02,0.15,0.34,0.52,1.31,0.56,0.16,1.39,4.62,2.63,0.15,0.52,2.94 - Micah
this week = 0.45%, alltime = 6.43% - chaz2b
CSV_B Mean: 1.49 (previous mean for CVS_A: 1.27) - Micah
Of course the numbers can easily lie, but I'm gonna say it anyway: "We're getting more conversational, people!" - Micah
0.49 (493/988) - Bluesun 2600
816 / 2502 = 0.326139089 overall | 50 / 233 = 0.214592275 this week I like much more than I comment. (maths via google) - Chris Loft
3026/5013 = 0.6036 - Roger Chen
chaz2b, Bluesun 2600, Roger, Nicholas — thank you! - Micah
5.25 but I don't know what this *means, yet. maybe I'm just stingy with my "likes" compared to others? - Marg Uerite
Thanks jamar78 and Marg! - Micah
A recent change in FF: now the comment count shows total number of comments (previously multiple comments in one thread only counted as one) so all the numbers above are from the old methodology.... - David HC Soul
My new ratio: 0.76 all time (old methodology .52).... this week 1.39 - David HC Soul
*bump* - Micah
1.26 (2965/2346) - Micah
Thanks, Glen and pea! - Micah
Looks like my ratio as flipped again (comments back to dominating again). Seems to match my own awareness I've lately been commenting without Liking (commenting is my inherent recognition of value to me and the additional Like is when it merits an extra bump to help discovery by others). - Micah
.38 - Ryan Dadey
Ryan, I have to say, that's one high caliber ratio ;) - Micah
An update it's .44 which is an improvement from .36 - Michael Fidler
2.94 1040/354 I have likes set to post to twitter automatically, so I'm careful with them. :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
0.85 - Steven Perez
0.73 up from 0.66 on Jan 08 - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
0.37 for the week past, 0.45 on the whole. - Parth Awasthi
Michael, Anthony, Ahsan, guruvan Steven, sıɹɥɔ and Parth - thanks for dropping in your stats! - Micah
5.81 i'm not using it as does everyone else here. that is fer sure. - Marg Uerite
Ahsan, huh, I'd never considered that. - Micah
17942/30571=.59 - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex, thank you, sir. - Micah
ALmost 2:1 exactly. - Amani
Much obliged, Amani. - Micah
3062/5777 you do the maths. - Will Higgins™
.53 (3062/5777) for Will Higgins #math-on-demand-services - Micah
Thank you, amin/gnu - Micah
1.45 (4374/3026) - Micah
0.92 now. I think the movie reviews have been getting me closer to a 1 to 1 ratio. - Steven Perez
Steven, yep, you were a 0.85 in April. - Micah
2.10 now ... - Amani
0.97 now. - Eric Johnson
Amani, so your comments have climbed a bit. - Micah
Thanks, Eric. - Micah
yes, but i am not consciously "not liking" things - Amani from IM
Probably, just chattier then :) - Micah
I'm down from 7.16 to 6.94 :-) - Ken Sheppardson
the live NBA playoff threads have ALOT to do with it. - Amani from IM
Ken, the FCC may be interested to explore how your "I'm down" may be offensively self-deprecating ;) - Micah
.56 eeep, must try harder - Threepwood
4.52. I don't bother to like things I've commented on, since commenting already flags it as interesting. - Andy Bakun
0.46 (1698/3638) - Glenn Slaven
Threepwood, Andy, Glenn - thanks (Andy, that's my mo too; then I'll Like if it warrants a "double vote"). - Micah
1.31 (4,471/3,401) - Karoli
Thanks, Karoli. And the both of us have a _very_ similar ratio and absolute numbers. wow. - Micah
Thanks, Ryo! - Micah
Andy, scroll upward and you'll see a couple calculations from before (January: Average: 1.27 | Median: 0.81) - Micah
In March the Mean was: 1.49 - Micah
1.021276595744680851063829787234042553191489361702127659... via Wolfram Alpha - tom murphy
Thanks, tom. And though a bit verbose, your friend Wolfram is resourceful :D - Micah
0.55 (254/444) - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Thank you, Willem. - Micah
In April you were 0.97, so you're liking more / commenting less. - Micah
1.88 (779/414) - Ton Zijp
Thanks, Ton. - Micah
0.43 (3597/8305). - Parth Awasthi
0.74 (1970/2667) - Kristin of Two Everything
And thank you Parth, Scott. - Micah
Parth, compared to your April numbers, you've been consistent. - Micah
Thanks, Rick! - Micah
.54 (4148/7674) Updated! - Michael Fidler
Rick, you mean that face with glasses I photoshopped tint into with an apparently disembodied arm which is actually very much attached to my eldest son? It's mostly just me :) - Micah
Thanks, Michael. Yes, you have a rising tide of comment percentage (oh, wow, you were one of the originals from January - cool!) - Micah
1.82 from 798 comments / 438 likes - David Damore
Thanks, nivé and David! - Micah
2027/1594 = 1.27 - Brome
0.58 - Marc Dong
2.9 (3,242/1,116) mhhh.. time to straighten my use of FF a bit.. thanks for this entry - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Brome, Marc and Thierry - thank you! - Micah
Thierry - yeah, 2.9 is fairly high - got to pick the pace on like side :) [but hey, whatever works for you is fine] - Micah
1.91 - MiniMage
Thank you Nicholas and MiniMage! - Micah
Yeah, that's a decent upward rise in comments, Nicholas. - Micah
.6 (6,000/10,000) 3rd update - Now it's time to flip this on its head. My goal is to have (16,000/16,000) next time I post here. Regardless of what happens, I'm just looking forward to the next 10,000 comments, likes, posts, and new relationships I make here. It's all good! - Michael Fidler
1.76 (7539/4290) My commenting habits haven't chanced much, but it felt like I clicked Like a lot less, and this ratio confirms that for me. - Micah
It's that time again. - Micah
Thanks, Laura! (you're a 50-caliber gal!) - Micah
0.64 - Imabug
Thank you, Imabug. - Micah
4.67 (I'm greedy :p) - directeur
0.99 - Steven Perez
About 1:2 comment to likes at this time - RAPatton from iPod
.63 - metalerik
Thanks Imabug, directeur, Steven, RAPatton, Jim, Brent and metalerik! - Micah
0.78 - Pete D
.82 as of right now. edit: on January 8th it was 0.39 -- when I saw that, I decided to make more of an effort to comment. When I hit 10k "likes" I decided I wouldn't "like" anything else until I also had 10k comments. - Bren
And thank you Jimminy, Pete, Bren and Penguin! - Micah
2.47 as of right now. - Jonas, Leper of FF
Micah, are you doing something with these numbers? If so sounds interesting. - NOT THE CRICKET
0.58 - Absentee
Jimminy, I'm copyrighting every single number. It's kind of a honeypot ;) Actually, it was curiosity mostly, but I also hope to build a sampling (small and self-selecting as it may be) for anyone who might want to analyze it. - Micah
Jonas, James and Kurt - thanks you! - Micah
You're welcome. I hope the results do some good. :-) - Absentee
.31. I have almost 4 times as many likes as comments. - edythe
Thank you edythe and Eric! - Micah
195/245 makes 0.8 rounded not including this one which would be 196/245 making 0.8 unrounded, - tom murphy
Thanks, Tom. - Micah
1.98 (588/297) - Bryan Zirkel
1.67 (19,550/11,684) - Mitchell Tsai
Bryan, Mitchell and Jeff P. - thanks, guys! - Micah
1.18 - it's always been close to 1, since day one, for some reason. - Laura Norvig
Wow, Penguin is a prolific liker! - Laura Norvig
2.67 (875/328) - Nathalie
Thank you, Nathalie! - Micah
Thanks, Spidra and Mark! - Micah
0.49 - Jammy Lee
Jammy and Mathew, thank you very much. - Micah
I don't know I just like that picture - Brian Hendrickson
.40 - Ben Hanten
Mine was exactly 2:1 about a week ago. Did a screenshot when I had 2,000 comments and 1,000 likes. - Joe from iPod
SuezanneC, Brian, B E N and Joe - thank you all very much! - Micah
Joe, it's like see the odometer click through a nice round number - it's just inexplicably engaging. :) - Micah
1.40, nearly the square root of two. - Vezquex
Thanks, Raphael and Andy! - Micah
