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150 Print Ads from old Indian magazines –
2nd Oct is dry day in India. And now it is also Clean India day!! So now it will be called.. . . . . . . . . . Dry-cleaning day!!
'Sympathy'... You can get from Anybody. But... 'Jealousy'.... You have to Earn it!!!
If the loser smiles after losing the game, the winner loses the thrill of his victory!!! That's the power of Smile !!!
When a man opens a car door for his wife . . . .. . . . . . . . It is either he has a new car or a new wife...
Sardar Everest Pe gya. 3 Baba Baithe The Aur Tambaku Ragd Rahe the Sardar- Baba Ye Kya hai Baba-Masala Sardar, Everest Masale Aap Banate Ho
Maine ek doctor se puchha- Bacche itne shararti kiyu hote hai Fantastic jawab mila Jo chiz banti hi shararat se hai wo sharif kaise ho sakti
आज कल की बिद्यार्थियों की जिंदगी टी वी: 2 घंटा फेसबुक: 3 घंटे मोबाइल: 12 घंटा दोस्तों के साथ: 2 घंटा सोना: 4 घंटे और पढ़ाई ? घंटा 🔔
Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly and for the same reason. #BorderBetrayal
Jaat: Beta ye kaisi machis laaye ho. Sasura ek bhi teeli nahi jal rahi. Son: Kya baat kartay ho papa sab ki sab check kar kay laya hoon.
What is Common between : Krishna, Ram, Gandhiji & Jesus..? Santa Singh Replied : All are Born on Government Holidays.
Sardar bought new iPhone He called everyone from his Phone Book & said "My Mobile No. has changed.Earlier it was iPhone 5s Now itis iPhone 6
A fat woman is waiting for a bus at a bus stop. How do you describe this is one word? Answer : MOTIVATING!
Teacher:Everyone write your lover's name on paper.Girls after 2 seconds: "Finished madam!!" Boys after 10 Minutes: Extra Sheet madam!!"
#yobilawalsodumb that he thinks Sunny deol is in Indian army.
Kashmir aur wife mein kya samanta hai- Ans. Waise to dono h samasya hai... par padosi nazar daale to gussa aata hai...
What's the best example of "once in a lifetime opportunity? A mosquito sitting on your wife's face.:
#YoBilawalSoDumb that he launches a paper rocket and wants to give competition to India's mars mission.
#yobilawalsodumb that he thinks Sunny deol and sunny leon both are brother and sister.
His role models are Rahul Gandhi and Alia Bhatt. #YoBilawalSoDumb
#YoBilawalSoDumb that he makes Rahul Gandhi look like Albert Einstein!
#YoBilawalSoDumb he tried to buy Kashmir on #Flipkart, it showed 'Out of Aukaat'.
#YoBilawalSoDumb बिलावल का आई क्यू लेवल अलिया भट्ट से भी कम है.
Revisiting 20 Old Doordarshan News Readers and Anchors
Today, I am going to revisit the charm of 20 Old Doordarshan new readers and anchors, who ruled the hearts of billions of Indians with their charm, presentation and distinctive style. In the days of 24 hours non-stop private new channels, it is really a nice experience to remember the good old days of Doordarshan. […] -
How to transfer money to India from USA?
Transferring money to India from is as simple as sending email to someone. Just you need to fill and submit some online forms and follow easy instructions. You need to provide your recipient and payment information and you are all set for money transfer to India. There are many remittance websites which provide the facility […] -
5 major differences between Bollywood and Hollywood
India is one of the biggest producers of films in the world in a number of languages. In a year more than hundreds movies are made in India alone including the Hindi and other Indian languages based movies. The Indian film industry is denoted as Bollywood, which is centered in Bombay (Mumbai) the financial capital […] -
How these 50 famous websites looked in the past?
After the advent of Web 3.0 and HTML5, and other modern web technologies; most of the popular websites have a great look and feel and are very user friendly. Take the example of Facebook, YouTube, Gmail. These sites are powered by very complex processes and algorithms behind the scene. These sites employ many servers and […] -
Ramayana retold in the age of facebook
Ramayana is my second favorite story. Of course the first one is Mahabharata. Ramayana is one of the great Hindu epics, which beautifully describes the duties of different relationships. It portrays ideal human characters such as the ideal father, ideal mother, the ideal brother, the ideal wife and the ideal king. Most of the us have heard this story […] -
20 Doordarshan Television Characters that we will never forget
Do you remember the old Doordarshan characters whom you watched leaving all other important things, years or may be decades ago? Those days, Television was not available 24/7. We used to wait whole day to watch our favorite TV serials. As Doordarshan was the only channel, remote controls were not the part of the living […] -
The Complete Collection of Amitabh Bachchan Movie Posters
I think no one will argue with me when I say Amitabh Bachchan is the biggest and most influential star of Indian Cinema. He first gained popularity in the early 1970s as the "angry young man" of Hindi cinema, and has since appeared in over 180 Indian films in a career spanning more than four […] -
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