Please stop calling the 1187 "volunteer" phone number, it's hurting them tying up the line. They asked me to tell ppl #centraltxfires
I noticed this morning on my phone Verizon 4G/LTE finally made it to Austin!
Giovanni talks about Google+ marketing tips and tricks at our next meetup!
Diet soda makes you a fatty? Best to avoid for many reasons, but I'm not convinced correlation = causation here
Adwords fail: "Your American Express can't be automatically charged because of the following reason: No reason given"
Finally threw thesis on my Adam Alter blog too bad I never actually post to it ;)
Our next meetup is up. Volusion covers ecommerce from ground up!
Google shares some great mobile stats to interest advertisers
Google shares some great mobile stats to interest advertisers
Facebook Launches ‘Send’ Button For More Selective Sharing, Announces 50 Million ‘Groups’ via @techcrunch
Freebirds World Burrito (4/5) -
"It's become my favorite place to eat because it's close to my work and great healthy options. I get the freedom salad with both chicken and steak. No dressing, just beans and salsa, it's great!" - Adam Alter
Amazon & EC2 went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, EC2 went down which made us frown, will Amazon come tumbling after?
SEM=Blowing $250k in a month "testing" followed by turning $3mil into $5mil over the following 3 months-rinse/repeat
I confided in my 6 yr old daughter that I don't really build and market online companies, but I rob banks. She promised not to tell anyone.
Time travel isn't allowed on TV in China. They say it disrespects history
Can't believe I missed this news from last week: Ebay is adding 1,000 new jobs in Austin!
We just launched Apartment Pirate to help people find "apARRRRR-tments" ;)
Google removes Google Places from the index for being a “Content Farm” lulz!
Wow, Google removed QR codes from Places where businesses would print them from and put in their windows. This mean they're targeting NFC?
BBB accreditation standards requires members to openly disclose ALL pricing on their websites, yet they hide the cost to join the program!
We just launched on a completely new platform. If anyone sees any bugs please let me know.
Google buys Is this a step towards pushing out insurance leadgen companies?
I'll be with at #LeadsCon next week in Vegas. Anyone going that wants to meet up, let me know!
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I just registered for PubCon Austin 2011! @PubCon
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