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"We’ve seen 50x YouTube content consumption for the same videos on a traditional media owned & operated property"
RT @sfiegerman: "If you bought $1,000 worth of Google stock at the time of the IPO, it would now be worth $13,932.”
Ballmer owning the Clippers is going to be a very good thing for YouTube
Bankers are increasingly getting cut out of large tech acquisitions
RT @moneyries: Whoa: Somebody live-tweeted the killing of Michael Brown #Ferguson (h/t @7im)
RT @FestivalOfMedia: We are delighted to have @adamostrow, chief strategy officer, @mashable, as one of the speakers for #FOMLA14
RT @mkriak: .@Snapchat is now More Popular Than @Twitter Amongst 18-34 Year-Olds [STUDY] via @alltwtr
Why Branded Short Films Rope in Famous Faces
Love what we're going to be doing with @theretronaut + history at @Mashable. via @mashable
Great read on how the Yahoo/Alibaba deal came together back in 2005
Perhaps the most important @Drake app since Drake Shake
My 19th hole is the best hole today @ Island Country Club
RT @louiseroug: What's going on in Iraq? Mashable has live updates here:
Never knew there was a John Daly cocktail (an Arnold Palmer w/ vodka). #golfhumor @ Delta Terminal -…
RT @StephLizWalden: Check out this @mashable/@dailymuse collaboration! Free beginner's guide to using #socialmedia in the #JobSearch
The evolution of Mashable business cards #tbt @ Mashable
Our new video infographics! RT @brandlab Weather hasn't been very consistent lately, but Big Data helps #TheMine
Why article pages are going big on photos "Part of the rationale has to do with the decline of the homepage"
RT @RichBTIG: Look what @reedhastings posted publicly on his Facebook acct today - @Netflix surpassing HBO in sub revenues $NFLX
RT @AmandaWills: Is RT a real news outlet or just Putin's mouthpiece? We went to Russia to find out.
RT @dailymuse: This free class will help you look WAY more attractive to employers: #jobhunt @mashable
Sounds like Fox/Time Warner is no sure thing
Having a simple, easy to pronounce name apparently gives you a huge edge in life
I'm guessing there are already some really strong headlines out there about Bon Jovi's interest in buying the Buffalo Bills ...
I'm guessing there are already some really strong headlines out there about Bon Jovi's interesting in buying the Buffalo Bills ...
Maybe my favorite thing posted to the Internet this year #WhiteMamba RT @Scalabrine I'm Coming Home
A new way to consume @Mashable: listen to it on your commute using @umanoapp
Mobile internet revenue to hit $700B in 4 years (mostly mobile commerce)
I think the time has come to retire the phrase "poised to take over the world" unless you mean it literally
RT @LanceUlanoff: Fascinating: Mysterious Ship Found in World Trade Center Ruins Is From the 1700s
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