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Kol Tregaskes
VOTE: Twitter is well supported on FriendFeed (with replying to and pushing posts to it, etc.) but name one other microblogging service you would like supported in a similar way?
Plurk - it's my second most used service. #betakoltag-sg-extservices - Kol Tregaskes
There are other microblogging services? - vimoh
Vijayendra, yes loads! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
It would be wonderful if FriendFeed could support identi.ca :-) - Hanna Wiszniewska
Gravity on S60 can :-), but that's for when you're on the move. - Richard A.
identi.ca - Anton
Richard, I'm utterly frustrated I can't complete the Gravity buying process.. :( - embee
Embee? How come? Worked fine for me, first try and it worked :-) - Richard A.
I think a lot of people are after identi.ca support. - Kol Tregaskes
Supporting the Open Micro Blogging spec (despite its flaws) would be a better approach. They'd only have to do it once and all the other microblogs (bloggy, qaiku, jaiku, rejaw, status.net, etc) would be supported - Adewale Oshineye
I say the best way I'd to add ping.fm support so users can have better control over syndication. Ping.fm support with trigger options would be even better. The best is ping.fm support with trigger options AND the option to NOT include the http://ff.im link back to the post. - Anthony K. Valley © from fftogo
Anthony, Ping.fm and Hellotxt support would be excellent and solve lots of problems. - Kol Tregaskes
identi.ca - James Rishabh Mishra
Yammer - sofarsoShawn
Actually I agree. Plurk would be nice to have here :-) - Richard A.
Google Reader shared items. Yeah, it's a wild deam, but why not dream? And it may appeal to Google as a way to promote its comment feature. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
identa.ca - D Lets
FF is an aggregator of feed. i like all the input, not the output. ok for the reply to (twitter) but the link at FF is useless. - Felter Roberto
name one? that be email, Blogger, Facebook, Ping.fm, Plurk ...http://helloTxt.com are good guys .. so is http://Identi.ca, http://youAre.com .. check out also http://flokio.com /////////////// now, mouseover box might be customizeable too ..// and, as said before, users should have all feeds listed at the top, or selectable 5, and also, groups should have these all service feeds listed .... - pb:
Identica, especialy federated instals like twitarmy. Please please - Christian Burns
Identi.ca for certain! - Krikit Media
sure ... meemi.com :) - Enrico
yes, meemi. - Felter Roberto
I too would like to see proper ping.fm support -by proper I mean that when I have ping post to mutiple services, somehow FF should "know" that I've done this, and not post a zillion items (esp back out to twitter) as they come back in from the various services. Make sense? - guruvan (Rob Nelson) from Friend Deck
I'd also like to see outbound push to Facebook. That would be very cool in my book :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson) from Friend Deck
Identi.ca - it should be easy since it's using the same API with Twitter - Zulkarnain K.
identi.ca or ping.fm integration - Emsquared
Yes, identi.ca. And please support groups as well and not just hashtags. - Lennart Olsen
No way would I invest engineering resources in another specific service at this point. Some general functionality to push updates out via webhooks or push to any Twitter compatible API, sure. Another specific service? Nope. - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, what if the service were as big as Facebook (see guruvan's suggestion). Something that big might justify some expenditure of resources. And what if other, smaller companies paid FriendFeed to implement outbound links to their services? - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
Identi.ca - Rahsheen
Identi.ca please! I'd like the same options for Identi.ca in my account settings that we have for Twitter. - Paul Wade
It would be very cool if laconica based sites were supported, and could be registered with FF easily so there was a minimum of work (after the first one) for FriendFeed staff to support additional sites. Maybe they need to meet a few non-technical criteria, and be manually approved. This would go a long way (IMO) in popularizing Open Source microblogging, and lessen the hold that Twitter currently has. Would be really cool if I could set up to post out to whatever (microblogs) that didn't post in, plus FB - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Identi.ca. Ping.fm (see Emsquared above) would be nice, too, but is probably not as important as Identi.ca. - dgw
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
Bluesun 2600
Wind-Powered Highway Lights Disconnect From the Grid - turbine light - Gizmodo - http://gizmodo.com/5465091...
Wind-Powered Highway Lights Disconnect From the Grid - turbine light - Gizmodo
"As far as practical renewable energy concepts go, these wind-powered highway lights are pretty elegant. And from my layman's perspective, they seem to be practical and realistic. I like 'em! [Turbine Light via Inhabitat]" - Bluesun 2600 from Bookmarklet
Leo Laporte
RT @JimNtexas: Good news geeky Austin Talk Radio fans. New talk station on 98.9, carries @leolaporte on the weekends! Much better than KLBJ's booth babe.
Ouch! What will you do if KLBJ bid higher for your show? :o - Fergal Barry
10 iPhone Apps to Help You Survive the Holidays - http://mashable.com/2009...
