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Anne Bouey › Comments

Rate the presidents since you've been alive. You can only take 2 minutes to decide. Here are mine: jfk, clinton, obama, reagan, bush-1, ford, nixon, lbj, carter, bush-2
If I only rated them on the good things they did, the order might be different, but I couldn't dismiss the bad things. For example, LBJ and Nixon could have ended the Vietnam war early. - Cristo
Also, it's sad nobody has responded yet. I hope we can recreate the old fun of friendfeed somewhere else. - Cristo
I wasted my 2 minutes debating whether to respond with my favorite ranked Presidents of the USA Songs or not. - Jennifer Dittrich
I don't understand what the Presidents of the USA Songs is or why it is relevant. I must be stupid. - Cristo
Also, I admit I might change my order if I had more time. For example, JFK was involved in escalating the Vietnam war. - Cristo
Jennifer--rate the presidents of the USA band members. - Joe
WTF is the USA band members? - Cristo
Jason, Chris, Dave, I guess. I have stronger feelings about the songs - Volcano being my all-time favorite. - Jennifer Dittrich
The Presidents of the United States of America is a band from the 90's. Al Yankovic even has a parody song of theirs. - Joe
Yeah, that seems obscure, and sadly irrelevant. - Cristo
My fav song. they were great at a concert. - Joe
clinton - carter - obama - reagan - bush i - bush ii (ford & nixon i was to young to factor in) - chaz2b
Obama-Clinton-Carter-Bush I-Reagan-Ford-Nixon-Bush II - Cult Hero
Carter, Obama, LBJ, Clinton, Bush 1, Ford, Reagan, Bush 2, Nixon - MoTO: #TeamMarina
It's interesting to see Carter near the top of some lists now. He was given such short shrift during his presidency, and yet he's become a much more admirable senior statesman than many of the other former presidents. - Anne Bouey
Obama Clinton Carter BushSr Nixon BushJr Reagan and the others were before I came to the U.S. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I wish I were stronger on modern US history so I could rank them on more than impression, but my favorite president of my lifetime is Carter. The absolute worst of my lifetime is GW Bush. (I wanted to put Reagan last but I think he was actually marginally more competent than GW Bush.) - Spidra Webster
Obama, Clinton, Carter, Bush I, Bush II, Reagan. - Jenny H. from Android
Clinton, Reagan, Obama, Carter, Bush 1, Bush 2 - Louis Gray
Clinton because the economy was booming and he was smart about American investments. JFK because it was a period of exploration. Reagan for winning the cold war. I have personally done well under both Obama and George H. W. Bush however Q.E was the reason for it under the present administration so it's hard for me to believe it;'s sustainable and the next president really has his job... more... - Eric Logan
Anne Bouey
If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair -
If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair
Show all
Just like normal people. :) - Anne Bouey from Bookmarklet
I sorta give the Elsa one the side-eye, because I've got two different friends with her white-blonde hair color -- no roots, but the Pocahontas one cracks me up every time. - Jennifer Dittrich
Elsa has naturally white-blonde hair, so I think they're stretching for that one. Ariel and Pocahontas are like expectation vs reality. - Heather
With Elsa, I wish they'd show a bunch of hair just not in the braid since it isn't secured or anything. I mean, my hair pokes out of braids even when it /is/ secured. - Jennifer Dittrich
I wonder how many people on friendfeed would block me if they really knew me?
They just probably don't get it. - Cristo
Exposure is limited here. So real knowledge is limited. So are opportunities. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
You are not sleeping yet. - Cristo
Maybe I'm sleep typing - MoTO: #TeamMarina
I know you. I don't block you. I miss seeing you around these parts. - Anne Bouey
I know Anne. And I do think about you as I'm working. - Cristo
I never understood why people blocked you. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I think the key is to not take yourself or others too seriously. We've had plenty of interaction over the years and you've pissed me off a few times, but I have never considered blocking you. - Jenny H. from Android
Immigrant spouses happy with life in Taiwan: poll - Taipei Times -
"Immigrants married to Taiwanese nationals are mostly happy with life in Taiwan, even though their average household income is less than half the national average, to a census released yesterday by the Ministry of the Interior showed. A total of 498,368 foreign-born spouses, including naturalized immigrants and foreign nationals, call Taiwan home. At 67.6 percent, more than two-thirds come from China, Hong Kong or Macau; another 28.1 percent are from Southeast Asia, predominantly Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Cambodia, according to ministry statistics. In the once-in-five years census of foreign-born spouses, 92.9 percent of respondents described life in their adoptive country as “happy” (幸福), and 87 percent said they do not have trouble communicating with their Taiwanese family members despite cultural and linguistic barriers. The survey found that the average monthly household income in families with new immigrants was NT$46,173, less than half the national average of NT$98,073." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Don't even think about it, Jessie. ;-) - Anne Bouey
Funny. There's nothing I can think of to use FriendFeed for anymore.
