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Thomas Hawk
Google Buzz, Don’t Listen to the Naysayers, They’re Wrong - http://thomashawk.com/2010...
Don't even listen to Scoble? *gasp* - sofarsoShawn
Heh. - Robert Scoble
I'm NOT a naysayer. I'm using it and want it to get better. That's far from being a naysayer. - Robert Scoble
I'm more surprised that Robert commented here :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Remember WoH, he ego FrienFeed's. And Scoble's a total naysayer: paraphrasing here: "the realtime flow makes it impossible to use for the über popular techno-élite like me who follow a lot of people." just 1/12 of your points on why Buzz is lacking. - sofarsoShawn from iPhone
Interesting post. My advice: Google should simply buy FriendFeed and make BuzzFeed(tm) as a standalone service separated from Gmail. - Simon Cahuk
@Simon Cahuk, Sir I don't believe FriendFeed is for sale again, as Facebook owns it now :) - Ashish Rangole
nay - sofarsoShawn
Too much noise in the Buzz system for me. also, it being essentially closed, not worth adding another box to check 50 X a day like I do here. - Thom Kennon
@Ashish Rangole: If Google makes a good offer, you can't never know :). - Simon Cahuk
The question for me is not where Buzz is going but what does Buzz give me in the social networking sphere that I don't already have? The answer right now is 'nothing' unless you want to count 'contact management headaches' as an answer. When the answer is 'something,' (and no headaches), then and only then will I even begin to consider Buzz. Furthermore, I think it's a mistake to... more... - Jim #teamFFrank
I think people have to differentiate the difference between naysayers and critics who really love the service and want it to improve. Scoble offers his input, as do I in many cases, because we *want* buzz to succeed. Because we *want* to see it get better and better. Critics are important to any social network. I bitch about all sorts of stuff on buzz and have since the beginning. A lot still needs to be fixed. But I think it's the most exciting thing going on on the web since FriendFeed. - Thomas Hawk
Okay, now get you their, naysayers, really ambiguous. You're directing that to the "Haters" if you will who don't wish it success at any cost. I completely agree that without constructive criticism, things will never improve. - sofarsoShawn
Thomas.. I agree about the critics, I got called out for being negative today and this was my response; As both a developer and a product manager I have never received any value from customers who just pat my team on the back and say "good job". The most valuable input has been from customers who have stretched the boundaries, asked the toughest questions, and pushed us to our limits. Our strongest critics often provided our most helpful feedback. - Chris Myles
Thomas Hawk
Security Guard at 555 California Street Threatens to Punch Photographer in the Face and Break His F****ing Camera - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
Security Guard at 555 California Street Threatens to Punch Photographer in the Face and Break His F****ing Camera
I was disappointed today to read a report by my friend Troy Holden, who works on the Caliber blog over a run in that he and another photographer had with a group of security guards at 555 California Street. I’ve known Troy for a while and we’ve been out shooting alot together. According to Troy, security guards there objected to him and a friend photographing the building based on “safety” issues. When challenged on the photography ban, according to Troy, one of the security guards asked him if he’d like to be punched in the face and threatened to break his f***ing camera. I’m very disappointed to read about this terrible reaction by these guards at 555 California Street. Photography is not a crime, nor should be taking exterior photographs of buildings and architecture. Furthermore the reaction by this guard was totally uncalled for and extremeley unprofessional. I hope that he is disciplined for his behavior in this case. - Thomas Hawk
Time for a walk over to 555 California. It's just about lunch time now.... - Jeremy Brooks
I'm considering a lanyard iPhone case so that I can just hang it around my neck and fire up video recording when I meet idiots like this. - Jeremy Brooks
Printing out and showing someone the "photographer's rights under the law" on a card would probably help more in a confrontational situation than shooting video of them. Security guards are unlikely to be even aware of the law as it regards photography, they're just reacting to perceived encroachment and watching their asses. - Adrian
Agreed. recording video of these incidents would help tremendously. - Adam Jackson from Yoono
Protect yourself by knowing your rights: http://www.urban75.org/photos... - Adrian
I have noticed that there has been a "shut down" of sorts on taking pictures especially where public places are concerned, Oddly, Burger King in my town has a notice posted on the drive up that you can not take a photo of the building within a certain parameter. As I analyzed this strange sign three things came to mind: 1) people in the shot who find themselves posted on social media... more... - Melanie Reed
Social Media has changed the playing field for a lot of things we used to take for granted - Melanie Reed
CW- I'm only reporting what I saw in my own town, not making a judgment on how effective postings like this are. I am using some deductive reasoning on why such signs (and behaviors) might be popping up more often. It portends to me, taking into account some other tangential issues raised by the Internet, that there are going to be more not less of these kind of things in the offing. - Melanie Reed
CW, I understand, but my point is that when someone tries to bully you out of your rights, the first thing they need to be made aware of is that you are in fact aware of your rights and that they are now breaking the law. You flip the script and if that doesn't work, proceed to step B... videotaping the act, confrontation, so on. - Adrian
And as long as you bring up your technology and skill, I believe this is what many celebrities have been arguing over for quite some time, is it not? The right to privacy has become a rather strange and illogical fight. On the one hand, there are some in society who argue "what's done in Taiwan, Bangkok, or other remote location, stays in that location" On the other hand, we now have... more... - Melanie Reed
I also want to say that I am awed by the skill of photographers and I admire much of what you create (with the exception of those who create pornography). I understand that taking a picture for many its about creating art. But then on that floor, I think of painters. Most cannot paint a portrait without being asked or seeking permission. Sketching by a remote location usually was not... more... - Melanie Reed
Adrian, If you have ever been involved in one of the confrontations with a security guard, you will know that about 90% of the time the SG has no idea what the law is and doesn't care. No amount of reasoning will get them to change their mind. Many are on a power trip, they are always right and you are always wrong, in their mind. - Jeff P. Henderson
Melanie, the problem here is that in the US you have a perfect right to take photographs of just about anything you want in a public place. So long as you are not taking photos in a place the people would reasonably expect to have privacy, such as a public rest room or a dressing area, or though a window into a private space. Yes it is good practice to ask people if you can photograph... more... - Jeff P. Henderson
Here is a great resource which summarizes photographers rights in the US. http://www.krages.com/phorigh... - Jeff P. Henderson
Dugg. Maybe Calibersf will be getting slammed for a second day in a row. :-) - Jeremy Brooks
Jeff, I've been taking photos of future wireless telecom facility locations for a living for the past 15 years. I've shot thousands of locations and been there many many times, but taking these photos is my job, and part of that is to diffuse a situation in a professional manner. - Adrian
Jeff, thank you for the explanation. So you're saying that if someone does not want to be photographed, they really have no rights if it is a public space? What should be their response? What are my choices? It seems I don't have the right anymore to refuse to be photographed. - Melanie Reed
Melanie, I think most photographers, when asked not to take someone's photo, will honor the request so the problem for the most part is self correcting, but as I said you still can take their photo if you really want to. Most people will avoid confrontation. This is how paparazzi get away with harassing celebrities in public, the celebs have very little recourse. I am hesitant to shoot closeups of people in public, but some photographers do this on a daily basis. - Jeff P. Henderson
Adrian, yes acting professional will usually help. I also have seen that if you are a professional doing your job, you are less likely to be harassed or thought of as some sort of threat as opposed to a couple of guys wandering around the streets shooting photos. Cops and security guards seem to have a hard time grasping the concept that people actually go out and shoot photos of buildings and inanimate objects for art's sake or just for the fun of it. - Jeff P. Henderson
Melanie, in the U.S. at least people have no rights not to be photographed in public settings. See Nussenzweig v. DiCorcia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - Thomas Hawk
Jeff, so as I understand what you have said, if I really want to protect myself from the invasion of an unwanted photograph, I must either stay away from all public places or wear some kind of protection that totally disguises myself. Strange as it may seem, lots of people consider this an invasion. They do remember a time when they could walk about freely without being harassed or the... more... - Melanie Reed
Thank you Thomas. That's good to know. Now I have a question. Would any of you like to photographed all the time in the manner that you are describing that you have made clear we have no rights. in? You are usually on the other side of the lens. How do you think you would feel? would it bother you? - Melanie Reed
We *are* photographed constantly, all day, every day. There are surveillance cameras all over the place now. If somebody wants to photograph me in a public place, whatever. It doesn't bother me. I know that the same rights that apply to me apply to them. If I don't want to have my photo taken, I have the right to turn around, walk away, wear a hat and sunglasses. Rights are more important than our individual preferences. - Jeremy Brooks
Malanie, I shoot photos in public places all of the time such as fairs, the beach, amusement parks etc. which contain people in them and have rarely had anyone object. Mind you I'm not shooting close ups of people, generally my photos are of a large scene that happens to contain people. I don't think this is really that big of an issue for most people. People often do notice my rather... more... - Jeff P. Henderson
Good summary Jeremy. - Jeff P. Henderson
Jeff, that's a good point. We are very likely in the background (or possibly the subject of) lots of different photographs that we have no idea were taken. Visited any major cities tourist traps? Click click, welcome to somebody's family album. - Jeremy Brooks
Jeremy and Jeff, with respect, I disagree. It is the right of people not to be photographed if they don't want to be. I had a social studies teacher who introduced me to a concept:"Your rights end where another's begin" Photography like many other things is an activity, but it is not a right. - Melanie Reed
Melanie, I agree with you from a common sense and civility stand point, but according to the law you are incorrect. - Jeff P. Henderson
You can disagree, and I understand your sentiment, but in fact you are incorrect. People do NOT have the right to privacy in the United States when they are in a public location. That's the way it is. There are many things that may be irritating to us, but people have the guaranteed right to participate in those activities, and I'll say it again: Rights are more important than our individual preferences. - Jeremy Brooks
Jeremy thank you for your response. It is isn't irritating to me at all. With respect to you, It offends my very being. You invade another when you take something that does not belong to you. My image is my own. It was given to me. Indeed, there are some Indian tribes who also consider this sacred and to take a picture is to steal a little of their soul. - Melanie Reed
Melanie, are you offended when you walk into a shopping mall or into a bank, driving down the street? You are being photographed constantly in these locations and many others. - Jeff P. Henderson
Melanie, then how to you handle having your photograph taken dozens of times a day? Sorry, your image is not yours exclusively; we were given eyes. - Jeremy Brooks
Melanie, have you ever looked at the amazing photography of Robert Frank? Or Garry Winogrand? Or Lee Friedlander? Or even crazy old Bruce Gilden for that matter. Much of their work is street photography. Random and amazing art. Imagery taken of people without their permission. I think that we are richer as a society having work like this in our lives. Have you seen the videos of the... more... - Thomas Hawk
Gentlemen, the key point here is permission. I have the right to me. And you have the right to you. - Melanie Reed
Yes, but no one asked mine or your permission to take our photos at the bank or mall. How do you account for that? - Jeff P. Henderson
except Melanie that according the U.S. constitution as interpreted by the courts, the first amendment right to free speech trumps your right to not have your image captured. The greater good of having a free and open press/speech trumps the desire by people not to be in photographs. - Thomas Hawk
I think this discussion is getting off track. The incident being described here has nothing to do with people being photographed, it is a building. I suspect these guards could care less if you stood there and took pictures of people all day. They just won't let you take a picture of a building. - Kenton
The fact that this issue is over photographing an inanimate object makes it all the more ridiculous. - Jeff P. Henderson
Jeff, that's exactly my point. We could argue all day with Melanie over people's rights vs wants, but I think if any of us was approached by Melanie and asked not to photograph her we'd all agree and not take the picture. The fact that these security guards act like this when protecting a building from having its picture taken is just ridiculous. - Kenton
Here's the reality today: I am the guy standing in the middle of the sidewalk, wearing my orange baseball cap, taking pictures of all sorts of things, in all directions. You see ME. Everybody sees ME and where my lens is pointed. But Melanie, do you see the perverts behind/below/above you, shooting with long lenses, cell phones, minicams hidden in a baby stroller or other seemingly harmless item? The shutterbugs you can see? We aren't the ones you should be worrying about. - Morgan
We know you're just the decoy Morgan. That's why we need to get you out of the way first cause you're making it hard for us to keep an eye out for the pervs. :p - rønin from iPhone
Robert Scoble
Google Wave crashes on beach of overhype: http://scobleizer.com/2009... my blog about Wave.
