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Louis Gray
Hillel Fuld
RT @TechCrunch: The Nexus One Gets A Priceless Ad On Google's Homepage by @jasonkincaid
How Disney’s ‘Pocahontas’ Became ‘Avatar’
Dave Peck
Hey where did all my followers/following go? New Blog Post
I had the 0 follwers/following thing but they are back now - michelle harris
Jason Pollock
#AMAZING GRAPH OF TWITTER STATS = 10 Days of Influence Tracked by Density of Response =
I love twitter statistics! - Jason Pollock
let me know your thoughts about this graph... - Jason Pollock
It's interesting, however it only puts the heavyweight #'s in there. I'd like to see the heavyweight retweet fiends' density maps :) - iamkhayyam
Vandy Russ
Ralph McTell – Streets of London -
Jason Pollock
After FriendFeed’s Sale, Trust In Social Sites Has Been Shattered rt @jungleg
Google Opt-Out Village. For those who want their privacy.
Picture 9.png
Kelly Olexa
Why these are Road Warriors' favorite cities for business trips I'd agree.
Dan Martell
RT: @jonbischke eduFire mentioned in the September issue of Fast Company as one of 5 Startups to Watch in the EDU space:
Mark Frost
These guys seem legit. (PIC) -
These guys seem legit. (PIC)
Dan Schawbel
ADVICE: The Rules of Emailing at Work
Robert Scoble
The "stolen" Twitter docs now being published by TechCrunch just make Twitter look freaking awesome. Agree or disagree? Tell me here:
I think that this helps Twitter get to the next level. Why? Because it brings us deep inside Twitter where we see what they are thinking. It humanizes Twitter. It opens up Twitter in a way that Facebook simply won't be able to respond to. - Robert Scoble
If they can pull off what has been shown, definitely, but I do have my doubts. - NOT THE CRICKET
definitely agree. They seems pretty promising. - TheHenry
I called Arrington an Asshole yesterday & today I said I loved him! Im into women though - i get married next saturday - iTbay
The pulse of the planet. You've gotta' love that. - Gregg Morris
James: me too, but at least it shows that there's leaders there. - Robert Scoble
If I were at Facebook now I would have a hacker "steal" my internal plans and publish them too. This is great PR for Twitter. - Robert Scoble
ah crap techcrunch has lost it, stupid journalism and unwanted - Keith Dsouza
Whether it's good or not for Twitter the whole thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth from TC perspective. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Awesome? Asking for a "full license to the content (including commercial use)", doesn't sound very awesome to me. - Darren
Should have turned the docs over to the authorities. Take the high road not the road to more page views. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
This came up in our discussion, this might actually help Twitter. This is the first time everyone's pretty much siding with them and giving twitter sympathy. We have a great discussion on the matter going on here: - David Spinks
I agree. - Özgür D. Cyric from iPhone
It's still in bad taste. What would he say if his company's internal strategy were leaked and publicly scrutinized by competitors? This is a plus for Twitter because they sound like they have things together, but Arrington and TechCrunch just look petty and opportunistic. - ServInt
Although just about any news outlet would do the same thing, so it's hard to fault him entirely. - ServInt
Robert , cant agree more, this is great PR for Twitter. Maybe this is whole incident is going according to Plan ? If the French site got these tonnes of doc's why did they not pub them too eh ?? after all its a scoop correct ? - Peter Dawson
I suspect in the end it will be a win win for both parties TC and Twitter. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Twitter just looks like all the rest of us, innovating away, not really sure where they are going. It all looks very real and normal to me. - Graeme Sutherland
I'm with Molly Wood on this. Dick move Tech Crunch. - Tom McCoy
Twitter may look awesome but I think it makes TechCrunch look awful. When you use the word "stolen" it's like you don't think they were but they were. This is TechCrunch profiting off stolen goods which is illegal when it comes to tangible items. I think they should have turned them over to Twitter with a hey dude I think you might want these back..... - Jerranna
Is this a PR tactic by twitter? - Ruchit Garg
