AMEN "We didn’t appreciate the simple, tactile pleasure and emotional attachment our fans have to the crispiness"
Instagram hack: withhold your 💓until poster replies to your comment. If the reply is good, reward poster with 💓.
You know what still fucking amazes me about the internet? I can google "michelle tanner thumbs up" and
A really good move is the parenthetical in all caps (SCREAMING WHILE WHISPERING)
My inbox has been chilling at a cool 999 for weeks #inbox999 #dial999ifyoureallywantthetruth
best answers, in order: sploosh – @mathowie faRT – @mihirpatkar double dipping – @notfabrice Best serious answer is "Favrted" – @jonadair
*please reply in retweets only*
If you could filter your twitter stream to a retweet-only stream, would twitter quickly get a lot better or a lot worse?
2006 - INT TGI FRIDAYS, HEATHROW AIRPORT Cool American DUDE flags down British WAITER. DUDE Are these pops bottomless?
RT @hmason: I'm excited to share what I've been working on! @FastForwardLabs
loopPoop() “@mattbraga: is great, right down to the source code”
thanks everyone!
So, two really good options for cheap anytime flights: 1) search -> click bar chart icon 2)
Is there anything really good at finding cheap airline tickets b/w two places with no particular timeline for when?
So should I focus on increasing how many impressions I earn or on improving my rate of engagement? ENGAGE WITH ME PEOPLE!!!
to be fair, who could really have guessed that a three-hour keynote would test people's patience?
I got excited for a second that we weren't still just talking about pictures under glass
RT @shawnsebastian: Celebrating Twitter FINALLY allowing gifs -- Cosby Style! with! cc: @adampash and @ellenflaherty
anyone know if the twitter gif support includes twitter cards?
A reminder: Friday afternoon is perfect for wasting time making gifs w/your coworkers #tGIF
new best typing gif “@darth: @AdamPash ok adam with animals”
current status [typing is hard]
when you disable pasting in form confirmations, that is the only time I will get it wrong
suppressed instinct to fave an email after remembering gmail stars don't work like that. BUT HOW WILL I VALIDATE YOU???
Oh wow, send money via Gmail. First time I've seen this — because I just signed up for google wallet? (I am behind)
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