12.23 (844 / 69 ) I guess I take my likes seriously ;) - Chris Myles
Wow I didn't realize I was so out of whack!! 12.23 that's got to be a record (and I don't even import my feeds with the summary as a comment)!! - Chris Myles
Thanks JA, Chris (wow, 12+ is unusual :), Serkan and Nine! - Micah
Micah.. I told you I take my likes seriously; ). You *might* want to ask (in a separate post) what percentage of likes were used to "bookmark" a post or save it for later VS actually "liking it". I NEVER used like for that.. but I did use a private group that if filled with my own topics (and comments).. - Chris Myles
1.78 (8529/4782) - Micah
Likes are down relative to comments, which matches my much lower frequency of liking. I'm a more selective liker than ever. - Micah
I don't think I could argue that any particular kind of ratio is "best", because if Lurkers like to Lurk and cultivate (via Likes) and the Chatty-ites love to chat, to pump out much many more comments than Likes, each can be happy and make for a great social experience. - Micah
383/372 - Ashish
'Just clicking "Like" seems too easy' — Jason, that's because you're from the Chatty-ite tribe :) - Micah
Thanks, ashish. - Micah
wow, what a difference time makes, when i 1st posted on this thread, 6.43%, now = 1.25%, for a 5.18% difference, :o (and this is the earliest post to date i've recovered of my activity on ff) - chaz2b
chaz, I think there's been a big fluctuation for most people (maybe not that much). This is the oldest post on which you commented that you've recovered? - Micah
When I first saw this: 1.91 Sept 28: 1.94 - MiniMage
536 comments in the last month has me at .8736...still creeping toward 1.00 - Bren
Thanks, MiniMage (2x participant!), Bren (3x!) and Shannon (your inaugural visit!) - Micah
Thank you, SustainedEuphoria. - Micah
Thanks, Mark. - Micah
1.45 - Brett Kelly
Thanks, Brett :) - Micah
5.67 all time. Second highest ratio on here. Woot! I love to talk. - Kevin L
Thank you both, Kevin and mridul (the two of you balance it each well :) - Micah
1.80 (10,189 / 5,666) [compared to Likes, my Comments still continue to rise] - Micah
1.02 (10323/10161) - Bren
.5666 currently (30,084/53,093) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Thanks, Bren. - Micah
Thank you, Alex :) - Micah
that was my third post... It's interesting to see how the number has changed. of course, I manipulated the number to a degree, because I stopped "liking" things for a while... - Bren
Bren, the other thing that can seriously throw off someone's stats is a feed that upon each item it imports adds a comment automatically. - Micah
true. that can seriously inflate comment stats, of course. Then you have someone like RAPatton, who posts a gazillion comments, in part because of his playlist posts where he will list each song in a separate comment. I found, after this post in fact, that I tended to "like" things much more frequently than comment on them, that I was lurking instead of participating. I have changed the way I use ff rather considerably, and I think for the better. - Bren
Thanks, Sarah, Tutivillus. - Micah
1.19 - Joe Bonner
Micah this is like 11 months ago, I see you have almost doubled your rate. lets make a graph for everybody now, :) - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
Quick, someone write a greasemonkey script to inline some google charts! (tap-tap-tap...wut? don't look at me ;) - Micah
Thanks, Joe. And you thank you, Mahmood :) - Micah
Thanks, Glen! Your comments in the ratio have gone up too. - Micah
1.70 (it was 1.41 on Jan 8) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
WorldofHiglet, thank you :) The comments are strong in this one. - Micah
0.64 (2,589/4,051) - Chieze Okoye
0.58 - Thomas Page
Chieze and Thomas - thank you! - Micah
*bumpage* - Micah
So, Micah, we never did find out what you were doing with this info.... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.27 (5637/20234) - I only see a couple people lower than me. - John (bird whisperer)
4.06 (747/184) - Jan Ole Peek
WoH, World Domination. - Micah
Rene, John and Jan - thank you, all three! :) - Micah
0.97 (6,694/6,929) - NOT THE CRICKET
Thank you J., Jimminy and آقای تلخک :) - Micah
2.23 - Paola Bonomo
0.71 (8,200/11,551) updated - Michael Fidler
0.03 (284 / 10378)! - Daniel Rowley
Thanks Paola, Michael, Artemko, J. and Daniel! - Micah
*thanks Christopher thoroughly* - Micah
14.86 (1442/97) I'm going the wrong way!! - Chris Myles
1.77 (11831/6622) - Micah
0.56 (2059/3703) - Joel Webber
0.89 (1,766/1,986) - chrisofspades
Thanks, Joel and Chris! - Micah
In 4 days it will be 1 year since my first recorded stat here. My comments/like were almost a 1:1 ratio then. Now comments are almost double likes for me. - Micah
jamar78, same trend for you, it looks. :) - Micah
1.00 a year later. {edit -- screwed it up the first time. not telling what I did.} - Jim #teamFFrank
Thanks, Jim! - Micah
.52 this year. - Laruia Ingalls Botts
Thank you, Laura =) - Micah
75,415 comments/1,286 likes = 58.64 - i wish the auto inserted comments didn't get counted... the true number is probably much much close ot my number of likes - Chris Heath
1.09 (11910/10953) - Bren
1.97%. thanks again micah, this has been a great metric to measure my first year here on ff. As the year went (this being the first record of me being here that i've found): , 6.43%:1.25%:1.97% - chaz2b
Chris, Bren, thank you. And chaz2b, thank you too - glad it's a special marker for you. :) - Micah
1.79 (13620/7618) - Micah from iPhone
0.91 - Bruce Lewis
0.13 - Morton Fox
1.69 now (1.70 on Nov 10th and 1.41 on Jan 8, 2009) - - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.23 - Mark H
Thanks Bruce, Morton, Higlet, Brent and Mark! - Micah from iPhone
How is this thread doing in the longest-lived-ff-comment-thresds-ever contest? - j1m
5.76 right now - Kevin L
0.53 - Rodfather
j1m, I wonder how many threads over a year old are regularly updated by an asoetment of users. - Micah from iPhone
Kevin, Cecily and Rodfather - thanks! - Micah from iPhone
1.49 (2,222/1488) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
"I must not ask Micah questions" written out a bajillion times.... :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
LOL @Higlet - Correct. (but Brent, you can also ask the Mathematics Dept of West Bohemian University in Pilsen, Czech [via ]) - Micah
0.32 (2011/6291) Looks like I need to comment more. =) - Beau Liening
Thank you, Beau. And, by stating you want to comment more you're already helping the cause :) - Micah
2.09329564 (10366:4952) I don't think that I'm the norm here - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
*bump* - It's that time again, folks. - Micah
1.71 (16,017/9,357) - Micah
0.91 (13,933/15,222) - NOT THE CRICKET
2.66 - Marissa
1.48 (2,469/1,669) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Thanks, Jimminy, Marissa and Daryl. :) - Micah
1.21 - Jenny
Thanks, Jenny! - Micah
1.10 (4874/4448) - DGentry
2.13(7957/3734) - Melanie Reed
Thank you, Denton, Glen and Melanie! - Micah
63.58 (97,534/1,534) -- interesting that my last three digits are the same there, eh? (note, i already posted a month or two ago when i first saw this thread) - Chris Heath
Thanks, Chris! - Micah
0.87 (3770/4312), so I'm either getting more commenty or less likey. [0.74 (1970/2667) was what I previously reported back in June] - Kristin of Two Everything
Thanks Scott, pea and T. Brent. - Micah
Brent, interesting. Look forward to more commentary. :) - Micah
1433/1161 = 1.23 - cdogzilla | downgraded
1.19 (5132/4316) - Ruchira S. Datta
Thank you, cdogzilla and Ruchira! - Micah
0.94(15045/15978) 0.83, (28.August.2009); 0.97, (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (17.April.2010); 0.94, (11.May.2010). - NOT THE CRICKET
