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Stephen Mack
For English to evolve, grammarians must die -
From my post: "Starting today, I resolve to never make another spelling or grammar flame. For informal forums, I may gently encourage others to stop making such corrections as well." - Stephen Mack
Sweet. As I'm a terrible speller. And generally have bad grammer (and yes I'm misspelling that on purpose. grammar just doesn't seem right to me. Let the evolution begin). :) - Dario Gomez
Dario, I don't think I've ever seen you misspell a word prior to that, so you're far from a terrible speller. I agree "grammar" looks weird. There aren't nearly as many words ending in -ar in English as -er. Kelsey Grammer also has a lot to answer for. But I certainly can get behind your proposal that "grammer" should be a valid substitute for "grammar" from now on. For English to evolve we'll also need to get the spell checks on board. - Stephen Mack
I don't think I have the patients for this. - Brian Johns
If by 'evolve' you mean 'dumb down for the un- and miseducated', I'll take an unevolved English any day of the weak. - Akiva
Certainly took me a while to get past that point of view, Akiva. But to take the first example of my post, why do we put up with irregularities? Why make it so hard for new learners and non-native speakers to learn? WHY do you feel the way you feel beyond wanting others to have to go through the hurdles you went through? - Stephen Mack
That's precisely it, though, Stephen. Flattening the learning curve doesn't make it better and it isn't that I want people to have to go through what I went through: this isn't about me; it's about being educated. Taking this to its horrifying conclusion, you might as well champion for the dismissal of complex words. Why use 'extrapolate' instead of 'explain' or 'loathe' instead of... more... - Akiva
If English is so hard to learn, why do I hear many Polish adults speaking better English here in the UK than British children in schools? Simply because the kids aren't being taught well enough and the resources are too few and too late. The problem lies within the education, not the language itself. - Charley M
Akiva, I'm not advocating the removal of words. I'm advocating simpler spelling -- similar to Benjamin Franklin's original proposal, which I'll link in separately. English evolves over time whether you want it to or not ("doughnut" to "donut" in American English, for example). Is someone "less educated" for wanting spelling to be simpler, so that learners can acquire the language faster? I don't want to rob the language of anything except pointless irregularity. - Stephen Mack
I dated a linguistics major once who was pretty adamant about language needing to be allowed to evolve, and was NOT the type to constantly correct others. However, I think that there's a difference between "letting grammarians die" and having them "loosen up" (losen up? lol) a bit. The bigger question, I think, is how organic we let the evolution be. For example, if we let lolcats-speak gain too much inflooense [sic], we've let the reigns go too much. - George S.
Charlotte, English is objectively more irregular than, say, Spanish or Polish, and is therefore harder to learn. Of course non-native speakers learn English successfully all the time. But for those who learned several languages, ask them which was easier to learn. English has notably higher barriers than many languages because of the pervasive irregularities. We could reduce the amount of time by simplifying, that's all I'm saying. - Stephen Mack
Re: "Bad spelling as a signifier for low intelligence is a deeply-ingrained bias in our culture", It's interesting because my dad is an intellectual, but a terrible speller - [anecdotally] it seems has more to do with personality than actual intelligence. He just has other people (i.e. my mom, a grammarian) proof-read anything he sends out there. That said, in this age of... more... - George S.
I have to go with Akiva on this one. English is hard to learn? Practice. When you practice something it gets "easier" not because the nature if the thing changes but that your capacity to do thing has increased. - Josh Haley from iPhone
English seems to have done OK despite the grammarians: It's use continues to embiggen. - Andy Dustman
Personally I like my education/intelligence to shine through. Although, I do type "slang" in conversational posts. - MicahBear78
Let's look at what rational reason there is to NOT reform and and simplify English spelling. If you've spent any time teaching reading to a young child you know how many irregularities there are. It adds complexity and difficulty, so there are costs, but with what benefit? We have: 1. Tradition. "But we've always spelled things this irregularly." Not true, and not rational. Spelling in... more... - Stephen Mack
Perfect case in point: Josh's comment. FF helpfully marks it as coming from the iPhone. His two typos ("if" instead of "of" and the missing "that") are clearly artifacts of that communication device. But did I understand him? Perfectly (even if I disagree). Why get hung up on that? As long as communication was achieved, that's my new standard of acceptance. Josh is correct that practice... more... - Stephen Mack
And Andy, I love love love that comment. - Stephen Mack
Perhaps the reason you understood Josh's comment despite the errors is because of context. If you were reading it centuries later in isolation there would be room for doubt as to what he really meant. - Trish Haley
Trish, true, but let centuries go by and suddenly you're reading Chaucer: "Whan that Aprille, with hise shoures soote / The droghte of March hath perced to the roote" ( What a perfect illustration of how spelling changes over time. ("When April with its showers sweet / has pierced the drought of March to the root") - Stephen Mack
Now we have to take into account accents and pronunciations to decipher that. - Trish Haley
Chaucer wasn't just about spelling differences. Take it down the absolute basics and you have phonics, blending the sounds to make a full pronunciation of that word. If simplifying words is the way forward, then the phonics are changed and in turn, so is the word. - Charley M
Charlotte, I agree -- and think that's a good thing, with many advantages, and no disadvantages beyond "that's the way we've done it for a while now." - Stephen Mack
A friend with a linguistics background who uses it practically in his day-to-day life explained the ebb and flow of language (which is mostly an unplanned phenomenon) like this: Language trends toward simplicity if sufficient comprehension is conserved. It moves toward more complexity when ambiguity interferes too greatly. So my theory is there will always be grammarians and anti-grammarians, it's just that their number and degree of influence will also ebb and flow. - Micah
Sorry but if I have to trust a Ste[ph|v]en on this, I'm going to trust Pinker over Mack. - Akiva
Also, well put, Micah. - Akiva
English is still evolving and the UKians will continue blaming the Yanks for ruining the language even tho they themselves were mutilating it long before we existed. :) - Big Joe Silenced
Sounds like you're asking for intelligent design here. You can't get rid of grammarians if you want evolution to work. They're the only natural predators irregularities have. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Wow, Bruce. That's just... wow. You're comparing people who care about the English language with people who don't believe in evolution because of a belief in a creator deity? That's such a wild comparison that my monitors just degaussed themselves. And they're LCD monitors. Are you going to lump mathematicians in here as well? They're bigger sticklers than grammarians are. - Akiva
Spellings I'm not too bothered about, but grammar is an essential part of the written form. Without it the entire meaning of prose gets screwed up. Still, regardless of this and irrespective of how many rules you put into place, a language will change and evolve along with the people that speak it. Imagine how things will change once we take to the stars. - alphaxion
Akiva, Pinker is a nativist -- very very far from a prescriptivist. He describes the evolutionary models of language in great detail. I cannot recall him writing about spelling reform one way or the other. How is he relevant to this discussion? - Stephen Mack
Wait, I'm proposing unnatural predation on irregularities! Brain hurts, must consider. - Stephen Mack
I don't see spelling as independent of syntax. - Akiva
Fine, Akiva, so let's take a few spelling examples. Suppose I'm elected supreme dictator of the universe, and I issue a decree that says from now on, all the "-ight" words in English that rhyme with "night" (might, right, sight, etc.) are to be spelled "-ite" instead. ADVANTAGES: Consistency, ease of learning, fewer letters to type. DISADVANTAGES: Spell checkers, dictionaries,... more... - Stephen Mack
Akiva, no. I'm being a stickler about English usage myself. The word "evolve" is being misused here. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Bruce, ah, sorry. Totally went right over my head. - Akiva
