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Alan Edgett
comScore Reports August 2010 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share - comScore, Inc -
comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released data from the comScore MobiLens service, reporting key trends in the U.S. mobile phone industry during the three month average period ending August 2010. The report ranked the leading mobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and smartphone operating system (OS) platforms in the U.S. according to their share of current mobile subscribers ages 13 and older, and reviewed the most popular activities and content accessed via the subscriber’s primary mobile phone. The August report found Samsung to be the top handset manufacturer overall with 23.6 percent market share, while RIM led among smartphone platforms with 37.6 percent market share. - Alan Edgett
Alan Edgett
Social Influence Marketing Trends -
fantastic slide razorfish on social marketing - Alan Edgett
Alan Edgett
Social Influence Marketing Trends -
fantastic slide razorfish on social marketing - Alan Edgett
Alan Edgett
The Known Universe Scientifically Rendered For All to See -
After hovering over Mount Everest and the gorges that plunge to the Ganges, you are pulled through the Earth's atmosphere to glimpse the inky black of space over Tibet's high desert. So begins The Known Universe, a new film produced by the American - Alan Edgett
Alan Edgett
The Known Universe Scientifically Rendered For All to See -
After hovering over Mount Everest and the gorges that plunge to the Ganges, you are pulled through the Earth's atmosphere to glimpse the inky black of space over Tibet's high desert. So begins The Known Universe, a new film produced by the American - Alan Edgett
Mike Reynolds
So....... recession to end in 2009?
Depends on who you ask. Personally, I say no. Unemployment is going up which means people that were only on the brink before will start defaulting on mortgages and credit cards. - FFing Enigma
Unlikely in my opinion. - AJ Kohn
Very unlikely. - Alan Edgett
got a source Mike? or you just askin' our opinions? - Chris Heath
My opinion is unlikely. I believe that there is another wave of ARM resets coming, which means more foreclosures, more failing banks, and more people out of work. - John (bird whisperer)
Chris, just posing a question to the group. And we're speaking of a technical end to the recession. The question of getting back to normal growth is years off for sure. - Mike Reynolds
gotcha - i'd say maybe - how's that for a decision? - Chris Heath
Meryn Stol
How to Teach Yourself Restraint - Peter Bregman - -
"We face two challenges as we try to manage our behavior: the challenge of initiative (exercise, make one more sales phone call, work another hour on that presentation, write that proposal) and the challenge of restraint (don't eat that cookie, don't speak so much in that meeting, don't yell back, don't solve your employee's problem for him). If we're good at the challenge of initiative it means we're good at applying ourselves, at focusing, at breaking through resistance using sheer willpower. In other words, we're good at avoiding distraction." - Meryn Stol from Bookmarklet
Hmm on second thought, I don't like the article so much. Except for his distinction between "initiative" and "restraint". - Meryn Stol
trying.... not to.... comment... damn! - Richard Walker
lol, good summary of the article ;) - Meryn Stol
Meryn. That is hilarious that you post first, then read through (or perhaps re-read) then amend opinion...all in real-time! Love it! - Alan Edgett
Reminds me of a quote from somewhere: "To oppose something is to maintain it." - Victor Ganata
Chris Brogan
@pixelpipe I'm getting errors trying upload snaps since the new iPhone version. (NSURLError401) is the error. Help?
Getting same error as well! - Alan Edgett
Robert Scoble
I thought friendfeed would be the biggest threat to Twitter but I now see it's Seesmic Desktop. Come here and we'll discover why:
1. It has list management like friendfeed has. Twitter doesn't. - Robert Scoble
2. It lets you display both Facebook and Twitter messages. - Robert Scoble
3. It lets you search both Facebook and Twitter messages. - Robert Scoble
4. It displays them all better than Twitter does. - Robert Scoble
5. Friendfeed Support in the works. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
6. It lets you comment on Facebook postings - Lee Herman
it sucks all the memory out of my machine. performance suffers. I want to like it. I don't. - Karoli
5. Seesmic desktop (and TweetDeck, which really does most of the same stuff that Seesmic Desktop does) does DM's better than Twitter or Facebook do. - Robert Scoble
Are you arguing that a 3rd party twitter application is a threat to twitter? - Frankie Warren
Karoli: I don't care. I run it on its own machine. It can suck all the memory it wants! - Robert Scoble
Frankie: I can see a case for that, yes. - Robert Scoble
It makes it easy to mark spammers. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
6. What happens when you add all your data into Seesmic Desktop and Twitter is down? Oh, move over to Seesmic's own service! - Robert Scoble
Robert, I don't have that luxury. Plus, it's still a client. How can it threaten Twitter when it needs twitter.? - Karoli
6B: Twinkle on iPhone already does exactly that. Tweetie has 200,000 plus members who DO NOT NEED TWITTER ANYMORE!!! Update I origionally said Tweetie but it is Twinkle that has its own database. Sorry. - Robert Scoble
Karoli: It isn't exclusive to Twitter. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
A twitter client threatens the existence of twitter?! - Joshua Lee
Karoli: look at Twinkle. They show the way. They have 200,000 people who are on their own service now, even though most of them think they are only on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
I use tweetie. They still rely on twitter's firehose. - Karoli
Including myself... haha care to elaborate Robert about tweetie - Frankie Warren
Karoli: wrong. I was just at their headquarters and Tweetie has its own database and can send messages EVEN WHEN TWITTER IS DOWN!!! - Robert Scoble
Karoli: Tweetie has two databases for each member. One for Twitter. One for its own back end. - Robert Scoble
robert, to everyone on my twitter lists, including those NOT using tweetie? - Karoli
Karoli: no, not to everyone. Right. - Robert Scoble
Karoli: but what happens when all your friends are on Tweetie or Seesmic Desktop? Will you care anymore? - Robert Scoble
I agree with joshua, these are clients, they don't live without the parent service. I don't see how seesmic desktop threatens twitter. - Nitin Gupta
Stop exposing the secrets of us Twitter developers Robert - you're ruining the plan! - Jesse Stay
Jesse: sorry. When you all pay me something I'll shut up. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert, that's my point. There is interdependence here. All my friends will not be on one or the other. Blackberry users will use Twitterberry. Twittelator is a player here too. I couldn't give a rip about Facebook -- it's one of those necessary evils i have to have but hate. - Karoli
Robert: Does Seesmic do the same thing as Tweetie in terms of redundancy? - Frankie Warren
Nitin: if I got everyone in the world to use Seesmic Desktop why will we need Twitter? Not to mention, why will you pay for "pro" version of Twitter or look at any of its advertising? - Robert Scoble
Interesting. I said the same thing about tweetie desktop and friendfeed - Christian Anderson
AIR apps are a mess, but from an HCI point of view, and from a technical point of view. Native apps please. Tweetie is wonderful. - Jason Wehmhoener
Oooh - I can buy Robert out? ;-) More to my plan for world domination... - Jesse Stay
You're not going to make everyone use Seesmic Desktop, you'll pry Nambu from my cold dead fingers. - Joshua Lee
Karoli: I think it's funny you write off Facebook. Looking at the two streams side by side Facebook's is a lot better. There are far better quality people on Facebook in my account than there are on Twitter for the most part. Plus on Facebook there are 225 million. On Twitter? 30 million. - Robert Scoble
You could twitpay Robert a buck to buy his silence. - Louis Gray
Robert, your enthusiasm is infectious, but the hyperbole is still a little on the high side...I think Tweetie is an excellent app. I like Loic and Seesmic desktop but won't use it. I use Tweetie for my desktop app now, and it still needs some tweaking. - Karoli
Robert, I don't write it off. I just hate it. - Karoli
Joshua: what if Nambu, Seesmic Desktop, Tweetie, and TweetDeck made their own database? - Robert Scoble
For me, in terms of signal, FriendFeed trumps Facebook which trumps Twitter. - Louis Gray
Sounds more like someone doesn't like twitter very much. - Mac Sharp
The first thing I would do to Facebook is nuke the frackin' IQ app. - Karoli
Friendfeed is excellent in a browser, but Twitter is awful on the web. Twitter really needs Tweetie. - Jason Wehmhoener
Karoli: hyperbole is what gets people to engage and think differently. - Robert Scoble
I don't suppose Seesmic's secret plan might happen to involve an open alternative to Twitter on the back end, would it? If it's a threat to Twitter in that it allows people to use Twitter, Facebook, or FriendFeed interchangeably as a back end protocol...sure... yeah... I can see that. If the idea is Seesmic could swap out their own network? Bah. Don't buy it. - Ken Sheppardson
Robert, as long as we're clear on the motive, I'm good. - Karoli
But after all,it is just a client for Twitter and Facebook. - Steve Chou from IM
Tweetie is practically the only reason I even feel bad about leaving Twitter - James Poling
Ryo: have you tried the new Seesmic? I like it as much as Tweetdeck at minimum. - Robert Scoble
I have moved from TweetDeck to Seesmic Desktop. I am here on FriendFeed, just b/c you invited me to come discuss :) Also, did anyone using SDT notice that you can set up numerous active search columns and you don't hit API limits. thinking that TD used API count for everything from Profile view to search columns? Don't quote me, I'm drinking. LOL. - Zaneology
Zane: heheh! - Robert Scoble
Louis, done - Robert, $1 your way via Twitpay and Amazon Payments ;-) - Jesse Stay
7. It let's you give up all your system resources in a single bound. - Rahsheen
James: there's a new version of Tweetie coming. - Robert Scoble
i learn so much from being on friendfeed and reading all these brilliant threads! thank u scoble! - Jason Pollock
I think it's funny how people are writing Seesmic Desktop off as just a Twitter client. It's set up to be so much more all you have to do is look at everything Twhirl had built into it. Freindfeed,, Seesmic, Twitter, and It wouldn't be to hard to create a redundant system for it using - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
James: and the real battle will be over search. Imagine what Seesmic Desktop can do with comparative searches between Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
Rahsheen ++++ - Karoli
Has anyone tried PeopleBrowsr ? - Zaneology
YES LOVE SEESMIC DESKTOP! B U T ...... it does take a WHOPPING amount of memory for such a small app... at present, I have a dual core 4gb RAM PC... and Seesmic desktop is taking: 98,456k ... actually more than OUTLOOK and EXPRESSION WEB! so... it is good, but maybe this is an Adobe AIR thing of course rather than Seesmic... hey lets face it, Adobe hardly have compact low memory code do they? like the idea.. but because of the memory, cannot justify using it. - David Sheardown
James: exactly. Zane I like PeopleBrowsr too. - Robert Scoble
i still think that all this talk of the next thing that everyone will move to is a bit premature... twitter will continue to dominate for some time - Jason Pollock
Scoble: are you inferring that it will support friendfeed? - James Poling
But if twitter is down,those clients can do nothing - Steve Chou
James: Loic says that friendfeed support is coming to Seesmic Desktop. I'll keep bugging him until he does it anyway. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I can't agree more. I'm still using Twhirl for it's filter feature. I can filter my stream so nicely with it to extract data I want. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
the general public is still getting used to twitter.. us geeks can talk about the next thing until we're blue in the face but its going to be all about twitter for a while and I think we all know it:) - Jason Pollock
Jason: don't be so sure. Remember a few years ago MySpace was on top of the world. Twitter will probably pass MySpace next year. - Robert Scoble
To get back to your thesis, the only thing that can kill Twitter is Twitter. - Christian Anderson
A client is redundant if the service(s) no longer exist! That is like a "chicken or the egg" discussion. - Allan Besselink
Robert: Told him to make a better user interface by the way,I still don't like Seesmic too much. - Steve Chou
Robert: I can't wait to see how Loic integrates it into SD. It's much more complicated to fit into that platform than Twhirl's. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Robert: i agree that it will be a few years tho.. and by the time twitter is on the decline who knows what will be out by then! - Jason Pollock
Jason: the general public is going to start seeing that search is very important for them to find people talking about things they care about. I can see a world where Seesmic's search will be better than even friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
I tried seesmic desktop for a view minutes but it was so not intuitive that I quit trying it. - rick
Loic ignores serious usability issues. I'm not optimistic for him. - Jason Wehmhoener
Twitter is indeed becoming more popular, I saw a feature on network news about it. If something like twitter is noticed by mainstream media, it's already passed the threshold of being not just for geeks long ago. - Joshua Lee
Jason: Seesmic Desktop is much more usable than it used to be. - Robert Scoble
I just installed the latest version - Jason Wehmhoener
same mess - Jason Wehmhoener
Lets say all the twitter clients work together to build a common database in Will we still need twitter? - Varun "Maverick" Pitale
PeopleBrowsr seems quite unintuitive to me. - Chuck Baggett
robert: i agree that real-time search is the the wave of the future and it is the reason that twitter is so dominant right now... too bad the twitter search is always down.. lol.. im definitely going to download the new seesmic right now tho!:) - Jason Pollock
I'm not sure why adobe air twitter apps are so popular, native apps are much more usable and use less resources. - Joshua Lee
Robert: track is the key. - Karoli
Robert, don't all these sources just scream out for common interface pipes? Isn't that the key? Seems like we'll see more and more Tweetdecks, Seesmics, FF, FB Thwirls and Tweeties, all of which will have their pluses, but they all gotta' pass data and interact, like multiple networking protocols going thru a router...right? - Michael Metz
