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Nancy Williams - Now that I have a London Marathon place for 2010, this is me after 2009. - Now that I have a London Marathon place for 2010, this is me after 2009.
Julie Starr
@smamol yep, I had, but haven't had a look at it for a while. You started packing yet?
Megan Taylor
guardian-twitterfall - Google Code -
A simple application to allow you to create a curated/moderated updating twitter display at conferences or wherever you choose. The application is designed for pre-moderation only. - Megan Taylor
Lee Bryant
The secret sauce to successful Enterprise 2.0 adoption - http://blog.contentmanagementc...
Robert Scoble
This photo should win a Pulitzer Prize. I never expected to see photos like this one come out of Iran. Amazing: -
This photo should win a Pulitzer Prize. I never expected to see photos like this one come out of Iran. Amazing: is the site that seems to have originated this photo. - Robert Scoble
I wish I knew who shot the photo. Anyone know? - Robert Scoble
Absolut!! - Ronald
No country is one dimensional. That's why I'm so mad at the local media. - Mo Kargas
Robert: don't think we should unveil them, otherwise they'll be arrested ;) - Nir Ben Yona
Absolutely incredible - Michael Krigsman
It is pretty remarkable. It was so good when I saw it last night on Twitter I was afraid it might be a fake. - Jeff Namnum
I'm afraid to think what happened to this brave woman. - Orli Yakuel
Jill: thank you. Here's his Facebook profile: and his photo page: Incredible photo, best one to capture the event yet. - Robert Scoble
I saw so many of this kind of photo with my own eyes yesterday,I was there when they beat us,our people, to death just for yelling out where's our vote?!! - TaaTaa from fftogo
Front picture of this women: - Orli Yakuel
Alex: the photographer is brave too. Wow, what close work. - Robert Scoble
Iran "tankwoman" - K.D.
Robert: your tweet is now the popular here - Johni Fisher
None of this reporting -- None of it -- would be possible without online tools. Robert -- there's the 2010 Web! I seem to remember your earlier question (a few months ago) about the definition of journalism. This is it. It's not up to the "paid journalists" at the NY Times or Chicago Tribune anymore. It's up to you, me, people like @jamesbuck, and the person who took this photo and put it online. - Curt Mercadante
Curt: amen! - Robert Scoble
I'm not really surprised, Iranians are a lot more empowered than people in the West think. It is *not* Saudi Arabia! - Iphigenie
Thanks for getting this out. It's so easy to get lost in tweeting about our silly mundane lives that we forget how important images like this can result in making people aware and helping to make a difference in the world. - mrsha
More live updates about #Iran can be found in here: - Nir Ben Yona
Amazing photo - thanks for finding it & sharing it Robert! - Gurpreet
What happened to her after all? - Christine Yang
I thought the same thing last night. Maybe the Iranians finally are willing to make some change. - Tom Searing
Photo of the year. - Mike Doeff
moment! - reality
چی میشه آخرش - Hamid
Curt, right, after listening to Scoble on a panel about the future of Journalism, and he was the only one "journalizing" it via Kyte, I wrote a post that the future of Journalism is a video camera or in this case a camera. I remember that it was the camera and video camera that stopped Vietnam for instance - Stephen Pickering
And, putting aside for a bit whether or not CNN ignored the story -- we're now getting news that NBC's Tehran office may have been raided and the BBC has been told to "get lost." Under oppressive, censoring regimes like we have in Iran, North Korea and China -- citizen journalists empowered by new communications tools will be the ONLY way we get accurate news from these regions. - Curt Mercadante
Curt Mercadante 100+ - Bora Zivkovic
the detail- the untied shoe lace. wow. - anna sauce
Inspiring. Let's hope the government falls. Because if it doesn't, there will probably be vicious repression. - Bob Morris (polizeros)
روز زن مبارک - hamidreza
I am the photographer of this photo - Amir
It's really a fantastic photo Amir, do you know the woman in the photo? - BryanSchuetz
WOW. How can you say anything else? - Sheryl
I love the fact that people start setting up proxy servers for the people in Iran: - Holger Eilhard
Shocking stuff - Tyson Key
If anyone ever doubted the revolutionary, real-time impact of Social Media, this photo easily dispels those misconceptions.... - John Fenzel
Amir: you have a fan for life. I hope you do win the Pulitzer Prize. I think you got the iconic photo of the election protests. This one should hang in Newseum's Pulitzer Gallery. Can you tell us how you shot it, and give us more details about what was going on in your head as you pressed the shutter button? To everyone else, don't you love friendfeed? - Robert Scoble
Amir: when I took photojournalism at San Jose State University one quote stuck in my mind from all those classes over the years "If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough." That quote was from Robert Capa, here's an article in Time Magazine about it: You have gotten close enough. Congrats, I can't even imagine trying to get this close. I hope all comes out well for your country and you. - Robert Scoble
Amir, what do you shoot with? - EricaJoy
Jay Rosen
Because, @charlesarthur, I don't think @anamariecox should have 30 times as much authority as I do in a Google search of Twitter.
