Anne Bouey
Is it possible to get a one month VPN?
The computer thingy? - Anika
Yes. I would like to get one for my time in China. - Anne Bouey
Ah. I don't know how that works then. I just set up the VPN on my desktop and tap in from my laptop when I'm traveling, but that's just here. Would they have it blocked or something there? My use it that it's set up as long as I want it to be set up. There's no limit. <<-- Also keep in mind that I use Windows and am not a tech. I just set it up on my computer, easy as pie. - Anika
I have one I've been using here for the past year. It's been really great and very convenient to set up, but my mom doesn't want one for the whole year. Is there a way to get a VPN for just one month? - Jessie
Are you actually thinking about remote desktop? That's different. - Akiva
If you do what Anika said, I doubt the Great Firewall of China blocks random US home user IP numbers. (I also don't know how to set one up, sorry.) - Andrew C (✔)
Akiva, I have no idea what I am thinking of! It's all new to me. I'll have my iPad with me on the trip. - Anne Bouey
If you want to be able to access a home PC remotely and use it over the Internet as if you were sitting at that computer, you might want to look into stuff like GoToMyPC. That should get you going in the right direction. - Akiva
I would be wary of bringing your I-pad or any high end tech with you to China. Consider renting something as just running thru their security checkpoints has an interesting trend to infect your device. - Mathew A. Koeneker
I'd assume so? TunnelBear (a US/UK VPN) has monthly rates, as well as a free rate. - Soup in a TARDIS
Thanks for the suggestions. I'll check into them. Akiva, your idea may work. - Anne Bouey
From my understanding, you can't really use an SSH tunnel + SOCKS proxy on an iPad that's not Jailbroken. But if you're bringing a laptop you sure could. You can get webhosting for $9.50 for a single month (Webfaction) which includes SSH access. On a Macbook you would configure like this: Command Line: "ssh -D 8085 -p 22 -f -N username@" (everything in quotes excluding quote marks and your Webfaction username and IP [instead of]). Next: System Preferences > Network > Device (example: Ethernet or AirPort) > Advanced button > Proxies > SOCKS Proxy > SOCKS Proxy Server: localhost > Port: 8085 > Ok button > Apply button. - Micah
Sorry, that is a mouthful, and technical, but it works. - Micah
Oh, Micah, you're speaking another language! :) - Anne Bouey
You should take me to China with you as your email slave. - Steve C, Team Marina
Interestingly enough, this article just came out that may be helpful -- - imabonehead
Michael says "It's totally doable"...but hopefully he'll come on here and chime in on the details. - Janelle Scarpelli
So, I guess to start, I might as well ask what you're looking to try and do. Since you'll have the iPad, I assume it's just for basic web and e-mail, right? - Michael Scarpelli
Michael, I DM'd you. - Anne Bouey