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Amazing Race Recap: Coconuts Aren’t Just for Survivor Anymore -
Even by @newyorkmag's standards tht was one of the funniest tv reviews I've read in a long time. - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Lost Recap: Tortured Logic -
Hilarious roundup, but only if you watched that episode of LOST. Else, skip it. - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Facebook Checks-In On Loopt (MG Siegler/TechCrunch) -
Not surprised, but loopt sucks. - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Oscar Nominees Told to Prepare Two Acceptance Speeches -
Meryl Streep knows what a twitvid is? - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Exclusive GQ Eye Preview: Porter -
Not a fan of the bag, but Mifune in Drunken Angel - Priceless. - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Rare Photos of Famous People (125 pics) | Crack Two -
Most of them unseen... - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Tip-of-the-Day: Loose the super skinny sh-t -
I couldn't agree more. Lose the super skinny ties. - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Empire State of Sex and the City -
This is like the worst friggin movie trailer of all time... - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
A not-so-brief chat with Randall Stephenson of AT&T -
WOW!!! I wish that phone call really happened, cos that's what's on everybody'd mind today! - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Obama Defends 'Just War' at Oslo - -
Quite the tightrope act - a nuanced speech... "It required Mr. Obama to repudiate to a degree the philosophy of nonviolence practiced by Gandhi and 1964 Nobel laureate Martin Luther King Jr., both of whom he cited" - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
This is the Facebook Step We Expected: Default Public -
Great piece from RWW and nice call-out from John Battelle! - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
:: The Playlist ::: Producer Says Tim Burton And Johnny Depp's 'Dark Shadows' To Start Shooting Next Fall -
Depp as vampire... How could he not have played one sooner?!! - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Mark the Spot Lets You Tell AT&T Exactly Where Your iPhone Crapped Out [Downloads] -
This is gonna be one of my favorite apps. I HATE AT&T. I LOVE THE IPHONE. - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Basket of Kisses | Mad Men and Old Master Paintings -
This does seem to be a stretch, but I'd love to think Matthew Weiner is a genius! - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Woz is doing car commercials again -
If you that that dancing thing was bad, this is humiliating... - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
The Movie of the Year, the Movie of the Moment -
Great review of Up in the Air, but spoilers galore. - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Introducing Matt Meola -
dude, srsly he's like phelps of the waves... - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Unitasker Wednesday: TwitterPeek -
The dumbest product ever created! The audacity of stupidity! - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
'Everything Must Go' For Will Ferrell -
This is probably the best movie poster since 40 year old virgin :) - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Dunno why I'm doing this. Anyhoo... Google asked me to :) - Mario Sundar
Dunno why I'm doing this. Anyhoo... Google asked me to :) - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
The theme of Mad Men Season 3 -
This (see blog post) is how ambitious mad men is. If you're looking for a quick fix of reality tv, skip this show, but if you want to experience a classic - just watch it every Sunday. - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Mad Men: The Decline and Fall of Dear Old Dad -
A beautiful dissection of the show's latest episode. - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
Al Franken draws map of USA -
Pretty friggin' impressive! - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
The Blueprint 3’s Mr Hudson on His Upcoming Album and Basketball With Kanye -
I've said I before: watch out for this guy. Supernova is a great track (with Kanye) and Young Forever. Oh, yae! On Jay-z's new album. - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
How Conservatives Are Blowing Their Chance - The Atlantic Politics Channel -
Couldn't agree more. - Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar
G.I. Joe Marketers Launch $150 Million Offensive in Middle America -
Movie Marketing - The Rove method! :) - Mario Sundar
Gabe Rivera
Friendfeed is irresistibly useful now. Recent features add up to a really compelling product. Really hope Twitter never chokes 'em.
