Re: Could popular traffic app Waze be used to target police? -
"If your mission is to protect and serve, isn't visibility an important part of that?" - Anthony Citrano
Re: WH Chief of Staff Accidentally Reveals First Name of ISIS Hostage -
"Apparently your God doesn't hear prayers, either. See: history." - Anthony Citrano
Re: Activist Post: How Lithuanian Cops React to a Drunk, Aggressive American Girl -
"You are aware alcohol is a drug, right? (And a pretty damn dangerous one at that.)" - Anthony Citrano
New England Lobster Market & Eatery (3/5) -
"Being a Mainer, when I got there and noticed all the Maine license plates, I asked "who here is the Mainer" and they looked at me like I was insane. Apparently none of them are from Maine (or even New…" - Anthony Citrano
Ocean House Pizza (1/5) -
"What a piece of crap this place has become. I've been going here for years - it's very close to where my mom lives. Several years ago, it used to be pretty good. But the last few years it's been a…" - Anthony Citrano
Havana Sandwich Company (3/5) -
"Good sandwich. Cranky owner / manager. Sad salad. Passable in a pinch." - Anthony Citrano
Re: Sebelius on 'Obamacare': Change the name -
"I have a radical idea - let's call it by its name: The Affordable Care Act. After all, that's what it is: an Act of Congress." - Anthony Citrano
Re: Sarah Palin: Send Immigrants ‘Back Across Ocean’ to Mexico -
"You gotta admit, it's sorta funny when people insult other people's intelligence, and make typos doing it." - Anthony Citrano
Re: Millennials want to save, many can't -
"It's a little tough (pointless?) to save when the average deposit interest rate is less than a quarter of one percent. Especially when one doesn't want to participate in the Wall Street casino..." - Anthony Citrano
Split Bread (4/5) -
"Fantastic sandwich. Quality ingredients. I was very impressed. Recommended." - Anthony Citrano
Re: How To Watch Today's Solar Eclipse -
"One nit with the article - it refers to standard time (PST, EST, etc.) which means technically your times are an hour off. (Most places are in daylight time (PDT, etc.) until November.)" - Anthony Citrano
Tajima-Tei (2/5) -
"This place was annoying. I was seated at the bar. I asked for Hokkaidon. Waiter says "sorry, we're out of salmon." I am sitting at the bar and I SEE SALMON. I point to it and ask, "isn't that…" - Anthony Citrano
Starbucks (1/5) -
"This place is really going downhill. They let the trash pile up, the place is generally way too cold, they prioritize the drive-thru over in-store customers, and many other little issues (such as a…" - Anthony Citrano
"Excellent food, very good service. My cocktail was very good. I had coconut milk chicken soup of some kind which was very good. The service was friendly and attentive. Cool space and good…" - Anthony Citrano
Kettle Cove Creamery and Café (4/5) -
"Super good ice cream, and if you're lucky a cute girl will serve it to you. Give it a try, you will not regret it. (OK, maybe you will, a little. But it'll be worth it.)" - Anthony Citrano
"Subway is Subway. But this one is especially awful. They skimp so badly on ingredients, then make you feel like a gluttonous jerk when you ask for more. I do not recommend it at all, regardless of…" - Anthony Citrano
Noodle Bar (5/5) -
"If you're itchin' for some delicious, inexpensive late night ramen, this is the place. Nice people, good service. Very small super-casual place. TASTY. Do it!" - Anthony Citrano
John N. Andringa (1/5) -
"Very rude old jerky lady at the counter. We looked around a minute or so, then pointed out a pack of cigarettes and politely asked her where they were imported from. She barked "I don't know!!" and…" - Anthony Citrano
Il Tramezzino (4/5) -
"Very good coffee. Tasty, well-prepared Italian pastries. Didn't have a sandwich but they looked quite good." - Anthony Citrano
Re: Young Ex-ISIS Hostage Shocks CNN Reporter, Family: ‘They Are Right’ -
"And readily grow into brainwashed adults." - Anthony Citrano
Re: Woman Dies After Taking Off Clothes At OC Market -
"You mean multiple drugs including alcohol. [IOW, alcohol is a drug - and a dangerous one.]" - Anthony Citrano
Re: Woman Dies After Taking Off Clothes At OC Market -
"Alcohol or other drugs. You forgot a word." - Anthony Citrano
Jeremy's on the Hill (2/5) -
"The bisque was decent; sadly, it was the best part of the meal. GF ordered steak medium-rare. It was VERY VERY RARE (cold, red in middle.) She told waitress when she got the chance (halfway through)…" - Anthony Citrano
Re: Reporter Grills Ferguson Chief: If Robbery Not Connected, Why Did You Release Video? -
"Have you considered reading the article?" - Anthony Citrano
Re: Reporter Grills Ferguson Chief: If Robbery Not Connected, Why Did You Release Video? -
"I hate being a pedant, really I do. But there's only one thing more annoying than the "begs the question" mistake, and that's the use of "literally" for figurative statements... I think it outranks "begs the question" for your "most irritating" title. In the past month I've heard everything from "I literally died." to "The presentation was awful. He literally fell on his face." Madness!! ;)" - Anthony Citrano
Re: Reporter Grills Ferguson Chief: If Robbery Not Connected, Why Did You Release Video? -
"Obviously anything they can do to smear the victim helps their cause (in their eyes.) P.S. It *raises* the question. It doesn't *beg* the question." - Anthony Citrano
Bakers & Roasters (1/5) -
"Food good. Service was decent. But sadly a terrible experience at the end brings this place into one-star land. Eggs royale - good, not great. The Hollandaise was a bit too lemony which made it feel…" - Anthony Citrano
Re: Drone Crashes Near Elementary School -
"“A drone manned by...” [Really?]" - Anthony Citrano
Re: Feds warn pilots not to land at wrong airport -
"What's an idot?" - Anthony Citrano
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