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Dave Winer
We have followfriday maybe now we need #iloveyouthursday. Every tweet begins with I love you and etc etc. What you think??
Matt Cutts
Just tried dragging a tab on Linux Firefox to open a new window. Didn't work. Pining for Chrome on Linux.
I find it painful when I try and drag a tab to the bookmark bar in chrome. So swings and roundabouts :P - Phill Price
Have you tried the Ubuntu Chromium builds: ? - roel
Louis Gray
Pet Shop Boys – Did You See Me Coming? -
Former Facebook Exec Van Natta Set to Take Over at MySpace, As Founder DeWolfe Steps Down:
Robert Scoble
Is @ev helping out @aplusk for @oprah show? I'm getting tons of messages from people who realize they can't unfollow that account. I can't either.
wait now they are blocking unfollows? - rob
Yep, I cant unfollow him. - Christian Burns
This is not right at all. We should have the right to unfollow him if we want to. Personally, I'm not following him, but still, THIS IS NOT RIGHT! - Michael Forian
rob: yeah. I can't unfollow @aplusk - Robert Scoble
oh BURN! - rob
as aplusk woud have said on That 70's show - rob
Nope, I can't unfollow Ashton..but I can unfollow other users - Sam Houston
Oh that is cheap Twitter, You can't unfollow @Aplusk!! I am glad I didn't do it at all!! - Paul
The beginning of the end... Twitter has sold it's soul to Oprah. - Trad Robinson
You can't stop following? -- that is lame. I guess you have to be special to get that set up? - Brian Sullivan
I've tried to unfollow @aplusk and I cannot do it, either. - Anthony K. Valley ©
I'm so glad I never followed that one. Maybe they moved @aplusk to it's own server and have the SQL update/delete locked down. - rob
Leo was just talking about that. Makes the whole platform a joke. - Eric - Final Countdown
I can't follow @Aplusk, let alone unfollow. Twitter's just borked. No conspiracy here folks, sorry. - drew olanoff
I followed him, but it took a few minutes to register - maybe unfollowing is the same? - Caffeinated Sue
Glad I never bothered to follow him anyway! - Chris Charabaruk
Eric: the whole platform has been a joke since day one. Didn't stop all of us from joining. - Robert Scoble
lol @ own server - Stuart Evans from twhirl
Twitter cant afford to have that account go down - Christian Burns
Weird. Twitter's been acting wonky the last few days tho. - Tiffany Monhollon
wow..... - MikeAmundsen
Twitter is becoming the new VH1 "Where Are They Now" countdown special. - Eric - Final Countdown
And @aplusk's follower count is still going up. - Michael Forian
definition of Twitter = Wonky - rob
Twitter's infrastructure is just falling apart, as always - Michael Krigsman
@aplusk is adding about 2-4 followers a second from what I can tell. - rob
I've tried to unfollow for a couple of hours. I have successfully unfollowed marketers and spammers in the same time frame, just not Kutcher. Getting this error message on him "Whoops! Something went wrong. Please refresh the page and try again!" - Anthony K. Valley ©
Okay, I just tried to unfollow, it didn't work. Has anyone tried to unfollow CNN? - Caffeinated Sue
I was unable to unfollow @aplusk, but I did just unfollow @scobleizer. Just a test ;) - Ryan Kuder
I tried to unfollow both of them and it gave that Whoops error - James Rowe
You can't unfollow @cnnbrk either. Wow, this sucks. Twitter's obviously trying to cover their parfaits. - Michael Forian
Brings new meaning to the term, "default" - Jesse Stay
Being pretty new to Twitter (two years but very sporadic until the last few weeks) I hadn't heard of @aplusk until today. Anyhow, I went to try to follow him in the last few hours and none of my attempts were successful. My conclusion: the race is rigged by joint PR effort, they want him to break the million just as he appears on Oprah. Or something like that. I have to say that, given it's a free service, I didn't mind too much. But I probably haven't invested as much of myself as Scoble and others here :) - Richard Drake
Well, the million follower scandal will hopefully show us technical folks what not to do if we ever hit it big. Hacked really? pfft. - rob
can't unfollow, but I can still block. Let's all punk him and block him. (I did.) - Michael Markman
1,000,000 blocks that'd be nice - rob
Honestly I don't remember ever following @cnnbrk, and I don't see updates on page, or tweetdeck - James Rowe
So, what does blocking do? - Dennis Jackson
Twitter's TOS: "General Conditions - We reserve the right to modify or terminate the service for any reason, without notice at any time." Wow. This blows big time. - Michael Forian
blocking makes it so that user when they are logged in, are unable to see your msgs - rob
I see the TOS. I still don't think it's right they are doing this. They need to make it fair. :( boo.. - Dennis Jackson
I wonder if it has to do with the "aplusk's 1,000,000th follower gets this and that and the other thing" promises that people/organizations like EA are making. By blocking people from unfollowing those accounts, they could be hoping to prevent people from unfollowing right after he hits 1,000,000 and the jockeying to become the "real" 1,000,000th follower that's sure to come. - Gord McLeod
This is common for users with a lot of followers. I see it with our users on SocialToo all the time - it's some sort of bug in Twitter, assuming it's not a conspiracy. - Jesse Stay
You can block him though - Christian Burns
I just don't see how blocking him does anything. - Dennis Jackson
Hrm, that certainly takes some wind out of Twitter's sails... - Trish Ridgway
Ashton is saying on his twitter feed that his account is getting hacking continually. Maybe this is a protective measure? - Karl Kovacs