I agree with you on this. Been playing with it in the dev preview and now in the released version and until I get people I know on there and reasons to discuss or collaborate then I don't see the value. The concept is excellent, the execution is excellent, I just don't think the product is what people are expecting. - Keith Bennett
When I first saw the release video of Wave it was clear this wasn't something that would be for you to invite all your friends to. I'm surprised at your harsh review in such a fast manner -- you opened it up to the world of your "friends" to play in the sandbox -- but did you actually have a mission? You actually point out that this has great potential for group work. It's about... more... - Elaine Young, Ph.D
Writing off Wave at this point is a bit like walking into a hardware store, picking up a hammer, walking around the store looking for stuff to hit and declaring "Why would I ever want a hammer? This is a waste of time." For teams and workgroups looking to improve the way they communicate and collaborate, Wave might be a great tool. For others, not so much. - Ken Sheppardson
Elaine: you are hoping for something more in depth? Come back in a month after things settle out and developers ship some real tools for it. Welcome to our real time world. Why do you assume that normal people will give ANY tool more than an hour before they decide whether it sucks or not? - Robert Scoble
The amount of hype this thing got will NOT be realized by a collaboration scenario. I had this years ago with Ray Ozzie's tools. Geesh. - Robert Scoble
since you dont have a use for it, can i haz your invite? - Iphigenie
Oh, I'm not arguing that it's over-hyped. That's the nature of the real time social media hype echo chamber we live in these days. :-) That's not to say it isn't a cool tool. BTW, I really miss Groove. :-( - Ken Sheppardson
I think you're absolutely right, Robert. I got my invite, all excited, signed up, added a friend, and.... *fizzle*... it's chat, it's IM, it's a bad twitter client... I hope it will evolve into something worthwhile. - Jan Ole Peek
I always understood wave as the next evolution of xmpp - something google envisaged when they first got their hands on jabber. Something distributed merging the features of instant messaging, forum and newsgroup. It was not aimed at twitter or facebook, it was more aimed at some of the live features of Notes and Groupwise and forums. PS: the hype it got is the same as every time google... more... - Iphigenie
I've been a wavesandbox user for months and today I got both my wave invite and as it just so happens I also got my threadsy invite. Suffice to say I'm much more excited about threadsy! Why? because it's actually helpful. - Bob Stewart
It's clearly not a 1:1 replacement for email and its early yet. This platform is made for customization. As soon as the development community catches up with concern/demand then I think Wave will be far more refined and valuable as a productivity tool. I think it's way too early to say its overhyped but it certainly makes for a great blog title :) Have a great time out in HMB with Chase today. - Jim Goldstein
How about that, you're absolutely right Robert. - Peter Kruit
I think I mentioned a month ago that people were going to be overwhelmed by this and it may be too soon to launch to the public. - Jesse Stay
This is one of those times where I'm happy to let the gang of 2000 beat it up before getting in. - Stuart Miniman
You are in the gang of 2000. Sorry, Stu. - Louis Gray
Imagine a Twitter network with five people on it, none of whom actually work on any of the same projects you need to finish this week. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Am I the only one who has been puzzled when people started saying "this is gonna be the new facebook/twitter"? I watched the whole 1.5 hour demo video and that thought never crossed my mind, nor did using it with dozens upon dozens of people at a time. The only things I saw them demo was a variety of tasks between a handful of friends or colleagues. Robert's right, when you've got a ton... more... - brendan
I didn't get an invite, so good. - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
pfff who needs an invite anyways... - sofarsoShawn
Gee I wonder who overhyped it? - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I collaborate with others to actually do things. Yes, Wave is young, but damn! I see its potential and I declare it awesome. - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
Google Wave passes the twitter test. Lots of folks didn't get twitter (and still don't) when it first appeared. GW will follow a similar trajectory..geek early adoption and later mass adoption. I like it that people don't quite get GW which means that people will use it in multiple ways, as they do twitter. I project that it will live up to the hype much like the iPhone. - Jim Posner
Or it'll follow the FriendFeed curve: a few geeks will get it, use it, become dedicated to it, it'll never see mass adoption, then the engineers will get recruited to work on other projects and the technology will just get folded into other systems... - Ken Sheppardson
My understanding is the intent was to re-invent email. So I see the gmail population eventually ending up on GW. Google as a rule has had few bombs. Certainly the GW platform will evolve (filters) to address some of the concerns Robert has. - Jim Posner
interesting review, i will have to check it out for myself! twitter(at)locspoc - Loc
There is Etherpad and Zenbe ShareFlow. I would wait and see how GoogleWave evolves. - Wins Fern
Nice to see you present some critical thoughts on this, and I must say that your comments seem very sensible! I would also like to point to services like Etherpad when it comes to real-time collaboration on documents, and I also think there seems to be (potentially) a lot of noise in Google Wave. It will be interesting to see though :-) - Reidar
Shalom Ormsby
A Move to Curb Digitally Altered Photos in Ads. Bill would require warning labels on retouched photos: http://www.nytimes.com/2009... (RT @mestrich )
Thomas Hawk
Never have I found the limits of the photographic potential. Every horizon, upon being reached, reveals another beckoning in the distance. Always, I am on the threshold. -- W. Eugene Smith
Jay Rosen
Go ahead: try to think of a single mainstream journalist or pundit whose basic stance toward bloggers isn't, "I am more realistic than you."
Krugman? - Jim Norris
Krugman isn't a journalist. He's an academic they gave a column to. - Jay Rosen
He's definitely a mainstream pundit though. - Jim Norris
What I mean is: he wasn't raised in the culture of the press. - Jay Rosen
James Fallows? - Jim Norris
Fallows is one. Yes. And that is one reason he is my favorite journalist. - Jay Rosen
Ooh, what do I win? ;-) - Jim Norris
Brooke and Bob of "On The Media" - Dave Winer
I shall make no comment on Bob. Brooke is cool. - Jay Rosen
Me? Or am I not enough of a big name, or "mainstream" journalist? I work at a daily metro... - Dave Earley
Many people like this answer... @ JonHenke to @jayrosen_nyu Yeah, but who doesn't think they're more realistic than people with whom they disagree? Who would think they're less realist?... Yep, they love this answer. They think it a slam dunk. - Jay Rosen
@timschlueter to @jayrosen_nyu me. (does it really make sense to go back into the trenches and play "bloggers" vs "mainstream journalists"?) http://twitter.com/timschl... - Jay Rosen
I am not trying to re-ignIte "bloggers vs msm." I'm trying to ask a question sorta like this, why doesn't a liberal journalist or pundit say, when being critical of liberal bloggers: I am better informed than you? or I am a better liberal than you? or I am a truer democrat than you? or I am more in the New Deal tradition than you? Instead it is (almost always, but not always) "I am more realistic than you...?" - Jay Rosen
Does realistic == cynical? - Dave Winer
No: it means in my usage: "....I am closer to what is actually happening, or likely to unfold. You may have other virtues but my strength is my realism." - Jay Rosen
Switching from politics to tech: Has Kara Swisher ever taken any other stance toward tech bloggers? Think about it. This will have to be continued; I am off to sleep. G'night. - Jay Rosen
I thikn she's usually been right -- when I've seen her be condescending to tech "bloggers" they've deserved it. I put the term blogger in quotes because I don't know in what way the bloggers are bloggers and she's not. In tech the word is so abused as to be virtually meaningless. - Dave Winer
Moyers? - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Arianna Huffington? Or is she not mainstream -- or a journalist? - Anastasia Ashman
Who are the worst offenders? - Dave Winer
Roger Ebert. (in answer to Jay's question, not Dave's) - Michael Calore from iPhone
Could it not be that many journalists *are* more realistic? (That is, in the sense that Jay offers: "closer to what is actually happening or likely to unfold.") But it's an odd question from a professor of media studies. Because, of course, journalists *wish* to be more realistic. They wish, in so far as possible, to capture that elusive first draft of history. They truly do want to be... more... - Jason Pontin
It's not realism or objectivity, it's detachment. They think of themselves as "historians of the present', but they are only 'chronologists of the present' - a true historian would actually know something about subject matter and state who is right and who is wrong and who is just lying. Just scribbling down HeSaidSheSaid is not writing down history, it is ignorant and irresponsible.... more... - Bora Zivkovic
"I'm objective, you're political." - Jay Rosen
Robert Scoble
So I am a bad blog administrator. But no one died. I am not in jail. I don't owe millions. My sons still hug me. There are worse mistakes!
