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RT @google: .@HillaryClinton stopped by @google today for Q+A with @EricSchmidt. Watch their chat:
RT @google: .@HillaryClinton stopped by @google today for Q+A with @EricSchmidt. Watch their chat:
Chipotle up ~57 points (+~10%) in after hours: followers know I have been bullish on burritos forever. $CMG
LOL, Re: the last line of this story: ...a reason to buy cable TV? There are a total of zero. What am I, a farmer?
RT @cschweitz: "Employers with the most engaged employees were 22% more profitable than those with the least engaged employees."
So, topic of this post aside, at least this guy is taking a data-driven approach: [SFW]
On my to-do list: digitize latest batch of biz cards from conferences this year. @cloudcontacts still around right?
I have to say the investor community on Twitter (minus the trolls) is one of the smartest groups out there & underrated by the big guys.
Everyone is staring at the new @airbnb logo trying to figure it out. I immediately thought of this:
So my friend @per_p is representing Sweden this week (he is updating @sweden). So fun - learn about the program here:
The @Chartbeat team is hard at work in NYC helping publishers understand their audiences better.
RT @psuvafan007: There’s a plan to split California into 6 states. I am collecting signatures for "The Republic of Zoidberg".
The GOP self-destruction is complete: millennials officially hate conservatives: [this deserves ∞ shares]
RT @jaybaer: How to Use Google Analytics to Craft Content (wise)
New Weird Al album is amazing - in all cases his lyrics are better than original. Al destroys current wave of awful pop music in one go.
[Good follow-up from my talk today for #PRNews]: 3 Actionable Ways for PR Pros to Measure Better:
RT @mattcutts: Project Zero (now hiring) is a a band of security experts making the whole internet safer & stronger:
Good looking group at today's @PRNews workshop in NYC. #prnews
It's always so fun to commute to work or an event in NYC. Almost like you're in a movie.
New Yorkers like when you call it The Big Apple, right? Just like San Franciscans *love it* when you say Frisco or San Fran. Trust me there.
Worst NY cab ever. Said Dream Dwtn. Asked if he wants st. He said no. 1/2 through drive he realizes he went wrong way. Always always Uber.
Holy turbulence batman. If this plane goes down turn my Twitter feed into Star Wars quotes please (or something equally awesome).
Watching CNBC while I work: interesting, # of 1st time home buyers at all time-low. Makes sense in SF: who would buy @ these insane prices?
Not sure I get @amywestervelt's rant: -- agreed ghostwriting = lame but just don't do it? Also not all content=bad :)
RT @rickbrownell: Hear @AdamSinger talk about analytics @PRNews Google Boot Camp on July 15 in NYC!
Really like how this photo of the Golden Gate Bridge I took today turned out. The fog makes for such fun photography.
So basically Wall-E *and* Idiocracy are coming true. MT @nytimes: Young Americans get more out of shape every year:"
American Apparel Inc $APP up 140% on 3 mo: buddy @NicoSEnea called this one. Meanwhile:
Miami, the great world city, is drowning while the powers that be look away: [global warming is terrifying]
They should rename Facebook to Facepalm:
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