Netflix launch on Android -
Introducing the new Google Docs app for Android -
Twitter Search is Now 3x Faster -
iPhone 4 About To Be Flickr’s Top Camera. Point & Shoots? Pretty Much The Opposite. -
Cisco To Shut Down Flip Video Business; Will Give Pink Slips To 550 Employees -
YouTube announces YouTube Live; live streaming video service currently in beta -
RT @androidcentral: LinkedIn for Android now out of beta and available in the Android Market
RT @igord: So today I am not supposed to believe everything I read online. How is that different from any other day?
RT @daveramsey: U cant hold one accountable until U earn the right. U cant smack em in the back of the head w/o ur arm around their shoulder
RT @MichaelHyatt: I have been waiting for @DonMillerIs to review Love Wins. I totally agree with him. Loved the book!
RT @dannysullivan: also remember, every time you click on a +1 button, you break Mark Zuckerberg's heart a little bit :)
RT @engadget: Google adding a +1 button to search results, hopes you Like it
Ultra high-speed broadband is coming to Kansas City, Kansas -
Feeling dead this week. little motivation...tired...blah
RT @mattcutts: Google is bringing ultra-highspeed internet to Kansas City, Kansas! Woohoo!
Roku moves into Best Buy, national availability -
N.T.Wright "The whole sweep of Scripture" -
N.T.Wright "The whole sweep of Scripture"
I'm not totally sure how it would work.. but there is no air to conduct the heat out of your body. Heat loss is very much a function of conductivity. That's why 60 degree air feels pretty good, even in shorts, but you won't find it so pleasant in 60 degree water. Water is a better conductor of heat and essentially sucks it out of you. - urdumania1
CyanogenMod 7.1 release candidate now live -
Re: Another Sellout? -
"LOL" - Aaron
The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-ray set officially announced, arrives June 28th -
RT @bethanyshondark: I think all of the Christians that proudly stand behind Israel are AWESOME. This Jew really appreciates it.
The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-ray set officially announced, arrives June 28th
Rare Glimpse: See 3 Stealth Bombers Returning From 25hr Libyan Mission -
Two leaky tires in two months. (@ Firestone)
Kindle's Real Page Numbers -
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