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reddit is offline in protest of PROTECT IP and SOPA -
"submitted by reddit to blog." - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
gezgin on Allen Iverson gets emotional at press conference about his return to Philly -
"I'm glad to see him back on the Sixers. And it at least SEEMS like the way things have gone for him last couple years has been humbling for him... I'm curious to see how this works out. So far fans in Philly seem to like the idea" - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
gezgin on Allen Iverson gets emotional at press conference about his return to Philly -
"I'm glad to see him back on the Sixers. And it at least SEEMS like the way things have gone for him last couple years has been humbling for him... I'm curious to see how this works out. So far fans in Philly seem to like the idea" - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
Turkish mock-busters to the rescue! | -
The Istanbul-based Spielbergs and Lucases may not have the fiscal resources of their namesakes in Hollywood, or even the razzle-dazzle song-and-dance showmanship of their Indian brethren in Bollywood. But the Turkish film industry has mastered one gold-plated truth about entertaining the masses: if you rip-off an American classic, you can just sit back and watch whatever the Turkish equivalent of the dollar is, roll in. - Adam Sherk
Louis Gray
Guess What New Book I Just Got? Go On... Guess?
The author is Tamar Weinberg: Tamar is a sharp blogger and expert in all things Web, and recently became a new mom! - Louis Gray
I got mine yesterday! :) - Joshua Schnell
cool - where do we get a copy? - claire Chang
Congratulations, Tamar! :) - Mona Nomura
claire, got mine on amazon. - Joshua Schnell
It is also here at O'Reilly: - Louis Gray
When you finish it, review it please ;) (on Amazon, that is) - Tamar Weinberg
AND MOST OF ALL, ENJOY IT! - Tamar Weinberg
Can't wait to see this one...clicking on Amazon NOW (thanks for the reminder) Congrats Tamar! - mark ivey
O'Reilly sent me a review copy a week or so ago. Terrific read thus far. She is the first of the "social media" authors I've read (and that's almost all of them) who actually knew and mentioned that "social media marketing" has its roots in "social media optimization", a term coined by Rohit Bhargava. If I remember, Jason Falls had a lot of good things to say about the book as well. - Gregg Morris
do we know when it will be out? - Michael Procopio from twhirl
Tamar rules. :) - Adam Sherk
Congratulations, Tamar, I am going to subscribe to you and check out the book.... - Harold Cabezas
Grt - thx Joshua and Louis! will have to ck it out. - claire Chang
Michael, it's out. ;) - Tamar Weinberg
Right, time to get the card out - Mo Kargas
I am so ordering this, wooo hooo Tamar, Congrats!!! :) - Susan Beebe
Just received my copy Monday. Just a couple of chapters in and am loving it. Plan a video review soon at - Jeff Brown
FFing Enigma
Boss and I have been plagued by work issues this week. Turns out all of them can be traced in one way or another to the server that died. I hate you Server2. I'm glad your hard drive transplant didn't happen this week: maybe by next week your processor will give out and we'll just have to replace you altogether... I want my cookie now.
bummer! hope things get resolved without too much more hassle - Adam Sherk
Thank you for the virtual cookie, WoH. I plan on running past the cookie place on the way home, though: virtual just isn't going to cut it today. However, I've got 45 minutes or less until the weekend starts, so that's something! - FFing Enigma
"Well, let's see, you have 4 Meg available" ... Dear babby jebus do I remember those days. Now I want a cookie and a beer! - FFing Enigma
Sarah Lane
Ok, I have 5,061 subscribers. Seems crazy high for the engagement I see on my stream. Let's see how many of you actually exist around these parts: Comment plz! (Remember when I got called out a few months ago for not participating enough on FF? It worked!)
