FedEx Boeing 777 takeoff at Köln Bonn Airport -
FedEx Boeing 777 takeoff at Köln Bonn Airport
Germanwings A320 takeoff at Köln Bonn Airport -
Germanwings A320 takeoff at Köln Bonn Airport
Innotribe@Sibos Osaka 29 Oct – 1 Nov 2012 « Petervan's Blog -
The Digital Asset Grid is one of the most forward-looking of Innotribe’s incubation projects. In this session, we will present the results of the prototype, including a business story, a compelling video, real applications and a prototype back-end infrastructure. We will bring about an in-depth conversation with some of the world’s leaders on privacy and digital footprint, followed by an interactive discussion with the audience too. Already confirmed: Liz Brandt, CEO, Ctrl-Shift Michael Fertik, Founder and CEO, Andrew Keen, Author, TechcrunchTV Matthias Kroener, CEO, Fidor Bank Alan Mitchell, Strategist, Ctrl-Shift Drummond Reed, Founder, Phil Windley, Founder and CTO, Kynetx Mark Dowds, Investor, Julius Akinyemi, MIT Media Lab and Wealth Of Nations - 7h0ma5
The Epic Hacking of Mat Honan and Our Identity Challenge -
Companies like Experian, IDology, Trulioo are using new and innovative ways to address the identity verification needs of your systems. And while this needs to be used in a risk aware context, I suspect that the risk in cases like iCloud is not being properly weighed against the needs of frictionless (not necessarily good) customer service and purchasing ability. In fact, we need to start moving from identity authentication to identity recognition, with identity verification a key component of that move. - 7h0ma5
Bank(s) As A Platform « Petervan's Blog -
we are thinking about companies (banks) hosting apps that run on top of this Customer Cloud Operating System. I use the more generic term “customer” in stead of “personal” Cloud Operation System, as the “customer” can be both the person, a corporate, or even a device or program. In all our discussions, we have been so tempted to say that the value is in the apps (upper layer of this diagram). Whether that is in providing those apps as service providers (the bank as a data service provider), or as a consumer of data-services (in that case the bank acts as a “vendor” of financial services, trying to leverage the information from the direct channel with the customer (whether that customer is a retail or wholesale customer) - 7h0ma5
Windows Azure Active Directory における Web SSO (WS-Federation 編) - 松崎 剛 Blog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs -
発行した Web アプリケーションに接続すると、認証されていない状態のため、Windows Azure Active Directory に飛ばされ、最終的に下図の Office 365 の SignIn の画面が表示されます。 上図で Office 365 のテナントへのログイン ID とパスワードを入力すると、リダイレクトされて、Web アプリケーションに戻ってきます。(必要な情報が SAML トークンとして POST されます。) Web アプリケーション側では、WIF のハンドラーにより、渡された SAML トークンの検証がおこなわれ、問題なければ Web アプリケーションのページ���表示します。 表示される Web アプリケーションのページでは、上記のプログラム コードの通り、渡された Claim からユーザー名などの属性情報を取得できます。(下図) - 7h0ma5
OAuth 101 & Secure APIs 2012 Cloud Identity Summit -
by Brian Campbell on Jul 15, 2012 - 7h0ma5
Green Car Congress: OnStar opens up APIs for Smart Grid applications for EVs -
OnStar services are enabled by its Advanced Telematics Operating Management System. ATOMS is an automotive application cloud platform connecting to more than 6 million OnStar customers. Apps created using the API will deliver services and functionality in the same manner. Giving safe access to the ATOMS Cloud Platform is part of a broad 2012 growth initiative OnStar announced at the CES. - 7h0ma5
"OpenId transaction in progress" - Google 検索 -
OpenID RP サイト(の一部)の検索 - 7h0ma5
O Auth 2.0 The Path to Heaven from Hell -
OAuth 以前の話 (AuthSubとか) 1.0 からのアップデート Grant Type Bearer/MAC - 7h0ma5
Congratulations on a great paper ("On Breaking SAML" at the 21st Usenix -
SSTC から "On Breaking SAML" への公式声明? - 7h0ma5
brokers and directories | Flickr - Photo Sharing! -
Diagram showing the interaction between brokers and directories in a personal cloud "Buyer Personal Cloud" と "Seller Personal Cloud" - 7h0ma5
Nach 2 Monaten warten, gerade endlich aus England eingetroffen: der Raspberry Pi!
Gerade die erste Abi-Klausur (Englisch) geschrieben, nächste Woche folgt dann Mathe und Physik.
Den Reifendruck um 0,2 bar gegenüber den Herstellerangaben erhöhen, dadurch sinkt der Rollwiderstand und der Spritverbrauch sinkt, ohne...
Der Kommentar-Dienst Disqus bindet zwangsweise Google Analytics und andere Tracker mit ein, kann man das abschalten?
Gewitter in Aachen.
RT @gutjahr: What? Welche Konferenz!? RT @michaelumlandt: Spreche mit @mahrko @gutjahr und @huwendiek auf einer Konferenz bei der ich nie zugesagt habe.
Unwind Library Interface -
tart_eh_personality.c - tart - Tart is a strongly-typed general purpose programming language. - Google Project Hosting -
/runtime/internal/eh.d - ldc - D Programming Language - Trac -
Christian’s Projects - Exception handling in LDC using LLVM -
Christian’s Projects - Exception handling in LDC using LLVM -
Christian’s Projects - Exception handling in LDC using LLVM -
Christian’s Projects - Exception handling in LDC using LLVM -
/runtime/internal/eh.d - ldc - D Programming Language - Trac -
/runtime/internal/eh.d - ldc - D Programming Language - Trac -
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