Damn iPhone dictionary changed hug to huh. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
yeah seriously. lets move on. mine got hit as well. its back up. - Sameer
i dunno...you might want to have another think about that... :) - Simon Hicks
you should hire someone to do the occasional WP updates :-) - Holger Eilhard
I am about to move to squarespace anyway - Shawn Hickman
I would anticipate that an update to WordPress in the near future will have the ability to push automatic updates. Its nearly there now. - Doug McCaughan
Holger: believe me they are being done now. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
in the social economy, its' not money or health that suffers. This one comes out of your reputation bank account. No worries, you are rich there - Warren Whitlock
Ah well....the perils of making your mistakes in public instead of in quiet peaceful anonymity and obscurity like the rest of us..lol :-) - Julia Ault
I realize you are a lightening rod for these types of discussions Robert. but I have had many discussions with web designers/developers who are about fed up with the amount of updating and securing involved w/ self-hosted WordPress blogs. some have had similar experiences as you w/ regards to being hacked. - jbrotherlove
Opportunities like this excite all the "you should"ers. It's all good until it happens to them – and if they're interesting enough, it surely will. - Jason Hargrove
Beginning to see cooler heads today on this issue. Yesterday you would think everyone was on crazy pills. - David Bisset
Doug: Problem with the update system I've seen until now is that it requires to have an FTP account to the machine. (?) I try to stay away from that insecure thing as far as possible and only use SFTP via ssh... - Holger Eilhard
There are worse things in life. Singing offkey and torturing billions as a result is one :D - Sean Kearney
jbrotherlove: Maybe those designers/developers aren't up on the latest. Wordpress has a one-button update. How hard could that be? Haven't been forced to update Wordpress blogs in a while... plus there are ways to make your Wordpress site more secure, backup databases, etc. blah, blah, blah... :) - David Bisset
Like ;), this is the spirit! - CantorJF from iPhone
Tim: yadda yadda yadda ? :) - David Bisset
Holger: I'm an sftp/ssh fan myself. Perhaps we should encourage the wp team to push for a more secure AND automatic update process. - Doug McCaughan
Doug: Yep, we should! I've been wondering too why they're ignoring the fact that FTP is insecure! On the other hand I just did a quick search for this and found this post: http://devioustree.co.uk/2009... Or there should be an option to put the up-to-date version of WP into a given folder manually and have wordpress automatically update from there. Shouldn't be too complicated? - Holger Eilhard
David Bisset, you're right. there is a one-button backup option. but it has not worked as well (or at all) for some users (it worked for me). as for all the ways to make WP more secure, that's great if you are tech savvy with 1-2 blogs. when you are an "average" user or have multiple clients using WP, it's not so attractive. - jbrotherlove
There are ways to make Wordpress more secure (outside of keep it updated). I'm betting now that you'll be seeing it in newer Wordpress versions by default. As a Wordpress developer, it's also my responsibility to spread the word. - David Bisset
jbrotherlove: Well, it's up to Automatic or someone then to figure out why it doesn't work for everybody then. I've had no problems with it, and you noted you didn't either. Users with issues could be using crappy plugins perhaps? Just a guess. - David Bisset
Since time before time, asses will try and take what you've got. // "Massive ancient wall uncovered in Jerusalem" http://is.gd/2XE6K (CNN) ///// I wonder how many holes those people felt obliged to continually patch. - Jason Hargrove
After trying many platforms like Joomla, b2Eveolution, and others, for blogging, CMS, and sites, Wordpress is still a Best Solution even during it's growing pains. - jacky
In my line of work if I screw up, someone's life or property is in jeopardy. Sometimes I wish I had your job. :-) - Captain Jack
certainly are...like forgetting anniversary present ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
lol at least you admit it unlike all the other people who get hit with security issues when they don't update their software then claim it's not my fault lol - Rob Cairns
Shalom Ormsby
Surprise! 64-bit kernel booting not default in Snow Leopard. How to boot in 64-bit mode, and how to tell: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo...
sam b-r
another submission edited for @BlendImages time to get back in to photoshop. i love this job
Thomas Hawk
Think You Can Rip Someone’s Image From the Internet and Use it For Free? Think Again, You Just May End Up Sued and Lose - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
Think You Can Rip Someone's Image From the Internet and Use it For Free? Think Again, You Just May End Up Sued and Lose
It was interesting to hear yesterday from photographer Christopher Boffoli who has done a lot of freelance work lately for the West Seattle Blog. Boffoli wrote me and told me about a situation where a Seattle based Realtor, Laura Miller with Catalyst Commercial Partners, used an unauthorized photo of his for a real estate listing (photo above) of hers and ended up having to pay him a $1,000 small claims court judgment over it. I’ll let Boffoli tell part of the story in the email that he sent to me: - Thomas Hawk
Thomas Hawk
An Update on Edelson Flores’ Account Deletion on Flickr - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
I've Been Banned From the Flickr Help Forum
“Tom, I believe they reinstated my account “adoniel”, but everything is gone and will need to be added and uploaded again. I haven’t even bother to try to login to that account yet, and don’t think I ever will again. Not even my profile was restored as I had hoped it would at least be the case. Considering the amount of time I spent editing my profile, photostreams, editing photos, uploading, adding titles, descriptions and tagging all the photos in my account I don’t think I will be using Flickr ever again out of fear that they may do this to me again. Ironically, I was about to buy a 2-year Pro account the same week they deleted my account. Thank God I did not spent a penny of my hard earned money with Flickr if this is how they treat their very own customers. I did asked for a 1-year complementary Pro account as compensation and to make up for the inconvenience, aggravation and time I have wasted on this issue, but I have received no reply to that request as of yet. It doesn’t look... more... - Thomas Hawk
Wow, that's some nasty stuff! What other alternatives exist? SmugMug? - Luis D. Santos
Years ago, I had a run in with Yahoo's Customer "Service" regarding domain registration. It took months to sort out and I vowed never to use a Yahoo service again. Now, it seems like Yahoo is out to destroy what used to be great photo sharing site. In my opinion, Flickr has seriously gone down hill since Yahoo took over. - Rob LaRosa
I think this was a pentest on the a/c - more will follow. http://friendfeed.com/slashpd... - Peter Dawson
Thomas Hawk
I've Been Banned From the Flickr Help Forum on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
I've Been Banned From the Flickr Help Forum on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
It seems, unfortuantely, that Flickr's response to criticism about censorship (something many people not just me oppose on Flickr) is simply even yet more censorship. That's too bad. http://www.flickr.com/help... - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Very unfortunate! - Jeff P. Henderson
Haha! Brilliant! Their response to criticism about censorship is to censor it. What. A. Joke. - Chris Nixon
Oh Irony. In Dutch flikker (pronounce Flickr) means faggot. - Willem (@wim66) ☠
We need to draft a web service users Bill of Rights and get web services to agree to abide by them. If that fails, there is always the legislation route. - Jeff P. Henderson
that pretty well does it for me, I'm done with flickr. I've been considering getting a pro account but there is no way in hell I'm giving these people my money. Guess I'm off to research smugmug - John
Flickr's actions are pretty strange. I have never hear of so much banning going on on any other social network. FriendFeed has been getting a barrage of (sometimes way too harsh) criticism over the last couple of days, but their response is to man-up and take it on the chin. - Chris Nixon
Chris, I've always *strongly* admired FriendFeeds openness and lack of censorship. Even when things posted are critical of them they'll still let them appear in the "Best of Day" or other prominent places on the site. I have a tremendous amount of respect for the team to this end and it's one of things that I've found so refreshing about the service. - Thomas Hawk
the anti flickr blog by the way has moved and I honestly have absolutely zero to do with this new anti flickr blog. I was simply reporting on it after the authors of the blog (who I do not know who they are) pointed it out to me. http://saynotoflickr.blogspot.com - Thomas Hawk
Perhaps, Thomas, it's time for you to leave flickr behind, and just host your photos on your own site. What do you gain from continuing to post on flickr? - scherbi: bottom dweller
Bill, there is a tremendous and engaging community of photographers on Flickr, like no place else that exists. I couldn't ever imagine leaving. it's not just about hosting my photos. It's about being a part of that whole community process. It sucks being banned from the help forum simply for criticizing censorship and account deletions, but for now at least Flickr has a monopoly on the community photo sharing space and I can't ever imagine leaving that as much as I've immersed myself in it. - Thomas Hawk
that's it... yahoo is TOAST - Chris Heath
I think the problem is not that you are critical. After all, if I criticised them, they would simply ignore the issue. The problem is that you are critical and have an audience. - Chris Nixon
it's getting ridiculous! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Has Yahoo's Faustian bargain with the Chinese autocrats begun to affect Flickr? - Dennis Jernberg
Good!! It's about Time ya POOP Disturber!! ;PPP I need a Razor Sharp Lawyer to SUE the A$$ off FacePOOP do ya know any?? - Billy Warhol
Robert Scoble
The problem with Facebook for public conversations - http://www.facebook.com/note...
I bet that's an interesting post, but I'm not logging into FB to see it. (which is possibly part of the point). - Ken Kennedy
Typical FB experience--this link just drops me on FB's main feed. (Is THAT the problem?) - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
If you're already logged in to Facebook the link drops you onto your Home page. If you're not a Friend of Robert you can't access the post. That's the problem. - Gilbert Harding
Exactly! But the post is worth a read on Scobleizer: http://scobleizer.com/2009... - Eric Johnson
that's the difference between ff and fb. you can call it as problem too - alperyz
I responded on facebook! Definitely an issue with it not being public. - Sheryl
Good points. Ff to me is my information source, where I can also read other people's views and articles which interest them. I use facebook to keep in touch with family and old friends. 90% of friends on facebook are either old high school friends or family - most of which don't share same interests as me. Which is why I use twitter and ff to find and comment on information posted by those who share my interests (without neccessarily being their 'friend'). - Jamie Craig from iPhone
I see my home feed.. Meanwhile, here on Friendfeed, I see a conversation - Andrew Terry
Robert, not read yet as I can't come up for more than a gulp of air today, but yes, I agree with as much as your meme says. So let me state why this move to Facebook is difficult for me personally. Facebook is an entirely different animal than the pub-room atmosphere that FreindFeed is. FF is like walking into the bar and sitting in the booth or at the bar (not that I do that sort of... more... - Melanie Reed
I can't open this link? weird Robert - please make your notes viewable to everyone :) - Susan Beebe
Yeah frustrating.. can't get to the place on FB either. Have to go to scobleizer. Hate jumping through so many hoops. But point is what conversations? The average Jane or John Doe doesn't even have enough friends to facilitate a broad conversation on FB. - cheapsuits
Well, yes, you have to join (or login to FB) to see anything but a public profile (vanity URL) or public page. You can view the page but not interact with it unless logged in. FB doesn't give you the luxury of the "2week remember me" before logging back in again. A day perhaps. ;) It's also all about understanding FB networks and how they work and the levels of privacy available in your... more... - Melanie Reed
Robert, this particular link is originating from your FB profile not your Fan page? At any rate, for me it redirects me to my FB Home Feed (on which you don't appear) ind. So your note must be testing how selective it can be? - Melanie Reed
Yep. Facebook's disadvantage to you in this case is its strength in another. Because it is a double-confirmation system you have a closed, private group. It can foster more "intimacy" in that sense. Twitter on the other extreme is mostly a broadcast model and is poor for conversations. Friendfeed kind of fit in the middle with the benefit of ease of following (single opt-in) and the... more... - Scott Magoon
Maybe robert was making a point by deliberately linking to a page that's not open... - Ken Power from iPhone
We're comparing apples to bananas to oranges - FB is a "true" social networking site that happens to have micro-blogging features. Twitter is a micro-blogging sites that has minimal social networking features. FF is a content aggregation site that has extensive micro-blogging and minimal social networking features. The problem is content discovery... which hopefully will resolve itself as FB evolves. - Ankush Narula
LOL, my internet provider blocked me from facebook. I'm going to have to view the note elsewhere. Grrr. Or better yet, I'll just visit your blog. Why didn't I think about that? Oh it's 4:14 am.. I need sleep. - Captain Jack
امروز نیروی انتظامی با آب پاش مردم رو متفرق میکرد.کرمان، ابتدای بلوار جمهوری اسلامی
کرمان هم مگه خبریه؟ - Fereshteh
نمیبینی فرشته ؟ - Javid★
خوش به حالتون! امروز ما کلی گاز اشک آور و فلفل نوش جان کردیم! - فرزاد
چرا میبینم!ولی اصلا خبری در رابطه با کرمان تا این لحظه نشنیده بودم اولین خبری هست که شنیدم!هر چی هست امیدوارم زودتر همه چیز تموم شه - Fereshteh
ما هم خوردیم - Javid★
نمیشه به بسیجی ها هم به جای هفت تیر و کلت تفنگ آب پاش داد؟میتونن شبا بعد از اتمام کارشون تو پایگاه باهاش بازی هم بکنن - محسن رفت و برگشت
Robert Scoble
CNN: you should be ashamed. Horrid news judgment today. Absolutely horrid.
