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Looking forward to presenting at #IESocialWeb in May in SF. Great speaker list, should be fun if you dig analytics:
Day = made. @howardlindzon is sending me a @StockTwits shirt. Totally wearing it to next conference to connect with other investment geeks.
This is amazing. RT @ckmarie: Not sure I agree with @CNN's definition of breaking news.
[Cool Tool]: Looking to measure PR better? Of course you are. Check out @AirPR Analyst: #measure
Watching @justincutroni give a great presentation to publishers at the Googleplex. In short: measure users! #thinkwithgoogle
There has not been a single article on social media that has said anything new in years. Stop blogging about it. Go get to work and do it.
Someone just pitched me to write a story on my blog on social b/c "I haven't written on social in awhile." Of course not. It = solved prob.
Cable TV, Landlines, AOL subscriptions. What are: surprising things some people still spend money on? Correct for $1,000!
RT @TeamKano: By 2020, there will be 1 million more coding jobs in the US than computer science students.
Tesla is smarter than other auto companies: [for many reasons, this included] $TSLA
Glanced at my calendar for tomorrow and see it is my lucky day: having lunch with Bay Area tech & PR smarty @rebekahiliff from @AirPR.
GREAT article by @TechCrunch on SF housing: [TL;DR: Nimbys/dumb laws screw us all over, *none of us* like high rent]
Just tried to book a hotel room in Cincinnati for an event: so far 3/3 are full. Who knew the city was so popular? Guessing it's the chili.
I/O 2014 has arrived! The site is amazing: ...more details on the Google Developers Blog:
Creative posts from our friends @analyticspros on what you can learn about analytics from 90s rap:
Mapping a century of earthquakes:
Yup, $IBB going green and my biotech picks with it: ...let's do this people.
RT @fredericl: every time somebody pitches me an infographic, I check to make sure we're not in 2009 anymore...
I wrote a post in 2011 that the Internet was disrupting religion. Cool to see some data published this is the case:
So if the market keeps doing this I'll be sleeping on @louisgray's couch soon. Louis, what time is breakfast on Saturdays?
3 Actionable Ways for #PR Pros to Measure Better: [my new @clickz column]
Everything ever should have 2-step auth. Would solve so much of this preventative PW change headache.
RT @mdimont: Great article on the complacency of the @US_FDA re: breakthru approvals: The FDA Returns to Its Dark Ages $srpt
So many possible USAirways jokes. The most obvious response would be one from @VirginAmerica. Come on guys this is easy easy viral response.
And that's why you only let responsible adults update your brand's social channels:
Well at least 1 of my biotech stocks is going to close green today. So I have that going for me. Now someone plz fix the rest of the market.
[Just launched]: Improving Your Data Quality with Google Analytics Diagnostics:
We have new user and sequence based segments in the Core Reporting API:'re gonna like them. I guarantee it.
RT @gaberivera: Thanks to Medium, my brain is starting to associate "giant image taking up the entire window above the post" with "crappy essay".
Outside Lands already sold out: ...if you have good taste in music don't worry, you aren't missing anything.
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