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Edward Snowden: The Untold Story | WIRED -
How life transformed the planet – Robert Hazen – Aeon -
The Elon Musk interview on Mars colonisation – Ross Andersen – Aeon -
The symbol of life should be a loop, not a helix – Jamie Davies – Aeon -
Is our genome full of junk DNA? – Itai Yanai and Martin Lercher – Aeon -
An Astrobiologist Asks a Sci-fi Novelist How to Survive the Anthropocene - Issue 15: Turbulence - Nautilus -
Liam Heneghan – On the balance of nature -
Mann Gulch and the Greatest Fire Story Ever Told -- New York Magazine -
Is the Anthropocene a world of hope or a world of hurt? | Grist -
"Among them, the major urinary proteins (MUPs) are barrel-like lipocalins excreted in urine. They..." -
“Among them, the major urinary proteins (MUPs) are barrel-like lipocalins excreted in urine. They bind and transport volatile molecules that may have different meanings, yet MUPs participate in transmitting different pieces of information. Therefore, they are not a simple blend of molecules but a communication system with its own rules to produce, transmit and process information.” - Message in a bottle: major urinary proteins and their multiple roles in mouse intraspecific chemical communication - Brandon Keim
A dialogue with the Devil: or, should farmers improve on nature? | Small Farm Future -
Of authenticity and independence | Small Farm Future -
Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Parent - -
The Breakthrough Institute - The Left vs. the Climate -
Ross Andersen - bristlecone pines -
Monarch Butterfly, Dead Horse Bay -
Monarch Butterfly, Dead Horse Bay
Jay Griffiths - Forests of the mind -
Even the guy who led the infamous N30 beatdown of anti-globalization protesters is appalled by #FergusonPolice
Hummingbird moths have the best names. This one is called a Snowberry Clearwing.
RT @citizencyborg: Nice critique of McMindfulness divorced from ethics and social justice
The Boy Who Cried Wolf: Overrated? On how some types of stories may be more effective than others.
& the airheaded, tech-worshiping plea for fewer #scifi dystopias that inspired @bcmerchant's screed:
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