Totally agree. If it wasn't for the internet, I would have no idea what was going on in Iran. - Derek Coward
about what? Iran? I've been at a car wash for my daughter all day - andywergedal
Do elaborate - Bryce Roney
I can't believe how bad CNN is. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, ridiculous indeed. - Soso Sazesh
People actually watch CNN? - Jim Hague
I read conflicting reports that Mousavi has been arrested? Is this true or not? - Carlton Prest
From what I've heard on the news updates- he has been taken into custody. This is not good. - Jim Hague
CNN has been terrible forever. I follow them on twitter simply to see how much less informed I feel with every post. - zzzz
Is there a link to the article or video? - Ron Hixson
I gave up on CNN years ago. - Steve Lowe
Huff Post has some pretty good coverage http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009... - Soso Sazesh
Yes, no coverage of Iran. Larry King is on with stupid motorcycle show. - Robert Scoble
What are we talking about here. Reference plz? - Mitchell Schneider
the most amazing thing was filtering Twitter hashtag and watching the updates come in sometimes hundreds within 10-15 minutes periods. an incredible way to immerse into the real-time interest cloud. - Thom Kennon
Robert, I came to the same conclusion of CNN years ago. - Taylor Marek
I love this tweet from the CNN tweetbot: Tehran on fire"... "Palin vs. Letterman Who's Right?" with panel discussion {priorities: fail;} - BryanSchuetz
We are talking about Iran's election outrage - Soso Sazesh
There is a letter from Mousavi in both Farsi & English circulated for hours. He is under house arrest. There are reports of Ministries on Fire. Twitter has been lit up for hours. - Donald Wilson
One of Australia's sunday morning TV shows wasn't any better, it's lead story was that a bank was introducing muslim-friendly loans - Bryce Roney
The real-time coverage from Tehran today was on Twitter http://twitter.com/jimsciu... - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Let's agree that most TV news networks decided long ago that they would control the news. Remember swine flu? People blame the fuss about that on Twitter, yet it died everywhere as soon as the MSM stopped making it a big deal. - Carlton Prest
Blogs have been active, but TV networks have been dead. Including CBC in Canada. Unbelievable! - Donald Wilson
Pavan - they did nothing and they should have - Soso Sazesh
A brilliant guy at my gym, a BU professor, refuses to work out to CNN, insists we change the channel. - Halley Suitt Tucker
So hard to believe we have to go to Twitter to stay on top of such important news as the protests in Iran. - AirDye®
That gym prof has the right idea. - zzzz
What the hell's going on with the US media. The unrest resulting from the Iranian election IS IMPORTANT! - Don Whittaker
How great to actually see some WOMEN in the streets! - Halley Suitt Tucker
@don they are too busy working out who would win in a fight between Sarah Palin and David letterman - BryanSchuetz
It's the weekend. There is no one in the newsroom on the weekend. When I worked there, we had to absolutely drag someone in for the Princess Diana accident...the community was going nuts and there we were, with no broadcast news, no confirmation, no nothing. - Karoli
Were the elections free and fair? - David Lloyd
Front page on Foxnews.com http://www.foxnews.com/story... - Kirk Harnack
Not according to the letter from Mousavi, and from reports coming from Iran. - Donald Wilson
@Mark They were corrupt beyond farcical http://twitter.com/jimsciu... - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Livestation.com. You can watch France 24, Al Jazeera English, Euronews and Press TV, the Iranian propaganda channel. Coverage on all of those - Andrew Leyden
RT @IranRiggedElect More photos from Iran http://bit.ly/M8K1j #iranelection - Donald Wilson
I have to say the Nambu search ( searches twitter, friendfeed, one riot, yahoo news) has been great for keeping on top of this, and it's essentially real-time: http://img.skitch.com/2009061... - BryanSchuetz
So....are you all (we) making MSM obsolete? - Cynthia Chrysler
RT @mistabaka Follow this blog http://is.gd/113ss for amazing pics/vid of #IranElection Pls RT. 5 hours ago - Donald Wilson
so far I think the best coverage is here: http://shooresh1917.blogspot.com/ - and he has more on his facebook page - glfceo
wut's going on folks? - Eric Nakagawa
CNN is a mock news feed. It's a misinformation provider. - troglodyte
It isn't just CNN. If you look at online newspapers and other outlets before going to bed tonight you'd walk away with a different story and all sorts of analysis about how we will continue to deal with the old regime. That still may be the case, but you can tell this was a - Warner Crocker
Go to Monitter.com (a great site, btw) and type the Twitter search terms in. You can watch them come in real time, no refreshing. - Obayoo
con't... we're out of here for the weekend story. - Warner Crocker
CNN does have this on their site: http://www.cnn.com/2009... - invariant
We don't bother with broadcast TV, so I can't watch any of the stations, but http://www.bbc.co.uk/ currently has it listed as the top news story, as does http://www.cbc.ca/news/ both with firey photos. - David Sky
CNN has access to Twitter and more. So why can't they give the proper attention to this story? - Donald Wilson
It's actually all so called TV news outlets. Internet is a better source of news. To be fair though, sometimes, on duty journalists/editors do not have the last say in what's covered as 'news'. Simple politics and ratings. I usually tune in to UK TV channels than I do US for news, that too very rarely. Sad but true. - Moushumi Kabir
I see more news from my Iranian friends than news TV news outlets. - Moushumi Kabir
Cnn lost. - Stalyn☂
My last thought on this, no matter what happens, US definitely needs to stay out. It's Iran's internal matter just as 2004 re-election of Bush was our internal matter. As shocking as it was to the rest of the world (I still struggle with the fact ppl I know actually voted for him - twice!!), US did vote for Bush the second time. - Moushumi Kabir
For people interested in tracking what is happening regarding the irannian election on Twitter, here is a dashboard: http://www.twazzup.com/search... An amazing showcase of how new forms of communication make it much harder for dictatorships to control people! - Edwin Khodabakchian
It's difficult to get a right news even for me who know Persian, Iranian Tv doesn't support anything about street riots at all, Face book and You tube are filtered over there! No SMS! No mobile, even FF is filtered for them ! :| - Shandiz
sucks to live in a country without freedom :( - David Lloyd
Agree w/ Moushumi Kabir!US MUST stay out of this. - Shandiz
"Horrid coverage" -- otherwise known as typical. Shame shame! - Andy Sternberg from fftogo
Good "on the ground" coverage over at allvoices http://www.allvoices.com/Iran - Joel Richman
What did CNN do-so horridly...is that a word. That's twice in 2 weeks. - politics news
Download Livestation to see more coverage - Eric Haber from Nambu
re: Teriss - comparing cnn.com to twazzup.com at 10:08 PM Central, CNN has NO MENTION of Iran and twazzup has 3 of 10 Hot Topics about Iran ... looks like CNN is NOT the place to find 'Breaking News'. - Don Strickland
Really strange. - Jim Hague
I really like Don Lemon but he seems to think CNN isn't doing anything wrong, which bugs me. http://twitter.com/donlemoncnn - Shawn Farner
CNN finally pipes up and mentions Facebook pictures inciting violence in Iran - but no update. Oh, yeah, and the fact that access to internet has been cut off. Is that the only news?Now on to the Letterman/Palin fight! I am heading back to online updates. - Liza + = ?
I often find US cable TV insular when it comes to foreign affairs - coverage of Barack Obama's recent speech in Egypt was a case in point. But CNN ignoring the Iranian protests is shameful. - Peter Dowley
I was always kinda of excited about the prospect of a 24 hour news network. Imagine how many more stories or how much more in-depth you could got on a single item. That really didn't happen. Covering stories, particularly any story happening outside NY or LA, is expensive. So we saw CNN put on a bunch of shows with pundits. They leaned to the left, so FOX could come along and lean to... more... - Matthew McCowan
Twitter is susceptible to manipulation by propagandists--for example the protests in Moldavia. In that case it was a legit election that the protesters just didn't like the result of. A flash mob does not a majority make. - Joe Knapp
Joe: good point, but many of us didn't fall for that crap and even then it cleaned itself out pretty quickly. - Robert Scoble
CNN died in 2001, when Tom Johnson retired. Quite a few of the top talent left around the same time, not wanting to be part of Jamie Kellner's efforts to be more like FOX. Cable "news" is a ghetto, and I never, ever, ever turn it on. Robert, you'll enjoy this: http://andrewsullivan.theatlantic.com/the_dai... - John Craft
Looks like CNN is finally picking up the coverage today. Christiane Amanpour is live in Teheran. - Nils Sandin
Just starring to catch up to last nights events. Amazing the lack of big media coverage on Iran. - Robert Wilkins
Been watching CNN International in China for two days and I can't agree with you. The reporting seems to be matching what I'm seeing on BBC and reading in NYTimes and Twitter. Saying they should be "ashamed" is a bit invective. - David Geller
"CNN International . . . seems to be matching what I'm seeing on BBC and reading in NYTimes and Twitter." - CNN-I is a totally separate production team, and has a totally different business model from CNN-"Domestic." - John Craft
Crowds gather for Ahmadinejad victory rally http://news.bbc.co.uk/1... - David Lloyd
http://www.thenation.com/blogs... - "Iran's Ex-Foreign Minister Yazdi: It's A Coup" - John Craft
Robert Scoble: three bloggers have been on top of Iran developments: Andrew Sullivan, Juan Cole and Robert Dreyfuss. It seems safe to say now that we have just witnessed a coup in Iran. - Sean McBride
Amazing video from the BBC of the demonstrations. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2... - Joe Wood
What's new? - Kreg Steppe
Yep, "CNN- The Lamest International News Team on Television" - Dean Kakridas
CNN: Cable No News network. - Robert Scoble
interwebz wins again! - stefan
who makes the decisions over there at Cnn? - Denise
All these comments are so stupid and ill-informed. Not a single one of you has ever tried to take a camera crew into a totalitarian country. I have. You don't just walk around. Easy to twitter for one person. Very hard to get pictures! Go and try it, and until then. Shut up! - Prokofy Neva
@Sean, i agree we have witnessed a coup--the sustained fight lasting a week with people in the street every day, making police run away, NYT editorial by Reuel Marc Gerecth has a good analysis of what it means, and AlJazeera http://www.youtube.com/watch... has a good analysis. the action on the streets is having a huge effect, not just on Iran but on the Middle East. - Eleanor Wynn
Prokofy Neva, agreed that no new organizations can get in there, but any of the news channels could rebroadcast key videos, photographs and analysis of this very major geopolitical event--it is really disgusting to go through the TV channels and see the dreck that is on when something major is happening--our local news channels will cover a weather event non-stop, why doesn't a major channel cover this/ - Eleanor Wynn
the citizen journalism tells the story in a way noone else could. you are right there in the middle of the crowd with all the changes of pace and direction, the shaky camera itself tells a story and the sounds. it is like actually being there--that is why the twitter and youtube coverage is the real coverage--they don't have to process, package and add a local angle to it that waters down the effect - Eleanor Wynn
Robert Scoble
In the next hour or so I will pass 37,000 subscribers. friendfeed's growth is accelerating. It is about time to look for a new shiny object. The celebrities will be here soon.