Twitter has a history of killing it's most popular features. How long until they kill real-time search? - Christian Anderson
Karoli: track is coming. - Robert Scoble
If I hear "track" one more time I'm going to scream - Jesse Stay
Christian: they won't kill realtime search. It's the only way they have of monitising twitter. - Joshua Lee
I have track - it's called TweetBeep - Jesse Stay
Christian: I think they already did ;) try searching for something you've said recently. - Frankie Warren
Jesse: track, track TRACK - Karoli
Karoli can I twitpay you a dollar as well? - Jesse Stay
Christian: Frankie is right. Twitter's search is horrid. - Robert Scoble
Seesmic Desktop is getting more friendly on system resources with each build - now it will run for days with the very small increase in memory over time - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Twitter is technically mediocre in general, it proves that if you have a good concept, the technical execution is secondary. Unfortunately. - Joshua Lee
Jesse, sure. :) - Karoli
I seriously doubt that Seesmic Desktop is going to kill Twitter. Besides the people talking on here now, how many people even know what Adobe AIR is? Or what Seesmic is? Look how slow people were to find out about Twitter. I am pulling for FriendFeed:) - Shawn Hickman
I still am a little lost... what do these companies gain by building their own phantom networks behind twitter? It's not like they can just flip the switch off on twitter and expect to keep their users. As it stands, twitter is the only thing that links all these different clients. - Frankie Warren
I love Friendfeed, but i admit...i do not like the name. :) - Karoli
I actually just switched to it today. Though I wish they would do some interface tweaks, but I'm sure they will over time. Able to move the tweetbox around, and be able to take the menu on the right and make it tabs on the top. Just simplify it a bit. - Dean Clark
Joshua: the most important thing about social networks is "are the people I want to follow on it?" Nothing else really matters that much. But once they are, watch the tide move. - Robert Scoble
Shawn: I agree with you, I tried to tell my sister, who just joined twitter, to use a client. She emailed me back like I was some kind of geek! (Well, I am.) - Joshua Lee
our goal isn't to "kill" Twitter with Seesmic Desktop - but rather to allow you to read/use Twitter along side other sources - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Twitter is getting easier and easier by the day to compete with - look at us here on FriendFeed. We're not talking about it on Twitter. - Jesse Stay
Search is pretty broken right now. when they have trouble scaling, they just kill off whatever functionality is holding them up. Twitter may just become email at some point in the near future. - Christian Anderson
Web Apps are the future, downloading will become a thing of the past - Shawn Hickman
Christian, e-mail is more reliable than Twitter - please no - Jesse Stay
The big thing slowing down FriendFeed integration is their own API (note: that's my personal opinion and not my bosses :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Frankie, I can see some real advantages to building a phantom network behind Twitter. Starting with not having to rely on Twitter and the somewhat arrogant heads of Twitter who do not give a rip about their users. - Karoli
Mike: actually the friendfeed team itself told me that. They know they need to simplify the API. I wonder when we'll see that? - Robert Scoble
Mike, from what I've seen FriendFeed's API is actually more advanced than Twitter's. It's just missing one or two crucial methods. - Jesse Stay
Christian: Yes, Twitter search is dead. Currently hours missing off the top and after 18 days everything disappears. It's a horrible situation for them. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
robert: hopefully very soon - there is a lot of movement to happen when that appears - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I can't tell Twitter to only give me certain pieces of data from a user's profile, for instance. I can do that with FriendFeed. They're much more prepared for API scalability than Twitter is, even now. - Jesse Stay
Mike: what do you do at Seesmic? - Robert Scoble
robert: ops, messaging (xmpp), infrastructure - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Mike: awesome. I can't wait until you have friendfeed. That will seal the deal for you guys. Then it's just going to be a race to see who builds the best search display. - Robert Scoble
robert: (again my personal opinion on SD - I'm a user like you all in this regard) I agree, it's the ability to see and manipulate the various streams that is killer, so not having FF is the pink elephant in the room - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
mentions of 'compete'/'kill' in certain contexts in the comments here sounds kind of petty, encouraging some backwards cut-throat sadomasichism. web 2.0's focus on social networks has facets of co-existence and is mutually beneficial in complementing services. everybody is not necessarily out to kill each other, imo. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Karoli... they would still have to rely on twitter right? Things will get crazy confusing if the applications cant talk to each other. Imagine if verizon phones couldnt call cingular phones and you had to worry about who had what handset... thats where theres a problem with having a Seesmic Network, a Tweetie network etc. EDIT: woah i just said cingular haha - Frankie Warren
blackfeathers: whenever you see me use the word "kill" it means to take over the momentum. - Robert Scoble
Yes, Twitter is broken. We were all here a year ago when Twitter's uptime was like 50%. Still, we stayed. Why? Because the people we wanted t follow were there. And people like Jesse were buuling kick ass sticky apps. I don't see that changing. - Christian Anderson
Being able to use the local twitter search to see tweets within however many miles of a location would be nice *hint* *hint* *hint* That seems to be a part of twitter search many air apps still don't support. - Dean Clark
Christian: me neither. Although there's a new usage model that is in play that Twitter has not locked up. Especially around search and zeitgeist display. - Robert Scoble
Christian - thanks for the compliment. Not sure what you mean by sticky though. - Jesse Stay
Jesse: once you start using SocialToo you can't stop. - Robert Scoble
Dean: Local search would be the shit. It really needs to be implemented - Shawn Hickman
Let's make a rule right now. Kill = lose momentum leader status. That is what we mean when we say "kill" - Christian Anderson
Jesse: that's sticky. I call Facebook "velcro" because it has so much sticking power and lots of little hooks that lock you in. - Robert Scoble
I thought FriendFeed was kind of meh, I didn't realize it had this realtime comment feature. I'll have to use it more often. - Joshua Lee
Robert: Unless you're me. I cannot abide all those little sticky velcro stupid things. - Karoli
Joshua: there's a lot of things in friendfeed that lots of Twitterers have no clue about. - Robert Scoble
Ah - thanks again then Christian - that's quite a compliment! We won't be supporting just Twitter for long though, although if Twitter keeps breaking it keeps giving us new things to do to fix it. :-( - Jesse Stay
Steven: trust me, I have my own list of UI issues that I remind the SD devs of weekly ;) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Karoli: oh, really? So if someone tags you in a photo on Facebook you don't look? - Robert Scoble
Not that I underestimate FB. I don't. It's why I have a presence there. I just HATE. IT. - Karoli
Robert, no...I'm the chick behind the camera - Karoli
I just don't believe in support applications that are unnecessarily hogs as far as memory goes. Yes AIR apps tend to be on the larger size, but look at DestroyTwitter. John Hallman manages to get his AIR client to consume less than 70MB of memory. - Alex Knight
Karoli: you're a better man than I am then. :-) - Robert Scoble
Steven: also, if you twitter to @seesmic - our customer team tracks all of the suggestions and gets them to the UI Devs - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Mike: you should open a friendfeed room, too. It's even better than Twittering @seesmic. - Robert Scoble
Mike: I have a suggestion, make it look more native on OS X. We Mac users are interface consistency geeks. - Joshua Lee
Alex - one of the things that bit all of the Air devs in the ass recently was the memory leak caused by the xml parser IIRC - now that was a fun one - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
have not try the seesmic desktop... They are the best if they manage to serve local context too.. (Twitter & Friendfeed, not the 3rd party) - Pico Seno
They just did. The Mac buttons are now in their standard place on top of the window left. - Robin Good
Joshua - they are already doing that in small increments - notice the window chrome items changes recently - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I'll have to take another look, especially if you add friendfeed. - Joshua Lee
Robert - If our customer support guy hasn't already I will make sure he does - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I'm a TweetDeck fan, despite the memory suck on my computer. Tweetie is nice on the iPhone, like new Twitterrific better. Seesmic desktop and Tweetie desktop are just OK. - Geoff Peterson
Robert, love your velcro example - thanks for the clarification - Jesse Stay
Mike: cool, I just added you to my secret group for discussing the 2010web. - Robert Scoble
robert: wow - thanks - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Wild 164 comments in 32 minutes. I guess I touched a nerve. - Robert Scoble
You bet, Jesse. You and your app building Ilk have played a huge part in making Twitter what it is today. - Christian Anderson
Robert: either that or you trolled a bit, in a positive way. ;-) - Joshua Lee
Scoble: at the risk of sounding presumptuous can I join in on that 2010web conversation? - James Poling
Joshua: I was mostly trolling Loic who hasn't shown up yet, which makes it even funnier. - Robert Scoble
lol secret group... you know how to work this stuff ;) - Frankie Warren
Robert - that's why i popped in - I know he is doing some family stuff so he's offline right now - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Frankie and Joshua: soon, soon! - Robert Scoble
Frankie: it has to be an elite group in order for 2010web to become a buzzword, from clique to chic. It's the new pardigm. ;-) - Joshua Lee
Mike, I hear a blank AIR app sucks up 20MB. If that's true Adobe has some work to do. - Alex Knight
Joshua: I hated the name "Web 2.0" and am trying to head off the next thing being called "Web 3.0." - Robert Scoble
Alex - yep - your preaching to the choir on that one :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Yeah, we don't need x.0 - definitely. - Joshua Lee
Mike: thanks for filling in for Loic. His ears must be burning, or will be soon. - Robert Scoble
i like it (2010 web) just because of the Arthur C Clarke memories it brings up - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Robert 2010web is too soon you should have gone with 2013web, just past the apocalypse. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
2010web sounds interesting, but it limits the buzzword for one year. - Joshua Lee
Getting to the topic at hand, how is a Twitter client a threat to Twitter? - Alex Knight
hey lets start a 2011 web secret place:) - Michael Metz
James: I disagree. Most businesses have sites that look like 1994 so 2010 will be very useable for a long time. - Robert Scoble
Plus, I always hated the version numbers because the Web doesn't have a version. it's more fashion, like cars. - Robert Scoble
Well im late (in the half hr this has been posted), but i will say that which ever client has the most interesting and frequent updates will prevail, so this debate could go on and on - Chris Nwakalo
And it upgrades constantly. - Robert Scoble
Alex: because these clients secretly piggyback and make their own redundant networks that some think will be able to free the clients of their dependency on twitter. (did i get that right? ;)) - Frankie Warren
Nambu updates fairly frequently. :-) - Joshua Lee
Hey, Robert - it's Yama - I'll be starting a friendfeed room in a bit, but loving the stream here - jyamasaki
I'm trying to get businesses to see that if they are using the 1994 web they'll look pretty lame if their competitors are using the 2010 one. - Robert Scoble
yes. Real-time web might be akin to cold fusion. Guesing vertical and local are the next waves on the web. - Christian Anderson
Anyway, that's all off topic, back to Seesmic and TweetDeck and Tweetie and all the rest. If they all worked together they could totally take away Twitter's air supply. - Robert Scoble
Twitter is definitely on the cusp of something massive. I'm afraid their infrastructure will quickly crumble though. They haven't even figured out a way to make money yet. - Alex Knight
i kind of agree w/ james fuller. there's something too gimmicky w/ all the symmetric number schemes up to 12-12-12 - just for the sake of removing oneself from it, 2013 makes sense to me as a new starting point. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
I find it interesting that many people are willing to pay or donate to developers making Twitter clients. No one donates to Twitter heh. - Alex Knight
blackfeathers: if you are appealing to early adopters and developers you are probably right. I'm trying to appeal to normal business people. They understand that the 2010 automobiles are just now shipping (my 2010 Prius should be here next week) and so if they want to get a modern web site they will understand that they need 2010web technologies. 2013 is too esoteric and future thinking for normal people. - Robert Scoble
Considering how long from the infamous O'Reilly web 2.0 conference to it becoming a popular buzzword web 2.0 became, maybe 2010 is a bit too soon in the future. I'm not sure why I'm trying to help with this buzzword though, considering how much I hate them. :-) - Joshua Lee
Robert: How would the clients make it clear what networks you're talking to and who actually is able to see your content? For example, If Joe is Twitter+Seesmic and I'm Twitter+Tweetie.... when twitter goes down I can no longer speak to joe... - Frankie Warren
Alex: that's because Twitter treats us like crap and has $30 million in the bank. - Robert Scoble
Loic is well positioned to win because he has an honest to God team working on this. They got in early and they've kept a break-neck innovation pace. - Christian Anderson
Twitter is a platform, Friendfeed and Tweetdeck are apps. Well , Twitter does have a native app, but it sucks big time. I think it's a matter of months that the mainstream twitter users will realize that and there will be a huge explosion in twitter apps usage. - Kirill Bolgarov
