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Sean McBride
Zionists are writing American Jews out of the American script.
They have chosen Zionism over Americanism, ethnic and religious nationalism over modern democratic universalism, and Israel over America. - Sean McBride
They think that they can hold these two belief systems together, in harmony, but they are seriously mistaken. - Sean McBride
At some point many Jews will long for the golden age of 1950s America when, say, Oscar Hammerstein defined Jewish values and Jewishness. Trading in Hammerstein for Ze'ev Jabotinsky and Abraham Kook was a bad choice. - Sean McBride
Oklahoma! or South Pacific are more positive images than the Gaza massacres. - Sean McBride
meanwhile our attention is divided by the strange and compelling story from the ukraine, mh 27, - daveeza
mh17 - WJones
and our attention is being drawn elsewhere, like the strange stories around the ukraine, and supposed naval manoeuvers with awacs...
mish shadlick comments on on the reuters storyUkraine Rebel Commander Admits Having BUK Missiles; Damning Contradictions? Posted: 23 Jul 2014 02:56 PM PDT Wednesday, at 2:28 EST Reuters published an exclusive interview with Alexander Khodakovsky of the so-called Vostok battalion - or eastern battalion: Khodakovsky Acknowledges Rebels had BUK Missiles. In an interview with Reuters, Alexander Khodakovsky, commander of the Vostok Battalion, acknowledged for the first time since the airliner was brought down in eastern Ukraine on Thursday that the rebels did possess the BUK missile system and said it could have been sent back subsequently to remove proof of its presence. Khodakovsky blamed the Kiev authorities for provoking what may have been the missile strike that destroyed the doomed airliner, saying Kiev had deliberately launched air strikes in the area, knowing the missiles were in place. "I knew that a BUK came from Luhansk. At the time I was told that a BUK from Luhansk was coming... more... - daveeza
Interesting twitter has a new way to shut me down, it refuses to even retweet, but i can compose new..
On my asus android tab, otherwize i am happjy with it, except neither flickr or tumbler apps allow zoom in. - daveeza
Ken Morley
Soon will be the cucs!
I need to get some sort of trellis for mine before they get too big :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Bamboo poles work well. I tie the vines about every 9 inches or so. They got to be about 7 feet tall last year. :) - Ken Morley
I upcycled old wire shelving and tendrils are clinging! First lil cukies are visible! - daveeza
Interesting, they don't grab on to the bamboo at all. I wonder if I bored a few holes and poked some coat-hanger wire through if they would latch on? - Ken Morley
s this a crisis of capitalism, then? Does capitalism need to end for us to resolve these problems? And if so, how? "Predatory capitalism is based on the privatisation of profit and the externalisation of cost. It is an extension of the fencing of the commons, of enclosures, along with the criminalisation of prior common customs and rights. What we need is a system that fully accounts for all costs. Whether we call that capitalism or not is irrelevant to me. But doing so would fundamentally transform the dynamic of present day capitalism, by making capital open source. For example, and as calculated by my colleague JZ Liszkiewicz, a white cotton T-shirt contains roughly 570 gallons of water, 11 to 29 gallons of fuel, and a number of toxins and emissions including pesticides, diesel exhaust, and heavy metals and other volatile compounds – it also generally includes child labor. Accounting for those costs and their real social, human and environmental impacts has totally different implications for how we should organise production and consumption than current predatory capitalism." - daveeza
His books are freely available online, here:- - daveeza
Freedom to follow orders: the democracy Bush and Blair wanted for Iraq | openDemocracy -
Before Iraqi voters had gone anywhere near a ballot box, the Coalition imposed what former World Bank chief economist Joseph Stiglitz described as “an even more radical form of shock therapy than was pursued in the former Soviet world”. The sanctions-battered economy was thrown open to foreign competition, with tariffs, duties and import taxes suspended. Income taxes were slashed from 40 per cent to a flat rate of 15 per cent on businesses and individuals, and state-owned enterprises prepared for privatisation. All these measures were imposed in flagrant violation of the restrictions on occupying powers set out under international law and with predictably disastrous consequences for the economy and the population. Meanwhile, the British and Americans colluded behind closed doors with their Iraqi clients and the oil majors to push for a degree of foreign involvement in the oil industry that was opposed by the vast majority of Iraqis. That the law eventually stalled in parliament was,... more... - daveeza