Saw this immediately thanks to notifications. - MG Siegler
Saw your comment immediately. - Gabe Rivera
BTW, that was my first FF comment since August '08. - Gabe Rivera
Like a virgin. - MG Siegler
Welcome back then Gabe! - Simon Wicks
I'm tellin' ya. FF's back. Just bookmarked their iphone friendly site. - Mario Sundar
you don't say ;-) - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Jerome: wut? I myself will lurve saved searches AKA track AKA Gillmor's Grail - Gabe Rivera
Gillmor may spontaneously combust if track hits FF before it restarts on twitter - Adrian
I'd love to hear a list why its "irresistibly useful" for you, Gabe. I'm still quasi-resisting, although I do find it useful. - C. K. Sample III
I will repeat here: it would be great for users if Twitter and FF merged their capabilities. One completes the other. - William Mougayar
Hey Gabe - great to see you here - Hutch Carpenter
what recent features excite you - @baratunde
CK, baratunde: essentially, its capacity to extend Twitter in very useful ways. Creating small friend lists here (to track separately from your main feed) is easier here than with Twitter desktop apps, and the results come in in real time. I also turned on IM notifications for select friends. Remember Twitter had IM? They took the feature away. - Gabe Rivera
There goes the neighborhood! :-) - Robert Scoble
The last couple days on Twitter have brought me back to FF as well - Costa Walcott
Gabe - any plans to add services like FriendFeed/Backtype/Reddit etc to Link Search option in Techmeme. Tried Link Search on top headline i.e. and got zero results from Google Blog Search/Ask and IceRocket returned 5. - Atul Arora
Atul: huh, putting a URL in FF search does come up with useful results, so I think I'll add FF to the link search list. If those other services have backlink search currently available, please list sample query urls here and I'll take a look. (BTW, to see what Atul's talking about, click "Preferences" on Techmeme, then click "Show Link Search".) - Gabe Rivera
Backtype aggregates across Reddit, YCombinator and FriendFeed - See - Atul Arora
Gabe also does link search and returns FriendFeed, Twitter and Backtype results for all version of that URLs e.g. Since @TechmemeFH and @Techmeme are both using the link search is simply adding the + after the URL i.e. for the based link search. - Atul Arora
Gabe, here's a link to our connect feature which shows all the conversation around a link (digg, reddit, twitter, friendfeed, hacker news, and posts that link in): - Mike Montano
Mike - so what is using to show comments from backtype. It shows zero comments. Is it filtering comments so that it only shows comments from the blog page? - Atul Arora
Thanks Mike, Atul. I will take a close look at this later and probably add some more link search links. - Gabe Rivera
Atul, yes they're using a method that only fetches comments from the page being queried, though full connect functionality would be a nice addition imo. - Mike Montano
Hey look Gabe is back! :) - Susan Beebe
I agree, except that it should be easier to add an external feed other than through the cumbersome creation of an "Imaginary Friend". - Derek Mahar
I'm still going to say that I think links to friendfeed discussions on blog posts belong on Techmeme. ;) - Thomas Hawk
Wait, is this sarcastic Twitter Gabe or normal Gabe? What persona have you decided to adopt on FF? :) - Matt Cutts
No idea whether it's of use to TechMeme, Gabe, but FriendFeed's API will give you a list of all the entries that link to a specified URL. You can see it in action with - Ken Sheppardson
I agree I like Friendfeed simplicity. - LaShea Miller
Friendfeed just gets better every day (and is incredibly responsive to user feedback!) - Charlie Anzman
like the notifications air app ... been trying it out. - Julian Lukács
FriendFeed FTW! - (jeff)isageek
@mattcutts: hah, no I'm serious here. FF's current feature set now offers great value to me. I suspect FF still has a major challenge offering a compelling and differentiated product to the Oprah crowd, but that doesn't concern me (and FF may nail that eventually). - Gabe Rivera
@thomashawk: noted. :-) - Gabe Rivera
I have already noticed a massive increase in followers on friendfeed recently. Anecdotal evidence indicates friendfeed is growing (I find it has a higher utility as well) - Jordan Willms
Agree, great improvements! - Tim Moore
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