Tugce Cengiz
sitedeki açıklamalar felan enfes, çok hoşuma gitti :) Asıl bilgi orda var zaten.. - Tugce Cengiz
dalmadan bir anlamı yok zaten :) - Tugce Cengiz
Zuckuss, StormTrooper ve C3PO harika :D - Wodashin
Super cute....:O) - Jeannette Høvring
A is for Ackbar B is for Boba (Fett!) C is for Chewbacca (C-3P0 gets to be called Threepio for this!) D is for Darth Vader E is for Emperor (Palpatine!) F is for 4-LOM (the droid bounty-hunter) G is for Greedo H is for Han (Solo!).... - Tugce Cengiz
yoda da bi değişiklik yok. yine kendi boyutlarında. - Cennub Garu
Bu kez olayı boyutları değil :) - Tugce Cengiz
işlevi mi? hah! - Cennub Garu
biri yazmıştı daha önce..Millet fotoğraflara bakıp like veriyor anlamadan bakmadan diye..Bunun için de geçerli, sitede gerekli açıklamayı bulabilirsin, ha işlev arıyorsan sanıyorum doğru adreste değilsin, hah! - Tugce Cengiz
sakin tuğçe. kötü bişi sölemedim. herkes ayrı bi saldırgan bu günlerde. rahatsız ettiyse like ı da geri aliim. anlamadan bakmadan kısmı tam olmamış sanki. neyse. - Cennub Garu
Yok yaw, senle ilgili değildi o kısım , sakinim :)) Hani birşeyi çok beğenince burda herkesle paylaşiim ama yanlış anlaşılmasın, aslında olayı linkte diye belirteyim derdine girilir ya, öyle oldum ben de..Yanlış aktardıysam sen kusura bakma..Hah kısmı da hoşuma gittiği için tekrarladım :) - Tugce Cengiz
tmm o zmn sorun yok. - Cennub Garu
Ian Ward
Austin has reached a new level of cold weather chicken shit. temp: 35F, threat of < 1" snow (nothing yet). 2 people in the office @ 10AM
Digg - Popular
NASA Maps Mars With Child Labor Web Games - http://digg.com/space...
NASA is outsourcing laborious Martian cartography to Earth children with a website that entices users to make a game out of sorting through the space agency's hundreds of thousands images of the Red Planet. Basically turning kids into Mechanical Turk's the website features two games that use crowdsourcing techniques to catalog real data.
Stephen Mack
I made a new blog post.
I tweeted about the blog post. - Stephen Mack
I liked the tweet. - Stephen Mack
I made a comment - Josh Haley
I went to FF to promote the blog post. - Stephen Mack
I made a comment on the comment to the blog post tweet. - Stephen Mack
I had it fed into Google Reader and liked it there. - Stephen Mack
link to the blog post? - Mr. The Jason Fleming
I made a meta post about the process. - Stephen Mack
I spell-check all Josh's coemmnts. =) - Micah
"Things are so complicated nowadays. In my day, if you had to pee, you peed on a tree." - Josh Haley
I made a Facebook fan page for readers of the post. - Stephen Mack
I lol'd twice at Josh, but that's beside the point. - Stephen Mack
I bookmarked the blog post in a dozen different services. - Stephen Mack
Some of those bookmarks got aggregated, so I liked those too. - Stephen Mack
I bookmarklet'd your Facebook fan page into Posterous so back into Friendfeed. - Micah
Too bad the blog post sucked. - Stephen Mack
"The End" - Stephen Mack
I hope you enjoyed the text version of the YouTube video I just made about the blog post. - Stephen Mack
Submitted to Digg. - Josh Haley
I completely story-boarded all this so Spielberg could make a blockbuster. - Micah
In retrospect this would work better in comic book format, posted to flickr. - Stephen Mack
if only that process could be done collaboratively. - Mr. The Jason Fleming
We could all work on the wiki page together. - Stephen Mack
peter keane
Outsourcing Is High Tech's Subprime-Mortgage Fiasco - Is the U.S. Killing Its Innovation Machine? - Harvard Business Review - http://blogs.harvardbusiness.org/hbr...
Andy Ihnatko
Google Wave error message: Yeah, this is very alpha. :) http://ihnatko.posterous.com/google-...
Robert Scoble
My 15-year-old son Patrick, on why teens don't use Twitter: "They don't see the point."
