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I wonder if the Spotifys of the world are eating into digital piracy. Or are we beginning to make better music now?
Thank you @washingtonpost for nailing what I think about #KeystoneXL. Pick the right battles, environmentalist!
Also taking up an experiment to give up @gmail web interface and switch to a desktop client. Shooting it out between and @postbox.
3 days since I got @mailbox and its crazy how productive I've been on emails. Is this a fad or something sustainable? I'm going all in!
The Grand Bargain! I'm not talking #sequester, I'm talking #carbon. via @readability
Here's why, in the words of @BloombergView. Very elegantly said. @BarackObama #KeystoneXL (2/2)
I am a climate change-believing ex-oilman. I care about the environment. But @BarackObama please approve Keystone XL. (1/2)
RT @brianbeutler: I blame climate change for Rubio's unseasonal thirst.
RT @scotthomasson: @drgrist Did you see these charts showing how DG solar is reshaping load curves in Australia? They're kinda amazing.
Really @the_hindu? The best argument against Modi is that he is too hungry for power?
Smart Grid's watershed moment. #Powercut #SuperBowl
RT @TheAtlantic: China uses almost as much coal as the rest of the world combined (but India is catching up)
Since when did climate become a liberal issue? Remember McCain?
I wonder when California will get pragmatic, and go down the road of becoming the Next Big Shale Oil Play.
Now, RPS draws ire too. Is a Carbon tax the last frontier?
Bill Maher goes to many extremes often, but he's spot on here! Drones are an act of terror. “@politico:”
The Case for Drinking as Much Coffee as You Like - The Atlantic
RT @pbump: A conservative woman watches the film Chasing Ice and breaks down in tears as she realizes extent of climate crisis.
Interesting categorization “@dadiomov: SolarCity Prices Its IPO But Is It A Solar Company Or A Financial Firm?- Forbes"
RT @JoshuaGreen: Weak that overpriced yuppie clothier @lululemon stole this cool design from @BW's @jenniferdaniel Everybody shame them!
Discussing over-priced yuppie clothing ($LULU) and how corporate culture is the edge to sell more premium products. #firstworldbizproblems
BP as a company can't be called 'criminal'. Calling only company men guilty is wrong too. Failure is at multiple levels (3/3)
I think that although company men maybe guilty, they're being blamed for accident that was result of a collective failure #bp #spill (2/3)
this in nuts! “@washingtonpost: Lawyers: Two drilling veterans charged in BP oil spill are scapegoats” (1/3)
RT @Jamesallenonf1: Hamilton and Button’s head-to-head record at McLaren
RT @sidin: Personally I am willing to tolerate market failures if it pulls our destitute out of misery and gives them a little social mobility.
Awesome! I got $101.12 so far filling out some surveys.
RT @TheEconomist: Why would the Obama administration try to cover-up the Benghazi attack, when doing so would have no conceivable goal?
Awesome! I earned $172.27 this week so far filling out some surveys.
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