Is the crowd getting too thin? - Joe
I guess. What's the point of posting if nobody responds? - Cristo
Seems like everyone has given in and is using Facebook instead. - Cristo
I'd vote for twitter over FB, but ff is still funnier for me, but I am weird. - Joe
I hardly ever use FB. I'm mostly here. And still look in on Livejournal once in a while. - bentley
I've never used livejournal. I've heard of it. - Cristo
I hope the thing I'm working on will be huge, and it will be cool. Few things are huge and cool. Usually one or the other. - Cristo
Here's to hoping - I'm looking forward to whenever you can finally let people know what it is. - Jennifer Dittrich
Me too. I'm unfortunately bogged in the details of making it work, which make me grumpy. - Cristo
I like alcohol for those occasions. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
That's the way with big projects that are worth it, though. Well, that's where you prove it is worth the work. - Jennifer Dittrich
If MoTO were local, we could work together on this solution. - Cristo
Indeed. I would drink and you would work. Sounds perfect :) - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Let us know if you want alpha or beta testers. - Sean McBride
I, too, look forward to your new project. :) - Tamara J. B.
I will. It will just be time that determines it. - Cristo
And I look forward to having you guys on board. :) - Cristo
Also, I respond when I see you post. You make things interesting. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Will there be a bar? - MoTO: #TeamMarina
I'm very eager to see what you're up to. :) - Anne Bouey
Steven Perez
Wednesday makes a bunneh busy. - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Good morning. - John (bird whisperer)
Good morning, John. :) - Steven Perez
bunneh! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Barry! :) - Steven Perez
Good morning, Bunneh. :) - Anne Bouey
Oh, ciao *.* - LilaLaMarea from Android
Good morning, Anne. :) - Steven Perez
Ciao, Lila. :) - Steven Perez
Hey Mr B! - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Hey, Val. :) - Steven Perez
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
here you go my lovelies... The Big Chop of 2015
Very cute! - Kirsten
Adorable! - vicster
Cute! <3 - Jennifer Dittrich
you are killing it. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
thanks y'all. I think it suits me. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
Oh, my. :) - Steven Perez
indeed it does, Ms. t. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Imma married spud. Imma married spud. - Big Joe Silence from Android
So very cute! - Anne Bouey
So adorable!!!! - Janet from FFHound!
I love it. Sassy! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Ooh! - Marie
sophisticated yet casual - how'd you do that? - Laura Norvig
it's in the eyes, I think. Something like: "come hither, but I brook no foolishness." - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Va va voom! - Spidra Webster
I seriously want to do the same. #offwiththehair - Yolanda from Android
Y'all are too kind. Thanks. I'm having fun with it. People be like 'you cut your hair?!' - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Shannon - GlassMistress
We are invited to a Super Bowl get together. We were very gung-ho until someone pointed out that the game doesn't start till 8pm. The get together is an hour away ...we'd have to leave at 8 to be home by bedtime :-) #oldpeopleproblem
:( - Anne Bouey
8pm? I thought kickoff was at 3:30pm PST? That puts it at 6:30pm your time. Not that that helps much. It is a late start to a party for y'all and with that drive? Ooof. :) - Hookuh Tinypants
Hmmm ... perhaps I was misinformed. I didn't actually check it myself, perhaps I should. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Yeah, looks like kick-off is supposed to be 6:30 p.m. EST. That said, with the huge halftime show, etc., the game probably won't be over until ~11 or so. Halftime might be a good time for you to leave the shindig. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Especially since halftime is Katy Perry. So, y'know. Save yourself while you can! - Hookuh Tinypants
^^ schnort! - Shannon - GlassMistress
^ Amen! - Janet from FFHound!
Mike Nencetti
My apartment has no wine glasses, so I am drinking wine from a coffee mug.
Burlwood Pinot Noir. Very good. - Mike Nencetti
Tuesday at 9am is my first session with a grief counselor. It's a free service provided by hospice. - Mike Nencetti
Glad to gear you're taking advantage of the service. *hugs* - Anne Bouey
Wine in a coffee mug. I like your style, sir. :) - Jenny H. from Android
I can't even blueberry right now.