Photographer Captures Drought Turning California Farms Into Kingdom of Dust -
Photographer Matt Black isn't just covering a story when he's capturing the lives and landscapes of California's historic drought. He's showing us how modern farming and natural forces are irrevocably altering his own childhood home. Black grew up just outside Visalia in California's Central Valley, the rural agricultural area that is the increasingly dry heart of not just California, but also the nation's productive farmland. Back then, the region was rich in water resources for farming. "When I was a child, I'd walk outside and it would feel humid," recalls Black. But now California is in an official drought "state of emergency" and is facing severe water shortages after three consecutive years of below average rainfall. Last year marked the driest year in nearly 120 years of record-keeping in California, and 100 percent of the state is now categorized as being in a "severe drought" or worse. Many fields lie fallow as water resources have dwindled. "What was this kingdom of food is... more... - daveeza
Palestinians 'under occupation... denied dignity and self-determination' -- Clinton -
Two months ago Chris Christie made the mistake of referring to the “occupied territories.” Now Hillary Clinton is getting flak from a conservative for referring to the “occupation.” Clinton’s new memoir, Hard Choices, mentions a 1981 trip to the West Bank (per Haaretz): “When we left the city and visited Jericho, in the West Bank. I got my first glimpse of life under occupation for Palestinians, who were denied the dignity and self-determination that Americans take for granted.” Haaretz reports: On the CNN television debate show “Crossfire,” cohost S.E. Cupp asked Tracy Sefl, a representative of the pro-Clinton super PAC Ready for Hillary, whether the former secretary of state feels she owes Israel an apology for “using the same language that Chris Christie used”… Sefl responded, “Hillary Clinton is going to stand by the words in her book. She is not going to apologize for something she need not apologize for,” adding, “I’m unapologetically pro-Israel and Hillary is very, very strong on this. If that’s the tree you want to bark up, I wish you luck.” - daveeza
Iraq crisis: Sunni caliphate has been bankrolled by Saudi Arabia - Voices - The Independent -
From Aleppo in northern Syria almost to the Iraqi-Iranian border, the jihadists of Isis and sundry other groupuscules paid by the Saudi Wahhabis – and by Kuwaiti oligarchs – now rule thousands of square miles. Apart from Saudi Arabia’s role in this catastrophe, what other stories are to be hidden from us in the coming days and weeks? n The story of Iraq and the story of Syria are the same – politically, militarily and journalistically: two leaders, one Shia, the other Alawite, fighting for the existence of their regimes against the power of a growing Sunni Muslim international army. n While the Americans support the wretched Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and his elected Shia government in Iraq, the same Americans still demand the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad of Syria and his regime, even though both leaders are now brothers-in-arms against the victors of Mosul and Tikrit. n The Croesus-like wealth of Qatar may soon be redirected away from the Muslim rebels of Syria and Iraq to the... more... - daveeza
Activists say police drew guns during 'No Pipelines' graffiti raid | The Hook -
Police confirmed they raided the East Vancouver home of four activists this week, but would not comment on residents' allegations that two of 16 officers pointed handguns at residents during a search related to "No Pipelines" graffiti. The Vancouver Police Department said it executed a search warrant at the Parker Street house on Tuesday morning, taking four residents into custody. It did not confirm how many officers were involved. According to a warrant left behind on the kitchen table, officers were searching for "graffiti vandalism paraphernalia" -- likely a reference to spray-painted slogans against bitumen and natural gas pipelines that have defaced walls and post boxes in the neighbourhood in recent years. The raid came as the federal government is poised to announce its final decision on the controversial Enbridge Northern Gateway bitumen pipeline. First Nations and environmental groups have vowed to block the project from reaching the B.C. coast. But the use of graffiti has... more... - daveeza
