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Adbusters Magazine

Adbusters Magazine

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Adbusters is a not-for-profit, reader-supported magazine.
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America’s nemesis. From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico In its original Arabic edition, an American flag, dog–eared to show a blood–stained, black–striped shadow underneath, marks the beginning of Sayyid Qutb’s chilling vignettes. Qutb, who is often cited as the intellectual heart of the Muslim Brotherhood, and who was later executed under the orders of his one–time friend, and adamant modernist, Gamal Abdel Nasser, formed much of his critique on the philosophical vacancy of Western imperialism upon his visit to America. Entitled “The America I have Seen,” his book is an account of the mangled American dream as a cultural form without substance and only the stupefied bliss of a bromide hit to recommend it. America “is the case of a people who have reached the peak of growth and elevation in the world of science and productivity, while remaining abysmally primitive in the world of the senses, feelings, and behaviour.” The reason, according to Qutb, is... - Adbusters Magazine
Will China supplant the United States? by From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico Ai Weiwei The United States has long been the anchor of a global architecture built after World War II and solidified during the post–Cold War period. This global architecture is organized around a dichotomous narrative that has dominated international relations for more than half a century. It is a single fault line narrative where ideology demarcates the opposing sides. Two phases defined this era of international relations. The first was the post–WWII phase during which two universal ideologies were engaged in an existential struggle around the globe: Soviet communism vs. democratic liberalism. Both were brands of historical determinism that claimed the inevitability of a preconceived destination for all mankind. Both armed themselves to the teeth and drove their visions from continent to continent. In the end, the Soviet Union collapsed and the American–led West lived — hence... - Adbusters Magazine
Tap, tap, tapping away the human soul. by From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico Terry Richardson Here’s a tiny confession. I’m bored. What am I bored of? Everything. Blogs, books, music, art, business, ideas, politics, tweets, movies, science, math, technology … but more than that: the spirit of the age; the atmosphere of the time; the tendency of the now; the disposition of the here. We’ve always got to be doing something. Always always always. Tapping, clicking, meeting, partying, exercising, networking, “friending.” Work hard, play hard, live hard. Improve. Gain. Benefit. Realize. Hold on. Let me turn on crotchety Grandpa mode. Click. Remember when cafés used to be full of people … thinking? Now I defy you to find one not full of people Tinder–Twitter–Facebook–App–of–the–nanosecond–ing … furiously … like true believers hunched over the glow of a spiritualized Eden they can never truly enter, which is precisely why they’re mesmerized by it. The chance at a... - Adbusters Magazine
Omar & the Occupation -
“We have all believed the unbelievable.” by From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico Brian McCarty Toward the end of Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad’s powerful new film, Omar, nominated for the Oscar in the best foreign-language film category, the eponymous Palestinian hero says to Nadia, the woman he has loved and lost: “We have all believed the unbelievable.” The impossible backdrop to their love is the Israeli occupation of the West Bank. Indeed, there is much that is unbelievable about this occupation and the reality it has created and maintained for nearly half a century. It is hard to fathom how the Israelis themselves can stand to live with the ongoing misery and cruelty they have inflicted, and it’s not so easy to understand how the rest of the world has let them get away with it. Then there is the shadowy space of infinite suspicion and distrust that the occupation naturally breeds among those who live under or in it. Is it possible to believe that... - Adbusters Magazine
For the Citizens’ Arrest of a Fugitive Big Banker From Adbusters #116: Blueprint for a New World, Part 5: Politico $1000 reward to be paid by Adbusters for the public apprehension and arrest of any of these fugitives from justice charged with financial crimes against humanity: Lloyd Blankfein The man who willfully steered America’s most influential investment bank, Goldman Sachs, into the Financial Crisis of 2008, Blankfein oversaw the intentional mass-selling of garbage assets to Goldman clients, bankrupting millions of Americans along the way. He is still CEO. Robert Rubin The Clinton era architect of deregulation and derivatives, Rubin was the primary force behind the repeal of the Depression era Glass-Steagall Act in 1999, which separated investment and retail banks. Repealing this Act flipped a switch that triggered the 2008 Financial Meltdown. Lawrence Summers Removed from his presidential position at Harvard on allegations of racism and sexism, this charmer has been the... - Adbusters Magazine
#Bigdata is warping reality. Call it "DATAcide: The Total Annihilation of Life as We Know It" —
Am I data, or am I human? The truth is somewhere in between:
The Total Annihilation of Life as We Know It From Adbusters #115: Blueprint for a New World, Part 4: Techno “So tell me, why did you leave your last job?” he asks. The first thing I remember about the internet was the noise. That screeching howl of static blips signifying that you were, at last, online. I first heard it in the summer of ’93. We were huddled around my friend’s brand new Macintosh, palms sweaty, one of us on lookout for his mom, the others transfixed as our Webcrawler search bore fruit. An image came chugging down, inch by inch. You could hear the modem wince as it loaded, and like a hammer banging out raw pixels from the darkness beyond the screen, a grainy, low-res jpeg came into view. It was a woman and a horse. Since then, I’ve had a complicated relationship with the internet. We all have. The noise is gone now, and its reach has grown from a network of isolated weirdos into a silent and invisible membrane that connects everything we do and say. “I needed a bigger... - Adbusters Magazine
Our Earth Has Endured Five Mass Extinctions -