Most teens just want to talk with their friends, not write to the world, he says. - Robert Scoble
that's it- the understanding of publics. - Kevin Marks
Plus they have video games for entertainment and have lots of time. I don't have time, so Twitter is a form of entertainment that I can get in bite sized chunks. - Robert Scoble
That's it in one sentence: "Most teens just want to talk with their friends, not write to the world, he says" now maybe the world can start spinning again. - Hoop
It's really interesting how I've noticed that most of my peers (20-somethings) are too hooked on Facebook to use Twitter or FriendFeed. Again, they don't see the point; Facebook has built-in Twitter that shares with the people they already know and care about. - Jason Preston
my 13 yr old daughter says the same - Miguel Rodriguez
too easy to get in trouble for what you say - on most networks you have to accept the invite of those who want to connect - not so on twitter - Julie Gallaher
That's the same response I get from nieces and nephews. - Joseph Ferris
Same thing I hear from a ton of people, regardless of age. For most people, they first need a "point" to use it or else they either don't sign up or don't return. - Jeff Peters
Because their parents are there - Bwana ☠
danah talked about how some teens are using private twitter accounts, as Facebook is now too public, as their parents and teachers are there http://bit.ly/Awmw9 Multiple publics http://bit.ly/publics - Kevin Marks
My 14-year-old daughter doesn't want to share her life with the world on Twitter...and I'm good with that! - Kirsti Scott
They care, like us about reputation, but within their 'groups' - not publicly.... - Mrinal Desai
I'll have to explain it to her in detail before she gets it, prefers Facebook since ALL of her friends are there - Miguel Rodriguez
Kids today don't understand nor care about the social dynamics that they will be involved in. Without a solid background now they can never hope to make truly justified choices later on. It scares me because I have to deal with them directly. - Adam
Good plan, Zachary! - Kirsti Scott
I'm not much older than your son, but I have a twitter. Noticeably many of my friends detest twitter and compare it to facebook status messages, therefore they are unable to understand what makes Twitter great. Facebook has managed to grab the minds of us teenagers. I must admit I am much more inclined to update my facebook statuses as my friends will comment on it. - Rahul Krishnakumar
the reason Twitter does well with teens is because they don’t care about networking – the act of creating/extending a network – as much as they do in their existing network itself. http://www.kanjhan.com/2009... - Bhavishya Kanjhan
Don't worry Zachary - you don't exist in this thread - Bwana ☠
It seems that every ones use of these tools is a bit different. I use twitter/friendfeed to keep in touch with fellow surfers and fellow web developers I know both here and across the world. Twitter/friendfeed have be come my best tools for this. - Luke Kilpatrick
My son, while I type into FriendFeed, is playing Halo. The original one. - Robert Scoble
Yet when I talk about the importance of tying Twitter to gaming, I get ignored - Bwana ☠
Zach - no clue man, you're the exception the point in this thread :) - Bwana ☠
Also teenagers are less likely to stick with Twitter long enough to make it useful to them, Facebook has a sort of instant gratification with adding your friends and commenting them etc. - Chris Lawrence
I am @ricklafave on twitter, but I see the gap being that teens are all about text direct conversations. I see a huge gap in communication between the generations. - Rick LaFave
Success! - Bwana ☠
I'm with Zachary, Adam... that was a bit of a blanket statement. - Bettina Tizzy
Of course there are exceptions, I'm 19 and I'm on Friendfeed and Twitter, but we're talking about the majority of teenagers, Kirk and Zachary. - Chris Lawrence
Have to agree here... my kid (13) and step brother (14) are total facebook kids... they occasionally hop on MySpace as well. Both try to get into Twitter, but really do not see the point. - Darin aka iGoByDoc
By the time today's teens are into things they'll look upon Twitter like we now look at IRC. I'm wondering if I even still have an IRC client on my machine.... - Andrew Leyden
because it takes too long and is too involved... - Morgan
Adults are very lazy...140 characters is tough to power through, but doable. The only people lazier than adults? Teenagers. Why bother with Twitter when their lives revolve around Facebook and it meets all their needs? - Todd Pringle
That's really cool, I know about three of my friends on Twitter and they never use it haha. And if they do they use it as they would Facebook status. - Chris Lawrence
Texting has always been really big in Australia, Zachary. It's a habit that's hard to get out of. - Chris Lawrence
Zach: speaking in generalities of course. Clearly you are an exception. All up on Friendfeed and whatnot. - Todd Pringle
I will be happy when everyone has the internet in their pocket and I can just email people instead of spending 25c everytime I want to use 140 characters :( - Chris Lawrence
goes back to "announce" vs. "discuss", too. Fb has nice "my friends and family" feel that Twitter and FF don't yet have. - MikeAmundsen
It's 25c per SMS in Australia. - Chris Lawrence
I also don't think most teenagers grasp the difference between Twitter and Facebook. My friends who are content with Facebook don't see any need for Twitter and are actually puzzled by it's intended use. Over and over again I here, "Well Facebook can do that, can't it?" - Angus Burton
Yeah phone plans in Australia are really ridiculous. There are hardly any unlimited SMS plans and the ones that are you are usually paying over $80 a month. But I digress! - Chris Lawrence
My 16-year-old daughter said the same thing a few months back. But she finally relented and is on Twitter now. A few weeks ago she said "I've never been more informed in my life" since joining. - Patrick Giblin
