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TIL: Seven people across the world will hold a keycard which when put together will reboot the key part of the World Wide Web should a security breach, natural disaster or terrorist attack disable it. : todayilearned -
Laptop multitasking hinders classroom learning for both users and nearby peers -
iPhone camera evolution: How does the iPhone 6 camera compare to previous iPhone cameras? ~ snap snap snap -
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Savvy Imgur user builds working 1KB hard drive inside ‘vanilla’ Minecraft | Gearburn -
The Real Motto, Revealed | Help Desk | Eviscerati.Org -
Ocrad.js - Optical Character Recognition in Javascript -
Wladimir Palant's notes: Which is better, Adblock or Adblock Plus? -
What Is Public? — The Message — Medium -
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Inside the Mirrortocracy -
Doc Searls Weblog · Snow on the Water -
Blocking Unwanted Connections with a Hosts File -
F-Droid | Free and Open Source Android App Repository -
The Rands Test – Rands in Repose -
10 Wireless Router Features You Should Be Using but Aren't | -
It is time to stop rewarding failure -
Restaurant Watches Old Surveillance And Shares Shocking Results On Craigslist -
Over the course of a weekend, DashCon 2014 descended into chaos -
Expletive Inserted » Satya Nadella’s Email, Decoded -
Because .com Wasn't Available: Cognitive Biases in Software Engineering -
With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility -
Microsoft Is The Very Antithesis Of Strategy | Tech.pinions - Perspective, Insight, Analysis -
Healthcare links 07/10/2014 -
We streamed live surgery from South America using ... - Explorers Community -
Healthcare links 07/09/2014 -
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