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"Apparently, Sir David Attenborough is going to tell Kirsty Young that there is no inconsistency between evolution and belief in God. He may, perhaps, already have done so, since there is often a time lag between my picking up on the news and the events or anticipated events it records. He’s not confident enough to be an atheist, says Sir David, opening the floodgates of prediction that the shrill, strident new atheism is being replaced by a more genial, accommodating form of unbelief. But, of course, this is sheer nonsense. Those of us who are convinced, on good grounds, that there is no basis for belief in a god of any sort that would be religiously meaningful, have no intention of building atheist temples and listening to atheist sermons, even if, it seems, there are some atheists, like Alain de Botton, who think this is a good idea, and some theists, like George Pitcher, that particularly rebarbative Anglican priest, who begins his piece of Daily Mail pap with words of terrible banality:" - Maitani from Bookmarklet
the myth good ol myth of radical atheism - sofarsoShawn
I take it that he is ironically exaggerating here, because his point isn't the "danger" depicted in that part but the incompatibility of religious belief in a good god and the suffering in the world. And this he puts in a clear and stringent way. A good post; I recommend reading it. - Maitani
Hehe. I think this is all one-way traffic irrespective of the silly claims of the dodgy - Winckel from iPod