Frankie - that's a routing-around-failure problem that is keeping me up at night to be honest - when I think of what will be needed to do that - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Ok, I have to go to bed. One last though before I go, one of the reasons Seesmic Desktop is huge is because it pulls your virtual social life back into one location that can exist on you desktop, and makes it easy to manage from it's interface. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
its no threat at all - as twitter knows perfectly well, the Platform is everything! Seesmic isn't the platform and never can be as its desktop based - Anthony Feint
Yeh, that was abit offtopic - Kirill Bolgarov
Frankie: in Seesmic Desktop I can tell which Window is showing me Facebook and which one is showing me Twitter. Why couldn't I be shown that I can have more features with other people who are on Seesmic Desktop? - Robert Scoble
Oh suuure Scoble, get me on Friend Feed and already you've declared it passe? - Brett Schulte
Robert - They should spend the $29 million on their infrastructure and leave the last million to pay salaries :P - Alex Knight
Robert, is there a way to do a date range search in FF? - Gary Gannon
Brett: heheh. There's a method to my madness. When I started getting into friendfeed Twitter took off. So, I figured I better find the next big thing so friendfeed could take off. Seesmic Desktop is it! - Robert Scoble
Alex: I hear the team already took a lot off the table. - Robert Scoble
Alex: that's why the management isn't in a big hurry to sell Twitter. They already have "FU money." - Robert Scoble
Gogii is the next Twitter according to @drew... I like it. - Brett Schulte
I still don't think an app could be the next big thing,after all platform rules. - Steve Chou
Brett: hmmm. Why? - Robert Scoble
Mike: do you see like Robert in that you can make a separate network that acts as a Twitter+ - Frankie Warren
Steve: Seesmic Desktop IS a platform. - Robert Scoble
In all honesty it's easy to bash Twitter's infrastructure when you aren't in their shoes. I know our own company has gone through a ton of growing pains in the past 14 years. - Alex Knight
Alex: Twitter was crashing when I had 1,000 followers. It's always sucked. - Robert Scoble
Blackfeather: I'm glad you like the idea, but now I'm seeing Robert's point. The 2010web is constantly changing just like model years. You want to release next years big thing now. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Gogii is SMS based and more universal, and allows custom groups. - Brett Schulte
Frankie - I can't say to be honest one way or the other - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I remember about 2 months that Twitter wasn't crashing in some form or another, when I first started using it - Jesse Stay
Ff on the iPhone is not handling this string very well. - Christian Anderson
Mike: Tweetie is using its network of 200,000 people to do lots of interesting things and will be doing more when they roll out their new version. - Robert Scoble
This is the problem with FriendFeed... 200+ comments from one post. There needs to be a way to flag comments from different users in different ways. - Jay McCormack
Back in the ole days of twitter when you had to walk 15 miles in the snow, barefoot, in order to tweet... - Dean Clark
Mike: it'd be interesting to see if you guys choose to make your own database to add even more features. Like location and better search and "offline availability" for when Twitter is down. - Robert Scoble
i don't know why exactly -perhaps it was the pager days- that makes me see it as yesterday. i skip sms if i can help it. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
robert - understood - I just can't say or comment on anything we are planning or not planning - loic and marco would personally come stomp me into a furry puddle ;) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
You're right Robert, shit programming is shit programming. It's no excuse to not plan/develop scalable infrastructure. Our company is suffering now because all of our internal systems were writing 14 years ago by a bunch of n00bs. - Alex Knight
Robert: I'm sure you're not at liberty to say.... but it seems counter productive that seesmic and tweetie race to get an install base of twitter clients to have their own network gain a critical mass... shouldnt they work together :) Or am I being naive again - Frankie Warren
Jay: I don't see this as a problem. I see it as a benefit. - Shawn Hickman
Am I the only one that would like to see threaded comments or would that get way too messy? - James Poling
Seesmic was interesting but I just can't stand listening to the French guy. - Brett Schulte
Frankie: I wish they would work together. - Robert Scoble
Brett: heheheh. That's Loic. - Robert Scoble
brett - well, you can listen to the German guy if you want - he's the Seesmic Desktop lead - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Robert: He really should get a spokesman people can understand. - Brett Schulte
James: threaded comments would be fun here. I'd love to add graphics and video in here too, but it sure would get messy. - Robert Scoble
Just say it, Robert. As a former Microsoft employee, you should be able to explain to everyone in three little words how Seesmic Desktop/Tweetie/insert_thirdparty_app_here can successfully kill Twitter should it gain a critical mass of users: "EMBRACE. AND. EXTEND." I'm 26 and even I remember the browser wars. Seriously. Scoble's right on this one. - Andrew Feinberg
+ for threaded comments, this is hard to follow. Friendfeed should add to their UI and it should highlight comments that mention you. - Alex Knight
"Even I remember the browser wars" - feeling ancient. - Brett Schulte
james fuller: considering the target audience & the purpose then it would make sense currently. perhaps i'm thinking of time in a scalable sense of passage. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Andrew: yes, embrace and extend. Tweetie showed me the light. Seesmic is doing similar things with Facebook and Twitter (I have groups in Seesmic Desktop). - Robert Scoble
I wish there was a button for commenting at the very bottom of this post. I don't like scrolling back up to comment. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Alex: follow? Just click the time stamp and stare at the screen! - Robert Scoble
Nobody remember the losers. - Steve Chou
James: if you click the time stamp it will open a new window up where the comment window will be at the bottom. - Robert Scoble
James: pop out the window via the time stamp? - Frankie Warren
Didn't you use to be big on Twitter Scoble? :) - Brett Schulte
Robert: Thank you this is so much better. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
@Brett you should see the crowds he draws in Japan - Andrew Feinberg
Brett: a very large PR firm told me I have a more engaged audience than Oprah. So, who said I'm still not big on Twitter? - Robert Scoble
Steven: He's not still big on Facebook? Could've fooled me. - Karoli
Brett: It gave birth to this chaos. - Frankie Warren
Does anyone think Twitter buying out one of the big Twitter client products would be good for them? - Alex Knight
Alex: that would be stupid for a platform company to do. - Robert Scoble
Alex - even better, Facebook buying out one of the big Twitter clients - Jesse Stay
@Alex: No. They can barely keep up with their own internal architecture. - Andrew Feinberg
I think Twitter's plan is to offer premium features like advanced search, tracking, analytics, and bringing back the @ replies everyone complained about recently. They won't give this all away for free. - Geoff Peterson
Alex: Twitter effectively killed all tiny URL innovation by partnering with - Robert Scoble
Alex: I think they need to be bought - Shawn Hickman
Robert I think you said it right there - the only way to truly compete with Twitter as a Twitter developer is to become Twitter - Jesse Stay
Shawn: but the minute Twitter buys one the other companies know it's over and they'll move their code to a different system. - Robert Scoble
Do they have a written partnership with or did they just switch due to analytics? - Dean Clark
Robert you coming down for e3? - Brett Schulte
Dean: from what I understand it's a written partnership. is even on the same datacenter as Twitter is now. - Robert Scoble
Jesse: is that like the scene in Highlander where Sean Connery teaches Christopher Lambert to "Feel the stag..."? - Andrew Feinberg
Brett: I doubt it. - Robert Scoble
Sure, someone should buy Twitter but who? I would say what Twitter is doing right now would be a good fit for Google. - Alex Knight
Andrew, something like that, yeah :-) - Jesse Stay
Robert: Agreed, but I meant I think they should be bought by another company - Shawn Hickman
Alex: I talked with Twitter investor Fred Wilson on Thursday. He said that Ev really is adverse to selling. - Robert Scoble
Ok call me a newbie, but why would it be a bad thing for Twitter to purchase atebits (tweetie)? Wouldn't that just be like hiring people to make their own client? Or is that bad because Twitter should only be focusing on Twitter, and not clients for Twitter? - Colin
Robert, to your point about search, I would offer this: Even a powerful search isn't enough. There has to be filters. Tracking my name even gives wonky results without filters. - Karoli
So is Twitter's revenue plan to slowly remove the most popular features and then start selling them back to people? - James Poling
Ok, interesting. Yeah written partnership would certainly kill some people trying to innovate. Few out of work people I think will give you different things a try though, certainly won't be see as widely though since short links are a mainstream feature now. - Dean Clark
I heard Robert is buying Twitter - Jesse Stay
wow, it's been a while since I've been in such a fun tech discussion. I've missed you, FriendFeed! - Andrew Feinberg
No, Twitter bought Robert. ;) - Brett Schulte
Karoli: search is equal to filters in my mind. - Robert Scoble
Robert - EV may not want to sell Twitter, but it may have to happen in the not so distant future. We'll see though. - Alex Knight
The obvious choice would be google to purchase Twitter, but I'm sure others could work well too - Shawn Hickman
it's also possible for another company going down to buy twitter for its upward momentum, but maybe not likely. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Brett, no, I just bought Robert - did you see my Twitpay? - Jesse Stay
I bought his puppet, too - Jesse Stay
@James: there was no plan. that would acknowledge they added features knowing they'd be popular, and therefore would have built them better. - Andrew Feinberg
Alex: Ev doesn't have to sell. What's forcing him to sell? I don't see it. - Robert Scoble
Andrew: friendfeed is fun once in a while when you get a topic that rocks and rolls like this one. - Robert Scoble
Seesmic Desktop is Dead - Bwana ☠
Andrew: but the real power in friendfeed is in the real time search engine here. - Robert Scoble
Robert - Nothing at all... but the future is untold. He may not have to sell now but it may become a good move in the future. - Alex Knight
Haha Bwana! - invariant
LOL @Bwana - Alex Knight
I heard Google is buying Seesmic Desktop - Jesse Stay
Bwana makes me laugh. - Robert Scoble
i do like the search engine. I use it to track current event reactions. I just rarely get engaged. - Andrew Feinberg
Jesse NOW THAT would be interesting! - Robert Scoble
I just heard a rim shot coming from Bwana - Alex Knight
You heard it hear first (might as well claim it) - Jesse Stay
ergo seesmic desktop is the new rss? lol - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
bwana - any more lebron pain for you tonight? - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Robert: Conversation you can see is the real power of FriendFeed. Not the disjointed conversation on Twitter. - Geoff Peterson
Maybe FriendFeed should buy Twitter or the other way around - Shawn Hickman
So how does Seesmic make money... or does it not? - Colin
Tweetie is making money. - Colin
Why don't we all just pitch in and buy them both. How many users between the two? - Jesse Stay
Colin - Seesmic desktop makes money from other services I believe. - Alex Knight
Colin: sell a pro version. I'd pay for a version that had friendfeed integration, for instance. - Robert Scoble
@Jesse. Nice bring me in as an investor - Christian Anderson
bear - no, I'm somewhat over it...until I turn the TV on - Bwana ☠
Christian, might still be expensive at what it seems Twitter's asking for - Jesse Stay
well, I'm off to bed. This was fun, see ya in the morning! - Robert Scoble
I heard the LDS church is buying the LHC from CERN and using it to go back in time so they can buy Twitter, add everyone's tweets to their genealogical databases and use that to target ads better than google, AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD AHAHAHAHAHA. Right, Jesse? :-) - Andrew Feinberg
Seesmic desktop runs on AIR. I refuse to use it for that reason. - nick
Robert I thought you were going to kill Gilmore - you got pretty hot. - Brett Schulte
Robert: the average person does not equate search/track/filters . Look at Google usage for examples - Karoli
Colin - I paid for my Tweetie licence but also donated $18 to DestroyTwitter. Love supporting great developers. - Alex Knight
Andrew, I think my head just exploded - Jesse Stay
Brett: he can't kill Gillmor. Two would pop up to take his place. - Andrew Feinberg
hahahaha - Brett Schulte
Good night. 330 comments. Wild. - Robert Scoble
Way to be Alex, this stuff isn't free to make. - Colin
@Jesse: so you don't deny it? :-) - Andrew Feinberg
fun discussion. The pug insists I leave it. Good night all. - Karoli
Good night - happy weekend! - Brett Schulte
Andrew, that one I'll let you make your own conclusions on :-) - Jesse Stay
(I somehow forgot to work Louis Gray into the conspiracy. But we all know he's there. The question is who will play him in the movie starring Tom Hanks as Ev and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Scoble) - Andrew Feinberg
/me wanders off to dream of wiring IRC to FriendFeed - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I think Microsoft should buy Twitter and make their own Twitter client and implement Microsoft Bob to help you tweet! - Alex Knight
and don't forget the CGI "Clippy" voiced by Chris Rock - Andrew Feinberg
Microsoft kills almost every business they bought. - Steve Chou from IM
(too bad Don LaFontaine isn't alive to record a trailer voiceover for Ron Howard's "Twitter/Friendfeed" techno-thriller) - Andrew Feinberg
Matthew: the bloomberg software can run on any laptop now. but you need a special smartcard with a fingerprint reader that reads a barcode off the screen at the same time. - Andrew Feinberg
Wow 350 comments. What a massive comment stream. The comment feature makes a huge diff. It facilitates conversation, which twitter doesn't really provide. - Lawrence Di Stefano from Nambu
What Twitter's at threat!? It has the momentum of an unstoppable train, as to Seesmic being a threat - maybe, unfortunately it's irrelevant. - sofarsoShawn