Guys, I think I've figured it out: the "unfollow" only takes effect after a few minutes. This applies to both @aplusk and @cnnbrk. - Michael Forian
After a few minutes? I tried unfollowing Oprah and Ev and those don't work either. I wonder if it's my browser. - Dennis Jackson
I can't follow him either. It pretends I'm following him, but when I refresh, I'm still not following him. I don't think this is what everyone thinks it is. Seems more like the account state is frozen. - Cait
I've seen something lke this happen to regular users - follow again, clear browser cache, reload page, try to unfollow again. If that doesn't do it, try blocking. I would never have followed @aplusk in the first place, so I can't perform the test - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Maybe it's a scaling/load issue with their database. - Gord McLeod
Ashton's closing the gap: - Caffeinated Sue
Looking at the stats for @aplusk and @cnnbrk, it appears they maybe working on a tie instead of a win. The numbers have gotten too close to call. - Karl Kovacs
Karl's got it. Almost certainly a preventative measure in case the accounts get compromised. I'm wondering though... a) Does this take the heat out of Apple's one billion app milestone? and b) Does it really matter because Oprah will storm past both of them (indefinitely) once she starts tweeting. - Smashing
I was able to unfollow @cnnbrk for sure.I was able to follow @aplusk and THEN I COULD NOT UNFOLLOW @aplusk - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Maybe he paid for that little service. It's one way to monetize Twitter. Then Twitter will charge us to unfollow those people. - Mary Wehrle
I was able to block @aplusk just fine - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Ashton watching it live: - Caffeinated Sue idiot has too much money, so he spilled champange on his macbook. - rob
guy makes me ill - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
"i read all your @replies" - ashton - rob
yea, fan mail new low. - rob
I should block aplusk while I still can! :) - Morton Fox
FWIW: I first unfollowed @CNNbrk,worked fine then followed @aplusk could not unfollow, blocked @aplusk then followed @CNNbrk and was not able to unfollow @CNNbrk - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Wow @Twitter. That is very lame. I hope this is a bug, otherwise this will be a future PR nightmare...starting tomorrow. - darnell from BuddyFeed
darnell: No...starting a little while ago..bug or not. This is going to blow up already starting to - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
perhaps twitter did not do this intentionally. their app may be hitting some functional limits! They've got to be scrambling over there... kinda feel sorry for them! LOL - Susan Beebe
there's really not much that can make me feel sorry for them. starry-eyed, failing to manage their business for their customers (and I'm talking outages and lack of notifications esp) sympathy gone. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
oh no! there's gonna be a recount and lawsuits. what will the country do until we know the final answer? oh my! least it's cheaper than a sorry ass movie. - Landon
No Way! A Twitter PR Disaster brewing quickly! Twittersphere speak it loud. - Kemp Edmonds
I'm seeing a lot of noise about this already....lots of RTs (and coincidentally lots of follows on my account LOL!) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
This sounds like an interesting topic... - coldbrew
Surely if CNN actually stated tweeting (they haven't done any since they took over the account) and they put it on their program, they would have a huge surge. CNN isn't taking this seriously. Maybe it is because it isn't! - CJPhoto
That's what you get for following any of them in the first place. You keep trying to leave, but they keep pulling you back in. - dewtheone
Ahsan: what, you expect Twitter's engineering to be good? You have GOT to be kidding! - Robert Scoble
I personally think this is because to not allow people to unfollow and then follow him back to get a 1millionth follower gifts from EA... my opinion... - Hameedullah Khan
When I unfollowed CNNbrk, then followed CNNbrk again later tonight as per my experiment, I could not un follow. no gifts from cnn right? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
what a joke... - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Mark, looking for 0 tweets is pretty much dead giveaway - rob from twhirl
Mark well I'm sure there could easily be a collaborative effort given the amount of people using the service, and the amount of companies or projects using the firehose, we could easily find new users, and check their followers out, and who they may follow, then give that back to twitter to judge who is "real" or someone. Adding spam watchdog would be easy too since someone already does spam and link checking. - rob
Someone posted that Twitter disabled the unfollow feature for this jive - Outsanity
Weird this was I couldn't even ADD Ashton to my other Twitter account. So maybe both functions were disabled. But, if that were so, then how did he hit 1mill? Odd... - Outsanity
Thank you for asking that question. - Prokofy Neva
That sucks! Started a campaign for people to stop following him. Well it was a small campaign, but I am so sick of hearing about this silly contest. - PC Easy from twhirl
Chris: So If I can run a big contest to gain followers I giving away fabulous prizes, Twitter will fuck other people around for me too. Yet another example of Twitter really only giving a damn about the big name stars & companies, - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I wonder how many million follower user accounts it will take before Twitter does something drastic? - rob
