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Someone please make an IFTTT script to wish people Happy Birthday on Facebook. It is seriously impossible to remember ~1K b-days.
Bots and spiders are both awesome. But not in your Analytics. We have a new feature to help:
Congrats everyone who loaded up on $twtr shares @ 29/30. Sold my initial position earlier this year much higher but should have re-bought.
And for something to bring balance to that last Tweet (sorry, you *were* warned) here's a beautiful gif of SF sunset:
This thread, gif & video are w/o a doubt the most terrifying thing you will see today. NSFL. Stuff of nightmares:
Just got response to petition I signed to move FDA forward w/ DMD therapy. $SRPT - nice nod to AA & helping kids!
Dear @HBO: it is 2014. Stop it with cable TV ‘bundles’ no one wants, let us pay for streaming only:
Beast mode. Back to 70+? RT @alex: All You Need To Know About Twitter's Earnings In One Chart
Great quarter for $TWTR, congrats longs & team! [no position, just in biotechs personally].
2006 (lazy) media strategy: copy Digg / Stumble popular content. 2014 (lazy) media strategy: copy Reddit popular content.
Holy cats, I love you @priceline but you send wayyyyy too many emails. I just want to find my itinerary. So. Many. Offers.
Today I learned Chickens can fly, but only a few feet at a time. Mostly up about 7 feet. In the case of $LOCO, 2 trading days. #financejokes
This is a good idea. RT @nytimes: Passengers stuck in the Philadelphia airport can exercise on free stationary bikes
I am sad I had never eaten at $LOCO before. The amazing post-IPO run continues but I won't invest in a QSR unless I have actually tried it.
So happy to see friends @zillow continue to do great things. @amybo & @jwacksman = rockstar team. Unstoppable. $Z
Virgin America files for IPO as U.S. airlines recover: [shut up and take my money!]
The lede in this story is bothersome: ...kale & coconut water have been around forever. The writer is just a newbie.
Good to hear people are (finally) buying less soda. It is incredibly toxic for your body: #sodafree
Friends don't let friends share instagram links on Twitter. Because you have to go to instagram to view them. Native Twitter images people.
I'm just sad that BuzzFeed didn't apologize for their plagiarism in gifs. '15 Pandas Doing Cute Things That Are Sorry We Plagiarized.'
Wait, you're telling me BuzzFeed plagiarized content? The Internet's collective, obligatory reaction gif:
To all of you who take online quizzes, this comic is for you: (found via Reddit)
They're really still making movies off the (*incredibly* false) myth that we use 10% of our brains? Sigh: #facepalm
Hey San Francisco friends, THIS: & THIS: are why I own a mosquito net. Best $20 purchase ever.
I have to say @RyanJones' SEO parody site is pretty funny. If you've ever read a search blog you'll prob enjoy.
Thanks everyone #RaganLinkedIn for attending our session today. To learn more take our Analytics Courses free here: https://analyticsacademy.withg...
RT @Gizmodo: Here's Colbert's complete Elon Musk interview from last night
50 shades of I can't believe you are still talking about / doing things with whatever this is, society.
I'm sorry, I don't really get the whole 'quirky' Twitter bio thing. It's obnoxious & not helpful. Just tell us what you do / who you are.
Market cap of $FB at $194B is nearly ~9x $TWTR at $22B. Meanwhile I spend 9x more time in TWTR than FB & 50x more time in @Reddit. Shrugs.
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