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Headed to Vegas for #DataAnalytics Week, look forward to seeing (some of) you there. Also @VirginAmerica did you miss me?
Neat: the top-100 most cited research papers of all time: [via @naturenews]
My reaction to your post title: RT @Frank_Strong: Marketing as a Bona Fide Profit Center
Truthfully I think working at a music-tech startup focused on mass audiences wouldn't be fun. Popular music is the opposite of creative.
My former colleague @TwisterMc had the best saying: "poor planning on your part *does not* constitute an emergency on mine." So true.
RT @kerfors: A systematic review of barriers to data sharing in public health h/t @trished @skram
Looking forward to lunch with @buster today and finally getting to visit the new @Twitter HQ.
Why $TSLA will win MT @dmscott: "Buying a car. I just want someone to care.” Fascinating story from @stevegarfield
I still have not: seen the movie Titanic, used Instagram or listened to a Taylor Swift song. #winning
Shameful, San Francisco. RT @SFist: Giants rioters trashed 28 Muni buses. Good job, jerks.
Sometimes, give the introvert in your life a hug. Usually, just leave them alone:
Sometimes, give the introvert in your life a huge. Usually, just leave them alone:
RT @WhiteHouse: It's time to keep the internet open and free. Read President Obama's plan → #NetNeutrality
Two cougar sightings confirmed in Michigan: can see these anytime, just go to Balboa cafe on a Friday night.
RT @elanazak: Data analyst has been called the "sexiest job of the 21st century." Interested? @WSJ/@DowJones is hiring for one:
The market for corporate talent analytics has gotten red hot in the last two years:
Take that New York - we're happier than you :-)
Handy tip for all you bachelors out there: find brand/size of socks you like best & get a BUNCH of just that kind. Never fold socks again.
To young people, TV is as irrelevant as the answering machine or sending a fax. MSM continues to wake up to this:
RT @HannahPoferl: @SimoAhava @AdamSinger Hoping non-quant programs focus more on tech/data literacy & more mgs make this req'd reading.
RT @AllergyKidsDoc: Actual discussion: Parent "I want #Ebola vaccine for my child" Doc "There isn't one, but we have #flushot" Parent "We don't believe in that"
Even the commenters made fun of this: ... @BuzzFeed, just embrace that you ARE clickbait. Why run from it?
Seems to be a requirement if you publish to LinkedIn that you use cliché business stock photos.
I'm convinced every strong digital marketer & analyst should learn to trade/invest. You already have the analysis skills. Why would you not?
Ughhh neighbors still doing construction ... metal drills at 8:30 am on Sat = piercing. At least it's nice out, going to explore the city.
Of course TV ads are over. Been saying this for years. It's so cute when people wake up to this fact:
RT @howardlindzon: America has NEVER seen a boom like this- Energy in USA, industrials,airlines,railroads & biotech highs, mobile and yep banking sieged $spy
The problem with social analytics is you can't simply go look at them. You will get distracted on the site first. I guarantee it.
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