I think 1,000 have followed me this week alone. It's amazing to watch the early adopters catch on to what Louis Gray showed me more than a year ago. - Robert Scoble
lol....well that proves Robert is the one and only cutting-edge celebrity we all gotta follow! 37k subs on ff is gr8. and i gotta work like a dog to reach even 1k. - Freddie Benjamin
ugh :) - Stefanie Hahn
oh please don't say that. oh no. I just got here. - Rick Fisher
Rick: you're safe for another month or maybe two. :-) - Robert Scoble
Shhhhh! - Jeff Betts
I wish I had time to figure out friend feed! I'm computer savvy and this one has me stumped! Send me a basic video please! I've got some of the basics down, but the community aspect and how to communicate has me stumped...other than when you send me here from twitter. - Hummie
Ryan: I have high resolution screens and I type fast. :-) - Robert Scoble
Isn't that just like a man? Gets your heart all a flutter and then he moves on. - Sharon McPherson
Hummie: I showed Jimmy Wales friendfeed on Saturday night: http://www.ustream.tv/recorde... -- that might help you (after the first couple of minutes). - Robert Scoble
No one mention friendfeed to the 'normals'. - Ryan Whitwam
Have you studied how much conversation celebrities actually have? They might find FF needing more personal maintenance than they want to. - Yann Ropars
Don't ask me about shiny new stuff. My web development is in a 50-year-old language and its most exciting features relate to a 10-year-old data format. - Bruce Lewis
Ryan Whitwam: too late. Google is indexing friendfeed posts higher than Tweets. - Robert Scoble
for the love of all that is geek, no one RT this to K-utcher or O-prah. - Alachia
Hopefully, friendfeed will have implemented real-time filters before Oprah comes here, also to filter massive amounts of comments coming in by "likes" and algorithms on the "likes" so selections among 1000s of chatters are filtered in real-time to the front for each user while the rest of the conversations are hidden in a personalized way based on their own likes and friends - Charbax
Alachia: Kutcher came to a TechCrunch party last year. He's the real deal. Oprah? Um, no. - Robert Scoble
Why would a real geek play the numbers game then? - Alachia
Someone should create a Techmeme for celebrities... a tool that search and aggregate social media sphere txt and rich media into one stream... - Yann Ropars
Thanks..I'm watching the link now...I see Friend Feed has changed since I was here last. - Hummie
Anyway, I know you weren't totally serious posting this. But I do think you could more fully explore the toys you're already playing with. Spend some time on that Site Integration page. You know which one I mean. - Bruce Lewis
Look for the next shiny object. We'll be here when you get back. :) - Louis Gray
Louis: if you haven't found a new shiny object yet, it's safe to stay here for a couple more months. :-) - Robert Scoble
:) who will be the King ff FF, Ashton? or do we graduate to more distinguished folks? sanjaya perhaps - Samer Forzley
Okay, see...I cannot figure out where the search is that you are referring to! - Hummie
At least you can "hide" the celebrities in FF. Ooo look, something shiny over there! - Brian
+1 Louis :-D - Bruce Lewis
Hummie: The search bar is at the top of the page. Search for a term you're interested in, and on the resulting page you'll notice a red bar at the top with a link "click here to save". Click the link and you can customize and save that search. - FFing Enigma
Oh geez...HOW did I miss that search box...if it were a bug, it would have bit me! Thanks...going to test the save a search now. If I can figure this place out, I'll be sure to do a video on how to use it on my blog...cause that's what I do...and people expect me to do! - Hummie
Okay, someone tell me how I make a post on Friendfeed without having one import from another application (twitter, Flickr, etc). - Hummie
=) It takes a bit of time to get everything (especially now with so many options). There's a group specifically for cool searches you can save, give me a moment and I'll get you a link. Also, there's a FF for Beginners group that might be helpful. Again, just a moment and I'll have you a link. As for how to post: see the text box underneath the search box? Post there. - FFing Enigma
I think you could co-exist if you really wanted to but then again I totally understand why you're already thinking about leaving FF. - John Blanton from twhirl
I think you could co-exist if you really wanted to but then again I totally understand why you're already thinking about leaving FF. If you left where would you go? - John Blanton from twhirl
FF for Beginners group http://friendfeed.com/friendf... FF Saved Searches group http://friendfeed.com/ffss And Hammie, we're usually a pretty friendly bunch. Let us know if you have any questions =) - FFing Enigma
Thanks for your help, Tina. I think the new interface since I was here last is a big improvement. It's easier to figure out than it was before. - Hummie
No problem, Hummie =) The new interface is intriguing: people who were really active on FF before started out disliking it (but most have grown accustomed to it). People who didn't connect with FF before really seem to like it. Not sure what that says about the differences in the two user types... - FFing Enigma
I can recommend to open the users reg. to other sites as well ,for example it can be great to let other sites to get for their users an automatic registration here in FF - Johni Fisher
Johni, FF has pretty much implemented exactly that. People can log in with their Twitter, Facebook, or Google IDs now. - FFing Enigma
Yes thats right but lets say that we have an online newspaper that would like to create users here to his users and to have activity ....in my opinion with this pos we can get here much more than just the tech users - Johni Fisher
I am enjoying friendfeed rightnow since it is safe from undue publicity. - Ashish
Ashish: that will only last a few more weeks, given the growth rate here. - Robert Scoble
will this result in more maintanence time = offline time? - Ashish
:-)) u r wrong Robert as long that you control the info that u can get u will keep the fun - Johni Fisher
I suspect the "early adopters" - "celebrities" timeline is an oversimplification. It's quite possible that a year from now, Twitter will have moved from its "Oprah" stage to a post-Oprah stage, which is more accurately reflected by the timeline "early adopters" - "celebrities" - "everybody else." Think of cell phones as an example. There was a period when celebrities and yuppies... more... - John E. Bredehoft
they are already here, I noticed P Diddy and a Khardasian in my friendfeed followers the other day. - Christi
John: sorry, Twitter won't get "everyone else." They already are on facebook. - Robert Scoble
its past my bedtime.. I will have to read about it tomorrow.. g'nite :o) - David Gross
I've passed two kidney stones, but 37,000 friendfreed subscribers? That sounds really painful. - Ranger Craig
Plurk. The celebrities will never use Plurk. Of course, there are good reasons for that. - Ken Wallich
I'll keep an eye on the list of suggested users. As long as you are on top, I think this is still a safe Geekdome...(how many users does FF claim?) - Antonella Stellacci
NO!!!! AGHH!!!! - Kim Landwehr
Kim: I passed 37,000 a while ago. The growth here is headed up and I got there a LOT faster than I did on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
But aren't most of your FF subscribers also Twitter followers? Add that you're the first face new FF see when they join :) - Antonella Stellacci
Seriously, though not sure celebrities will want to be on Friendfeed, unless there interested in good conversation, its not a megaphone like Twitter is, which is all the a lot of celebrities want. - Kim Landwehr
Antonella: most of my Twitter followers were readers of my blog, too. So? That's how I separate out the real people from the bots. The bots stick with what I did yesterday. The real people follow me to the new shiny object when I find one. - Robert Scoble
Kim: celebrities go where the people are. Just wait. - Robert Scoble
I fear that this friend feed, twitter followers race is becoming too much for the slightly more tech savvy but still average user to keep up with. Someone looking for a place to connect on multiple topics but doesn't have a blog, start -up or celebrity status (of any kind) to warrant any following other than sheer wit to compete with. I work in hi-tech and love love LOVE all things web... more... - Cyndi Brigham
Robert, they go where the most people go. It'll be a LONG time before they show up here. - Kyle Sellers
Kyle: wrong. The celebrities are already starting to show up here. - Robert Scoble
Cyndi: do you know of a group like this on Twitter: http://friendfeed.com/persian... - Robert Scoble
Filter them out. - John
The celebs won't know what to do on ff - Dennis Jackson
Agreed, but I guess that the migration from readers of a blog to Twitter users was slower than Twitter-> Friendfeed which might explain the different timeframe. The next shiny is more than welcome... - Antonella Stellacci
Thanks Robert, based on this, I think that for what I'm looking for, Friend Feed may be more the route than Twitter...The link you sent was amazing. I don't know that I'd find that on Twitter. Appreciate the response! - Cyndi Brigham
my friend feed has exploded this week, I think it's a much better listening device - Jessica Wilzig Gottlieb
James: Gavin Newsom, who is running for California Governor: http://friendfeed.com/GavinNe... - Robert Scoble
Jimmy Fallon was rumored to be on here, but I can't find him. - Robert Scoble
Do you think in a year or so, FriendFeed could take over the space from Twitter, and that Twitter will be sort of the "Myspace" or do you think they will both thrive together, sort of need each other? - Stephen Pickering
Stephen: I don't see friendfeed taking over from Twitter in next year. I see friendfeed going in a different direction. The money is in search, so friendfeed needs to be a massively better search engine. We're seeing the groundwork for that now, but it'll take a year to make it obvious to everyone. - Robert Scoble
so abandon ship on Twitter everyone. - Brad Jackson
re Jimmy Fallon: this one? http://friendfeed.com/jimmyfa... ( couldn't find thru search but just writing the vanity URL with the name) - Antonella Stellacci
Antonella: heh, I didn't think of just typing in the URL. Yeah, that looks like him. Mostly a clone of his Tweets though. - Robert Scoble
FriendFeed WAY more useful no? It's not even close.... - j sven
That makes me too late... I didn't like how Friend Feed was before. Now I don't like how Twitter is and I'm falling in luv/lust with FriendFeed. .. but if the celebs invade, and the "like-ables" like you leave... oh whoa... where shall I go? - Arleen Boyd
Arleen: don't worry, we'll have plenty of time to figure that out. We've already been sending Louis Gray on scouting trips to make sure we have somewhere to go. :-) - Robert Scoble
08:00 BST you made it! 37,045 subscribers. Congrats :) - Anita Hunt
More shiny objects Robert? at least stay until this one gets tarnished ;-) - Rachel Clarke
Rachel: actually, wait until we get skinning here. Then it'll seem brand new for quite a while. I'm not leaving, just having some fun! - Robert Scoble
Hummie I'm with you on this. When I first came here I very quickly walked away again, I just couldn't figure it out. I had to get help from my son. There's a lesson there for all of us by the way. And it's possible this "Oh Christ now what do I do?" initial impression is keeping the RiffRaff out. Unlike that other service over there ----> which is real easy to understand. - Gilbert Harding
Is there a list of the most subscribed to people on friendfeed? I'm guessing RObert has to be the most subscribed t0, non-friendfeed employee? - Jim Connolly
Thanks Robert! - Jim Connolly
Robert - I knew you would be top of the pile! I'm in 350th place apparently - w00t!! - Jim Connolly
