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RT @DanielleVenton: US gov't suggests 1/2 your plate be filled with veg & fruit. Less than 1% of farm subsidies goes toward those foods.
As Vatican astronomer Guy Consolmagno wins Sagan Medal, some old @wiredscience notebook jots on God, aliens & us:
A woodcock caught in a snowstorm; a thought-provoking essay on a hunter's love for his prey.
RT @m_m_campbell: The secret life of plants. Is sometimes kept that way to protect them. #plants by @LCA7
What is wrong with American #healthcare in 3,900 must-read words. Superb @meghanor
Berries! Oh the joy.
Science Graphic of the Week: How Magic Mushrooms Rearrange Your Brain -
Add a Few Species. Pull Down the Fences. Step Back. -
Q: “If some conservationists do not have a romantic streak, then why was there such a strong... -
Q: “If some conservationists do not have a romantic streak, then why was there such a strong reaction to my book?” A: Probably a dose of defensiveness in there, because nobody likes to be criticized. Add a serving of wariness, because though you value protected places, the book is devoted to making the case that conservation should encompass much more, and someone could come away feeling — incorrectly, but understandably — that protection is being downgraded/derided. And a dollop of feeling unsettled and prickly, because ours is a time of change & clearly conservation needs (and green modernism/new conservation helps provide) some new ideas and tactics. And where Rambunctious Garden and other writing deals narrowly with those ideas and tactics, I don’t think people are — with the possible exception of the non-native species/novel ecosystems debate — all that bothered, really. What strikes me as inflammatory, and what I suspect underlies most of the ruffled feathers, is the... - Brandon Keim
Red Admiral, Late Fall -
Red Admiral, Late Fall
"The REAL truth is that she is secretly Alfred E. Neuman, a trans-sexual, 200 year-old lizard from..." -
‘Broken Windows’ and the New York Police by Michael Greenberg | The New York Review of Books -
Afghanistan: ‘A Shocking Indictment’ by Rory Stewart | The New York Review of Books -
In the Syria We Don’t Know by Charles Glass | The New York Review of Books -
What Your Computer Can’t Know by John R. Searle | The New York Review of Books -
"Somehow, this music, most of it made by people sitting alone at their computers, getting lost inside..." -
Don’t fear Ebola, fear fear itself | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists -
The Gamer Is Dead: Long Live The Gamer -
Why a Massive International Effort Has Failed to Contain the Ebola Epidemic | Vanity Fair -
New York State Court Hears Landmark Chimp Personhood Case -
The Secret Life of Vacant Lots -
The World Is Not a Garden: Green Modernism and the Death of Wilderness -
New Generation of GM Crops Puts Agriculture in a 'Crisis Situation' -
Clever Trout Match Chimps in a Cognitive Challenge -
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