Bruce, I disagree. The "doughnut" to "donut" change is a perfect example of evolution in action. Look at that Chaucer excerpt earlier. All of the changes follow an evolutionary model -- things get simpler over time, due to survival of the fittest. Even Pinker, evoked earlier, describes the evolutionary model of language change similar to what we're discussing here. - Stephen Mack
Matthew, I read your post but I'm too dense to see the point you're making, sorry. - Stephen Mack
I find it ironic that Akiva misused weak when he meant week. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Stephen, sorry, but this discussion is slowly edging its way off the rails. The hypothetical you invoke is just way too unlikely to even be worth addressing, if you ask me. I might as well say, 'what if as the supreme dictator of the universe, I made red into blue'? - Akiva
@Bruce the collectivised mutations of something (language in this case) that eventually give rise to the formation of a distinct and new entity. The changes to our languages are organic in nature and certainly paralelle that of species in the natural world via many different evolutionary pressures (technology, interbreeding, random mutations as a result of generational change....) - alphaxion
There's no advantage to turning red into blue. There are numerous advantages to simplifying and regularizing spelling. My main point is to get you to consider WHY you want spelling to stay the same illogical way it is now, when it has no advantages beyond preserving (a fairly recent, in the scale of things) tradition. - Stephen Mack
Stephen, evolution creates as many irregularities as it eliminates. Why are there two correct spellings of harassment, for example. English will only get simpler by deliberate planning. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
I do think the prescriptivists are fighting a futile war. But spelling reform is just another form of prescriptivism. I say, tolerate diversity and let natural selection hone orthography. If more people favor nite over night or the single word loose instead of the two words loose/lose, then that's the way the language will go. Nothing you or I can do is going to stop it. - Victor Ganata
Stephen, the point is, you can't regulate either spelling nor grammar. They can and will change over time. - alphaxion
(Gah, three excellent comments within seconds of each other, and I want to respond to all three. Want threaded comments.) - Stephen Mack
Matthew, I'm missing the "too much pretty" reference. - Stephen Mack
(Pounces, claws extended, on the either/nor pairing in alphaxion's comment.). :-) - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Let me be clear: The dictator example is a hypothetical, and I'm not actually advocating we force wholesale spelling reform down anyone's throat. Instead, I'm asking people to examine their biases and beliefs. Previously I was a spelling snob. I made spelling flames. Despite believing in the abstract that I was a descriptionist, I was actually behaving as a prescriptivist. However, in... more... - Stephen Mack
For English spelling reform, we may have to look to other languages to lead the way. Filipino, the official language of the Philippines (which is really just a standardized dialect of Tagalog) basically incorporates tons of English words, but has changed the orthography to match the conventions of written Filipino, which is close to being completely phonetic. I understand Japanese kind... more... - Victor Ganata
Matthew, the Chaucer excerpt refutes the backwards-compatibility notion. I find Esperanto ridiculous, because it was mandated, not evolved. Almost no one wants to learn a whole new language just because they find English too complex or irregular. I agree with the rest of your comment. You illustrate the point I'm making perfectly. Before, I was acting as an agent resisting language... more... - Stephen Mack
My point, though, is that there have never been any brakes, and anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling themselves. - Victor Ganata
It shows that language changes and doesn't have to be backwards-compatible. - Stephen Mack
Matthew, true. I just think it'll be more dramatic when we start borrowing back from languages that are completely outside the Indo-European family of languages. - Victor Ganata
Victor: English borrowing words from other languages is a fait accompli. - Andy Dustman
Victor: Suppose someone says to you, "Good nite!" and you say back to them, "You miseducated nincompoop, don't say 'nite,' it's spelled 'night.'" You are acting as a "brake" as you say. Right? - Stephen Mack
Matthew, yes, that's what I mean -- apologies for use of metonymy as a grammatical shortcut. (And thank you for the literalist Panda joke.) - Stephen Mack
Matthew, that's one usage crusade you'll have to give up on. Information wants to be anthropomorphized. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Well played, Bruce. - Stephen Mack
On a more serious note, I think Stephen is making a good move by loosening up on spelling as his son starts to read and write. That fits the methodology I've seen work really well in Montessori schools. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
Twitter's ability to influence language is probably substantial. - Stephen Mack
Stephen, yeah, I see your point. On the other hand, such a response might actually act as a accelerator, if the person I said it to thought I was someone not worth listening to. - Victor Ganata
Andy, true. I was specifically thinking of English borrowing words back from languages that had originally borrowed from English, which, yeah, we've already been doing. - Victor Ganata
Kids are good at unlearning. Empower them first. Tighten up spelling later. - Bruce Lewis
If I started 'loosening up on spelling', I'd never get a job because I'm a writer and am expected to produce literate and correct copy. - Charley M
Bruce L., you're exactly right, and it's very interesting to me that proper spelling is now hardly emphasized at all in the early grades. - Stephen Mack
Charlotte, I'm not suggesting all literate and correct copy be discarded wholesale. As I mention in the blog post, business communications are one venue where we place a huge emphasis on proper spelling and grammar, and that's not going to change for generations if at all. Really I'm trying to explain why for informal discussions (such as the ones here on FF) I'm interested in personally being less of a stickler. - Stephen Mack
Clearly spelling bees are corruptors of teh youth. Won't someone please think of the children? - Andy Dustman
Andy, did you see Spellbound? Freaky how much work is involved, for obscure words that most people have never heard of. I am all for intellectual competition, but the value of the top level of competition like that really escapes me. It seems to turn the kids into stress cases. - Stephen Mack
Stephen, I have not, but spelling bees are the intellectual equivalent of beauty contests. Memorization != rational thinking - Andy Dustman
Ah, good, then your previous comment was sarcastic. (I approve.) - Stephen Mack
Enjoy your weekend, Matthew! Don't worry, the zombie of this premise will dig its way out of the coffin over time. - Stephen Mack
Yes, there's a greasy red spot where the dead horse used to be. - Andy Dustman
Is there? I missed it. Better keep on kicking to be sure. - Stephen Mack
:) I certainly don't want anyone to accuse me of wanting English to evolve solely because I don't know how to speak it. And FFers are an unusually literate bunch. - Stephen Mack
A few years ago there was a news story that tracked the rate of decrease for irregular verbs. They predicted that in another 100 years only the most important irregular verbs will be around. That is kind of strange to predict where the language will go. - Rich Thomas
Slippy, I just dislike the people who hold on to the set or rules they learned like it is set in stone. - Rich Thomas
I tried to resist, but here's an example of current day comment prose to dissect: <----- endless linguistics theories will swirl around the reason for the strategic placement of the single comma, the only punctuation whatsoever therein (if you don't count ALL CAPS as punctuation). - Micah
Six-year bump. One of my favorite conversations on FF (a little off now with some of the deleted accounts, such as Matthew DeVries and Slippy), even though I didn't get much agreement for my point of view here. - Stephen Mack
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Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
El Conejo Viejo
nationalpost: ‘Nerdy’ teen finds over 365 Viking artifacts including 60 historic coins while exploring with metal detector Danish museum officials say that an archaeological dig last year has revealed 365 items from the Viking era, including 60 rare coins. Danish National Museum spokesman Jens Christian Moesgaard says the coins have a distinctive... -
‘Nerdy’ teen finds over 365 Viking artifacts including 60 historic coins while exploring with metal detector
Danish museum officials say that an archaeological dig last year has revealed 365 items from the Viking era, including 60 rare coins.
