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RT @AndriMagnason: #whale and #sunset in #iceland - does that count like a double #rainbow?
RT @hereandnow: Coming up: the incredible Jane Goodall talks about her new book, 'Seeds of Hope'
RT @Locavore2007: Paying Farmers to Welcome Birds - alliance of conservationists bird watchers farmers innovative plan restore habitat
I understand the need to communicate #science to Kids These Days. But Charles Lyell was "big into rocks"? :/
Mother #Nature steps up to the mic: listening with Bernie Krause, nature recorder extraordinaire. in @NautilusMag
Far-right militias take up arms against the U.S., defending a rancher who exploits land that belongs to all.
RT @jeancflanagan: Excited about #InnerFishPBS? Help @9brandon write about the inner fish of fish!
White-tailed deer: our unappreciated ecosystem engineers?
"Beyond endorsement of free markets, a cluster of conspiracy theories predicted rejection of climate #science…."
"The climate of intimidation … risks great damage to climate science and to #science in general." via @ivanoransky
"Captive breeding isn’t designed to save species, but to make humans feel better about ourselves." Great @lizzie_wade
Cleaning up the winter debris, getting ready for spring? A good time to build a #wildlife brush pile.
RT @horsepunchkid: Photos from my trip to #DeadHorseBay, one of the wildlife hot spots in New York City:
"Native grassland being destroyed at rates unseen since the 1920s. Consequences: disastrous." Must-read @jocelynzuck
For first time since 1904, no whales will be hunted this year in Antarctica's Southern Ocean
The first groundhog of spring! And he's fat.
RT @dodo: "The Cove" Director: @Newsweek's Coverage of dolphin Hunt Is Wrong, Cowardly
The ghost in the woods....
RT @FrankPasquale: Tumbleweed: "Kansas is a study of a state hurtling toward total failure”
What's better than one horse blowing bubbles in the water? Two horses blowing bubbles in the water via @MalaRachella
RT @backyardbeyond: For the coming water refugees: remember that there are some mighty big mcmansions in Silicon Valley; whole subdivisions could fit in them.
MT @Bill_Sutherland: Climate change isn't plants & animals getting too hot; it's altered species interactions.
"It's amazing to see we can recover the river and see it alive…" Lovely: & by @theCindyCarcamo
The WA landslide: quite possibly avoidable, but timber company greed trumped scientists' warnings. by @seattletimes
RT @dgmacarthur: Great piece by @Erika_Check -poorly conducted mouse studies waste money, harm patients:
The Rescuer: a lovely profile of @wildbirdfund founder Rita McMahon by @EmmaSAanne
"Idaho now punishes those who document cases of animal cruelty more severely than those who commit it."
RT @natomika: Adorable! "LearnSomethlng: This is what Baby Stingrays look like”
FBI response to horrific farm conditions: charging activists who reveal them with terrorism. Must-listen @_rshapiro
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