I dumped Tweetdeck after the last Seesmic release. They have such an insane release schedule I don't think people can grasp how difficult it is to roll out the kind of releases they have done back to back.Their version stream just tells me they have bank behind them. When you work from different boxes I don't love the tethered feel of Seesmic however. - Chad Harris
there is potential for all these services (twitter, Friendfeed, facebook etc) to become secondary to the apps. The more services there are, the greater the need to bring them back together again. - Alistair (alpinefolk)
Chad: agree, there is something about SD that I'm not a fan of, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Seems to have lost something from Twhirl somehow - Alistair (alpinefolk)
@Scoble: Can you disclose publicly here that you are not on a pay roll by Seesmic or Loic LeMeur? Don't you have a PR-advisory deal? Please disclose.... - nikolas
Mike Taylor: "dream of wiring IRC to FriendFeed" <- that would be SO great ^__^ (with xdcc support included and stuff...) - minus-one
amazing 355 comments - learned a lot about Seesmic in rellation to twitter; thanks for sharing! - Jeroen De Miranda
Nikolas I have no such deal with Seesmic. I never have been paid by them. I have no investment in them. I don't know where you got that idea but it is totally false. - Robert Scoble
I just cannot bring myself to install one more thing on my computer to take up needed RAM. Plus, I do not want to install anything on my work computer either...and like to just user browser things that I can use on any computer. - Hummie
Scobleizer, Wait, Do I hence assume that your assertion is that friendfeed is no more (or, never was) a threat to twitter? - Lakshman Prasad
Lakshman: Friendfeed I'd not a threat to Twitter, correct. That said it is a threat to - Robert Scoble
Robert: I like it but --- 1. it is a tool not a place, so i'll stick with FriendFeed as my means to "kill Twitter" and 2. it is a total whorish memory hog and i hate it when that happens. - Thom Kennon
Yeah it's a memory hog - Svartling
Robert: Seesmic definitely has potential, but I think that PeopleBrowsr has far more potential and far more power than Seesmic will ever have. As a power user, I'm quite surprised that you haven't taken that tool up, and replaced your Tweetdeck. And I would be surprised if you chose Seesmic to replace Tweetdeck. The search capabilities alone in PeopleBrowsr make me wonder this. Add to... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I would honestly say Seesmic Desktop is more of a threat to Friendfeed than Twitter - Zee.
Rob: I need to try Peoplebrowsr again. When I first tried it it was too slow and complex. - Robert Scoble
Zee: one major reason I also haven't gotten in Peoplebrowsr or Seesmic desktop is because, well, it is Adobe AIR and my iPhone doesn't run that (in Seesmic Desktop's case). In Peoplebrowser's case? It didn't do mobile last time I tried it. Friendfeed's search and realtime is keeping me going. - Robert Scoble
I think we can all agree that twitter was just the first in a line of ever evolving systems in real time news, twitter is the oldest, and will probably be replaced eventually, but surely it doesn't help to keep jumping ship every few months, nothing seems to be gathering as much steam as friendfeed, and it offers huge improvements over twitter, I really think people do need to persist with one service... rather than constantly jumping - Chris Lloyd
Robert the lack of mobile in PeopleBrowsr is valid, and it is complex, but the light mode makes it much more manageable to start using. The speed has considerably improved since you last used it. We'd love for you to try it again. The AIR version will import your groups from Tweetdeck. Please feel free to ask any questions you have. Jodee is on his way to California now for the conference this week. I hope that you'll have a chance sit down with him and see the improvements. - guruvan (Rob Nelson) from f2p
augh, too many comments to absorb. just wanted to throw in my two cents, though. i started with twhirl, then tried out Seesmic Desktop, and then went back to twhirl because i was able to customize the font size for reading the tweets. maybe i didn't dig deep enough, but Seesmic doesn't have that option, and i find the print a wee bit too small for my liking. - Starshadow Rivaulx
Wow Rob, you are an internet phenomenon. Someone tweeted me the link of this thread followed by "look at the moron, lol". Anyway: If twitter gets shut down, Seesmic will die. If Seesmic dies (gets shut down, w/e), it won't make a dent to twitter. Hence, you are wrong. - H M Elius
I'm with @guruvan on this, PeopleBrowsr is way better than Seesmic Desktop as a power tool. - Svartling
Svartling: Thanks! And, you can see by the via on this post, we already have FriendFeed support, and it will improve as well. And, with all the networks that we support, PeopleBrowsr isn't dependent on Twitter. Twitter access is surely the big slice, but we offer the ability to search Facebook, FriendFeed, Digg, Youtube, flickr, and even custom URLs. And, we provide access to Seesmic's network - guruvan (Rob Nelson) from PeopleBrowsr
Loic is gonna love this - David Lloyd
so I go offline for a few hours playing with the kids and Robert launches this conversation when I am quiet and away! Ah! that's fun. If you had written a blog post instead of a friendfeed entry it would definitely be the week-end techmeme headline! Competing with Twitter? Nah I would have to be seriously sick to even think about it. We are just delivering as fast as we can and growing... more... - Loic Le Meur
WOW, what a conversation that was!! - Micky
Seriously. Robert...I think you just proved the value of (at least) FriendFeed forever more...(And Seesmic too of course!:-)...This is what I get for sleeping, eh? - Alan Edgett
The newest SD is much nicer than previous from a functional standpoint. I agree that FF support is a must (as well as Seesmic support). I still do not really like the UI, especially on my EEE PC, but even on the 24" monitor it is not as nice as TD. The functionality is better though so I have switched to SD. Really hoping to have the ability to rename saved searches, it is the searching which is so awesome after all. - Sean Brady
Robert how about a video showing the features or another interview with Loic? Depraved for Content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Stephen Pickering
Its PeopleBrowsr not Seesmic - Webferret
So, what is this stuff from the top of the thread about Tweetie using their own servers? Little Snitch tells me that Tweetie for the Mac is communicating with and Robert? - Jason Wehmhoener
Jason: sorry it was Twinkle. I messed up. - Robert Scoble
It would sure be ironic if the 'openness' of Twitter's API killed them. As far as Seesmic goes, I wouldn't count on it emerging as the winner. I'm not impressed with it at all, most of the reasons being cited or commonly known. It has a lot of work to do before even attempting FriendFeed integration. I think Nambu has a lot of promise actually - Angus Burton
Starshadow - I know that better font handling is on our short list - i'll go poke the devs to see if I can move it up a couple notches :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Loic: who cares about getting on Techmeme anymore? Not me. I'd rather just have an interesting conversation. Seems like a few people found it here. - Robert Scoble
Looks to be the ase doesn't it. I was moving to TweetDeck/Twit but now thininking about exiting ofdf to Seesmic - James Hemby
Robert, you've got me trying both FriendFeed and Seesmic now from this post. Soon enough I'll be on flttr , even. - Raj Rikhy
Robert, I love TechMeme, I read it multiple times a day. I agree Friendfeed has very active users. Both are small groups on the web, if these groups are enough for you as a conversation, then yeah it's cool. Friendfeed definitely did not make me stop reading techmeme. - Loic Le Meur
having said that, yes, Friendfeed is coming to Seesmic Desktop - Loic Le Meur
Loic: I am inviting a bunch of Web innovators to a private room on friendfeed this weekend. It's amazing how many are already here and signed in. They might not be active, but they are active enough to accept my invitations! Watch for yours soon. - Robert Scoble
Wow all these comments about seesmic! Well this got me really curious, until now I only used Tweetdeck,tried Peoplebrowser, didn't like it, will give Seesmic a chance now. Want to find out for my self, and once again thanks to friendfeed for these discussions! - Jacob
I view Seesmic Desktop and Tweetdeck as almost next generation web browsers customized for the social web. Will be interesting to see how that dynamic evolves and how the traditional browsers like firefox will fit into the picture going forward. - Mike Bracco
Loic: I would love to hear what you feel about my above statement and where you see SD fitting in long term/big picture perspective. If you have a link where you have already discussed this, can you send - thanks! - Mike Bracco
Mike: agreed Loic "Bloomberg for Social media" sums it up perfectly. Also I am not a fan of peoplebrowser think Steamy is cleaner if you want to go untethered. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T - Chad Harris from email
Chad: Thanks and makes total sense. - Mike Bracco
Thanks also ment to type "Streamy" not steamy, thumbs need a diet :) Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T - Chad Harris from email
Seesmic Desktop is too buggy for my liking... and I've tried to like it. Userlists are often completely incorrect... and randomly at that. I don't much care for any of the AIR apps. They just don't "feel" good. - John
Robert: I'm curious - If Twitter decides to use advertising as part of their business model, how will apps like seesmic etc impact Twitter - if they block advertisements, which are displayed on the Twitter web page? If so many users won't see the ads, how will that hurt Twitter's model? - Jim Connolly
LOL. - Mona Nomura
damn! this thread is still going! scoble's threads are epic! - Jason Pollock
Jim: the advertising money is in search. So, what happens if Seesmic Desktop does a metasearch that uses Twitter, Facebook, and friendfeed to present to you the best possible display? Wouldn't that hurt Twitter's ability to sell advertising? I think it would. The one who is in charge of the display controls where the ads go. The one who has the relationship with the user controls the... more... - Robert Scoble
I like Seesmic's functionality but really dislike the interface. It's all a little clunky and a little ugly. Plus the left panel takes up way too much space. Air apps aren't may fav. Seesmic should look at Tweetie on the mac for design ideas. - Wo
How do you search Facebook on Seesmic? - Wo
Didn't read all 400+ comments. Seesmic desktop is poopy compared to Nambu. Try Nambu. - Jason Mayoff from Nambu
Robert: I'm waiting on my invite :) - James Poling from email
does anyone know how many users are registered on friendfeed ? :) - Pretty Monkey Studio
It has 103.33 million accounts - David Lloyd
cool thx mark - Pretty Monkey Studio
can't believe this thread is still active - Loic Le Meur
Wow this is still going on?? LOL - Alex Knight
Jason - Nambu is crash happy, at least Seesmic Desktop doesn't crash. - Alex Knight
Ari... I think the point is you can now drink orange, apple, tomato and grape juice and it all tastes like the same juice. Things like this make 'where' less important than 'what' - Johnny
Hey Robert, you're attracting again heh!!! Had to take 2 days off after all the fun we had. I LOVE SD, btw. - Myrna
Twine Is Taking Off, Now Bigger Than FriendFeed (pretty hard 2 believe) - Summer Fling
+1 on hyperboles make you think. Just did a twitter search to measure the buzz around twitter clients: tweetie ~70 tweet per hour, tweetdeck ~150 tweet per hour and seesmic ~30 tweet per hour. But seesmic has $12M in the bank and a charismatic leader - It is going to be an interesting fight! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Edwin: TweetDeck also had a multi month lead over Seesmic. That's going to be tough to beat. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Yes. The challenge for Loic I think is going to be to carve out a market segment: 1) companies managing their brands and communities, 2) social media power users or 3) normal users. 1) is where the short term revenue is, 2) is where the vocal/buzz people are and 3) is where the mass and long term search revenue. I am not sure that you can design one product which will fit the... more... - Edwin Khodabakchian
The future is in a desktop app? Everything else is going web-based, into the cloud, and yet for this alone users will flock to some resource-hog? No way, no how. Be web-based or be content to live with only early adopters. - Maxwell Kennerly
I'm loving Seesmic desktop - i look forward to what adaptations it will make - I want that friend feed pull-in. - Robert Freeze
The one thing that I have only seen in Nambu is the unread count. Might be missing something but it is just amazing for having searches in there, for mentions and direct messages. It's just wonderful. And is it not Air which security people will tell you is a major danger spot for hacking. - Oliver Thylmann
Robert: Thanks for the feedback re Twitter's revenue model. Just a thought, but with this thread having (at this point) 425 comments - is there a chance that FRIENDFEED could be the real competition to Twitter? The quality is already here, just a 'little' light on numbers. Thoughts? - Jim Connolly
Jim: I think there's something interesting happening here in search and in groups. Those are both places there's potential money, but a lot has to happen before that can happen. - Robert Scoble
Only if we all get more expensive computers, webcams, etc. - Prokofy Neva
Robert: Are you referring to FriendFeed needing more active users or for the actual FriendFeed platform to change? - Jim Connolly
I dont know if Seesmic is a threat for Twitter, but I know Robert Scoble knows well how to create a hot thread. - Jacque
Jacque: That's what I was thinking. :-) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Can someone please explain to me how you can search your facebook stream in Seesmic - Wo
Ari: Not all of these clients are particularly susceptible to Twitter's failwhales. Many features still continue to work, often including search. Some of these clients have backends that cache/queue tweets so even more gets through. So it's not always like having no juice. Furthermore, if you're paying attention to multiple social networks, you're not as concerned or slowed down by one of them becoming inaccessible - guruvan (Rob Nelson) from PeopleBrowsr
I've been using Seesmic Desktop for about a week now. I absolutely love it. I have no use for Tweetdeck now. I sometimes use Hootsuite - mostly for their "Hootlet". But Seesmic Desktop is absolutely wonderful in managing my feeds. - Curt Mercadante
*bumps* - sofarsoShawn
Sorry about that Mark, I bumped it for another conversation I was having about redundancy among the apps. And using various ways of analyzing live data coming in through it. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Dee @
Why is it everytime I look at the time it's always at even numbers?! 10:10 11:11 12:12.. FREAKY!