Danish National Museum spokesman Jens Christian Moesgaard says the coins have a distinctive cross motif attributed to Norse King Harald Bluetooth, who is believed to have brought Christianity to Norway and Denmark.
Sixteen-year-old Michael Stokbro Larsen found the coins and other items with a metal detector in a field in northern Denmark. Stokbro Larsen, who often explores with his detector, said friends find him “a bit nerdy.” (AP Photo/Polfoto/Stokke Brothers)
Weird. Two brothers found them but Anglophone media only focuses on the younger one. - Spidra Webster
Jason Toney
RT @ctgla: "The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will." -Chuck Palahniuk
RT @ctgla: "The goal isn’t to live forever. The goal is to create something that will." -Chuck Palahniuk
El Conejo Viejo
allthingseurope: Rhone-Alpes, France (by jeanpierreossorio) -
Rhone-Alpes, France (by jeanpierreossorio)
Mark H
I Love Americana by Laspata DeCaro for Americana Manhasset Spring Lookbook 2012 -
I Love Americana by Laspata DeCaro for Americana Manhasset Spring Lookbook 2012
I Love Americana by Laspata DeCaro for Americana Manhasset Spring Lookbook 2012
I Love Americana by Laspata DeCaro for Americana Manhasset Spring Lookbook 2012
"Americana Manhasset Spring Lookbook 2012, I Love Americana, Photographer: Laspata DeCaro, Models: Karlie Kloss, Simon Nessman" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Awesome! :) - Ken Morley
Me when I was younger.
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Todd Hoff
Laughter is like composing Haiku or taking pictures. When you think of a scene in front of you in order to write a poem or think about how to compose a shot, you are deeply engaged with where you are at. You are seeing things beyond the surface, finding relationships, comparing, contrasting, creating meaning. Laughter is like that between people.
Gardening has the same effect for deepening my awareness with the seasons. I never paid close attention to the weather before. Hot cold etc sure, but when you worry about growing things you start paying a lot more intimate attention to frost wind sun seasons how things root and grow. Composting similarily links eating to growing to how things work together. Understanding is so relational. Those relations need to be established for wisdom to evolve - Todd Hoff from iPhone
Another magical lens is a mathematician looking for symmetry in the world. Once you start looking for symmetry it's everywhere and deeply connects form across all things. - Todd Hoff
I talked with a woman today who collects sea glass ( by the sea. I was captivated as she explained how searching for glinty bits of glass in the surf transformed her and her families experience of the beach. She loves walking the beach looking for glass and collecting it. Her friend makes art work out of it, but she just puts it in a jar she bought... more... - Todd Hoff
A man I talked with told me how he like making up stories of the people he sees. He would look closely at a person I try to see if they were sad, happy, angry, impatient, blank, or whatever and then make up a story of why they might be feeling that way. It requires a lot of emotional intelligence and imagination to carry this out. - Todd Hoff
Numeracy. By that I mean seeing things as described by numbers. It's a very different way of seeing the world. My first exposure to this way of relating to the world were stories about John von Neumann. It's certainly not how I see the world or anyone I knew at the time. The story I remember most is him looking at bicycle wheel and characterizing by numbers. He immediately signed... more... - Todd Hoff
Competition. This one is from Adam Savage. He sees deadlines and competition as a way to engage at a deeper level with his work. It's the pressure that creates a flow where he's solving problems and paying the most attention to what he's doing. - Todd Hoff
Entrepreneur. There's a type of person that sees every situation as a new business that could be created. Viewing the world this way can be exciting. It makes you inquisitive, sensitive to relationships, and fundamentally optimistic. The downside is the potential to see everything as a means instead of end. - Todd Hoff
Ritual. - Todd Hoff
Wine Tasting. It's especially fun in a group to go to a winery, look at the vines, hear the wine makers story, and try and find different flavors in the wine that backup what you've just experienced. A wine club deepens the experience a bit more. Buying futures, tasting the wine in the barrel and different points, then on release, then each year after deepens the experience even more. Food tasting in general would be similar I think. - Todd Hoff
Wish lists. Lisa Bettany on Leo's show was rhapsodising about the process of picking her ultimate camera rig. It obviously gave her a lot of pleasure to think about all the different options, roll that about in her mind, imagine what it would be like, and come up with a final list. We something similar on the Internet with question like What is your favorite X? These are often surprisingly spirited and introspective discussions. Maybe related to window shopping. - Todd Hoff
Trip joke. This is from a sailor who says on every trip to sea there develops a trip joke. It gets hammered into the deck and gets funnier as the days pass by. The funny thing, beside the joke, is the joke doesn't make any sense to the people who weren't there. It can't be explained. You had to be there in the experience. I think shared experiences are like that. People share something that can't be explained yet it is as real as rain. - Todd Hoff
Naming. This from A Very Small Farm by William Winchester. In his book he is very precise with names. He doesn't just say there was a hawk sitting on a tree. He tells you exactly what kind of hawk, some characteristics of those hawks, and the quality of his interaction with them. He tells you precisely what kind of chicken, cow, or plant he is talking about. This seems to really deepen... more... - Todd Hoff
Breeding. Also from A Very Small Farm but also from people I know who breed dogs. In Williams case it delighted in producing new breeds of seeds that improved on what went before and fit is little ecosystem better. Dog breeders are often crazy intense about producing certain qualities and their dogs and spend infinite amounts of time evaluating breeding lines, looking at dogs,... more... - Todd Hoff
Picking seeds in winter for next summer's garden. People deeply enjoy this. Planning, browsing through catalogues, imagining how the plants will grow, what they'll look like, how they will taste. - Todd Hoff
Watching children play. - Todd Hoff
"When you watch your kid doing something you taught him, that's just not a feeling you get from purchasing a new iPad. When you sit in structure you built or use a product you built you'll know the feeling. It's hard to explain but in the end, it's worth it." - Todd Hoff
Historical context & history. Knowing the history of something makes it mean more than it ever has before. It gives it layers of meaning and nuance that go way beyond a simple definition. Understanding the history of a word like brazen, for example, makes it so much more interesting. I image a definition of god as a being for whom all histories are known, so everything has ultimate meaning. - Todd Hoff