1.65 (18,070 / 10,970) - Micah
*bump* It's that time again, folks. - Micah
1.05 (1710/1625) - cdogzilla | downgraded
1.66 here. Chattyites 4ever! - Lo
Thanks cdogzilla and Lo! - Micah
Last year my comments were around 7000 and likes around 2500, for a ratio of 2.80. I consciously chose to do more liking over the last year. As of today my comments number 10,782 and likes number 7,666, for a ratio of 1.41. - Stephen Mack
Jason, Stephen - cool. Thanks for keeping updated here. :) - Micah
Thanks, RG - Micah
1.03. Micah you've made over 18000 comments since you first posted this. - chrisofspades
0.76 (3,624/4,766) Egad that's only .1 improvement since 2009-01-08 :-P but at least it's moving in the right direction. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
3.25 No wonder I always had to stand in the hall in school for talking ;-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
Still right at 1:1. W00t. - Jim #teamFFrank
1.15 (14662/12739) - Bren
chrisofspades, crazy isn't it. :) - Micah
kima, tortoise wins and all that ;) Thanks, Shannon. Jim, you have maintained balanced in the force you have. Thanks, Bren. - Micah
2.33 :( my new yr's resolution was to "like" more, imma not doing sucha good job, :( - chaz2b
Thanks, Mark, and chaz, you'll get there. :) - Micah
1.61 (20,661 / 12,818) - Micah
*BUMP* - It's that time again. THANKS! - Micah
1.76 (15,652/8,886) - Jenny
Thanks, Jenny and hollyrai! - Micah
Thank you, Glen. - Micah
0.77 - Steven Perez
0.31 (14566/47299) - John (bird whisperer)
John, you're a 'liking' fool! :D - Jenny
Apparently I'm the human version of FALOB - John (bird whisperer)
Ha! (and thanks, John) - Micah
Double ha! - Jenny
Thank you Steven. - Micah
2.28 - Jesse Stay
1.66 (updated) - Eric - No Gimmicks
Thanks Scott, Jesse, Eric and holly! - Micah
58,144/3,749=15.509, basically due to multiple feed imports. - Daniel Mietchen
*BUMP* - Micah
1.60 (22,066/13,819) - Micah
:) @Jason. - Micah
0.69 - Absentee
0.76 - Steven Perez
slightly off of my usual this time: 1.01 - Jim #teamFFrank
Thanks James, Steven and Jim "STAY-ON-TAR-GET" Jannotti. :) - Micah
.98(20,405/20,834) - NOT THE CRICKET
1.36 (20684/15224) - Bren from iPhone
Thank you, Jimminy, Greg and Bren! - Micah
1.88 (21954/11691) Chatty Cathy, apparently. - Jenny
11289/9010 = 1.25 (wonder if some comments are from imported feeds) - Mike Chelen
Thanks Jenny and Mike. :) - Micah
Sorry - Micah .... but the math is just too complicated :) - Charlie Anzman
Charlie, I'm make it simple. I'll do the talking, you drive the get-away car—we'll split it even: 80/20. - Micah
Damn, More Homework. - Brent - Yes I am
including this comment (119,119C/1677L) ... 71.03 - Chris Heath
1.21 - Joe Bonner
1.56 (24,076/15,472) - Micah
*BUMP* - it's that time again. Also, I passed 24K comments recently. - Micah
Thanks, Micahel. - Micah
113,457 comments / 166,887 likes = .68 - RAPatton
2.02 (31627/15675) I need to start liking more and shut the hell up. - Jenny
1:1.618, of course. - Josh Haley from iPhone
2.60 - Jack&Cleo
I was waiting for that from you, Mr. Haley. - Lisa L. Seifert from Android
Those are some heavy hitter numbers there, RAPatton. Thanks. :) - Micah
I've been on FF for a long time, Michah, because I am really, really old. - RAPatton
LOL Josh. These aren't the maths you looking for. [lateral hand wave] - Micah
Jenny, do not take your own advice; not advisable. - Micah
Thanks, Jack & Cleo. - Micah
RAPatton, you're not old—you triple-comment-excerpt every bookmarklet post :)) - Micah
Cristo, this post is an ancient relic. Handle with care. - Micah
0.13 - Morton Fox
Okay, Micah. <----I had to resist the urge not to post that because I know it's going to up my comment count. ;) - Jenny
But how many of those primordial, high interest posts are still active. Uh huh. :) - Micah
Thanks, Morton. BTW, when you posted in February, it was exactly 0.13 also. - Micah
Jenny, resistance is futile; embrace the rising tide of comments. - Micah
Comments are more difficult and time consuming than Likes. I'd be happy about a high comment:likes ratio except that many are surely imported from feeds, while every Like is manual. - Mike Chelen
it has changed to 2.2256 now as Sep, 6 2010.Labor Day. :) I added the date for future references. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
IN HONOUR OF DERRICK'S 100,000th LIKE: - Micah
1.54 (25,102/16,257) - Micah
Thanks, Alex. - Micah
2.29.... 26 HR, 89 RBI - .LAG liked that
.15 on March 21, 2009. Now .19. - Alix May
Thanks, MarkJ, .LAG and Alix! :) - Micah
Thank you, Deepak! - Micah
1.47 (24757/16749) - Bren
I make a lot of comments but no one like me, so I guess the ratio is infinite or undefined. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
1.45 (29653/20444) *BUMP* - Micah
1.22 (31900/26233) - holly #ravingfangirl
.59 (58,923/99,251) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
6.61 (2825/427 )... I'm a wee bit chatty - Shannon - GlassMistress
I had exactly a 2:1 ratio as previously reported [Aug 30, '09], now I am at: 1.7241:1 ratio. 6,067 comments to 3,519 likes. - Joe
0.79 as of 6 Jan 2011. - John E. Bredehoft
my brain hurts - Morgan
Two years later and my ratio has climbed from 3.4 to 4.675. I've got a lot to say, apparently. - Kevin Fox
Funnily, I didn't notice until after leaving that comment that when I reported my stat in 2009 I also followed it up with "I've got stuff to say." I didn't say it was *new* stuff... - Kevin Fox
1.000 (27093/27080) - NOT THE CRICKET
I've had an improvement since the last few times this has come up. I was .49 or close to it, now I'm running a .57 ratio - Bluesun 2600
1.68 (55826/33281) - Jenny
81.1 - rising consistently - Chris Heath
I think this is the oldest thread I see that still gets new comments added. - Sue - Friendfeed is best
*BUMP* - Micah
1.40 (32175/22968) - Micah
I dunno, I'm not good with math - sofarsoShawn
0.35 ... Apparently I'm not very talkative. - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks, John and Shawn. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
1.459 (33067/22667) - Bren from iPhone
looks familiar... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
2.6 (wow, this thread is like my yearly checkup; thanks micah and friendfeed, 3+years and going strong [6.4%, 2.33%]) - chaz2b
1.02 (38,615, 37,927) 9/27/11 - NOT THE CRICKET
1.29 (36,959 / 28,580) - Micah
Thanks, Jimminy, Bren, WoH, and chaz2b. :) - Micah
.46 now. :) - Laruia Ingalls Botts
Thank you, LB. - Micah
0.33 (34741/105115) - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks John. Gracias, caj. - Micah
1.57 (24,460/15,624). It was 1.12 the day after the OP. - Tinfoil 2.0
The likes dim and comms brim. - Micah
2.91; 6.43% (@ 2yrs ago) 2.33% (@ 1yr ago). for history's sake, this thread was started shortly after i found friendfeed, or friendfeed found me, so it holds a special place in my heart. thanks for keeping it around mr micah - chaz2b
You're certainly welcome, chaz2b. In some way it feels like a living heirloom to me. :) - Micah
*BUMP* - Micah
1.25 (40,008/31,895) - Micah
1.15 - Kristin
1.41 - Melly
5.12 - Julian
3 (2.991) (and now the list has become too lengthy for me to track my progress, ;) [dumb me, i have a post not 10 lines ago in history, from 090711 2.91; 6.43% (@ 2yrs ago) 2.33% (@ 1yr ago) ;) ] - chaz2b
.79 - Shevonne
24 072 / 35 095 = 0.685909674 - AJ Batac
0,77 (before and after this comment) - loi
2.65 (69,814 comments/26,281 likes) - Spidra Webster
1.51 = 28,196/18,717. Was 1.57 in Sept 2011 and 1.12 in Jan 2009. - Tinfoil 2.0
*BUMP* - Micah
0.174 (6966/40022) - Not much of a talker. - Kevin Johnson
1.23 (41,476 / 33,845) - Micah
1.43 - Tamara J. B.