Funny, this made me notice that I'm subscribed to AMC's Twitter but not Rosen's. It's probably because Rosen participates here as well, where AMC does not. - Rob H.
Rosen | AMC: apples and oranges. Different product offerings. - Mitch Nauffts
Huh? You lost me. What does that have to do with the distorting influence of the suggsted users list? - Jay Rosen
Paul Bradshaw
Charles on… anything that comes along » David v Goliath in the newsroom, and why we need new wrappers for journalism -
see comment on high fixed costs - Paul Bradshaw
Shane Richmond
RT @mathewi: Sony Pictures CEO: "I'm a guy who doesn't see anything good having come from the Internet. Period"
David Quinn
For no real reason, here's a gallery of incredibly cute dogs from Battersea Dogs Home.
Ryan Sholin
The New York Times envisions version 2.0 of the newspaper » Nieman Journalism Lab -
@NiemanLab has really been way ahead of everyone lately when it comes to real-live reporting of what's going on in certain corners of the news business. Including this, video from the @nytimes R&D team labs... - Ryan Sholin from Bookmarklet
Steve Jackson
@adders Interesting comment I saw on Fox. It's bias so strong and its consumers so warped perhaps they'd pay because they trust no one else
Hi All, Thanks for following us here on Friendfeed! We've got loads of exciting things coming up really soon, and we're looking forward to sharing them with you !
Robert Andrews
The free genie is out of the bottle -
* Robert Andrews * The Guardian, Monday 11 May 2009 Publishers may be examining how to charge for online news, but the free ride is far from over. - Robert Andrews
Laura Oliver
Advancing The Story: Why Missouri J-School is asking students to have iPhones -
Shane Richmond
"Where was the heavy-handed message about tolerance?" Star Trek fans critical of the new movie:
Jackie Danicki
@esd714 yet more proof that gyms should be shut down and banned nationwide.
Lee Bryant
@Salv_Reina very true, but I think many people cannot afford the real-time attention required to make it work for them .. hence my RSS piece
Time Inc. To Start Charging For Online Content -
"Because there's too much ad inventory on the Internet, Time Inc. publications including,, and will experiment with mixing paid and free content in the next 8 months." - danblank
Twitter asks me: "What am I doing?" I reply: "Sitting here jealous of @jetwhine because he gets to test fly a Phenom 100 in Brazil today."
Maarten Schenk
Ryan Sholin
Stephanie Booth
cuil seems to mix excerpts of pages and images quite randomly
Mike Butcher
Finally we're waking up to the true natire of the China Olympics
Piers Jones
i listened to all 4 stephen fry podgrams on the way in on the train this morning, loved them
Yeah, they're great, aren't they? - Adam Tinworth from twhirl
Kevin Anderson
Name calling isn't going to get us anywhere -
Alexander Williams
Re: Whispers of the Hackopalypse | The dirty little secret of newspaper journalists... -
"I utterly and completely agree with this quote. The painful truth is that bloggers in many cases have more editorial oversight than many "journalists," in the sense that their readership is quick to correct less than adept writing." - Alexander Williams
Stephanie Booth
I like it! - Timo Heuer
t-hair will sue you - kosmar
That's what I call pink! - Stowe Boyd from twhirl
thats totally "pinko" :)- - Peter Dawson
oooh. It's good. - Bill Anderson from twhirl
Very nice... - Mitchell Tsai
great! the whole set :D - assbach
Rockin'! Like it. - Tris Hussey from twhirl
that looks great! very nice - HokieGeek from twhirl
pink is the new blonde. :>) - B.L. Ochman
Very anime. - Karim
hey, this is great! good for you! - Noah Carter
love the color, really cool. - israel
Nice colour throughout. - Bernie Goldbach
I like it too. - Mike
My 4 1/2 year old LOVES it (me too) - Leif Hansen from Alert Thingy
Run Lola Run (light) - Leif Hansen from Alert Thingy
Jeff Jarvis
@Suw Andrew Keen is a one-man echo chamber for Luddites' fondest fears.
A one man echo chamber? Does that mean only he listens to himself? Only talks to himself? Both? Whatever it sounds painful. - Brian Sullivan
If a one man echo chamber falls in the forest, does anyone hear it? :) - Ian Betteridge
Andrew Keen is doing live action role playing, a necessary task in an era of sefl-congratulatory Web twopointopianism. - Edward Vielmetti
I can't be at the OII this afternoon, but I'm amused at the global Twittering about Keen speaking there right now — and wondering who's chairing the Larry Sanger/Keen session: that will be an interesting job ... - David Smith
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