Hola. - Mike Bracco
I do not exist - Ryan
Hello hello! - Aaron Draczynski
boo - Mark
fine, i'll bite - MG Siegler
I know I'm around here somewhere - Brian
I'm just not that engaging. - Leo Laporte
Go Sarah! :) - Adrian
Oh, great, Jerome. Way to screw up the project! ;) - Sarah Lane
I subscribe. I'm located in So. Cal. - Ivan
I'm real! - Justin Rains
/wave - Devin Baines
I don't subscribe to you, but one of my friends does and commented. that seems like it breaks the counting here - Marshall Kirkpatrick
Sarah: have you checked out - it gives you some great stats on your activity. - Mike Bracco
Everyone else subscribes to you, so I don't have to. Nice of all these fine folks, innit? - Justin Whitaker
Hi there. :) - Jandy
Hello - Norm Corriveau
Mike B- thx! first time i've checked out feedstats. - Sarah Lane
Namaste. - The Fat Oracle
Present! - Steve de Mena from iPhone
I just signed on, so I don't have to comment - Oh wait ... - Brent - Yes I am
spammer in disguise - Tate
What can I say, I'm a lurker. - Ghworg
No comment - Christian (Simply X) from Android
I <3 U, Sarah Lane. - Dave Friedel
I have to admit, it's pretty fun to watch you guys comment in real-time. Good thing I have nothing else to do all day. Matthew DeV- yeah, I know, not a perfect system. I guess my point is that FF sub numbers are misleading, there are a lot of DOA accounts!! - Sarah Lane
Loved you on AOTS1000. How was the Chalula? - GMar
present and accounted for - Patrick
Hello Sara. Love listening to you on the TWiT network. - Richard
Not a subscriber, but I'm alive. Real-time FF is open all day. - Ben Reierson
This is... a comment! - James Rishabh Mishra
Hi Sarah... Im a Kevin too, huge fan since screen savers, from back in the old days. Talk to you later... hopefully.. lol Kevin - Kevin from email
wutwut - Rodfather
If a FriendFeeder posts on a feed and no one reads it is it still a post? - Adam Turetzky
Hi! /waves hand - Adrian
So you will double your subscribers most likely thru friends of friends - I'm in for sure - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone
Dunno... should we ignore you and see... lol j/k Kevin - Kevin from email
But, I don't feel like commenting. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Could this be another "True or Poo"? ;) j/k How's it going Sarah? - John Blanton
I feel Marty thinks TWiF is getting to be a real pain in the butt. Maybe you could all convince Leo to move it to San Fran? I'm sure he'd get even better guests/hosts to move to a 24/7 format...? - Jude
Hello Sarah. I think yours was the first feed I subscribed to when I joined FF. - Thomas
just so we're clear on this... i'm not commenting because you asked... i'm commenting because i want to - Chris Heath
Matthew DeV- I'll pass along! Jude- hmm, I'll think about that one. Chris H- FINE! BE THAT WAY! - Sarah Lane
I'm here. - Chris Gardner
Hello from the centre of the currently rainy weather in Norway. - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
Hi Sarah. Yes, I remember, we talked about it on our podcast. - Josh Haley
Now I'm a subscriber - Lee Skarbek from iPhone
Shout ;) - Robert Burgin
Oh hai! - Simon Wicks
Josh H- just discovered ffundercats! Very cool idea for a show! - Sarah Lane
Hiya! - Oracio
questioning people's existence? hmm. a bit different than people that just import all their feeds in here? - John Wang
I seeeee yooooouuu! - Dean "Karnatos" Michaud
Well I'm not hanging on every word, but I enjoy your stuff. - Chris Menning
I am alive and well, how are you doing? - Gary Oswald
Thanks Sarah. You have a standing invitation to be on our show and just chat about whatever happens on FriendFeed, tech, etc. DM me if you are interested and we will make it happen. (also we have a room/group on FF ) - Josh Haley
FFundercats: Diggnation minus the cult of personality? - Daniel J. Pritchett
Hurrah! Nice to see you posting here, even if it isn't for anything interesting. - Kenton
John W- oh, I'm sure they exist somewhere, just wondering if it's here, too. ;) Chris M- casual enjoyment is enough for me! Kenton- oh please, this is riveting stuff! (I'm subscribing left and right due to this conversation, so thanks for speaking up and helping me find you!) - Sarah Lane
