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ABC Dragoo

ABC Dragoo

Weddings, New Babies, Big Announcements - Milestones in life set the tone. ABC Dragoo Designs Bespoke Stationery Wardrobes fitted especially for you!
Thanks for favoring my tweet @SamSaysFashion. From now on I'll be like Martha and only live in houses with a name. *wink*
I'm going to see an old house today...that has a name...which (to me) seems pretty OTT.
Absolutely. “@tamikj: @abcddesigns one of these days. :))”
Our #standardpoodle follows me everywhere. I wish he had thumbs so he could help me make the bed!
You bet @stuartkentco! Thanks for finding me here. :-) I love supporting #MadeInAmerica!
TRUTH. RT @tamikj “P.S. #NYC doormen are the key to all.”
Good Morning Folks! (Snoozy Poodle on my feet, wishing for a second cup.)
Someone on Italy had been attempting to break into my blog site all night long. Seriously? :-(
We're going on two weeks now with these #snapdragons! (How about these local #flowers? Wow!)
Recently switched iPhone covers from a neon green one to black. NOW I remember why last time I picked neon. #Ilostmyphone3xstoday
I agree, so pretty. “@heathermackan: @abcddesigns @TaraBradford These are just GORGEOUS!!!!”
They're painting the windows today at the #CountryHouse. In turn, I have 17 new mosquito bites...and counting!
Indeed. They're filling my green obsession right now. “@mladydwinter: @abcddesigns Oooh, look at those!”
TY! I could not resist. “@jerseylady1: @abcddesigns oh those are darling”
Good morning! (Up and at 'em)
I got 'em! (That's my lawn.) “@NantucketGal: @abcddesigns You need those! So pretty on a lawn. @_CRenny
Another gloomy #coffee hour in Northwest Connecticut - #goodmorning and happy #Sunday folks!
Hey look! It's #wineoclock! What's everyone pouring tonight?
Ouuuuu @DeringHall! I love that ROOM has joined you to open a virtual storefront. I love their #NYC shop! #interiordesign #homedecor
Join me on the #ScreenedInPorch during your afternoon iced coffee break!
xox @DeepBlueSocial thanks kindly!!
Yum! Oven is on :-) “@les_sou_les: Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever @abcddesigns”
Worked out with weights for the first time in 13 years. My arms are like wet, over cooked noodles - and they hurt! :-( #whatwasithinking
My most recent post on is about #collections. More specifically, collecting crystal wine decanters!
Good TY! And yours? “@aaiconnecticut: @abcddesigns Good morning Amy how are you? Wet in central CT also. Hope your summer's going well.”
Is 'stunning' the blogger's new 'lovely'? It feels like overkill, but I've been reading it in comments (not necessarily mine) A LOT lately.
:-D it was fun!! “@joetree415: @abcddesigns Very cool ABCD - hope u had a great day 😎”
The BEST kind of hunting happened today. #realestate #brass #highgloss #blackdoors
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