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Thanks @morgmeneshets for your great contributions to the #fairpay tweetchat today! #equalpay
Thanks @tgohollo for all your thoughtful contributions to today's #fairpay tweetchat! #equalpay
Thanks @Wallski775 for all your fantastic contributions to today's #fairpay tweetchat!
Thanks @ElevateWomenPay for joining today's tweetchat and all work you're doing to close the #genderwagegap! #fairpay #equalpay
Thanks @CatalystInc for joining today's tweetchat and lifting up the crucial conversation about #fairpay!
Thanks for co-hosting @DCAorg and @NPWF, this was fantastic!
RT @NPWF: Don't forget to take action to support the #PaycheckFairness Act: #fairpay
RT @NPWF: And that's a wrap for this #fairpay tweet chat! Thanks to everyone who participated!
Thanks, everyone, for talking #fairpay with us! @NPWF @DCAorg
RT @DCAorg: That's in for now on our #fairpay chat--lots of great info and ideas. Thanks for all the good input, and for all your great work!
RT @NPWF: RL: Last Q of the chat: Q7: There is a #genderwagegap in every state. Do you know how to find the gap in your state? #fairpay
RT @NPWF: RL: A6: Twitterverse, you can help too! Take action now: #fairpay @DCAorg
RT @DCAorg: A6: For low-wage workers w/o paid leave, being out sick for 3 days can wipe out a month’s grocery budget. #fairpay
RT @nwlc: A6: Find the #WageGap for women in your state here: NWLC also has breakdowns for Black and Latina women. #FairPay
RT @CaringAcrossGen: Support #fairpay for care workers (and all low-wage workers):
RT @LindaMeric: A6: @9to5WI recently helped pass a living wage ordinance in Milwaukee Co, raising the min wage to $11.32/hr! #FairPay
RT @DCAorg: A6: The President’s “woman's economic agenda” includes #equalpay for equal work. #fairpay
RT @DCAorg: Q6: How can we bring about #fairpay? How are you/your organization working to close the #GenderWageGap? #NoMadMenPay
A6: Sharing your story is a crucial way you can work to close the #GenderWageGap. Your voice matters! #FairPay
RT @DCAorg: A5: Direct care workers and other low-wage workers need better benefits as well as #fairpay. Support the #FAMILYAct
A5: Kiki was denied jobs after she divulged she was a single parent. Learn about moms & #fairpay from @MomsRising:
RT @DCAorg: Q5: Have you ever been fired, disciplined or pressured to make a choice between your family or your job? Was this a barrier to #fairpay?
A5: When Shelby’s daughter & father both needed surgery she was forced 2 take UNPAID leave which =lost wages #FairPay
RT @LindaMeric: A4: Raising the #minimumwage is crucial to achieving #fairpay for women and workers of color #raisethewage #raise213 #timefor1010 #1u
RT @LindaMeric: A4: Almost half the workers who would get a raise under the #FairMinimumWageAct would be workers of color #fairpay
RT @nwlc: A4: Of the 2/3 of #MinimumWage workers who are women, 4 in 10 are women of color. To achieve #FairPay we must #RaiseTheWage!
RT @DCAorg: .@9to5org A4: Yes - w/ huge impact on direct care workers, the majority of whom represent a racial or ethnic minority #fairpay #NoMadMenPay
Q4 (2/2): How have you seen the contributions of women of color underpaid or undervalued? #fairpay #NoMadMenPay
Q4 (1/2): The wage gap is worse for women of color. For Black women the wage gap is 64 cents & for Latina women it’s 54 cents. #fairpay
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