The kid is dressed as an astronaut. So predictable. So cute... Happy Purim!
Speaklearnin' the kidlet. Me: "Can you say, CAT?" Him: "Gelp!" Me: "Ooh I knew you could!" *clap clap*
@hawaii couldn't make this lunch 2.0... Represent!
thanks for a great time @davetaylor & @andybeal... @coachdeb see you again soon. Great meeting everyone! from @andybeal rocks, very neat idea
Waiting for a remarkably small train to move so I can cross the tracks and buy some lunch
u're not following 'em
@xentac well, you certainly gave me food for thought, not sure which is best: name vs company vs ... other :)
@coachdeb looking forward to your 3 hour keynote
@techhustle next manoa geeks? late next month most likely.
Drunk people are fun cough@coachdebcough
Twitterverse: "palolo" is hard for people to remember... Should I move to @wondermill?
On a live video chat with @mashable, 10 hours ahead of us in Scotland. Neat guy.
@mashable great talking to ya sir!
@shane @davetaylor says he can lend you an airport express tomorrow.
Flying to the big weather with @shane Travel suuuucks Good company though.
@jphilipson would be great to see ya
@thinkkesho sounds good, I'll be there in a bit, probably ~7
@thinkkesho are you in a speedo again?
@hawaii sounds great when does it start? @juddv :p
At the beach with Evgenya & Reuben, practicing our splashing. Running errands at ala moana later if anyone wants to meet up.
@jphilipson while "tweet" is logical enough, I hate the word illogically and subjectively. Sort of like college pre-requisites.
Yeah, it's all tech tech geek web 2.0 and then "ah, sorry guys, dictated by the sun for awhile, catch you later" lol
*sigh* I hate forgetting the little "d " at the front of a tweet. In other news... I hate the word "tweet".
Have a peaceful weekend, everyone.
Zonked from sxsw and the usual get-home...ambush! of work. TGIF
Home. Keep it real @thinkkesho ... OW!
Thanks @david_chan nice meeting you too :)
About to fly over the deep blue abyss. Sand & sun are nice and all, but most of all I miss my little family. Comin' home darlin'
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