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#GMO and #Organic labeling is all well and good — but what I'd like to see is an IPM label for food grown using integrated pest management.
In the last two years, @PANYJ killed 20,000 animals.
On the Anthropocene distortion of Thoreau superb, by @JedediahSPurdy
An interesting and troubling paper: end-Permian mass extinctions preceded by flush of plant biodiversity?
"Research on the plight of #bees risks being tainted by corporate funding…." by @dpcarrington via @GeorgeMonbiot
"Whoever told people that 'Mind' means thoughts, opinions, ideas, and concepts? Mind means trees, fence posts, tiles, and grasses." —Dōgen
"The pushback is on exploitative business models, not technology." @al3x on techno-libertarianism, via @citizencyborg
"… the universe is considered to be a vast web of many-sided and highly polished jewels…"
"… revisionist anthropocentric doctrines are faith-based, resting more on … wishful thinking than on evidence"
"The Force that Could Save the American Worker" v.s. "Cut-Throat Capitalism"
RT @cragcrest: Self-supporting freelance writers like me r endangered species. Problem? Habitat loss. @dvergano @AnnFinkbeiner
RT @Wilderness: This program has helped protect everything from national to local parks since 1964. In 2015 it is set to expire:
RT @SylviaEarle: 103-Year-Old Orca Granny makes an appearance. What she has taught us:
RT @erikstokstad: Neonic pesticides in streams across US soy & corn belt, says @USGS. Paper:
A US-backed Militia Runs Amok in Afghanistan
How the Other Half Works: an Adventure in the Low Status of Software Engineers | Michael O. Church -
RT @Longreads: Presenting Longreads' Best of WordPress, Vol. 2: Featuring @autostraddle @GuernicaMag @TheToast + more #longreads
We All Got Trolled — Matter — Medium -
The Epic Fight to Protect #Whales From the U.S. Navy
RT @wcronon: Powerful story by @lydiadepillis in @TheStoryline about drought worse than the Dust Bowl in Colorado:
RT @Kevindoylejones: Stanford choses its golf course over steelhead trout in a drought.
RT @treubold: New study: reducing beef consumption is the biggest thing you can do to reduce the environmental impact of your diet.
RT @cascio: When I say technology is a cultural artifact, it’s not about intentional aspects. It’s the stuff that’s done w/out even thinking about it.
RT @NonhumanRights: Expect a 1st-rate debate & repartee when @StephenAtHome takes on Stephen M Wise tonight 1130 PM ET legal personhood
Lovely: the inner cover of John Kieran's A Natural History of New York City
RT @worstall: The Sad, Sad, Cancellation of Australia’s Carbon Tax: If you think that the whole idea of climate change is ju...
"A handful of city soil contains more biodiversity than is found on all the dead planets of the solar..." -
“A handful of city soil contains more biodiversity than is found on all the dead planets of the solar system….” - Biodiversity conservation and the extinction of experience - Brandon Keim
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