wow! I thought I was the only one. o_o - vijay
Does it freak you out too? It's been few days in a row for me.. and it's strarting to freak me out now! - Dee @
True about me some months ago. - Larry David
It's been like that for me since like forever. Never freaked me out though. I always thought it had a special meaning. But now that I'm know I'm not the ONLY one seeing that, it's no longer that special : ) - vijay
11 is not even. - Vezquex
I'd like to believe that it means that you and I are special ppl, vijay. :P - Dee @
That means you are "LOST"...:-) - Alan Edgett
does this mean we should play the lottery? o_o - vijay
you go for it vijay... and we'll see how it goes! - Dee @
Jesse Stay
Dear Facebook friends, please stop becoming fans of inatimate objects so I stop seeing them in my suggestions!
Surely you don't mean "brands" do you? How are we to suvive without "fans"?? - Alan Edgett
I still laugh at becoming a fan of not getting shot in the face. - Mike Lewis
Alot of my fb friends are fans of money - C Wylie Misselhorn
Chris Charabaruk
Twitter is primarily becoming a place for me to push content from other services. You want to communicate with me? Join FriendFeed.
Agreed 100% ....Twitter is a broadcast medium now, misght as well use it as such (and take advatage of it while you can) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
That sounds good in theory but my contributions to conversation and attempts to engage in dialogue are almost summarily ignored by many of the same Technorati who didn't engage or listen on Twitter and whose job it is to profess to everybody how social a place the web is! - Gregg Scott
Agreed Gregg. Best to focus on getting work done/making progress or money. All this "conversation" produces what exactly? - Alan Edgett
Alan, in many people's cases it's no different than siting at the coffeehouse or bar and chatting all day. In my case, it's produced a lot of opportunity that I might not have had otherwise, and is getting me to change my career path. all this conversation had made me realize that I could well be successful as a writer, and has led me to put a great deal of effort into doing just that. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
And Greg: It's mostly up to you to engage the other people. No different than being in the bar, you have to "stand up and make yourself heard" here is no different. You have to say a lot in order to edge your way into the "running" conversation that goes on (not just the one thread here or there). I know the Technorati take notice. It helps to start the conversation and direct it, too - lead rather than follow sometimes. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I have treated Twitter this way from the very beginning -- if you want to engage and discuss, come over to Friendfeed. - Sean McBride
Alan Edgett - Ford About To Test The Limits Of Social Media Branding - -
"Dubbed the "Fiesta Movement," Ford worked with New York-based social media consulting firm Undercurrent to help flesh out the concept; more than 4,000 people submitted video auditions, and the WSJ reports that Ford chose the recipients based on a "social vibrancy" rating?a measure of how much they were followed online and across how many platforms?as well as other factors like overall creativity, video-making skills and of course, their driving histories" - Alan Edgett from Bookmarklet
Marshall Kirkpatrick
I am ready for the FF beta to be the default now!
My imaginary friends seem to be lost somewhere but other than that I'm good to go! - Sam Grover
nope - Shey
What Marshall said X2 - Alan Edgett
I don't like the realtime default or the design. Ugly compared to non-beta version. - David Rothman (☤)
I don't!! there's a real problem fo confusion with groups/feeds/lists/filters. See here: (Bwana's post) - stanjourdan
Jeremiah Owyang
FF, Twitter and FB, all real time flowing 'rivers of news'. We need more anchors (PAUSE button) to slow it down and make sense of it. We need dams and distributary rivers to redirect (filters and lists) and then maps and compasses to make sense of it (Analysis and Research)
Yes, we are not capable of any real and meaningful analysis at this speed. My question again: What is this teaching us about ourselves? - Melanie Reed
More like a surprise Tsunami than a river at this moment! - Josh
can you share lists and filters? I would love to take a look at those who people have created and are effective. Unless you are doing a research project and are filtering on a particular topic, you need to put some serious thought into grouping and filtering. I've had the same challenge in TweetDeck - Lou Paglia
Filters, filters, filters. :) And eventually things like APML or personal preferences. - Mike Reynolds
Sadly the filters don't screen out stuff though, they behave more like search on keywords - Sally Church
Oh, and more internet jargon, realtime2.0, micro-commenting, anchors, maps compases fart fart fart - Will Higgins™
If they don't fix this soon they're going to drive away a lot of users that already thought it was too complicated. - Jesse Stay
I'd definitely like a pause button. Don't mind the flow but if it's a long post I need a couple of seconds... - Al Stevens
absolutely agree. I appreciate the flow of information but to manage, it's critical to have the right tools. - Dave Graham
That pause button should float down the page with the stream. Agree it is needed... - Alan Edgett
I don't care about the news that talks about them. I need results from them. - charles
This is why Plurk is such a great alternative. You don't lose the thread. We often comment days or weeks later. - samccoy
Plurk has the great threaded feature but lacks the network. If the people aren't there, then the conversations aren't either. Sad reality. - Ken Burbary
But what about, like, such as, the children in Africa, who don't have maps? - Mr. Gunn
yeah, PAUSE button is good idea... when play, can use such button. - stanchu
there is a pause button on friendfeed beta as well as the very sophisticated filter - foxmachia {山石}
Sounds like nostalgia for mass media. Is this revolution circular? - John Sumser
We need to take on smaller rivers and build from there. Not everyone is ready for the Mississippi... - Bwana ☠
Meryn Stol
I want a two-pane FriendFeed.
That would be great - Andrew
Andrew, you even understand what I mean by this? - Meryn Stol
Why don't you tell us Meryn - Mitch
Well I'm wondering if Andrew can read my mind. Or if he had the same idea in mind. - Meryn Stol
I believe so. I want one pane of the man content. And then another pane with say my discussions and select other people. Like a meta-list on the right and the full torrent on the left. Is that what you were thinking? Or something similar? - Andrew
Andrew - Sort of like the Gmail-labs "Multiple Inboxes" view? - Mitch
I actually had something slightly different in mind: Use the left-pane quite similar to the current view, and use the right pane for showing an article. Then you can discuss articles much more easily. For sites that provide full feeds, it can easily be done. Google Reader shows full articles too. - Meryn Stol
But other ideas about UI improvements are just as valid... It's just that *I* would like to have a "content-pane". Quite similar to two-pane email clients, but then with very good reason to have the "list pane" visible at all times: it shows the conversation happening around this and other articles. - Meryn Stol
Mitch - In my dream world, yes but much more elegant. Meryn - That sounds fun. Maybe a drag and drop interface to put the discussions you want to keep up with on the right. - Andrew
The goal is to never have to leave FriendFeed again. :) - Meryn Stol
Haha I like that concept a lot Meryn - Mitch
I'm constantly opening the permalink to an item so that I can leave likes and comments when I'm done fearing that I will lose the article in the river. - Mitch
In such a setup, I think it would be natural that if you can "select" an item (just like in email) which would hold the conversation... Others could bubble up below perhaps, but the conversation about the item itself would remain in place. - Meryn Stol
how about a 3-pane one? - this is what I use - - vijay
might be a good idea. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
neat vijay. :o) I like that. - Rob Sellen :o)
WOW. Vijay that kicks *ass...though, thankfully, my stream is much like your middle..."just the right speed" like the idea to "drag out" content you want to analyze w/o leaving the stream tho... - Alan Edgett
you have got to be joking Meryn...what about all the sites that rely on your hits to survive? - Zee.