Seeing the longtail of Twitter takes a somewhat more mature mindset. That's why some mature teens can 'get' Twitter and why some childish adults don't (and content with Facebook). - CannonGod
I think the topic teens liking or not liking twitter topic is entertaining at best. Does anyone have any decent statistics on this? Not to mention the term "teen" is pretty loose 13 and 18 are a world apart. I would think a teen using or not using would be more based on their personal interest. My 20 and 30 year old friends that aren't in the tech industry could care less about it. - Nicholas Fidanza
Admittedly younger generations want to talk with less ppl but more frequently, and adults want to create more connections for friendship or financial gain. Kids don't need to worry about being loved, they have mum & dad at the end of the day :-P Sad single geeks however... - CannonGod
I'm 16 and me and my close group of friends use twitter-its possible to have "chat room" like conversations about things (where are we gonna go after school, etc.) if we're all hooked up on it-it works great, but admittedly some kids use twitter more than others (like me) - Oliver Reich
I just see Twitter as Social SMS. Teens like texting, so really it's just an extension of that. I can therefore see it being used more as a tool rather than an actual network per-say. - CannonGod
While it’s possible to make Twitter “private,” the culture of Twitter is all about participation in a large public square. From the digerati seeking widespread attention to the politically minded hoping to appear on CNN, many are leveraging Twitter to be part of a broad dialogue. Teens are much more motivated to talk only with their friends and they learned a harsh lesson with social... more... - Johni Fisher
my oldest is 20 and uses Twitter and friendfeed a lot but he's a techie- my youngest is 17, uses mostly facebook and sms with friends - doesn't grok twitter yet he's very social... - mike "glemak" dunn from iPhone
got kids 24, 22, & 18. 24 is the only Tweeter. all use Fb. none use FF. - MikeAmundsen
There's a great article up on the London Guardian about this - http://www.guardian.co.uk/busines... - Steffan Antonas
The article discusses that Teens like building out profiles, and taking to people they know. Twitter's not really for that - it's used more for information sharing IMO. - Steffan Antonas
It's a crime to suggest that Twitter as a whole is just a single feature of FB and has been that way since the beginning. I never understood when Twittr was demo'd to me how a single feature of a bigger app (in my case, IM status/mood messages) needed to be an app on its own. However, what the early adopter mass wants, the early adopter mass gets (until the mainstream mass shows up and it's zomg culture/class war... I LOVE watching this.) - Eric Rice
Sean: That's a good point. Strangely, using Twitter as a conversation base didn't occur to me. I actually thought more about using a FriendFeed room for that. - Angus Burton
I agree with Patrick and I'm well past my teens! FF adds talking with my friends, so it works. - Rachel Lea Fox
It is simple: kids don't use Twitter because they dont have an iPhone! Most teenagers don't have a decent internet enabled device that allows them to use Twitter nicely. Most parents can't afford (or want) to pay $150+ phone bills for their kids plus buy them an iPhone. I have many young friends and they all love the "Big Brother" spirit of Twitter. I totally dont believe the "I'm a... more... - Arturo Toledo
No dis... I have a 19 y/o daughter...Maybe it because he sees you using it and thinks its an "old people" thing... ? - Ron Thompson
Geoff: same thing, but then he might be biased cause I hang here all day and it's simply not cool to hang out with your parents when you're 15. - Robert Scoble
It's a lot easier to have friends in school. On the outside you have to be a bit more proactive. - Todd Hoff
I only use Twitter to broadcast what I am doing on Posterous, and FriendFeed. - Matt Ruiz
I'm an older (some say very old) user and friends my age don't do Twitter, FB etc. Their opinion: why bother when I have email? Why would I want to share with the Internet at large? The web is full of idiots. - Robert Hafer from iPhone
Geoff: I read FriendFeed I just don't post very much. I enjoy reading Twitter and FF they can cetainly be informative and interesting. None of my friends are on Twitter so I was speaking from my experience with them, not all teens. - Patrick Scoble
Todd: That is also absolutely true with students. - Patrick Scoble
It is true but a lot of adults don't see the point of it either at the moment and I think it'll change.I'm 19 and I think it's more useful than Facebook etc. - Craig Malone
Teens spend 6 or 8 hours a day within a few hundred feet of most of the people they know. Why would they need Twitter? - Rob Sterling
Yeah, but information on Facebook is shared the same way as in school - it's hierarchical and clique-based. Kids are more like base primates than adults. Twitter is too open, when they want to control the dissemination of information among those people they know in school. - Rob Sterling
There are a lot of 13-15 year-olds on Twitter, just look around :) The best way to find them is to find a celebrity who might garner a teen following ... That said, Twitter is (for now) nowhere near as popular with teens as MySpace and Facebook, for sure. - dcap
Also, most kids can't afford smartphones, and using Twitter exclusively by text message is mostly a one-way affair. It's pretty lame. I bet your 15 y.o. son loves to text and spends hours on Facebook. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
I think teens may be more privacy savvy than the media paints them. They know that a nasty Tweet about a school official can get them expelled; but a private txt is safe. - Robert Hafer
How many teens are marketing gurus and life coaches? Kids aren't selling anything and see no need to sell themselves. THAT'S why they don't care about Twitter. - Kimber Scott
