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FriendFeed over IM

You can have an IM sent to your Google Talk / Jabber account whenever there's new activity on your FriendFeed. Once you have enabled IM notifications, you can also post messages and comments to your FriendFeed by sending IM commands to the FriendFeed bot.

IM commands

FriendFeed assigns a number to your most recent entries. You can use this number to comment on or like the entry. See the commands below for some examples.

Post and Comment

@me message
Post a new message to your feed
@groupname message
Post a new message to the group with nickname groupname
@N comment
Comment on entry N. When you receive entry and comment notifications via IM, they are all prefixed with @N. You can reply to them by prefixing your comment with the same @N.

List recent entries

List the entries in your feed
List the entries in the the given user's feed
List the entries in the group with nickname groupname
Show entry N. Useful when you get a comment on @N and you want to see the original post.
List the most recent entries you have received via IM


Print the list of IM commands
Pause IM notifications
Resume IM notifications
like N
Like entry N
unlike N
Un-like entry N