For Harper, Approving Northern Gateway Is a Lose-Lose | Nathan Cullen -
The former natural resources minister, Joe Oliver, tried to scapegoat citizens for raising concerns about Northern Gateway. He called us "radicals" and "enemies of the state." Former Indian Affairs minister Jim Prentice tried to buy off First Nations along the route. Enbridge flooded British Columbians with years of saturation advertising. None of it has worked. In fact, their efforts have had the opposite effect. I've toured communities all over British Columbia in the last few months, listening to people's concerns about Enbridge and the federal government's belligerence on this file. And one thing rings true, whether you're in Kamloops, Campbell River or Kitimat: the people of this province are united in defense of our salmon-bearing rivers and beautiful, life-sustaining coast. Mr. Harper and Enbridge fundamentally misunderstood this fact. They mistook resistance to Northern Gateway as a knee-jerk reaction by a fringe element. Some voters they would never have to worry about. So... more... - daveeza
Fwd: The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism - (tramite
Fwd: The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism - (tramite
we need a whole new model indeed! - daveeza
Energy Department Bombshell: LNG Has No Climate Benefit For Decades, IF EVER* | ThinkProgress -
Yes, despite multiple studies to the contrary, the DOE is asserting that the leakage rate is very low in the U.S. (but not in Russia, of course) — so low that U.S. LNG just happens to be better for Europe than its own coal: “The high modeled leakage rate for the U.S. LNG scenarios (1.6 percent) is still less than the breakeven percentage for the European scenario (1.9 percent), but slightly higher than the breakeven for the Asian scenario (1.4 percent)…. As previously noted, the calculated breakeven points are the most conservative, so these results do not indicate that natural gas has a higher GHG than coal on a 20-year basis in all cases.” The DOE is actually asserting that the absurdly low leakage rate of 1.6 percent is conservative! How conservative? Look at this table: - daveeza
Batten the hatches as summers to have more heavy downpours -
What we found was that summers are likely to become drier overall by 2100, in a warming climate. But our results suggest that when it does rain, it will be heavier in short outbreaks. In particular, intense rainfall with the potential to cause serious flash flooding (more than 30mm in an hour) could become a more common occurrence, increasing in frequency by several times. What the study provides is a much more complete picture of how UK rainfall may change in the future. Climate models generally work at coarse resolutions, using grids of around 12km square or larger. These have been able to accurately simulate winter rainfall, which generally comes from sustained, long-lasting periods of rain from large-scale weather systems. These models point toward wetter winters, with the potential for greater daily rainfall in the future. - daveeza
UN backlash as Uganda's 'anti-gay' minister heads for human rights top job | World news | The Observer -
News World news United Nations UN backlash as Uganda's 'anti-gay' minister heads for human rights top job Questions are being asked about the suitability of appointing Sam Kutesa to lead 'world parliament' after his attack on homosexuality in his home country Share Tweet this 2 Email Ed Pilkington in New York The Observer, Saturday 31 May 2014 17.11 BST Secretary-Generalmeeting with H.E. Mr. Sam K. Kutesa, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Uganda. Sam Kutesa, Uganda’s foreign minister, with Ban Ki-moon, the UN’s secretary-general. Photograph: UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe/SG's Office The United Nations is facing a chorus of criticism over the inauguration as president of its general assembly of Uganda's foreign minister, just four months after that country enforced a brutal and widely denounced anti-gay law. Sam Kutesa will become ceremonial head of the world parliament on 11 June. There will be no ballots cast and he will be "elected by acclamation", as he is the only candidate for the... more... - daveeza
This Algae Battery Could Power A Tesla With 200X The Charge | TechCrunch -
