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ABC Dragoo

ABC Dragoo

Weddings, New Babies, Big Announcements - Milestones in life set the tone. ABC Dragoo Designs Bespoke Stationery Wardrobes fitted especially for you!
I can't help but worry my neighbor may accidentally send one through my dining room wall, you know @_CRenny?
LOL! True. “@_CRenny: @abcddesigns if you hear those gunshots in Brooklyn you won't think anything of it.”
Everyone I know seems to have strep throat right now. (Imagining a white light of germ protection around me.)
Someone just drove past our house (country road, only two houses on it) at 3mph. I am tempted to run outside and say "It's for SALE!" LOL!
Hi Lisa! Good plans for the weekend? “@mladydwinter: @abcddesigns Hello and happy Friday!”
Continuing our real estate hunt closer to the city+deep cleaning our current house. “@wolfienthesneak: gardening, maybe drawing. You?”
Good morning! (Foggy, Friday.)'s time to head back to the city!
When your neighbor shoots off his gun, you freak out and call the police. They answer and say "Sorry ma'am, you live in the country." :-(
The #coneflower and #rudbeckia have (finally) bloomed in the #perennialgarden! :-) This past Winter…
TY! True! “@AliceHSilverman: as you nicley illustrated with your photos, Limed Oak can give your home a modern look when designed properly!”
Cerused Wood Cabinets, Floors and Furniture #interiordesign #homedecor
TYSM! Come on by any time! :-) “@acuriousgal1: @abcddesigns I love your porch too!!”
My phone is fully charged and I'm fully caffeinated - I'm off!
I'm "glad" you found inspiration here! ;-) “@mariskameijers: @abcddesigns you inspired me to buy them as per your inviting pictures! 💋”
Yes please! Served hot with a pat of butter and fresh berries? ;-) “@chateauclingman: Both please may I offer you some warn Corn bread?”
I'm doing well, thanks! It's been cool in NWCT=feels like Fall! “@All4Style: @abcddesigns I'm wel thanks!! How are you?”
Hello m'dear! How are you? “@All4Style: @abcddesigns good morning ! :)”
Hello Carol! How is Summer treating you? “@casualinteriors: @abcddesigns Good morning Amy!”
Coming right up! Sugar? Milk? ;-) “@chateauclingman: @abcddesigns Morning please send Caffeine!”
Good morning, gooooooood mornin'
And again, thank you @ShelleyCHolmes!
Everyday! :-) (TY4 the compliment!) “@acuriousgal1: @abcddesigns I love that your motto includes eating off the good china👍👍....great blog!”
My maiden name=Cupp. The collection started early on! “@TaraBradford: I keep meaning to ask, what's the story behind collection of teacups?”
The time has come, moving on!
:-) you too m'dear! Enjoy. “@mladydwinter: @abcddesigns Well then you deserve the *whole* pot! Have a great day. :)”
Good morning folks!
Washing slipcovers. (Putting them back on will be as difficult as pulling on tight jeans after eating too many doughnuts.)
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