Zee: I don't think the future of the web will be about hits or pageviews, or anything like that. It will be about being as productive as possible, together. Most people provide full content feeds anyway. Every blogger still has a chance to "brand" himself through his outstanding content, and indirectly make money off of that. But advertisements... No I think they're something of the past. - Meryn Stol
Thanks Rob :) LE, don't mind at all. :)) Alan, see the last but one comment here- :) - vijay
how do you do that then vijay? - Rob Sellen :o)
Rob, right-click on the page to view the source. If you know HTML use any text editor to edit and create your own mashup. - vijay
Jeremiah Owyang
What's the difference between Friendfeed and Facebook? List them out below:
Facebook defaults to non-live, which is much easier for the mainstream user. I'd still like an in-between though. Update every 2 minutes or so. - Jesse Stay
like the old FriendFeed :-) - Jesse Stay
Search - you can search for information anywhere on FriendFeed, you can't do that on Facebook. - Hutch Carpenter
Because of Facebook photos, in-depth profiles and wall posts, I think you can get a more accurate picture of who a person is on Facebook. FB is more social than it is a network IMO - Michael
Subscribing - FriendFeed is the one-way follow, Facebook is the two-way subscribe model. FriendFeed lets you follow anyone, whether you know them or not. - Hutch Carpenter
Facebook has applications, but Friendfeeed does not - Jeremiah Owyang
They are different websites. - James Ferguson
"like" on Facebook doesn't bump the item on the top. "like" on Friendfeed doesn't notify you of new activity on that item. - Morton Fox
Relationships are asynchronous on friendfeed but not on facebook. I can subscribe to you but you're under no obligation to subscribe to me on FF. - Derek van Vliet
Facebook lets you automatically associate with a company or region. For FriendFeed, any such association would have to be manually created via a room. - John E. Bredehoft
Facebook is private, friendfeed is for public conversations. - Robert Scoble
+1 for Derek van Vliet - Jeremiah Owyang
My blog post today says that this new beta takes aim at Facebook: - Hutch Carpenter
Facebook requires a 'real' identity, Friendfeed does not - Jeremiah Owyang
You can create 'imaginary users' in FF, but not in Facebook - Jeremiah Owyang
Friendfeed: fine control over what is displayed and good search. Facebook: don't miss things just because you were not there for the real-time stream. - Shamir Katsu
+1 for Derek van Vliet. The difference is relationship. - Ninh Nguyen
Watching this grow in real time, this is a REAL time chat room, Facebook is not - Jeremiah Owyang
FriendFeed is the real deal. - iTad
Good point J - is FF the new liveblog? - Daniel J. Pritchett
FB is not about conversation! - Vinit Sharma
Friendfeed is one step away from track; Facebook is still figuring out what the term means. - Karoli
All of my friends are on Facebook, none are on Friendfeed - Jamie
That is, how are FF threads going to compete with Twitter hashtags when it comes to blogging conference sessions or other live events? - Daniel J. Pritchett
facebook is and should only stay as an advanced phonebook - Stuart Evans
For the most part, in Facebook, I follow people because I know them. Here, I follow people because I find their output interesting. Hence I use Friendfeed much much more than I do Facebook, which is largely full of idiotic quizzes and inane apps to join. - Ian May
This is a *great* way to handle Scoble's famous "Here's why:" threads. - Daniel J. Pritchett
FriendFeed is a live discussion -meeting place -Facebook is more like a home..I like them both, but spend more time on friendfeed, because my interest is in the discussion...not just "hanging out" - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Liked the old FF UI since I could slow down the noise and filter out "real-time" - tony
Daniel, that's a good point - maybe they could make the comments real-time, but allow you to just pause the updates (or slow them down). I can handle real-time comments on updates - that's kinda nice, actually. - Jesse Stay
Super awesome bonus feature: As the owner of this new thread, wouldn't it be cool if Jeremiah could mix in another feed? Let's see this conversation interlaced with (or side by side with) a search on FF or on Twitter for relevant threads. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Facebook sucks - FriendFeed doesn't :-) Also - people who I don't want to talk to from High School are not on FF - andy brudtkuhl
Now that this cool discussion is going on, I want to see what else is happening in the "FF Beta" discussion space right now, without leaving this page. Better to let J (or any reader honestly) create the link and share it in-thread. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Was wondering about this. - Roberto Bonini
Jesse, that's a good idea, I noticed it ques up the updates, maybe we could adjust the que.... - Stuart Evans
I like being able to Queue a specific conversation. Might be better putting new comments on the top to avoid the need to scroll. - Glen Group
Facebook now doesn't care about relationship as much as before. It's not really real anymore. I see smb has thounsands of friends that's impossible but still remaining real identity. - Ninh Nguyen
Facebook is an utility for social relationships, Friendfeed is a tool to manage information and communication. - heri
heri - that's my thought as well - Hutch Carpenter
Facebook deploys an algorithm to determine feed contents. FriendFeed is "all". - Alan Edgett
Friendfeed is more about connecting with content while Facebook is more about connecting with friends. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Instant niche conversations on micro-topics like this one right here is a big ++ vs. FB. - William Mougayar
FriendFeed has Early Adopters, facebook has your Grandma - Susan Beebe
FriendFeed has smart Googler's that earned their way to achieving fabulous product success; not a spoiled kid from Harvard who stole someone else's code to launch his product - Susan Beebe
FriendFeed is constantly innovating and leading the way while facebook copies them. - Susan Beebe
FriendFeed actually cares about user feedback and utilizes this info to release product improvements; whereas, facebook continually pisses off their customers with unreasonable TOS and other crap - Susan Beebe
+1 Susan! - Charlie Anzman
LOL @andy friendfeed is the innovator, facebook is the gorilla - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Facebook is defined by its many modes of direct interaction, whereas FriendFeed has a couple of means for direct interaction and many modes of passive interaction... - Clay Newton
FF is for the hyper-active. Internet has 5 speeds: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, FriendFeed. - William Mougayar
Shld be re-named FriendSpeed. - William Mougayar
FriendSpeed - Too Fast, Too Furious - Jesse Stay
Pause. Manual refresh. Works for Me. - Ian May
lol Jesse - Karim
I don't use Facebook - that's the big difference for me :) - LPH™ and his dog P™
LPH, exactly. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Facebook is a steaming pile of crap that makes it easy for people to annoy you with quizzes and crap. FF rocks. - Jeremy Brooks
seems like a live news feed on cnn of some sort. - quang ngo
FriendFeed has less of a focus on connections and community... - Simon T Small
Jesse Stay
I'm afraid FriendFeed may have focused too much on the "geek factor" - even with lists, this is too fast. Cool, but too fast for the avg Twitter or FB user.
Maybe it shouldn't try to be FB or T? - Pat Hawks
I want a "slow it down" button, that refreshes at slower intervals if I like - Jesse Stay
Jesse: For the moment, the "slow down" button is Filters. They don't update in real time, so you can create a filter that's just "My friends and groups" and refresh it manually. Until you get your sea legs ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, I am using filters - I'm still missing information because it's moving too fast. - Jesse Stay
try filters for topics you are interested in... - mjc
Michael, I do that too. It's still too easy to miss information. - Jesse Stay
I like the "geek factor" - Wayne Sutton
Especially on a Monday morning. - Al Stevens
Wayne, fine, then they'll only have Geeks on here - it will be another - Jesse Stay
I'm sorta curious how much of the traffic this morning is people complaining how much traffic there is. - Ken Sheppardson
Does give it the feel of a real-time chat watching the comments come flying in...kinda cool. - Alan Edgett
Guy Kawasaki
Been a big week: called a dick at SXSW, spammer all over the world, and unethical bec of ghostwitters. But the Habs won! :-).
We've got your back, Guy - cheer up! - Jesse Stay
Guy--we get called far worse, far more often. It just means you're good at sales... - Alan Edgett
Chris Messina
Everything I'm going to do from now on in life is to push generation open further. - Robert Scoble
That has been my goal since entering software development - it's the essence of my keynote this Saturday. - Jesse Stay
For those who don't know who Chris is, he was the lead dev on Flock, if I remember right, and is one of my favorite geeks for understanding what the bleeding edge is thinking about and working on. This is a good thesis on what is going on in our culture. - Robert Scoble
Open is good. Secrets cause fear, anxiety, lies, and foster a sense of irresponsibility. Hence what we're seeing now on a global scale in the economy. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Robert, Chris is one of my favorite Geeks as well. He's up there with David Recordon, Joseph Smarr, Don MacAskill, the FF Team, Kevin Rose, and others. I need to do a post of all the "Leader/Coder" Geeks that influence me some time. - Jesse Stay
Thanks guys! Robert — just to clarify, suggesting that I was lead dev gives me too much/inaccurate credit. I talk like a dev sometimes, but I'm actually a designer. I prefer to think of myself of a hybrid developer/designer translator though, but YMMV. ;) - Chris Messina
This is the best post I've read all week. I've been thinking a lot lately about how our politics (and society) is really the result of the same old ideologies that have been being beat to death since the 1960's. The election of Obama - in some ways - indicates the general rejection of those ideological debates (thank God). Chris - your post totally resonates with what I've been thinking. Thanks for putting it out there. - Brian Roy
Connect. Share. Be Open. Onward to the future my friend. It has been awesome working on a more open and social world with you over the last 5 years. - Dave Morin
Great article. - Glenn Batuyong
Awesome post. Internally, we view "Social Media" as the open sourcing of people/ideas. Great stuff, Chris! - Alan Edgett
Just bumping this up for those who have missed this article the first time around - Bora Zivkovic
Hey, I was "six years old fifty years ago" and I consider myself a charter member of Generation Open. It's indeed a mindset change AND it's irrelevant to one's age. - Nick in Manila
Yes, some of us have been yearning for this for a long time. - Rebecca Lasley
I have a room with links related to open government in Canada at - Richard Akerman
Interesting read, also the comments that follow. Each generation follows the 'footprints in the snow', from past generations. It's an ongoing process. - Henry Burger
"The people within Facebook not only believe in what they’re doing but are on the leading edge of Generation Open. It’s not merely an age thing; it’s a mindset thing. It’s about having all your references come from the land of the internet rather than TV and becoming accustomed to — and taking for granted — bilateral communications in place of unidirectional broadcast forms. Where... more... - Bora Zivkovic
@Bora Facebook and open in the same sentence? Hah. - Richard Akerman
two different definitions of 'open' I'm afraid. - Bora Zivkovic
I tried to leave this comment on the site, but I think I got tangled in some OpenID - TypePad loop - anyway when he says "More relevant is that the boomers fought the Nazis." I think he means "the boomers' *parents* fought..." - Richard Akerman
Yup, I noticed that typo myself. - Bora Zivkovic
My offline newspaper subscription lapsed some time ago; I've hardly watched more than a few hours of television in the past five years. The Internet is definitely my primary source of reference. Maybe it's in part because I've been talking back all these years but without an access channel. - Rebecca Lasley
Rodney Rumford twitter business directory. nice.
Re Nice Find. Do you know these guys? Would love to chat with them! :-) - Alan Edgett
you know you're a geek when you say "linkedin park" when referring to the music
Re: Linkedin Park...That's horrible. But, funny... - Alan Edgett
Alan Edgett
The Importance of Focus: A Guide for Social Media Brands -
"Defining the Conversation Before opening yourself up to the conversation, before engaging outside, start with who you really are, what you as an organization really believe in, and what gets you out of bed in the morning. Forget mission and vision statements. These are banal at best. Forget ‘shareholder value’ — No one ever got out of bed for increased shareholder value (but if you have something powerful to drive you, you have a better chance of creating plenty of it). Instead understand what you believe in and really can deliver, articulate this ethos simply so that everyone in your organization can understand it, place it firmly at the heart of your brand, and drive it through both your operations and your culture in everything that you do. Then, and only then, should you engage in the wider conversation. With a clear sense of internal purpose and direction you stand a much better chance of using social media and online conversation as a source of competitive advantage rather than disadvantag" - Alan Edgett from Bookmarklet
Jeremiah Owyang
Finally have time to test drive Facebook's new redesign. What do you think? We're certainly moving closer towards real time.
I haven't gotten it yet - Jesse Stay
Friendfeed's motif is on it.:) - Igor Poltavskiy
ditto @Stay - sofarsoShawn
Not happy about the changes from a brand perspective - Bill Sanders
Bill, that's the one thing I have seen, and I know several not happy with that aspect. Less customizable - more Facebook and less brand. - Jesse Stay
Bill/Jesse it *will* be more customizable.Plus, the tabs? Makes things a lot easier for large brands with a lot to say/do, - Alan Edgett
First impression: The main feed feels a lot like Twitter & FriendFeed and I'm liking the Highlights content on the right. - Mike Doeff
Robert Scoble
A famous VC told me this week that Facebook is raising another round of funding at about the $6 billion valuation mark. I wish I could invest! Would you?