Really? - ChiliMac
Chris: Fabulous Idea! I'm gonna march right down to @ev's office with a bunch of cupcakes and get my refund today! :) heh. -But seriously, its now how I was damaged personally but about how Twitter is making sure there is the "great divide" between the Followed and the Followers. The more they've focused on the stars the less Twitter is about real interactions between real people. This damages the community, and I am sad to see it happen this way - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I would have been more impressed with Twitter overall if it had taken the opposite approach and shown us what value there is in following ordinary people who have interesting things to say. But instead, they show extreme favoritism towards people who have large draws. Go ahead and ask to see if you can have a special favor from Twitter so that you can draw in an even bigger crowd than you already have. It doesn't hurt you, no, but sure doesn't help you either. What's wrong with wanting equality? - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Nothing's wrong with wanting equality. Internet is becoming just as assymetrical as real life is. The more crowd you already have the less job to take to build even bigger crowd. Sorry, but Twitter can't help you. It's not the matter of Twitter. It's the matter of what kind of people use it and what goal they achieve using it. - Денис
No Twitter can't help me, or you. But it can and does help: Mashable, Oprah, Jimmy Fallon, Tony Robbins, etc, etc, and now Ashton & CNN. It is a matter of Twitter and what kind of people they strive to attract. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Yet another reason Twitter has launched a high velocity missle over the shark for this user. I'm still using it, but most of my time now is here on FF. - Mark Traphagen
It's the too big to let fail doctrine applied to social network chosen ones. wow. - Micah
Mona's ff post to Rafe's cnet How To on unfollow technique that seems to work - Micah
Its easy to unfollow send a message: "off aplusk" in Twitter. Simple as that. I suggest a mass unfollow in order to avenge this dirty trick. - Alexandre
Alexandre: I don't think that unfollows; it just keeps his updates from showing in your timeline. So no message sent that way. - Mark Traphagen
Robert Scoble
Tomorrow I'll be visiting Atlassian and Disqus. To me entrepreneurs are sexier than @oprah and more worthy of attention.
Oprah's only sexy if she gives me a car. - Eric - Final Countdown
Not hard to be sexier than Oprah :D - Mo Kargas
to say I "like" this is just too weak. @oprah... SqUeAl... not. - Ted Bradford II
UNLESS, as Eric states; "she gives me a car" (or ginormous green hands). - Ted Bradford II
Jeffrey Walker is a good guy - Michael Krigsman
You don't have Disqus set up anywhere yet, do you? I highly recommend it. - Bruce Lewis
well....oprah really is an entrepreneur (jus' sayin') But not that interesting to me anyway...I like geeks ;) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: I meant more of a startup kinds entrepreneur. Bruce: Disqus is coming. - Robert Scoble
;-) I know what you meant....but she has actually done some impressive things in her day too. (I'm not a fan, but sometimes just gotta play devil's advocate) And of all the stars that twitter is courting, at least oprah brings something of value to the table. (still not following her..never have been a fan) - - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
What are you discussing with Disqus tomorrow....inquiring minds wanna know - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
OOoh, I love Atlassian - we use JIRA (bug/issue tracker) & Confluence (Wiki) products - both are highly integrated. We customized the heck out of them. JIRA has my project management "workflow" design - nice implementation, if I say so myself! Not for the faint of heart. Lots of cool plugins too. We have tons. - Susan Beebe
Love Disqus... but maybe while you're there you can show them the two lines of PHP it takes to make their WordPress plugin respect "disable comments"? :) - Marina Martin
Rob: just having a fun visit. I am interested in learning more about what they are up to. - Robert Scoble
me too - what is in the Atlassian roadmap?!! *curious*. - Susan Beebe
I'm not too sure of Disqus, I haven't seen anything with a real NEAT factor. Comment systems that over use javascript embeds irk me, and the only thing I think Disqus is good for is comment spam, which they seem to manage and provide you with controls. - rob
Big Confluence fan myself. Using it to spread the wiki way at my company. Good folks at Atlassian. - Clay
Louis Gray
It is Twitter who should be wearing the "Beta" label, not FriendFeed. Here's why:
Beta products are usually unfinished, and could crash at any time, or lose your data. - Louis Gray
Twitter often goes down without warning. Twitter has been known to lose tweets, avatars and followers. - Louis Gray
Twitter often foils developers with API limits and outages. - Louis Gray
In contrast, FriendFeed practically never goes down. - Louis Gray
FriendFeed, if anything, errs by "over counting" your comments and likes, not undercounting. - Louis Gray
FriendFeed stores all your comments and images in a robust, searchable database. - Louis Gray
I think FF has the realtime thing down... Twitter is still working out the bugs (now that's beta) ;-) - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
So while the FriendFeed team respects you by putting a beta on their newer interface, they are offering a high quality, stable, product where the data is safe. Twitter, on the other hand, could go down at any time, and take your data and metadata with it. - Louis Gray