Deep dive. I was listening to these guys who are really into chillies. They grow all sorts of varieties. They had opinions on all sorts of obscure aspects of chili lore. Thy delighted in talking about how to grow them, get the seeds, cook them, dry them, preserve them, how long different kinds took took to germinate, how some tasted better dried and smoked. And on and on. It was obvious about how knowing everything about chillies gave them a great deal of pleasure. - Todd Hoff
Teasing. Playful teasing between willing participants carves out a special even sacred space, walled off from the mundane world. - Todd Hoff
Parody. In an interview with one of the homer simpsons writers he said they were always looking around for things to parody on the show. I imagine that must give you an interesting relationship with everything around you! - Todd Hoff
writing - "well, it was fun, though I think it would have been less fun if I hadn't been writing about it." -- richard todd - Todd Hoff
Walk slowly around your neighborhood and back alleys looking for where food grows in public spaces. Most people walk quickly where they need to go totally ignoring the area around their own home. This is the intriguing idea of edible maps discussed in London’s Potential for Urban Agriculture – Interview with Mikey Tomkins - More at - Todd Hoff
Esoterica. There are esoteric views for almost everything, gnosticism, kabbalah, hermeticism, alchemy, where people try to find the deeper meaning behind the surface in a way that is deeply personal. Moses just didn't get the 10 commandments, for example, he also received esoteric knowledge that is passed down orally for those who are prepared and worthy to receive it. Is this true? Who... more... - Todd Hoff
vacation. Being on vacation changes even your perception of things you see everyday. - Todd Hoff
magic. When are trying to find the trick behind a magic trick you are viewing a scene in a completely different way than normal life. Ironically it's this attentional focus that allows us to be tricked. - Todd Hoff
Teams/Groups/Quests. - Todd Hoff
Naming things. Recognizing plant names. I suck at this. But the guys at talked about walking around the neighborhood and everything is just a sea of green. Once you start learning the names of things then you start seeing familiar things all around you and it deepens your relationship. Maybe you've walked with people who know the name of everything and enjoy looking at leaves and figuring out what kind of tree or plant it is. Same with bird watching. And human watching while shopping. - Todd Hoff
Shared experience. Experience something with other people dramatically changes what you are experiencing. - Todd Hoff
gamification. Adding an extra layer of points, leveling up, challenges, groups tasks, etc to everything we do has the potential to charge and enrich otherwise mundane life. Or it can trivialize it even further. - Todd Hoff
Attraction. "Crush: a heighten awareness of were he at the gym. 'ma idiot. Everytime he walks by, I smile like an idiot." - Todd Hoff
Acquisition. Viewing something with an eye towards purchasing it is a totally different experience from a casual interaction. All those little details that didn't matter before are now near deal breakers and indignities. - Todd Hoff
Form. A poetry form like the villanelle, sonnet, haiku is restrictive, but by making you search for the right sound and and the right meaning to complete the form, a special vibrant place of possibilities is create that would not exist without the requirement of form. - Todd Hoff
Oculus. An oculus defines a sacred space between this world and the world of spirit. It's a portal between the worlds. When you see one your mind is transported to other worlds outside the typical. - Todd Hoff
Secrets. People who share a secret have an extra layer of meaning in the air. Everything is tinged with extra drama unavailable to those not participating in the secret - Todd Hoff
True that - comix aka martha
For later: sex, festival, dream, sabotage, spying, altered states, competition, play - Todd Hoff
Memory. I forget why. Oh, because everything becomes faceted with memory. Everyone can look at exactly the same scene and have a completely different experience because each person has a different set of memories. We don't live in the same world at all when you consider the power of memory. Memory is a tyrant, a box, a task master, a prison, a heaven, a torturer, a courtesan. - Todd Hoff
Hemingway on Memory: "There is never any ending to Paris and the memory of each person who has lived in it differs from that of any other." ( - Todd Hoff
sympathy. Yeats wrote about how the shared experience of sympathy bound together he and his lady love. Shared experiences and sentiments roughen usually hard, glassy, repulsive surfaces so that a spiritual glue can be applied, making unlike things as one. - Todd Hoff
Style. Style creates a sort of sacred space where they stylish person separates themselves out from the unstylish. Tattoos, military garb, athletic uniforms, branded tshirts, religious garb, musical style, dance style, all serve the purpose of separation and enchantment. - Todd Hoff
Game player type: explorer, socializer, killer, achiever. Each player type creates a different type of game space. Most people in the world the world are not out to achieve anything. They would like to earn achievements, but don’t care much to achieve. - Todd Hoff
Echoes. Related to memories and trip jokes. But echoes are the piling up waves offset in time. So it's like rhyme in a poem, the poet setting up the rhyme for you to experience later. Repetition in music and stories. Old pictures. Snatches of memories of what has been seen, heard, experienced. All those in an echo are in a different place. - Todd Hoff
Aftershock. A combination of memory and echo. When an after shock occurs, both actual and metaphorical, there's a space of simultaneity created where the fear of the past event rushes back to the present and infects the future. Each aftershock thereafter participates in the effect of all the previous aftershocks so all the pain a dread piles up like a compression wave. A truly powerful effect. - Todd Hoff
Provenance. This one is inspired by Paul Bloom and How Pleasure Works. He talks a lot about essentialism. If the Mona Lisa were duplicated exactly we would still like the original better. Our lucky penny is identical to any other penny but any other penny won't do. A sweater touched by JFK is more valuable than a sweater owned by JFK but that was dry cleaned. My carrot that I grow... more... - Todd Hoff
Manipulation. From the Huntress...Paul McClure walked me through how the pro's get the emotion in their shots. They take five or six bracketed frames at different exposures of the same shot and then overlap them in a photoshop type program. - Todd Hoff
Competition. Listening to athletes talk about that experience of being in the moment of a fierce competition struck me immediately as a powerful separate space completely separate from everyday experience. - Todd Hoff
Filters. You know when on TV they light up a building with infrared and all of sudden you can see these little glowing lights that are people? In the forest a heavy dew is like that for spider webs. Spider webs are nearly invisible. Look at a patch of forest and there's nothing. Then have a heavy morning dew, it lights up that patch of forest and spider webs are everywhere.... more... - Todd Hoff
Time Capsules. We've made a couple time capsules on our property. They only contain pictures of the house and the area, but I can imagine someone discovering them one day, opening, and reliving a bit of our past, just as I'm imagining a bit of their future. - Todd Hoff
Drunk in burka.