I have to agree with Darren, I don't like the concept that Twitter wants "full license to the content (including commercial use)." Their "content," as I understand it, are the thoughts and musings of all us tweeps. Sure, lots of people, myself included, also use Twitter to promote an article or some other sort of publicity. But what about the more random thoughts that are posted? I... more... - Ian Paul
Phase 1 - Release documents showing what we'd like to do. Phase 2 - Do something else. Phase 3 - Profit - Keith Barrett from Android
Looks they know who they are but is it deliberate? - Ashish
Re: my earlier comment about licensing content. I just got to the document where Twitter discusses content licensing options. I like the issues they're pondering and the consideration for the average user. Let's hope that kind of awareness remains. I'm impressed by the process Twitter is going through, and the thoughtfulness these documents express. But does it make them look awesome?... more... - Ian Paul
"Audience size: 1st to a Billion = Awesome" - I imagine the Twitter guys throwing up the horns and headbanging when they read this to themselves. - Bryan Zirkel
It's a link farm. There's no conversation going on there. But hey, we need one of those. Just like we need a World Wide Rolodex called Facebook. It's all good. - Stephen Pickering
i think it's a bull$hit story, for new bogus cyber laws, and also to distract from the Goldman Sachs/Quantum Trading Shakeup scandal ; see +++ and also btw: LaToyah Jackson Twitter-Follow autoUpdate delayed by Twitter - ewing2001akaNicomedy2010
Again, I think Twitter could have stolen the thunder away from TechCrunch here and just published it all ahead of time. They had a huge opportunity. - Jesse Stay
I think I would call this in favor of Twitter. They have been very close to the vest about their plans to the point that people have speculated (too long) that there are no plans or they are too scattered to have any plans. In the absence of communication / information, people have been filling in the "blanks" with their own information and most of it has not been good. So, by giving us... more... - Brenda Young
I will let you know my personal opinion after getting my “advisor shares” :))) - Nir Ben Yona
Actually, the "Twitter Papers" stolen and leaked make them look like a company in the thrall and haze of early momentum trying to figure out what do next...trying not to be stupid and squander what they, and many of us, sense is an historic commercial, consumer and social moment. Their apparent bouncing from suitor meeting to suitor meeting to acquisition analysis and back to competitor... more... - Thom Kennon
Feldman has gotten hold of all 320 pages it seems, heh - Mark
I love the idea, a lot of my hopes for twitter may not be (such) a pipe dream anymore. It would be great if they came through on 1/2 of the ideas "posted" by TC. - Adam
Bill: Actually, they seem to further equivocate, saying they didn't give "permission for these documents to be shared". That could simply refer to them giving the thief permission to "share" with TC... not denying they let Arrington publish them with, my guess is, agreed edits and redacts. Schonfeld is very quiet about all this. Would be interesting to sweat him out a bit... - Thom Kennon
In my opinion TC shouldnt public any of these docs ,,,,they are stolen and there is no way that this site or another will use them - Johni Fisher
what do you mean Johni? gawker have stated tonight they will post the whole set of documents if someone sends them to their inbox - Mark
TC is doing Twitter a favor. By controlling what gets out Twitter remains happy, it remains controversial, and Twitter gets more exposure than they could ask for. Otherwise you can bet they will end up on wikileaks somewhere (and they probably will anyway). - Jesse Stay
Jesse Stay: do you see an opportunity in the way that these docs landed on the TC table ... sorry they should protect Twitter and help them to find the one that made that, TC has an important space today in the tech world and they sould protect companies like Twitter - Johni Fisher
who's gonna lead the friendGate heist? - George Dearing from BuddyFeed
Johni, even more so, TC has a responsibility as a journalist to report the news, and protect their sources at the same time. I imagine the reporting here and discussions with Twitter were done in a very business-like manner, offering Twitter the opportunity for a ton of exposure if Twitter in turn would agree not to sue them. The other alternative would be the entire documents would end... more... - Jesse Stay
