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If money doesn't make you happy, then you probably aren't spending it right
I love @Uber! Sign up today with my code and get ₹300 off your first ride: #GiveMoreGetMore
Uber (@uber) launches in Ahmedabad today along with Chandigarh, Jaipur and Kolkata. Great choice I must say! :)
To Designer - “Engineers are your best friends.” —@vinAlien
Inviting all the girls to code. What a beautiful code it would be.
Answer by Faguni Jain to What did Shakuni's dice contain?
“Take care of the people, the products, and the profits — in that order.” —@abhishekdesai
How the Web Became Our ‘External Brain,’ and What It Means for Our Kids | Opinion | WIRED
Hilarious yet extremely serious - John Oliver on Native Advertising:
A beautiful reply from a salesman @FogCreek - @spolsky
"If you don't want to be great, then you never should have started a company." - super awesome book by @bhorowitz
RT @shaig: painful post to read about mistakes made running a startup, I empathize, thanks for spilling your guts @sethbannon
“Horror Vacui” by @mslima
Watched "Rush" - The merciless 1970s rivalry between Formula One rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Mesmerised.
Dropbox's Head of Design on the Dawn of Personalized Products via @firstround
RT @davemcclure: India sets up $1.6B fund for startups, backs a new era of software product innovation via @Techinasia
Answer: Should you maintain separate versions of your web-based interface and APIs?
"It’s not as if any of us wants to live like this (busy); it’s something we collectively force one another to do." -
Dedicated to all the girls I know - #LikeAGirl
Should you maintain separate versions of your web-based interface and APIs?
Welcome @JasrajVaidya to the world of @Twitter. My dear friend and one of the most intelligent people I know on this earth.
My answer to What career prospects do I have if I invest 2 years in my startup and fail?
How does God respond when millions of people are praying from both the sides? #ARGvsSUI
OMG what just happened in #Wimbledon - Nadal loses to a 19-year old! Not a good year for Spain I guess.
My answer to When creating a startup, how do you make your pitch memorable? What different things do angels, VCs, br…
What Seed Financing Is For
The Science of Procrastination and How to Manage It, Animated
10 Tiny Life Hacks To Try Right Now (If You Have a Kiwi)
Here's The Schedule Very Successful People Follow Every Day
Why Do First Impressions Matter?
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