And some of us are willing to go to jail! #Fastfoodstrike #15AndAUnion
Joi struggles to provide for her family and care for her family without schedules that work:
Not #9to5 but rather 24/7 chaos: Share your story, support #SchedulesthatWork. Take action:
NYT: Working Anything but 9-5. Scheduling technology "magic"=workers nightmare It's time for #SchedulesthatWork
Stand with #votingrights supporters to say: Inaction is not an option. We need a #VRA4Today!
Need to do errands or take some time to urself? That may be harder than u think for # min wage earners. #livethewage
#LiveTheWage Challenge shows incomes haven't kept up w/ the cost of living. We need to #RaiseTheWage so Americans can make ends meet.
States to #RaiseTheWage in 2014 added more jobs than states that didn't. #LiveTheWage
Everyday minimum wage earners have to stretch their budget to make ends meet. Where would you cut? #livethewage
Workers at Zara are fighting back against discrimination in their stores. Support them: #ChangeZara
The things that many of us take for granted are simply not feasible on a minimum wage worker's budget. #LiveTheWage
Don't want to #RaiseTheWage? Then #LiveTheWage. Join advocates walking in a min wage worker's shoes - $77 for 1 week.
To show why we need to #RaiseTheWage, let's try to #LiveTheWage. $77 for one week. Learn more at
Lawmakers, advocates, & citizens are trying to live on minimum wage for 1 week. Join them: #LiveTheWage #RaiseTheWage
Tipped workers earn a base pay of $2.13 an hour. Think that's enough? Watch: #Raise213
Workers at Zara are fighting back against discrimination in their stores. Support them: #ChangeZara
The #SchedulesThatWork Act gives workers a say in their schedules.
MI has the 3rd highest #unemployment in the nation. @CongressmanDan it’s time to help your constituents and #RenewUI
75% of low-wage workers say they don't have enough time for their children. #SchedulesThatWork
Tipped workers are twice as likely to live in poverty as the overall workforce. #Raise213
It'll take the average Black woman 62 years to earn what a White, non-Hispanic man earns in 40 years. #BlackWomenEqualPay is a must!
B/c of the #wagegap, it takes #201days more for Black women to earn=pay as White, non-Hispanic men did the year before. #BlackWomenEqualPay
Your tips aren't extra money. In most states, they're the bulk of tipped workers' wages.
Today we’re talking #BlackWomenEqualPay because they deserve more than just 64 cents for each dollar a White man makes.
It's time to give tipped workers a raise. The tipped minimum wage has been stuck at $2.13 an hour since 1991.
RT @liquamie: African American Women Disproportionately Suffer From the Wage Gap - Nice piece @LindaMeric
#NotMyBossBusiness Act bans employers from refusing to cover care guaranteed to employees under law. FIX IT!
The #NotMyBossBusiness Act makes it clear bosses can't discriminate against women workers in access to health care.
#SCOTUS decision lets bosses discriminate against women in access to medical care. #NotMyBossBusiness Act fixes it!
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