i vote we move friendfeed to mode delta - can i get a show of hands? - Allen Stern
Louis: Totally correct. I really expect the behavior of twitter from a 6-12mo out of the gate startup. By three years old I would think that you have matured enough to AT LEAST be able to notify users of the current status. Twitter seems to think that if they don't post it, no one will notice or remember. wrong...Maybe some pointed ALL CAPS has helped this week...we'll see during the next outage - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
The best thing about Twitter is its search engine. They didn't even make the search engine. They bought it. And they still haven't integrated it for all users. - Louis Gray
To be fair, FriendFeed hasn't had the same kind of load demands that Twitter has had to accommodate. - Mike Nayyar
In contrast, the FriendFeed team has a robust search engine from the people who helped make Google's search engine as strong as it is today. - Louis Gray
Mike, FriendFeed does not have the load Twitter does. But at this point in its lifecycle, the traffic and users are comparable. - Louis Gray
Twitter is the only site I know that can turn outages into cult following. FF doesn't have or need a Fail Whale! - Shane
Mike: Totally true, but twitter has been able to see the load demands coming for some time, AND they've had positions open in their techops department for over two months now. If they would bother to fill them, they would have the extra hands on deck necessary to deal with problems. (P.S. I applied and have not heard word one...) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Talking about the Fail Whale! I just got it. No lie. "Twitter is over capacity" Must be traffic from NCAA finals - Shane
Love the cheeky "Here's why:" crosspost on this one, Louis :D - Daniel J. Pritchett
Yes straight form "unplanned maintenance" to failwhale - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Twitter has to deal with SMS, does that count for anything? - Mitch
I saw a fail whale tattoo once - wasn't sure what to make of it. I mean, you're clearly into twitter because of the tat, but does it make you a hip edgy tweeter to have a negative impression of twitter branded on your body? I hope that tattoo was a fake. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Erik: after a few more twitter days like today, with the new interface @ FF it will - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I can't help but think that Twitter is responsible for its own API problems. I'm glad that the API exists to enable powerful clients like TweetDeck but if Twitter would only internalize some of the more obvious awesome features they could really reduce the API load while optimizing some of the required indexing in-house. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Erik, that's probably true, but what we're discussing is the quality of service. Google scales without downtime. FriendFeed has scaled without downtime. Twitter has had any number of scaling issues we are all familiar with. Successful sites grow. Great sites grow smoothly. - Louis Gray
Daniel: I disagree. Using the clients to produce constructs out of simple API should lead to lower system loads @ twitter. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I think the whole beta labeling thing needs to go out the window. We live in a constant state of Beta on the web, so why use it? - B.J. Mendelson
@Rob - if Twitter enabled FF-style filters you don't think they could save themselves the agony of ten billion people running Tweetdeck 24/7 just to keep up with various custom lists? Granted I haven't whiteboarded the whole thing just yet but it certainly seems to me like it would result in a lower net load. - Daniel J. Pritchett
One other consideration for Twitter -- no site has had to change to suit to what its users' want to use the product for quite like them. - Mitch
Mitch, I'm willing to give that point if you can back it up. Are you familiar with the changes that have occurred with FriendFeed over the same time period? - Louis Gray
LG, you are a smart, smart man. - Rochelle
Daniel: I'm not sure how the filters implemented would save on the people running their clients 24/7? Filters, no matter where they're placed don't cause me to shut my client down. My tweetdeck runs about 20/7 ;) I sleep about 4 hours a night. I do shut it off then. otherwise it eats all my memory by the time I get up. (but maybe you are right...I just think dumping larger chunks of more compressed raw data to the clients and letting the clients process it is a better load scheme.) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
What are you asking for? Proof that Friendfeed hasn't changed? Go through the FriendFeed-Feedback room and read all the suggestions from people about changes they'd like to see. Aside what was implemented in this beta (like DMs and profile blurbs), virtually nothing was changed for the entire life of the current UI of FriendFeed except for little tweaks that the FriendFeed team wanted like alt-text URL lengthening or "view this article in Digg" (or similar) in the dropdown. Just tweaks IMO. - Mitch
FriendFeed had tonnes of backend changes though, as Bret's blog post illustrated quite well with the schema-less SQL storage. - Mitch
How long have you been using the site, Mitch? I've been watching for 18 months, and the changes have been far more dramatic, in my opinion, than those from Twitter, which just does one thing, period, still. - Louis Gray