halow - Dustin from BuddyFeed
I'm up the road in Canada :) - Owen Greaves
bonjour - Justin
I don't subscribe to you. - Alex Scrivener
hi - anna sauce
G'day - Lee
Let's get the comment count OVER 9000!!!! - BRҰANSAҰS
I find most people don't engage at all or have you in a list they don't check. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Awake....just. - Clifford Kennedy from iPhone
Bryan L- that video is going to haunt me in my dreams tonight, and it's all your fault!! ;) - Sarah Lane
Woot - Mike
Me here. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Hello - Marty
Here is a comment. Howdy. - Jonathan Hardesty from Android
Engage, engage, engage! - travispuk from iPhone
Howdy - RAPatton from iPhone
I am not the square root of minus one (ask a mathematician, they'll know). :-) - Jillian Ada Burrows
aw :p - chaz2b
Keep up the good work! - Timo Ukkola
BTW, don't think I haven't noticed Scoble's absence in this thread. Not even in the top 100! For shame! :) - Sarah Lane
This is why i like FF more then Twitter :D - Fee501st
hehe didn't think the video would have that kind of effect but I'll take it. :) - BRҰANSAҰS
oh hi there. - Brett Kelly
what's this now? engagement? - michael sean wright
Afternoon, miss. I've seen you on the Internet TV, but never had the gumption to say hello. - Mark Czerniec
hello Sarah, keep on entertaining us - Gary Taylor
Oh Hai! - sofarsoShawn
I talk to myself a lot on friendfeed and twitter, but to the best of my knowledge I do actually exist. - Eric Carter
Well, hello there Sarah Lane. Good see you participating. =) - LonelyBob from twhirl
Comment - Robert Kenney
There, Sarah, now you have 117 of 5K haha - anna sauce
I exist... - Tyler Sid
Sarah - I've enjoyed your posts as I see them float down the stream :) - Jennifer Dittrich
Hello! - Herb Hernandez
hey there - Patrick aka Damexican
Holla back, whoop! whoop! - Steve Wilson
Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssssssssssup. :D - Nate Pilling from twhirl it goes... - Mitchell Schneider
Commenting! - David Cook
Greetings - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio) from iPhone
no, i won't comment. you can't make me! - jccalhoun
Hello there... - Brian Sloane
I've just subscribed to your FF and Twitter. :) - J. D. Ebberly
G'Day - Johnny
I exist, but do I get to choose which of your parts I exist around? - Tim Keeney
Howdy, I am an existing FF. - Kelli Perez
Hello! - Kevin Fox
wow. that's a lot of comments - Ian Wright from BuddyFeed
jccalhoun- you see what i did there? - Sarah Lane
She's a popular gal... :) - Thomas
I may or may not being an automatic spam bot. Also, I thoroughly enjoy TWiF. But, what does that count for? - Mike Nayyar
I exist only in my own mind - Gary Prechtel
Mike N- it counts for a sub from me! Although the first thing I saw was a post about your laptop, your mom, and porn. Let's see how this relationship goes. :) - Sarah Lane
Yet another try at creating the longest thread on FF? ;) - Holger Eilhard
I'm listening, but I don't know what to say. - Donald Forth
What's good in the TWiF hood, homeslice? - Eric Geller
Here! - David Monroe
Hello. I am here. :-) - Paul Franz
Well, this is certainly a nice hefty thread... but I think I've made the point that clearly the large majority of my followers aren't actually paying attention (for example, my BFF Kim Kardashian). :) - Sarah Lane
She is just jealous that you get to hang with Martin on Fridays. - Eric Geller
That is, unless you double-book. - Eric Geller
made the best of day.... who the hell are you? - NoahDavidSimon
Sarah Lane is the wife of Leo Laporte of Twit Live. Her son is Kevin Rose of Digg fame. And she is only 30. - Mark
...and I'm supposed to know that? how can her son be of Digg if she is 30? - NoahDavidSimon
all I know is this woman has issues that people are following her... and I wasn't following her till she had issues. what a paradox! ....wait a minute... she sounds like a feminist! - NoahDavidSimon
Hello! As well as hi! - Jay 'Farmington'
yeaux! - Veronica