:( - Anne Bouey
^ ... but, I got an extension on the 5 second rule and I rinsed extensively. - Micah
Rinsing works. :) - Anne Bouey
Aww. *tries to suppress laughter* - Jenny H. from Android
holly #ravingfangirl
this is how i watch tv now. (standing in the family room). check out those poorly shelved books!
Librarian fail? - Anne Bouey
:) i should probably be ashamed. - holly #ravingfangirl
:D - Anne Bouey
I am going to tell the circulation supervisor on you! - Julian
I keep tapping the triangle to make the video play. - Meg VMeg from Android
hahahaha! - holly #ravingfangirl
The Other Yvonne
34 hours. =(
*hugs* It's all happening so fast! - Tamara J. B.
*hugs* - Anne Bouey
*hugs* - vicster
:-( - Stephan from iPhone
*hug* - Alix May
The Other Yvonne
#ThrowOutThursday Lite. I got rid of a tea cup. Lol!
:) - Anne Bouey
I packaged up some old (but nice) clothes for GoodWill, but they're just in my car. - Jennifer Dittrich
I packaged up 3 trash bags of clothes, books and misc kitchen items to drop off at Goodwill tomorrow! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Good job guys! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Todd Hoff
The Man in the High Castle 1 Season 2015 -
powerful stuff - Todd Hoff
"Based on Philip K. Dick's award-winning novel, and executive produced by Ridley Scott (Blade Runner), The Man in the High Castle explores what it would be like if the Allied Powers had lost WWII, and Japan and Germany ruled the United States. Starring Rufus Sewell (John Adams), Luke Kleintank (Pretty Little Liars) and Alexa Davalos (Mob City). - Todd Hoff
I need to watch this. - Stephen Mack
I watched the pilot and quite liked it. I'd not heard of the novel until I saw something about this, and now I want to read it. - ellbeecee
I watched the pilot and liked it... and then had horrendous nightmares. - maʀtha
We'll definitely watch it; we both loved the book. - Jenny H. from Android
I watched it a few nights ago. I'm eagerly awaiting the next episode. - Anne Bouey
When do we get more? - Eivind
You need to vote on Amazon to convince them to choose this show. What we saw was the pilot for a proposed series. - Anne Bouey
I took the survey, I hope they choose this one! - Jenny H.
I took it, too. I even indicated I might be willing to join Prime if they make this happen :) - Eivind
ADDED. really liked the book (sometime in the late 80s?) and am curious how Scott translates it to the screen. - Big Joe Silence
You know, I haven't read the book. I'll have to correct that. - Todd Hoff
Get on it, Todd! - Jenny H. from Android
First, I need chili! - Todd Hoff
You can have a bowl or three of ours if you can make it in the next couple of days. ;) - Jenny H. from Android
I'll rev up the sled dogs. - Todd Hoff
The Other Yvonne
I can tell my ear is getting better, but every time I put drops in my ear (twice a day) there's a period of time when I can't hear out of it. It's soooo annoying! Plus the ringing. I'm going mad!!
Boo! I hope it gets better soon. - Stephen Mack
Hope it's improving today! - Anne Bouey
Oops! Forgot to put drops in this morning! - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Tamara J. B.
Yessss! We broke $100,000 for her last hospital stay. *cries and rolls eyes* It's highway robbery, I tell you.