.15 on March 21, 2009, .19. on September 18, 2010, and .22 today (March 8, 2012). - Alix May
*BUMP* for Ross - Micah
2.83 - Ross Miller
1.97 on 2012-04-24 - ؛ patrick
0.99 (44,752, 45,200) 4/24/11 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); - NOT THE CRICKET
1.6 - AJ Batac
1.34 Did you finish all your profiling yet, Micah? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
1.22 (42,526 / 34,975) - Micah
Glad to see you here, Ross. Thanks for the updates everyone. WoH, the master plan is coming together nicely. - Micah
Excellent *steeples fingers* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
*staples fingers* - John (bird whisperer)
Hmm, can you order finger-steeples on Amazon? - Micah
*readies the Band-Aids* - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Micah: I can sell you some, cheap. Just fax your credit card, SIN and maiden name to the usual number. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
My facsimile machine is in dry dock at the moment, but I'll pigeon over a small scroll with all the requisite datums. - Micah
Done and done. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
0.31 <-- about the same as usual - John (bird whisperer)
After the last 19+ hours, it's high time to log-in your stats again. - Micah
1.20 (45878 / 38084) - Micah
1.54 (32,913 comments / 21,412 likes) - Tinfoil 2.0
Thanks, Tinfoil. - Micah
Try dividing by zero and find out ( ) - Micah
1.04 (10778 / 10303) - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Thanks, DB. - Micah
Currently 0.3. - John (bird whisperer)
Thanks, John. - Micah
1.01 (47,240, 46,956) 9/13/12 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); 1.01, (47,240, 46,956), (14.September.2012); - NOT THE CRICKET
Thanks, Jimminy and Zulema. - Micah
BUMP - in honor of Kevin's 8K comment threshold. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
.38 - March 15, 2013 - Jennifer Dittrich
0.279 (58096/208087) - John (bird whisperer)
0.172283 (8005/46464) - Kevin Johnson
0.75 (38,250 comments / 50,175 likes) (My entry above from 2 years ago said I had 10,782 comments and 7,666 likes for a ratio of 1.41. I've been busy, and my pattern seems to have changed.) - Stephen Mack
Thanks, Jennifer, John, Kevin and Stephen. :) - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
0.51 (6,883/13,438) - Stephan from iPhone
5.72, though I deleted my first account, like, 3 years ago - Meg VMeg
1.03 (51,436, 50,018) 3/15/13 || 0.83, (?, ?), (28.August.2009); 0.97, (6,694, 6,929), (11.Nov.2009); 0.91, (13,933, 15,222), (17.April.2010); 0.94, (15,045, 15,978), (11.May.2010); .98, (20,405, 20,834), (03.August.2010); 1.00, (27,093, 27,080), (06.January.2011); 1.02, (38,615, 37,927), (27.September.2011); 0.99 (44,752, 45,200), (24.April.2012); 1.01, (47,240, 46,956), (14.September.2012); 1.03 (51,436, 50,018), (15.March.2013); - NOT THE CRICKET
.44. I guess I'm getting lazy. - Laruia Ingalls Botts
2.22. I use YouFeed a lot, and liking takes an inordinate amount of time on the app.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
3.10 up from 2.83 a year ago. - Ross Miller
Thanks, Ross. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
BUMP - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
1.07 - Kristin
1.03 - Bren from iPhone
This thread is amazing. What a treasure trove of information - Bren from iPhone
0.62 (5077/8197) as of 4/29/13 - bentley
2.49 today - Marissa
1.0591 Comments per like (16,230 / 15,324). - Joe
0.47 (10,057/21,354) - Zu from AOD
0.98 (48000/48933) - Bren
1.08 (53,901/50,006) — this is over 6 years old now. - Micah
1.45 - Melly
1.16 - Friar Will
7.04. I'd bet italians must have values way above the average non-italian user. - mentegatto
Thanks, Melly, Friar. Thanks, mentegatto—you're probably right. - Micah
0.63 (12948/20268) as of 2/28/2015. I'm consistent. My previous comment of 4/29/13 has my ratio at 0.62. - bentley
Thanks, bently. - Micah
Compiled a little stat of my comments over the years. Averaged 4,600/year in the last three years. In the year 2010 I made 30,000 comments. - Micah
14,613:11,129 (prior to posting this comment) - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Thanks, cgrymala. - Micah
Currently I'm at 0.223 (68214/306389). - John (bird whisperer)
1.09 (25689/23595) on 03/01/15 - Previously 1.07 (04/29/13) & 1.15 (01/04/12) - Kristin
Currently (2015-0301): 0.658 (74,615:113,471) - Michael W. May
.15 on March 21, 2009, .19. on September 18, 2010, .22 March 8, 2012, and 0.25 today (March 1, 2015). - Alix May
0.36 on March 01, 2015... I've become a lurker! - Brent Schaus
35,56 on March 02, 2015 - Snowdog ★ ★ ★
"God-night, Rune": An Old English Translation -
"God-night, Rune": An Old English Translation
"Goodnight to the earth-grip, goodnight giver of gold who slumbers in silence, sun-robbed and cold. Words wrought on tombs, worn beyond study. Goodnight forgotten graves: goodnight nobody." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
A real pick me up - Steve C, Team Marina
Hence the beard baubles post. - Jessie
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Andrew C (✔)
Photos: The Bay Area Is Flooding All Over: SFist -
Photos: The Bay Area Is Flooding All Over: SFist
Photos: The Bay Area Is Flooding All Over: SFist
Mitch McConnell voted today, and all we got was this perfect photobomb -
Mitch McConnell voted today, and all we got was this perfect photobomb
Koleksiyoner Ali
ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ prestige ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ
you know the day destroys the night / night divides the day / tried to run / tried to hide... - iwfx! from email
rise again - iwfx!
üüff cennetlik adammışsın :) - Faruk Bayrak
hortla! - iwfx!
iyi ki hortladı. - warwickavenue
amen! - iwfx!
gözüm gönlüm açıldı, kulağımın pası silindi. ii geldi ii - ekindnc
tam zamanı - iwfx!
Ayşe E.