Jesse : if there is fire somewhere will you join ? or try to help ?TC has much more than just responsibility,I cant see any other way to publish these docs with out the 100% OK of Twitter ,and if some one will ask me ,I am sure that all this story is with the 100% ok from them ,TC will not take any risk on that ,,,its funny that most of us are belivers :-))) - Johni Fisher
Johni, I'm saying this leak is the best thing that could have happened to Twitter. There's no fire, and Tech Crunch is only helping to make it better. What would be worse is it appearing on Wikileaks with no exposure in any way by TechCrunch. Twitter's trying to downplay it right now because they have to or their investors will be all over them. Twitter couldn't ask for better exposure though. Controversy is what makes products. - Jesse Stay
Jesse:If Twitter are not ok with the action it should never be on the Air ,sorry that I cant agree about TC helping Twitter and not losing the big news to other bloger ,,,LOL TC has much more to lose than other bloger ,,, and if I was Twitter founder I would make 20-50 million usd just by asking TC to pay quickly with out the court ,,,,I am sure that this story if Twitter will act with... more... - Johni Fisher
"Stolen" indeed. These docs were written to be leaked. - Garin Kilpatrick
It look like Twitter is going public ... lets see - Johni Fisher
Anyone that previously thought the they don't have a plan to generate revenue is now proven wrong. They certainly spend a considerable amount of time thinking about that. - Joe Buhler
A little too much to think of twitter as "the pulse of the internet", but they do look awesome. Wonder if it wasnt all just a big PR stunt.. it came on a very good timing! - Leonardo Saraceni
I have issues with TC's decision to publish this info but I'll admit that I read every word of that last post. I'm blown away by how much information was revealed. My head is spinning digesting all of the info and wondering how all of those potential partnerships will be impacted. - Mike Doeff
agree - Thomas Power
stolen is the key word. not leaked, but stolen. it pisses me off that @arrington is trying to make this whole thing look like he is doing twitter a favor by helping them with their security isuues and so on. the right thing to do would have been to email @ev or whomever and tell them they had been hacked. delete the documents off of his computer and report the story with twitters permission. if it were leaked info, i think @arrington could do whatever he wanted with the info. - Tobias Lewsadder
another issue is the burning of bridges... did @arrington shoot himself in the foot by doing this? will twitter ever grant him an interview? will twitter ever come to him with breaking news? will twitter investors like kevin rose ever trust arrington? and... after the whole @leolaporte issue where everyone was hating on @arrington and he stated that he feared for his personal safety, is... more... - Tobias Lewsadder
Mostly it makes TC look like a bunch of assholes. - Bas
I am sure they are not assholes, but their editorial policy is spotty at best, and broken at worst. - Mark
The funny thing about Arrington, is when it all gets too much for him he goes on vacation. He is publishing stolen documents and getting slammed for it, but of course its all about him, so he proclaims he is running away to las vegas. - Mark
Of course he thinks he is a martyr now for publishing this. He tweeted something like "taking the sword in the back" for the good of the industry. You better believe if it was a blog with less influence than TC, or less power than Arrington there would have been cease and desists and other legal things from TWITTER. - Mark
I thought there was some kind of law against stealing and/or publishing internal business documents. Espionage. Maybe Twitter's business model just became suing TechCrunch? - beersage
they wouldn't dare sue techcrunch, right? - Mark
Holy crap, maybe they WOULD sue TechCrunch for "the damage caused" - Mark
@Mark - Twitter has more "Charisma" in my opinion... meaning more folks would come to Twitter's defense if they sued TechCrunch than consider them 'evil.' They'd probably have to show that the release of the documents has damaged their business. - beersage
Take a look at that Twitter blog post posted a few hours ago, it seems to suggest they might go after people who publish internal documents - Mark
But why would they leak documents in which they say Marissa at google is a pain in the ass? - Mark
lolz - Mark
From what I've read it's all good press,all power to ya Twitter. - Richard Kawane Sr