Well since I snatched up my username I haven't stopped using it if that's any indication. I just see everything that's happened in the current incarnation of FF as things tweaked. The IM bot and FFNotifier were pleasant surprises along the way though. Props to the FriendFeed team for all they've done but the volume of things in the Feedback room unanswered shows more than you're counting it for I think Louis. - Mitch
I do agree that Twitter is pretty stagnant Louis. I just thought you were being a little rough on it and wanted to play the devil's advocate as I curiously often find myself wanting to do when reading your work. - Mitch
I wouldn't consider it "rough" as much as just counting up the many issues they have had, Mitch. I see the strain developers have first-hand in working with the site, and the parallel of their downtime with FriendFeed's revamp made it a good topic. - Louis Gray
Good topic, agreed. Playing off of what's hot I suppose, I can't blame you. - Mitch
so....Windows is always in beta?.. - kang
FriendFeed never crashes - Adam Singer
FriendFeed probably got Penguin a backrub (please confirm otherwise). - Mitch
Twitter has been driving me nuts lately, clicking on follow doesn't work sometimes, very slow, etc.. - Brian
@Mitch - if FF or Twitter indexes things in the same manner Google does (i.e. find every keyword and proactively index it before it's searched) then that's a flat amount of regular data processing that they can plan around. They don't have to actually send the results of your search offsite unless you come in and flip through your filters/lists to see what's happened since your last visit. An active external search might not be that efficient - it could be hammering the server with the same query - Daniel J. Pritchett
...repeatedly, and then it's up to the server to recognize a repeated search. It's probably a good idea for the search engine to optimize to first store and then incrementally update repeated searches, but who knows if Twitter or FF is actually doing that. - Daniel J. Pritchett
We'll probably never find out details that specific re:search. - Mitch
Google released whitepapers exactly that specific that I read in grad school. If I had to guess which current social networking company would follow in their footsteps on that naturally I'd say FF, not Twitter. - Daniel J. Pritchett
@Daniel +1 - kang
I'm trying hard to find the whitepaper that I read way back when but it's been 4-5 years and there's a lot of cruft that's popped up in the meantime. I'll be sure and DM you if I can find it, Mitch. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Sounds good. Too bad Google Docs wasn't around back then. I love storing all my PDFs there. - Mitch
@Mitch - This isn't as academic as the paper I read but it's still a pretty exhaustive treatment of Google's page crawling and indexing. I hope it will do for now. I imagine people aren't quite as likely to home in on the search aspect of current-gen services that do more than just search, so who knows when we'll see academics tackling FF/Twitter search... - Daniel J. Pritchett
Thanks LG :) great review :) - Live Crunch Blog
Louis, not only has twitter been stagnant the last 18 months, they've actively _removed_ features. - Andy Bakun
Well, it's bad when you're using that feature and it seems to be key to using the site effectively. I used to use the IM integration on twitter a lot, since the order things came in made them easy to read and follow the threads of conversation. That's impossible with the regular twitter UI, and IM doesn't exist anymore. - Andy Bakun
@Louis Comparable users and load? Come on....;) When Kevin Rose tweets to 400k people and 50k respond with an @ message, that type of load is something FriendFeed hasn't even sniffed yet. - drew olanoff
Louis meant that FF is keeping up with Twitter at the same relative ages, i.e. FF has as much traffic at X months as Twitter did a year (two?) ago. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Drew, it is something Gmail has sniffed though - Jesse Stay
Jesse, Gmail was in private beta for some time, and then was invite only (in a very controlled manner) for sometime after that. Plus, usage spikes that "realtimeweb" services see such as sporting events and natural disasters cannot be replicated in an email setting. - drew olanoff
Twitter's never worked properly, the end :-) - Richard A.
I hate to say it but Twitter often feels more like someone's hobby than a business. - Rod Bauer from twhirl
Even a hobby would output a labor of love. - Andy Bakun
I've never loved too much twitter, but now that all the "big names" - in US especially - are pushing friendfeed against it, I'm beginning to appreciate Twitter more than ever. :-P - Markingegno - Donato
FF has a API Rate Limit, too... (500/day) - Alp
Friendfeed has real time updates :). Twitter does not :( - Garin Kilpatrick
Allen Stern
i still haven't used the new friendfeed, if i was in silicon valley now, i would be strung up and set on fire
actually since i am walking around without be strung up and asking about FF and its use, i might be strung up sooner than you. - Om Malik
Let us know when you've broken it in. - Mitch
going to sleep soon so i can say that i didnt access the beta all day - om, what happened to the yankees today? - Allen Stern
Allen & Om: I don't think just not using it is really the problem... it's badmouthing it without trying it that pushes folks' buttons. So far you guys are safe ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Ken - without even looking at it, I can nearly guarantee they didn't solve the important issues... maybe more on that tomorrow - - Allen Stern
someone take away his early adopter badge :) - Rob Diana