Wait. Wait. Wait. Cantor lost??? … … … … Yeeeeessssssssssssssssssssss. I hope we never see that smug fuck again. *patooie*
does this help the democrat? like it would have if the tea party shmucks had beated what's-his-name in NC?? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Probably not unless Brat really messes up. - John (bird whisperer)
Ertuğrul Oral
İzlediğim diziler arasında ilk 3'e girdi. Konu, mekanlar, oyunculuk ve müzikler mükemmel. Her bölümde beklenmedik olaylar gerçekleşiyor. Ayrıca 3boyutlu modelleme ve animasyonla ilgilenen biri olarak giriş animasyonuna hayran kaldım. @Cihan (ch) KALOĞLU kesinlikle (: - Ertuğrul Oral
Her dizi başladığında o müzikle kılıcımı alıp dağlara kaçasım geliyor. - Koray AI
"Winter Is Coming" - Ertuğrul Oral
dizi den ziyade her hafta film izliyor gibiyim .. ejderha yumurtaları catladıgında ortalık cok fena karışacak :D - papamidnitee
ejderha yumurtalarını ve gelecek olan kışı çok merak ediyorum. bir yandanda kitapları okumamak için zor tutuyorum kendimi. - Ertuğrul Oral
hep o abisi olacak sivri yüzünden... - Ertuğrul Oral
ben kıtabını okuyoruym ama sıkıldım dizi çok fena replıklerıne kadar hersey aynı ... muhteşem gidiyor o yumurtalar bir catlayaydı çok merak edıyorum yzuklerın efendısı kadar saglam yapabıleceklermı karakterlerı .... - papamidnitee
kitaba göre eksikler yoksa sonuna kadar izlenir dizi. - Ertuğrul Oral
wikipedia sayfasında favori karakter anketi yapmışlar. Tyrion Lannister en çok oy alan karakter, gerçekten khaleesi'nin hastasıyız cüceyi destekliyoruz (: - Ertuğrul Oral
7.bölümü dün gece izlediğimden beri sinirlerim bozuk. Ah Lannister'lar ahh - Ertuğrul Oral
(: ailedeki tek sevilecek karakter o - Ertuğrul Oral
Dizi harika müzik harika valla son yıllarda izlediğim en güzel dizilerden ama 2 bölüm sonra bitiyor :/ - Mert
kesinlikle, ilk bölümden bağladı kendine ama 1.sezon çok kısa malesef. - Ertuğrul Oral
Bencede dizinin müzikleri çok güzel. Battlestar Galactica'nın müziklerine benziyor. Biraz da Prince of Persia :) - eskitenekekutu
Battlestar Galactica'da Prince of Persia'da aşmıştır müzik konusunda. Halen dinlerim - Ertuğrul Oral
Kesinlikle - eskitenekekutu
ve bitti :( - Ertuğrul Oral
Louis Gray
Hi Ladies! Braden says good afternoon.
Hiya handsome :D - Shannon - GlassMistress
Forget the cute babby. What's up with the tub of red vines on top of the desk hutch? And why aren't you sharing? :D - Hookuh Tinypants
4 pounds. Oof. Whomever said I love Red licorice is in for it. Black is favored. :) - Louis Gray
*fistbump* Louis. Black all the way, baby (but if I can't get black, I'd take red for the sugar high) - Hookuh Tinypants
Gosh, they grow up fast. Little dude is the spitting image of his big brother and pops. - Mike Nayyar
I am now kicking myself that I didn't think to get Louis to bring Braden with him. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Braden is way fun in person. He's ALL MINE too. - Louis Gray
Now I want to see that pic of me and Braden again. HE LOVES ME. - Monique the crochet freak
Wow, he's grown so much! Way too cute :oD - Melly
I showed Emily - she did a massive burp. - Melly
Audrey says, "Baby! Crawling. Laughing. Couch." - Rochelle
Josiah says, "That's cool." - Melly
Babies have such beautiful and innocent smiles. Pure joy. <3 - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
<3 :) - Stiletto
the blue strechie brings out the blue in those beautiful eyes - VALZONE#NEWHIP
hi braden:)) - Sima
Bump for 3 year anniversary of this post. :) - Louis Gray
Yargı Erel
Gece gece size bunu yaptigim icin uzgunum_Vol.17 || Her dinleyisimde onu ekranda ilk gordugumde cit cikaramadan seyrettigimi hatirliyorum.. Who Framed Rogger Rabbit'den.. 1942'de Peggy Lee ile unlu olmustu..
Screen shot 2011-04-07 at 10.40.34 PM.png
up.. - Yargı Erel
aaa ne guzel sabah sabah bunu uplanmis gormek :) - grizabella
yakinda "sabah sabah" konseptine baslamaliyim sanirim =) - Yargı Erel
Why not? :) - grizabella
elim like'e gitti gorur gormez ama like vermisim zaten :) - grizabella
damn, boo, I thought you were a lot younger than me! *41 fistbump* - RepoRat
whippersnappers :D - Pete
lookin' sharp! - ~Courtney F
is it your birthday? - maʀtha
oh there u r.. long time no see !! Looking snazzy bro - Peter Dawson
you make that look hella good, boo. ahem. Have an awesome day!!! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
You make it look damn good. - Jenny H. from Android
Looks good on ya! You show that number who BAWSE! - That's So CAJ!
Happy birthday Luv! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Happy birthday!! - lris
Happy Birthday! - Rodfather
Happy Birthday, D! - Half Pint
Many happy returns! - Catherine Pellegrino from iPod
Happeh burday Derrick! - Lily
happy birthday - chamberlain
Lookin' good, D. Happy birthday!! - Laura
Oh, bless your happy face! - Glen Campbell
Happy birthday, D! - Anne Bouey
You look great! Happy Birthday! - Shannon - GlassMistress
Happy birthday. - Eric - No Gimmicks
They're so cute at that age. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Have a great prime number year. - Joe
Happy birthday! - Jim #teamFFrank
Happy Birthday Derrick!!!! - VALZONE#NEWHIP
Have a wonderful birthday!! - Katy S
Happy birthday, ho. <3 - Nellie Oleson
Happy Birthday! - Kevin Johnson
Happy Birthday, D. - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
Hope you're having a wonderful day. Happy Birthday! - Trish R
Happy birthday D!! - Corinne L
Happy D birthday! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Buon compleanno! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Happy birthday!! - Yolanda
Happy birthday! Hope it is a great one :D - Jennifer Dittrich
:) Happiest of birthdays, Derrick! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Thanks everyone! Your kind thoughts and wishes mean the world to me. Sending kindness and good will right back atcha. :) - Derrick
Another 41 fist bump - Christina Pikas from iPhone
TheNextWeb Forum
Neil Young’s PonoPlayer shatters $800,000 Kickstarter goal, raises $6.2m -
Neil Young’s PonoPlayer shatters $800,000 Kickstarter goal, raises $6.2m
Steven Perez
While BP Stalled On Gulf Oil Spill Payments, CEO’s Pay Tripled Last Year -
I call bullshit: Brooks 'did not know phone hacking was illegal' via @ABCNews #fb
I call bullshit: Brooks 'did not know phone hacking was illegal' via @ABCNews #fb
I assume the confusion stems from the law applying to her, specifically. - Jennifer Dittrich
bencede :) - eskitenekekutu
there is a movie with english subtitle in youtube link also :) - eskitenekekutu
You're welcome :) - eskitenekekutu
çok güzeldi bu be. ah. - aysegul gonenc
evet, katılıyorum - eskitenekekutu
ahahahah :) - eskitenekekutu
Ne zaman görsem izliyorum bunu. Harika. - Semih Masat™
her şeyine bayılıyorum bu animasyonun. Fransızlar son yıllarda animasyon işinde harikalar ve bu film de onların en harikalarından biri. seslendirmesini ayrıca seviyorum. - oteki
@ömér; evet fransızlar ne yazıkki film konusnda berbatlar ama animasyon konusunda cok iyiler :) - eskitenekekutu
film konusunda berbat olmaları tartışılır. Çok kötü işler olduğu gibi çok iyi işler de var. Ama bu ingiliz sineması için de geçerli, İspanyol sineması için de, Hollywood sineması için de... Biraz da zevkle alakalı sanırım. dünyada şunun kadar iyi bir film çok az mesela :) - oteki
belkide son zamanlarda hep berbat fransız filmleriyle karşılaştım ondandır önyargım :) - eskitenekekutu
süper. Tesadüf yaklaşık 1 saat önce izledim - Umut Balkan
olabilir. yanlış bir tabir kullandım sanırım :) fransız sineması çok nadiren mhteşem işler çıkarıyor tabii ki Angel-A, Amelié gibi filmler de onlardan başkasından çıkmaz. Ama genel olarak bakıldığında sinema konusnda çok doyuurucu gelmiyor bana son zamanlarda - eskitenekekutu