Robert: it is worse than that. One message can get them shunned. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Just like my older friends, they have no desire to connect with the Twitter-verse at large. But for different reasons. - Robert Hafer
I've been looking for the point for a long time :O) - To me it has become a place where I can "vocalize" things I've always just said to myself before. I just find it funny anyone actually "listens" - Bill Rawlinson
There are many uses of twitter :) - Key KnowHow
I think its good that teens don't like twitter. We can get on here without them! - Su Butcher
As a teenager I didn't see the point of reading a newspaper either, but now I work in one! - | Balu |
Interns in my office say they know college friends starting to use Twitter. Of course, none of the interns actually do. Twitter seems to be good for celebrities and professional networking. - Hutch Carpenter
So that means he will like Google Wave? = the next Teen Twitter - Hans Kainz
We can't say that Google Wave is the next Twitter, it's more instant messaging than anything (and I'd say FriendFeed relates more to it than Twitter does). - Hugh Isaacs II
I do deeply hope that Google Wave takes off. I really hate signing into my msn account just to keep in touch with friends who can't get on the GTalk bandwagon or just don't see the point. - Chris Chua
I think if you could start a conversation like this one on twitter just like on ff or fb with commenting tweets or just parsing them when you reply, it would be a lot more interesting - Kaysha
Interesting that the 15 year old kid who got the job at Morgan Stanley did so because his mum knew a chap who she met when dog walking - so not what he knew but who his mum knew, and because of that he had an audience for his opinion. - Simon Rogers
another possibility ADD - polou/indigo_bow
Wrote a post about this a long time ago. Interaction will scale down as the possibilities to interact scale up. The next gen doesn't care about talking to the whole world. There is little value in it - Alexander van Elsas from iPhone
Just blogged on this subject. I don't believe this is a generational issue. It's about privacy and signal:noise ratio. When those degrade, communities migrate to new social networking services, regardless of group members' average age. http://lehawes.wordpress.com/2009... - Larry Hawes
the wisdom of youth! - Neil Ashworth
Live4Emma (L4S)
big wheel
lmao awesome - Rachael Depp
I AIN'T SKURD - Live4Emma (L4S)
IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG - Live4Emma (L4S) from iPhone
omg...the envy of all the guys on the block!...lol - Ferwin
Is that REAL??? lol... - Rob Sellen :o)
Hahahahaha..... :-p x_x - Live4Emma (L4S) from iPhone
now that's a bigwheel - j1m
Dave Winer
"I predict a return to blogging as people discover the power of being able to finish a thought" http://www.scripting.com/stories...
I really like this statement - but will people return to blogging as we've known it? - Tony
Are you perhaps over estimating the allure of thinking? - Todd Hoff
Micro-blogging is good for idealets and infotainment, but it really is turning the web into a mindless medium like TV. Of course, there will always be the equivalent of PBS trying valiantly to raise the bar somewhat. Blogs will always have the possibility of transmitting real knowledge. - Paul W. Homer
The interesting thing for me is I think we have lost the definition of what a blog is. Everybody jumped up and down about what Steve Rubel did, but really I see his change as a shift of platform. If he posted that same content on wordpress, nobody would have said a word. Just because he did it on posterous and called it a lifestream, people took issue with it. So, what is our definition then? - Robert
Dave - I read through the link you sent, thanks for the information. So, in what ways do you think posterous goes against this definition? - Robert from email
I think Steve still has a weblog, he's just submitting posts to it in a "different" way. Like Dave's link says a weblog is "... a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be viewed in an HTML browser." Pretty much sums it up, I think. Steve's post is going to generate attention, and debate, but in the end it's a weblog. - Rob Fahrni
Robert, I know you're asking Dave a question, but I don't think the Posterious way goes against the definition. If I'm not mistaken Radio could post via e-mail, and I know Blogger supports this feature. Maybe I need to dig into Posterious a bit more but isn't that what it does? - Rob Fahrni
Rob - That is my point. This in my mind is one of the major problems with looking for a "new name" for these social products. We see it as something different because it is called something different. Posterous, from what I can see so far, allows for the writer to interact with their "weblog" in a different way, just as you said... - Robert from email
Huh? - Dave Winer
Dave - I think your "huh?" was towards me... We call Posterous a "life stream", I say it is a blog, that we have given a different name to. That is what I am saying.Rob - I agree with you 100%, and that is my point exactly. I keep reading these post about blogging being dead, or blogging being alive... but those that say they are not "blogging" are still "blogging" Maybe I am not making sense, but I hope I am... - Robert from email
Robert - Precisely! I think Posterious is trying to find a why to differentiate their product, so they've coined a new phrase. It's still a weblog, how the data arrives may be different, but it's just a weblog all the same. When I read Steve's story last night, from his new site, I thought I was going to find a link on it to something "new and innovative", then I realized I was AT the actualy site, his "life stream." - Rob Fahrni
Rob - YES... That is what I am saying... Same with Tumblr in my view, it is a weblog... Blogging is not dead at all in my view... - Robert from email
Robert - Right on! - Rob Fahrni