Previous tests proved algae has a charge and could theoretically work as battery power, but what’s not known is how much of a charge and how much of it will be needed to power, say, a car. Freeman believes he’s figured out the answer. What he needs now is the funding to bring it into mass production. Those rare earth materials currently used in ion batteries (cell phones, etc.) — 95 percent of which are shipped from China — are hard to extract. This makes them quite expensive. Tesla pledged to use U.S. materials only, which does cut the cost. Still, it’s got to be more than what it costs to grow and use algae powered batteries, right? Right. Freeman only needs $1,500 for the prototype and says he can have his algae battery ready for mass production for a mere $5,000 by this summer. The implications for this go beyond cars. In theory you could power your entire house. Yes, a living, breathing algae plant could make your house “go.” A French biochemist already powered a streetlight with... more... - daveeza
A tribute to literary titan Maya Angelou | Q with Jian Ghomeshi | CBC Radio -
"I think it's dangerous to deny home. I think it's dangerous to romanticize it as well." "One of the difficulties with absorbing what is said of one is that you have to live up to it." "If I believe I'm all that, and I know I'm a child of God. Then I have to believe that everyone is all that. So I have to look at the brute, the bigot, the batterer and know that he, and she, are children of God." "It is said some put people on pedestals so they can see them more clearly and they can knock them off more easily. I don't consider that." "I know I'm doing my best most of the time, and when I am not, I forgive myself." "I refuse to allow any man-made differences to separate me from any other human beings." "If you want what you're saying heard, then take your time and say it so that the listener will actually hear it. You might save somebody's life. Your own, first." Do you have a favourite Maya Angelou quote? How will you remember the legendary writer? - daveeza
Digging up the Dirt on Canadian Mining in Latin America -
Canada dominates the global mining industry. Seventy-five percent of all mining companies worldwide are headquartered in the country. Corporations trading shares on the Toronto Stock Exchange, where some 70 percent of all mining company shares are traded and are involved in more than 1,500 mining projects in Latin America. “The increase in Canadian mining operations in the region is framed by the foreign policy of the current Canadian government toward developing countries,” note the report authors. “As government spokespersons have stated on several occasions, the mining sector plays a fundamental role in the Canadian government’s efforts to secure a new policy of cooperation with foreign states.” Free trade agreement negotiations, embassy activities, Export Development Corporation financing, the creation of the Canadian International Institute for Extractive Industries and Development, and the use of development aid for legal framework revisions all play a part, according to Dora... more... - daveeza
Chris Hedges: The Power of Imagination - Truthdig -
Shakespeare portrays the tension between the premodern and the modern. He sees the rise of the modern as dangerous. The premodern reserved a place in the cosmos for human imagination. The new, modern, Machiavellian ethic of self-promotion, manipulation, bureaucracy and deceit—personified by Iago, Richard III and Lady Macbeth—deformed human society. Shakespeare lived during a moment when the modern world—whose technology allowed it to acquire weapons of such unrivaled force that it could conquer whole empires, including the Americas and later China—instilled through violence this new secular religion. He feared its demonic power. Oracles were revered in premodern societies. These oracles were in touch with realities and forces that lay beyond the empirical. All societies have oracles—such as Thomas Paine, Emma Goldman, W.E.B. Du Bois and James Baldwin in the United States—but in a modern society they are pushed to the margins, ridiculed and often persecuted. Those who spoke out of... more... - daveeza
Onshore Wind Is The Cheapest Electricity Generation Option In Europe | CleanTechnica -
These estimates are for Europe, but Neto suggested the cost difference is even greater in the US, where recent contracts have been struck between $20/MWh and $40/MWh. That’s despite the so-called shale gas boom, which brought down costs of gas-fired generation for a short period, but still cannot compete with wind. “It is clear, more and more, that our product (wind energy) is good, not just because it is green, but because it is cheaper,” Neto told the analysts. (You can see the presentation here). He said wind energy is also cheaper than gas in key emerging markets such as Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, and major Asian markets. Neto admits that the short-term outlook in Europe remains challenging because there remains a misperception. He might have been referring to the likes of former Queensland Treasurer Keith De Lacy, who in the front page lead for The Australian today said renewables had “no place in a modern society.” And he might have been referring to people like Institute of... more... - daveeza
