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Babies cry at night to prevent siblings, scientist suggests: #childfree
Copyright Maximalists' Incredible Sense Of Entitlement: If It Challenges The Biz Model We Chose, It Must Be Illegal:
There is an odd similarity between the websites of social media snake oil types, sleazy real estate salesmen & penny stock scammers.
There is an odd similarity between the websites of social media snake oil types, sleazy real estate salesman & penny stock scammers.
RT @JamieCourtnell: The change from Visits/Unique Visitors to Sessions/Users in @googleanalytics will hugely help with explaining metrics to less advanced users
RT @StockTwits: At its peak, RadioShack was a company worth $15 billion. Today, it hit an all-time low --> $RSH
Why is everyone suddenly trying to copy Reddit's "explain it to me like I'm 5" subreddit?
The rich buy real estate. The poor wants gold: ...and I'm just sitting here investing in stocks ~shrugs~
RT @Richard_Florida: Americans think owning a home is better for them than it is - @crampell in the WaPo -
This gif is too perfect: [found originally via Reddit but also applies to Twitter]
RT @googleanalytics: The best way to start off your Monday? A Q&A post with @avinash looks good to us: #measure
RT @FastCompany: A budding business: The marijuana market is expected to top $10 billion by 2018 cc @WolfOfWeedST
RT @hunterwalk: I'm most excited abt positive narratives around what we can do for our city as citizens, regardless of the industry we happen to work in.
Many of you have been asking, answer is yes, we're changing some of the naming in GA. Everything you need to know:
If you can't tell, I miss @Horse_ebooks and wished it was actually real and still alive. It all happens so much ...
♫♫ The day @Horse_ebooks died ... I started singing, bye, bye Twitter parody lies, from the RTs to the fake news don't believe your eyes. ♫♫
RT @mathewi: New from me: "They may be filled with trolls, but comments still have value -- and they could have even more"
Web and app data in the same view? Yes please. Learn more:
Looking forward to presenting at #IESocialWeb in May in SF. Great speaker list, should be fun if you dig analytics:
Day = made. @howardlindzon is sending me a @StockTwits shirt. Totally wearing it to next conference to connect with other investment geeks.
This is amazing. RT @ckmarie: Not sure I agree with @CNN's definition of breaking news.
[Cool Tool]: Looking to measure PR better? Of course you are. Check out @AirPR Analyst: #measure
Watching @justincutroni give a great presentation to publishers at the Googleplex. In short: measure users! #thinkwithgoogle
There has not been a single article on social media that has said anything new in years. Stop blogging about it. Go get to work and do it.
Someone just pitched me to write a story on my blog on social b/c "I haven't written on social in awhile." Of course not. It = solved prob.
Cable TV, Landlines, AOL subscriptions. What are: surprising things some people still spend money on? Correct for $1,000!
RT @TeamKano: By 2020, there will be 1 million more coding jobs in the US than computer science students.
Tesla is smarter than other auto companies: [for many reasons, this included] $TSLA
Glanced at my calendar for tomorrow and see it is my lucky day: having lunch with Bay Area tech & PR smarty @rebekahiliff from @AirPR.
GREAT article by @TechCrunch on SF housing: [TL;DR: Nimbys/dumb laws screw us all over, *none of us* like high rent]
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