Matt: (that really did make me laugh out loud!!) - Jim Connolly
I'm not sure the celebs with come to friendfeed. At least not in the same way they have with twitter. Twitter is a broadcast medium to most celebs. They want to tell the world what they are doing and build their brand. They have no interest in what their followers are doing. FF appears to be more of a community where discussion and sharing can take place. (i know you know this but just wanted to add my 2cents) - Jamie Vidamour
@Jamie Apparently not everyone got that memo ;-) http://friendfeed.com/iamdiddy & http://friendfeed.com/kimkard... - Gordon Saunders
I think FriendFeed is 'just' complex enough to scare the crap out of the celebs. Look at the trouble Oprah had with something as easy to use as Twitter! That said, pretty soon most celebs will have social media companies doing this for them. - Jim Connolly
<The celebrities will be here soon> Yup . - JimmyJet
"That said, pretty soon most celebs will have social media companies doing this for them" Jim that sounds like a promising business plan. - Gilbert Harding
My fear exactly. In fact I wonder if following the latest social network trend will itself become the mainstream media's new news trend. I do believe tech and celebs can live in harmony on the same broadcast platform, but it depends greatly on the management of that platform. Twitter management handled this badly. Recommendations should be based on content, not the number of followers... more... - Keith Barrett
Do you have ghosts like Guy Kawasaki ? How you manage to control all of the streams! 90K+ on twitter, 30K+ from FF.. Amazing.. Really.. I jelaous. - Jacque
Jacque: I do all my own social media work. No ghosts. I just do what I can! - Robert Scoble
I wonder what the next new shiny object will be, any guesses or predictions? - Sally Church
"Next new shiny object"...which is? - Luciano
Luciano: Louis Gray hasn't figured that out yet, so we have at least six months. - Robert Scoble
I understand having many subscribers but how do you make sense of the flood of all those you subscribe to? - Steve Levin
Steve - I'm pretty sure Robert did a video a while ago - showing what his feed looked like and how he handled it. - Jim Connolly
we have some shiny tin cans and some wire... so ... - Pretty Monkey Studio
matt: its easy.. you will have a tin can for each person you are connected to. the others get a lid. and for group chats you just need more people that are sitting next to you in the treehouse :) - Pretty Monkey Studio
just come over to our treehouse and we'll hook you up :D we even have pink tin cans !! - Pretty Monkey Studio
sry we already have the patent ;) but you could try triangle shaped yellow tin cans for your prototype. Banana shapes are taken too - Pretty Monkey Studio
Matt: sure, but I charge $400 an hour for playing a lawyer and this will take at least 40 hours of my work and you're still not guaranteed that Pretty Monkey Studio will hand it over. Want to proceed? ;-) - Robert Scoble
I wonder what that point is. When did it start on Twitter? - Lester Greenberg
I took several months off from friendfeed to concentrate on my facebook presence. Now that I'm back I can't believe all the changes and growth here. 2008 was the year of facebook, 2009 is the year of twitter, could 2010 be the year of friendfeed? - Jonathan.Rivera
pfff you guys are only after money. just come over to the treehouse, you'll get a tin can fro free, we can play some blackjack and spin the bottle and have a good time without patents, twithits or the likes and you can explain friendfeed to us :D - Pretty Monkey Studio
you're a social media creature Scoble :) - AlpB.
Nooooooooo, say it isn't so.... - MoTO Boychick Devil
So are companies going to take a stand and disallow celebrities to join services and ruin them or should they change the terms to the we won't reject people based on sex, race, or fame. - Eric Fisher
Eric: friendfeed doesn't need to do that. They just need to make sure that we remain in control of our viewport and that they minimize the kinds of games humans like to play (collecting followers and gaming systems to see if we can move up a list, etc). - Robert Scoble
Robert, do you think the next "shiny object" will be a mobile one? Not a device, but a mobile service. Something that works great on all platforms, iPhone, Android, Win, Nokia, etc. - Mike Lewis
I knew it was always just about the latest shiny object! Now I have proof... - Andrew Deal
Mike... I hope robert says yes.... that is what I always am pushing @cellecast. ... we got 80% more to develop though, and need community help. - Andrew Deal
What do you think the effect will be on Friendfeed?? - 77Agency
Mike: if something works great on all mobile platforms it isn't actually great. You've got to optimize for each one, at least in today's world. - Robert Scoble
Just wait til oprah gets here. :) - Sami Jones from Nambu
My guess is that Oprah will be #1 on Twitter in a month or two. She has over a million followers in 28 days without really trying. Aplusk may have more but he also has tweeted more than 40x as much. Look out Scoble, Ashton will probably run here once Oprah takes his Twitter crown. - Garin Kilpatrick
Louis Gray
How are you rewarding those people who link to your blog? Here's what I do:
Since the beginning of 2008, I have been bookmarking links to my blog on Delicious, tagged "coverage" - Louis Gray
You can see the thousands of links here: http://delicious.com/louismg... - Louis Gray
I add secondary tags for the subject, like "blogging", "friendfeed", "twitter", etc. - Louis Gray
The delicious bookmarks get shown on FriendFeed. - Louis Gray
Good idea - Bwana ☠
Now, I set up my settings so that every delicious bookmark I make goes to Twitter via FriendFeed. - Louis Gray
So if you are linking to me, not only will everyone here see it, but everyone on Twitter will see it. Guaranteed exposure. - Louis Gray
And in theory, it gives more exposure back to me by making it look like my blog has a higher rate of visibility. - Louis Gray
Love it Louis. I rt those who have linked to me: http://twitter.com/brianso... - Brian Solis
Very good idea..my delicious bookmarks all go to Facebook as well. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Great idea! - Craig Huffstetler
I like them in friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
briliant, thanks for sharing - anna sauce
Robert, I try to do the same, assuming they are here, but FriendFeed is not yet the superset. I also tend to share them in Google Reader when possible. - Louis Gray
Hmm Must add Friendfeed to my blog - Lindy Asimus
And we know the power of a Scoble "Like!" - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Plus sometimes you strike up conversations with the bloggers, freely sharing ideas and explaining. That impressed me way back when... - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
That's a fantastic idea. Think I'll start doing it. - Paul Balcerak
Yes, Mary. It always makes sense to make comments and engage with those discussing your content, if you have the time. - Louis Gray
Great idea Louis. You have become my social media constant, I have to hang on to you so I don't get LOST. - Matthew
new strategy: link to louis in every single blog post... muwahahahaha - andy brudtkuhl
I used to do this a lot but then he got me all caught up in this 'new adopter' stuff and I couldn't get anything done (Louis rocks :) - Charlie Anzman
I got the idea from Louis awhile back, but here's mine: http://del.icio.us/jessest... and for socialtoo: http://del.icio.us/jessest... - Jesse Stay
those that link to vertical slice I tend to thank, I'll even come to them and offer to involve them in the show production at times by offering to involve their articles or creations. Sadly there's only one guy that does post some episodes to his blog that I'm aware of. - alphaxion
Louis, what discovery tool do you use to find those linking to you? Google Alerts? - Rick Bucich
We reward those who give our comic what we call a "Mighty Link", with a nice link back under the comic... http://www.geekculture.com/joyofte... - Snaggy
PS - that question goes out to everyone else as well. I love the idea and use it to a degree but never in a systemic way. Do you think http://delicious.com is the ideal platform? - Rick Bucich
Mike Fruchter started the same: http://delicious.com/mfrucht... - Louis Gray
@Rick i prefer diigo... it allows you to build communities around the links - andy brudtkuhl
Rick, Google Alerts are okay (not perfect). Technorati actually still does a better job. - Louis Gray
Dang, I didn't even think of doing that, ok - off to go link love people. thanks! - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
But, i used to do the same thing back when i was a delicious user - http://delicious.com/48web... - andy brudtkuhl
I also have FriendFeed post my delicious saves over to Twitter to further the reward - Jesse Stay
Good to know, I'm a newb when it come to Technorati although i do have an account - Rick Bucich
Andy, if you do link to me in every post, you'll probably lose readers. I dare you to try. :) - Louis Gray
@Louis haha i doubt it .. everyone loves them some louis - andy brudtkuhl
Does Technorati work for websites not on a blog platform? We have both - Rick Bucich
Andy -- for example, should I bookmark this one? http://billolearysblog.blogspot.com/2009... Knowing that it will get redistributed, I'm less likely to. But I may comment there instead. - Louis Gray
I'm going to do the same - Was thinking linking tweets as well, but then that would be too much... - Bwana ☠
I love this! Way to rally the community! - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
A most valuable conversation thread indeed! - tony obregon
I like the "coverage" tag idea. Must incorporate into my blog routine. - Ms_Krista
Great Idea! Luis, how do you know who is linking to your Blog? I just linked to you ( http://bit.ly/4webways ) - frank barry
I got really excited when I noticed a link from louismg in delicious. I wondered why, as I don't write about anything social networking related. When I figured it out I started doing the same thing: _both_ sites which linked to me have some shiny delicious.com love from me. Heh. - DGentry
i make cupcakes for each link and mail them to each person - Allen Stern
I so never got my cupcakes! Maybe you should email 'em Allen ;-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I'll link to them if I really like their blog, otherwise I stumble a post - Kate
I delicious people who write about FriendBinder: http://delicious.com/rythie... sometimes I Twitter about them too or Digg them. - Richard Cunningham
joined in with this idea too http://friendfeed.com/alphaxi... - alphaxion
now if only i had my delicious bookmarks all organized like that. - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
It's not too late Alfredo :D (or is it) - Bwana ☠
Yeah your tags are ... how do you say... scattered :( - Bwana ☠
aye, looks like you struck into the problem I did - you can't have multiple word tags unless you take out the space and bunch it into a single word. Not even quotes works - alphaxion
Great strategy Louis, I am going to start doing a similar thing at http://delicious.com/garinki... only I am going to tag the Blog with whatever category it belongs to instead of "coverage" - Garin Kilpatrick
Sounds like a plan to me! Will start implementing today! - Mike Paul
So that's why one of my posts got a tweet from Louis Gray! That puzzled me a lot. Only now that I remember that I've linked to Louis in that post. Sweet! Nice touch. ",) - jan geronimo
I stream my ego feed on Twitter - Beth Kanter
Lawton: I have accounts with SU and delicious but recommend using delicious because I find it more efficient, especially when used with the Firefox plugin. - Garin Kilpatrick
Revisiting this old thread because it's so useful. - Rick Bucich
Jim Goldstein
RT @dhays: Photo News: Raising Prices - Steve Buchanan Photography http://www.photonewstoday.com/...