Slightly More Than 100 Fantastic Pieces of Journalism - Conor Friedersdorf - The Atlantic -
Each year, I keep a running list of exceptional nonfiction for The Best of Journalism, a weekly email newsletter I publish. The result is my annual Best Of Journalism Awards. I couldn't read every worthy piece published last year and haven't included any paywalled articles or many of the numerous pieces from The Atlantic that I enjoyed*. But everything that follows is worthy of wider attention. The Art of the Personal Essay Serge Saint ORANGE COAST / Center of the Universe by Jay Roberts "Normally, I wouldn’t have gone to a motel room with a stranger, but I never gave it a thought. I just liked the guy so much, and he seemed so kind and together, that it never occurred to me he could be dangerous. But even if he were, I was a U.S. Marine, and of the pure canonical type—hard-core infantry, a rifle range coach at times, finishing the final leg of my four-year enlistment as a scout sniper... And although I served in peacetime, I was not a stranger to hands-on violence." THE NEW YORKER /... more... - daveeza
On the Future of MetaFilter — Technology Musings — Medium -
The money situation changed one day in November 2012, when I saw a drastic reduction in traffic and revenue to Ask MetaFilter. I double-checked to make sure the initial estimates were correct, and it appeared that Ask MetaFilter lost 40% of its traffic overnight. I read up on all the various (somewhat dicey) SEO forums and it seems MetaFilter crossed a line in one of the many “Panda” updates Google was doing to its index. Advice online was to scale back the “top heavy” ads and to scale back whatever SEO things were were doing (we were doing nothing in terms of SEO, as I find the whole business kind of gross). I removed most ads to the absolute minimum of just 1 or 2 per page (that’s what the really low trough in the graph above represents) while running the business off of savings in the hopes Google would see fit to roll back our penalties in a future index update. As Winter 2012 became Spring 2013, traffic remained flat and we all took big pay cuts to make ends meet. Google... more... - daveeza
Former Player: ‘The NFL Is A Cult’ « CBS DC -
The claims are for a wide variety of problems that are common in older people, such as high blood pressure, knee replacements, arthritis, kidney problems, heart attacks and abnormal heart rhythms. The diversity of these problems, affecting so many different parts and body systems, tends to argue against a single cause, such as painkiller use. The players also would have to show that they are suffering these problems at a greater rate than other people their age, and that it’s not due to other risk factors such as obesity, smoking and family history. Six of the plaintiffs in the new lawsuit filed in federal court in San Francisco, including McMahon and Van Horne, were also parties to the concussion-related class-action lawsuit less than a year ago. The NFL agreed to pay $765 million to settle that case — without acknowledging it concealed the risks of concussions from former players. A federal judge has yet to approve the settlement, expressing concern the amount is too small. “The... more... - daveeza
#canpoli, #canucks, Harper gave Jack Layton advice during '08 election, says author - Politics - CBC News -
One of the stranger accounts in the book is about Dion's disastrous interview with Steve Murphy, host of CTV Atlantic's 6 p.m. newscast. On Oct. 9, in the last week of the campaign, Dion became confused by a question from Murphy. But Carson makes no mention of Senator Mike Duffy's role in the Dion "do-over" interview. In journalist Dan Leger's book Duffy, the first question-and-answer session between Dion and Murphy is reproduced: Murphy: If you were prime minister now, what would you have done about the economy and this crisis that Mr. Harper has not done? Dion: If I would have been prime minister two and a half years ago? Murphy: If you were prime minister right now? Dion: Right now? Murphy: And had been for the past two weeks. The question was repeated several times as Dion struggled to make sense of it. In his book, Carson recalls that the campaign team, including Harper, gathered in front of a hotel room TV to watch the interview. "Contrary to what the commentators have said, we... more... - daveeza
