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Adbusters Magazine

Adbusters Magazine

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Adbusters is a not-for-profit, reader-supported magazine.
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RT @MexicAnarchist: The more repressive the Mexican state becomes, the more people join up to resist it. The government is digging it's own fosa.
RT @davidgraeber: sculpture in Berlin called "Politicians Discussing Global Warming"
.@AaronBastani on "Fully Automated Luxury Communism". #underemployment #utopia
RT @sarahbadr: ‘if our data is the oil of the 21st century, why aren’t we all sheikhs?’ datacide, deftly written by @douglashaddow:
Berlin’s digital exiles: where tech activists go to escape the NSA. #Surveillance #NSA #hackers
Militarization you can eat – Baskin Robbin's new flavor of the month: "First Class Camouflage".
RT @hdeweyh: "pause for a moment to interrogate the power that lies behind the code” ‘datacide' by @douglashaddow in @Adbusters
"Cuddly" is not a word that you often encounter in political discourse.
The Western path to modernity can no longer be regarded as “normal". #longreads
Am I data, or am I human? The truth is somewhere in between. #BigData #longreads
Confirmed: British spies are free to target lawyers & journalists. (via @rj_gallagher) #London #spyVSeveryone
Read about why @darren_cullen started the UK’s first payday loan shop just for children.
RT @OtownTextAddict: Adbusters is fantastic. Another great issue. #nofuture
Note from the future: Today feels different … there’s a breath of freedom in the air….
Finally, the tip point. From Adbusters #114: Blueprint for a New World, Part 3: Corpo Today feels different … there’s a breath of freedom in the air … a wholehearted beat of authenticity, a gentle calm amidst the apocalyptical frenzy that’s looming on the horizon scaring the shit out of everyone. Bank windows. Gas pumps. Fast food joints. Box Stores. There’s not a single criminal corporation that is going to escape what’s coming. Nameless. Faceless. Everywhere. A black marker in every pocket, a dark through in every mind. I can see it spreading everywhere. First millions, then billions, then trillions of Blackspots. The future is not bright, but who needs that anyway. It’s time to stop treating it like a product you can buy and sell. My future is one of handwritten blackspots—treasure island style—jammed into the hands of every planet killing corporation in the world … and that makes me smile … makes me happy … makes me giddy for the end … and the real life on the other side.... - Adbusters Magazine
.@bloodypickle We prefer to meet in our Vancouver office, but occasionally make exceptions for writers.
We’re hiring writers who don’t care about objectivity and artists who aren’t afraid to get political.
The Unofficial History of America: A story of democracy derailed.
The Unofficial History of America -
A once-proud people reduced to servitude. From Adbusters #114: Blueprint for a New World, Part 3: Corpo The history of America is the one story every kid knows. It’s a story of fierce individualism and heroic personal sacrifice in the service of a dream. A story of early settlers, hungry and cold, carving a home out of the wilderness. Of visionary leaders fighting for democracy and justice, and never wavering. Of a populace prepared to defend those ideals to the death. It’s the story of a revolution (an American art form as endemic as baseball or jazz) beating back British Imperialism and launching a new colony into the industrial age on its own terms. It’s a story of America triumphant; a story of its rise to prominence as the richest and most powerful country in the history of the world. After World War II, “the land of the free and home of the brave” emerged as an inspiring model for the whole world to emulate. That’s the official history, the one taught in schools and reinforced... - Adbusters Magazine
Do we control corporations -
…or do they control us? From Adbusters #114: Blueprint for a New World, Part 3: Corpo Holger Pooten | wearecasey #ab116-killcap-poem { text-transform: uppercase; margin: 2rem auto 4rem auto; } @media screen and (min-width: 600px) { #ab116-killcap-poem { font-size: 1.5rem; margin: 4rem auto 8rem auto; max-width: 400px; line-height: 2.25rem; } } Each morning I wake up and find myself in a lull. am I apathetic? am I not informed? corporations dominate more now than they ever have at any time in human history, but I feel nothing. they govern the water, the air, the food, the skies, the radio waves, the energy, the governments, the commercial spaces, the internet, the education system, the mental environment… not a single thing is beyond their reach anymore. how did it come to this? and why don’t I care? CorpoPsycho#killcap - Adbusters Magazine
Life in Negative Space -
Reclaiming our places from cartography. From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico Estelle Hanania & Christophe Brunnquell Are we breaking, or are we fading? This progress which has our cities bandaged up in scaffolding, is it holding the crushed bones of our society together — just barely — or is this really where the robust flares of ambition take place, each unveiling a notch in the steep climb to progress? One thing is clear: to have perfect architecture these days is to never have architecture at all. With increased corporate mobility around the world, efficient construction designs and an endless array of social technologies facilitating our relocation (and access to home from afar) our places — those places that mark us, that follow us wherever we travel to, tugging at us to return — are disintegrating faster. But unpeel the scaffolding and you will find that our global renovation project did a shoddy job cleaning up. Because we’re still here, glittering... - Adbusters Magazine