Jesse Stay
I'm starting to have serious sympathy with the architecture issues Twitter is having, except for the fact that they have 30 times my resources
Perhaps FF can rescue twitter from itself. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
I'm actually very jealous of people with financing and people right now. I just can't move or scale fast enough with Twitter's growth. It would be nice if they could help pass some of their funding on to their developers to help their developers as they grow. - Jesse Stay
It is amazing how such a simple app has so much problems... Inserting updates could be done asynchronously (dunno how it is done now). Caching is a problem due to diversity of data/views, but it could be enabled for most followed users. I'm sure SQL/DB could be optimized heavily, too. - Jemm
Jemm, the biggest issue is tracking and storing the relationships between people. For someone like CNNBrk or BritneySpears there's millions of rows to track. Add to that that each of their near 10 million users has those relationships, it's a massive infrastructure to scale! - Jesse Stay
I have little sympathy for them because of the fact that they have brought this upon themselves by heavily promoting the celebrity accounts. This is why is devaluing the content in twitter, and making so they can't scale the architecture fast enough. They're causing their own demise, either realize it (and are chasing a buyer FAST) or don't and are going to be sorry - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jemm - Twitter definitely uses a heavy caching middleware - there are a variety of interesting presentations from them about it that I've neglected to bookmark, unfortunately. - Damon Cortesi
Rob: perhaps FF can provide twitter a reason for its future existence by allowing twitter to remain as it is (and will become) while the majority of twitter's data will be read by "skimmer" clients and real people on FF - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I totally understand why twollow went up for sale - it's becoming more and more difficult to write on the platform now because of these huge users we have to deal with. Maybe Facebook's 5,000 friend limit is a good thing. - Jesse Stay
Yes, I would figure that with $55 million to burn they could scale a bit faster. Clearly, there are some design and engineering issues with Twitter - the application fails too often during regular usage. On the other hand - their user count has grown rapidly - and remember the load on their servers is proportional to the square of their user count. Theoretically if every user were to follow every other user on Twitter they would need to track 8 * 8 or 64 trillion connections assuming 8 million users! - Arun
Jesse: charge the whales more. Say "anyone with more than 100,000 followers will need to pay $1,000 a month. So what if you lose them? They aren't going to talk about you much anyway and the people who get a good service from you because you do that will become your promoters. - Robert Scoble
@Jesse: Yeah. People with millions of followers will cause lot's of references. Maybe some sort of horizontal partitioning and materialized views (if their rdbms supports them) would help the DB-side to distribute the loads. - Jemm
Jesse: the ones with 100,000 followers don't talk with the lower classes anymore anyway. I am watching this and both Arrington and Mashable are using their accounts as broadcasters. - Robert Scoble
Arun: Twitter is not run by people who have a good handle on technical issues. @ev's "Blogger" had the same issues and it took Google years to make Blogger run right. Twitter is the same way. It's amazing we put up with it, but @ev does understand human psychology better than anyone I've met. He knows just how much he has to do to keep us all locked in. - Robert Scoble
Robert, yeah - I'm definitely starting to re-think my business model. I'm getting things stable for now and then I'm going to turn off those with higher followers (100k+) until we can figure out a solution for them. (most likely) Ideally I want a good service for them as well though so we'll figure something out here. - Jesse Stay
Maybe that is why Twitter needs Google: Google really knows how to scale applications: when was the last time a Google search failed or came back in more than a tenth of a second? - Arun
Arun: yeah, but Google doesn't need Twitter. Google will resist Twitter because its engineering sucks and because Twitter won't monetize that easily due to a lack of metadata that search can be built around. The money is in search. - Robert Scoble
Them scaling is one issue, but scaling the community to work well for developers who don't have much money to scale is another. Also, keeping it from becoming another MySpace is an entirely different issue. I'm starting to agree with Facebook on their 5k friend limit now. - Jesse Stay
if you have more than 5k ppl go make your own place on the web for you and them. :) seems fair. - rob
Arun: something like that is the only thing that is going to be able to save twitter as the broadcast medium it's becoming - and if anyone can save the value in the search of twitter it's going to be google I would have to imagine - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jesse: funny that friendfeed never has had any problems and I have 32,000 followers here now and got there far faster than I did on Twitter. Why can friendfeed make this stuff work when other companies can't? (Twitter had problems from day one, by the way). - Robert Scoble
why? because their guys came from the current scale king. - rob
Robert, I think FriendFeed is definitely in a better position architecturally, but then again, they also don't have thousands of people with 32,000 followers. I think that's the problem Twitter is running into, not that they don't have any excuse to have been ready for this. - Jesse Stay
don't forget they've had lots of $$, people and 2 years to firm up product - I am not impressed. Sad. - Susan Beebe
rob: yeah, I shouldn't ask questions I already know the answer to. Plus the friendfeed guys built their architecture right from the ground up. Friendfeed isn't a "weekend accident" that was how Twitter was born. - Robert Scoble
Robert - its a fundamental difference in the way these guys run their business. While @ev is off in spain and twitter is sucking, I see paul & bret here using their product all the time...sharing things they find, and all that - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert: That is the impression I got as well. What is really amazing to me is how simple Twitter as an application is - there are very few bells and whistles on Twitter - so it is certainly not the complexity of the application itself. It is a classic scalability problem - they have to distribute the load and throw a lot more hardware at it from what it looks like from the outside. Anyone have any numbers on how many servers etc they have ? - Arun
My guess to Twitter's problems (in large part) is how unresponsive the Twtiter structure is to feedback, whereas FF gets on suggestions and issues stuff in a timely manner - sofarsoShawn
FriendFeed's Schema-less architecture on MySQL. :) http://www.infoq.com/news... - Damon Cortesi
being first to the party has it's advantages, and being late does too. - rob
Rob: exactly. And they take the time to build stuff right and are building a meritocracy. They also have a much deeper understanding of community that comes from participation. Plus they are, well, just nicer, which goes a LONG way in my book. - Robert Scoble
as I pointed out in paul's thread on the new hose to twitter...it's pretty amazing that an alpha feature on a beta product performs better than the mature service that it's providing access to - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
goes a long way in my book too. It goes a way long way to see them actually care about joining in on what they've created...enjoying it - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Guruvan: that's because architecturally friendfeed was a lot better thought out than anything I've seen done on the web before. I literally refresh this site hundreds of times per day and it always responds fast. - Robert Scoble
@Damon interesting read - sofarsoShawn
It sure was nice of Twitter solidify the idea making it an easy to clone service though. :) - rob
Robert: it does it totally rocks. I've had one or two very few occasional where it has not, and those have been announced ahead of time 90 % of the time - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I wish Twitter would share some of their architecture design techniques like FriendFeed is doing. I'd love to see Facebook do the same. - Jesse Stay
Rob: Yeah it sure is nice to see that the value in the "physical" medium that is twitter will be carried on in the open source world and will continue to provide feeds of valuable data to FriendFeed - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Jesse: engineering teams that don't share are usually embarrassed by their code base and choices. - Robert Scoble
Jesse - there's some interesting stuff from @nkallen on their (Twitter's) write-through cache layer here: http://magicscalingsprinkles.wordpress.com/ - Damon Cortesi
I saw that inside Microsoft. Even when management wanted to share stuff into open source, or shared source, the engineers wouldn't let it go unless a rewrite was basically approved because often their stuff was so badly thought out they didn't want other people to see it and they didn't want to support it (IE, answer questions forever about what their code did). - Robert Scoble
Robert: quite right there...we all try to hide whatever it is that we aren't proud of don't we? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert: Open Source helps prevent embarrassments. :) - rob
Robert: You can find quite a few articles on Twitter's architecture here: http://highscalability.com/scaling... - Damon Cortesi
Not to mention Twitter has released both of their message queue systems (starling/ruby and Kestrel/scala) as open source... - Damon Cortesi
Damon: this is the only part of the architecture I've really heard any public detail about. There's a couple white papers on it too. I think this is the only part that theyve completely reworked and actually thought through - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
guruvan, although there's not really anything new about what they're doing. Master-slave architecture and write-through caching has been around for years now - Jesse Stay
Jesse: To be clear, I would pay more for your service if you jacked up the prices. Others may leave, but I think many will stay if you tell them why you need to raise the price. A one time fee for what you offer should have been a monthly thing. - MarkCarras
Of course, nothing FriendFeed is doing is that new either. It's all re-using well-used and proven methodologies. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: we were using those techniques to serve ads 10 years ago (which is partly why I can't understand the issues that twitter has today!) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Mark, thanks - I'm considering that and other options right now. - Jesse Stay
guruvan, I've done the same at various places I've worked, over 10 years now - Jesse Stay
And of course, as a Perl programmer, MemCached was out for Perl before other languages had libraries for it - Jesse Stay
to be honest I'm just the ops guy that describes to the coders why their code doesn't work in a live environment ;) ...but I do understand how these things get put together quite well. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Well that was fun, I'm gonna go hammer Twitter with 30 requests until I can get the social graph for ashton. ;) - Damon Cortesi
LOL Damon - I'm doing the same for Britney right now - Jesse Stay
Hah, Jesse - did you ever think our lives would come to this? :-D Oh, celebs. - Damon Cortesi
well...I gues I won't wait for any tweet for a bit ;) lol! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Damon, LOL - it does make you feel special, although I'm not sure what for - Jesse Stay
scratch that...haven't seen any for 5 mintues haha - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert: Re: Microsoft and open source: Wow - did not know that - that is a great insight and may explain why paradoxically free open source code is higher quality than code developed behind closed doors with millions of dollars spent on it ! - Arun
Damon, maybe it's the two of us hitting it at the same time that's causing us to have to run it 30 times ;-) - Jesse Stay
Arun: a big part of it is because it's open people who actually know what they're doing can look at it and make suggestions and corrections...and yes...it's almost invariably better code...it invariably runs better and faster and more reliably than proprietary code - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
um...and seriously you two...no tweets are coming through on my desktop...I have it set for 2 minutes and I'm getting updates every 5 - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The follow contest is taking its toll on Twitter's servers. - Vezquex
VezQueX: it has been for some time before this particular race, but now that this race is on, AND we've seen a couple accounts be "acquired" it's REALLY going to take a toll...Now all the people with 20k followers are going to be racing to 100K and so on. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
@guruvan its just so dirty to think about it, like some crazy internet orgy, its an ITD, Internet Transmitted Disease. - rob
Rob: we had that on twitter the past weekend with the mikeyy worm ;) ......but seriously, you're dear right. And FriendFeed could NOT have picked a better time to roll out a massive upgrade. The quality on twitter is going to downgrade at an alarming rate after this. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The majority of people have about 100 followers and follow about 100, right???? if you're suggesting that this comes down to a handful of people who have very large social graphs, twitter should at least ensure that extra hardware resourfces are provisioned for those people. - Roberto Bonini
But twitter still has great value. Follow the right people and it's as good as ever. I've had a love hate relationship with two years and in all honesty I really like twitter's potential, especially on the move, whilst waiting for mobile devices with better battery life. - Richard A.