Where'd the hijab come from? - Katy S
Some random Japanese chick who is also at happy hour. - Derrick
is she drunk too? - Jim #teamFFrank
Japanese hijab? Does not compute. - Rochelle
Take me now! - sofarsoShawn
That's so cute it's hilarious/scary/silly/awesome. - iTad
Lookin' good! - veo
D - you look content! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
ohhh! heee! god, you're cute. :) - edythe
When I first came on to ff today, this is what I saw at the top of the feed. As I leave, it is at the top again. Thus, I both start and end the day smiling. - Katy S
It looks just like Derrick is about to say "Goo goo ga ga" - iTad
I'm just gonna go ahead and let this be my embarrassing photo meme entry. - Derrick
why, hello thar - Mark Davidson
alalalalalala! - Michael Forian
GET OFF MY LAWN! - Jack&Cleo
Is soo cute also. - Brent - Yes I am
Brent, I've been cute since I was six weeks premature. Trust. :) - Derrick
Cute!!! :D - Bee
still loving this. - edythe
Yellow becomes you. - Brent - Yes I am
Why won't this picture die? - Derrick
because you are just so darn cute! - comix aka martha
Cuz it's all kinds of hilarious? - Rahsheen
Now there is a compliment - Ya beat out a basset hound - Brent - Yes I am
*cries* - Derrick
Just goes to show, you never know what's under some of those burkas. - Katy S
I nominate this as the cutest picture of a black guy that's been posted to Friend Feed. And seconds? - iTad
Is Rah "cute"? He might prefer handsome. LOL - iTad
Bump for good times. - Mark Krynsky
Mark, you're bumping some great shots! This one always makes me smile. - LB needs a vacation
I'm crushing on D even more now - I love this pic! That day was so funny with all the drunken tweets and posts! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Lord have mercy, I don't even remember that day. - Derrick
I still love this one! - LB needs a vacation
*Sigh* - Derrick
Srsly, could D. be cuter? - Ayşe E.
Awww - good start to Monday :) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
I do love this! - Katy S
Y'all know I have to bump this. It makes me smile. Love you, D! - LB needs a vacation
Bumping for Derrick's birthday! This is my favorite photo. Like, of all time. - Jandy
I just tried to like this a second time! - Jonathan Hardesty
omg how hadn't I liked this?!?! - holly #ravingfangirl
Oh my. - Derrick
the past never goes away. it's just there, waiting to be *bump*ed. - Marie
bump. :D - mjc
Still love this so much. - LB needs a vacation
Does this bump at all? - LB needs a vacation
*attempted bump* - LB needs a vacation
RT @alanariley: Web & graphic design project bid sites are popping up everywhere. $25 for a logo? $250 for a website? Remember: You get what you pay for.
سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
ما مشهدي‌ها به نون خامه‌اي ميگيم : #نارنجك :دي - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
وای دلم خواست - Alooché
من كه مثه معتادا بدن درد گرفتم از بي شيريني :)) - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
manam delam khast yani viare?D: - sadegh
صد در صد ! شك نكن بهش :دي - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
نه ديگه در اون حد .. اين يكي خيلي خاصه :)) - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
محسن حساب لايكهاتو نيگه ميدارم وقتي درست شد بايد بياي جبران كنيا :دي - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
mushako khub umadi:))) - sadegh
نبينم مسخره كنينااااااااااا - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
na baba ma ham migim narenjak:))) - sadegh
مگه مشهدي هستي؟ :ي - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
na vali aghvame mashhadi ziad darim:D - sadegh
افتخار كن :دي - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
chashm:D - sadegh
ما هم میگیم نارنجک :دی - GỠli
آفرين پسمل گل :دي - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
Odd Girl : تو ديگه چرا ميگي؟ :دي - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
شیرازیا میگن نارنجکووو:D - Fereshteh
:))) smiley khar kardane bacheee:D - sadegh
فرشته :آآآآآخيييي ... ني دونستم ... مرسي از اطلاع رساني :دي - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
صادق : دور از جون !‌ خر كردن كجا بود بابا ! برعكس عجيب بود كه بدونه لجبازي گفتي چشم !!!‌ در نتيجه لايقه تشويق هستي شما :)))))))) - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
ahan az un lahaz:D vali ye kuchulu ke khar kardan bud?:Dnaaaa?:)) - sadegh
نــــــــــــــــه به جونه رهبر :دي - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
من خودمم تا پیارسال نمیدونستم یه بار رفتم شیرینی فروشی گفتم از این نون خامه ای ها بدین گفت منظورت نارنجکووو هستش گفتم والا اسمشو نمیدونم از همونا بدین:)) - Fereshteh
برعكس من رفته بودم تهرون گفتم نارنجك بدين .. آقاي فروشنده گفت : جاااااااااااااااان؟ O.o :))))))))))) - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
هرچی هست اسمش خیلیییییییی دوست دارم طعمشو هعیییییییی دلم خیلی خواست:D - Fereshteh
آره واسه همينه كه منم الان ويارشو دارم :)) - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
دقیقا به همون دلیل رگ مشهدی :دی - GỠli
ايوووووووووووووووول پس همشههههههههههههههري هستييييييييم !!!!!!! دمت جيييييييييييييز :**** - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
:* - GỠli
واقعا چقدر مشهدی اینجاست احساس تنهایی کردم!:دی شیرازی پیدا نمیشه یعنی؟:دی این مشهدیا چقدر هوای همدیگه رو دارن:D - Fereshteh
نوشين شيرازيه ... فاطي هم فك كنم - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
شمام مشهدي هستي؟ - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
خوشوقتم همشهري :) - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
بشينيم دس جمي بخوريم حال ميده - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
محمد تو هميشه جنبه‌ي كثافت هر چيزي رو در نظر بگير :)))))) - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
نوووووش جووووووونت محمد جوووووونم .... اينقد كه من عاشقتم :) - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
مرسي ژوييه بابت لينك و دعوت و اينا :) - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
تو صورت من كه ديگه نه عزييييييييييييزم =)) //// واي واي اين چند روز چه مهربون شدم من با تو ... كم كم داره ترس برم ميداره محمد :)))))))) - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
تازه بوست كنم اين شكلي ميشي : O.O =))))))))))))))))))))) - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
منم یه بار رفتم شیرینی فروشی ، ناخودآگاه چون تو خونه میگن منم خواسم نبود گفتم نارنجک دارید ؟؟ ،، طرف قیافه رو دید کپ کرد، گفت اصطلاح بچه بسیجیاس ؟؟ :دی - lenin
منم می خوام - روشنگر
وای اگر بدونید من الان چند وقته ذهنم در گیر این بود که نارنجک چه جور شیرینی هست!!!سپاس که منو از نادانی در اوردین:)) - ««ریشه یاب»» Ehsan
خب يه فيد ميزدي سوال ميكردي :دي - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
بابا گفتم منم می خوام :( - روشنگر
من خودم ندارم .. از كجا بيارم برا تو !؟ :دي - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