Jay Farmington wins for best bio! - Sarah Lane
Hey Sarah, whats up? - Randy Shapiro
Yoooo. - Andru Edwards
Hullo Sarah - Tom Horn
Hahaha Sarah Lane wins for noticing my bio! - Jay 'Farmington'
Hi there. - Brad Butner from twhirl
Greetings earthling - Kim Landwehr
love to listen to your on Twit network. Since I installed FF on computer, I see your streams more. usually I click on links that people post if it seems interesting to me. usually don't comment though. keep it up! - kent williams
Hola! - Ahmed
Heya! - Mo Kargas
Sarah who? - Luis D. Santos
True or Poo: Sarah Lane uses FriendFeed. - Randy Shapiro
Hi - I think I knew your sister, Lois -/ - Chris Loft
Yep, Lois, Penny and I are all doing well, thx. ;) - Sarah Lane
Subscribe to you on Twitter and read your Tweets.....good to finally see you here on FF interacting! - Bonnie Foster
dunno I know you...? - sofarsoShawn
Sorry, missed you 5 hours ago, Australia was asleep. We're here now though. - Edward Coffey
No. :) - Bren from iPhone
Hello.You've been on my favorites list for a while now. I'm just sparatic about my interaction, and often get distracted by stuff like Sims 3 and WoW when at the computer. - Tony Miller
Eva - sofarsoShawn
Uh, hey. How's it goin? - Rahsheen
<Participation/> - Mitch
watching, waiting - MiniMage
Howdy! - Andrew
Ok, now I *have* to go participate in a Current TV happy hour. Boo hoo, unlucky me. Will check back later. Thx to everybody who reached out so far. It's great to have those of you not already on my radar, on my radar. :) - Sarah Lane
Im here, Im here! - Sean Simkins
Hi Sarah :) - Randy Allen Bishop
Hey Sarah! - Colin Hendricks
Checking In, Sarah! - Patrick Hall
You officially have more comments on this post than I've ever had on my whole podcast. - David LaMorte
following... :) - Rick Reynolds
hello. - Zee.
Howdy! .. :) - Art Stanton
Ms Sarah, I'm not subscribed, but I'm commenting also, anyway ..... I'm your average next-door group guy. - pb:
Greetings! - David Gaw
Ahoy! - Mike Shulman
Sarah, Love TWIF. Keep up the good work. - Saad Kamal
I've just subscribed. Hi! - Tyson Key
Well, now you have at least 5,062 subscribers. - Jordan Hofker
gogogo. - mjc
I think i'm just a monkey :-P - Sean Creasy
I lurk therefore I am. - David Imielski
Natural born follower - Don Sanborn
Here. - Jack&Cleo
sarah's got to be at the general rank in the twit army by now... i'm just wondering how many stars - Chris Heath
I think, therefore I exist. - Trent Hamm from iPod
Sarah Lane thanks for subscribing to me. I feel so special now :) - BRҰANSAҰS from iPhone
Hey! - Chuck Drake
Last! - John Brazel
Hello. - Dennis O'Neil
Hi, found you from a friend from a friend from a friend from a friend of FF! - Joel Robert Perez
Yes, Glen, we have (we'll always have Skype *sigh*). But not on this thread before. Oh. HI, Sarah Lane :) - Micah
How will I explain this to my grand children? - barce from iPhone
I think it's safe to say that this was a success - Steve Poland
Gus- I don't want to get rid of you! Silly Gus. - Sarah Lane
Keep up the great work with TWIF - Magnus Tait
Hey mon cheri teckie. - Robert Hafer from iPhone
count me - Smith
Hello from Alcatraz. - Ranger Craig
hello sarah - Steve Mott
Hey hey hey - Mark Carrozza
It looks like you've picked up a few more since making this post. I like even number's, so I'll make it 5,142! - Michael Fidler
Make that 5,143. Odd number's are okay too. - Michael Fidler
that's a lot of comments - Federico Hamelius
Hey there, Sarah Lane! - Nick
Hej! - Peter
Hey... Just commenting, :) - Thomas
Great idea! See who is paying attention. Hi Sarah. - Andrew Vincent Cahill
Hi. I am with you - ThinkEzy
Am here tooooo .... - Jeff
Sarah, you're my preffered fragment of my imagination. - Jean Sebastien Dussault from twhirl
I comment, therefore I exist...or something like that. - Shaun William
hi there - Kiran Patchigolla from Nambu
Sarah Lane rocks :) - Sam Houston
You guys are the best. Ok, I have tons more folks to subscribe to tomorrow, but for now, I gotta rest my eyes for a bit! - Sarah Lane
time difference has to be taken into account :) - Iwan
Holla! - Rob H.