Here comes the sixth. From Adbusters #115: Blueprint for a New World, Part 4: Techno Tailings Pond, Peregrine Falcon Effigy – Peter Essick In 1739, Captain Charles Le Moyne was marching four hundred French and Indian troops down the Ohio River when he came across a sulphurous marsh where, as Elizabeth Kolbert puts it, “hundreds — perhaps thousands — of huge bones poked out of the muck, like spars of a ruined ship.” The captain and his soldiers had no idea what sort of creatures the bones had supported, whether any of their living kin were nearby and, if so, what sort of threat they presented. The bones were similar to an elephant’s, but no one had seen anything like an elephant near the Ohio River, or indeed anywhere in the New World. Perhaps the animals had wandered off to the uncharted wilds out west? No one could say. The captain packed up a massive circular tusk, a three-foot-long femur and some ten-pound teeth, carried them around for several months as he went about the tricky... - Adbusters Magazine
On the Origins of Crisis -
A look back at America's fatal foreign policy blunder. From Adbusters #100: Are We Happy Yet? American soldier drapes a flag across a statue of Saddam. Iraq. 2003. It all seemed like a game. The five of us had enough money, vehicles and weapons to form our own little guerrilla group. We began planning our first operation. I knew from my reading of history what was coming — an occupation. None of us figured Saddam’s regime would survive the American invasion. The only question on our minds was what to do after the collapse. My first connection to the insurgency was through writers and intellectuals who, like me, had spoken out through published articles before the collapse about what was to come and what should be done. We shared an ideological view about the coming occupation, and we began thinking how we might act. The first serious discussion about forming a resistance I took part in came about three weeks before the fall of Baghdad. There were about 64 of us. We met at a farmhouse... - Adbusters Magazine
Western Pyramid vs. Islamic Rhizome -
Which strategic archetype has the edge? From Adbusters #110: The Epic Human Journey: Part 4, Autumn The monolith or the plant. Western pyramid or Islamic rhizome. Two models of political and social organization in conflict all over the world. A pair of strategic archetypes for armed combat between political Islam and the West. Which will outlast the other? The American military-intelligence complex operates using a strict, top-down pyramid structure. Hierarchy, order and discipline are essential to the system. Employees are assimilated into highly regimented bureaucracies. People are divided by rank, file and position. Orders are given and obeyed. Meticulous records are kept of all interactions. Everything operates according to a set of rigorous rules and an unyielding chain of command. Islam as a political ideology is more rhizomatic, with energy flowing out horizontally and from the ground up. Deals are done face to face. Relationships are personal. Orders move outwards laterally.... - Adbusters Magazine
The excellent, horizon-minded Franco "Bifo" Berardi features in the Techno Issue:
Play Jazz. Improvise the Carnival of Delight. Hear an opening solo here:
Improvise the Carnival of Delight. From Adbusters #113: Blueprint for a New World, Part 2: Eco Santiago, Chile, 2011 Hey Adbusters, Jazz improvisation is a fine paradigm for a future society of carnival. The conclusion to Terry Eagleton’s short exploration, The Meaning of Life, tells us how: “A jazz group which is improvising obviously differs from a symphony orchestra, since to a large extent each member is free to express herself as she likes. But she does so with a receptive sensitivity to the self-expressive performance of the other musicians. The complex harmony that they fashion comes not from playing from a collective score, but from the free musical expression of each member acting as the basis for the free expression of the others. As each player grows more musically eloquent, the others draw inspiration from this and are spurred to greater heights. There is no conflict here between freedom and the good of the whole, yet the image is the reverse of totalitarian. Though each... - Adbusters Magazine
What's happening in Ferguson is not unique. It's endemic. Global. #Ferguson #planetferguson
Experience Yukultji Napangati's Dreamtime hyper object through the eyes of Timothy Morton:
RT @seanorr: @mchlmorelli @Adbusters This one is all Situationist/Lettrist quotes:
The Dreamtime hyper object. From Adbusters #115: Blueprint for a New World, Part 4: Techno Untitled 2011 by Yukultji Napangati When I look at Untitled 2011 by the aboriginal artist Yukultji Napangati, I am gripped immediately in the tractor beam of the painting... which seems to be gazing at me as much or more than I am looking at it. As I approach it, it seems to surge toward me locking onto my optic nerve and holding me in its force field. I don’t experience the painting as a series of lines that I resolve into a whole. It leaps at me as a unit. The painting is a slice of the Dreamtime, the Aboriginal hyperobject, and a map of a desert sand hill where a small group of women gathered food and performed rituals. Even though Untitled 2011 is a piece about a larger space, both cosmic and earthly, the painting is a quantum all to itself, not an incomplete part. In no sense do I assemble the painting. I find it impossible to leave the painting. Hairs standing up on my body, tears... - Adbusters Magazine
That piece on waking up and asking yourself where you're at? It's to get us all to a new place. Somewhere like this:
That piece on waking up and asking yourself where you're at? It's to get us all to a new place. Somewhere like this:
RT @DigitalHeretik: @pr1nc3ssproblem @Adbusters whoever wrote this DOES care. Ifeelu."It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundlysicksociety"
RT @ChristlVdP: @pr1nc3ssproblem @Adbusters lots of truth, but I still care & you do too!
RT @willderbeast: My own @Adbusters -style parody of those obnoxious #Gillette #Flexball ads that have annoyed me so much lately:
So, in closing, this: Then do what you can to make the Nuke Free Mid East conference happen. #NukeFreeME #NPT4Israel
Ideally that article will help you see why the UN's call for a meet on a nuclear free Mid East — — is so important.
If you haven't yet thought through what it means for Israel to have a nuclear monopoly in the Middle East, try this:
Spread the word about and do what you can to make the Nuke Free Mid East conference happen — #NukeFreeME #NPT4Israel
The nuclear free Middle East meeting called for by the UN——must get held. We need to make sure it does.
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