جالبه ! اولين نفري هستي كه اينو ميشنفم :دي ... از چيش بدت مياد؟ - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
آره ! ميدوني چرا خيلياشون خوشمزه نيستن !؟ چون بجاي خامه از سفيده‌ي تخم مرغه زده شده استفاده ميكنند !! واسه اينكه خوشمزه از كار درنمياد ! اگه خودت توي خونه درست كني با خامه يا حتي قنادي‌هايي كه مطمئن باشي از خامه استفاده ميكنن (كه بعيد ميدونم!) هيچوقت بدت نمياد :دي - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
=))))))) برعكس من ! آخرشم بايد با يه مرده شيريني فروش ازدباج كنم - سمانه از جنس آسمون پاك
=p~ - بهنامی
نارنجکی که از توش خامه میاد بیرون :دی - بهنامی
Mary Carmen
I got an ipad and an awesome knitting book from Colleen. Happy early birthday to me!
Photo on 2011-06-03 at 21.13.jpg
I need Colleen to be my friend. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫ from iPod
Awww, Maurice. I'll send you a knitting book. ;) - LB needs a vacation from YouFeed
Oops, that sentence reads wrong. The iPad is from Scott. But Colleen has warned me to check my mail, so who knows what surprise awaits. - Mary Carmen
For a second there I thought Colleen won the lottery :D - Shannon - GlassMistress
LOL - I was going to say, "I wish, but iPad is not from me!" Yay! i thought the monsters were adorable, and with all teh little nieces and nephews you've got running around.... ;) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
♥ - Alix May
Happy Early Birthday :D - comix aka martha
one-pan dark chocolate chunk skillet cookie -
one-pan dark chocolate chunk skillet cookie
Show all
"To make this, since it is such a simple recipe, use the very best ingredients you can. It’s very high in calories, so make each one count for something. You wouldn’t want to use crappy flour, or crappy margarine or fake vanilla. That would lessen the flavor, lessen the experience, and still make you fat. Best to use the best." - Derrick from Bookmarklet
To me, a "cookie" is a single serving. - DJF
This may not be #FARP -approved, but I approve. The vanilla ice cream serving suggestion puts it over the top. - Julian
Totally not #FARP but wow. - Derrick
*jaw drops* - Jandy
You have to have ice cream with it. What else would cut the sweetness? - Yolanda
I'll go halvsies with you, Derrick. - Louis Gray
I have a smaller cast iron skillet that would be appropriate for making a restaurant-sized dessert portion. - Julian
yum :) - Elena
ginger, I can't have this in my house! - Derrick
*gets ready to fight ginger and LB for this* - Jandy
"very high in calories..." Just to be evil, I tried to calculate that. Can't: Unclear how much chocolate it takes to make a cup of chunks. 4 oz? 8 oz? (Probably somewhere in between.) Consider it the Awesome Blossom cutoff: If the former, then that cookie has fewer calories than the fat-bomb/sodium-bomb that Chili's serves. If the latter, then...well, slightly more. - walt crawford
Awww... I only have a 12 inch pan. - Alix May
Double the recipe! - Derrick
*rolls up sleeves and brandishes fork menacingly at Jandy* - LB needs a vacation
I want this. I want this now. I would show that cookie who's boss. (I don't, however, get to make it without enough people around to share it so I only got one bite) - ellbeecee
What ellbeecee said. Especially the part about showing that cookie who is boss. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
What restaurant used to do something like this? Not that it matters, though. I'd eat that like <MESSAGE REDACTED> - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
BJ's Brewhouse. - Derrick
oh, those cookies at BJ's are something. - holly #ravingfangirl
Now I'm hungry for an Old Chicago big ass cookie, thanks, D. :D - Scoble, Alex Scoble
come to daddy. - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
@DJF: and to me, this *is* a single serving. - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
i keep hiding this big piece of WANT, but it keeps coming up, :( also - chaz2b
Read the recipe again. REAL. BUTTER. FTW. I think I'll plan to keep these ingredients on hand at all times. One addition I might make: walnuts. Lightly toasted, of course. - Julian
Nomnomnom. - LB needs a vacation
"Crappy margarine." Is there any other kind? - Dave Roth
"I feel like I wanna rage... [stares directly into camera] RIGHT NOW." - Julian
Thought about going out earlier to get the ingredients to make this. I would then proceed to attempt to pwn the whole pan. - Julian
Hrm...might be time to revisit my old friend. With a gentle swirl of Nutella just before putting it in the oven... - Derrick
I, too, have thought of this recently (though not with Nutella... mmm...). - Julian
I'll be making this cookie again this week. The grocery store has good ice cream on sale. - Julian
I just ordered an 8-in cast iron skillet. I've been making it in a 8x8 baking pan. - Derrick
how do I like this again? - maʀtha
I forgot the Nutella! But I did put extra vanilla and chocolate. Cause I love extra vanilla and chocolate. - Derrick
Sounds tasty! - LB needs a vacation
You can always make another one... - Julian
... or top with Nutella later. - Julian
I love you guys, but I will sanction any one of you who would get between me and this. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Mark H
"Every so often you cross roads with people that have undoubtably been born with a gift. Swedish Linnea Jacobson is one of those people. In mid March this year Linnea, 13(!) years of age at the time, contacted me and asked if she could shoot something for Ben Trovato. True enough, Ben Trovato is and has always been about promoting the up and coming, but we have never before worked with anyone of that age before." - Mark H from Bookmarklet
"Linnea says this about her story: “- I wanted to try something new and started thinking of a shoot inspired by the royal, and chicness, and it became some sort of royal chicness. Photography wise the shoot is inspired by Camilla Åkrans, and her many indoor shoots. I got help from to pick out some dresses that would match with the chicness and it all came out lovely I think. Not completely my style of photography, but I find it so fun trying new styles.”" - Mark H
"Photography – Linnea Jacobson (, Model – Ebba Zingmark (, Assistant – Elin Stoltz, Fashion provided by (" - Mark H
Mark H
"Neon Rocks – Lisa Akkeson makes a beachside escape for the May issue of Gala Magazine. Donning a vibrant wardrobed pieced together by fashion editor Claudia Scholtan, Lisa luxuriates in the designs of Prada, Jil Sander and Burberry among other labels in Koray Birand’s dreamlike images. / Hair and Makeup by Makris" - Mark H from Bookmarklet
Andrew C (✔)
I reject the "political compass" on the grounds that it comes from a very right-libertarian view of the world and is fairly incompatible with my view of the world. (I actually came to this from a libertarian explaining the weakness of the Nolan chart.)