2015-01-14 17.42.31.jpg
Holy shit. In a country with socialised health care, this is unfathomable to me. - Melly
It's unfathomable to me too. When we pay $1,000 a month for insurance, seeing large bills like this, even though we'll only have to pay 20% is still outrageous. Who needs a mortgage, when you have hospital bills!?! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
So you owe 20% of $100k?? :( - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yeah but just tack that on to the portion of the other hospital stays and endless co-pays. It's all too overwhelming but what can you do? I'm too busy dealing with her health on a daily basis to process it all. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
:-( - Brian Johns
Good grief! *hugs* - vicster
:( - rönin
Isn't there an annual limit on out-of-pocket expenses? Individual as well as family? - Anne Bouey
Wow. On top of everything else... - Stephan from iPhone
Blown away by the cost. Tamara, can we tempt you to move to Aus? - Mo Kargas
Jesus. :((( - Jenny H. from Android
That is ridiculous, Tamara :( - Linda M. Jose
Such bullshit! - YvonneM
you know I know - Eric - ill subliminal from iPhone
wait what? your insurance doesn't have an annual out of pocket maximum? :( - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
That's what I wondered/asked, too, Jeff. Hopefully, there is one. - Anne Bouey
Oh man. The numbers are too big to process. - Yolanda
i see it now Anne, I scanned so fast before that I didn't see your comment. - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
The smiling teddy bear makes that bill so much worse. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
:((( - Eivind
Stephen Mack
Just completed a 6.00 mi run - Difficult to run this in the dark despite a headlamp -- too uneven. A ... #RunKeeper
Just completed a 6.00 mi run - Difficult to run this in the dark despite a headlamp -- too uneven. A ... #RunKeeper
Glad you didn't twist an ankle! - Anne Bouey
The Other Yvonne
In complete and utter denial that my husband is essentially moving to CT this coming Sunday. =(
:(((( - Jennifer Dittrich from iPhone
*hugs* - Stephen Mack from iPhone
:( - Anne Bouey
:-( you'll survive. When do you join him? - Mary Carmen
I fly out with the kids for a week in Feb and again in April. He flies back to CA in March, May, and June. Hopefully in April we'll be able to find a house to rent and John can be more settled by the time I get there with the boys in June. - The Other Yvonne
Steven Perez
Stay together, or Monday will pick us off. - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Good Morning Bunneh! - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Good morning. - John (bird whisperer)
Good morning, DB. :) - Steven Perez
Good morning, John. :) - Steven Perez
Good morning, Bunneh! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Hey Mr b - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Good morning, Steven. :) - Anne Bouey
Good morning, pretty Tam Tam. :) - Steven Perez
Hey, Val. :) - Steven Perez
Good morning, Anne. :) - Steven Perez
Stephen Mack
Ready for the SF Edwardian Ball
Lookin' good, Mr. Mack! - Anne Bouey
I second Anne! - Jenny H. from Android
Thanks! That was really fun. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Anne Bouey
Seattle vs Green Bay--Taiwanese News Edition:
Seattle vs Green Bay--Taiwanese News Edition:
Wacky Taiwanese animated news report. - Anne Bouey
Man...if the Madden games were like that, I'd own ALL of them. - Anika
Bump for a game preview! - Anne Bouey
Jenny H.
I finally got my residency permit! I'm legal! <3 <3 <3
Congratulations!!! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Woohoo! - Kirsten
Thanks! I'm pretty excited about it! :))) - Jenny H. from Android
Yay! - bentley
YayYayYayYayYay!!! - vicster
If you're happy, I'm happy. But in my heart I'm thinking: "Shes' not coming back... *sniff*" - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Yay, you can have sex! Oh... not that legal... - Melly
*\o/* boom! - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
B, I'll be a regular visitor to the homeland, don't you worry. Melly. :D Thanks, guys. I'm glad you've got my back. :) - Jenny H. from Android
So, how do you feel about ruining your new country? :-) - Todd Hoff
I can't wait! :P - Jenny H. from Android
Congrats! - Anne Bouey
Congratulations! how long it took to get it? - непростые коротышки
By their counting, more than 12 months, by my counting, 15. - Eivind
*\o/*!!! - AHnix (Anna Haro)
@eivind hmm, quite a time. good they hadn't lost papers :) - непростые коротышки
Happy Birthday, Bren! You're a great friend and a debonair gentleman. I hope you are able to celebrate today!
Screen shot 2014-12-26 at 9.30.19 AM.png
Happy Birthday Bren! <3 - Pea Bukowski from Flucso
Thank you! - Cult Hero from iPhone
HB! - micia
Happy birthday! :-) - Maitani
Happy Birthday, Bren! - vicster
Happy birthday! - Larua Boats from Android
Happy birthday! - Jennifer Dittrich
Happy Birthday! - Brent Schaus
Thanks, everyone! - Cult Hero from iPhone
Happy birthday! - Anika
Have a wonderful birthday, Bren! :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Hope you are celebrating yourself! You are a wonderful addition to our mortal world. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Happy birthday :* - SignoraLiú from FFHound(roid)!
happy bday! - imabonehead
Happy Bday Bren - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Happy Birthday, Smoochy Lips! - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
Happy B, B. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Happy birthday, Bren! - Corinne L
happy bday! - holly #ravingfangirl
Bumpity. - Kristin from iPhone
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
happy birthday :) - strega ❄ from FFHound!