Can't wait to see how big their round will be... - Daniel Brusilovsky
not sure I'd invest as the upside would now be relatively limited - Shannon Clark
He told me he was considering putting in $25 million. Asked me if I would do that with my money, if I had it. I said "yes." Of course it wasn't my money, but Facebook is the success story. Far bigger than Twitter and thanks to Thursday's announcement I can see a way for them to make a ton of money. - Robert Scoble
I'm still not convinced that they will ever make decent revenue. That being said, if they were public I'd probably pick up a few shares. - Blake
Nope. Too late to make the bib gux - Francine Hardaway from twhirl
No i would invest in twitter. - Mark Overy
Blake: I wonder if we thought about that when the yellow pages first came out when the telephone was very new? - Robert Scoble
Is there information involved in that yes that isn't public? Like what the books look like (how much revenue are they generating anyway?) - What is the burn rate? etc - or just because you think they will "get there"? - Brian Roy
Brian: he didn't give me any other information than this. I'm just going over their growth rate, they are growing a service the size of Twitter every 10 days or so. - Robert Scoble
what is their annual profit value? how much of that money would you be likely to get back in real terms - "potential" doesn't count, I would want a real idea on how much money their business is generating before ever considering investing. (I don't have the cash so it'd be a moot point anyway) - alphaxion
I call Facebook "the velcro of social software services." They have tons of ways to hook you onto the service. Far more sticky than Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Invest in a company that lost $8 billion from its valuation 16 months ago? No thanks. - Mark Frost
alphaxion: in 1991 could you have answered that question for Google? No. That's why VC investing is risky. - Robert Scoble
Robert: 25 million seems small for Facebook, considering their last round was $100M, but of course that is only one VC. Did he tell you how many where in this round? - Daniel Brusilovsky
Mark: every company has lost billions in values in the past 16 months. That attitude toward investing seems pretty stupid. - Robert Scoble
Robert - totally agree with the stick factor. My question is how good is the plan to turn lots of users into actual dollars. If that plan is good (in a non-obvious way) I'd invest. - Brian Roy
Daniel: no, he just told me what he was considering. I'm sure if it's a $6 billion valuation there will be a large pool of folks in there. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: Good analogy. I'd like to be optimistic about it, but I just feel in my gut that the whole social networking business model still hasn't been perfected. I definitely agree that Facebook will eventually crush Twitter. - Blake
Brian: you have to read between the lines, but now they are letting brands be full members of the social graph. I see a TON of ways to make money with that. - Robert Scoble
Brian: here's my audio report from the Facebook announcements this week. -- in there I explain a bit about how I think Facebook will make money. - Robert Scoble
No, at least not in long term. - andrei_c
This doesn't seem like a good idea. $6 billion?! Robert, when you say Facebook's announcement last Thursday are you referring to the new page layout for companies? How much money can that bring in? - Nidhi Makhija
Robert - agree. But revenue is about execution. So it isn't just seeing how you might/can do it but being able to get to it effectively. That is Google's genius. I'm guessing they have the team/leadership to do it... which is why I'd invest (once I heard the plan). - Brian Roy
Nidhi: my bet? Over next 10 years? 100's of billions. Look at Google. Facebook is facing an opportunity that's in Google's neighborhood. Of course a lot of implementation is to come and they might not get there. But I see a way that they'll make billions. - Robert Scoble
If they monetized as well/heavily as Myspace, they would only have $1B revenue. Is he really going to get a 10x return with a $60B exit? Common or preferred? - Andy Beard
Brian: right. And who is on executive team at Facebook? They are executing pretty damn well. Just go see Sheryl Sandberg. She was an executive at Google and knows the secrets to delivering value. - Robert Scoble
depends on liquidation prefs, but assuming i got at least 1x preference i'd be an investor for anything south of $10B. at $6B i'd be pretty bullish; that seems like a reasonable number if you look out 3-5 years. - dave mcclure
A $6 billion valuation would make Facebook more valuable than:, Sun Microsystems, or NetApp. In fact, you could buy Sun + eTrade + Sirius Radio + TiVo and still have more than a billion in pocket change left over. - Louis Gray
Not a chance. I'd run screaming from the building before I invested in Facebook. Sticky does not mean profitable. I remember that 1.0 adage "Get the eyeballs first and then monetize". Lots got the eyeballs - few figured out how to monetize. - AJ Kohn
Andy: the opportunity here is a lot bigger than $1 billion. MySpace is small change compared to what Facebook is going to do. - Robert Scoble
Andy: When I go to MySpace it tells me NOTHING about my friends' behavior when it comes to other businesses. The social graph is very powerful for businesses. Much better than what MySpace built, which is why key executives are now leaving MySpace. - Robert Scoble
I'd invest too yeah - Kaysha
I would invest. I believe Facebook is the OS for social media and something more. They are the White Pages of the Internet. And with an upside limited only to the imagination. - Jeff Pulver
Robert - You'd really feel safe investing in a company whose valuation isn't stable though? - Mark Frost
Negative. not at $6bn. We have absolutely no idea what it's worth, let's be honest. Nobody does. It's a straight gamble. I'd prefer spend the cash on buying into cloud-enabling companies like Cisco and server manufacturers, and the best placed players in the cloud ie Google and MS. Maybe... - john conroy
"going to do" ... Digg, Facebook, Twitter ... they all say they're "going" to figure it out. Show me a profit stream (even a small one) and I'd invest to help scale it but ... until then Cuba Gooding man ... Cuba Gooding. - AJ Kohn
Mark: that's why it's investing and not a "safe bet." VC is risky. So is buying stocks in companies. - Robert Scoble
Does anyone know for sure - does Facebook lose money every time they sign up a new user? In other words, is the reason they're raising money because their revenues are not growing to cover the costs of their growth? - Simon Brocklehurst
...further to my comment above: I guess what I'm really saying is that at $6bn you're talking about a blue-chip, and Facebook isn't a blue chip. It just isn't. - john conroy
Only tonight I glanced down my 'All Friends' list in Facebook and noticed how many have no status. They have not logged in for 7 days or more. In many cases a lot more. The fascination is on the wane. My money? No chance. - Darren
Robert: Oh I know that, I'm just speaking as someone with a very light wallet. ^_^ - Mark Frost
Darren: tell me how that is any different from this: -- I bet your Facebook friends are more engaged with you than these Twitter followers of TechCrunch. Click on 100 followers of Techcrunch. How many have more than one Tweet? 2%? 10%? Not more. - Robert Scoble
john: Facebook is signing up 700,000 new users PER DAY. They are growing the size of Twitter every 12 days! Blue chip? Absolutely. Just like Google was. (We had the same arguments over Google six years ago). - Robert Scoble
Sticking the money into GOOG currently would be a better deal, or AMZN - GOOG 2008 revenues were close to $22B - based on similar can you see Facebook making $15B yearly revenue? - AMZN is currently worth only 6x gross profit - but then the VC neds to invest his money somewhere, and GOOG and AMZN are not an option - at the end of the day FB is relatively low risk and an easy way to do your job as noone will criticize you for it - Andy Beard
Andy: you probably said that sticking money into Alta Vista back in 1999 was better than Google. Wrong. - Robert Scoble
and yet - the fact they are raising money shows that we have not found a revenue model that can cope with the costs they incur - they could self-implode in 1-2 years unless they find an effective route to making break even - Nick Halstead
Read today in Times magazine an interview with Zuckenberg stating that monetization is not a priority yet while Facebook is not getting break even. By the way, did you notice that the fan pages are changing and look now as profile pages??? - Zack Brandit
Zack, yes. That's exactly what I was talking about here: - Robert Scoble
Chris: that's wrong. Everyone on my forums were talking about Google in 1999. Google didn't have a business model until 2004. - Robert Scoble
The problem Facebook has is that people seem to get bored of it. Most people I know are using Facebook less today than they were a year ago. I never saw this pattern with Google. - Simon Brocklehurst
Scobe: Are you saying that Twitter's model isn't working, so Facebook's will? Twitter v Facebook comparisons are fruitless. - Darren
Darren: no, I know that Facebook has 175 million who has signed in in the past 30 days. How many does Twitter have? - Robert Scoble
Chris: OK, I'll grant you the 2003 Google. Same points still hold. You're not feeling it? I look at how addicted my wife is to Facebook (and all her friends). This is the Google of this time. - Robert Scoble
VC is certainly risky.. but a good VC wouldn't fritter their money away on something that wouldn't give even a little bit of ROI. Otherwise they simply wouldn't be a VC for very long. It's all well and good saying "I can see a lot of ways to make money", but visions and actual money making are 2 different things. So again, please answer the question and say how much they're currently making. - alphaxion
"Everyone on my forums", is exactly what White said, "hardly anyone" and he is correct. - coldbrew
I am not saying it is a bad investment, but just imagine Facebook had already IPOed last year, and had managed to figure out their revenue to bring it up to Myspace level, which would then make a $6B valuation on $1B revenue in line with GOOG and AMZN current market valuations. - that isn't necessarily a VC deal - unless they were looking to use the money for a cash purchase of Twitter at a much lower valuation than $500M - Andy Beard
coldbrew: this whole conversation sounds exactly like the ones we had about Google in 1999-2004. - Robert Scoble
I seem to remember a company called Netscape was all the rage once. - Jan Simmonds
@Robert: No, Facebook is not the Google of it's time. Why? Because Google had a very clear business plan. Sell relevant ads on search results. Direct marketers (me) got it and ran with it. It took time to build but it was a clear business plan. Facebook doesn't have that. Unless of course they turn Facebook into a search portal - if they did that then the size and stickiness of the site benefits them. Outside of that, SocNet advertising doesn't seem like a viable business plan. - AJ Kohn
I have concerns about Google if I'm honest. They too fritter their money away on investments that fizzle out to nothing (look at how many companies they've bought for massive amounts of money), they're limited by the size of the advertising market (think as to why they've been slashing their returns on adwords). Now, their positioning as a content delivery caching network is a far more promising one. - alphaxion
Robert - "no, I know that Facebook has 175 million who has signed in in the past 30 days. How many does Twitter have? "- you're still doing it! Comparing Facebook favourably to Twitter does not mean Facebook have a good long-term model. I'm not saying they don't, but if a Twitter comparison is the best these dudes can come up with then "I'm out" as they say on Dragons Den. Using your sort of comparison, who is to say that Facebook is now Google 2003, whilst Twitter is Google 2000. Which one has more upside? - Darren
AJ: you are totally wrong. Google didn't have a clear business model until 2004. I know the guy at Exodus who almost shut down Google because Google couldn't pay its bills. - Robert Scoble
I think most of you people hang out mostly with technophiles; I do not. - coldbrew
Chris: I'll never been that rich. I'll buy you a mojito at the Ritz, though! - Robert Scoble
@Robert: Just because they couldn't pay their bills doesn't mean they didn't have a model or plan. It took time to build the momentum ... the world of search had to 'tip' - and when it did Google was well positioned *because* of their plan. I just don't see that with Facebook. What are they positioning for? - AJ Kohn
I can say most of my 30-something friends only found FB w/in the last 6 months. - coldbrew
Facebook fatigue has certainly been kicking in for myself over the last few months whereas as my Twittering has been increasingly steadily; it is just more "useful". That said, they certainly do appear to be functionally converging, so who knows where we'll end up... - Kevin Bluer
Who cares about Facebook or 6 billion. What are your plans after Fast Company? Is it true they fired you? - Bruce Curley
Kevin: I can see an argument about why you're right, too. On Gillmor Gang right now is Paul Buchheit of friendfeed and he points out that Twitter's API is far easier to develop on. That ease is turning into all sorts of interesting apps which make Twitter more useful. Well, we'll see. That's why VC is risky. - Robert Scoble
If I were a VC I would definetly ask for a clear plan of privacy policies before investing. This might be an issue. I would also ask for some guidelines on future updates since FB seems to change its homepage very frequently, which might result in a potential failure. - denizoktar
Bruce: I was not fired. I resigned my video show to do something else. I still am working part time for Fast Company. I have plans, but will not disclose them in public until SXSW on Monday. - Robert Scoble
@Robert: BTW - this famous VC you mention ... are *they* investing or not? - AJ Kohn
AJ: they didn't say, they said they were considering it, but sounded like they were going to the way they were talking. - Robert Scoble
At this point, I would not invest in anything except gold. Do I sound like a nut? Just check out this video. Actually look at a bunch of his video over the years. Peter Schiff called it all. - Dan Cornish
I'll point out again that while VC is an inherently risky business, it's still not a case of blindfold and a dartboard. A real VC would do at least a bit of research and see if they're likely to make a return. If not then they're not a real VC and would either be someone who can afford to lose the money as it's merely a diversion (kinda like how some people will play the lottery) or a fool. - alphaxion
Dan: Gold and Guns sounds like a good investment strategy over next year. Me? I'd rather be in Facebook, but then I have a front-row seat. - Robert Scoble
Chris: that's funny! But no. :-) - Robert Scoble
@Robert: Interesting. Always appreciate the information and opinion. I disagree and don't see it myself but ... I've been wrong before. Been right before too though ;) - AJ Kohn
You all need to read this: Indie Facebook Developers are making over $700,000 per month. Like I said, there were billions and billions here. - Robert Scoble
Chris: I do not have any compensation or investments coming from or going to Facebook. I was invited to a press conference on Thursday and I have a front row seat because I know many of the players involved and I read a lot of RSS feeds. :-) - Robert Scoble
YES, I would invest!!!!! - Susan Beebe
how many of the indie developers are making those figures compared to the rest? also, advertising revenues, again, are the core of it. How about revenues that don't involve advertising, as in real and repeat direct spending of the users not the whim of other companies? And of this, how much money are facebook themselves making, since this money fountain could all vanish should facebook itself fold. - alphaxion
