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A treadmill desk can never break. It can only become a standing desk. Sorry for the health benefits.
To Own Your Blog Is To ‘Control’ Your Professional Destiny: [via @atlblog, h/t @LaliBull]
3 Solutions to a Good Problem: 10 Million Hits a Month in Google Analytics: [smart answers from @enorinc]
After 1 month w/ my LG Smartwatch IDK how I lived without it. If notifications & real-time data matters to you, you have to get one.
Me too. Me too. RT @CNBCFastMoney: Trader finds value in Twitter
Whoever made the decision to choose stock ticker $ISIS for their company:
RT @TechCrunch: Here's the latest update on Elon Musk's SpaceX
Gifs making a comeback online are like plaid designs making a comeback in fashion. They both never went out of style with their core users.
Our big news today -- @louisgray is officially joining our team (Analytics!). Read about it here:
I love how much analysis (still) goes into things like the Ice Bucket Challenge -- which is really what the Internet just does.
Must read. RT @hblodget: More good sense from @cshirky… Time to treat print journalists like adults
RT @pewinternet: Half of American adults now own either a tablet or an e-reader. #ireadeverywhere
RT @ashleymayer: The saddest graph: % of workers who took a week-long vacation in the last year.
Great company/team! MT @davidfraga: 2 amazing roles @Shutterstock: VP of BD: & Mgr of BD:
Car-Free Households Are Booming in San Francisco: [h/t @jowyang] ...I will personally never own a car here.
RT @TeslaMotors: Earth's ultimate recoverable resource of oil equals what the Sun supplies to Earth in 1.5 days.
Burning Man is always such a great week to live in San Francisco. No lines at the best brunch places, less traffic. It's generally awesome.
RT @DanaNotman: Accurate --> Your Mom’s 6 Best Attempts At Describing What You Do For A Living via @clickhole
Fire the dinosaurs IMO. MT @ValaAfshar: CEOs want to go digital, but boards are not convinced
So I'm 31, not married & could do this right now if I wanted: ...actually sounds fun w/o the whole divorce thing.
RT @howardlindzon: BOOKMARK - the ONLY thing you need to remember about asset allocation $spy $dia $qqq
When Priced for Perfection, Startups Not Given Room for Error: [another must-read from @louisgray]
What FB has become: your clueless friends re-sharing lame "viral" (& always old) pics/vids spam pages scraped & re-posted as their own.
RT @augieray: A graphic designer wrote a fantastic response after Showtime asked him to work for free. via @happyplace
As a lifelong sci-fi fan I was excited for the movies Transcendence & Lucy. The concepts were great. The execution on both = beyond painful.
As a lifelong sci-fi fan I was excited for the movies Transcendence & Lucy The concepts were great. The execution on both = beyond painful.
Looks like @SFist doesn't love the new show about San Francisco: - I'll try & withhold judgement till I see it.
Just finished my remix of 2 Static - Feel The Beat (1990). Here's the original: ...will post my version to SC soon.
What you share is a great proxy for how interesting you are as a person. It's easy to see who would be cool to meet based on just this.
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