Funny, as a strict libertarian I found it uselessly flawed as well. - Alex Scrivener
Oh shoot, I forgot to link that explanation I mentioned. Well, it's here: - Andrew C (✔)
The actual Nolan chart makes more sense to me than the axes used on this quiz, though - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Hah, fair enough, but it's still a pretty goofy scheme for understanding the left. Works great for understanding the right, though. - Andrew C (✔)
I think in the U.S., it works better because what we call the Left is really just whatever isn't the Right. We haven't had a true Left wing here since the 1920s - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Damn it, Andrew. I have spent all night reading that guy's websites. The colors are awful! - Alex Scrivener
Haha, every time I pass along those links I have to apologize for the guy's atrocious sense of graphic design. - Andrew C (✔)
He's a libertarian, he's free to use no design at all if he so chooses. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
And I am free to call him on his hideous choices. I love freedom! - Alex Scrivener
Where's responsibility? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
At the top of the chart. - Alex Scrivener
I think it's useful for visualizing the possibilities that lie outside of mainstream American politics, which is almost entirely in the upper right quadrant. The quiz that underlies it, though, is very flawed. - John (bird whisperer)
Well, that quiz2d link I shared explains some of my problems with the Nolan chart, but this Political Compass one, left-right vs authoritarian-libertarian really doesn't define left or right /at all/, and IMO those terms are more nebulous than authoritarian or libertarian, so... I find either of the popular forms pretty lacking. - Andrew C (✔)
bump since the chart is going around again. - Andrew C (✔)
Hasan Yalcin
Mark H
ezgisch 
The Photography Link » Blog Archive » ph. Ville Varumo’s ‘Virgin Homicides’ for The Ones2Watch -
The Photography Link » Blog Archive » ph. Ville Varumo’s ‘Virgin Homicides’ for The Ones2Watch
The Photography Link » Blog Archive » ph. Ville Varumo’s ‘Virgin Homicides’ for The Ones2Watch
The Photography Link » Blog Archive » ph. Ville Varumo’s ‘Virgin Homicides’ for The Ones2Watch
Scoble, Alex Scoble
It occurs to me that now may be a good time to move to Canada. The US is imploding.
I tried to warn you. - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
I just made sure that Harold got his first passport a couple of weeks ago, and I'll renew mine next year (right before it expires). - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I suppose you could apply for refugee status. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I'm thinking that Europe would be a option... - Harold
It's imploding? I must've missed something while I was out. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Not enough government. - Alex Scrivener
Look at all of the 50 state budgets, Jimminy and see how much they are slashing education budgets. Our classrooms are already overfilled. Teachers overworked, underpaid and stressed out. This situation will have dire consequences for America that I think will be hard to get out of. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from YouFeed
The US is not imploding. It's going through a difficult time, that's all. If you want to see imploding, look at Libya. - Soup in a TARDIS
Maybe we should try to get involved in primary elections, before the choices are whittled down to just bad ones for the general election. - Bruce Lewis
Not yet but when gas hits $5/gal and the 2nd wave of foreclosures happens its going to get very ugly. I'm guessing when the cheap crap from China starts to get expensive.... - WarLord
What do you mean "when" gas hits $5/gal? We've already got that in parts of CA. - Soup in a TARDIS
:) Wait till after April 2nd & the election results roll in, you may change your mind. Especially if Harper gets his Conservative majority. It's doubtful, but you never know. - sofarsoShawn
May 2 you mean? - Brian Sullivan
Indeed, Shawn. Scott & I are watching the election with great interest. I'd never realized that "coalition" was a swear word before hearing Harper pronounce it. - Ordinarybug Heather
And just when I was going to share my fried chicken with you. Huh. More for me. - Derrick
Fried chicken? - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Here, have some poutine. - barbara fister
LOL, Ha3rvey, it's a trap. :) Derrick knows where I live, so to speak. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from YouFeed
Homemade. With biscuits on the side. Maybe some mashed and gravy too. - Derrick
Agreed with Soup. Gas in Vancouver is above $5/gal right now. - Andrew C (✔)
Conservatives? No worries. As Jon Stewart recognized, Canadian Conservatives are the American equivalent of the "Gay Nader Fans for Peace" . :) - Ken Morley
See. He knows my weakness. - Scoble, Alex Scoble from YouFeed
You're welcome, camarade! Take a sip from this wine, et le fromage? Succulent! Maple Syrup and some Canucks' hockey, yes, there's no place like Canada! *using a forced French accent* 8) Unless you actually preferred living west with Micah and AJ, there's also Whistler for the nature-minding potential you. Be worried of losing access to US-only content, it may be hard to let go lol. - Zu from AOD from iPhone
Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu
Saniyede yarım Gb? Öeh be! - Özer (Wrzl) Dölekoğlu from Bookmarklet
but google is more quick. 3ms. - Nucro
Plus, Google's upload speed is nearly twice as fast as Apple's. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
A.Emrah Orak
Dating Question: How much younger would you date, especially if you are looking to settle down?
