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Also way to go Los Angeles coffee!
I'm sure everyone's been saying this, but I really want to hang out with the lady in the video listening to music on her Amazon Fire TV.
RT @owengood: This is why Kickstarter is such a triumph: Silicon Valley figured out a way to offload all the risk of a new venture onto the consumer.
RT @smarty: "Welcome to Facebook"
RT @waxpancake: I can palpably feel the oxygen sucked out of the room. Infinite bright possibilities from indie game devs, quietly shelved.
Anyone I know in NY have an Xbox Kinect with the regular, computer-friendly USB connector I could borrow? Eh??
NSFW ketchup @ Shake Shack
Really, really cool
"If you’re not enjoying it it’s easy to remove. Go to App Tray > Widgets > press and hold Spotlight Player > drag to App Info > Tap Disable"
So, I got a Moto X. It comes loaded with a nagware-style Spotlight Stories app I had to look up how to disable.
fun times: visualizes where you've been w/your 4sq friends over time
Following up with tiny sushi (quarter for scale)
Made my first sushi rolls
RT @ellenflaherty: Vanessa gets last-minute music lessons from Dizzy Gillespie AND STILL performs badly at her recital. I liked it. #cosbyshow
RT @ellenflaherty: Went to the store for a healthy yogurt treat. Forgot to get a spoon. Ack! #cathyworldproblems
didn't believe it, then WHOA “@jwherrman: this is truly the most beautiful thing on the internet”
Hey Brooklyn ppl: optimum or twc for internet?
Whoa. I know I'm coming late to it, but this @arrington boat thing is a really special internet moment. Where art thou, @valleywag?
I promise I would tweet more and better #ifihadverifiedglass
Today was my quarterly twitter usage spike. See ya next time!
NY has a way more significant happy hour culture than LA. THIS BEER WAS $3 AND IS GOOD. @ No. 7
I want to thank god for all my natural talents and @AnnaHolmes for the encouragement
Big news: My first Urban Dictionary definition was approved
I've been on the internet for a long time, but today I submitted my first entry to Urban Dictionary. It's currently under review. STAY TUNED
After > 5 years of iPhone ownership, I cracked my first screen. Fuuuu :(
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