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Velocirráptor (no fue hoy) -
(no fue hoy)
Velocirráptor (no fue hoy) -
(no fue hoy)
Psychologist admits to faking dozens of scientific studies [Holy Crap Wtf] -
Densely-linked cluster of 147 companies control 40% of world's total wealth -
Adorable vampire identification chart helps you sort out the best bloodsuckers [This Is Awesome] -
I am a Scientist [Starts With A Bang] -
Egyptians march from Tahrir Square to support Occupy Oakland protestors -
"Naturopathic obstetrics"? Be afraid. Be very afraid. [Respectful Insolence] -
Why we think there's a Multiverse, not just our Universe [Starts With A Bang] -
Watch this drop of water have an orgasm [Video] -
Dennis Ritchie, 1941-2011: Computer scientist, Unix co-creator, C co-inventor -
Great Moments in Pedantry: Analyzing blackboards from school-themed porn -
Psychic Arrested for Scaring Girl Into Stealing From Parents -
You Use Your Partner To Phone And Play Angry Birds. Literally. -
FCC Files Motion To Dismiss Verizon’s Net Neutrality Suit -
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