map, mineral claims, South-China-Sea- | Flickr - Photo Sharing! -
Chinese have been drilling a long way from home already, in the psratley islands, now they move yet closer to the vietnamese mainland! - daveeza
Occupartheid is Isolating and Degrading Israel | Informed Comment -
Recent events demonstrate how difficult it is to bring peace to this conflict-ridden region, but it is important to keep in mind that failure of the peace process may have disastrous consequences on both sides involved. The method of blaming for this failure reflects the same divisions that we have witnessed throughout the last decade: the Israeli government puts all the blame on the Palestinians without taking even a grain of responsibility, and the Palestinian Authority presents the exact opposite picture. Yet voices are appearing from participants in the negotiations who describe a much more complex story and Martyn Indyk revealed the destructive effect of the increased Jewish settlement activity during the negotiations as the major reason for the their collapse. But one thing is already clear: the failure and its surrounding developments should be considered a major historical event and another turning point in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. - daveeza
Both sides have lost their last ounces of trust in one another as a partner towards a possible peace agreement. Consequently the absent of a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict coupled with the continuation of the lasting occupation is existentially detrimental to Israeli Jews and to Palestinians. Israeli Jews, who already practice occupartheid (defined as discrimination... more... - daveeza
Bowie's takedown of Hadfield's ISS "Space Oddity" highlights copyright's absurdity - Boing Boing -
Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's cover of Bowie's Space Oddity was a worldwide hit, and now it has been disappeared from the Internet, thanks to a copyright claim from David Bowie. Ironically, if Hadfield had recorded the song and sold it on CD or as an MP3, there would have been no need for him to get a license from Bowie, and no way for Bowie to remove it, because there's a compulsory license for cover songs that sets out how much the performer has to pay the songwriter for each copy sold, but does not give the songwriter the power to veto individual covers (that's why Sid Vicious was able to record "My Way"). As Blayne Haggart's Ottawa Citizen editorial points out, it's hard to make a utilitarian argument for copyright that lets musicians determine who can make Youtube videos from their songs, given that covers are such an accepted part of musical practice. As Haggart writes, "Is the world a better place now that this piece of art has officially been scrubbed from existence?"... more... - daveeza
Roberto Bonini
RT @FXMC1957: PHOTO OF THE DAY: The Möhne Dam in the Ruhr after the "Dambusters" raid (16-17 May 1943).
i recall reading the story, the special torpedo bombs, the low angle, tight turns... - daveeza
She said she knows it would be an economic boost for her, her son, who is the postman, and the county if mining opened back up. However, it’s obvious Anglin doesn’t want to give up what she has been at the base of for two-thirds of a century. With tears in her eyes she looked up and said, "That mountain I've looked over for so many years. That’s...
thorium in idaho mountain, , exerpt - daveeza
The 432Hz 'God' Note: Why Fringe Audiophiles Want to Topple Standard Tuning | Motherboard -
“It was a channelling of pure light and love that vibrated through the whole room,” he said. “It was new. It was brilliant.” In November 2013, along with Alexandros Geralis, Yanakiev cofounded the 432 Orchestra. The group is comprised of 12 string players, some borrowed from the best professional ensembles in the country, and is led by the two conductors, all of whom work for no more than goodwill to explore and profess the power of that particular frequency. So far, they’ve made two recordings and they’re fundraising to take their show on the road, hoping to concert throughout Europe. Yanakiev is resolute: “432 Hz is a vibration that has to be spread around the world.” For him, it’s not just pleasant to the ear; it’s a profound key capable of unlocking mysteries on the level of consciousness itself. Yanakiev is a particularly spirited member of a fringe community of musicians and listeners who believe there’s something more “natural,” “truer,” and generally in tune with the universe,... more... - daveeza
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