Greetings... - Anoop Mathew Alex
Insert witty comment here. - Greg Morgan
wassup! - Aaron
ok cool Sarah, HI or Aloha as we say here in Hawaii. I myself have been on ff for 2 mos and have never had a personal message. - Summer Fling
Hi from Norway - Odd Inge Teige
konichiwa hajimemashite yoroshuku onegaishimasu - Robert Higgins
Not following you yet, but: "hi hi!" - Daan
Hi Sarah, Just subscribed! Cheers! - Evgeni Leshtanski
14 hours late but present and accounted for. - invariant
Hello! - Pavel Senko
so.... Hi! :) Hello.. Hola.. Oi.. Aló.. - Cesar Sanchez
quiet plz! :) - ozan
I'm here! - jvinelaguna
morning - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Hello from Missouri. Just want to say TWIF FTW~! Anyway keep up the good work and stay awesome! - ЯIИGҜIИG
although I live on another continent I do exist :P TWiF out - Anton from BuddyFeed
I pinched myself, it hurt, it must be real - Mike Center
hi from Athens - Bojan Babic
Hello, I'm a new subscriber. - Iván Abrego
I'm commenting, and I'm not even a subscriber. - DGentry
Oh hi :) - Christian Burns from iPhone
I'm not in your stream, your not in my stream, and still everything is lively. - Amit Morson
I am not a subscriber, nor do I have any idea what your normal content is like, but I can imagine that some percentage of your subscribers did so purely because your avatar is an attractive woman (and you have a females name). I'm not saying this to belittle your contributions; just sharing an observation of male behavior. -- huh, I just went and looked at your profile (I had never heard of you). I'll add your celebrity status as another reason people might follow without planning on engaging. - Bill Rawlinson
I exist :) - Geoff Jackson
I'm here - Michael_techie
Yo. - Adam Karl
Here's one more from Malaysia! - Andrew Lim
Hello from the land of the rising sun! - Carlos Brefe
Greetings from NL - Marcel de Jong
HAI! - AJ Batac
My hovercraft is full of eels. - George Brickner
Hi Sarah. Glad to see you here. - Courtney Engle
Hello! - Mathias Staricka
why does it matter if we exist? - Jeff Martin
Bonjour ! from Montreal . - Christian Farley
Which has a louder Tweet Beat...'Sarah Lane fans' or 'drinking from cans'....? - Rooney
Hi Sarah. Greetings from Missouri. Love your shows..... - R Daily
I exist. - Ben Hanten
Hello! We love you Sarah. :) - Carol Levesque
The show where lizards grow. - Frank Jonen
Hey Sarah! - Martin Johnson
Hi - Alan Le
It's a small world... ;) - Tyson Key
\m/ - Tanath
hey sarah! just wanted to say hi - (jeff)isageek
Hello - Tyler Ham from iPod
howdy - timepilot
Whew! Just catching up on all your lovely comments. Thanks everyone! Now, we're only missing about 4,600 folks. Send out the search party! Kidding, kidding.... I was just really curious as to who was actually around and paying attention. >^__^< <----- my first ASCII cat ever - Sarah Lane
<'((>< ...Fishy - Josh Haley
Just sitting here existing away.:p - Dale
ping - Kevan Emmott
It's times like these I wish FF had a comment link *below* the comments :) - Thomas
Thomas, an after-market product: (user script hack to add a Comment and Like links below threads :) - Micah
Well played, Micah. Well played... - Thomas
It does if it's the only post in the feed. Click the timestamp. But you already know this, prob. :p - Josh Haley
I confess, I'm a lurker. :) But I wanted to say hi. - elena from twhirl
Thanks Micah :) - Thomas
No prob :) - Micah
I am also a guilty non-participant in FF; really need to get here more often. - Natalie
i'm fairly certain I exist - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
WOW that's a lot of subscribers. I'm real at least I was a minute ago. ;-P - Kelli Perez
Hi Sarah. Like you on net@night. Cheers! - Ken Morley
..and now you have more subscribers. - rob
Thomas, or will have comment boxes at the bottom always so you don't even need to click - opening the entry/item in it's own window is the key (clicking the timestamp like josh haley said will do that) then if you want the clean embed version you just add ?embed=1 to the url, or click the timestamp again - it's that simple - Chris Heath
The only way to follow someone is if you follow fewer than 5,061 'people' - Terris of California