Allen: They're called filters ... and they're the real magic of the beta release IMO. - AJ Kohn
then i guess he wont see us talking about him here! hey allen! - sean percival
opps hes here everyone! shhhhhhhhhhhh - sean percival
i got a post on my pad for tomorrow morning - it will be about the new ff without me even seeing it - i leave you with that - sean, go answer some questions for some fake dollars! - Allen Stern
Allen we hardly ever string up and burn people anymore. The carbon offset costs just don't make it cost effective. You are free to live in the past. - Todd Hoff
new friendfeed is broken out of the box, but if you spend some time to tweak it, it rocks - Adam Singer
You wouldn't be hung, you'd just get Robert knocking on your door asking if you are nuts. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
alex im not worried, i live pretty far from robert and from what i hear his new ride dont start - amtrak takes a week to get here - Allen Stern
why not? Has somebody kidnapped you and tied you up in a closet without a computer? - Thomas Hawk
Paul Buchheit
How FriendFeed uses MySQL to store schema-less data - The San Francisco MySQL Meetup Group (San Francisco, CA) - -
Live and in person :) (now) - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
video feed? - Capn' One Eye - adrift
I would love to see the slideshow or video if there's any. :) - AJ Batac
I'd really love to see this - I'm hitting similar issues trying to track the relationships across social networks on various platforms with SocialToo. - Jesse Stay
Is this streaming? - Ken Sheppardson
Paul, any chance you'll post up this deck? I'm very keen to see it. - Jordan Willms
We still want the slide deck, though. - Chris Charabaruk
This is a link to Bret's blog post on the subject: in case someone missed it the first 2 times. - Mitch
Great presentation, Bret (via Paul, ha) and very cool to meet you. My friends & I had a lively discussion about it afterwards at Kate O'Brien's too. hey if you ever want a foil for implementing with a RDBM etc., hit me up, I'm game. I was kind of surprised that it wasn't more... contentious? argumentative? than the blog comments. Anyways, very neat. - anna sauce
Rob Diana
FriendFeed Is In Danger Of Becoming The Coolest App No One Uses -
BS - Louis Gray
BOLLOCKS.... - Rob Sellen :o)
I partly share his fear. Although I wouldn't say no-one. I think Twitter vs Friendfeed can be Windows vs Mac. FriendFeed as the constant underdog. Not bad perse! OTOH, for Twitter to be able to compete, they must drop their 140 char limit. People will get fed up with that eventually, that is, being limited to that for all their "chat" purposes. But I think Twitter plus all kind of nasty bolt-on's can get VERY far. - Meryn Stol
There's already Twitpic and Twerbose. - Meryn Stol
BTW I assume there's not any doubt which OS I prefer! :) - Meryn Stol
People who wants productivity, a community and vibrant visual posts win big-time in power users, simply put. I love to do web-processing of data, period. The other services presents limits designed for other types of uses. FF serves me as the center of my services, the point and balance in my web researching. - Zu from AOD
I never get my Facebook friends to do the same as in here. Reading twitter is for me a direct concept of following, with no discussion other than mechanized by console-type commands. Each its style, but applied in a system like FF. - Zu from AOD
Arrington has his head so far up his own a** it is crazy - Zach Scott
It's all about creating controversies for traffic. Traffic == Money. - AJ Batac
Well said Matthew - AJ Batac
Well said all. - Zu from AOD
Whatever. - Rochelle
I shared this mainly because it sounded so absurd. Loved the comments. - Rob Diana
dave mcclure
@tristanwalker see Adrian '06 post "fundamental ways newspapers need to change" + "publishing 2.0" 500 hats posts
Louis Gray
Matthew and Sarah say bye to their dad as he sits in the San Jose Airport before SXSW.
Happy babies! - Anika
So cute! - Misty
I'm so jealous :-( - Jesse Stay
Cuties! - Kate
Friendly!!!! - Markus
smiles! totally cute - Sarah Perez
Wow, I would cry having to leave such cuties!! - Susan Beebe
now this is worth all the work louis, because then you get to come home to them. awesome and super happy for you. - Om Malik
And in a few years you can buy them presents from your travels. - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
:( :( Those poor kids have been working their butts off in social media SINCE BIRTH, and they get left behind. Guess it's not what you know... ;) - MiniMage
Mini, you crack me up. But yes, they have great activity levels for their experience. - Louis Gray
Mini, are you suggesting 2 future SXSW panelists? - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
Seriously Louis, every time you post a picture of these two, I want to just kiss their yummy cheeks! - Lis
If I had kids I still think I would recognize Louis' kids better :-) - Todd Hoff
Todd, I always promise that once you guys get sick of them, we'll stop sharing. Just let us know. :) - Louis Gray
Audrey would say hello to the twins but she's asleep! - Rochelle
When they get 21 that's it. Until then it's a sure smile :-) - Todd Hoff
Great stuff Louis. Keep it comin' - Charlie Anzman
StorageMojo " Building a 1.8 exabyte data center -
For Getting the Skinny on Apple Stock Hijinks Alone, BoomTown Hearts Jon Stewart -
When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do (As in, No Twittering or Much iPhoning) -
John Paczkowski
Louis Gray
Google Reader Hijacking The Conversation | Regular Geek -
Matt Cutts
Google launches Google Voice: and that's not even the new thing I'll be talking about at #pubcon today!
