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Even the guy who led the infamous N30 beatdown of anti-globalization protesters is appalled by #FergusonPolice
Hummingbird moths have the best names. This one is called a Snowberry Clearwing.
RT @citizencyborg: Nice critique of McMindfulness divorced from ethics and social justice
The Boy Who Cried Wolf: Overrated? On how some types of stories may be more effective than others.
& the airheaded, tech-worshiping plea for fewer #scifi dystopias that inspired @bcmerchant's screed:
We Need #scifi Dystopias Now More Than Ever by @bcmerchant
A visit from a White-lined Sphinx aka Hummingbird Moth. Must be interesting to have a tongue as long as your body.
"I ask, 'Can I please see a warrant before you continue the search?' & they grab me and began to hit me in the face."
Copy-editing a friend's draft paper. Just caught: "Gowanus is densely populated … there are currently 26,983 residents per square foot."
RT @BBestelm: Phosphorus and Freedom, via @nytimes
If you're an #ecology junky, follow @BBestelm and the Land Ecology blog … so much thoughtful, interesting stuff.
One of the last three Shakers was a guest on @OnPointRadio. A lovely, illuminating listen:
RT @will_potter: The FBI’s latest case? A butcher shop’s broken window
RT @Laelaps: .@Discovery misled researchers to get them to appear in #SharkWeek shows, editing interviews into falsehoods @io9
The Eagles Next Door in @dodo featuring the lovely photography of @mooseprintz
A must-read by @mbeisen on the deadly consequences of #science misconduct witchhunts
Misread history, misread genetics, and one gets "a deeply flawed, deceptive and dangerous book" by @David_Dobbs
RT @ModFarm: The little seed library that could get busted by the state via @grist
Saving the Tree Kangaroo in Papua New Guinea (spoiler alert: happy ending!) by @Tenkile
RT @marynmck: 6 minutes of fox kits playing with a big dog. to French chansons. you're welcome.
RT @marynmck: 6 minutes of fox kits playing with a big dog. to French chansons. you're welcome.
Could distrust of public health workers during #EbolaOutbreak be symptomatic of a deeper distrust of modernization's unfulfilled promises?
MT @wcronon In honor of Wendell Berry's 80th birthday, 12 quotations tx @kbegos
RT @wcronon: 12 quotations from Wendell Berry in honor of his 80th birthday:
New @NBCSports show glorifies killing #sharks for fun & money. Tell them to stop:
Neonicotinoid pesticides found throughout upper midwest watersheds. The big question: How much harm are they doing?
DoD study of social activism lumps together non-violent activists with terrorists, writes @NafeezAhmed
Who needs wild #bees when we've got robot bees? & people wonder why many environmentalists are wary of techno-fixes.
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