Have u seen Ark movie? - eskitenekekutu
@Jasmine B; you must see that - eskitenekekutu
you're welcome i hope you'll like it - eskitenekekutu
oh i am so glad you like it and thnx a lot for your nice comment :) - eskitenekekutu
i will share the ark movie too :) - eskitenekekutu
I photographed my biscuit process, haha. #rodfather
photo 1.JPG
photo xx.JPG
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The complete set is on my flickr page. Also, that's a lot of gotdang butter. - Derrick
or, as we say, "enough" - Glen Campbell
Yum! - Anne Bouey
Super Yum! - Katy S from iPhone
I made a batch yesterday and this one today and all but about three are in the freezer for will call noms. Especially now that I picked up some bacon. And cheese. >.> - Derrick
What recipe are you using again? - Katie
I looked at maybe a half dozen different recipes and stole what I liked from each, and then tweaked that a couple more times to test and prove it. - Derrick
Those always turn out to be the best :D - Katie
Agreed! - Derrick
A great tip I learned from one of them was freezing the butter then grating it on a box grater. That way you don't have to cut it into tiny "pea size" pieces with your fingers. Also, placing the dry ingredients with the butter in the freezer for a few minutes to keep the chill on any heat worked up while prepping. - Derrick
Yes, Derrick, that butter tip has helped me a lot when making scones. It's so simple but really makes things flow better. - Gabrielle
heh, I refrigerate my whole-wheat flour on general principles. it does help in this situation! - RepoRat
dammit, i forgot to get buttermilk at the store today. *adds to list for tomorrow* - holly #ravingfangirl
Oooooooh - Soup in a TARDIS
Yoli, do you see that biscuit cutter? :P - Derrick
I do! Also, I'm hungry! - Yolanda from Android
why am i looking at all these pics when i am starving? NOT SMRT. - holly #ravingfangirl
Want. - Jenica
*breathless* - MoTO Boychick Devil
Sinema tarihinin en önemli serisi ve en iyisi olan Francis Ford Coppola imzalı Marlon Brando ve Al Pacino'nun eşsiz oyunculuğunun konuştuğu bir mafya serisi olan ''THE GODFATHER'''ın sinema tarihinin en iyi film müziğinden iki tanesi..
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sıkıntılı anlarım da dinleyip kendimi dinlediğim ve huzur bulduğum tek müzik bu baba müziktir :) - DonnieMark
doğru bende dediğim gibi Onur gerçekten bu müzikleri dinleyince kendimi Baba filminin bir sahnesindeymişim gibi hissediyorum öyle bir etkisi var - DonnieMark
teşekkürler josephcim:)) - vişnap
önemli değil vişnapcım :) - DonnieMark
Sağol koray. - mehtap
önemli değil Mehtap - DonnieMark
koray çok zevklsisn harikaa:)) - lavanta
ya lavantacım öyle :) müzik konusunda zevkliyimdir gayet benim yaşımdakiler Sagopa filan dinlerken ben bunları dinliyorum işte :) ama gerçekten bu Baba filminin en baba mü zaten ayrı bir başyapıt - DonnieMark
Hernesto birgün onlarda olur merak etme asıl ben teşekkür ederim..ben böyleyim işte müzik zevkim budur ama azda olsa klasik türk sanat müzikleride severim biraz halk müziğide..Onur evet genelde güzel onların hepsi..tam başeser - DonnieMark
Bu Ennio Morricone ne büyük bi adamdır yaw! - Işık Mater
güzel ve efendi yorum her zaman güzel cevap veririm iyi akşamlar sana da...Işık tabii büyük bir adam ama asıl en önemli olan kişi Nino Rota bu müziklerin asıl yaratıcısı - DonnieMark
Hernesto bi kere efendi gibi konuştun karşılığından da efendi gibi konuştuk diye tepeme çıkmaya çalışma kısa kes aydın havası olsun - DonnieMark
ben hiçbir zaman sapmadım sapmam da sen içini rahat tut beni düşünme gereğinden fazlasına da karışma - DonnieMark
Çok severim, müziklerini de üçlenen filmlerini de. Hayatın özeti gibidir. - Ali Oz
Ne Don Corleone ne de yerine geçen oğlu Michael Corleone kurşunla ölmemişlerdir Oysa her ikisinin de çevresinde niceleri kan gölünde boğulup gitmiştir. Her ikisi de pekçok sevdiğinin düşmanlarınca öldürülmesine şahit olmuşlardır. Bu bana etkileyici gelmiştir. - Ali Oz
Ali tabii öyleydi gayet etkileyici kısımları bunlardı gayet gerçekçi bir atmosfere ve oyunculuğa şahitti..başka ne denilebilir - DonnieMark
herhalde dünya üzerinde bu seriyi sıkıcı ve boş bulup izle(ye)meyen tek erkek hatta tek insanlardanım. - hydra headed monkey
gerçek sinema demek patlaması özel efektli sahneleri bol olan sinema değildir dostum bunu anla..bu filmler hayatın gerçek yüzüne dair filmler tabii ki yerin geldiği zaman ağırda olacaktır sıkıcı da önemli olan bunları ön planda tutmayarak filme konsantre olup o konuyu ve duyguyu algılamaktır..bence bulduğun ilk fırsatta seriyi izle..şöyle yap;ilk hafta birincisini seyret,ikinci hafta... more... - DonnieMark
ağır demedim, sıkıcı dedim. sinemadan sadece ciuv ciuv efekt beklemeyecek kadar yetişkin ve zevk sahibi bir insanımdır genelde ve izlemeyi çok denedim zaten. scarface'e de efsane derler geçen ayıp olmasın diye izledim, koca filmden geri aklımda tek bir replik kaldı. üzgünüm ama bazı filmler gerçekten abartı overrated. ben onun yerine kenarda köşede kalmış underrated filmleri bulup izlemeyi tercih ederim. - hydra headed monkey
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Baba-3'den: "Dostlarını kendine yakın tut; düşmanlarını daha yakın..." - Ali Oz
doğrudur yerinde bir replik - DonnieMark
Ve en güzeli, Baba-3'den yine: "Güç onu taşıyamayanın üzerinde durmaz, akar." - Ali Oz
tabii Ali birçok kaliteli ve unutulmaz replik dolu bu seride..ama önemli olan ders çıkarmak sadece ezberlemeyip - DonnieMark
filmin yapımcıları bir türlü filmi çekecek yönetmen bulamamışlar.. çünkü hepsi bu tarz bir filmin tutmayacağı yönünde bir düşünceye sahipmişler.. o zaman çok genç bir yönetmen olan F.F.Coppolaya mecbur kalarak filmi yapımı teslim etmişler o da mahçup olmamak adına italyan oyuncuları ikna etmiş.. ( al pacino'ya inanan ve onu isteyen tek kişi ise coppaladır .. ) ama bakın sonuçta ne çıktı ortaya .. - Alper Aytaş
Alper bu değerli bilgi için teşekkürler :) ama tabii ki tutmaz düşüncesini mükemmel ölçüde yanıltmış yönetmen genç haliyle çok büyük ve başarılı bir iş çıkarmış..takdir etmek gerek her zaman..zaten bu seri en iyi seri üstüne yok.. - DonnieMark
onlar yok ya dostum bende ama iyi ki hatırlattın bulmam lazım benim de onları - DonnieMark
söz bulursam ekleyeceğim haberin olur o zaman dostum ama şu anda bakıyorum sadece var mı diye - DonnieMark
kısmet dostum yani herşey de bul deyince bulunmuyor ki sabır gerek biraz da zaman bulabilirsem tabii iyi olur - DonnieMark
ahaha erbakan hoca o filmi bulmam zor sen torrent linki ver indireyim :)) ya bu kadar dinci olmayın laik olun biraz dininizi kişisel yaşayın ülke gitti zaten :)) - DonnieMark
Joseph X.L. > Minyeli Abdullah'ın film müzikleri çok güzeldir. Yer yer sadece vokal bir sesin yer aldığı harika müziklerdir. Keşke bulunsa da dinlenebilse. - Ali Oz
Ali bilmiyorum duymadım görmedim eğer ki gerçekse sen link verde dinleyeyim o zaman ciddi diyorum eğer öyle bir film müziği varsa eğer - DonnieMark
Açıkçası o kadar eski değil sinema kültürüm ve tarihim ya da dikkat etmedim ama bakarım izlerim stalag - DonnieMark
Dün akşam FF'de aradım bulamadım. Bu akşam evde daha genel bir arama yapacağım. Umarım bulabilirim. - Ali Oz
hadi bakalım dostum umarım bulursun da bende dinleyebilirim müziği - DonnieMark
bulabilirsek olur dostum - DonnieMark
now this music makes me want to see GodFather (all 3parts again) !! - Peter Dawson
رونوشت به آونگ - Judi Abot
Pink- Who knew? If someone said three years from know you'd be long gone, I'd stand up and punch them out 'cause they're all wrong, I know better 'cause you said forever and ever, who knew?