Indeed. If felt a bit like nosing around into someone's secret diary but it does make them look smart, deep thinking and a bit dreamy (which is not necessarily bad.) I am not sure I am ok with TechCrunch publishing it though. And I loved this: “unusually happy place to work in”. - Ina Ghita
ScottBourne: welcome to our legal system where if there are two conflicting interests things sometimes get warped. There's lots of legal precident here for stolen docs to be sharable publicly because of our First Amendment. Twitter would probably lose a suit, according to the legal analysis I've seen. This is why journalists and lawyers aren't liked, though. No one ever said this business is nice. - Robert Scoble
Wreaks of publicity stunt to this skeptic... - Dale
IMO, dealing in stolen good is just that. publishing them doesn't change anything. sure, there are times that some have purposefully stolen documents with the express purpose of publishing them - sometimes to expose crimes, etc. it's still stealing and some go to jail for such actions no matter the motive or outcome. finally publishing stolen Twitter docs doesn't come close to journalistic acts of publishing stolen government docs in an effort to thwart crimes so don't even go there. - MikeAmundsen
I side with Twitter on the whole thing (mostly since they admitted to being in the wrong), but to an extent, I question the validity and integrity of the documents, since nobody outside of Twitter has seen them (Barring whoever supposedly submitted them to TechCrunch, and the few people who read the related blog posts). - Tyson Key
Gotta agree with Dale... this seems pretty contrived. And coming off the heels of techcrunch, where real-time media is all the rage, it seems like a planned way to build buzz on the Twit - Mark Gordon
it is good PR for new hire: great ambitions - Jadito
The perception from the docs is that they are diligently planning and internalizing their growth. That said going from 25 million users to 1 Billion in just 4 years would be breathtaking -- and far beyond the faster than any communication paradigm ever in the history of the planet.....Is this planned? That seems unlikely. Should they have been posted by TechCrunch -- no. - Shane Pearson
They will achieve such ambition if they are bought by a bigger one. What is if they change their privacy policy like Facebook did. - Eric Gourmet
Brian Austin
Another Security Tip For Twitter: Don’t Use “Password” As Your Server Password (via @JonathanNelson)
andrew k
Do we need to rethink our entire system of User+Psswrd logins? weak passwords kill us, and cloud storage will make it worse.
Cyndi lauper time after time.. And I don't have the kareoke mic. FML
@unmarketing @sethsimonds I'm unfollowing these guy now, plus they never talk to me anyways. Not like I'm really losing anything. :)
Chris Foley
Hi, Twitter Spam guy? Please don't attempt to market to me via DM. I will NEVER click on your link. No, not even then. Stop it. You suck.Thx
Iulian Gabriel
HP cuts outlook and jobs - PC sales slump
Exceptional TweetWeek from @JuliaRoy (our lady ga ga). Learned about Twitter's new Authorized Account badge for celebs.
Exceptional TweetWeek from @JuliaRoy (our lady ga ga). Learned about Twitter's new Authorized Account badge for celebs.
Angela Alcorn
Buffalo Chicken Chili - Recipe File - Cooking For Engineers -
Buffalo Chicken Chili - Recipe File - Cooking For Engineers
Gerald Weber
Linking to bad neighborhoods can KILL your SEO efforts
John Boitnott
Physics WIN! (Kid?...Not so much) -
Physics WIN! (Kid?...Not so much)
Joshua Denney
If I were the CEO of Twitter... via @sharonhayes/@braxto
If I were the CEO of Twitter... via @sharonhayes/@braxto
Gerald Weber
Kanye West (Douchebag?) Says He's Too "Creative" for Twitter
I love Kanye. I though how he said it was hysterical. 'Twitter offers a whole bunch of what I need less of'. Finally a celebrity who's not jumping on; and I believe the reason he talks about it at all is the impersonators are pissing him off. - Michelle McCormack
Gerald Weber
5 Best "WTF Moments" - The Best Movie Award Category Ever -
Warren Butler
Twitter = WTF and Friendfeed = FTW
Jason Nunnelley
Let's get physical, physical (gone bad)RT @Dropsofreign: RT @vin495: RT @DominicScott:
Let's get physical, physical (gone bad)RT @Dropsofreign: RT @vin495: RT @DominicScott:
Jason Nunnelley
@wildriverswater Seesmic Desktop is much better for me than Tweetdeck, so long as I restart it ever twenty minutes or so.
Robert Bob Angeles
Swine Flu Discovered In Popcorn ~ (via @popcornface) LOL!!!
Swine Flu Discovered In Popcorn ~ (via @popcornface) LOL!!!
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