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Adbusters Magazine

Adbusters Magazine

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Adbusters is a not-for-profit, reader-supported magazine.
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Are you a true slave to your device, or ready to try something different? #mobilelovers
RT @AkumetsuAlpha: @Adbusters I get all my building supplies and furniture from ReStore/Habitat for Humanity. It's a non-profit donation supplied org.
RT @HelSouth: @Adbusters local potter's guild makes wonderful cups & dishes for very modest prices. Supports meaningful craftwork.
What are other #ethical #truecost sources you tap for clothing and things you can’t do without? Thrift stores and beyond. We want to know!
Lots of good argument over Blackspots, too. We can’t consume our way out of these crises, but we do need alternatives for essentials.
Many jammers will be kicking corporate ass in new Blackspots soon enough — we sold a third of our stock in one week!
RT @theblkspinster: Carving out time to pen draft submission for @Adbusters regarding "Corpo" shenanigans and exploitation of nonprofits as free media outlets.
Beware of Images looks like a fantastic documentary, right up our media-literacy alley. And it needs your support!
Global funk: What would Freud say about this new epidemic of insanity we’re living through?
RT @SargeDonovan: By @davidgraeber after the financial collapse, still relevant today. On breaking the machinery of hopelessness.
Who pays the price for our cheap tech? Is killing your workers with benzene poisoning worth the savings? #capitalism
What secret conviction drives Obama’s foreign policy?
RT @EugeneNobleGD: The current issue of adbusters is bloody good stuff, really worth having a look for a copy
RT @scarletjinn: Check out Unswooshers, Earth-friendly, fair trade paradigm of #truecost brand liberation #indiecool |
RT @discusster: There's a hole in ADBUSTERS # 112 http://athenaeumnieuwscentrum....
“The US military has a cute nickname for #drone kills. They call them ‘Bug Splats’” — @FredatheArt
RT @andrewtlove: Food for thought from @Adbusters. Slow down and enjoy the ride. Busyness and stress != productivity and progress.
Blackspots are made in Portugal #organic and #fairtrade. Learn more about how they’re made:
Call for submissions: Reach deep inside your gut & tell us about your own intimate relationships with corporations.
Break the Trance! Help us wipe the world’s most criminal corporations off the face of the Earth in our next issue.
RT @flitterkins: Lately the one magazine I can read from cover to cover is @Adbusters. It's consistently good content w. killer imagery, yall should check it
(Augh, what a horrible hashtag. Sorry.)
Rewild your child! A proof of the next issue arrived from the printers this week and it’s fully #lickable. Ask James.
RT @RhondaLeduc: The anti-preneur manifesto | Adbusters Culturejammer Headquarters via @adbusters --written by my daughter
RT @DeadPrecariat: @The_book_girl @Adbusters The corporate ideology of unlimited growth is that of the cancer cell. Our world, our civilization is the patient.
RT @BlakeTedder: PS so thankful for @Adbusters no matter how utterly disturbing 20% of the content is. Keep pounding our preconceptions.
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