Blogology is a still too young science, and definitio usually comes when plays are over. What I feel sad for is the lack of opportunity future literature and social behaviour experts will suffer not using post's content ( and graphics ) as sources for studying today's world zeitgeist. Borges prophecy is at work, few understands - too many doesn't even know what they're writing about: a... more... - valerio fiandra from iPhone
Robert, the photo sharing site you've used recently is structurally a blog too. It differs from normal blog software mainly in that the chronology is by date of occurrence, not date of posting. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
It's funny that this sentence and a few lines from Anthony Trollope's autobiography should have crossed paths in my consciousness on the same day, since it's almost the same idea, thrown back two temporal orders of magnitude. Trollope tells of a correspondent, a vicar, who had enjoyed his clerical novels but was upset by Lady Glencors'a contemplation of adultery in the Pallisers series.... more... - Amyloo
Bruce - Very true! I'm glad that you are not working hard to call it something different. I'm loving it so far, even though I have not had a lot of time to put a bunch of pics up... - Robert from email
This is silly. Blogging isn't defined by the tool, it's defined by who's doing it. Read the piece I pointed to. I don't mean click on the link and hit the Back buttton, click the link and READ. - Dave Winer
Agreed, Dave. Heck, we blogged back in the day via FTP uploads; that's what moved you towards developing "Edit This Page", in fact (IIRC). - Ken Kennedy
Dave - I did read through it, and I agree that a blog is NOT defined by a tool, I think that is what we have been saying. I do not see where we are at odds on our viewpoints, please expound. - Robert from email
This subject keeps coming back - blogging will never die. - Jesse Stay
Before Web 1.0 we listened, conversed, collaborated and then we wrote. Writing was the synthesis of all the thinking that occurred in the first steps. In the new medium, the thinking process is the streams, both personal and community. Blogging is the synthesis of this new kind of community thought process. - Joolio
Dave - haha! - that is awesome :D - Susan Beebe
I think a large percentage of bloggers were really microbloggers, they just didn't have the correct apps to do that. The people that actually have something to say will keep blogging and those that just like to say something small or share something interesting will continue microblogging, or lifestreaming, or whatever variant you want to name it. Blogging is akin to publishing articles... more... - xero
This was known since the times of IRC: you can only have idle chatter or quick focused questions at that speed. - Michele Costabile
Michele, if that premise is true, then kids only absorb important life-long lessons from their parent(s) when they're sat down for a full length lecture. No? :) - Micah
The best food for thought always come in easily digestible chunks, however, sometimes you need to digest some larger/harder stuff to give you the ability to digest that chunk. - xero
Xero - That is an interesting thought... - Robert from email
Agreed, well said, Xero. - Micah
I thought completing a thought was the beauty of FriendFeed. - Alan Eggleston
Just FYI, when I started Scripting News in 1997, it was entirely "microblogging" -- look in the archive. http://www.scripting.com/1997... - Dave Winer
This isn't a fight. I love all this stuff. I was just saying what I think. - Dave Winer
Question: Of those of you out there who use posterous, do you use it as a replacement of your blog, a mirror of your blog or something different? - Curt Mercadante
One of the things I like about blogging is the ability to not finish a thought, not to try so hard to say all I have to say or say come to any definite conclusion in a single post. The unfinished thought is what encourages conversation. Let someone else add to your thought. Let others challenge your incomplete premise. I don't know everything, why pretend I do? My thoughts are never finished. - Jack&Cleo
Just because you can finish a thought, doesn't mean people will read it. - Will Higgins™
Tell me about it. That happened earlier in this very thread. But at least you ca read it yourself. - Dave Winer
Just as your diary became your journal and then your log, your log has become your stream. The web has become your life..... AND SO IT WAS, that in the year naught-nine, the web-log was renamed to life-stream, dissected, and it's pieces scattered about the hundreds of "cloud" services, from which it could fall as raindrops of thought, pinging here and there in an attempt to spread ideas to where they were needed the most. - Joel Bennett
Here's a picture, even easier than 140 chars. http://tr.im/qrBb - Dave Winer
Love the idea! - Sampad Swain
Where's yours? - Dave Winer
Me too. :-) - Dave Winer
What do you mean, I have always been able to finish a ... ooh a nice shiny object... - Marcel de Jong
Isn't it ironic that this post contained a clear and concise thesis, in under 140 characters? - Mike Chelen
Good point Mike... - Mark Harai
There's NOTHING wrong with brevity. There is a time and a place for discussion and lengthy discourse. - Will Higgins™
Matthew DeVries: that covers definitions 1 and 2, yet the 3rd is an "incongruity between the actual result of a sequence of events and the normal or expected result," where in this case the expected result was to explain how new platforms prevent thoughts from being finished, and the actual result was to the contrary :D - Mike Chelen
aren't we all copying from the same online dictionary? http://www.merriam-webster.com/diction... - Mike Chelen
wow, you got it perfectly word-for-word, remind me to pick you for my crossword puzzle team :) - Mike Chelen
Sardar Mohkim Khan
Google launches its Translator Toolkit | Startup Meme - Technology Startup and Latest Tech News - http://startupmeme.com/google-...