Confronting inequality in India. From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico A 2011 census revealed that half of all Indian households have to practice open defecation. Nearly half of all Indian children are underweight (compared to 25 percent in sub-Saharan Africa), and as Amartya Sen and Jean Drèze point out, despite a rise in literacy rates, “a large proportion” of them “learn very little at school.” Almost all Indians buy health serves from private providers, exposing themselves to crippling debt as well as quackery. Inequalities have widened between classes, regions and rural and urban areas. More worryingly, they seem unbridgeable owing to the lack of adequate education and public healthcare. Not surprisingly, poverty declines very slowly in India, slower than in Nepal and Bangladesh, and unevenly. Calorie and protein intake among the poor has actually dropped. “India today,” the historian Ramachandra Guha writes, “is an environmental basket-case; marked by... - Adbusters Magazine
The radical power of touch. From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico Cuddly is not a word that you often encounter in political discourse, in the remote form practiced by politicians or in an academic debate. It is not a sexy word, a buzzword, the kind to incite an uprising. But there he was: cuddly. All I knew was that I didn’t want to let go of him. It was 2002 and I was seventeen years old. The dry, dusty expanse, with its shades of yellow, brown and grey stretched out before me on a road that extended straight ahead to a vanishing point. It was an Australia I had never experienced before but had inherited as an idea, a mythological place of belonging: the Outback, the interior. An emu ran from the sound of our car, distraught, wild, as if a caricature, along a barbed-wire fence. At the first roadside petrol station, the hostility toward our presence made us hurry: behind the wheel of the car behind us was a woman in a headscarf. I watched as they tried to... - Adbusters Magazine
Obama set to tear up his executive order. From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico Detainee began to cry ... Visibly anxious ... Very emotional ... Detainee cries ... Disturbed ... Detainee began to cry ... Butted SGT R in the eye ... Bit the IV tube in two ... Started moaning ... Uncomfortable ... Moaning ... Began crying hard spontaneously ... Screamed. The outcry is beginning. Obama is about to change his position on the treaty ban on torture. Hopefully the voices will get loud, because in case you hadn’t noticed, Obama has developed a habit of saying one thing and doing another. He said he would close Guantánamo, then didn’t. He said he would get America out of Iraq for good, but the US is already back in the country bombing ISIS. He opposed the torture and cruel treatment of detainees on foreign soil, now he’s preparing to make it legal again. As The New York Times reported in an October 19th article, Obama looks set to adopt a Bush-era interpretation of... - Adbusters Magazine
On the Twilight of the West. From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico Stacy Kranitz Absolute power corrupts, goes the old truism. But, more importantly, it provincializes and isolates its wielders from the experience of the vast majority of humankind — the relatively powerless. This explains the wishful thinking that has characterized the speeches of Western statesmen and the fundamental assumption of the mainstream media in Europe and America since the end of the Cold War: that Western–style liberal democracy and capitalism would be gradually generalized around the world. One event after another in recent months has devastated this facile optimism, plunging a broad swathe of political and media elites in the West into intellectual confusion and bewilderment. As I write, ethnic cleansers, jihadists, and ultra-Zionist settlers are re-drawing the Europe-created map of the Middle East. China and Russia threaten their neighbors. Narendra Modi, the new prime... - Adbusters Magazine
Franco “Bifo” Berardi -
On the digital colonization of human experience. From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico Nicolas Demeersman The Spanish colonization of Mesoamerica was essentially a process of symbolic and cultural submission. The “superiority” of the colonizers lay on the operational effectiveness of their technical production. The colonization destroyed the cultural environment in which indigenous communities had been living for centuries: the alphabetic technology, the power of the written word overwhelmed, jeopardized and finally superseded the indigenous cultures. The conquistadors re-coded the cultural universe of nowadays Mexico and Central America. Before the arrival of the Spanish invaders Malinche (Malinalli in Nahuatl language, Marina for the Spaniards), the daughter of a noble Aztec family, was given away as a slave to passing traders after her father died and her mother remarried. By the time Cortés arrived, she had learned the Mayan dialects spoken in the... - Adbusters Magazine
America’s nemesis. From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico In its original Arabic edition, an American flag, dog–eared to show a blood–stained, black–striped shadow underneath, marks the beginning of Sayyid Qutb’s chilling vignettes. Qutb, who is often cited as the intellectual heart of the Muslim Brotherhood, and who was later executed under the orders of his one–time friend, and adamant modernist, Gamal Abdel Nasser, formed much of his critique on the philosophical vacancy of Western imperialism upon his visit to America. Entitled “The America I have Seen,” his book is an account of the mangled American dream as a cultural form without substance and only the stupefied bliss of a bromide hit to recommend it. America “is the case of a people who have reached the peak of growth and elevation in the world of science and productivity, while remaining abysmally primitive in the world of the senses, feelings, and behaviour.” The reason, according to Qutb, is... - Adbusters Magazine
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