No more than a few years younger than myself. - Jenny
-3 years younger. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
I think no younger than 5 years younger than myself. At least not under 30. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I think my wife would be pretty upset if I dated anyone younger than me (or anyone else, for that matter) :) Seriously, though, I very rarely dated anyone younger than me; I always went for women 1-5 years older than me. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Jeremy, half your age + 7. - Akiva
April is 4.5 years older than I am. - Kevin L
For the record, Rochelle is 9 years younger than I am. The older I get, the younger my girlfriends have gotten. I rock it like that. - Akiva
There is a decimal point in there! - Kevin L
Akiva, based on that, 25 is the low end of my range: not a chance I'd be comfortable with that. But I'd say...5 years younger to 8-10 years older. - ellbeecee
as young as 24, as old as 50. But....*singing - You must be a special lady....And a very exciting girl....You gotta be a special lady...You gotta be sitting on top of the world, sitting on top of the world!....Somehow I knew, it would be you...that changed my grey skies to blue...* - Morgan
If I ever started dating again it would mean my wife finally got tired of me. I would be looking for my midlife crisis trophy wife. She would have to be 20 years younger than me. - Alan
Do you think it's different for a man to date a younger woman than a woman to do the same? - Shevonne
4-6 years. - El Conejo Viejo
Shawn is over 3 years younger than me. I think that's probably the most I could do - even with that age difference we lose a lot of generational references. But I am immature for my age (in many ways), he's mature for his (in many ways), so I think we meet in the middle mostly in that respect. I got teased pretty mercilessly when we were dating, but we were 16 and 19 when we met/17 and 20 when we were dating. I don't know that a guy would've been teased the way I was. - Alix May
I am 5 years older than the time we dated I had to endure all if the Stella got her groove back comments so I wouldn't go younger than that - furrworld
I think they are the same. Older guy w/ younger woman is pretty darn common worldwide. But with the tables turning in recent years, resulting in Sugar Mama's, Cougars, Girl Power and all the things that should have been around from the beginning, it's pretty much normal to have the Older Woman, younger man combo show up. And on a personal note - When you buy a dog, you usually buy a puppy.... - Morgan
age should never be a criteria - Peter Dawson
I think in todays lifestyle .. its ok both ways..look at Micheal dougles and Catherine Zeta..and now look at Demi Moore and Ashton whatever..u know what I mean.. the guy who was punked show - Peter Dawson
You mean Ashton Kutcher? The king of Twitter? - Rahsheen
king of twitter ? who died and made him King ? - Peter Dawson
Didn't he start all this race to 1 million followers crap? - Rahsheen
1/2 + 7 - Alex Scrivener
@LogEx I used to think like you do; however, after being married to a much older woman, I find that unless you're both after the same life goals, you're going to have problems. Unfortunately, I wouldn't advise people to date or marry more than a certain number of years apart, regardless of emotional or intellectual maturity. - Just another Bubba
Probably no more than 10 years younger. Josh is 4 years younger than me. - Melly
No more that 10 years younger. Preferably she would have had children already or does not want any kids. I already have two. - Jeff P. Henderson
depends on what state I am in. - Anthony Citrano from BuddyFeed
10 younger, settling down, 10 older :) - sofarsoShawn
+/- 5 years - Tamara J. B.
I found a super-sweet guy, who just happened to be 13.5 years younger than me. Emotionally and mentally we meet in the middle, as soneone else said I also tend to be a bit immature at times for my age, and he tends to be a bit more mature, so it works out nicely. Lots of folks have called me a cougar, but my husband just calls me kitty. :D Age wasn't a criteria for us, but life goals, values, and goofiness levels were. Turns out, we're pretty much made for each other. I was just made a bit earlier. - Bette Cooper
Three or four. Close enough, I think, in maturity levels. Don't wanna be a momma. Don't need a daddy. - #cryptic
I used to think about three years younger. Then I met this incredible woman who was 23 when I was 28 and I let myself talk me out of it and I've been kicking myself ever since. So I guess the lesson is: five! - Andrew C (✔)
my rule (recently broken with heavy toll): girls over 27, and i have a thing for women 2 years older than me - it's a pattern. no more than 5 years apart (i'm 33) - Alexandre Gamela from twhirl
The secret of a happy age difference formula remains a secret. - Dave Richardson
I'm not sure. I am more interested in maturity, but I'll say 5 years younger. - Valley
from experience: +11/-15 - earlyadopter
Håkan Dahlström
ezgisch 
AJ Kohn
Question: Is it news that Google is cribbing features from FriendFeed?
?? - Anne Bouey
define "cribbing"? - sofarsoShawn
I'm assuming using it as a reference for their own features. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Isn't everyone doing it? FriendFeed will never get the credit it deserves. - Rahsheen from Android
Well, look at how Google implemented their new 'block sites' feature - it's essentially a watered down version of the Hide feature here, even down to the placement of messaging and interaction design. [edit] Screenshots of both make it pretty clear that they took the idea from FriendFeed. And that's just fine really, I like the feature. - AJ Kohn
OK I get it now, yup, everyone's doing it, most obvious of course is Face(Feed)Book & the Home Feed: Most Popular/Most Recent, then there's Twitter, Buzz, however this is the first I can recall hearing regarding search engine results, interesting, and yeah good feature - sofarsoShawn
Yes, Facebook is trying to morph into FriendFeed but it's a sloooooow process. Buzz was almost a complete homage to FriendFeed. But ... seeing this in search was a bit surprising. A good surprise mind you. [edit] So perhaps I'll mention the cribbing in my blog post but not make it the central theme. - AJ Kohn
I want Google to love FriendFeed, if they couldn't just acquire it, be inspired by it is very cool to me.. I talked recently about the FriendFeedization on Facebook, and it is maybe around the corner. Not that they haven't tried in previous years with the bottom-left notification to replace a moving interactive wall, or tried 3-4 times with the post comments updating in real-time.... more... - Zu from AOD
Yes, I have the sense that Google may regret not scooping up FriendFeed. I agree that Facebook's A/B testing has seemed like a way to soften up a rather rigid user base. I think the recent Facebook EdgeRank update that only shows news feed items from those you interact with the most is a lazy way to create FriendFeed's curated home feed. Bret and the rest of the FriendFeed team have done a lot for Facebook, enough that I don't run screaming from it every time I visit. But it's still no FriendFeed. - AJ Kohn
So true on the EdgeRank! It was at that point of time I remember even in direct reverse chronological order, really obvious to the analyzing eye from day to day. Which creates issues when having a lot of people friended, that you will actually tend to think less about them because they won't appear, because you haven't made a move yet, which is essential for it to be the intended user experience for someone who would go in less steps. - Zu from AOD
Facebook has a long way to go if it's going to be like Friendfeed. The recent change to show photos/images in an overlay rather than on a click through to the photo's page (I don't know how I always end up invoke this, but it's kind of annoying, since I open up items on separate tabs and the click often opens it up in an overlay) is unlike Friendfeed. That there's specific UI to upload... more... - Andy Bakun
the overlay is easy to defeat. - Big Joe Silenced
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