Google launches its Translator Toolkit | Startup Meme - Technology Startup and Latest Tech News
@CW™ Are you talking about translators or companies looking for translations? This service isn't for end-users just yet, so it's not a competitor for SDL's translation services. However, it could be a competitor for the lower-end of SDL's translation products market. It currently lacks a lot of features that I would think most professional translators would need though, like the ability to download TMs, work on file formats other than the ones offered, non-English source, etc. - Tony Ruscoe
I wouldn't call it as a ready challenger for the SDL or the likes. At first i thought that the Toolkit would kill all translation services, but that would only be targeting the common users who just need a rough translation. Corporates would still doubt its performance and would prefer a complete Human powered translator no matter what the cost. But if Google is able to bolster this... more... - Sardar Mohkim Khan
Cara Choate
The box of cute went "camping" this morning. Activities were catching bugs and eating them. Is it weird I think they're totally amazing?
Modern home broke new ground, 06.28.09 | Photo Gallery | Statesman - http://www.statesman.com/busines...
Oy... I want this house - Matt
I LOVE this house ... and have always wondered about its history (but not enough to do my own research, apparently). Thanks for finding this and posting about it. - Cara Choate
Andy Ihnatko
Wow! This special Philip Glass edition of "Rock Band" is easssssyyy. I've had the red key held down for like eight minutes now.
Tim O'Reilly
This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but with the Simpsons. http://paul.kedrosky.com/archive... End of oldschool TV: Ad rates on hulu now higher
Makes sense. There's less commercials so they've gotta charge more. Plus you can't skip past hulu's commercials - Chris Heath
Poor T.S. Eliot - sara
Victor Ganata
I refuse to employ the phrase "thought leader" except in mockery. You would think a "thought leader" would come up with a better term.
I was just thinking the same thing. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Wow, this thread has amazing synergy. - Steve Lowe
I'm kind of a thought watcher - Look there goes another one - Brent - Yes I am
zsafwan 
very cool! - John Wang
If you want a set they are available for $8.00 from Bear Duck Designs, although I am sure it would be quite easy to make your own. http://bit.ly/75hJs - zsafwan 
That is pretty far too lame from being cool. It's not even handy and they sell something that's worth 0.50$ or less even, for 8$. I wouldn't be that dumb of a consumer to buy it. Really, think about it again. - Black Dot
Kol Tregaskes
060609-Corsicana, Texas - 011 / &quot;junga&quot;
060609-Corsicana, Texas - 011 / &quot;junga&quot;
Dave Winer
what i would love to say to these guys is this: i wasn't born a programmer. i became one because i was impatient.
Steven Perez
io9 - Scientists Create Nanotech Memory That Holds Data For A Billion Years - Billion year memory - http://io9.com/5283518...
io9 - Scientists Create Nanotech Memory That Holds Data For A Billion Years - Billion year memory
"If you've ever watched a hard drive die a slow death, you'll know computer memory isn't forever. So if you'd like to upload your consciousness and live forever, that's a major challenge. Luckily, science has a solution: billion-year nano-data storage. Scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California Berkeley have developed a nanotube technology that can store a bit for 1 billion years — and it has the theoretical capacity to store 1 trillion bits per square inch. Scientists say the technology to create the nanotubes is well within current methods for manufacturing semiconductors." - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Kevin Fox
In the distant future, xenoarchaeologists will categorize intelligent species by those who call 1 a prime and those who are dumb.
It's an odd choice to call people who know how mathematics works "dumb". :-P - Mark Trapp
So is 1 a prime or not???? - Roberto Bonini
1 is not a prime. - Mark Trapp
i asked wolfram alpha :) no. - Roberto Bonini
A lot of mathematics is arbitrary. (woah, that's a loaded statement!) 1 is not a prime due to the way that we define primes. That's not to say that there are other - just as useful and valid - definitions of primes that would include 1. We just don't use those ones. - Kevin Fox
You just called me dumb! Oh, wait, no you didn't. - Stephen Mack
+ about a million for that last comment, Kevin! - Ordinarybug Heather
OK, call me dumb, but I don't see how 1 is not a prime. A prime number is any number that is only divisible by 1 and itself. 1 definitely meets that criteria...what am I missing? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I am quite comfortable in my mathematical ignorance. - Josh Haley
If 1 were prime then natural numbers wouldn't have unique prime factorizations. - Jim Norris
Coming from one of the dumb species, I don't claim to understand why the xenoarchaeologists think it's dumb. :-) - Kevin Fox
I think I saw some of these "xenoarchaeologists" at the end of the last Indian Jones film. - Josh Haley
One motivation for defining 1 to not be prime is the theorem that every number has a unique prime factorization. If 1 is prime then the prime factorization is no longer unique. The uniqueness of the factorization is used in proving many other results - those proofs can be made to go through if 1 is defined to be prime, but often need irritating and / or ugly caveats. Life's a lot simpler when 1 is not prime. - Michael Nielsen
+1 to Michael. The concept of "prime factorization" relies on 1 not being a prime. True, it's certainly not a composite number, but the definition of prime as "not composite" is stupid. Is 2.3 prime then? Or -5? - Alex Power
D'oh. I see Jim made a similar comment already... - Michael Nielsen
Thomas Hawk
Face recognition comes to Flickr | Webware - CNET - http://news.cnet.com/8301-17...