Hello from Cambridgeshire, Englandshire. Now, where do I put the stamp on this thing? - Ben Aldhouse
Terris- no, that's the number of people subscribed to me... I can't imagine following 5,061 people! Think of the real-time scrolling! Aaaah! - Sarah Lane
Well, it *was* the number of people subscribed to me. A few more now.. hi everyone! - Sarah Lane
Hi Sarah! I think I'm in love with you. - Dave Friedel
Hello there, I think I am a human not a bot or anything like that - Ahmad Rashad
Christopher: it burns, it BURNSSSSSSS - Sarah Lane
I'm here, it's fault. - Dave Hoffman / N3PRO from twhirl
I think I exist but since the Internet isn't real is hard to tell xD - Ronald Erazo
we are here - Simon Bryan
I belive in Leo, therefore i exist! - Björn Fritz from Nambu
5,258 now. Hi... - Mitchell Tsai
Just subscribed to you simply out of curiosity after seeing this discussion :) - Adam Sherk
Greetings! - Shawn K. Smith
Howdie from Alabama! - Martin Howell
Hey Sarah! I have always never been here, so I guess I shouldn't be here! - Jeff Stanco
Present! and not a spambot - Denis Sweeney
Holla! Hi from San Diego. - Peggy Gartin
This thread is like Cher's career. It never ends. - Dave Friedel
beuler? - Chris Heath
366th ! - Dave Friedel
Tell us about the beginning of this FF post grandpa! Well kids, when I was a young man, Sarah Lane posted a question about having five thousand followers... (long old man story) ... and the post survives to this day, in the year 2074. Back when this thread started, the machines hadn't taken over yet... - Dave Friedel
Hey there from the back woods of British Columbia - Trent Shields
Nobody here but us chickens. - Bob Mills
When will it end? Oh, uh, DOH! - Dave Friedel
Thats amazing! I really need to start using FF more! - benmaxime
Hey Ben, thanks for dragging up a 6 month old thread and having it pop up in notifier. - Dave Friedel
yeah i saw that too ben - Chris Heath
Adam Sherk
The Most Buried News Sites on Digg -
Mainstream news sites continue to get more exposure in Digg, but I was curious what kind of push back some of these sites might be experiencing from the userbase. So I did some checking on which news sites have been buried the most in Digg. - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
Email from CEO Tony Hsieh to all employees, about their acquisition by - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
High profile Twitter accounts have built large numbers of followers by being included among the recommended profiles shown to new users signing up. So the question is, how do you get on the list? - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
4th Of July Dessert Ideas : She Knows Parties - Party Planning Tips and Advice -
4th Of July Dessert Ideas : She Knows Parties - Party Planning Tips and Advice
4th of July dessert ideas - the photo looks pretty good - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
US judge wants web to die together with newspapers | Blog | Econsultancy -
US judge wants web to die together with newspapers | Blog | Econsultancy
Aren't legal judgements supposed to be based on legal precedent? Apparently not for prominent US Judge Richard Posner, whose opinions on how to save the newspaper industry are being met with slack-jawed incredulity from just about, well, everyone. - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
Content Syndication SEO - Best Practices for Syndicating Content - -
Content Syndication SEO - Best Practices for Syndicating Content -
Syndicating content creates duplicate content issues and SEO challenges. Learn how to reduce the risk of being outranked for your own content - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
News Site Optimization for Breaking News - -
News Site Optimization for Breaking News -
Since news sites seem to covet the keyword phrase "breaking news" I was curious how often people actually search for that term - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
The Morality And Effectiveness Of Process Journalism -
The Morality And Effectiveness Of Process Journalism
Good rebuttal to NYT piece on bloggers reporting rumors - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