I was waiting for this to happen! I have a Grand Central beta account and am just relocating back to native UK so will now buy a G Phone over there - that news was my tipping point.. Problem? I have a US # now and need a UK # and would pay for service! Tips? - David Saunders
David, Google Voice is only available in the US: - Tony Ruscoe
Robert Scoble
Mark Zuckerberg just announced that businesses and brands will have full access to the social graph. Here's what that means:
CocaCola will be listed right next to Mike Arrington. - Robert Scoble
And Mike Arrington will have an entry. So will TechCrunch. - Robert Scoble
Monetization! - Robert Scoble
Facebook just became VERY interesting to me. - Robert Scoble
Everyone who likes Snapple is now two degrees away from everyone else who likes Snapple? - Kevin Fox
Due to filtering and real time feed? - Mrinal Desai
Interesting.. Please elaborate - andy brudtkuhl
Mrinal: no, they have a new "brand" type coming for the social graph. They don't call it that, of course, but that's what it is. - Robert Scoble
Can you explain what that means? - Rachel Levy
gotacha - thanks! - Mrinal Desai
Also want to hear more...Twitter is my public but Facebook is my family & friends app... - TechMama Beth Blecherman I want brands to have access to my social graph? I would rather sell them my valuable data not give it away for free. Free for friends, costs for business - David Jacobs
Sounds great, but I will believe it when I see it =) - Bob Ngu
So... brand (or company/product) will become an entity you can "friend" in Facebook? Am I interpreting this right? Do I get to control their access to my data/friend list? - Brian Roy
is today the day they get rid of the 5,000 friend limit, since Pages are now Profiles? - Jesse Stay
Because as we all know, the real value in social networking isn't connecting people with other people, it's connecting people with PRODUCTS. - Ken Sheppardson
Jesse: sort of. They got very close. We have to see the implementation first. - Robert Scoble
+100 Ken - Everyone is looking to monetize by tapping into marketing and PR dollars... - Brian Roy
Will the "likes" feature now be trackable, like it is in FriendFeed? I don't see the purpose of it in FB right now. Why did they add that that feature if you can't see yours and others' likes? - Jennifer Windrum
Ken: you have two phone books, right? One is white, for people, the other is yellow, for companies. These can be presented separately in Facebook too. They just added the yellow pages to the social graph. This is the death of the yellow pages. - Robert Scoble
@Robert the yellow pages died years ago - andy brudtkuhl
Matthew: why don't you? This is an interactive thing. I'm just typing as fast as I can. - Robert Scoble
Matthew, you can reshare Robert's threads (or anyone's) into a room. - FFing Enigma
How about Dislikes? or even Hate or Evil, Right now your only negative comment is silence...judging by the popularity of Simon on AI, "Hated It" would be a Huge "feature." - Jamie Ginsberg
LOL! It's right there under 'More', choose reshare and you'll essentially get the FF bookmarklet: choose the room to send it to and BOOM there you go =) Works the other way around too should you want to share something from a room into your feed - FFing Enigma
And salesforce is there, in the background, collecting all our data - I don't really care since I've never had issues with personal information used maliciously. - Mona Nomura
Brands are just catching up on artists and sports guys. They've been branding themselves and using the social graph for a while. - Marc Verstaen
It means they're vying to become more evil than Google? - Richard Akerman
I have a new plan for surviving this recession/depression: standing outside with a sign reading "will sell my social graph for food". - Richard Akerman
Did facebook just become a huge version of GetSatisfaction? - Anton Mannering
Louis Gray
Google Quietly Laying Off Engineers -
Engineers, doin' it rough. - Will Higgins™
I talked with a Google Engineer today. She said Google basically gives you a year. Do something interesting that draws an audience and you get time to play for another year. If you aren't doing something interesting that is drawing audience you should worry. She wasn't worried (she just released the ebook stuff last week). - Robert Scoble
so, essentially, if you work at google you are on a rolling 1 year contract. It isn't "do your job" it is contribute above and beyond or goodbye. - Brian Roy
Robert: That must be new. I never saw that mentality at Google outside of the contractors trying to turn full-time at the end of their year contract. - Kevin Fox
Glen: only if it's more than a specific percentage of the workforce (5 or 10%, I forget which). - Kevin Fox
Go ahead and color me pre-emptively skeptical on this one. - Matt Cutts
@mattcutts. I think you might be right about this one. of course people shown the door can replace fired with laid off moniker! - Om Malik
@Robert I have never heard anything of the sort in my 3 years @ Goog. Color me with the same skeptical crayon as Matt. - EricaJoy
it would be useful of people sat through and thought about the scenario before commenting. So Robert Scoble says that for 10 years, google has basically given engineers a year to do something interesting that draws an audience and then you should be worried? What about all the people in infrastructure who don't have an audience, job control, quota, allocation groups? Seriously, think this through. - vijay gill
Bah. Obviously I can't speak for Google as a whole, but this is totally counter to my experience. Even engineers at the small offices that were closed have been offered positions at other offices, to the best of my knowledge. - Joel Webber
I have no additional insight beyond sharing the article, but appreciate the comments from Om, Matt, Kevin, etc. who do. If it is real, I am sure we will know soon enough. - Louis Gray
Think of all the startups that are going to come about now, eh??? - Roberto Bonini
I agree with Om on this - Sidharth Dassani
This is going to be interesting to watch isn't it? - Susan Beebe
But continueto attack inventor (eg fmr fired employees) rights ... Hypocrisy - Scott Moskowitz
Bret Taylor
Google Maps team: I think a lot of features would benefit from nicer URLs. Google Latitude profiles don't have URLs. Google Latitude itself appears to only be an iGoogle module. Request emails about it have no link where I can see the person who sent the request.