Thank you! Grazie! I appreciate it, everyone! - Cult Hero
Auguri, Bren! - Roux
Happy Birthday man - Mo Kargas
Happy birthday, Bren! - Anne Bouey
Happy birthday, Bren :-) - Sepi ⌘ سپی from iPhone
Happy birthday! :) - Jenny H. from Android
Happy birthday :) - Eivind from Android
happy b!! - Franc, a rememberer from FFHound!
Thanks again, everyone! Such a great community. <3 - Cult Hero from iPhone
Late to the party, but I'm in Miami and living on Latin time. ;) Happy Birthday, friend! :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Thanks, A! You're in Miami? - Cult Hero from iPhone
Yep. For bout 2 years, and will prolly be for 1 more. (Bot's job) Nice vacation spot, but it ain't my idea of home. #getmethehelloutofFL ;) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Do you remember Corie Jones? She's in Miami. - Cult Hero from iPhone
Yep. Every time I see a fire truck, I wonder if she's in it. :) - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Anna - You should get onboard with #getmetoPNW. :) - Kristin from iPhone
Kristin, but for reals tho. We're actually planning our next move (discussing states/towns& cities) Just waiting for hubby's jobby job to be done. I don't like it here, but he HATES it here. He a liberal, crunchy dude. I'm somewhere between granola and condescending a-hole. ;P - AHnix (Anna Haro)
I feel you. Texas is up there on the crazy conservative scale. Portland or Seattle might be good for y'all! - Kristin from iPhone
^^^totally! - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Austin is pretty granola - Yolanda
My friend who took Daisy has an upstairs neighbor who's living there on false pretenses under her mother's section 8. The owner has conflict with her, the other tenants don't like her. Andrea thinks she will be put out soon and is telling the owner wonderful things about me :-)
It's walking distance to Angie's house, and the elementary me Angie & Andrea all went to in kindergarten & 1st grade - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
*crosses fingers* - Kirsten
Daisy aldı Arkadaşım sahibi onunla çatışma vardır annesinin bölüm 8. altında sahte orada yaşıyor bir üst katta komşusu olan, diğer kiracılar onu sevmiyorum. Andrea o yakında konacaktır ve benim hakkımda sahibi harika şeyler anlatıyor düşünüyor:-) - Loki
OMG, Yes, Yes, Yes ... praying for you ... does the owner know about these false pretenses? (Not suggesting the bad karma of ratting someone out but honestly, she is taking spots away from awesome families like yours.) - Laura Norvig
I'm not sure what he knows of it but I have a feeling Andrea is ready to snitch lol. I agree that it isn't fair when I've complied with everything required of me while this chick & her mom are getting over. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
fingers crossed! - Anne Bouey
That would be super cool! - SAM
Added to my prayers! - Janet from FFHound!
!!! *positive path vibes* - AHnix (Anna Haro)
Steven Perez
Good morning, FriendFeed. -
Good morning, FriendFeed.
Friday! w00t! :) - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
Good morning, Bunneh. :) - Anne Bouey
Good morning, Anne. :) - Steven Perez
Good morning. - John (bird whisperer)
Good morning, John. :) - Steven Perez
You made it Mr. B!!! - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
Hey, Val. :) - Steven Perez
bunneh! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Barry! :) - Steven Perez
This was my day today. - Steven Perez
Haggis ice cream on menu as cafe honours Burns - The Scotsman -
Haggis ice cream on menu as cafe honours Burns - The Scotsman
"A SCOTTISH restaurant is set to serve Haggis flavoured ice cream in memory of Robert Burns, it was revealed today. Award-winning St Andrews restaurant, The Adamson, is staging a Ladies charity night on January 22 with a three course Scottish menu inspired by the works of Scotland’s greatest poet. The menu described as “Scottish prose on a plate” by the restaurant’s head chef, Scott Davies, includes a variety of haggis dishes - including Mr Davies very own ‘Haggis Spiced Ice Cream’. Mr Davies said: “Burns loved his food and drink - and our Ladies Night is a tribute to the man, his works and his life’s passions.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The bard and haggis have been linked since Burns composed ‘Address to a Haggis’, and the poem is now read out at Burns Suppers around the world on January 25th." - Jessie
I wonder if anyone will attend. ;-P - Anne Bouey
Star Wars stormtrooper charity walker Scott Loxley saved from potentially deadly snake bite in north Queensland by iconic armour - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) -
Star Wars stormtrooper charity walker Scott Loxley saved from potentially deadly snake bite in north Queensland by iconic armour - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