Facebook US Demographics - Users Over Age 55 Decline - -
Facebook US Demographics - Users Over Age 55 Decline -
Stats on a recent decline in US Facebook users aged 55-65 - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
Social Media Newsrooms - Hosting On-Site vs. Third Party Services - -
Social Media Newsrooms - Hosting On-Site vs. Third Party Services -
Social media newsrooms are best placed directly on company websites, as opposed to hosting them on a third-party website. Keeping the content on your own domain allows you to benefit from internal and inbound links pointing to the newsroom and individual releases. - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
ProPublica Wants Newspapers to Steal Its Stories -
ProPublica Wants Newspapers to Steal Its Stories
ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom with headquarters in Manhattan. ProPublica's newsroom employs 32 journalists and receives financing from the Sandler Foundation and other contributions. The organization's mission is to continue the tradition of investigative journalism at a time where a lot of newspaper organizations have had to cut back on their newsroom operations. The really interesting thing here, though, is that ProPublica is giving away all of its content to other newspapers and online publishers for free under a non-commercial, no-derivatives Creative Commons license. - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
gezgin on Photos: Streaking Through the Years -
"Not sure why major sports events and streaking go hand in hand, but they do..." - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
gezgin on Photos: Streaking Through the Years -
"Not sure why major sports events and streaking go hand in hand, but they do..." - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
Eye tracking study reveals 12 website tactics -
Eye tracking study reveals 12 website tactics
Old study but useful tips - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
RT @themediaisdying: "Why journalists deserve low pay" — economics of journalism, brilliantly explained : (via @amonck)
I wonder how much this story is worth ;) - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
News Site Twitter Usage - Number of Users Followed from Main Twitter Accounts -
News Site Twitter Usage - Number of Users Followed from Main Twitter Accounts
I've been surprised by how many people choose to follow the main Twitter account of major news sites. Just out of curiosity I thought I'd check how many users some of these news sites are following back from their main accounts. - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
Photo: To the shores of Tatooine - Boing Boing Gadgets -
Photo: To the shores of Tatooine - Boing Boing Gadgets
Awesome bizzaro Star Wars photo - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
What your favorite Dead song says about you. - By John Swansburg - Slate Magazine -
What your favorite Dead song says about you. - By John Swansburg - Slate Magazine
What your favorite Grateful Dead song says about you. - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
Deadspin - ESPN.coms Lead Tech Guru Explains How They Were Attacked By Dancing Unicorns And Glittery Ponies - ESPN.coms pony problem -
Deadspin - ESPN.coms Lead Tech Guru Explains How They Were Attacked By Dancing Unicorns And Glittery Ponies - ESPN.coms pony problem
Keith Lam is the programming guy for and spent most of his final hour yesterday fighting off unicorns from's site. How did this awesomeness happen? He explains. Kind of. - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
Views of Istanbul - LIFE -
Views of Istanbul - LIFE
People stroll past colorful merchandise inside the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey. The 1,200 shops here attract around 300,000 people daily. - Adam Sherk
Adam Sherk
Meat Loaf, SEO Expert - Meat Loaf Will Fix Your Website - Todays News: Our Take | -
Meat Loaf, SEO Expert - Meat Loaf Will Fix Your Website - Todays News: Our Take |
Apparently Meat Loaf is a fan of SEO :) - Adam Sherk
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