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Applications for PacBio circular consensus sequencing via @prismatic
I'm speaking at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference tomorrow
when you pause, you lose
Process and memory affinity: why do you care?
bro do you even petascale?
How to use a million-core supercomputer—without it blowing up in your face
RT @igrigorik: High performance networking in Google Chrome:
do you even Lisp?
do you even lisp?
SGI Announces Software Support for Xeon Phi via @prismatic
Windows is checking for a solution to the problem...
Raspberry Pi versus Amazon EC2 in Nginx page requests per seconds |
XBMC launches official “end-user friendly” release for Android
Watching @mza on the the #reinvent live stream
♫ Shadowboxin' – Genius/GZA, Method Man #Spotify
Bill Cooper with a super fast guillotine (2009)
Bill Cooper with a super fast guillotine (2009)
do bodyweight squats while your code is compiling #lifehacks
Weighed in 153.8
PSC Presents Sherlock, a YarcData uRiKa System for Big Data Analytics via @prismatic
Introducing Shiny: Easy web applications in R - #rstats #rstudio
♫ Slow Down Gandhi – Sage Francis #Spotify
♫ Makeshift Patriot – Sage Francis #Spotify
high-calorie coffee: @bulletproofexec beans, MCT oil, grass-fed butter
No power. MiFi dead. Heading to coffee shop #doinworkson
listen ♫ Skelethon – Aesop Rock #Spotify
the latest Aesop Rock ♫ Skelethon – Aesop Rock #Spotify
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