Face recognition comes to Flickr | Webware - CNET
Without any big fuss, a face-recognition feature has been added to Flickr. The new feature was launched recently by Swedish start-up Polar Rose. It lets users import all their photos from a Flickr account to an account on Polar Rose, where the images are then automatically assembled into groups dedicated to various individuals. As with similar features in Google Picasa and Apple iPhoto, names eventually show up next to faces in the photos once the user has identified the faces. The labels then get sent back to the Flickr account. Polar Rose, founded by Swedish mathematician Jan Erik Solem in 2004, intends to license its technology to numerous Web sites. - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
I wonder if it'll work any better than the crappy face recognition in iPhoto... - Shawn C. Reed
trying this at Polar Rose right now. Not sure how well it's going to handle my trying to import almost 24,000 photos into the site. - Thomas Hawk
I saw Hakan Dahlstrom use it and thought "FINALLY" - Shevonne
it's still "processing" my images after several hours now. I'm not so sure this thing is going to work for me. - Thomas Hawk
I think I will wait till Flickr implements this internally. Surely they will have to implement it at some stage. - CJPhoto
Giving it a try now. Estimates 30 minutes to process my 900 photos. - Andy Roth
No estimate for m 24,000 photos. simply a "processing your photos" progress bar with no progress indicated. - Thomas Hawk
There aren't any faces in my Flickr stream, however I do use the face recognition in Picasa Web Albums and it works very well. - Kenton
I'm alpha testing the face.com Photo Finder in Facebook, and that process seems less complex (at least to the user). Rather than explicitly telling you that Facebook photos are being exported to a separate account, Photo Finder allows you to appear to remain in Facebook as your photos are being processed. - John E. Bredehoft
Same here... hours later, and still processing. Hmmm. - Herb Hernandez
Herb, how many pictures do you have? - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
24,000 pictures at once ? going by Andy's estimate, 13 hours worth. plus (hopefully) a 100% penalty for being silly enough to do so many at once. - martin english
my ff crashed & facebook account would not let back in 4 now, thats ff's problems, I need 2 try w/Windows. I was using Kubuntu, one of the flavor of Ubuntu. - polou/indigo_bow
so far Polar Rose has performed poorly in recognising other instances of the same person, though it generally knows when there is a face in the photo (although it also spends quite a lot of time asking me if rocks, lights, twigs, shadows etc are people) - Ned Baker
so far I'm very unimpressed with Polar Rose. I checked it today and it only imported about 2,200 of my 24,000 photos. Worse than that though, performance on the site is awful. I keep getting a Firefox error message about an unresponsive script taking too long. They don't segregate out which of your photos have people in them vs. photos that do not so you are paging endlessly looking at thumbnails that are way to large to try and even find a photo you've got with a photo in it. Not at all user friendly. - Thomas Hawk
I'm wary of apps like these now. I tried out Fotonaut several weeks ago and the app silently deleted my tags. - jho
Tried again on Win7beta, hmm, face recognition r precise. I am mixed about these kinds of recognition unless they r used for login or security or confirm friendship purposes??? What do u folks think?? - polou/indigo_bow
What do I think? Disclosure - I am employed in the biometrics industry. However, I assert that the possibility of Big Brother ganging up on the populace is remote. For example, after 9/11, it took YEARS for the FBI and DHS to exchange data. - John E. Bredehoft from fftogo
I believe the military has been doing this for a while. - anna sauce
Carlos Ayala
Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO Sets
The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation announced today that The LEGO Group is now the exclusive licensed manufacturer of Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® LEGO Architecture sets. - Carlos Ayala
Its on! - Carlos Ayala
Wow. Now that would be cool. - Yolanda
that's pretty intense - Cee Bee
wow .. this is apparently not a joke! that's so awesome! - Nathan Rein
Kol Tregaskes
"Has the Law of Gravity been put in the back seat? No, this chair a clever optical illusion, with its apparent shadow actually functioning as its base — it's part of the chair's metal frame." - Kol Tregaskes from Bookmarklet
Brian Sullivan
Last night, my friend and I were sitting in the living room And I said to her, 'I never want to live in a vegetative state, Dependent on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug.' She got up, unplugged the computer, and threw out my wine.
HAHAH! - Justin Korn
Love this post - Rodfather
Touche! ROFL - And just read this out loud to share the LOL - Eric Johnson
Oh that is rich!!! - Jim Espinoza
Nice! - David Cook
you had me at 'Last night..." .LOLz - .LAG liked that
PWNED! - Zulkarnain K.
hahaha - Shevonne
Dirty Dozen Top Foods to Buy Organic - Pesticides on Foods - Organic Food - thedailygreen.com - http://www.thedailygreen.com/healthy...
Dirty Dozen Top Foods to Buy Organic - Pesticides on Foods - Organic Food - thedailygreen.com - http://www.thedailygreen.com/healthy-eating/eat-safe/Dirty-Dozen-Foods
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