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I wish i could touch you again, I wish I could still call you, friend, I'd give anything.. - redcat
Evet yahu, dudakları, gözleri, karın kasları, sesi, saçları ve özellikle de sahne şovları çok iyidir. - redcat
ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ prestige ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳ
"Hey we're taking a photo here.." (in NY accent)
Picture 10.png
Isn't that just typical!!!! - Kevin J Hatton
One in a million. I love it. - Adam Reyher from Alert Thingy
That's insanely lucky. - James Rishabh Mishra
seriously this is not photoshopped? oh this is too funny, it's like that annoying kid that always jumps in front of the camera. - R. Ferguson
LoL. This is a true once in a life time shot. - Bluesun 2600
precious! - Tammy Hoeck
LOL! Adorable! - Kevin Winn
Quelle jolie photo!! Très originale, j'adore;-) - Orangeade
Cool - Bob Lyr
uhuh, just excellent - TiTi
I think that must be the 'mini-wanker' the lake is named after. - Ken Morley
I love how the camera focuses on the squirrel rather than the people - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
This shot is hilarious!! This is a totally gorgeous spot. been there once. - Nathalie
Begging to be captioned ~ :3 - CannonGod
That's one photogenic little critter. <3 - Sung W. Lim
haha @ Jake Fudge. spot on! - stefan
It's so cute! It almost doesn't look real. Loving it!!! - Jennifer Medlin
So awesome - Mitch
love how its head lines up exactly with the horizon line. *So* much better than it would have been. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Unbelievable. - Ramene Anthony
See more about this story in CBC news - Carloe Stamp
I laugh ever time I see this. It is so great. - Jim Williams
^^)b - YungSang from FriendFooV2
lol ( in NY accent :) ) - Pinkpackrat
Isn't there a website where you can submit pictures of photo-stealers? This should totally be submitted. || Edit: Found it. - Miss Elle
excelent - Rui was only after Chipper received his prints from the local PhotoMat that he realized two humans had snuck into the background of his lakeview self-portrait. - .LAG liked that
haha picture? lol just kidding =] - Marissa
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Still funny! :) - Ken Morley
Nice Photo really ! - Michael Stuart
GOOD - hongyanself
Son finished his project of a 3-D physical map of North America
Son finished his project of a  3-D physical map of North America
Awesome. :) - Jenny H.
I'm proud! I only helped with the labels and clay. Also, making sure he did everything :D - Shevonne from iPhone
Beautiful job! - Stephen Mack
Very cool! - Half Pint
Very impressive! - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
"This is my favorite type of cooking.  I’m talking about cooking that is slow and that completely transforms food into something even more flavorful and delicious.  This is comfort food kind of cooking.  You need to love flavor and cooking for this — and you need to have a considerable amount of available time.  This is what I love do — it’s cooking on the weekends!" - Derrick from Bookmarklet
While this Braised Brisket Stew is a brilliant addition to a Hanukkah or another holiday dinner, it’s also perfect for a super cozy, casual dinner party. Serve it over rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, or — my favorite way — with a thick, crusty, slice of roasted garlic bread. - Derrick
Hrm...maybe I'll make this for Christmas? - Derrick
looks good but could use some seasoning...i'd add bay leaves and garlic, and maybe a little bit of thyme. - grizabella
And maybe some rosemary. - Derrick
why not? always good with meat :) - grizabella
*sets a plate for grizabella* :D - Derrick
ahh, thank you. what shall i bring, shiraz or merlot? :) - grizabella
Yes! :) - Derrick
This is making my house smell fucking ridiculous right now. I'm about to start chewing the walls. - Hookuh Tinypants
Damn!! - Derrick
I don't fuck around when you post brisket recipes. - Hookuh Tinypants
It still has another 2 1/2 hours before I even get to the part where I cut it up and get the veggies involved. This is just mean. - Hookuh Tinypants
I'm buying the ingredients tomorrow. Sounds NOM (and that it might need some additional seasonings and herbs). - Derrick
I think the only thing I will add is garlic. Right now just the salt-pepper-worchestershire combo is making it smell heavenly. I'll let you know what the flavor's like. - Hookuh Tinypants
Oh. Holy. Shit. This is AMAZING. I forgot to add the garlic. It tastes wonderful exactly as it is. between the worchestershire, the red wine, the beef broth, and the salt and pepper (I used smoked grey salt)...I don't think it needs anything else. And god help me I'm going to eat the entire 2lbs of brisket RIGHT NOW. - Hookuh Tinypants
enjoy it tinypants! :) - grizabella
It's definitely good! After further tasting, I think it would be fantastic with a bit of garlic and a bit of another herb. But honestly if someone had to go without adding herbs, it'd be just fine. :) - Hookuh Tinypants
Back from the market with all the ingredients. Maybe I should start it now so it can get really good over night in the frig... Also, gonna add fresh thyme, a sprig of rosemary and a bay leaf. - Derrick
And it's in the oven. Boom. - Derrick
I hope you're not trying to wait until tomorrow to eat some. I bet it'll smell too awesome. - That's So CAJ!