"Stormtrooper armour is hopeless against lightsabers - but it is good protection against the venomous snakes of north Queensland. Scott Loxley, who is walking around Australia dressed as an "elite soldier of the Galactic Empire" from sci-fi franchise Star Wars to raise money for charity, says the iconic armour protected him from a king brown snake bite this week." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Mr Loxley had just left Yalboroo, north of Mackay, on Wednesday when he came across what he thought was another dead snake on the road. But that snake turned out to be a king brown, he said, and it was alive and well. Mr Loxley, a former Army soldier, used his official Facebook page to share the story of his encounter with the "vicious" snake. "He's lunged at me and bit me but the good... more... - Jessie
"According to Australian Museum, king browns, or mulga snakes, bite savagely and may hang on and chew as they inject their venom, which is highly toxic and can be expressed in enormous quantities." - Jessie
Australia, where everything wants to kill you. - Brian Johns
Now that made me laugh, Brian. :D - Anne Bouey
found out my old coworker passed away :( -> Woman Killed in Smoky Metro Tunnel Was 61, Mom of 2 via @nbcwashington
found out my old coworker passed away :(  -> Woman Killed in Smoky Metro Tunnel Was 61, Mom of 2 via @nbcwashington
i'm so sorry. :( - Big Joe Silence
Oh, no, how awful :( - Jennifer Dittrich
How sad. :( - Anne Bouey
:( - Brent Schaus from iPhone
She had a beautiful smile. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Yes she did. So sorry to hear. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Very tragic. Sorry, Shevonne. - Stephan from iPhone
Oh wow, I'm sorry. - Marie
That's just so awful. I'm sorry. - vicster
:( - Jenny H.
I saw her on the news. I'm so sorry. - Larua Boats from Android
How awful, I'm sorry. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
how sad :( - Valz 4 TEAMMARINA
:-( - Corinne L
So sorry, Shevonne xx - Melly
My condolences. - Katie
Brian Johns
The Wife hates it when I call it "babysitting." She says when it's your own kids it's just "parenting." Whatever you call it, my shift started at 2:00 am. We drove around town and napped in the car from 2:20 until 6:00. Now we're reading the paper and playing with a strap on the car seat and waiting for the sun to come up.
Good luck today, Sparky! - Louis Gray
The days are fine. It's the nights. Wish us luck tonight. - Brian Johns
Good luck tonight, Brian. :) - Anne Bouey
We made it until 4:00 this morning before I had to take her out and about. Had about 3 feedings overnight until she decided she didn't want to go back to sleep. So we went out and about until 6:00. Now she's awake again and probably will be pretty active (and attention greedy) until her 30 minute nap at 9:30. - Brian Johns
I say the same thing, about parents "babysitting" or "watching" their own kids :-) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
The Other Yvonne
My SIL has FINALLY made it to the 2nd trimester with a pregnancy (her 6th one). She's at around 14 weeks now and just found out there's a 93% chance the baby has Downs. While it's not the end of the world, I just wish she could catch a break. *sigh
I'm sorry for her -- how does she feel about it? - Stephen Mack
Oh man. I'll hold out hope for that 7% and that she has an otherwise healthy baby. - vicster
Jury's still out. She's obviously upset by the news, but it's still sinking in. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
If she has CVS, I would be concerned. Typically, the quad screen is done between weeks 15 and 20 of pregnancy — the second trimester. If she had one done at 14 weeks I would be suspicious of the results. - Janet
She goes back tomorrow to see if it was a false positive. IMO while I'm sure the news was a shock, if I'd had so many miscarriages, having a baby with Down syndrome wouldn't stop me from finally being a mom. - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
:( I really pray it was a false positive. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Oh jeez. That's rough. I really hope she'll get different results on the next test. - Jenny H. from Android
Results are back. It wasn't a false positive. My heart aches for them and the choice they now have to make. =( - The Other Yvonne from FFHound!
Mine too. They will be in my prayers. - laura x from iPhone
Such a tough situation for them. :( - Anne Bouey
I am so very sorry. - Janet
Oh my goodness. - YvonneM
Lots and lots of love for your family xx - Melly
I have an uncle with a brain injury that he received as a child, so I grew up with a dramatically disabled family member. I know what the challenges are in that, but also the joys and dignities. And so this was my greatest fear when I was pregnant. My heart goes out to you all -- it's not simple. - Jenica
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