I bet the sum of the people advertising using Adwrods are making more than Google in total as well - the people using Paypal owned by Ebay are most certainly making bank, but for some reason Ebay isn't even worth 2x their revenue. Facebook developers making $700,000 is nice, great return, invest in the app developers if there is longevity. - Andy Beard
@chris that's my fault.. I called it adwords in a previous comment - that's what 5 beers does to my word association skills! >.< - alphaxion
coldbrew: sorry, I just fixed it. NO need to keep an error in my comments here. - Robert Scoble
Was just watching you on TWiT Live, streaming to my 52" TV via my PS3. Look fwd to seeing more of your stuff on TWiT Live in the future Scoble. - Jason Cartwright
am I the only one who seems to feel a certain air of "ponzi scheme" when your questions are met with answers of "look at these people, they're making money from it" without actually answering your question? And don't think I'm being snarky for snarks sake. I'm really trying to gain an idea of why people are yelling "buy this!" without really backing their claim up beyond "trust us". - alphaxion
I'd rather buy Citi stocks. - Mona Nomura from fftogo
alphaxion: when you are getting 700,000 new people a day you'll figure out a business model, especially since you know so much about each of those people. People who understand media understand the very real value that Facebook is aggregating. - Robert Scoble
again with the vague "well, we'll figure something out... just keep pumping us with money" answer. It doesn't matter how many new people you are getting onto your service if there's no tangiable sense of where the money to pay for it all is going to come from. It is very similar to youtube. They were burning through cash, plenty of people were saying "it'll make loads of money somehow" and yet google are *still* looking for ways of making it profitable. It's the kind of economics that leads to bubbles. - alphaxion
there simply aren't enough people that sit down and ask "so, how much money are you making and how much do you project this to grow realistically". Which is the basic tenet on which all companies have been founded upon. - alphaxion
@scoble... yes, people who understand media understand the real value that Facebook is aggregating, but not if they understand it in the OLD way. if this just turns out to be another advertising play, because they've 2 billion+ eyes, another way to sell people products they don't need, then, hell, I may as well pull the plug and turn Amish... not really, but all of the stuff I've been hearing so far doesn't make be feel confident that FB will end up being anything we haven't already seen... time will tell. - .LAG liked that
Robert this question sparked such interesting comment you should ask more like this. FB to me is a fad unless they buy Twitter which with Twitter Search could be a new Google. Agree with Chris White MS-Facebook is a likely outcome. Google must acquire Twitter before Vodafone wise up. Keep leading the debate Rob. - Thomas Power
What are they spending all that money on? Or is just banking money to survive the future? - Brian Sullivan
@chris actually, I'd say google was all about weaving themselves into the sites they lead you to and the apps you use to access this info. Having dealt with administrating systems, it's scary just how many apps and system builders integrate their toolbar and desktop apps and how many sites use their services that then collect data on the visitors/users. A question I don't see asked and answered often enough is "why?" - alphaxion
@ChrisWhite I certainly meant Adwords not Adsense - people advertise to make money (well unless they are Auto manufacturers) - I look on the Facebook App platform in many ways as an advertising platform, though the transaction that takes place between Facebook and the App developers isn't currently a financial one. Maybe things would be different if Facebook had their "FacePal" payment... more... - Andy Beard
Chris: that's an interesting question. CEOs should never say never when it comes to future business decisions. - Robert Scoble
Social networking seems like a commodity to me. Glorified address book + activity stream. Long term, why is it likely that one company will continue to command a proprietary premium on this? Do we not forget the staggering claims for these companies made doing the last bubble? Lots of similar claims by many companies in the 90s about # of user signups, stickiness, etc. If social networking platforms are so valuable, they're gonna get commodified. Wordpress isn't the only way to host RSS now is it? - Ray Cromwell
I can feel a Metcalf's law retort coming. :) It's like Godwin, but for business model debates. - Ray Cromwell
Chris: really? I don't agree with you. If you can survive through a depression you'll come out of it with rocket burners on. Google gained steam through the dotcom bust. Facebook is gaining steam through this downturn. - Robert Scoble
Chris: agreed. Facebook is not going to have an IPO this year. I can assure you of that. The investors will keep them going for two more years at minimum. - Robert Scoble
Can I buy Twitter instead? - Patrick from twhirl
@Robert: You're thinking "aggregated rich user data" is going to be the Facebook gold mine? Advertisers and brands I chat with think it's of marginal value. Big brands already have deep databases with multiple reporting lines. Prizm data gets you 75% of the way there most of the time. Facebook might be another reporting line but it's not going to be a game changer. Search re-targeting has more value IMO. - AJ Kohn
@Steven: Exactly! Air Miles. Grocery Cards. Credit Cards. Warranty Information. Rebate Information. (You'd be amazed how many people register their stuff!) It's a bit scary what can be obtained from credit bureaus as well. Facebook is the corner, the stoop - it's where people stop to talk and shoot the breeze. Not much gets sold there. I need to connect with them when they're walking past the mall. - AJ Kohn
Think about the data a company like or Quicken Online collects and compare it to the data that FB has on spending patterns and interests. They know enough (but currently don't use this info) to definitively tell you that you're spending $50 a month on BlockBuster, and could reduce it to $20 a month if you change to Netflix, saving you $30. - Ray Cromwell
How many more rounds of funding would you expect? It seems like you might get washed out by later rounds. - Todd Hoff
Everything you hear lately makes it sound like he's had to change that point of view about $15b if he wants capital. - Hutch Carpenter
Great discussion. Some points: the "No one can monetize this space" argument is false. As an advertiser (and a top 3 one at that), We are. And, quite well. #2--However, I wouldn't discount MySpace just yet. FaceBook is a wonderful white pages, it's possible MySpace will be a wonderful Yellow pages. We'll see. $6B is steep, but one difference this data has from the others mentioned (credit cards, gas cards, etc) is it's voluntarily provided--which is a much different data stream. - Alan Edgett
I would, in an instant. Many Facebook apps alone have 10 times the number of users Twitter has. - Jesse Stay
If they gave me a way to keep certain people unaware of my presence, I'd go back - Aaman (Clone of FF)
If I had the choice, I would rather invest in LinkedIn. Facebook has a phenomenal growth there are still a lot of open questions: You talk about businesses creating pages in facebook. This is probably a good idea in the sort term but in the long term as a company you probably want more control and ownership over your community and like AOL had to open up the walled garden, Facebook will have to do it to or someone else with do it for them. In that more open world, monetizing the graph will become even harde - Edwin Khodabakchian
wow...another around... - Kenyth
Interesting. Most seasoned entrepreneurs will tell you funding isn't an ideal expansion, that multiple rounds is not a good sign. Means it isn't making money. Social networks are nothing more than message boards with different user features - and have always been very hard to monetize. New competition is coming fast into the market from places none of y'all are looking at, and we're... more... - Patricia
Patricia: Google had multiple rounds. So did many other big Silicon Valley companies. - Robert Scoble
Chris: I know all about dilution. The reason Zuckerberg is so smart is he's taken a few rounds without getting diluted much at all. Got $300 million from Microsoft and only gave up, what, 1% or so of Facebook? That's brilliant. - Robert Scoble
Robert, yes, i know. it can be an asset. it just depends on if they can find a way to make money. google found it. let's hope facebook does too. i root for all businesses to succeed! - Patricia
still all I am seeing is the taking of money with no idea on how it'll generate money back, which is the whole point of investment. It seems to be the whole mantra of web apps "get users, then figure out how to make money" instead of the way every other industry functions. Do you really think this is a lasting way of doing business or will the web have to mature and show they can make money with their creations before investors will part with large sums of money? - alphaxion
when thinking about it, it is a particularly Valley way of doing business - I don't see this kind of investment internationally, they demand to see what will happen with their money and how it is likely to generate its own revenue instead of going cap in hand back to the investors. - alphaxion
and I do agree that this way of investing does lead to some really innovative things that ordinarily wouldn't stand a chance of making it. But, it is a big concern that the sites can't stand on their own without VC's propping them up by pouring round after round into them with nothing more than "it's gonna be huge!" as the reason. It'll only ever be huge if a cogent business plan exists, otherwise the only huge thing will be the bill VC's nurse at the end of it. - alphaxion
Facebook is finished - paul mooney
FB has the most chance of success because that's where non geeks go. It's the one service they want to use. - Richard A.
I don't get what non geeks has to do with FB's sucess ? - Asankhaya Sharma
Asankhaya: one word: "mainstream" - Claudio Cicali
Interesting to note Apple could pony up $6 billion for Facebook and still have some $18 billion left over. - Mike Reynolds
well i would not invest, fb has been for sometime now in a few years what ever profit could be made should have been made by now, the next big idea will kill fb forever, with the investment totally sunked in - briandsouza
UPDATE on this: Investors in Facebook are telling friends of mine that Facebook is not raising another round. It's possible that this is an opportunity that's being offered by someone who has stock already and is looking to get out. I'll try to find out more and report back. - Robert Scoble
I definitely would! - Pico Seno
Robert - whoa, "someone ... looking to get out." wow. yes, more info please. What is their rationale? - Susan Beebe
I wouldn't. I would rather invest in something simpler like twitter or friendfeed. - Siddharth Mitra
Kyle Lacy
Myspace Dominates in Business -
MySpace vs. Facebook - Alan Edgett
MySpace vs. Facebook - Alan Edgett
Alan Edgett
Alan Edgett
Interview with Danny Winn -
Interview with Danny Winn
Yeah! Danny...and yeah John! So much fun...can't believe we get paid for this stuff! - Alan Edgett
Cody Heitschmidt
Robert Scoble just followed me on friendfeed, I know he is following everyone but just for that one sec when he was clicking... I bet he thought "Damn this Cody guy looks like he is one interesting mofo!
Don't let me down! - Robert Scoble
Let you down??? I will freaking amaze you, just kidding I probably dissappoint but, you never know. - Cody Heitschmidt
I am laughing at myself right now, not with myself... at myself. - Cody Heitschmidt
I remember the first time I talked to him on the phone. I bragged about it for a day. "I talked to 'The Robert Scoble' and it was awesome!" - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Jason, I am just as stoked that you commented on my ridiculous thing here as I am that Scoble followed me, no one follow or connection is more important than any other. A year from now you and I may be way bigger than Scoble and saying to ourselves, what was that Robert guy's last name as we sit on our yacht. - Cody Heitschmidt
Awesome!! Your moment of fame has arrived!! LOL :) - Susan Beebe
Just kidding I wont ever own a yacht, I am way to cheap - Cody Heitschmidt
Susan, I think it's Scoble's moment of fame... He has everyone that is subscribed to me thinking of him!!! All 14 or 15 of them - Cody Heitschmidt
I remember the first time I got an email back from Robert when he was still @ MSFT. Not only did he reply but replied within 4 hours and fowarded my email to the program manager concerned. Blew me away. - Roberto Bonini
That Robert Scoble guy is overrated... - Tyler (Chacha)
I am kidding by the way... - Tyler (Chacha)
Liking this because it is such an awesome post. - Anika
Cody WOW :D hehehee - Susan Beebe
Roberto, email me and I will reply in like 35 seconds... lol!! Scoble is pretty cool and unsnobbish for being so "in" - Cody Heitschmidt
Thats it Cody. He's great. Don't be modest Robert. - Roberto Bonini
is Roberto Bonini Italian for Robert Scoble? lol!!! jk - Cody Heitschmidt
@cody we could rent a yacht. it'll be ours for at least an hour. long enough to sip exotic drinks and bask in the sun. :) - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Jason, I am in !! Name time place, we rent the yacht take pics, upload them to friendfeed and bam!!! Instant celebs!!!! - Cody Heitschmidt
Jason, just went to your feed and saw best failboat ever... thats about like the yacht I could afford to rent, just so you know. - Cody Heitschmidt
Nope. unfortunately..... - Roberto Bonini
I just want to say LMAO! - Jack Humphrey
I just started following you as well. which, means nothing. But I think you're funny. rock on! - Alan Edgett
I'll follow you too, will you do a post for me aswell? - Tyler (Chacha)
ChaCha what do you mean a post for you?? - Cody Heitschmidt
As Bud Fox shouted in Wall Street after getting through to Gordon Gecko... 'I've bagged the elephant' - Richard Filing
Richard, great movie.... - Cody Heitschmidt
If I follow you will you make a post saying "Chacha just followed me on friendfeed, I know he is following some people, but just for that one sec when he was clicking... i bet he thought "Damn this Cody guy looks like he is one interesting mofo!" - Tyler (Chacha)
Cody, you ARE cool! - Mona Nomura
Mona, thanks if you are serious, if you are patronizing me, thanks for that too cause sometimes I am just an egotistical bastard and need made fun of. - Cody Heitschmidt
ChaCha ... No, but if you have interesting content in your feed I might mention it sometime, might not though. - Cody Heitschmidt
Cody, in your blog you come across as a positive and success-oriented person. If that's your egotism, keep it going. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Bruce, I try to be... I come on here to be smart ass but the damn positive and success oriented stuff usually seeps back through. Life is good, and I wish it on everyone else as well. - Cody Heitschmidt
Guy Kawasaki
Made it to the top ten of Twitter. Thanks everyone!
that's cool Guy, but you are going for the wrong goal and the wrong service. See for why. :-) - Robert Scoble
Olympic medals I understand. But why is top 10 of Twitter a worthy goal? - V Mary Abraham
Awesome. I have an email list of 10M names. So, blah! (God-I hate these types of tweets/posts). - Alan Edgett
What constitutes a top10 on Twitter? Like to see them figure out S-to-N of tweeters for real individual value and rank those. - Ernie Oporto
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