My Maps, which I would really like to use more, makes it extremely hard to construct links. I would like a URL underneath the Map names. I would also like a URL to a page that lists all my maps. I think the URLs should look like instead of - Bret Taylor
Really excited about the launch, by the way - excited to use it on my iPhone. - Bret Taylor
agreed about nice urls. some upcoming features (other than latitude) should have nice urls. i dont have much visibility into latitude, but i'll pass along your suggestion. mymaps i have much more influence with, I'll ask them about better urls. - Evan Parker
Thanks, Evan! - Bret Taylor
Well, at least Google gives us URLs. Yahoo will start testing a new feature later today that doesn't even have URLs. Sigh. - Robert Scoble
I just installed the new Google Maps with Google Latitude on my Windows Mobile phone and it's working really great...but I feel like there is nothing I can do with this product. Where's the API? Where's the "here's the general vicinity I am in widget"? - Benjamin Golub
Google Latitude is a location aware advertising play -- not social media. [My prediction] - Wayne Schulz
The Google Maps application is a great place to put a location broadcasting service. But Broadcasting your location to other friends who happen to logged into iGoogle or Google maps at the moment is a pretty weak use case. Similar to the dodgeball use case so only useful in NYC and similarly structured urban centers. - Zaki Manian
Benjamin - I agree, an API would be nice. Imagine an RSS feed (with SUP of course :) of my location at a certain precision (exact, city level, or country level). Then latitude could be pulled into friendfeed like brightkite. - Evan Parker
Louis Gray
Are We Following The Wrong People? -
Follow me to freedom! - Jason Shultz from twhirl
In a word? YES. If you're following people because something you read, written by someone you don't know, told you to follow them on Twitter? Well, then you probably need to get outside and meet a few real people. - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
As no one person will be the right person all the time, yes, we all follow the wrong ppl. Maybe Friendfeed needs topic tags or the like. - James Fridley
Louis Gray
Are We Missing Something By Reading An RSS Feed? -
I would say that no, we are not missing the conversation. It is likely that the original web site maybe though as the conversation moves here, to friendfeed. - James Fridley
It would still be better if FF could show comments from the blog post (including from non-FF users) and also post FF comments back to the blog. - t0rx
Yan's suggestion is excellent. That would really make FF THE place for online conversation. - V Mary Abraham
actually yan, it would be better that you visit the site that spent time creating the content (video, audio or text) and give them the credit and then let ff take it that way - but push people back to the site - ff is a conversation stealer and continues to be that way - Allen Stern
Allen, you're right. Looking for a centered solution in the web is -by definition- "wrong". And Yan, I don't think they'll be able able to do it. There's many commenting systems for blogs, some are hand-made or use javascript (which will be hard) - directeur
Good point about getting comments in the RSS Feed. That is a good idea. Perhaps we can get a message to them now. - Amani
Only 2 solutions to this dilemma: either allow FF to publish full posts and integrate your blog comments in FF, or allow Google Reader to publish comments through Ajax or via Disqus. - Jordi Soler
The first thing that came to my mind that we're missing by reading an RSS feed is a lot of distracting ads we would otherwise see by going to all those websites. But I don't mind missing those. As far as missing conversation. I think an XML data type relationship that is needed is posts:comments, that would show up in RSS letting you know there are comments relating to that post. - Gregg H.
@allenstern I agree that that is the polite thing to do, but people are lazy - if they see content somewhere else (FF) and can comment on it there they will. I know there is no universal solution, but maybe tackling the big ones such as WordPress, Blogger and TypePad (for example) plus improving Disqus integration would give us 80% and others would then follow suit, especially if some standards are created for doing it. - t0rx
Jordi, at the most basic level, comments could easily be reproduced in the RSS feed. Publishing the full post and integrating comments in FriendFeed or any other aggregation service is only part of the issue. - Rob Diana
Allen, I do not believe FriendFeed is a conversation stealer, it is just another site to have a conversation on. This would be true of most social media sites including digg, mixx, reddit and others. Conversations happen in different places all the time. - Rob Diana
Yan, I agree that people are lazy and there is no universal solution. Combining the conversations from the blog, FriendFeed and other sources may actually be a bad thing. If you look at this post on the blog, Louis Gray has comments from FF being sent back to the blog. There is a disjointedness to the conversation that may not be beneficial. - Rob Diana
@Rob Diana I found it very interesting that this post is on two blogs yet all the comments ended up on LouisGray. I suspect that is because of the comment link showing multiple comments while there were none at I couldn't resist adding one there just to see if you were intentionally sending them over to LouisGray or they were all made over there. Is it necessary to manually compensate for the duplicate content issue? If so, how? - Gail Gardner
The post should only be on I was not aware of a That site also looks like it is scraping content from various sites. - Rob Diana
I'm reading this in Feedly from your RSS, then commenting using it as well. I guess less sophisticated readers have this problem, but newer ones more than make up for that. - Rich
Andy Baio
fan project to scan and clean up the artwork for oversize printing [via] - Andy Baio
Louis Gray
The Dangers of Being Under –and Over– Qualified During a Recession -
Kevin Rose
fascinating people at the TED conference - all trying to make the world a better place. favorite idea so far: #ted
JP Rangaswami
everybody else in bed, Neil Young playing quietly in my head, working thru some stuff
Louis Gray
FeedBurner is too broken for its biggest fan -
Michael Parekh
PIMCO's Bill Gross "we have met Mr. Ponzi and he is us":
Now that ain't the truth brother. Shortcuts and quick road to fame and fortune are the enemy here. - Om Malik
dan farber
Microsoft's Live Mesh top innovation at the Crunchies -
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