Roberto, the issue is, yes, Twitter can afford to make those provisions, but can the developers they're trying to support afford to make those provisions with their growth? - Jesse Stay
Roberto: I haven't seen a new follower in a while that was more than week old who wasn't pushing 2000 follows and nearing that in followers. Jesse has the numbers to correct me, but I think the median is more like 1500 - 2000 follows. (the mean may well be lower) ...And there is some great value in twitter, other wise I would not want to import most of my followers here as invisible users.But that value is increasingly hard to find - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
There are too many comments here, need to break it into a sub-conversation. - Richard A.
+1 guruvan - rob
Thanks :) (and this isnt even a lot of comments yet ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Well Rob, if you go by the median, with the featured followers list, it's more like 450,000 or so. The average is more like 75 followers. - Jesse Stay
That's across near 3 million of Twitter's users - Jesse Stay
@guruvan et al. agreed that Twitter is inviting these continuing problems w/ the recent "follower inflation", both as to celebs/suggested users, and in allowing automated "follow-wait-unfollow if no refollow" exploits, where john doe users can rack up 10 - 30k followers in a month or so. If you look at Twitterholic ranks 100 - 1000, you'll see what's been going on. The additional load from this must be staggering (from all of the constantly changing follows/unfollows alone), & Twitter could easily shut.. - Alex Schleber
.. this stuff done from seeing the footprint on their servers. Or even just limit the # of daily follows/unfollows a user can do to e.g. 100 each (would not prevent any1 from getting many more people to follow them on their own accord). May sound like sour grapes (and in truth it can be a bit galling to see these 9,600/9,100/58 updates type profiles), & these tools claim that it's all very targeted & mirrors what people will do naturally anyway. But the real problem is the loads ruining Twitter for every1. - Alex Schleber
On a separate note, while we're talking about the benefits of FriendFeed, it could really use comment threading (collapsible?), and cmt timestamps. (See @Richard A's cmt above). - Alex Schleber
Alex, I'm not sure the solution. In some ways I like the freedom to build an audience and grow relationships with that audience. Yet at the same time the spammers are taking advantage of that audience, and it's becoming a pain in the neck, as a developer, to support such massive audiences. I would like to see Twitter have a stricter Terms of Service for their Developers that outright states what developers can and can't do on the platform though - lay it all out so we're not guessing. - Jesse Stay
Alex: It's not tking some of these people a month to get to 10K or even 30K followers. with tools like buzzom.com they're just sitting there all day and amassing follows, and carefully maintaining their 10% ratios. They only wait several hours or a follow back. Ive seen many people have 2K follows and 1K+ followers on their 2nd day. and 10K w/in 1 week. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob, agreed - getting followers is a piece of cake. Either we're idiots for not doing what they're doing or they're the idiots for thinking that means something. I personally side with the latter, although we do pride ourselves on the traffic our blogs have, or subscribers to our blogs. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: I have to admit that last weekend I found myself in a quite a state. I blocked most of the new followers I saw as suspected spammers (for the 2-10k no update issue) and found myself wondering, if I AM being stupid. Should I be doing the same thing? And then after I've talked with several of the people who aggressively follow people, I have to think, no I have it right. But it does mean something to. What exactly, I don't know. But I DO know, that more high traffic accounts are going to change hands. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I e-mailed Twitter's abuse department about several of those "gaming" Twitter. I got no response back, so Twitter doesn't seem to care. I'm still trying to put my arms around all this. - Jesse Stay
I've turned off auto-follow. - Mike Reynolds
I agree, with $$, people, time, Twitter should have figured scaling by now. DM most always fail, not to mention fail whale. Their response is v poor and virtual 0 response from @ev, @jack, @biz no matter how busy they may be. If you can't communicate with your community, you've poor business model. FriendFeed is turning out to be most reliable so far. But, yet to be seen. - Moushumi Kabir
I'm getting seriously close to not only turning off the autofollow (thanks for having it tho Jesse!!) and going one step further and protecting updates. I generally don't want people following me if I wouldn't follow them back - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
guruvan, wouldn't that then be Facebook? :-) - Jesse Stay from IM
hah! YES, it would. Which is one reason I haven't done it. Other reason being the reason I did the autofollow in the 1st place -Job hunting I want to be able to be DMed by anyone - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Thomas Hawk
Thomas Hawk Images at Getty - http://www.gettyimages.com/Search...
Thomas Hawk Images at Getty
Thomas Hawk Images at Getty
Thomas Hawk Images at Getty
58 of my images went on sale today at Getty Images at the link above. it will be interesting to see how this Getty/Flickr deal ends up working out. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
Cool! Keep us posted on this Thomas. - Jeanine W.
Do you have stuff on istockphoto? I use that quite often. - Ken Morley
No, I always felt istockphoto was a rip off. They sell images for $1, $3 or $5 there. The Getty thing seems interesting because they charge a lot more. - Thomas Hawk
Nice start, Thomas. It'll take 'em ages to pile through all your pictures :D - Bob M. Montgomery
Maybe you'd make it up in volume? - Ken Morley
yeah, I was late to get an invite but I've heard from others that once you submit they typically come back to your stream and look for more images. I have some reservations about doing this still, but I think it will be interesting to experiment with it and see how it goes. - Thomas Hawk
maybe Ken. Just never thought pricing images that low was a good idea though. At least not for me personally. - Thomas Hawk
We buy a lot of images for our newsletters. Could never afford the Getty prices however. - Ken Morley
Congratulation! This makes me want to work harder "to be just like Tom". - Vinko
yeah, I think Istock definitely serves a market and opens up stock photography for a lot more uses than maybe in the past. - Thomas Hawk
Absolutely fantastic images...congrats Thomas! - Susan Dennis
nice work, whats the association between flickr and getty? I'm soon to submit myself. your stuff is great!! - Leeanne Munn
Leeanne, thanks. Flickr and Getty have partnered to allow Getty to pilfer, er, I mean pull from Flickr's library of images to offer many of them for sale at Getty Images. The new Flickr collection on Getty launched last month. http://www.gettyimages.com/creativ... - Thomas Hawk
fgood for you Thomas....be really interested in results and your perspective as this goes forward - Richard Binhammer
WOW!!! That's fantastic!!! - Live4Emma (L4S)
nice. good for you - Cee Bee
Good on you... welcome aboard... - David Sanger
nice to see you on FriendFeed David. For those of you who don't know David he's a Bay Area pro photographer who's been in the business for a long time. My pal Sam Bloomberg-Rissman used to work for him. http://beta.friendfeed.com/davidsa... a good person to follow if you are interested in photography and the business side of photography especially. - Thomas Hawk
thanks for the reply, do you submit to getty or do you just wait for an invite?? hope it all goes well for you. - Leeanne Munn
You have to wait for Getty to invite you. I think it would be better if they allowed people to submit, but for now you have to wait for their invitation on Flickr. - Thomas Hawk
of course some of these photos are simply stunning. - R. Ferguson
Robert, that shot of the GG Bridge was from our very first episode of Photowalking. It's still one of the most popular photographs of the GG Bridge on Flickr. - Thomas Hawk
Gorgeous work! Keep everyone posted on how this works out. - Rick Bucich
Good luck with this venture. - Anne Bouey
Wow. You are bad ass Thomas Hawk. - Patricia
I was wondering what pictures you had up on Getty! Thanks for sharing and congrats again. Keep us posted. - Justin Korn
What a great collection of photos Thomas! - Jeff P. Henderson
Amazing work Thomas! - Bill Pennington from twhirl
thanks - the beta opens FF up a lot. good luck with the Getty pix. It'll be interesting once returns start getting posted. - David Sanger
Congrats Thomas. Have to keep us posted on how it goes. Out of interest, how much % of the sale do you get back for yourself? - Simon Wicks
great - Manuela
well done thomas - Chris Farrugia
Simon, Getty basically pays 20-30% (probably more like 20% for me) on sales in this program. Pretty skinny for the photographer if you ask me. But we'll see how well they do selling them to make up for that. - Thomas Hawk
It's not cost you anything to have them in their program though has it? Anything you make is a bonus if thats the case, and it gets you more recognition. :) - Simon Wicks
right Simon, no cost to be in the program. But the terms still seem a bit one-sided to me. a low payout, a requirement that you give them a three year exclusive on these image or images substantially like these images. I'd rather have seen more like a 40-50% payout on images and a shorter one year exclusive which could be renewed after that, especially given that the program is new and nobody really has any datapoints on what it will look like. But opening up Getty to more amateurs still is admirable. - Thomas Hawk
Ah right, so techically they own the images now? You cant sell it to any other sites to make a profit from those too. Shorter leases would of been much better in that case, as like you said, you dont know what return you are going to get from them. - Simon Wicks
well technically you still own the images. But you just can't market them through anyone else for that term. So if say someone emails you after finding your image on say Flickr and wants to pay you $1,000 for it you can't take it. Instead you can send them to Getty and get more like $40. They also won't recognize the cc non-commercial license which I don't like and will only market images previously marked CC non commercial as the lower paying royalty free. Which I don't like. - Thomas Hawk
Just wondering: If you have an image on Getty and someone wants to buy it externally (like you $1000 example via mail), wouldn't it be as easy as making a simple change to your raw image and then sell the new one (which looks almost exactly like the one on Getty)? Does Getty own the right of your raw image? Or do they own the rights of a whole series of shots (that may be looking all the same)? I think they wouldn't like it, but in fact this would be ok, wouldn't it? - Pascal Hertleif
Pascal, they lay claim to "similars" and their definition of "similars" is somewhat nebulous and subjective. You always own the copyright (for sake of this discussion). They (Getty) have an exclusive license that you grant them for a period of 2 years that is irrevocable during that timeframe. I.e. you can't change your mind 2 weeks after you grant them license and ask Getty to delete the image. You can ask them to stop licensing it out but since they still own the exclusive license, it still prevents you - jho
from selling elsewhere except for "fine art" prints. And yes, the terms seem to be stacked against the photog. - jho
Kol Tregaskes
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