I'm going to a Christmas party tonight, so that'll be my saving grace. :) - Derrick
I think I'm going to take the sauce and reduce it with a little more salt and garlic and pour it back over the meat and veggies. I know, it's supposed to be a stew. Well...suckit. I want tasty meat. :P - Hookuh Tinypants
I know I'm gonna make that garlic addition when I put the veggies in...five more hours to go! - Derrick
Bump. - Derrick
OH SHIT. Guess who's having brisket this weekend? - Hookuh Tinypants
Suddenly store bought chicken salad for lunch doesnt sound so good. - Shannon - GlassMistress
The Best Cheap Eats in D.C.: DCist -
The Best Cheap Eats in D.C.: DCist
The Best Cheap Eats in D.C.: DCist
"In a town where the outrageous rents are capitalized in the price of your entree, it can be hard to find an affordable meal. D.C.'s burgeoning restaurant scene is a boon to foodies and regular residents alike, but the endless parade of small plates filled with locally-sourced, humanely raised, free range [insert your protein or vegetable of choice here] can really take a bite out of your wallet. While we don't expect lobbyists and politicians to start hosting their power lunches at the local taqueria or pho shop anytime soon, it turns out that the rest of us can still eat pretty well for under $10 a person. Here our are some of our favorite places to eat well on a budget." - Derrick from Bookmarklet
Oh. - Derrick
Derrick, before I die, I want to eat with you. That is all. - laura x from BuddyFeed
This is a worthwhile ambition. - RepoRat
We're gonna make that happen, laura x. Trust. - Derrick
omg. please evaluate every ethiopian restaurant ever for me. - jambina
There are apparently tons of really good ones there! - Derrick
I think that pizza place is one that Julian mentioned? - Derrick
We shall have a pie at Pete's. If you wish. Their newest location is a neighborhood over from me. - Julian
*\o/* - Derrick
Damn it! Now I want pizza. :-( - April Russo
I'm all about Julia's Empanadas and Amsterdam Falafel :D Julian can take you to Pete's. I'll take you to those two spots. :D - Shevonne
There's amazing (real) Chinese and Korean food (Honey Pig!) outside of DC proper. Also, Mexican. - Sarah from FreshFeed
And Amsterdam Falafel is the best! - Sarah from FreshFeed
When I come visit, we'll *attack* U street, and do up ALL the Ethiopian food! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I love love love Amsterdam Falafel and Julie's Empenadas. It's basically what I live on at TRB. - kendrak
Thomas Hawk
10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for FriendFeed -
10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for FriendFeed
I wish there was a AIR client for FF though. - barl0w
Twhirl works well for FF and it's an AIR client. - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
Great article. I want to learn more about the dumping the RSS feeder part. You should share some tips with that. Good stuff. - Amani
Love seeing FF through the eyes of someone who's not a traditional techie =) - FFing Enigma
Thanks Bob! - barl0w
A big part of why I wrote this post and have it running in my number one photo spot on Flickr right now is because I want more of my photography friends to sign up for the service. I *love* seeing photos here on FriendFeed and there are so many talented photographers who are not here yet who need to be. If we can get more of them to sign up, you guys will love their work. Of course there are many great photographers already on here but still a lot more who could join. - Thomas Hawk
I had to re-share this with all my FB friends. :) - Kelly W.
Still trying to figure out this whole friendfeed experience. I've had the account for a while and see lots of my twitter friends posting via ff - Demetri Mouratis
great piece! - mashable
Hi Demetri =) Different people use FF different ways because they want to get different things out of it. What are you hoping to get out of it? - FFing Enigma
Thanks for the tip. I had FF but really never 'got' what it was for. This helped! - Molly Nichelson from twhirl
Nice post Thomas. - Paul Wade
TH - for those photographers that are not on here, I put their flickr id into my Flickr Imaginary friend and see their images that way. However, it would be nice to get more photographers on here with their reader shares and such... - Justin Korn
This is definitely the best "Why Friendfeed" post I've seen. - Nick in Manila
Justin, agreed. I have a bunch of imaginary friend accounts for Flickr/Zooomr users as well. But it is nicer when they actually have accounts here, their work can be liked and commented to the larger FF community, etc. It seems like a few new people signed up today based on this post so I'm happy for that. Thanks Nick! - Thomas Hawk
I have AlertThingy FriendFeed Edition as well as AlertThingy v2 - Outsanity
Well said, Thomas. :) - Josh Haley
Nice list of reasons, all well thought out. While I'm at it, I wanted to tell you that I really like your new blog design too. - Karoli
Do most folks use FF in Standard or Real-time view mode? - Scott Loftesness
Only ever real-time.. it sits nicely on the second monitor as a Chrome App. - Greg Gannicott
Realtime here... - Chris Gulker
Did you just reformatted your post, Thomas? It a lot easier to scan through now. - Alan Le
Alan, a lot of times I post first and edit later. I probably shouldn't do that, but yeah, after posting I broke up some of the paragraphs better, bolded a few things etc., to make it easier to read. - Thomas Hawk
That's great. Make sure to check out Windows Live Writer for formatting blog posts if you haven't already yet. By the way, I love the new blog design. It's much better than when I helped you with the html way back. - Alan Le
Y'know... I must've spent two months randomly Tweeting things like "Will someone PLEASE explain to me why I should be using FriendFeed?" ... And then two days ago I start using my account (I'd had one for a while)... and NOW someone finally makes a post outlining why I should be here. You're two days late, Mr. Hawk, two days late. :P - Lou
actually, there's no search for Russian word forms on Frf. For me that looks as if there's no search at all - orie
hmmm.. I didn't know that orie. It seems like there is a lot of international users on FF, that's surprising to me. - Thomas Hawk
I've been trying to make sense of FF for months now, but every time I come away confused. As it is I feel like I'm drowning under all the social networking sites available. I use Twitter, Plurk and Facebook the most, and I use so I only have to post status updates once. How can I integrate FF into this without making things even more confusing? - Chris Taylor
oooh! I found the zooomr version of this post with no formatting and I whined somewhere else in my FF feed. This one with all the formatting is better :D - Tamar Weinberg
I really liked how you did a post on Flicker - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
All good reasons but #10 is my #1 reason :) - Mark Krynsky
Mark - agreed. Also, Thomas ... very nice blog. I like. - Amani
@Tamar, the unformated text was a problem on the Zooomr image. Kristopher's fixed that bug now so text in descriptions on Zooomr photos should format correctly now. - Thomas Hawk
I wasn't using FF, but signed up after your post. Now let's see if it is really so useful ;-) - Marcel Körner
@Marcel also take into consideration who you are subscribed to. Aside from maybe four on your current sub list, they are not very active at all on FF. This will affect your experience here. - Carlos Ayala
Didn't know there was a "Porn" room on FF (see screenshot)... - David Young
how did you see that they are not active on FF? - Marcel Körner
David, the "porn" room on FriendFeed isn't all that active actually. I'm not really interested in porn per se, just thought it was a good group name to claim in the great FriendFeed land group name grab of 2008. - Thomas Hawk
@Marcel by their numbers, and the fact that i know most of them and can tell you first hand that they are not. (if you hover over people's names you will see their numbers) - Carlos Ayala
still hard to beat 5 years on for speed - Thomas Power
So true Thomas: people still can't as a majority read dynamic feeds. - Zu from AOD
it gives you an easy key to the way back machine - chaz2b
Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. ~~~ Winston Churchill
Eric Logan
Lawsuit Alleges Chipotle’s Steve Ells Tried to Steal Momofuku’s Ideas -- Grub Street New York -
Lawsuit Alleges Chipotle’s Steve Ells Tried to Steal Momofuku’s Ideas -- Grub Street New York
A British chef who trained at Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck in Bray and did culinary R&D work for fast-casual giant Chipotle has filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court alleging that former boss Steve Ells damaged his professional reputation after short-changing Momofuku chef and owner David Chang. The New York Post reports that the Chipotle CEO approached Kyle Connaughton in 2011 to develop a "ramen-house equivalent to Chipotle" without disclosing the nature of his previous interactions with the Momofuku restaurateur. After an alleged disagreement over money, Ells reportedly "cut Chang out of the deal" and subsequently opened the Asian fusion concept ShopHouse. Connaughton says he was fired after confronting Ells over the ethics of pilfering another chef's intellectual property and is now suing the executive for "unspecified monetary damages." A representative of Momofuku indicated that the restaurant group is not a party to the lawsuit. "We hope the parties work out their differences," the rep tells Grub Street. - Eric Logan from Bookmarklet
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